Below are the complete SickthingsUK news archives going back to 2004 when I first added news to the front page.
NOTE: The further back you go, the less likely it is that links and images will work, because the original sites no longer have the articles.

You can now listen to Alice on Desert Island Discs over at the BBC.

Rockpages in Greece have a review and photos from the Roundhouse.

ABC in Australia recently did a show about drummers with a surprise appearance by Neal Smith. You can listen here.

Note: I'll be away for the next week so there won`t be any more updates this week. I'll catch up with everything once I get home.

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Posted on 22 Nov 2010 by SickthingsUK

While in Zurich Alice visited the Google headquarters and had a guided tour from Google boss Eric Schmidt who is apparently a big fan. Eric got all his staff to take part in an Alice Idol competition and Alice apparently arrived to find the staff all dressed up as him in full Alice make up.

Starpulse has photos from the Roundhouse shows.

GolfVideo has a clip of Alice playing Wii Golf!

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Posted on 20 Nov 2010 by SickthingsUK

Alice Cooper will host "Top Fifty Rock Monsters" on MTV Classic Channel on 20 November and this will be repeated on 25 November at 19:00 and 29 November at 21:00 (this may be repeated yet again, also). This will air on VH-1 also. Those outside of Britain and Ireland should check their local listings.

The Independent reviews the second Roundhouse show while Entertainment Focus has some good photos and a review.. has a short interview with Alice in German.

Radio Times featres a small charicature of Alice advertising his appearance on 'Desert Island Discs' which you can see here.

Swedish show "Rundgong" have released a book entitled "Mer Hardrock" which features an interview with Alice as well as a photo on the cover.

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Posted on 17 Nov 2010 by SickthingsUK

According to a report here the promotor of the Lisbon show has issued a statement saying the Lisbon show has also been canceled, again for logistical reasons.

The Guardian had a short article on Alice yesterday.

'Along Came A Spider' is being reissued on Bigger Picture on December 14th and this new edition includes the songs that were original iTunes exlusives: 'Shadow Of Yourself', 'I’ll Still Be There' and 'Salvation (Acoustic Unplugged)'.

Robert Langdon has a few photos of Dennis Dunaway at the release party for the Main Man Alice Cooper Tribute album "Remember the Coop! A Tribute to Alice Cooper's Killer Classics". The album features Dennis as well as Michael Bruce and Renee and Chelsea Dunaway.

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Posted on 15 Nov 2010 by SickthingsUK

Alice was back in London a couple of days ago to co-host the Classic Rock Awards. There's been a little other coverage of the event with minor mentions of Alice. The Sun, Billboard, The Express, and The Daily Star (who quote Alice as saying he was in the pub!) with some pics at Zimbio.

Alice Cooper will appear on "Desert Island Discs" on BBC Radio Four at 11:15 (UK time) on 21st November.

You can check out a short Q&A with Alice in this weeks NME at AC.Com.

Alice was on New Zealand TV3 tonight on a program called "Wanna-Ben" with NZ comedian Ben Boyce. You can watch it online here if you live in New Zealand.

RafaBasa have a video interview with Alice.

Another Keri Kelli Interview today, this one "Heavy Metal With Jeff Olsen" which can be heard via Blabbermouth.

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Posted on 12 Nov 2010 by SickthingsUK

The November 22nd show in Durango, Spain has apparently been canceled due to the logistical problems. The other Spanish shows will go ahead as planned.

The new issue of Mojo Magazine has a 5 page interview with Alice.

Guitar International has a new interview with Keri Kelli.

LouciferSpeaks has a long interview with Ryan Roxie.

A new (October) interview with Dick Wagner has appeared on Comunity Audio which you can download here.

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Posted on 10 Nov 2010 by SickthingsUK

Reuters have a short video clip from the Roundhouse.

'The Stage' magazine (UK) has an interview in this weeks issue which is online here. The new Mojo Special (UK) about Frank Zappa also has some Alice content. This weeks Kerrang Magazine also has a few Alice Cooper references.

Wendnesday and Thursday on Planet Rock they have various coverage from the Classic Rock Awards which Alice is hosting with Thursday night featuring coverage and interviews from the previous nights awards ceremony which will surely feature Alice.

Ken has posted some great photos from the Halloween shows at

You can now listen to clips from all the tracks from the forthcoming Blue Coupe album at CDBaby.

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Posted on 07 Nov 2010 by SickthingsUK

DJ Zed interviewed Alice Cooper at the Roundhouse shows and the results will be aired on his TotalRock show on friday 5th November between 9pm and midnight.

Goldmine have been talking to Dennis Dunaway about the "10 albums that changed my life".

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Posted on 03 Nov 2010 by SickthingsUK

The UK and Europe can now order the limited edition 'Keepin' Halloween Alice' 7" single via

The Richard Bacon interview is available via a podcast which you can grab at The BBC have also posted a short video from the interview in which Alice tells the Chicken story to the Goodies! has also posted some cool pics from backstage at the Roundhouse.

The Alice hosted Halloween special is up now on

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Posted on 02 Nov 2010 by SickthingsUK

Just back from the awesome Halloween shows at the Roundhouse. Alice and the band did London proud with a breathtaking display that will surely be talked about for many years to come. Yes.. it was that good. Thank you to Alice, the band and everyone behind the scenes, under some very difficult circumstances for some, for working so hard to make the weekend such a huge success. Same again next year guys? :)

Anyway, now to try and catch up on all the main appearances and news from over the weekend (there will be quite a bit more showing up over the next few days or weeks). More will surely follow later today or tomorrow.

The Andrew Marr Show appearance is up now on BBC iPlayer for those who can access it. 'Strictly Come Dancing' is currently available to watch on YouTube.

Alice interviews and reviews of various length: Daily Star, The Sun (with some new pics and Alice's commenting on Lady Gaga, which seems to have been repeated all over the UK press), The Express, Metro, This Is London, and Daily Star (who seem to think Alice was electricuted at some point) 
Photos can be see at Gigwise.

Alice went to Champneys Kriotherapy Chamber at  Chapneys Heath Spa last week for some rather strange photos you can see here.

Alice was on BBC London on 'The Robert Elms Show' on Monday (1st) which is available here at around 1:32 into the show. He was also on the Richard Bacon show on BBC Five Live which you can hear here around 56 minutes into the show.

Keri Kelli is interviewed over at Brave Words.

More to follow.

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Posted on 02 Nov 2010 by SickthingsUK
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