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Snakes, Guillotines, Electric, Chairs
Tommy Tommy Tommy
Beasto Blanco
Original Band Join Current Band in Dallas!

The title says it all. I suppose it shouldn`t be a complete surprise after the 'Good Records' show on Tuesday, but last night in Dallas, TX Dennis Dunaway, Neal Smith and Michael Bruce joined the current band on stage for 'School's Out' at the American Airlines Center. Glen stepped aside for Neal at the kit, while Chuck left bass duties to Dennis and instead sang backup and added some cool harp (as he had the previous night). And it sounded fantastic! Check it out below or for another view here.

Posted on 08 Oct 2015
The Original Alice Cooper Play Live!

Well, last night in Dallas was truly a special night. If you hadn`t worked it out in advance Alice joined his old friends Dennis Dunaway, Neal Smith and Michael Bruce on stage at Good Records last night, helped out by Ryan Roxie, for set of Alice Cooper classics including 'Caught In A Dream' (before Alice and Ryan join them), 'Be My Lover', 'I'm Eighteen', 'Is It My Body', 'No More Mr Nice Guy', 'School's Out',  'Under My Wheels', and 'Elected'. As of writing you can check out footage of the event via Periscope (here, here, here and here) but these links don`t last long so be quick! I'm sure more footage will turn up during the rest of the day.
Well done to Christopher Todd and his staff for putting in so much effort to make this even special for everyone who could attend.
(Photo by Kendall Brenton)

Posted on 07 Oct 2015
Congratulations Calico and Jed

Congratulations to Callico Cooper and her new hubby Jed Williams who were married just a few days ago in Hawaii. Natually the whole Cooper family were in attendance and you can check out photos from the happy event on facebook as well as video of Alice dancing with the beautiful bride.

The big event for today is Dennis Dunaway, Neal Smith and Michael Bruce appearing in Dallas at Good Records to promote the 'Snakes, Guillotines, Electric Chairs' book.  Reports are that store manager Christopher Penn and his staff have pulled out all the stops for this event and it promises to be a very special night. Don't miss this one if you are in the area.

Tommy Henriksen has released a new video from his excellent 'Tommy Tommy Tommy' album for the song 'We Let It Rock' which you can check out on YouTube.

Posted on 06 Oct 2015
Exclusive Ken Mary Interview

Ken Mary was the powerhouse drummer behind 'The Nightmare Returns' tour, and the 'Raise Your Fist and Yell' album and tour in the late eighties. SickthingsUK had the opportunity to ask Ken a few questions about his time with Alice as well as his long career, his studio, and his latest project 'The Drumming Hall Of Fame', the results of which you can read now.


Posted on 02 Oct 2015
The Yorkshire Pudding

Monday night saw Alice playing a special show in aid of SolidRock at the 'Tavern and Wine Store' in Phoenix, AZ and AZCentral have a report. The show featured 'British invasion' band covers that the original band (as the Earwigs/Spiders) used to play back in the 60s, along with a few of his own songs. The setlist was: All Day and All of the Night / Back in the USSR / Drive My Car / A Hard Day's Night / You Can’t Do That / The Last Time / It's All Over Now / No Particular Place to Go / Heart Full of Soul / Train Kept A-Rollin' / You Really Got Me / Hey Bulldog / Summertime Blues / Under My Wheels / I'm Eighteen / I Never Cry / School's Out/Another Brick in the Wall / Brown Sugar / Route 66. The show was a very exclusive one, dubbed 'The Yorkshire Pudding', with extemely expensive tickets and featured Nils Lofgren and Roger Cline joining Alice and local backing band 'The Saucy Jacks' for 'School's Out' and 'Route 66' respectively. All money raised goes to help SolidRock.

Dennis Dunaway is still out and about promoting his book with two special apperances coming up next week. On Oct 6th he will be joined Michael Bruce and Neal Smith in Dallas, at the Good Records (don`t miss this one if you are in the area!), and on Oct 8th he and Michael will be at The Academy of Contemporary Music at the University of Central Oklahoma to host a songwriting 'Masterclass' at 1pm. During these appearances Dennis tells stories, answers questions, and more often then not he and his guests play a few songs at the end. Most events are free. Check out for more upcoming appearances including the Chiller Theatre in New Jersey where Dennis will be raiding his vaults to mount a 'Snake! Museum', showing off incredible items from the history of Alice Cooper.

Alice will make an appearance at the FestForward conferance between November 22nd and 24th in Santa Barbara, CA to present an award to manager Shep Gordon. This is an industry event but tickets do seem to be available.

Rolling Stone and Vanity Fair have new articles about the Hollywood Vampires, and the album is 'album of the month' in French magazine 'Rock and Folk'. French magazine 'Hard Rock' also has a 4 page feature (not online) on early 80s albums including an interview with Dada drummer Richard Kolinka.

CNS News has a new interview with Alice talking about religion.

Glide Magazine has a new interview with Nita Strauss.

Posted on 30 Sep 2015
Vampires In Rio 2

First of all an apology. The link I posted yesterday for the Rock In Rio live stream turned out to need a Brazillian location to watch, but all was not lost as AOL also broadcast the show worldwide an hour later. I updated the news story but it was maybe too late for some people. However even if you missed the show last night the kind people at Rock In Rio have posted the whole thing for you to watch now! Check out the video below! What a show it was. From the fireworks at the start to the closing 'Brown Sugar' the band were on fire! Lzzy Hale (Of Halestorm) joined the band for 'Whole Lotta Love',  Zak Starkey for 'I'm A Boy' and Andreas Kisser (From Brazillian band Sepultura) joined for 'School's Out'. Sure, there were mistakes but the energy was the thing and they had it in spades.
There's a couple of other Vampires related articles to mention as well. The Evening Standard has a sort piece on Depp the musician, while The Daily Mail have a lovely video of Alice, Johnny and Joe helping to hand ot hearing aids to people in Rio yesterday.

Away from the Vampires Nita Strauss has been performing guitar clinics in New Mexico and you can check out an interview with her at Blabbermouth.

Posted on 25 Sep 2015
Vampires In Rio

The Hollywood Vampires perform at 'Rock In Rio' tomorrow night and there is a chance their performance will be webcast. AOL has been broadcasting performances from the festival including many of the big names. The Vampires are due on stage at around 9pm tomorrow evening Rio time.
Check out this VERY cool 3D video clip from the Roxy shows at, also Loudwire and OC Weekly have reviews of the second Roxy show.

The Sydney Morning Herald has an unusual marriage proposal which involves Alice, and he shares some golfing stories with CBS Sports.

Posted on 23 Sep 2015
Fake Pudding Tickets

A message from Alice Cooper's SolidRock:
"Buyer Beware! We have announced several times there is NO Christmas Pudding this year due to Alice's tour schedule. Apparently someone has opted to sell fake tickets to this year's Pudding so please share this ticket link and let people know this is a SCAM."

Posted on 21 Sep 2015
Hollywood Vampires Second Night

As expected there has been endless coverage of the Roxy shows over the last two days. The second show saw Marilyn Manson join the band for 'Eighteen' as well as the return of Tom Morello, Perry Farell and Kesha. You can check out some coverage of the shows at the following sites: Daily Mail, Entertainment Weekly, NME, Relix, Rapid News, and Bild (German),  as well as which has a ton of photos and links.
Now the shows are done it can`t hurt to list the setlist for the two nights which was as follows: Raise The Dead, My Generation, I Got A Line On You, Cold Turkey, 5 to 1/Break On Through, Manic Depression, One/Jump Into The Fire, Seven And Seven Is, Whole Lotta Love, Jeepster, I'm A Boy, School's Out/Another Brick In The Wall, and  My Dead Drunk Friends (partial)/Billion Dollar Babies/Train Kept A Rollin', with Brown Sugar/Honky Tonk Woman as the encore on the Wednesday show and Eighteen and Brown Sugar on Thursday. There's one more Vampires show scheduled for next week at 'Rock In Rio'.
In related news it looks like the 'Hollywood Vampires' album will chart well in both the US and UK. At the time of writing it's at #17 in the US and #23 in the UK!

Dennis Dunaway will be bringing 'Doctor Dreary's Snakes! Museum' to the annual Chiller Theatre Expo this year which takes place between October 23rd and 25th at Sheraton Parsippany Hotel in Parsippany, New Jersey. Dennnis is raiding his attic and cupboards for all sorts of cool Alice Cooper related memorabilia, much of which probably hasn`t been see in public for over 40 years! A few years ago I was luckly enough to get a glimpse of some of the things Dennis has, and can safely say this promises to be well worth checking out if you can get there. Also check out the very cool poster for the event.

Glen Sobel will be at Drummerfest 2015 at Milwaukee music superstore 'Cascio Interstate Music' on October 24th. 

Posted on 18 Sep 2015
Peter And The Wolf In Hollywood and Vampires Live

Peter and the Wolf In HollywoodNovember 13th sees the release of a unusual Alice Cooper project which I doubt anyone could have foreseen. 'Peter and the Wolf in Hollywood' is a new version of Prokofiev's classic piece 'Peter and the Wolf' with narration by Alice Cooper himself! This new version of the classic tale has been updated to take place in modern day Los Angeles (the original story was set in Russia) and will be released as a download, CD and an iPad interactive childrens app.  Alice says "I first heard this back in Detroit, when I was six or seven years old. My mom put the record on and I was instantly transported to another world, and it has been huge fun for me to do something new after nearly 50 years in the business. I love the fact that it’s moved on, and that Peter has come to Los Angeles to meet his grandfather, who turns out to be an old hippie! That gives the story a fresh dynamic. And I like that he’s not in the least bit terrified by the wolf, when everybody else is freaking out.”
You can check out the trailer for the album below. More details can be found here.

Continuing on a classical note ClassicFM sat Alice down to listen to three clips from classical works and filmed his reactions. You can see the results here. Alice will be a guest on the station for 'Charlotte Green's Culture Club' this Sunday at 3pm.

Back to Rock and Roll, The Hollywood Vampires of course took the stage in Los Angeles last night for their first show. I haven`t seen too much about it yet (it's early here) but Orianthi posted a photo from the show which you can see here and there's much more on the Vampires Twitter feed. It appears that the band were joined by Perry Farrell, Geezer Butler, Tom Morello, and Ke$ha during the show. The setlist included most of the album plus 'Seven and Seven Is', 'Train Kept a Rollin', 'Brown Sugar' and Honky Tonk Woman'. The band play a second show tonight.
UPDATE: has a review with details and video.

Alice appeared on 'The Late Late Show with James Corden' on Tuesday night and you can catch a couple of clips from it now courtesy of BraveWords. You may be able to see the full show here depending on your location.

There's been quite a bit of Hollywood Vampires promotion in the last few days so here's some highlights: Interviews at WZLX (text), (video), WAAF (audio), WKLH (audio), Diamonds On The Avenue (video) and The Guardian (text).

Posted on 17 Sep 2015
Late Late Show

US TV listings are showing Alice as a guest on 'The Late Late Show with James Corden' on Tuesday. The show airs just after midnight ET.

TripleM Sydney and NPR Music have short audio interviews with Alice promoting the 'Hollywood Vampires' album. The Daily Beast also has a new interview and Billboard has a few words as well. You can also check out Rolling Stone's' short review of the album.

Posted on 14 Sep 2015
The Vampires Are Here

It's September 11th and the 'Hollywood Vampires' album is finally here. It's been a long time coming! The full album is now up on Spotify to hear, but remember that all proceeds from sales go to charity so go buy a copy! As a new teaser The Guardian has a clip of Johnny Depp laying down guitar for 'My Dear Drunk Friends'. Watch for more UK coverage coming up in the Telegraph and the Mail On Sunday.
Meanwhile stateside the band were spotted recording a performance for 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' on the roof top of the studio. Depp was on the show last night promoting his new movie 'Black Mass' and the album was mentioned, but it doesn`t appear the footage was shown. There is a suggestion it will be seen on tonights show.
Today's Vampires Q&A on Periscope/Twitter will apparently take place at 2.15 pacific time which appears to be 9.15 UK time.

There's a new(ish) Dennis Dunaway interview to listen to on Soundcloud taken from 'Radio Mark'.

Damon Johnson and Ricky Warwick brought their acoustic show to London last night bringing the house down with a mix of Thin Lizzy and Black Star Riders songs along with covers and even a couple of Alice Cooper classics. Last night they were also joined for three songs by Lizzy legend Scott Gorham! The duo have another 16 shows on this UK tour and you should definitly catch them if they are in your area. You can find the remaining dates below:


Posted on 11 Sep 2015
Hollywood Vampires Q & A Friday

Alice Cooper, Johnny Depp and Joe Perry will be answering questions about the Hollywood Vampires via Twitter and Periscope this Friday. No specific time is given. You can leave questions now.

Posted on 09 Sep 2015
Vampires Interviews

Pre-publicity for the 'Hollywood Vampires' album is hotting up with an article in the Independent (UK), and audio interviews at 'The Dinner Party' and Studio360. The album is released Friday worldwide.

There's a show review and photos over at

For those who haven`t noticed ex-Hanoi Rocks frontman Michael Monroe is to be the special guest at the Plymouth and Swindon headline shows. Monroe is an old friend who often guests with Alice in his native Finland.

BleedingCool has a preview of the forthcoming Dynamite comics series 'Alice Cooper vs Chaos!" with step-by-step cover art. The first issue comes with four different covers.

GuitCast has a new interview with Nita Strauss talking about her plans for a solo album and working with Alice Cooper. Nita appears around 47 minutes into the pocast.

Alice Cooper's SolidRock is hosting a cocktail party on September 28th at the 'Tavern and Wine Store' in Phoenix. Alice will be present and will perform an exclusive set of covers with local band 'The Saucy Jacks', but don`t expect to be snapping up tickets for this one (which range between $750 and a colossal $25,000) as it's a very exclusive benefit show raising funds for Solid Rock.

Posted on 07 Sep 2015
Beasto Blanco European Dates

Beasto Blanco, featuring Chuck Garric and Calico Cooper, have lined up a series of European shows for November. The tour advert is below but there are more dates yet to be announced. The current list is as follows:
Nov. 19th - Revolver Club, Oslo, Norway
Nov. 20h - Buenkulturhus. Mandal, Norway
Nov. 21st - Tribute Club, Sandnes, Norway
Nov. 23rd - Bannermann's, Edinburgh, Scotland
Nov. 26th - Hall Of Fame, Wetikon, Switzerland
Nov. 27th - Manoir Pub, St Maurice, Switzerland
Nov. 28th - Societ Hall, Moutiers, Switzerland
Nov. 29th - Fabrick Club, Isle of Sardegnia, Italy
The band also have some new shirts available which you can check out here.

The Huffington Post has a video interview with Alice and Joe Perry talking 'Hollywood Vampires'.
The new issue of Goldmine Magazine (US) has a front cover featuring Alice and Joe Perry and a feature on the 'Hollywood Vampires' inside.
There's also a long article on the 'Hollywood Vampires' over at Rolling Stone.
Finally NME have posted audio of 'Whole Lotta Love' from the forthcoming album.

The Henley Times has an article by an unnamed writer wh mentions Alice has recorded two songs for a "rock symphonic remake of the Pink Floyd album 'Wish You Were Here'". One of the tracks is 'Welcome To The Machine'.

Dennis Dunaway was recently interviewed for 'The Strange Brew' and you can listen to the chat here, and also MetalHeadRadio which you can listen to here.

Steve Hunter has posted a video of him recording the amazing solo to Tommy Henrikson's 'Mr Finn', the closing track on his 'Tommy Tommy Tommy' solo album.

Posted on 03 Sep 2015
Dennis Dunaway in New Jersey

Dennis Dunaway will be at 'Rock The Farm' in Farmington, NJ tomorrow (Saturday) signing books, and he will also be jumping up with Frankenstein 3000 for a few songs. The event is hosted by Don Jamieson and Jim Florentine of 'That Metal Show' and will also feature Carmine Appice and David Bryan of Bon Jovi amongst many other. All proceeds from the festival benefit CFC Loud n Clear Foundation, an organization that "promotes positive life choices by aiding drug recovery efforts and inspiring a healthy, positive lifestyle".

Nita Strauss has posted a new blog entry and video telling the story of her surprise meeting one of her guitar idols, Jason Becker. This is a must read/watch! If you don`t know who Jason Becker is you should watch 'Not Dead Yet - The Jason Becker Story' which I can`t recommend highly enough.

The Florida Times-Union has a short interview with Alice talking about the band and the 'Hollywood Vampires' album.

Chuck Garric was interviewed on Gator FM recently and you can hear his interview here.

Michigan Rock And Roll Legends has a long article about Steve Hunter's career to date.

SolidRock have announced this years 'Proof is in the Pudding' contest and signups are open until September 14th. The contest searches for talented young bands in the local area. 

Posted on 28 Aug 2015
New Vampires

Rolling Stone have posted audio of  'My Generation' as played by the Hollywood Vampires. 'Nights With Alice Cooper' featured this song on Monday and so far the show has aired around half the forthcoming album. Other songs played so far have been 'School's Out', 'I Got A Line On You', 'My Dead Drunk Friends', 'Itchycoo Park' (all available on Spotify and iTunes),  'Whole Lotta Love', 'Cold Turkey' 'Jeepster'  and 'Raise The Dead' leaving only five songs yet to hear. 'Manic Depression' is the next one due to be played on the show.
Alice has been talking to Mojo Magazine about the album while Joe Perry has commented at WFJA.

Guitar International have an article and photos about the 'Fox and Friends' live show in New York last week. Also don`t forget to keep up with Ryan Roxie's Video Blog which also has an episode from the show.

The Cutting Room Floor have posted their audio interview with Kane Roberts from earlier this week, and have an interview with Ken Mary coming sometime soon.

Posted on 26 Aug 2015
Dennis Dunaway Joins Alice Cooper in Connecticut

Dennis Dunaway joined Alice on stage on Sunday in Connecticut for 'School's Out' and posted a cool photo of the pair backstage. Dennis is still doing lots of press for his book including many interviews for the UK press to be published over the next couple of months. The latest interview is 'Movie Moments' which you can listen to here. Dennis appears around 1.12 into the recording.

Damon Johnson and Ricky Warwick return to the UK for a string of acoustic shows in September. The full tour is as follows:
Sept 9th - Sunderland, The Arizona
Sept 10th - London, The Underworld
Sept 11th - Cardiff, Fuel
Sept 12th - Sheffield, Local Authority
Sept 13th - Birmingham, The Oobleck
Sept 15th - York, The Duchess
Sept 16th - Edinburgh, Bannermans
Sept 17th - Glasgow, Audio
Sept 18th - Aberdeen, The Moorings
Sept 19th - Chester, The Live Room
Sept 20th - Bolton, The Railway
Sept 21st - Leicester, The Musician
Sept 22nd - Evesham, The Iron Road
Sept 23rd - Norwich, The Brickmakers
Sept 24th - Sutton In Asfield, The Diamonds
Sept 26th - Ballymena, The Diamond
Sept 27th - Dublin, On The Roxx

Steve Hunter has written article for Guitar Player magazine recalling recording with Alice Cooper on the 'Billion Dollar Babies' album in 1973 which you can check out here.

In the latest episode of 'One on One with Mitch Lafon' Mitch talks to guitarist Bob Kulick who briefly played with Alice. The co-host is Allan Schwartzberg who also talks about working with Alice Cooper, claiming to play on five tracks on 'Billion Dollar Babies' although he seems confused about what albums he plays on (he is credited on 'Lace and Whiskey' and 'Goes To Hell'.).

Posted on 18 Aug 2015
Fox and Friends

Alice and the band performed live on 'Fox and Friends' this morning and you can already replay the whole thing at Fox News by clicking 'replay' and going to around 1 hour 10 mins into the stream. Songs performed were 'No More Mr Nice Guy', 'I'm Eighteen', 'Under My Wheels', 'Poison', 'School's Out' and 'Elected'.
UPDATE: They have now removed most of the show and only the after show section is still there.

In other news Alice is featured in the 'Family Guy: The Quest For Stuff' game which currently has a limited "event" going on until September 18th. Check out Gamespot for more info.

Posted on 14 Aug 2015
Hollywood Vampires Play Hollywood

According to Associated Press the Hollywood Vampires will perform two shows at The Roxy in West Hollywood, CA on Sept 16th and 17th. The Roxy is very small, so this is sure to sell out almost instantly when tickets go on sale Friday.
UPDATE: Former Guns 'n' Roses rhythm section Duff McKagan and Matt Sorum as well as Tommy Henriksen and Bruce Witkin (Piano/Guitar) will join Alice, Johnny Depp and Joe Perry the band for these show, and presumably the Rio show as well.
Here's the full press release:
LOS ANGELES, CA: In 1972, on the Sunset Strip at a club called the Rainbow Bar & Grill, the Hollywood Vampires were born in the upstairs bar.  It was a gathering place for rock stars living in or passing through L.A.  “To join the club, one simply had to out drink all of the members,” says Alice Cooper, a founding member of the Vampires.  “I would walk in on a typical night,” Alice says, “and John Lennon, Harry Nilsson, Keith Moon—who would usually be in a costume like a maid or a chauffeur—Bernie Taupin, Jim Morrison and Mickey Dolenz would be there. The next week might be Bernie Taupin, Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison and Mickey Dolenz.”
Now, returning to where it once began, the Hollywood Vampires (Alice Cooper, Johnny Depp, and Joe Perry) have announced today two shows at the notorious Sunset Strip music venue, The Roxy.  This will mark the Hollywood Vampires only U.S. appearances on September 16 and 17, and will surely be the most sought after ticket in town. Joining the Hollywood Vampires live will be Matt Sorum on drums, Duff McKagan on bass, Tommy Henriksen on guitar, and Bruce Witkin on piano and guitar. Tickets are on sale on August 14 for the September 16th show at and September 17th show at
Additionally on September 24, in what will be their only international appearance, the band will head to Brazil for “Rock in Rio.” Before that show, the band will partner with Starkey Hearing Foundation, an organization that has provided more than 1.8 million free hearing aids to people in need in more than 100 countries, to offer and fit hearing aids to more than 150 people in need.   After the hearing aid fittings, the Hollywood Vampires and Starkey Hearing Foundation will bring a number of individuals to the show so they can hear music for the first time in their lives.
“Hearing connects us to life, our families and to the world around us,” said Bill Austin, founder of Starkey Hearing Foundation. “It’s a precious gift, and we are excited to work with the Hollywood Vampires to introduce so many to the world of sound and help them hear music for the first time.”
Three years ago, Alice and good friend Johnny Depp got together and decided the spirit of the Hollywood Vampires should live again (minus the drinking).  An environment for great artists to hang, laugh and play together. The Hollywood Vampires live again with the release of the Hollywood Vampires new album.  Alice and Johnny were joined by Joe Perry, who is an old friend of both of them, and with producer Bob Ezrin, the recording began: a tribute to the original Hollywood Vampires.  The new album is set to be released on September 11 and all artist proceeds will be donated to MusiCares.

Posted on 12 Aug 2015
Free Show In New York

Alice Cooper will be performing live on Friday August 14th in New York City as part of 'Fox and Friends All-American Summer Concert' Series. The performance is free and will take place at 1211 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY between 6AM and 9AM ET. 'Fox and Friends' is a US breakfast TV show so parts of the performance will be aired live.

Also New York related Alice talks to the Village Voice about the 'Hollywood Vampires'.

Posted on 12 Aug 2015
New Show - Quebec

Alice Cooper and Motley Crue will be playing Le Centre Videotron in Quebec, QC, Canada on October 20th. Tickets go on sale Thursday.

Digital Spy has a new interview with Alice talking about the forthcoming 'Hollywood Vampires' album.

Dennis Dunaway picks his top ten Alice Cooper songs for Classic Rock.

Posted on 11 Aug 2015
More Vampires News

A little more 'Hollywood Vampires' news this morning.
Mitch Lafon reports that the Japanese version of the album will feature The Who's 'I'm A Boy' as a bonus track.
There is a new PledgeMusic campaign page that allows you to pre-order a copy of the album and get access to 'exclusive behind-the-scenes content'.  Unfortunately this currently only seems to be available to people in the US. The page also lists a vinyl version of the album coming on October 17th.
Last night on 'Nights With Alice Cooper' Alice suggested there may be a couple of 'intimate' 'Hollywood Vampires' shows in Los Angeles with an announcement August 12th.

Posted on 06 Aug 2015
Vampires Tracks Released

Three songs from the forthcoming 'Hollywood Vampires' album have turned up on both Spotify and iTunes today. They are 'I Got A Line On You', 'School's Out/Another Brick In The Wall' and 'My Dead Drunk Friends'. Alice played 'School's Out/Another Brick In The Wall' on 'Nights With Alice Cooper' last night and the track features guest Brian Johnson from AC/DC as well as Johnnny Depp, Joe Perry, Dennis Dunaway and Neal Smith.
UPDATE: Rolling Stone have posted an article with the full musician listings and a short video of footage from the recording sessions. The album features Alice Cooper, Johnny Depp, and  Tommy Henriksen on every track, with appearances by Glen Sobel, Bob Ezrin, Joe Perry, Dennis Dunaway, Neal Smith, Zak Starkey, Kip Winger, Orianthi, Joe Walsh (Eagles), Perry Farrell (Jane's Adiction), Robby Kreiger (The Doors), Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters), Brian Johnson (AC/DC), Paul McCartney, Bruce Watkins, Abe Laboriel Jr and Slash.
All proceeds from the album will go to the MusiCares charity.

Posted on 05 Aug 2015
Vampires Track Listing

Thanks to AlongCameASpider27 for posting what appears to be the track listing for the 'Hollywood Vampires' album. It goes as follows:
1. The Last Vampire (Original song)
2. Raise the Dead (Original Song)
3. My Generation (The Who)
4. Whole Lotta Love (Led Zeppelin)
5. I Got A Line On You (Spirit)
6. Five To One/Break On Through (The Doors)
7. One/Jump Into The Fire (Harry Nilsson)
8. Come And Get It (Paul McCartney)
9. Jeepster (T-Rex)
10. Cold Turkey (John Lennon)
11. Manic Depression (Jimi Hendrix)
12. Itchycoo Park (Small Faces)
13. School's Out/Another Brick In The Wall (Alice Cooper/Pink Floyd)
14. My Dead Drunk Friends (Original Song)

Also the Rapid City Journal has a few words with Alice.

Posted on 02 Aug 2015
Vampires Date Announced

Hollywood Vampires

The long awaited 'Hollywood Vampires' album finally has a release date via Universal Music, and it's September 11th. The project has an official website at as well as a facebook page. The band, featuring Alice, Johnny Depp and Joe Perry, are currently scheduled to make their live debut at the Rock in Rio festival on September 24th with rumours of a few other shows around that time.
The album is available to pre-order now on AmazonUK and has been added to AmazonUS although be careful as there may be special editions announced that aren`t listed yet.

Posted on 01 Aug 2015
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Tour Image

Tour Dates 2015
(Subject To Change)

With Motley Crue:
5th Oct Hildalgo, TX Info
7th Oct Dallas, TX Info
8th Oct Little Rock, AR Info
10th Oct Evansville, IN Info
11th Oct Lexington, KY Info
13th Oct Grand Rapids, MI Info
14th Oct Buffalo, NY Info
16th Oct Bridgeport, CT Info
17th Oct Manchester, NH Info
18th Oct Bangor, ME Info
20th Oct Quebec, QC Info
22nd Oct Moncton, NB Info
UK Headline Shows:
29th Oct Plymouth, UK Info
30th Oct Swindon, UK Info
Europe With Motley Crue:
2nd Nov Newcastle, UK Info
3rd Nov Manchester, UK Info
4th Nov Birmingham, UK Info
6th Nov London, UK Info
8th Nov Stuttgart, DE Info
9th Nov Basel, CH Info
10th Nov Milan, IT Info
13th Nov Munich, DE Info
14th Nov Dusseldorf, DE Info
16th Nov Stockholm, SE Info
18th Nov Helsinki, FI Info
North America With Motley Crue:
4th Dec Lincoln, NE Info
7th Dec Sioux Falls, SD Info
8th Dec Grand Forks, ND Info
10th Dec Saskatoon, SA Info
12th Dec Edmonton, AB Info
13th Dec Calgary, AB Info
15th Dec Portland, OR Info
17th Dec Fresno, CA Info
19th Dec Phoenix, AZ Info
20th Dec San Diego, CA Info
22th Dec Anaheim, CA Info
27th Dec Las Vegas, NV Info
28th Dec Los Angeles, CA Info
30th Dec Los Angeles, CA Info
31th Dec Los Angeles, CA Info

More To Come!


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