Nita Releases New Single

Nita Strauss Releases New Single

Get ready to have your face melted as Nita Strauss releases the first song/video from a forthcoming second solo album. ‘Dead Inside’ features Nita’s first solo song with vocals and she’s brought in Disturbed front man David Draiman to provide that voice on an epic modern metal track which bodes well for the rest of the new album. You can check out the video above or on YouTube. Nita has promised more special guests will appear on the forthcoming record which is due later this year.

Ace Frehley has started to join the Cooper band on stage in the last week for ‘School’s Out’ and you can see video on YouTube. It seems to have happened at three shows in a row so it looks like it will be a regular occurrence for the rest of the tour.

In other tour news Nita was hit by a broken cane at the during the opening number in Charlotte, NC a few days ago! Alice slapped the cane against the stage and the cane snapped, with half of it flying across the stage and hitting Nita in the head! Luckily she was okay, with just a large bruise on her forehead to show for it. Check out the video here at around the 2.30 minute mark.

Alice Cooper will be appearing at the ‘Days of the Dead‘ convention at Crowne Plaza O’Hare in Chicago between November 19th and 21st. Alice will be signing stuff at various times over the weekend so keep an eye on their site for schedule and tickets.

Danzeisen Dairy are releasing a special orange edition of their Alice Cooper milk bottles for Halloween called ‘Orange Scream’ which are apparently in Arizona stores now. Every bottle solid donates money to Alice’s Solid Rock teen centers. Presumably as before there will be a way for non-Arizona residents to get their hands on these collectable bottles at some point.

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