Below are the complete SickthingsUK news archives going back to 2004 when I first added news to the front page.
NOTE: The further back you go, the less likely it is that links and images will work, because the original sites no longer have the articles.

After the transport problems to Pasa Robles on Saturday night delayed that show for three hours comes the news that the Salt Lake City show was also delayed. However it wasn`t a transport problem this time, but rather the venue, at least  according to Crue's Nikki Sixx who posted "Sorry the delay. This building did "NOT" have their act together today. We will have 100% of our show later."  The Salt Lake Tribune has a review.

Nita Strauss will be live on Twitter tonight at 5pm PST answering questions and you can read what happens here.

NME have another short interview with Alice, this time telling a story about Chuck and a band Kasabian getting into a bit of a disagreement in Romania.

Dennis Dunaway was interviewed on the Tony Basilo Show on WJBE the other day and you can listen to it here. DD is also featured on 'The Soundtrack Series', a podcast which is available to buy here.

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Posted on 30 Jul 2015 by SickthingsUK

Ultimate Classic Rock have a new article about the 'Trash' album marking the 26th aniversary of it's release.

Glide Magazine have a chat with Albert Bouchard about Blue Coupe, BOC and touring with Alice Cooper in the 70s amongst other things.

The Pasa Robles show on Saturday night was delayed by around three hours due to flight problems travelling from the previous show in Eugene, OR.

'Pretties For You NYC' will be performing the entire 'Pretties For You' record live at a concert taking place on November 8th at The Stone in New York City. The special band for the event will feature: Nick Didkovsky - guitar (GB's parts)/some vocals,
Nick Oddy - guitar (MB's parts), Adam Minkhoff - vocals/keyboards/bass, Max Johnson - bass. Glenn Johnson - drums and
Paul Bertolino - vocals. You can find out more on Facebook, where you will also find some clips of Nick working on his Glen Buxton impressions to make the performance as acurate as possible.

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Posted on 27 Jul 2015 by SickthingsUK

The San Luis Obispo Tribune has a new interview with Alice ahead of the Paso Robles show on Saturday while NME has a short video of Alice talking about Munford and sons, reflecting on commenst he made about them two years ago.

Classic Rock has a '10 things you might not know about the Alice Cooper Band' article based on things in Dennis Dunaway's new book. There's also a long two part interview with Dennis at Penny Black Music. Part one is here while part two is here.

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Posted on 23 Jul 2015 by SickthingsUK

Dennis Dunaway has posted two new interviews with Playboy and Rock Revele on his site, as well as a good list of all the recent reviews. Check it out at There's also a new review at the Newcastle Herald, and a short interview at the CTPost.
On August 10th DD and Marky Ramone will be taking part in 'Books Beneath The Bridge' at Brooklyn Bridge Park in New York. Blue Coupe will also play a set.

There also a short review of the Oshkosh show in The Examiner.

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Posted on 19 Jul 2015 by SickthingsUK

Bannermans Live in Edinburgh  have just anounced that Chuck Garric and Beasto Blanco will be returning to the venue on November 25th. Hopefully there will be a few more UK dates added later, but tickets for this show go on sale tomorrow morning.

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Posted on 16 Jul 2015 by SickthingsUK

Alice was interviewed by AZ Central earlier this week about new computers being added to The Rock teen center in Phoenix, and he also talked a little more about the forthcoming Hollywood Vampires album.

More reviews/articles about Dennis Dunaway's 'Snakes, Guillotines, Electric Chairs' have appeared over the last few days including Glide Magazine, Rock Cellar Magazine, and Louder Than War
Dennis and co-author Chris Hoddenfield will be at Westport, CT's Barnes and Noble tonight with Blue Coupe and Neal Smith also in attendance.
Dennis will also appear on the Soundtrack Series podcast on August 1st live from Astoria, NY.

Scream Factory are releasing a Blu-Ray edition of Wes Craven's 80s horror 'Shocker' and bonus features include interviews with executive producer Shep Gordon and Kane Roberts. 'Shocker' of course included Alice on the soundtrack.

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Posted on 16 Jul 2015 by SickthingsUK

According to the festival website Alice Cooper is a late addition to the Pemberton Music Festival in British Columbia, Canada, and will be playing on July 18th with Jane's Addiction and Weezer.

The new issue of Rolling Stone has a short piece on Dennis Dunaway's book 'Snakes, Guillotines, Electric Chairs'. It's out now. Also check out the Houston Press article about the book with a rather odd choice of photos!

Starting in September Steve Hunter will be writing a column in Guitar Player Magazine. Steve says "I will be talking mostly about the sessions I did in the good old days but there will be other cool stuff as well."

Demotix have some photos from the July 4th show at Furuvik Amusement Park.

SolidRock have announced that next years Alice Cooper Rock and Roll Golf Classic will take place on April 24th and they are accepting advance registrations now.

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Posted on 07 Jul 2015 by SickthingsUK

I don`t make a habit of putting things here that aren`t directly Alice Cooper related but I hope you don`t mind me breaking the rules a little to announce Sickthing and STUK forum moderator Nick Stead (forum users know him as Gorehound) is launching his debut novel, 'Hybrid' tomorrow July 2nd.
"Set in Yorkshire, 'Hybrid' follows the story of a teenage boy as he falls victim to the werewolf curse and is forced to transform during the full moon. But not only must he battle his own lupine instincts to keep himself from hurting the people he cares about, he must also hide his lycanthropy from a group of hunters known as the Demon Slayers, intent on wiping out his race.
In a time of tame werewolves and vampires that sparkle in the sunlight, 'Hybrid' takes the reader back to our most primal fears from a time when the predators lurking in the darkness were a very real threat. Chilling, gripping and dripping with blood, Nick's writing style has been likened to a werewolf by other writers - he likes to grab the reader by the throat from the very beginning and not let go until he drags them to its bloody conclusion."
Of special interest to Alice fans are a couple of Alice Cooper references and two nightmare scenes that fans will recognise as being inspired by Alice. For more information on 'Hybrid' visit and you can learn more about Nick and other works at Get the ebook now on Amazon:


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Posted on 01 Jul 2015 by SickthingsUK
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