Below are the complete SickthingsUK news archives going back to 2004 when I first added news to the front page.
NOTE: The further back you go, the less likely it is that links and images will work, because the original sites no longer have the articles.

Site Move + New Video 30 Dec 2005

As some people may have spotted, STUK moved servers over the last few days. Everything is now on a new server with the exception of the message board which is working just fine where it's always been so I've left it there for now. Oh and there's also now a login box at the top right of the news page that will allow you to easily log into the board from the front page.
I've tried to check everything and it all seems to be working, however if you do enounter any problems I'd be greatful for a quick email to point them out. There's likely to be something I've missed somewhere. One word of advice though, some problems could be simply related to you having an old version of a file (especially the menu file) in your browser cache, so if you do find links not working try clearing your browser cache and reloading the page, often that will fix everything.

And in a small bit of Alice Cooper news: Check out the Bloodrayne movie site for a short clip from a video to "Mankind" which briefly features Alice at the beginning.

Oh.. and Happy New Year everyone!!

Small Stuff 26 Dec 2005

There's a small Alice quote about his Xmas wish at Pitriff.
(Thanks WeirdKat)

You can see some photos of Damon Johnsons band The Welfare playing just before Xmas here where they were joined by the familiar face of ex-Alice guitarist/Songwriter Eric Dover!

And in more Damon news, Alice and Damon are featured on the back of this months 'Guitar One Magazine' in a full page ad for Krank Amps in a cool shot of them next to the Guillotine.

"Mankind" 24 Dec 2005

As reported a few weeks ago on STUK, Alice has recorded a new song for the forthcoming film 'Bloodrayne', which is based on the successful computer game. You can find out more about the movie which opens in the USA on January 6th, here. The new song is called 'Mankind' and you can hear AND download it NOW courtesy of New West Records by clicking here. A verrrry nice Xmas present from New West Records to Alice Cooper fans!

In other small news Dick Wagner has posted a couple of pics and some words about his appearance with Alice at the Xmas Pudding show here. And Wireimage have posted some pics from the show here and the VIP Party here.
(Thanks Devon, Steef)

Damon Johnson News 22 Dec 2005

Fresh from playing with Alice at the Xmas Pudding show last weekend Damon Johnson and his band The Welfare will be playing two shows over Xmas. The dates are Friday, December. 23st at Barking Kudu in Birmingham, Alabama and Saturday December 31st at Cheers Guntersville, AL.
Damon's other band 'Slave To The System' have their debut album released through Spitfire Records on February 21, 2006. Check out

More on Canada Shows 21 Dec 2005

The following shows now appear to be confirmed with ticket packages once again available from Fanfire and normal tickets available from venues (see tour list on right for links). Most are now on sale.
01-May-06 ST. JOHN'S Mile One Stadium - St. John's, NF
03-May-06 HALIFAX Metro Centre - Halifax, NS
04-May-06 ST. JOHN Harbour Station - St. John, NB
06-May-06 OTTAWA Ottawa Civic Centre - Ottawa, ON
07-May-06 HAMILTON Place Theatre - Hamilton, ON
09-May-06 KITCHENER Centre In The Square - Kitchener, ON
10-May-06 OSHAWA Oshawa Civic Centre - Oshawa, ON
11-May-06 BARRIE Molson Centre - Barrie, ON
13-May-06 THUNDER BAY Thunder Bay Community Auditorium - Thunder Bay, ON
16-May-06 BRANDON Keystone Centre - Brandon, MB
17-May-06 WINNIPEG Winnipeg Concert Hall - Winnipeg, MB

More Canadian Shows 20 Dec 2005

More Alice Cooper shows that appeared on Ticketmaster today:
Thursday May 5th 2006 at Oshawa Civic Auditorium, Oshawa. On sale 21st December
Tuesday May 16th 2006 at Brandon Keystone Centre, Brandon, MB. On sale 22nd December.
Update: Saturday May 6th at Ottawa Civic Hall, OT.

Also: Check out this video clip of Alice at Saturdays Xmas Pudding show with Dick Wagner on guitar!

Shaun has asked me to remind everybody to go check out Ryan Roxie's MySpace page where you can become a Roxie friend and get updates about R77 happenings!

And lastly if you are still looking for a late Xmas present then click the banner above and check out the new(ish) German photo book. I've put a review of it in the reviews section (link in left menu) but it's well worth grabbing with that left over Xmas money (and STUK makes a commission if you buy via the banner link!!).

Alice In Canada In May 19 Dec 2005

It appears Alice will be playing shows in Canada this coming May. Ticketmaster are listing a show in Barrie, ON on 11th May (on sale Tuesday 20th Dec at 10am), there are adverts (stating it will be a new show) for Thunder Bay on May 13th at the Community Auditorium (On Sale Tomorrow here), and Brave Words have a news story quoting a member of Helix as saying they have been confirmed as support band at more shows including "St. John's, NF May 1st and two days later we'll be in Halifax, followed by St. John, N.B".
Note: This is all officially unconfirmed as yet. I'll add updates as I find out more.
(Thanks Zoogirl, Katrina, Devon)

UPDATE: Hamilton Place Theater on 7th May 2006. On Sale 20th December at Ticketmaster.
UPDATE: Winnipeg Centennial Music Hall, MB on 17th May, on sale 21st December at Ticketmaster.

New Roxie Podcast! 18 Dec 2005

Ryan Roxie's Big Rock Show episode #6..."From Dirty Diamonds to Dirty Diapers" is now online and features part 2 of Ryan's exclusive interview with Alice Cooper. Plus a brand new unreleased Roxie77 song!!! You can download it now from here.

Alice played at the Xmas Pudding show last night. The short setlist was 18 / Be My Lover / No More Mr Nice Guy / School's Out / Go Go Rudolph (Chuck Berry). More when I get it.
(Thanks Pat)

Nuts4Chic has an interview with Alice that I don't think I've mentioned before.
(Thanks Steef)

Wagner For The Pudding! 14 Dec 2005

Dick Wagner, legendary co-writer and guitarist on 'Welcome To My Nightmare' and the other late 70s classic Alice albums will be taking the lead guitar role (Ryan Roxie is home in Sweden) when Alice performs at the annual Xmas pudding show this saturday. Says Wagner: "I have been asked by Mr. Cooper to take on the lead guitar duties on Saturday in place of his normal guy. It's been many a year, but I look forward to the challenge."
Dick, who recently moved to Phoenix and has a new album available through his website also mentions on his site that he will be writing with Alice and when asked said that the collaboration will be the "Real deal".
And while we're talking about Mr. Wagner... Happy Birthday Dick!!!
(Thanks Devon)

Biff! Zap! Pow! 14 Dec 2005

As forewarned Alice narrated "Biff! Zap! Pow!" tonight on BBC Radio 2. The hour long show about the history of comic book superheroes featured linking chat from Alice and should be available to hear again soon at the BBC website.

The United Stations (producers of 'Nights With Alice Cooper') site has posted a new 'demo' MP3 from October.
(Thanks Steven)

A group of Brazillian fans are trying to get a local festival to book an appearance by Alice Cooper next year as its been a long time since he made it down there. There is a vote happening at and they ask if fans could help them out by voting for Alice (who is losing at the moment apparently!!). The site is available in English.

And lastly for now a bit of an oddity. Check out the music used for the animation here.
(Thanks Clint)

Press 11 Dec 2005

This months Classic Rock Magazine (UK) features a full page review and photos of the recent Brighton show and also in the critics top 50 albums of the year, 'Dirty Diamonds' comes in at 31.
(Thanks Baz)

The Edmonton Sun has a review of the "Good To See You Again, Alice Cooper" DVD.

New Wagner Album 09 Dec 2005

Dick Wagner has released a new CD called 'Home At Last' via his website at WagnerMusic. A double CD, you can only purchase it as downloads from the site via Paypal. On payment you receive a password that allows you to access the MP3 files for a limited time to download them so a fast connection is pretty essential if you want to get it.
(Thanks Devon)

The Christmas double edition of the 'Radio Times'(UK) has one tiny Alice picture and a quote from the interview he did with them earlier this year.
(Thanks JanWolf)

As previously forewarned the current issue of 'Terrorizer' UK Magazine does has a live review and large pic form the UK Tour.

The Arizonia Reporter has a small article about the Xmas Pudding show next week.

Radio Alert and DDP Show 07 Dec 2005

Radio Two has an show called "BIFF! ZAP! POW!" airing Tuesday 13th December at 20:30-21:30 which appears to be narrated by Alice. In it Alice "tells the incredible true story of the timeless, indestructible caped crusaders, born in the early years of the twentieth century and now at the peak of their powers."
You can listen online.
(Thanks Rob)

The Dennis Dunaway Project (DDP) will be playing a show in January at the Palace Theatre in Stamford, CT in aid of the Katrina Relief fund. Keep an eye on for announcements.

'Sweden Rock Magazine' has a list of the 10 worst moment in hardrock history. In 5th or 6th place is the 1968 show when they emptied the place very fast.
(Thanks Maria)

Ezrin Honoured + Golf 06 Dec 2005

Legendary Alice Cooper producer/Songwriter Bob Ezrin will be inducted into the Canadian Music Industry Hall of Fame on March 2nd, 2006 as part of the Canadian Music Industry Awards.
KNAC report says "Ezrin is a legendary record producer who first attained fame in the 1970's producing classic albums for Pink Floyd, Alice Cooper, Lou Reed, Peter Gabriel and Kiss. He is noted as an innovator and technical ground-breaker having been one of the earliest adopters of multi-machine recording and computer sequencing, sampling and editing. He has continued to produce music, film, TV and theatrical productions into the late 90's and 00's, working with such artists as Jane's Addiction, The Darkness, Deftones and Nine Inch Nails. Ezrin was inducted into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame during the Juno Awards in April 2004."

The 10th Annual Alice Cooper Golf Tournament has a Disco theme under the title "Get Down With Disco Alice" and will take place on April 23rd-25th 2006 with the 24th being a dinner + entertainment with Alice in attendence in aid of the Solid Rock Foundation. Details will appear here in due time.

New Article And Pics 04 Dec 2005

'Now', a women's UK weekly magazine dated 7th December has a full page on Alice's favourite things on page 140, called 'Celebrity Passions' with a photo and other pix.
(Thanks Colin)

Also check out the photos section for lots of new UK tour photos!!

Obligatory Chuck Garric mention: Learn to love the sideburns!

News Roundup 03 Dec 2005

It's still all pretty quiet but here are a few things worth mentioning:

Classic Rock Photos have posted some pics from the recent Union (With Chuck Garric) shows. They also have some older Alice Cooper pics (which I've mentioned before) on their site if you look around.

There is apparently a picture of Alice, Ryan and Chuck on page 2 of this weeks issue of Kerrang.
(Thanks James)

Think I may have mentioned this but the current Hit Parader magazine (US) has a 'Top 100 Guitarists' list and along with it they did a bunch of smaller Top 10 lists, and Glen Buxton (r.i.p.) came in at number 10 on the 'All-Time Top 10 Guitarists of the 60's' list.
(Thanks Devon B)

Radio station US97 (KXUS?) is doing a charity auction. One of the auction items is for the winner to do an interview with Alice that will be aired on the station.

Union (Feat. Chuck Garric) 29 Nov 2005

The STUK staff have just returned from a truly great show show in Camden, London by 'Union', who feature Bruce Kulick (Ex-Kiss), John Corabi (Ex-Motley Cue), Fred Corey (Cinderella) and the one and only king of sideburns, Mr Chuck Garric.
Why are we posting this here? Well, as there seems to be no Alice news to report at the moment Jaded decided we would turn into the Garric news for the day!!
First things first, rest assured sideburns are still on show and according to Mr Garric they won't be disapearing any time soon!
The show itself was extremely good. A mix of Union originals and Kiss/Cinderella/(Crue/Scream?) tracks (unfortunatly no Alice songs even though the crowd was screaming for one.. we hoped for 'Jesse Jane'!) with Chuck taking lead vocal on 'War Machine', 'I Love It Loud' and 'Unholy', a revelation after only having seen him do a few backing vocals with Alice before (Jaded says 'He sounded spectacular'). Note: Chucks setlist had a cute little "Alice Eyes" hand-sketched on it!
Afterwards the band came out and signed/chatted with fans for a while before heading off for another signhing at the Hard Rock Cafe. As always Chuck was friendly and chatty and seemed pleased that AC fans had gone to the show to see him.
The band have just ONE more UK show tomorrow night in Nuneaton at Queens Hall and tickets are still available. Catch them if you can! It's worth the trip, whether you think you know the songs or not!

Radio Solent 24 Nov 2005

As it's still very quiet with little to report, here's an interview Alice did for UK Radio Solent on November 4th kindly sent to me by Madame Bondage. Click here.

Also check out John "Wicked" Youngman's new site here for some UK tour pics.

And lastly Nights With Alice Cooper is running a competition to win tickets to the Xmas pudding show.

We're Still Alive! 22 Nov 2005

It's all been very quiet since the tour ended but here are a few small things to check out:

AliceCooperPics has posted a couple of hundred excellent photos from the UK tour. Bill's pics are always of the highest quality so go check them out! There will also be more UK pics added to the STUK photo section in the next couple of days time allowing.

If you and a couple of friends want to play golf with Alice, check out who are auctioning a chance to do just that.

Canadian sources are saying the Live 1973 DVD will be out in Canada on November 29th, not 22nd as previously reported.

Back From Tour 18 Nov 2005

Finally back from the UK tour and what a blast it was. Great as always to meet all the Sickthings. The tour ended on a massive high with a blistering show in Bournemouth, and as you would have seen Dee Snider joined Alice for 'Under My Wheels', a nice ending to the tour. Anyway time to cover a few things that have come in over the last couple of days.

This weeks issue of Kerrang magazine has a review of the Birmingham show.

There is a quote from Alice on the new Donovan (who of course sang on 'Billion Dollar Babies') boxset called 'Try For the Sun'.

Alice is listed as appearing at the 25th Make-A-Wish Golf Classic at Grayhawk Golf Club in Scottsdale on Monday.

There maybe a very short clip of Alice on tonights 'Children In Need' telethon on (UK) BBC1.

For those who are interested in checking out the music of Dimma, who features 3 members who played with Michael Bruce on his Iceland tour and "The Second Coming Of Michael Bruce" CD, they have an album out now.

For those who are interested in checking out the music of DIMMA (Alice's support band in Iceland) we have a new CD out on GB Records in Iceland.
Alice liked our music, so maybe you will! DIMMA features 3 members who played with Michael Bruce on his Iceland tour and "The Second Coming Of Michael Bruce" CD.
Like the MB CD, the DIMMA album was produced by Ingo & Silli Geirdal and includes 10 new original songs written by the band members. It also includes a music video which you can view on your computer. Anyone interested in checking out this CD can order it directly from us through Paypal and we'll send the CD out to you by Air-mail within 24 hours after receipt of payment.
The price of the DIMMA CD is $25.00 + $5.00 for Air-mail shipping to Anywhere in the world! For UK buyers, the price is £17.00 UK Pounds including Air-mail. Please make Paypal payments to this e-mail address;
We also accept payments in CASH (US Dollars & UK Pounds ONLY) by Air-mail in a Registered letter to;

Ingo Geirdal Ragnarsson
Hraunteigur 10,
Reykjavik 105,

We strongly recommend you make your payment thru Paypal or send it by REGISTERED mail as we can not be responsible for payments lost in the mail!

Alice And Dee In Bournemouth 18 Nov 2005

Thanks to Pete Trustrum for this pic of Alice Cooper and Dee Snider of Twisted Sister on stage at Bournemouth BIC for the last show of the 'Dirty Diamonds' Tour last night. Dee joined Alice for 'Under My Wheels', describing it from the stage "A dream come true".

New Michael Bruce Interview 16 Nov 2005

Rock'n'Roll Universe has an all new and lengthy Michael Bruce interview online. Very interesting stuff.

MoviesOnline is reporting that Alice will be providing a song for the new Vampire movie "BoodRayne" next year. You can find out more about this movie (based on a cool video game) here. Whether this will be a new song or just reusing an already released one is unclear. The movie is set for a US release on the 6th of January.

Dennis Dunaway and Neal Smith can be found on a new compilation album called 'The Morgue The Merrier' playing on a song called 'The Ghost of Brian Jones' by the one and only Richie Scarlett. The song was originally featured on Richie's 'Insanity Of Life' CD which is HIGHLY recommended. There's also a release party in New York on November 19th at the Pyramid Club 101 Avenue A. Check the press release:


Starring Tripwave, The Subway Surfers, Ugly Friend, The Scared Stiffs, Spooky Pane and the Migraines & Stark

Hosted by satellite radio DJ Chris T.!!! Also debuting that night will be The Pyrate Sisters All-Gal Sideshow, featuring A.V. Phibes, a.k.a., Vulnavia Queen of Nails; the fire-eating burlesque cutie, Molly Crabapple; andhuman blockhead/raconteur, Ilise "The Lady Aye" Carter, the "Sisters" will amuse and enthrall audiences with their unique circus skills and feminine wiles. Plus there will be CD and t-shirt giveaways, drink specials and more!

If you've never been there, the Pyramid Club "it's older than you are, and has gone through as many personalities. Punk rockers, Goth betties and queers of every feather worship weekly at this temple of iniquity, which moonlights as an Off-Off-Broadway venue when it feels like being theatrical. (The Donkey Show cavorted here before finding a permanent home at El Flamingo.) The bar up front is serviceable, and if you're lucky, hotties will be dancing around your rocks glass. In the back, there's a small dancefloor and a stage that's seen everything from They Might Be Giants (at their beginning) to GG Allin (at his end). If you're feeling adventurous, the shadowy downstairs area hides a multitude of sins, mostly of the carnally curious variety. -Peter Landau" The Pyramid is located at 101 Avenue A
(East Village) between 6th and 7th Streets. 212-473-7184 (Subway Stops F, V to Second Ave.; 6 to Astor Pl., L to First Ave.)

Arizona Republic has a short story about Alice in a charitable mood when when he's not at home.

The latest issue of MetalEdge (US) apparently has a two page Alice Cooper feature entitled 'Killing Paris'.
(Thanks Brett)

Alice will be hosting the 'Top 20 Rock Deaths' on KerrangTV this coming Friday night at 10pm. You can find it on Sky channel 454.

Reviews and Damon News 13 Nov 2005

Alice is featured in Todays Telegraph (UK) supplement 'Seven' talking about golf. It#s a full page on page 72.
(Thanks Tim)

There's a review of the Cardiff show at icWales.
(Thanks Jollyjon]

Damon Johnson News: The official release date for Damon's 'Slave To The System' album on Spitfire Records is February 21, 2006. The band has already taken new photos and are working on new and revised album artwork. There is also a new website for the band here. The new Santana album, 'All That I Am', features a Damon Johnson song, "Just Feel Better" (co-written with Buck Johnson and Jamie Houston). And if that weren't enough, the song is sung by none other than Aerosmith's Steven Tyler. "Just Feel Better" is currently the first single from the album in Europe, Asia, and Australia and will be the second single in the US. Krank Amplifiers welcomes Damon as their newest endorser. DJ has played their Krankenstein amp and cabs for the entire Alice Cooper world tour this year. Look for an upcoming ad in several guitar publications featuring Damon and Alice pictured together. The Welfare (another Damon band) makes their return in December with shows in Jackson, Auburn, Birmingham, and a huge New Year's Eve show in Guntersville. Keep up with all news at

DVD Update 12 Nov 2005

Some news on the 'Good To See You Again, Alice Cooper' DVD. Release date for Canada is November 22nd and Europe/UK is confirmed as January 30th. You can preview the release at IFilm. Also if you are having trouble finding all the easter eggs on the disc help is now available on the FAQ page at

Manchester Press + Calico 11 Nov 2005

Manchester Online has a review of last nights Manchester show. There is also an interview here which I missed yesterday.

A new horror magazine called 'Dark Of Night' features the new film starring Calico Cooper 'Scarlet Fry's Junkfood Horrorfest and includes and interview with Calico Cooper. It can be purchased online here. You can order your copy of the movie on DVD by emailing

News Update 10 Nov 2005

Back from Tour for a while so here's an update on what's been happening:

Wales On Sunday have an interview with Alice.

The Chicago Tribune has a short review of the 'Good To See You Again Alice Cooper' DVD. MusicTap Also have a longer one.

There will be a Live review in Friday's copy of The Sun newspaper (UK).

The (Glasgow?) Herald has a short piece about the upcoming Glasgow show.

The Incredible TUBES have been added to the bill of the Christmas Pudding show!!

Tommy Clufetos will be embarking on a Sonor Drums-sponsored drum clinic tour beginning in mid-November. The details are as follows:
Nov. 13 - Pocono Music - Broadheadsville, PA - Tel.: 570-992-0105
Nov 14 - Playground Music - Fort Walton Beach, FL - Tel.: 850-243-2514
Nov. 15 - Birmingham Music Center - Birmingham, AL - Tel.: 205-995-8376
Nov. 17 - Music Villa - Bozemont, Montana - Tel.: 406-587-4761
Nov. 18 - Avalon Music - Wenatche, WA - Tel.: 509-663-7300

And There's More... 05 Nov 2005

Updates will be sporadic over the next few days while I go off on tour, but before I go here's the short Capital Gold interview from this evening, and to save me some work the BBC have kindly already put the Hard Talk interview online here.

If anyone gets to grab the interviews over the next few days then drop me a line (NOT the files) so that I may be able to post them later next week when I get back. If you can host them and post a link to the message board even better.

It's (UK) Tour Time again!!

Small TV Update 04 Nov 2005

The 'Hard News' interview on News24 ran this morning an 4.30am and is repeated again at 11.30pm tonight. It's a 20 minute interview. News24 is available internationally and 'Hard Talk' is also posted to their website here about a week after it airs.

Alice's interview on Channel 5 news has been shunted until monday's show at 11.30am.

The Capital Gold interview today is part of the 'Rock Show' at 10pm tonight. You can listen online here.

The Radio Five Live interview went without a hitch. Alice was on for about half an hour in total. You can listen to the show again at the FiveLive site.

UPDATE: Yesterdays BBC London News report was shifted to today.

More UK Press 04 Nov 2005

No sign on Alice on BBC London News last night but the Frank Skinner appearance was present and correct. Alice was on the show for just over 12 minutes and for change they managed to avoid most of the same old stuff (Chicken, Golf, Religion) to allow Alice to tell a few other stories.

More Press: Check out The Times supplement on Saturday and The Sunday Telegraph Suppliment on Sunday forpossible Alice Cooper features.

KNAC have a review of the Portand show.

More UK news 02 Nov 2005

More UK appearances on TV and Radio.

Thursday 3rd November:
BBC London TV News - 6pm
ITV Frank Skinner Show - 11pm
Possibly live on Virgin Radio but not sure

Friday 4th November:
BBC News 24 (TV) Hard Talk - 4.30am and 11.30am -
might also be available online.
Channel 5 (TV) news - 11.30am
Kerrang! TV - no other info
BBC Radio 5 Live Simon Mayo Show - 2.30pm
Capital Gold (Radio)- Rock Show

Saturday 5th November:
BBC Radio London - Gary Crowley Show (6-8.00pm)

Monday 7th November:
Virgin Radio - Ben Jones

Tuesday 8th November:
ITV1 - Paul O'Grady - 5-6pm

The latest issue of Mojo magazine (Kate Bush cover) has a large feature on the Alice Cooper group with comments from Alice, Neal, Dennis, Michael and Bob Ezrin. They also have a review of the 'Good To See You Again, Alice Cooper' DVD.

This weeks issue of Kerrang has a small Alice feature.

The Chilliwack Progress has a review of the Chilliwack show.

Good To See The Trailer 01 Nov 2005

Shout Factory have posted an excellent trailer for the forthcoming DVD release of 'Good To See You Again Alice Cooper' which is due out on November 8th in the US and January (30th?) in the UK and Europe. AmazonUK still don't list it for preorder but you can preorder it from AmazonUS now and they ship internationally.

Today's Contact Music non-story pulled from an unnamed source is the shock announcement that Alice isn't going to retire.... Ever.

Surprise Appearance plus Press 01 Nov 2005

Alice Cooper made a surprise appearance on the Craig Ferguson Show last night in a special Halloween Skit in which Craig dresses up as Alice Cooper and goes trick or treating, only to knock on a door and have Alice himnself open it dressed as... Craig Ferguson!! Video will follow if I can get hold of a copy to post.

Metro Magazine in London has a short interview with Alice today which can be seen online.
(Thanks Denise)

Forthcoming UK press to watch for:
- "Evening Standard" (London) sometime this week
- "The Sunday Telegraph" - in new supplement on 6th November
- "The Times" on 5th November in the Saturday supplement, "The Knowledge"
- "Sunday Magazine" - (don't know when)
- "Sunday Times" "Style" Section - (don't know when)
- "Bite Me" magazine
- "What's On in London" magazine - this week or next
- "The Herald" (Glasgow) 4th November
- IRN  interview on 3rd November (for independent radio stations around the UK)
- Capital Gold (London)  interview on 4th November.

Chuck Garric and Union have added another UK show, this time at Camden Lock 17 in London on 28th November.

Viking Skull Off UK Tour 01 Nov 2005

According to a press release Viking Skull are no longer opening the UK tour.
Quote: "Due to some silly old men being ego driven idiots Viking Skull regret to announce that they have been taken off the Alice Cooper/Twisted Sister tour due to start later this week. Basically despite being added to the advertising and having the tour confirmed for 7 months Twisted Sister decided that they had to play the same length of time as Alice Cooper. So in order to not have their ego’s dented by Mr Cooper they threw Viking Skull off the bill in order to make Alice’s fans sit through 95 minutes of their not had a hit for 20 years rubbish. This has nothing to do with Alice Cooper whom Viking Skull have played with before and whom was a total gent to the band."
What you want to make of this is up to you. There must be a very limited number of people who cared that they were playing the tour at all, and many more who couldn't really care less who is supporting at an Alice Cooper show!!

Eric Singer is featured in the new issue of 'Drummer' magazine which also includes Alice talking about Eric. Alice is mentioned on the front cover of the issue.
(Thanks James)

Thanks to all those that entered the poster competition. After some late night deliberation the winners are:
Baz, West Yorkshire UK (Board Member Baz)
Pat, North Yorkshire UK (Board Member Annie)
Brett, Greenville Michigan (Nights Board Member ShotgunRomeo)
and a bonus winner: Ann (Board Member Zoogirl)
Prizes will be mailed out shortly.

DDP at Chiller 31 Oct 2005

The Dennis Dunaway Project lit up the stage at the Chiller convention this weekend. Setlist ran Hello Hooray / Big Apple Dreamin' / Man Is A Beast / Fire Engine Girl / Me and My Boys / Billion Dollar Babies / Home Sweet Home / Kandahar / Killer / Muscle Of Love / (Don't Fear) The Reaper (w/ special guest Joe Bouchard) / I'm Eighteen. STUK's George Orlay got to join the band on stage for "more Cow Bell" on Reaper as well and reports the new material is top notch!! Row on the DDP album!!

There is a small article on TNT (UK) magazine today. About a third of a page.

Muzicisfaze has a review of 'Dirty Diamonds'... in Romanian!

Alice On Skinner 30 Oct 2005

It's now confirmed that Alice Cooper will be a guest on 'The Frank Skinner Show' on ITV (UK) this Thursday at 11pm.

Tickets for the Alice Coopers Christmas Pudding show on December 17th officially go on sale next saturday (10th) at 10am however radio station KDKB appear to already be doing a pre-sale of some kind. Confirmed appearances at the show include Alice and the Band, Roger Clyne, Styx, Jeff Keith of Tesla, John O'Hurley and Pete Cummings.

The Sunday Mirror (UK) has a short non-story today and of course Contact Music have copied it.

And lastly a short update on the Australian 'Celebrity Spelling Bee'. As expected it was a false alarm with the only Alice content being a brief clip of Alice on the US version of the show.

Radio Alert 29 Oct 2005

Sorry for the short notice and vague details but Phoenix Fire Radio are running an Alice Cooper special tonight sometime between 6pm and midnight. Not sure what timezone that's in though but I *think* they are 5 hours behind UK time which would make it 11pm-5am tonight, and the site doesn't have much info to help, or any details about exactly what the "special" will include. Also, the netfeed is too fast for dial-up so I won't get to hear it either!
(Thanks Damien)

Roger Waters Online have posted the Interview Alice did with Roger last week on the radio show.

Alice is likely to be the guest on 'The Frank Skinner Show' on ITV (UK) either this Thursday or next. He's definitly going to be recording the show this week but this weeks show details don't mention him, hence the uncertainly.

Small Stuff 29 Oct 2005

King County Journal has a short interview with Alice.

MTV in Brazil voted Alice number 6 in a poll "frontman" on a show called "Top Top" this week.

Steve Hunter Interview 27 Oct 2005

In the latest of our exclusive interviews with Alice Cooper associates past and present we talk to guitar legend Steve Hunter who's association with Alice goes right back to the 'Billion Dollar Babies' album and continued through to the 'From The Inside' tour in 1979. Devon sent through a long list of questions which Steve was kind enough to take time to answer and I think it throws some interesting light on how the period. Check it out the interviews page.

Also: Union, the band featuring Alice Cooper bassist Chuck Garric, have added another UK show to their November tour at Queens Hall, Nuneaton on the 29th November. Tickets are £15 in advance available from the venue.

Dennis Dunaway Goes Live 27 Oct 2005 is now live!! Check it out!! It's still under construction but there's a biography, Q&A, photos and news page up and running with a store and audio section on it's way. Beware though it takes a while to load on a slow connection but is worth the wait!

There *may* be an interview in today's copy of Metro, which is one of those free papers and is available in the London area (and maybe elsewhere).

Australia's Channel 7i is running an advert for their version of 'Celebrity Spelling Bee' which starts this coming Sunday. The advert includes a few pics of the celebs that will appear on the show and Alice Cooper is one of them. We don't yet know any more than that. It could be they are using clips from the US version of the show that Alice took part in a while. Alice is NOT listed in the list of stars on the Australian version. More info when I get it.
(Thanks Mark)

UK Radio 25 Oct 2005

Watch out for the following UK interviews in the coming weeks. If anyone finds more accurate info then let me know! It's VERY likely that many of these stations will actually air the SAME interview and a lot of them have online feeds but it would help if we had more accurate times for any or all.

BathFM are running an AC special sometime this week

Week beginning 24th October:
- Beacon Radio (Birmingham) on the Breakfast Show
- BRMB radio interview on the Breakfast Show
- 2BR (Manchester radio)
- Home FM (Manchester)
- Dune FM (Manchester)
- 106.7 The Rocket (Manchester)
- Central FM (Falkirk)
- Sun FM (Newcastle)
- Alpha FM (Newcastle)
- Yorkshire Coast Radio
- Silk FM
- Mix 107
- Mix 96
- Arrow FM
- Sovereign Radio
- BCB (Bradford)

The following are all (week beginning 24 October) interviews in the Bournemouth area:
- Win FM + Competition
- 3TR FM
- Spire FM
- Spirit FM
- Ivel FM
- Vale FM + Competition
- Wessex FM
- Fire 107.6
- Isle of Wight FM
- The Quay
- BBC Radio Merseyside
- GTFM Radio 106.9 (Bristol)
- Aston Villa Yes, the football club!
- KRXX/URN - student network Nottingham
- Maximum FM -Yorkshire
- Delta FM - Radio Special

BBC Radio Nottingham will have a ticket competition on the Breakfast Show week beginning 31st October

The Box TV channel will apparently have something as well.

Also: There's possible going to be a feature in Kerrang in the next few weeks.

New Roxie Podcast! 24 Oct 2005

Ryan Roxie has his new Podcast available and this time he features part 1 of an interview with Alice himself!! On top of that there's a great new Roxie77 track and the chance to hear Yngwie Malmsteen go mental on a plane! Well worth hearing. You can get it via your podcast software as usual or download from here.

Daisy has posted some more cool pics, this time from the Peoria show. You can see them here.

Yesterday's story about Alice hosting a new reality show seems to have been picked up by quite a few news sites, but they all say the exact same thing with the same quote. Still have my doubts its true personally but time will tell.

Small Stuff (again) 23 Oct 2005

The Edmonton Sun has a review of the show there with a small photo.

The Hits TV channel (UK) have an Alice competition running up till the 28th Oct. It's for two VIP tickets to see Alice at one of the UK shows and you get to meet him too. The questions is which song does the line "no more teachers dirty looks" come from and it gives three options. You have to ring or text your answer to them.
(Thanks Alicespoison)

Contact Music today are running a story about Alice hosting a new reality show. They are presenting it as fact although I have serious doubts to say the least. Apparently Alice will choose one beggar from the streets of London and turn his or her life around. He explains, "It will be about a guy who is sleeping in downtown London and life is totally gone for him. He's just a bundle of rags. We find out how he got there and reconstruct his life. That would be great TV."
This sounds more like an idea then a certain thing especially as Contact Music are known for printing stuff from other interviews and out of context.

Nights with Alice and Chuck 22 Oct 2005

'Nights with Alice Cooper' is now available as a podcast from iTunes and by direct download. The podcast offers "recent segments featured in the show, as well the occasional commentary from Alice's favorite dominatrix, Mistress Kitty. Hear Alice interviewing rock stars, telling stories of his encounters with other rock legends, and commenting on everything from recent news to pop culture."

In other radio news next week is Halloween week on 'Nights With Alice Cooper' and features the following guest interview:
Monday 24th -Edgar Winter,
Tuesday 25th - Wes Craven and Rob Zombie;
Wednesday 26th - Dan Akroyd and Ronnie James Dio
Thursday 27th - John Carpenter, Glenn Danzig and Dee Snider
Friday 28th - Ozzy Osbourne and Ministry's Al Jourgensen
Monday 31st - Gene Simmons of KISS

Alice will feature in 'The Perfect Scary Movie' on UK Channel 4, Saturday 29th October at 9:05pm. This is a feature length documentary film "that exposes the closely guarded tricks and psychological ploys that scary movies have used to make billions of film-goers around the world jump with fright." Apart from Alice contributors include horror directors John Carpenter, Wes Craven, John Landis, Tobe Hooper, Edgar Wright and Joe Dante, stars Linda Blair, Robert Englund, Jenny Agutter, Simon Pegg, Nick Frost and Bruce Campbell, and writer James Herbert.

Further to the news earlier that Alice Cooper bassist Chuck Garric and Union will be playing a show in Europe more dates have been released. They are:
November 23rd - Alpenrock in Zurich, Switzerland
November 25th - Stadthalle in Babenhausen, Germany
November 26th - Burnout in Witten, Germany
November 27th - RockCafe 2000 in Stourbridge, England
December 1st - The Rock in Copenhagen, Denmark
December 2nd - (venue TBA) in Barcelona, Spain
December 3rd - (venue TBA) in Madrid, Spain
December 4th - La Gabbia in Bassano del Grappa, Italy
More info on Union can be found at Bruce Kulick's site.

Kiss and Chuck (plus press) 21 Oct 2005

Kiss Podcast have a new podcast up which focuses on the link between Kiss and Alice Cooper and includes an interview with Alice himself. You can download the podcast direct from here but check out their site as well.

Chuck Garric appears to be staying in Europe after the UK shows with Alice. On Saturday 26th November 2005 there will be a show by 'Union', the band featuring Bruce Kulick (Ex Kiss), John Corabi (Ex Motley Crue), Fred Coury (Cinderella) and Chuck in Witten (Germany) at Burnout Music Hall. After the show there will be a photo and autograph Session with the band. Also there will be Kiss and Union merchandise, giveaway etc.
Tickets can be order for 17 Euro and for more information check out

JazzInternet has a review of the Las Vegas show a few nights ago.
(Thanks Don)

Thursday News 20 Oct 2005

Jam Music has a brief interview with Alice today taken from the Calgary Sun.

Horrorwood Babbleon has a new review of the Tokeka show.
(Thanks Chuck)

The Eric Singer and Friends" shows in Indiana last week raised over $5,000 for the Red Cross with $1000 from the raffles going to the Humane Society.
(Thanks Mike)

Today's Contact Music non-news story relates to the Leo Abse/Mary Whitehouse story from circa 1973.

Photos and Press 19 Oct 2005

The Red Deer Advocate has a short article previewing the forthcoming Red Deer show on October 23rd.

Getty Image has posted some excellent pics from the Las Vegas show last night.
(Thanks Katrina)

Apparently 'Nights With Alice Cooper' will switch from Virgin Classic to the main Virgin radio channel (available terrestrially) for the Halloween show this year. So be warned if you listen regularly in the UK, you'll need to switch channels for the night unless they are going to play the same show on both stations.

Contact Music today are reporting Alice is predicting the end of the world soon.

Awesome Music has Photos of the Eric Singer and friends shows in Indiana last weekend as well as pics from Alice's shows in Noblesville and South Bend.

Small Stuff 17 Oct 2005

Very quiet at the moment. The only new "news" in the press appears to have been multiple reports at Contact Music taken, as usual, from other uncredited interview sources. This time they seem to have discovered Alice once had a drink problem and have reported it here, here, and here. Plus they have another story, presumably taken from the same source here.

The only other thing to appear is in the Las Vegas Review Journal that mentions Alice will again be featured in VH-1's 'Fairway To Heaven' golf tournament show, which will be aired on the channel on October 29th in a show called "Top 18 Countdown", the title of which reflects the 18-hole golf course.

Saturday Stuff 15 Oct 2005

The Las Vegas Review Journal has a Q&A with Alice today.

Kerrang TV (UK) has started running adverts for the forthcoming UK tour plus a competition which has Alice himself giving details.

Todays (15th Oct) Daily Mail (UK) has an interview with Alice in it's 'Weekend' magazine.

Alice's appearance on comedy show 'Never Mind The Buzzcocks' will be repeated on UKTV G2 plus 1 on Wednesday 26th October.

Upcoming guests on 'Nights With Alice Cooper' include Roger Waters of Pink Floyd fame on Wednesday and Brian Johnson of AC/DC on Thursday. Then the following week it's Edgar Winter on Monday.

Friday Press 14 Oct 2005 has a short preview of the October 19th show.

Las Vegas City Life has a short interview.

Daily Southtown has a review of the Joliet show. has an interview promoting the forthcoming Canadian shows.

Competitions and Press 13 Oct 2005

Nights With Alice Cooper is running a competition to win 2 tickets to see Alice on Halloween in Anaheim, CA including round-trip airfare to California, tickets and back stage passes to the show, along with two nights hotel stay. You have to be a US resident and over 21 to enter.

And if they can do it so can we (or a somewhat smaller scale!) Courtesy of Devon, SickthingsUK is giving you the chance to win one of three 'Dirty Diamonds' promotional posters in the "Halloween Giveaway Contest."
Here's what you have to do:
You are on the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame nominating committee and you are asked to give a strong case as to why Alice Cooper deserves to be in the "Rock and Roll Hall of Fame" over any of the other artists for nomination. In 500 words or less, please present your case and email it to
You have until Monday, October 24 to enter. A winner will be announced on or around Halloween! Remember always check spelling and grammer as a well organized presentation can enhance the quality of the entry. It is the quality or humour of the entry we are looking for, not quantity.

Courtesy of Devon, SickthingsUK is giving you the chance to win one of three 'Dirty Diamonds' promotional posters in the "Halloween Giveaway Contest."

Here's what you have to do:
You are on the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame nominating committee and you are asked to give a strong case as to why Alice Cooper deserves to be in the "Rock and Roll Hall of Fame" over any of the other artists for nomination. In 500 words or less, please present your case and email it to xxxxx.

You have until Monday, October 24 to enter. A winner will be announced on or around Halloween! Remember always check spelling and grammer as a well organized presentation can enhance the quality of the entry. It is the quality or humour of the entry we are looking for, not quantity.

Competition Rules and Other Things:
1. The Competition Judges' decision are final.

2. The Contest is open to anyone whereever you happen to live worldwide. However, if you are on the New West Street Team and already have the poster, please give consideration to the majority of others (national and international) who do not already have one.

3. SickthingsUK and anyone involved in the competition are NOT responsible for any damages incurred to the posters during shipping.

4. These are official posters, however this giveaway is not officially endorced by anyone. This is a SickthingsUK Competition courtesy of Devon Jones and SickthingsUK and is free for anyone to enter anywhere in the world.

Also: Next months issue of Mojo Magazine (UK) has a feature on Alice Cooper. It's the December issue but on the newsstands from November 2nd.

For those of us who can't get to Indy for the Eric Singer and Friends shows this weekend but still want to donate to the Hurricane relief effort (and get something cool in return!) Getalifeinc is offering a way for people to buy "tickets" to the show ($20) and get an 8x10 personally autographed photo from the Eric Singer and Friends band. ($2.00 additional for postage).
(Thanks AlienSpice)

The X Brothers featuring Joe Bouchard of BDS are playing in Larchmont NY this Friday Oct 14. The club is Chat 19 on Chatsworth Ave. They go on about 10 PM and since it's Andy's birthday there's no telling who might show up to party!
Also since DDP drummer Russ Wilson has a previous comittment, Albert Bouchard (BOC, Brain Surgeons) will be playing drums with Dennis Dunaway, Joe Bouchard and Rick Tedesco at CBGBs on Oct 21. Check out CellSum for more details.

Alice has 3 new videos available for download on iTunes (following the release of the new iPod which supports video playback). They are 'Feed My Frankenstein' (from Waynes World), 'Poison' and 'Loves's a Loaded Gun' - all £1.89 each and available to download on iTunes 6 (again - a new version of iTunes).
(Thanks Tim)

Press and DVD update 12 Oct 2005

DVDTalk has a long and detailed review of the 'Good To See You Again, Alice Cooper' DVD that is released in the USA on November 8th which should answer just about any question about the DVD other then when it gets a UK release!
(Thanks Brian)

The Radio Times has a short interview with Alice in next weeks issue (on news stands now with 'Eastenders' cover). The article is not online.
(Thanks Janwolf)

The DVD version of 'Scarlet Fry's Junkfood Horrorfest', featuring Calico Cooper, is available now so you don't have to wait until halloween. Order today by emailing

The Peoria Journal-Star has a review of the Peoria show today and Cleveland Free Times has a review of the Cleveland show.

The Sunday Mail in Brisbane Australia had a short review of 'Dirty Diamonds' on Sunday. It's not online but you can read it by clicking the link below.
(Thanks Desley)

More Press and Stuff 11 Oct 2005

DVDVerdict have a review of the forthcoming DVD release of 'Good To See You, Alice Cooper' which you can preorder by clicking the link in the left column. has a review of the Erie show. Unfortuntaly its yet another subscription site so click the link at the bottom of this news item for the text of the article.

Coopella's pictures from Alice's October 1, 2005, Jacksonville, FL, show are now available on the SickThings2 site.
(Thanks Hunter)

An update on the Michael Bruce CD that is now available. There was an error in the orginal information posted through to me.
In the previous announcement it stated the price of £20.00 UK pounds for "The Second Coming of MB" CD. This is a mistake. The correct price is £17.00 for the new CD only (Including Air-mail). However we are also offering a complete package of "The Second Coming of MB" + "Halo Of Ice" together at £20.00 for BOTH CDs (Including Air-mail shipping)!
Also due to popular request, there is now a Paypal account for those that want to order the CDs and avoid having to send cash. You can make payments securely and immediately through Paypal and CDs will be sent out to you by Air-mail within 24 hours after receipt of payment.
Please make paypal payments to

The Sunday Papers 10 Oct 2005

Just a few new online articles today:
Atlantic City Weekly has a new article for the House of Blues show.
(Thanks JerseyGirl)

The Joliet Herald News has a short article/interview as well today.

The Australian Sunday Mail has an article with an Alice Cooper reference.

D.D.P. Update! 08 Oct 2005

The Dennis Dunaway Project will be playing at the Chiller Theatre Expo in East Rutherford, New Jersey, on October 29th, along with celebrities like Elvira and Zacherley. Dennis will be signing autographs throughout that weekend.
But before that on October 21st, the group will participate in a Save CBGB's benefit hosted by Albert Bouchard's Brain Surgeons with a special guest appearance by Joe Bouchard. To take place at the historical club in New York City.
And while we're talking D.D.P. click on the pic to see a larger version of the first promo pic of the band featuring Dennis Dunaway, Rick Tedesco (guitar, vocals, keyboards), Russ Wilson (drums & vocals), & Ed Burns (Vocals & keyboards).
(Thanks Dennis)

Also: The November edition of Zero magazine (UK) has a good 3 pages full of Alice interview plus photos. Alice even has a small pic on the cover but it's hidden by the free CD included with the mag.
(Thanks Tim)

Naples Daily News has a odd article with a few mentions of Alice's show there recently.

Next week on 'Nights with Alice Cooper' sees Alice interview ex-Police guitarist Andy Summers on Tuesday.

The Scotish Daily Record has a new interview with Alice that's worth checking out.

Ashbury Park Press also has a short new piece with words from Alice. also have a short interview with Alice but this time in German.
(Thanks Kev)

Michael Bruce Order Details 07 Oct 2005

"The Second Coming of Michael Bruce" CD is now available direct from Ingo in Iceland. This is a new OFFICIAL CD featuring 17 previously unreleased live and studio recordings from 2002 & 2003 and is being released in Iceland only in a limited edition of 200 copies with liner notes by Dennis Dunaway (see previous post for full track details).
Ordering Details:
Due to the high cost of production and shipping for this limited edition the price is $30.00 US (or £20 UK pounds) including shipping to anywhere in the world. Ingo also has the last stocks of Michael Bruce's "Halo Of Ice" live CD so if you want the complete package of all of Michael's Icelandic recordings, you can get "The Second Coming of Michael Bruce" and "Halo Of Ice" together at a special price of $35.00 including shipping to anywhere in the world.
Please send your order and payment in Cash (US Dollars or UK Pounds ONLY) hidden in a registered letter. Ingo strongly recommends all payments be sent by registered mail as he can NOT accept any responsibility for payments lost in the mail.
Please send your orders and payment to;
Ingo Geirdal Ragnarsson
Hraunteigur 10,
Reykjavik 105,

Also: Thanks to MillerGer for some cool photos from the Jacksonville show that you can view in the photo gallery.

Peoria Journal Star has a new interview with Alice today.

The Cleveland Plane Dealer also has a short feature.

Small Items 06 Oct 2005

The Naples Sun Times has a review of the Naples show.

A review of the forthcoming 1973 concert DVD 'Good To See You Again, Alice Cooper' has appeared at DVDReview. Although I had some difficulting loading this page it IS there.
(thanks Brian)

Reviews and Photos 05 Oct 2005

Check out a Topeka show review at, The Cleveland Free Times short interview with Alice, and some cool Photos of the Jacksonville show (Thanks Dan).

Nights, Review and Pics. 04 Oct 2005

This week on 'Nights With Alice Cooper' has Alice interviewing Ray Manzarek from the Doors tonight and Paul Rodgers of Free/Bad Company/Queen on Thursday.

Bonita News has a live review, The same review is featured on Naples News which is handy as Naples News requires you to subscribe but this one doesn't! has some pics posted from the Melbourne, Australia show which I may have missed in the past.
(Thanks Elise)

Two New Interviews 03 Oct 2005

Imhotep has a new interview with Alice and some old pics up today.
(Thanks Kev)

The Florida Times-Union also has a short article/interview.

KNAC has a review of 'Dirty Diamonds'.

Calico Movie, DDP and other stuff 03 Oct 2005

'Scarlet Fry's Junkfood Horrorfest' will finally be available on DVD on October 31st. Put yourself on the list to be one of the first 100 people to order this DVD & your copy will be signed by Scarlet Fry. Junkfood Horrorfest also features a song by Ryan Roxie exclusive to the film & of course stars Calico Cooper. To get on the list email The disc costs $25.00 shipping inc. Note: Contains explicit gore!

The Dennis Dunaway Project played last night in Dover, NJ and new tracks were aired. The setlist ran: Hello Hooray / Big Apple Dreamin' (Hippo) / Man is a Beast / Fire Engine Girl / Me and My Boys / Billion Dollar Babies / Home Sweet Home / Kandahar / I'm Eighteen / School's Out.
Dennis Dunaway posted STUK the following account:
"Last night was a killer. My new band, the Dennis Dunaway Project played at the Baker Theater in Dover, New Jersey. It was a Katrina Hurricane Benefit, which was my idea (how did I ever think of that?) Anyway the band was rock solid, Cindy said the sound was amazing through the P.A. and she doesn't spew out compliments like that often. The second best part of the evening was that Zackerley was there and hung out with us, undertakers outfit and all. What a treat. The guy is 87 years old and drove an hour from Manhattan to sing "The Monster Mash" with a band called the Dead Elvi, and then he drove home all by himself. Cindy asked him if he knows the Amazing Randi and the answer went on for a half an hour. His memory is failing but he's aware of it and always turns it into a joke. He's a well seasoned entertainer.
There was a pumpkin on our table and every time he found himself floundering for a name, he would put his hands on the pumpkin and say, "Enlighten me great pumpkin!" What a class act. He fondly remembered doing Alice's broadcast. I think it would be great if Alice did something with him recording wise. Both of them have very distinct voices.
The DD Project will be playing at the Chiller Theater convention on October 29th.

The Wednesday 13 official site has announced that they will be supporting Alice at the following shows:
October 27th - Portland, OR - Roseland Theater
October 28th - Eugene, OR - McDonald Theater
October 29th - Tacoma, WA - Emerald Queen Casino
October 31st - Anaheim, CA - The Grove
Unfortunatly as reported yesterday the Eugene shows is already canceled so presumably they will do the Chilliwack show instead but this is unconfirmed.

The South Bend Tribune has a short story with words from Alice today.

Oregon Show Canceled 01 Oct 2005

"Unfortunately, due to circumstance beyond Alice's control, the show in Eugene, OR has been cancelled. However, there is now a newly scheduled show in Chilliwack, B.C. in Canada (name of venue to be announced soon). The Portland, OR show is still on."
In fact the Chilliwack, B.C. show is already on sale at ticketmaster for 28th October at Prospera Center.
(Thanks Petra)

Also: Monsters And Critics has posted some pics from the Sept 27th show in Florida.

Tim has spotted that there are a couple of Alice mentions in this months 'Zero' magazine, especially in the Kane Roberts interview, but also two pictures of what looks like Alice for no apparent reason?!?. There's one in the editors foreword at the front, and one at the back. He doubts if it is Alice, but it is an unmistakable attempt to look like him. There's also a full page ad for 'Dirty Diamonds' and a smaller ad for the November UK tour. It's the issue with Marilyn Manson on front cover.

Dolly And Gaiman 29 Sep 2005

It has been brought to my attention that an all new Alice Cooper Confessional has been launched over at all ready for you to confess all your guilty Alice related secrets and receive absolution (or not!).

Neil Gaiman (co-writer of The Last Temptation) will be appearing around the UK to sign copies of his new book 'Anansi Boys' and probably anything else you'd like to put in front of him like those TLT comics or the album.
Dates so far are:
Nov. 5th: 11.00am: Ottakars, The Royal Arcade, Norwich - Signing
Nov. 5th: 6.30pm: Waterstones, St Margarets Street, Canterbury - Talk and signing
Nov. 8th: 7.00pm: Event at Institute of Education, Bedford Way, London - Lenny Henry interviews Neil Gaiman
Nov. 9th: 1.00pm: Borders, Buchanan Street, Glasgow - Signing
Nov. 9th: 6.30pm: Waterstones, West End, Princes Street, Edinburgh - Talk and signing
Nov. 10th: 1.00pm: Forbidden Planet, Grainger Street, Newcastle - Signing
Nov. 10th: 7.00pm: Waterstones, Deansgate, Manchester - Talk and signing
Nov. 11th: 1.00pm: Forbidden Planet, Priory Queensway, Birmingham - Signing
Nov. 11th: 6.30pm: Borders, Magdalen Street, Oxford - Talk and signing
Nov. 12th: 10.00am: Forbidden Planet, 179 Shaftesbury Avenue, London - Signing
Nov. 12th: 4.30pm: Ottakars, Midsummer Place, Milton Keynes - Signing
Nov. 14th: 12.30pm: Waterstones, Union Galleries, Bristol - Signing
Nov. 14th: 6.30pm: Waterstones, Milson Street, Bath - Talk and signing
(Thanks Mike)

DDP Live 28 Sep 2005

The Dennis Dunaway Project will perform a sneak-preview of songs from their new recording session, plus select Alice Cooper classics, at The Katrina Relief Fund Benefit at the Baker Theater in Dover, New Jersey on October 1st. Other bands donating their time and talents are Masterburner, the Dead Elvi, as well as several other accomplished bands. Details can be found here. has a new interview today leading up to the Florida shows this week.

"Killer" is listed in 'Stuff' Magazines Aug issue number 15 in the top 20 most awesome album covers of all time.
(Thanks Jason)

Another Sony Compilation 25 Sep 2005

Released tomorrow is yet another compilation of Sony era material entitled 'Legends' being released by BMG in Europe.
Track listing this time is:
Disc 1: Poison / Spark In The Dark / House Of Fire / Only My Heart Talkin' / Bed Of Nails / Fire / Hell Is Living Without You / Might As Well Be On Mars / Feed My Frankenstein / Hurricane Years / Little By Little / Die For You
Disc 2: Hey Stoopid / Love's A Loaded Gun / Snakebite / Burning Our Bed / Dangerous Tonight / Wind-Up Toy / Sideshow / Lost In America / You're My Temptation / Stolen Prayer / It's Me / Cleansed By FireDisc 3: School's Out (Live) / I'm Eighteen (Live) / Sick Things (Live) / Billion Dollar Babies / Go To Hell / Only Women Bleed (Live) / Under My Wheels (Live) / Spark In The Dark (Live) / Poison (Live) / Hey Stoopid (Single Version) / No More Mr. Nice Guy
You can order now from both AmazonUK and AmazonUS.

The official site at has had a face lift with a few improvements.

This weeks non-story from ContactMusic relates to how Alice has hired a Paris Hilton lookalike for the current show. Wonder if Calico knows, having played the part for a couple of months already, as well as other roles in the show. Still, no such thing as bad publicity..

French Rock magazine 'Crossroads' has a 2 page piece on Alice Cooper right now and there's also a 4 page interview and 1 page concert review (Paris / Olympia) in the September issue of 'Rockhard'.
(Thanks Patrick)

Small Items 23 Sep 2005

South Florida Sun Sentinal have an Alice Cooper interview online today.

Electrovoice also has a short new article about Damon Johnson and Alice with photos.
(Thanks Des)

Calico Cooper Horror Film Available Now (and more) 23 Sep 2005

Press Release:
That's right folks the wait is over but there's a catch. It's currently only VHS (NTSC) copies of 'Scarlet Fry's Junkfood Horrorfest' that are available until further notice. If you've been dying to see Calico Cooper do some brain bashing, and there's more where that came in this blood drenched anthology, along with the new Ryan Roxie song 'Psycho Fighter' exclusive to the film, then order your VHS copy today for $20.00 (shipping inc) by emailing
**Be warned this film contains explicit Gore and is Alice approved!**

Also: KNAC have posted a long interview with Alice on their site.

As previously forewarned Alice Cooper appeared on 'Extra' this evening in a short interview a version of which can be found online at their site. This is slightly different to the actual TV version which can be downlaoded here.
(Thanks Jeff, Devon)

The Norwich Bulletin has a short story about Bouchard Dunaway and Smiths forthcoming appearance in Danielson, CT on September 24th.

New Michael Bruce CD and More Photos 22 Sep 2005

Friday September 16th marks the release of a new Michael Bruce album authorized for release in Iceland in a limited edition of 200 copies in De-luxe Digipak.
"The Second Coming Of Michael Bruce - Alive & Re-Cooperated" is Michael Bruce's first official release in years (although exclusive only to Iceland at this time) and features 17 songs recorded in Iceland 2002 -2003.
The 74 min long CD includes new studio recordings as well as previously unheard live recordings of Michael Bruce & his Icelandic band performing songs from throughout his career from Alice Cooper to Battle Axe to his solo years. All the recordings were recorded professionally on 24-track and mixed by Ingo & Silli Geirdal. Full track listing is below and order info will be posted later this week. The De-luxe digipak includes artwork of Michael Bruce by Ingo, band photos and exclusive liner notes by Dennis Dunaway.

Track list:
Live In Iceland 2002:
(Recordings from MB's shows at "Sjallinn" Akureyri 25/10/02 & "Gaukurinn" Reykjavik 31/10/02)
Under My Wheels / No More Mr Nice Guy / Is It My Body? / Left For Dead Meat / Second Coming / Desperado / Hard Hearted Alice / Rock Rolls On / Halo Of Flies / I Miss You / I'm Eighteen / My Stars / Billion Dollar Babies / Schools's Out
Bonus Studio Tracks 2003
Muscle Of Love / Forever Eighteen / Rhapsody For G.B.(a studio recording of Ingo's guitar solo which he performed at the GBMW lll)

Produced, Mixed & Mastered by Ingo & Silli Geirdal
Liner Notes by Dennis Dunaway

Also: Revelationz has a review of the Skanderborg festival show with some excellent pics.

Daisy Kittyton Has posted some good photos of the Cincinnati show.

And lastly there's a few words from Alice at the New Times Site.

Singer and Friends in IN 19 Sep 2005

Blabbermouth is reporting that Eric Singer and Friends (basically Alice's band Roxie, Johnson and Garric) will be taking part in two benefit shows in Indianapolis, Indiana in mid-October during a space in the tour Schedule.
The first show is for all ages and will take place Friday, October 14 from 7 p.m. until midnight (or later) at the Holiday Inn (5120 Victory Dr.) on the southeast side of Indianapolis. All bandmembers will be available for autographs and photos. Tickets for this show are $20.00. The second show will be for ages 21 and over and will take place Saturday, October 15 from 5 p.m. until 8 p.m. at Birdy's Bar & Grill (2131 E. 71st St.) on the north side of Indianapolis. Tickets for this show are $15.00. Tickets for both shows will go on sale next week at or by calling 317-595-1108.

AZCentral reports that Alice Cooper is scheduled to officially launch GuitarMania on Friday at a public unveiling in downtown Phoenix.
More than 80 local and celebrity artists, including Eddie Van Halen, Stevie Nicks and the Gin Blossoms, have created art pieces using 10-foot-tall Fender Stratocasters for the project. The guitars will be on display at America West Arena and outside Bank One Ballpark from Friday through Sunday.

California Man has posted some cool pics of the Los Angeles show.
(Thanks Brenda)

Chris Walter has tons of photos posted from the last Xmas Pudding show and the last AliceGolf tournament.

Photos and DDP 18 Sep 2005

GettyImage have posted some cool pics from the taping of the Late Late Show.
(Thanks Katrina)

...And Daily Celeb has posted pics from Alice's appearance of the Steve Jones show.

The Dennis Dunaway Project will now be appearing at The Baker Theatre, Dover, NJ on October 1st and Chiller Theatre, East Rutherford, NJ on October 29th in place of BDS. No reason has been given for the switch at this time.

Orlando, Nights, Whiskey and Shame 17 Sep 2005

As mentioned some weeks ago the 3 disc DVD set of the old 70s show 'Orlando And Dawn' was released a couple of days ago. You can order from Amazon US, or AmazonUK as an import. Alice Cooper performed 'I Never Cry' and 'Give The Kid A Break' in August 1976 and this is listed as appearing on the DVDs although I can't confirm if the appearance is edited down or not yet.
(Thanks to Alan for reminder)

'Nights with Alice Cooper' next week will feature and interview with David Draiman from Disturbed on Tuesday and a repeat of the Nick Mason (Pink Floyd) interview on Thursday.

Contact Music continue to pull non-stories from various magazines. This one is from Maxim (US) about how Alice's grandmother put little whisky on the gums when he was a baby to help with for teething. Wow.

I don't know why I still report this year after year but Fox News and a few other sources are reporting this years list of noninees for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Yet again while there are some worthy acts on the list many are just not worthy, or even 'rock and roll', especially in light of the continued snubs to some of the most important acts in rock and roll history, including Alice Cooper. According to Fox, acts on this years list include Miles Davis, Cat Stevens, Dave Clark Five, John Mellencamp, Blondie, the Sir Douglas Quintet, the J. Geils Band, the Sex Pistols, Patti Smith, Grandmaster Flash, the Stooges and Lynyrd Skynyrd. This is about the 12th year Alice Cooper has been ignored.
(Thanks Des)

More US TV and That Late Late Show 17 Sep 2005

Alice Cooper will be on the syndicated US entertainment tv show "Extra" sometime this coming week; probably between the dates of Sept. 21-23.

Also: You can now watch Alice's appearance on the Late Late Show yesterday in two flavours. Dial up users can click here for a small version, while those on boardband can watch the show in three larger parts Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, the last being the live performance.
(thanks Jeff, Jollyjon, Devon)

Also: Scott Ritz has kindly posted some cool shots from the Topeka show here.

Live 1973: Billion Dollar Babies Tour 16 Sep 2005

The DVD version of 'Good To See You Again, Alice Cooper' is now available for preorder at AmazonUSA. See below for full details. Release date is still set for November 8th. No news of a AmazonUK link yet.
(Thanks Kathy)

Jonesy and Fergie 16 Sep 2005

It was a busy day yesterday. First as reported below Alice appeared for an extended interview on Indie 103.1 in Los Angeles, interviewed by Former Sex Pistol Steve Jones. I tried to record all three broadcasts of the show to put online but it seems it just wasn't meant to be. So if anyone has a copy let me know and we'll try and sort something out.

Next up was Alice's appearance on "The Late Late Show". As that isn't shown in the UK I haven't seen that either yet, although I hope to be able to post something here later today or tomorrow for those who missed it. Alice and the band performed 'Sunset Babies (All Got Rabies)', including the stage theatrics and Calico, followed by a short interview which by all reports went well.

UPDATE: You can now see a lowres video of the appearance HERE.
(thanks Jeff, Jollyjon, Devon)

Alice on LA Radio 15 Sep 2005

Alice will be on 'Jonesy's Jukebox' (Steve Jones, former Sex Pistol) show at 1 pm PDT on 103.1 FM in Los Angeles today, September 15! These shows are usually rebroadcast from 6-7pm same day, and the next morning at 6-7am. It's possible to listen live here.
(Thanks Brenda)

US TV Reminder 15 Sep 2005

Just a reminder that Alice Cooper will be performing and chatting on The Craig Ferguson late night show tonight on CBS

More Small Stuff 14 Sep 2005

Alice Cooper is featured in the October issue of Maxim magazine. He is featured in the celebrity adviser section (page 78) which has 10 random people asking Alice a question and Mr cooper answering them with some... interesting answers. He answers questions about everything from "dealing with the in-laws" to "a dog that just won't stop humping peoples leg". At present the article doesn't seem to be available online.
(Thanks Robert)

The Washington Post has a review of 'Dirty Diamonds' as does Splurd, and Krill.

King Concerts has a review of the Loveland show.

LiveDaily also has a short tour news report.

Small Items 14 Sep 2005

A quiet day today but I'll round up a couple of things that have come in.

As most people know by now Eric Singer has been taking a few days off from the Alice Cooper tour to help out Ki$$ in their hour of (financial) need. This has meant the last three shows have featured the welcome return of Tommy Clufetos to the drum stool. Tommy of course played on the 2004 tour and is the drummer on 'Dirty Diamonds' (despite not being pictured on the sleeve!!) and has spent most of this year touring with Rob Zombie. Eric Singer will be back on the tour, possibly already, and despite reports in Classic Rock last month to the contrary is scheduled to be on the UK dates in November.

Also: have a new interview with Alice Cooper bassist (and king of the sideburns) Chuck Garric for anyone who speaks German.

ClassicRockRevisited have a review of the Kansas City Show.
(Thanks Dan)

Also: Check out some low res video footage of Eric Dover and Sextus live at Fais Do Do on September 09, 2005. It's in .mov format unfortunatly, so you will need quicktime to view.
(Thanks Tami)

German Tour Dates (UPDATED) 12 Sep 2005

As many will know Alice Cooper has mentioned a forthcoming tour of Germany with Deep Purple a couple of times in the last week. The following Alice Cooper/Deep Purple dates appeared this morning at Highway Star but are UNCONFIRMED* at this point:
February 6th Max Schmeling Halle, Berlin Germany
February 7th Ostseehalle, Kiel Germany
February 9th Arena, Nurnberg Germany
February 10th Westfalenhalle, Dortmund Germany
February 11th Schleyerhalle, Stuttgart Germany
February 12th Messehalle, Erfurt Germany
February 14th Arena, Trier Germany
February 15th Mittelhessen Arena, Wetzlar Germany
February 17th SAP Arena, Mannheim Germany
February 18th Olympiahalle, Munchen Germany

*Since original posting this morning more info has appeared including venues. It appears Alice Cooper will be "Very Special Guest" of Deep Purple, playing a show slightly shorter but essentially the same as the current tour. Some tickets appear to be going on sale now.

Live 1973: Billion Dollar Babies Tour Details 12 Sep 2005

Press Release:
Good To See You Again, Alice Cooper is one of the great lost rock films. The movie, which captures the original band lineup in themiddle of the legendary 1973 Billion Dollar Babies tour, has neverbefore been available on home video or DVD.

Shout! Factory is proud to present the original cut of the film (including skits featuring the band) which was given a very limited theatrical run-mostly at midnight screenings-in the mid-'70s. This is the early cut, predating the Holywood version. Now available for the first time since the theatrical release, Good To See You Again, Alice Cooper boasts a new high-definition film transfer as well as a new Surround Sound mix created from the 16-track master tapes, plus a multitude of extras, including movie-length commentary by Alice himself. "The film that out-grosses them all"-as it was originally billed-is back, looking and sounding better than ever.

Track List: Hello, Hooray / Billion Dollar Babies / Elected / I'm Eighteen / Raped And Freezin' / No More Mr. Nice Guy / My Stars / Unfinished Sweet / Sick Things / Dead Babies / I Love The Dead / School's Out / Under My Wheels / The Lady Is A Tramp (studio)

Special Features:
. Audio Commentary by Alice Cooper
. Anamorphic Widescreen & 5.1 Surround Sound
. "Play concert only" viewing option
. Original Theatrical Trailer and Radio Spots
. Deleted Scene and Outtakes
. Easter Eggs
. Poster Gallery with Original Promotional Material
. Band Biographies

Release Date: 8th November 2005
Amazon pre-order links to follow soon

Also: New reviews have appeared at Dead Rebel Society and RoarZine.

Xmas Pudding Updated 10 Sep 2005

The Alice Cooper's Xmas Pudding site has been updated for this years show. The show of course was announced ages ago for December 17th. More details on who will perform this year will be added to the site soon.

Harp Magazine has a short article in their September/October issue.

And lastly Grand Junction Sentinal has todays big story. Alice visited a record shop!!! Wow!

New Roxie Podcast 09 Sep 2005

Episode #4 of the Big Rawk Show is entitled 'Lost in America with Alice Cooper and Cheap Trick' and can be found at here. This show featuring special guest interview with Rick Nielsen and Bun E. Carlos of Cheap Trick.

Blabbermouth has a short Alice quote about the current tour with Cheap Trick.

The Pueblo Chieftain has a review of the Pueblo show.
(thanks Chris)

Lots of Reviews 08 Sep 2005

New 'Dirty Diamonds' reviews at RockEyes, Bumpershot, HardRockHouse, LeoBeat and TokyoMinuteMen.
(Thanks Des)

RockRadio has a small article and audio file for members only.

Alice on Canadian Radio Now 08 Sep 2005

Sorry for the late notice but Alice will be on 92 Citi FM very soon (it's now 9:15pm UK). You can tune in live to their netfeed .
UPDATE: You can listen to the interview parts here.

Horrorfest Posters 08 Sep 2005

Update on the new movie 'Scarlet Fry's Junkfood Horrorfest'. The premiere will be held on Oct 13th at the Cooperstown in Phoenix at 8pm & 10pm pacific standard time. The movie stars Calico Cooper, and also features an exclusive track by Ryan Roxie. Also, there will be 11x17 Junkfood Horrorfest posters (see pic) available for sale, signed by Scarlet Fry, at the premiere. If anyone who cannot attend the premiere would like to obtain a signed poster from the filmakers directly they can by emailing for $15.00 shipping included.

Rock'n'Roll Universe have a 'Dirty Diamonds' review.

Kansas News 07 Sep 2005

Kansas City Star has a preview of tonights show in Topeka (free registration required). Also WIBW has a story in Hurricane refugees possibly heading to the Kansas Expocentre's Exhibition Hall where Alice is due to be playing. They say the show is scheduled to go ahead unless they get official confirmation that refuges are on their way.

Lawrence Journal-World has a short interview with Alice.

Outsideleft has a new 'Dirty Diamonds' review as does Blogcritics.

Jacksonville Show 06 Sep 2005

Alice Cooper will play October 1st at the Florida Theatre in Jacksonville, FL. Tickets are on sale Sept 9th although it's not listed on their site yet.
(Thanks MillerGer)

Also: The Topeka Capital-Journal has an article on Alice Cooper in the lead up to the Topeka show. You need to sign up (free) to see it unfortunatly.
(Thanks Ray)

Lots of Pics! 06 Sep 2005

A few photos from the Cincinatti show have appeared here.

Jim has posted some photos of BDS here.

Metal Rules has a live review and photos. Colorado Springs Gazette has a show review.

Colorado State Collegian also has a small mention as does

Small Items 05 Sep 2005

Kiss Revenge Express in Russia has an interview with Alice Cooper bassist Chuck Garric.
(Thanks Hunter)

New 'Dirty Diamonds' reviews have appeared at Horrorwood Babbleon and RememberTheEighties.

Rockline 04 Sep 2005

Pete has kindly posted a recording of the recent Rockline show show online for all to hear at his site at Click on 'media' and scroll to the bottom of the page.

Interview and Reviews 03 Sep 2005

The Capital Times has a review of last nights Madison show.

Colorado Springs Gazette has a new interview with Alice.

Henry Rollins will be the guest in Wednesday's 'Nights With Alice Cooper'.

B.D.S. (featuring Dennis Dunaway and Neal Smith along with Joe Bouchard) played BB Kings in NYC last night and were joined onstage by Joe's Brother Al Bouchard (Blue Oyster Cult, Brain Surgeons) on cowbell, presumably for 'Don't Fear The Reaper'.

Alice on WKLM and Roxie on Podcast 02 Sep 2005

Nights With Alice Cooper debuts on WKLM Milwaukee on September 6th and to promote this Alice Cooper will be on the station LIVE this Saturday from 10am-midday with Marilyn Mee. The station has a netcast on their site.

Concert Blast have posted an mp3 interview with Alice Cooper guitarist Ryan Roxie recorded at the Chastain show. They also have some photos of the show on their site.

Hunter has posted some new photos from Holmdale and Atlanta, taken by Shell and Coopella, at the Sickthings2 site.

Friday News 02 Sep 2005 have a feature about a new movie tracing the history of Heavy Metal which appears to include interview footage with Alice Cooper. The movie, called 'Metal: A Headbanger's Journey', premieres during Midnight Madness at the Toronto International Film Festival on September 14th. The film "offers a guided tour through metal's storied but largely ignored history. Drawing from interviews with the genre's godheads (e.g., Tony Iommi, Bruce Dickinson, Alice Cooper, Lemmy) and contemporary extremists (e.g., Lamb of God, Slipknot and some hilariously evil Norwegian black metal-makers), the movie succeeds as both an insightful exercise in cultural anthropology and an exhilarating tribute to rock's dark side."

In other movie news 'Good To See You Again Alice Cooper', the soon to be released on DVD movie of the 'Billion Dollar Babies' tour, will get a theatrical showing at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Screening Room, 701 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA on Friday September 30th at 7:30 pm & 9:15 pm. As far as I know this is the first time the movie has been seen on the big screen since it was originally released over 30 years ago. More info here. has a short article about the new album and show. (free registration required).

The Rockford Register Star have an article on Alice and his pants (just for AlienSpice!) and review of last nights Rockford show. There's also a VERY short review at WIFR.

LovelandFYI also has an article on Alice in the run up to the show there on Sunday.

Live 1973: Billion Dollar Babies Tour 01 Sep 2005

As announced here about a month ago and first mentioned a year ago, both Rock Radio and Blabbermouth are now running what looks like a press release announcing the forthcoming 'Good To See You Again, Alice Cooper' DVD release. It appears it will now be titled "Live 1973: Billion Dollar Babies Tour" and will feature a new Interview with Alice, as well as biographies of the original band and a theatrical trailer. Both reports also mistakenly say *footage* from the movie was on the 'Billion Dollar Babies - Deluxe' CD release, whereas of course it was only tracks from the films soundtrack. I will add Amazon US and UK pre-order links as soon as they appear.

A couple of new 'Dirty Diamonds' Reviews have appeared at PonyOne and AllThingsMetal.

New Interviews and Reviews 01 Sep 2005

Chart Attack has a short review/interview with Alice Cooper.

VH-1 are running some silly poll on who the biggest rock hellraisers are, and include Alice Cooper as an option. Not sure we if we want Alice to win this one or not but as they say, "no such thing as bad publicity", so if you want to vote for Alice click the link!

Denver Westworld has a short interview with Alice in the run up to his appearance at the State Fair in Colorado.

There's a short new 'Dirty Diamonds' review at

More US Shows 01 Sep 2005

New shows have appeared:
October 27th in Portland, OR at Roseland Theatre
October 28th in Eugene, OR at McDonald Theatre- on sale Sept 10th
October 31st (Halloween!!) in Anaheim, CA at Grove of Anaheim - on sale Sept 8th
Fanfire have the usual packages for all three shows.

As expected it looks like the Biloxi show is canceled.

BC Show Announced 31 Aug 2005

A new show has been announced for October 25th at The Sunwave Centre in Salmon Arm, BC. Normal priced tickets are on sale as well as Fanfire packages.
(Thanks Bruce)

The Alice Cooper Photo book by Wolfgang Heilemann first mentioned late last year is finally out. It's listed on AmazonUK but they haven't updated their page yet to show it as finally available. However you can order it direct in the UK here and the USA here. I haven't seen a copy yet but it looks very interesting with lots of rare pics. They accept Paypal and Credit Cards and claim to ship on payment.
(thanks Darren)

There's live reviews of the Syracuse show at Syracuse Post Standard and Daily Orange. Seems it rained rather hard at the outdoor venue.

AmazonUK are listing a double pack DVD of 'Brutally Live' and 'Welcome To My Nightmare' for release on October 24th. You can pre-order it here.

More on Biloxi 30 Aug 2005

Latest news indicates the Hard Rock Casino sustained 50-75% damage and will need to be completely rebuilt. Reportedly, the guitar out front, said to be the "worlds largest", still stands. The casino's sit on barges in the gulf. More than one now rests in downtown Biloxi. 285,000 without power. 80 dead. Most areas still "unreachable."
(Dwight Frye)

In other news:
New 'Dirty Diamonds' reviews have appeared at and HiBias.
And there's another short Golf article at News10.

Biloxi Problems 30 Aug 2005

Reports are reaching me that the Hard Rock Cafe and Casino in Biloxi, where Alice Cooper was scheduled to play on October 2nd, has been destroyed by Hurricane Katrina which is currently causing destruction in the area. According to a local news item the venue will be rebuilt next year. This obviously means that Alice's show will have to be rescheduled or canceled. More info if/when I get it.
(Thanks Dwight Fry)

Syracuse Post Standard has a short article today about Alice and golf.

US Concert Reviews 29 Aug 2005

Carolina Concerts has a review and pics of the Atlanta show (Thanks Benji) and The Washington Times has a review of the Wolftrap show.

Sunday Stuff 28 Aug 2005

Cincinatti Weekley has a rather silly aricle comparing Alice to Jimmy Buffet and Hilary Duff.

Wisconsin State Journal has a short interview in the lead up to the Madison show. has a 'Dirty Diamonds' review as does Inside Pulse.

Saturday Morning 27 Aug 2005

The Greenley Tribune has a new interview with Alice Cooper. You have to register to see it but it's free.

There's a short 'Dirty Diamonds' review over at VueWeekley.
(Thanks Steve)

Penns Peak have a few photos from the Jim Thorpe show online (thanks Mike) and MaxFM have a few photos of their competition winners with Alice at the VA show.

Friday News 26 Aug 2005

Asbury Park Press have an few Alice quotes today. The Denver Post has an slightly longer interview.

Jam Music have an album review.

Billboard have a good review of the Detroit show online. Now Toronto also has a review of the Toronto show.
(Thanks Des)

Crossover have a review (in German) and some small pics of the Friedburg Show
(Thanks Tomasz)

And it appears that as of last nights show in VA the Snake is back in the show!!

Small Items 25 Aug 2005

A few small items today:

Kirstin has posted some photos of the Toronto show here.

Another review has appeared at That's So Metal.

The Coloradoan has a short interview with Alice and East Valley Tribune also has a short piece.

Erie, PA Show Added 24 Aug 2005

Alice Cooper will be playing sunday 9th October in Erie, PA at the Warner Theater. Tickets on sale August 26th through Ticketmaster.

More Small Stuff 24 Aug 2005

New York Press has a new interview with Alice.

A new review has appeared at Classic Rick Revisited.

Small Items 24 Aug 2005

Karen has posted a review and some pics of the Ohio show over at the Roxie77 board.

New 'Dirty Diamonds' review has appeared at the Calgary Sun.

Texas Show 23 Aug 2005

Panhandletickets is listing a show in Amarillo, TX at the Civic Center Coliseum for September 12th. Tickets on sale now.

Rhino Records have released some Alice Cooper albums on iTunes, which include 'Easy Action' and 'Pretties For You'. £7.11 to download 'Easy Action' and £7.99 for 'Pretties for You'. You can obviously download individual tracks from both albums for 79p each. (or you can buy the real things through the STUK store haha )
(Thanks Tim) has a cool article on Alice to coincide with the Toronto show last night.
(Thanks Susie)

There's a 'Dirty Diamonds' Review at Pop Matters and a short AC quote at Metro News in Canada.
(Thanks Des)

Indiana Show 22 Aug 2005

Noblesville, IN, Verizon Wireless Music Center, October 13, 7:30 p.m. Tickets go on sale this Saturday at 10:00.
(thanks DD25)

Alice Pitches For Tigers 22 Aug 2005

Alice threw out the first pitch at the Tigers game yesterday in Detroit.

There's a new Neal Smith site at MySpace. Its fan run but promises to keep fans updated with new of Neal, BDS and anything related.

Kids Stuff 21 Aug 2005

Calico Cooper has been confirmed for role of 'Ashley' in Mindsplinters Films up coming ghostly flick 'The Visitor'. Mindsplinters is best known for 'The Woodland Haunting 2'.

Runaway Phoenix (featuring Dash Cooper) will be playing at the 'Frock and Roll For Charity' fashion show at Cooperstown, Phoenix on September 10th.

Todays 'Dirty Diamonds' Review: Detroit Free Press.

Total Rock Interview Part 2 20 Aug 2005

Total Rock aired the second part of their extended Alice Cooper interview this evening and played 'The Saga of Jesse Jane' and 'Zombie Dance' from 'Dirty Diamonds' as well as 'Eighteen' and 'Welcome To My Nightmare' from 'A Fistful Of Alice'. You can hear what Alice had to say about recording the new album and lots of other stuff here (Dialups should download this one).

US Tour Starts Today 20 Aug 2005

Yahoo News is running a Reuters news story about the start of the US tour tonight with some Alice quotes.

Don't forget the second part of the Total Rock interview is on tonight at around 8pm UK time (at least that's when the first part was last night).

Thursday News 18 Aug 2005 has a short article with Alice quotes relating to the forthcoming VA show next week.

Also at Real Detroit Weekly there is a short interview.

New 'Dirty Diamonds' reviews have turned up at Journal Now and There's also a video live report of the Monte Carlo show at cultureetloisirs.

A new 'Nights with Alice Cooper' demo is available to download at United Stations.
(Thanks Steven)

New E Card and Pics 17 Aug 2005

New West have posted an all new E-card for everyone to send to friends, enemies and anyone else with an email address! This time the track is 'Dirty Diamonds' itself and features lines from some of the great reviews the album has received.

Ingo Of Dimma (who supported Alice in Iceland) has posted some very cool pics of the Iceland show. Check them out here and also check out the Dimma pics here while you're at it!

Apparently 'Dirty Diamonds' has debuted at #97 on the Canadian Soundscan chart.

US TV! 17 Aug 2005

Alice Cooper will be on the 'Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson' on September 15th. What I've seen suggests he will both perform and be interviewed this time. The show is on CBS Weeknights 12:35AM ET/PT.

The new OFFICIAL release date for the 'Good To See You Again, Alice Cooper' DVD in the USA is November 8th. This doesn't mean the UK date below is wrong but could suggest it will be delayed here to match the US date closer.

The song 'Dirty Diamonds' appears to have been released as a promo single in German as copies have started appearing on Ebay.

Detroit Metro News has a short piece on Alice including mentiosn for the album and five 'little things' that annoy him.

Another 'Dirty Diamonds' review is up at

Reminder: Alice Cooper will be the guest on Rockline TONIGHT. Rockline is a US radio show and can be heard on a variety of stations and netfeeds around the USA (8.30-10pm Pacific).

Tuesday Updates 16 Aug 2005

A few things have appeared over the last 24 hours so here's a quick round up:

There's some pics and stuff about the Iceland show to be found at and (both in Icelandic). Also Iceland Review has an article about Alice playing golf while in the country. He was also interviewed on Icelandic TV at least once.

Reviews from the last couple of days (courtesy of Des): Metal Invader,, Hellfire Pictures, and Sauk Valley.

May have mentioned this already but the forthcoming release in the UK of the 'Good To See You Again, Alice Cooper' DVD, the movie of the 'Billion Dollar Babies' tour, is now slated for September 12th, although this could well change of course.

Atlantic City Show 16 Aug 2005

Ticketmaster are listing a new show in Atlantic City at the House Of Blues on October 8th. Presale tickets go on sale on August 16th and are $33 and $43.

Sunday 14 Aug 2005

Slow news day today so far. Billboard has a short interview with Alice to promote the soon to start US tour. And there's a very short album review at Pittsburg Live.

Total Rock Interview 14 Aug 2005

As previously announced TotalRock aired what is the first part of a two part extended interview with Alice Cooper this evening. It included about 20 minutes of Alice talking about his past plus 3 or 4 tracks from 'Dirty Diamonds'. Part two will air next saturday at presumably about the same time (8pm UK).

New Interview: Erik Scott 13 Aug 2005

Check out th interviews page for a new exclusive interview with early 80s Alice Cooper band bassist, song-writer and producer Erk Scott. Erik was kind enough to spend a lot of time answering questions, including those asked by members of the message board, providing some cool stories and insight into a period in Alice Cooper history that splits fans and is often ignored in biographies and other interviews. He chats about his early days with Flo And Eddie, his Alice Cooper years (at length), and his current project Sonia Dada. Big thanks to Erik for taking time to chat to me.

If you haven't already looked there are now several exclusive interviews archived here on STUK including chats with Ryan Roxie, Chuck Garric, Tommy Clufetos, Eric Dover and Dick Wagner.

Friday News 12 Aug 2005

There's another review of the Montreux show appeared at Frequence Rock.

Billboard is reporting that 'Dirty Diamonds' has managed Alice's highest chart placing in the USA for 11 years! (other sources like Blabbermouth and AntiMusic are carrying the same report).

VH-1 (US) will be airing "100 Greatest One Hit Wonders Mini-Marathon" on August 18th which is reported to feature new interview clips with Alice.

Today's reviews are at Metro Times and

Cardiff CIA seem to be launch their own version of the VIP ticket package for Alice's show in November. You can see the details here (.pdf file).
(Thanks Des)

Magazines and Reviews 11 Aug 2005

Stomp And Stammer Magzine has an Alice Cooper front cover on their August issue and an interview feature article that can be seen online.

More Live photos today courtesy of Flamster. This time they're from the Gothenburg show last night.

Billboard report that 'Dirty Diamonds' hit the US Independent chart at number 17.

New album reviews at Foundry Music, Stickman Radio and Thunder Bay Chronicle Journal.

A new review of one of the Eric Singer and Friends (Roxie, Garric and Johnson) Australian shows has appeared at Fractured Sounds.
(Thanks Des)

Reviews and Photos 10 Aug 2005

There's a new album review at RoughEdge.

A live review of the Montreux show has appeared at Swissinfo in French.

New photos of the Stockholm show at Bostream and a short review (in Swedish) at Expressen.

The German Edition of Metal Hammer has a small Alice Cooper feature with a full page photo. have a small mention that 'Dirty Diamonds' hit the US charts at 169 having sold 6.700 copies in the first part week. A slight improvement over 'The Eyes Of Alice Cooper'.
(Thanks Des, Maria, Francois)

Reviews 10 Aug 2005

Missed these earlier so thanks to Des for spotting reviews at Zeromag, DigitalMetal and The Monroe News-Star.

Monte Carlo or Bust 10 Aug 2005

Alice Cooper guitarist Damon Johnson has posted a very cool review of the Monte Carlo show. As Alice hinself mentioned on the radio show the other night it sounds like one of those real "had to be there" shows!! Click the link below for the full report.

In other news there's a new interview with Eric Dover online at with a few Alice Cooper mentions of course.

Monday Morning 08 Aug 2005

It's been a pretty quiet weekend as far as news goes but here's a couple of items.

Terje has put up some photos from the Oslo show here. The setlist for the show is the same as the rest of the tour so still only two 'Dirty Diamonds' songs in the set. Hopefully more will be added for the US shows!

The Smukfest site for the Danish show now has a link to an offer where you can play golf with Alice or other Danish stars on August 12th. The link goes to a .pdf file.

New VH-1 Live Show 06 Aug 2005

According to Live Journal Alice Cooper will be the subject of one episode of a new VH-1 show called 'Classic Decades Rock Live!'. The show appears to feature a classic band (the first show is The Doors) with guests performing with them with all the shows taking place at Trump Taj Mahal in Atlantic City, NJ. No airdate has been set yet.
The series is the brainchild of music-industry veteran Barry Summers, the program's executive producer.
"I realized there's not a lot of live concerts on TV anymore, like the good, old-fashioned days of Don Kirschner's Rock Concert and Midnight Special," said Summers, referring to a couple of rock music programs of the pre-MTV era. "But my concept was to take the legends of rock 'n' roll, soul and R&B and team them up with some of today's hottest young artists who were influenced by classic rock. We wanted to do something different, something you couldn't find anywhere else. Anybody can shoot a band on tour."
The idea obviously struck a chord with the VH1 Classics folks.
"The first order is for 12 episodes, averaging about one new concert a month," said Summers. "They'll all be shot with seven cameras, in (high-definition) with Dolby 5.1 SurroundSound. Each will be a two-hour concert that will be edited down to one hour."

The Sharpest Pain And Other News 06 Aug 2005

It has now been confirmed that the bonus track 'The Sharpest Pain' is included on the Australian release of 'Dirty Diamonds' although it isn't actually listed on the cover. It's track 14 but only 13 are listed on the cover. AmazonUS list an "import" version of the album but I've had no confirmation this is the Australian version yet.
(thanks Darren)

New reviews: Music Tap, AllMusic, Boston News and

As reported on the message board a few days ago the legendary Dick Wagner is moving to Phoenix and says on his website that he will be writing new material again with Alice Cooper when the current tour is over. Whether this will be for a new album, side project, or just testing the water is unknown but it certainly has some cool possibilities for the future!

The Current issue of Rue Morgue Magazine (#48 August) has a tribute to the 'Welcome To My Nightmare' album. Unfortunately the article isn't online.

Small update 05 Aug 2005

Reviews: Zwire Daily News, Eonline and The Alliance Review (this last one is a PDF file).

Photos: Klam show pics up at

TV: Alice will be on VH1 (US), 21:00, 11 August on "The Greatest: 100 Greatest Artists of Hard Rock."

Zero Magazine 04 Aug 2005

There is an Alice Cooper track featured on the free CD with the current (first) issue of "Zero" magazine. There possibly may be some content in the magazine as well. Their website also has a competition to win copies of the album.

Haapsalu Preview 03 Aug 2005

The Baltic Times has a cool preview of the forthcoming Haapsalu show including mentions that it is set in a castle courtyard (with ghost!).

Australian Video 03 Aug 2005

Thanks to Nick I now have video of the two recent Australian Alice Cooper TV Appearances. Unfortunatly due to technical limitations this end the video captures aren't perfect, and added to that the length of the appearances means I had to compress the files more then I would normally like.. but at least these should be good enough for everyone to get an idea of what happened and hear what Alice had to say. certainly worth watching!!
The first show is "The Great Outdoors" in which Alice shows a presenter around Phoenix, including Cooperstown and The Diamondbacks ballpark. And the second is a long interview from "Enough Rope". This second one is rather smaller then the first simply because of the length of the clip so I appolgise for lack of quality.
As always dialup users are suggest to download rather then stream the video.

Wednesday Roundup 03 Aug 2005

Two articles have appeared in the Norwegian newspaper "Aftenposten" in the run up to the Oslo show. The first one is about Alice, mostly about his lifestyle changes. The second is the journalist's ranking of the 5 best Alice Cooper albums ever. In Norwegian of course.
(Thanks Joar)

And also a sort review has appeared at Billboard.

Photos of the Friedburg show can be found here.
(Thanks Steef)

VH-1 have a 'rate the album' poll going on for 'Dirty Diamonds' which can be found here.

Update: Alice was French Channel 3 yesterday with a clip from the Monte Carlo gig showing him and Calico, plus an interview with Alice. Also in French news 'Dirty Diamonds' is no. 3 in the FNAC metal chart. FNAC is the french equivalent to Virgin Megastores and the like.
(thanks Francois)

DD Day in the USA!! 02 Aug 2005

Yes, Today is 'Dirty Diamonds' Day in the US as the new album finally gets released there!!! And about time!! Any late comers can order the album through the links above!!

Also: There will be an Alice Cooper Special on Total Rock on August 13th at 20.00, UK time which you can hear on Sky Digital and online.

Alice Cooper is on the cover of the new issue of Fireworks Magazine. This should be the Aug/Sept issue.
(Thanks Andy)

AOL Music now have the whole album online for you to listen to (you haven't bought it yet??).

More DDP (Dennis Dunaway Project) pics up here Courtesy of Jim!

Dennis Dunaway Project 01 Aug 2005

Thanks to Jim who runs the BDS mailing list for the following info about the debut DDP. show tonight:
The setlist was: Hello Hooray / I'm 18 / Man is a Beast / Fire Engine Girl / Me and My Boys / Big Apple Dreamin' / Billion $ Babies / School's Out. The none AC songs are all new DDP originals. There are some photos available at the above link as well.

Also: More reviews can be found at BabySue, MetalGlory and Blabbermouth.

Also: New pics at

New Article 31 Jul 2005

Check out this new biography at Rock Radio. Nothing new of course but still a good read with a couple of pics as well.

Also: are listing yet another reissue of "A Fistful Of Alice" under yet another name, 'Live in Cabo Wabo '96', following on from "Alive" and "Live and Slippery" that have appeared over the last few months. Why this has suddenly started being re-issued over and over I don't know but lets hope we don't have another "Freak Out" situation beginning.
UPDATE: 'Live in Cabo Wabo '96' is an official reissue of 'A Fistful Of Alice'. 'Alive' is a semi-unauthorised (ie legal but not really official) reissue of same album, and 'Live And Slippery' will never be released.

The Last Temptation Hardback 30 Jul 2005

Dark Horse Comic appear to be releasing a hardback covered version of 'The Last Temptation' comics in September. Front cover is the same as the previous Dark Horse release in Paperback form.
You can pre-order this new edition from AmazonUK or Amazon USA now.

Saturday Morning 30 Jul 2005

According to DeepDiscountDVD, The 'Good To See You Again, Alice Cooper' DVD will be released on November 8, 2005 in the USA. Naturally this is subject to further change and official confirmation.

Also: has Oct 11th listed as Peoria, IL, Civic Center although nowhere else seems to mention it yet.
(Thanks Devon)

Also: July 23rd Emshalle, Emsdetten (Germany) photos can be found here and there is a video clip of German Alice fans here as well.
(Thanks Steef)

Also: Carolina Concerts has a 'Dirty Diamonds' Review by Starff Writer and Sickthing Benji to check out.

Lastly for now: French magazine 'Rock Hard' features a free CD and track one on it is 'Woman Of Mass Distraction' from 'Dirty Diamonds'

New Show 29 Jul 2005

New show on Oct. 12th in Joliet, IL at the Rialto Square Theatre.

New Roxie Interview 29 Jul 2005

Thanks to Cameron for allowing me to post this cool new interview with Alice Cooper guitarist Ryan Roxie.

Alice Cooper, Dads Porno Mag, Roxie 77, Electric Angels etc
Interview by: Cameron Edney

Australian fans recently had the pleasure of witnessing the god father of shock rock Alice Cooper live in concert once again. I was fortunate enough to catch up with long time Alice Cooper guitarist Ryan Roxie while the band was resting in Newcastle before kicking off their Australian leg of the world tour. Ryan is far from a new face on the rock scene. He has been climbing his way up the rock ladder since the mid eighties when he was first signed to Atlantic records with L.A. based band Electric Angels. Ryan has gone on to play with a countless list of talented musicians & has released some killer solo albums; his latest 'Peace Love & Armageddon' shows just how amazing and talented Ryan is. I spoke with Ryan about the ten years he has spent playing on and off with Alice Cooper, the soon to be released Alice Cooper album Dirty Diamonds, we also spoke about life on the road, Ryan's solo projects Dads Porno Mag & Roxie 77, the Metal mania petition that Ryan is supporting and much more. I hope you all enjoy reading this interview. I had a lot of fun conducting this one.

INSIDE_OUT666: Hey Ryan thanks for taking the time out this morning to speak with us, Hows things mate?

RYAN ROXIE: I've got a millions things runnin' through my head at the moment, what's goin' down?

INSIDE_OUT666: To be honest I can't believe you guys are up so early?

RYAN ROXIE: Well I came from Stockholm & then went to the states, that put me behind Stockholm time & then we flew out to Australia which put me ahead of Stockholm time so my heads about as screwed up as Glenn Close is in 'Fatal Attraction' right now, I've got to be honest with ya!

INSIDE_OUT666: You have got plenty of time to get use to the time adjustment; you guys are here in Australia for a couple of weeks aren't you?

RYAN ROXIE: Maybe a little over three weeks so that's gonna give us a chance to really see Australia the way you're supposed to see it.

INSIDE_OUT666: Now is this your second or third trip to Australia?

RYAN ROXIE: Uh! It's my third time actually I came here with Alice Cooper in 1998 we did the Rock Carnival tour here, then we did the Brutal Planet/Dragontown tour here & now we are doing the 'The Eyes Of Dirty Diamonds Are Forever' tour . We always come down here to Australia with a hybrid show. We're bringing back the guillotine, bringing back a couple of illusions a lot of the theatrics. You can imagine that half the people who go to the Alice Cooper show are into the vintage, classic Alice Cooper. People who enjoy Alice for songs such as Schools Out, No More Mr. Nice Guy, Brutal Planet & the heavier music & then you have the people who appreciate Alice Cooper from the 'Welcome to My Nightmare' era and that theatrical show. I think there is something for everybody in these shows.

INSIDE_OUT666: Speaking of the soon to be released album 'Dirty Diamonds', how much input did you have in terms of writing for the new album?

RYAN ROXIE: Alice was very cool about co-writing with the band on the last couple of albums. I was able to be a contributor on this record & I'm really happy about it. It's truly a nice feeling to look up & see your name right next to Cooper in the credits. There are a few Roxie/Cooper co-writes that I'm really proud of. Alice has said in interviews that he understands that a lot the fans expect certain songs & I know he's really excited about playing the new material to which makes me happy because I know we had a big hand in the writing of it.

INSIDE_OUT666: When you prepare to do an album like 'Dirty Diamonds' what comes first the lyrics or the music?

RYAN ROXIE: Ahh! The chicken or the egg an age old question. As far as the writing with 'Dirty Diamonds' & 'The Eyes of Alice Cooper', we had a lot of guitar riffs that were Alice based. They had that really cool Alice sounding influence to them. Alice would come in sometimes & say 'you know what, were going to pick a subject to write about & I'm just gonna do my thing & were gonna jam over the riff a million times'. He would start putting in a word here & there, all of a sudden he got the catch phrase for the title of the song & then it became an Alice Cooper tune. If one of us bought in a tune that we thought was done, Alice would take it to the next level & make it an Alice Cooper song.

INSIDE_OUT666: Has there been a release date set for the album?

RYAN ROXIE: I've been hearing august for Europe and maybe later for the United States but you can't quote me. As far as the label goes I know it's coming out on New West Records in the states & I think it's coming out on Eagle/Spitfire everywhere else. The best way to go to find any of that information out is to go to the official Alice cooper website or you can go to my site .

INSIDE_OUT666: I was looking at your website this morning actually!

RYAN ROXIE: Oh you're that one guy .

INSIDE_OUT666: Yeah I was that one guy. I was reading up on the album you released last year 'Peace Love & Armageddon' what can you tell us about the album & the other guys that played on it?

RYAN ROXIE: Yes of course, Roxie 77 is a continuation of the last 2 solo records that I did & they are available through the website & I will have them while I'm out on the road also. Luckily enough Alice is cool enough to let us move a lot of our merch. I've got a couple of albums out. There's one called 'Dads Porno Mag' and I've had a few fans out there email me & they've been really supportive of that. D.P.M. I think its still a continuation of that & the songs were written & recorded over the course of a couple of years. The range of subjects are from being an idiot rock 'n' roll guy to actually coming of age & having a kid & realising that we are all mortal. The subject matter means a lot & very little. Every person that listens to it will get something out of the songs. As for the different members of the band, I got a group of guys that I've been playing with throughout the years, the same drummer from D.P.M. Mike Fasano played the drums on the Roxie 77 album, my good buddy Jeff who I met going on 20 years ago now, he was one of the first guys I met when I moved to Los Angeles when I was 17. He played bass on it, he normally plays guitar. I told him I needed someone for the bass playing side of it & he stepped right in. I really wanted to see what 'Roxie 77' could sound like with one guitarist, one keyboardist, one bassist & one drummer I hadn't seen that line-up in a little while. I thought we made a really good record.

INSIDE_OUT666: Another thing I came across on your site was the MP3 samples from the Roxie 77 album. There are some really catchy riffs on there, all you need is for one song to break & Boom! It will hit the roof!

RYAN ROXIE: That's the whole thing I keep telling myself man, you've gotta be in the game to have a chance at winning it. Just record it. Put it out & see what happens because you never know. Maybe it will get played or the right person hears it at the right time & boom. I just want to concentrate on continuing to write songs that mean something to me & songs that I feel I would want to listen to then when that shot comes & you get that chance to let the world see it. You're off. A lot of people go 'Oh who's Ryan Roxie'? Or 'I've just found out about him', a lot of people don't realise that I've been in the trenches of rock for quite a long time, I know what its like to tour on a skateboard . Charter jets to rent-a-cars I know the whole gamete.

INSIDE_OUT666: A lot of people probably don't realise that your first major band 'Electric Angels' was back in the late eighties?

RYAN ROXIE: Yeah that's right we were signed to Atlantic in the late eighties. Like I said I've been in the trenches & a lot of people think it happens over night. That age old clich', but nothing happens over night baby .

INSIDE_OUT666: This is true; you have to really work your ass off to get there!

RYAN ROXIE: The good thing about that though is for me is that I wouldn't change a thing in the world. I wouldn't change the experiences & the longevity of it. There's a lot of people who have success very early into their career & then three years, four yeas later it's done, & your like 'what am I gonna do'? Luckily for me the way I look at things, I've been able to steadily increase my workload, increase my exposure every single year & gain more of a popularity fan base & get to meet a lot of these people.

Lets admit it not many people get to travel the world every year playing rock n roll & I've got to tell you its one of the best jobs in the world that anyone could ever ask for. It does get hard being away from the family & that is defiantly a big issue for me but look at what I'm doing! I'm playing rock 'n' roll & entertaining. Unfortunately there are a lot of other unfortunate people A.K.A. the brave troops out there that are away from their families for much longer & under much more dire circumstances. That always puts things in perspective for me.

INSIDE_OUT666: It has come to my attention that more than 3000 Rock/Metal fans worldwide have united & signed a petition. Artists such as Judas priest, Neil Turbin, Bob Daisley & yourself to name a few are among those in favour of a Metal Mania Channel with no 'nu-metal' to be played. Many fans & artists believe that VH1 & MTV will never approve this, not because of ratings, but because of the genre of music which would be featured. Can you share your thoughts on the matter?

RYAN ROXIE: I completely believe that if you show people the numbers of the demographics of what type of people are going to be listening & viewing these shows it would be a slam dunk & anybody wouldn't want to pick it up. It's probably not going to be MTV or VH1. When it comes down to those big companies it's all about dollars & cents now, The people they would be selling to are still a record buying public, yeah it's not the teenage crowd that buys everything that's put in front of them, its more of a mature crowd that usually does there homework but there still a buying. If you explain it to companies in a much more business oriented sense I think you will get much more success instead of going 'well you just have to play it because the fans need it & the fans like it'. Yeah the fans do need it & do want it & obviou sly it keeps me employed. I heard about the idea that's being bounced around with the petition & I think it's awesome, I really support. If VH1 or MTV don't pick it up there's so many other options on cable nowadays, it will work. Just look at those bands you mentioned earlier Judas Priest, Iron Maiden & so on, all those bands have got really good numbers & large fan bases around the world. Alice Cooper is another, if I'm doing ok with my Roxie 77 stuff, my merch when I'm the little guy on the Alice tour just imagine what Alice does. His fans are really supportive. I would be happy with a channel that's gonna give us all more exposure & more of a chance for us to continue to work! If we can have channels dedicated to making food & dog grooming than there is no reason we can't have a channel dedicated to our old school rock'n'roll.

INSIDE_OUT666: In your honest opinion, what do you think about the direction that hard rock & metal music has taken in the last few years?

RYAN ROXIE: I'm actually quite positive about the whole thing. What were noticing at least at the Alice Cooper shows is that were getting a younger & younger audiences, the kids that are coming to the shows now have seen the Marylin Manson show & they've seen the Rob Zombie show & now they're actually doin their homework & there going 'well who influenced these guys'? then they find out that Alice Cooper was a big driving force behind bands like that & he's still touring 'oh my god, I can actually go and see the godfather of all these bands?'

I'm happily discovering that the fans are happy & willing to discover the roots. Now it's really trendy to have the old Ac/Dc & Led Zeppelin t-shirts from a marketing view, but the bottom line is the kids are doing the research on them. Nowadays on the net you can be much more apart of a bands career & find out information then you could when I was a kid. When I was a kid you had to write a fan letter, lick a stamp & wait for a year to get a response. Now with a couple of clicks you can find out basically Ace Frehley's home address .

INSIDE_OUT666: Out of all of the newer bands who are you listening to?

RYAN ROXIE: Because I live in Sweden now I think there are a few really great bands that are coming out of Stockholm. An Australian band I'm into is Jet, I got to meet those guys last year, they're really nice guys & they've got the right idea. They've taken all of the influences of bands like The Beatles among others & made it there own, that's really what you've got to do in rock'n'roll. There are only so many chords you can play & there's only so many times that you can talk about the same things, but if just twist it enough to produce a classic song or a classic band I think you have a really good chance of achieving great success.

INSIDE_OUT666: While you guys are in Australia you will be playing a couple of side shows without Alice under the title Eric Singer & friends, what can you tell us about that?

RYAN ROXIE: We have been working so hard trying to get this Alice Cooper show together that it will be nice to go to a club & blow off steam with some songs that we've been inspired by. Obviously we will be playing some of the Kiss classics, we're also going to play some old glam songs from T-Rex, The Sweet, we're gonna be doing some Cheap Trick & other bands that I was influenced by. The shows are going to be great. I'm looking forward to them.

INSIDE_OUT666: Now you have been playing on & off with Alice for ten years now, are there still days where you wake up & pinch yourself?

RYAN ROXIE: Im becoming the Bruce Kulick of the Alice Cooper band, I don't know what the hells going on . Yep, but that's not because I play with Alice Cooper . No I don't pinch myself but I do sometimes I do sit back & take a deep breath & say to myself 'you know what'? 'It's a good thing'. There's moments like right now, I think how lucky I am to be just hanging out. The rock'n'roll lifestyle doesn't stop right after the shows. We get together after the shows do the after parties, play poker & then in the morning we get to wake up & play a round of golf which I recently got into. Then after that we get to go & do some interviews, that's not hard work, it's actually fun, obviously I like the sound of my own voice then we play the rock show again. The whole lifestyle for me is a really good time & to be doing it for as many years as I've been able to do it with Alice is a really cool thing.

INSIDE_OUT666: What's the most embarrassing thing that's ever happened to you onstage?

RYAN ROXIE: well the list goes on & on, oh I remember a story from the club days. I think it was right after we got our deal with Atlantic. We celebrated the gig by playing a club that had a bunch of bar tables out on the floor. I got a li ttle angry that there were people eating salads while we were playing, so I wanted to walk across the tables & eat somebody's salad at the end of the line of tables. Of course I didn't understand that the tables weren't bolted down to the ground & they were strategically placed. So what happened? I slipped on a fork & almost killed myself . The whole table went down mid song, Les Paul up in the air it was ugly it was kind of a bitch cause the record label had just signed us & they had brought up a bunch of their people to see us 'this is our new band'. 'Look at the idiot with salad in his hair' . We made it through though & on went the show. Oh here's another one for you from the last time I was I here in Australia. I just had knee surgery & I was being really careful with it. I was careful on the plane. I got onstage & started spinning around like an idiot & all of a sudden the knee gives out. Bang, right on my ass . That kind of stuff happens all the time.

INSIDE_OUT666: What's the most ridiculous thing you have ever asked for on a tour rider?

RYAN ROXIE: I'm pretty normal when it comes to that sort of thing. There's no brown M & Ms or green M & Ms or anything like that. We might be pushing it a little bit by asking for golf balls . What does that have to do with the show? They say . So for anyone who's reading this if you want to bring Roxie something nice, just bring him a little pack of golf balls & he'll be wrapped but don't throw em onstage .

INSIDE_OUT666: I know you're heavily influenced by Cheap Trick. Later this year you will be on the road with those guys, you must be happy about that?

RYAN ROXIE: Yes, it's going to be amazing. They are the coolest guys in the world. It's always great when you get to meet your idols & they don't disappoint you.

INSIDE_OUT666: If you could put a band together consisting of musicians passed on & or present who would they be & what would you call the band?

RYAN ROXIE: Wow, wow that's a great question. There has been so many guys that I have seen over the years that I would hand pick. To be honest, it starts with the lead singer. My favourite voice in rock'n'roll has always been Robin Zander he got one of the best voices in rock n roll, oh for a guitar player I'd have Brian May , on bass I'd probably get John Taylor from Duran Duran as far as a drummer wow where do you find that perfect drummer? I've played with so many great drummers I think you would have to make your own Frankenstein drummer. To sum it up I'd have Robin Zander on vocals, Brian May on guitar, myself on guitar, John Taylor on bass & Dave Grohl on drums who I think is one of todays greatest. It would be as weird as hell.

INSIDE_OUT666: What would you call it?

RYAN ROXIE: Weird as hell

INSIDE_OUT666: hey that works, its quiet catchy!


INSIDE_OUT666: Well Ryan thanks again for your time today mate, it's been great talking to you this morning. Do you have any last words for our readers?

RYAN ROXIE: Nice talking to you to. I've just got to tell everyone to come out to and we will embrace you! Come on out and say hello. I'm always out there saying hello so to everyone, don't be shy!

(c) Cameron Edney July 2005

Not to be re-printed in any form without written permission.

Make sure you check out the following websites!

To view other rockin interviews I have done go to: InsideOut666

Alice Special Tonight 28 Jul 2005

There will be an Alice Cooper special tonight between 9pm - 10pm on UK station BCB 96.7fm and you can listen online here.

Dennis Dunaway Live 27 Jul 2005

This Sunday, July 31st, the one and only Dennis Dunaway will be perform LIVE with The Dennis Dunaway Project at the Jim Edelmann Benefit Concert happening at Tuxedo Junction, 2 Ives Street, Danbury, CT. The show lasts from 1pm-6pm and will also feature Dan Sawyer, U.F.B., Pete Klein and Friends, Lonely Hearts Club Band (Beatles tribute) and Sapphire 2005. Tickets are $15 for adults and $5 for under 12s.

Album Listening Party 27 Jul 2005

New West Records have posted a listing preview of the 'Dirty Diamonds' album for anyone out there that hasn't got it yet. It will only be there for a short time so check it out here.

Dennis And Joe on the Radio! 26 Jul 2005

Dennis Dunaway and Joe Bouchard from B.D.S. will be invading the airwaves this Thursday on WRKI-I95 at 7:30 in the morning where they will be acting as DJ's, giving away tickets to forthcoming shows and stuff like that. Unfortunatly the station doesn't appear to have a netfeed.

Classic Rock 25 Jul 2005

The new summer issue of Classic Rock (UK) features a two page interview with Alice Cooper and a full page black and white pic. Should be in stores in the next few days.

Sleeze Rock has a cool review of 'Dirty Diamonds' online.

Sunday Roundup 25 Jul 2005

Quite a quiet day today luckily as I've been offline for most of it, but here's a couple of things of interest:

Cindy has kindly put up her photo's from the show in Tilburg (with Emsdetten to come soon) here.

'Dirty Diamonds' will be released in Australia on August 1st although I've yet to work out exactly who is releasing it there, or confirm if it will feature 'The Sharpest Pain'. And speaking of that song, French site have a 30 second sample from it up now. This is odd as the french version as far as I know doesn't feature the song, but has 'Stand' the same as all the others. Weird.

September 13th sees the release of 'Tony Orlando & Dawn - The Ultimate Collection' in the USA. This three DVD set is taken from the dubious 1970s variety show and of interest to us as the press release indicates that Alice's appearance on the show is included. I'll post a AmazonUK link when it appears.

Saturday Morning (Updated) 23 Jul 2005

Video Business have a short article which gives some details of the Montreux show that was filmed for DVD release sometime next year. The July 12 performance was filmed by more than 20 cameras, all in high-def for an early 2006 release.

Contact Music are again pulling quotes out of other peoples interviews to make news stories. This time it's from Metal Hammer I believe.

Aorock has a 'Dirty Diamonds' review.

Rise And Shine have an interview although I'm sure this is a reprinted one from somewhere else. Seems very familiar.

Brabantsdagblad Have a review of the Tilburg show from their July 19th issue. You have to register but it's free.

Update: More photos have appeared over at Classic Rock Photos this time from the Wuppertal show on the 22nd July.
(Thanks Jollyjon, Des, Henri, Petra)

Friday Morning News 22 Jul 2005

MetalInThePicture have posted some cool pics from Tilburg, and while you're at it check out the review of the show over at
(thanks Steef, Jan)

The new issue of Metal Hammer has a three page Alice Cooper Feature in the new issue, on sale now in the UK. I'm presuming this is the August issue.
(thanks Sleeper)

Canada Date Canceled/PA Added 21 Jul 2005

The second Toronto has been removed from the Tour schedule and instead Alice is playing Penn's Peak, Jim Thorpe, PA on August 23rd. Cheap Trick is playing a show elsewhere on that date.

Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles have a Alice cover story in issue 90 which should be out now or very soon.

Ryan Roxie has unleased the second instalment of his Podcast which includes an interview with Eric Singer. If you don't have podcast software you can grab it here but be warned its a large file for dial up users. has been updated with some 'Dirty Diamonds' graphics and some new photos.

More photos from Wuppertal, Germany show can be seen at

ICWales has a new review of 'Dirty Diamonds'.

Wednesday Roundup 20 Jul 2005

Pics from the Austrian show in Burg Clam can be found here. 'Dirty Diamonds' entered the Austrian charts at number 66!

There's a review of the Wuppertal show over at with some cool pics.

There will be an interview with Alice Cooper on the Nigel Roberts show on Extremeradio today Wednesday 20th July from 8pm (UK time).

Tilburg Review 19 Jul 2005

Thanks to Steef for spotting this one, a review of the Tilborg show at Zwaremetalen with a couple of pics. It's in Dutch and the pics are from Montreux but pics from Tilburg will be added soon.
But if you want to see Tilburg pics now check out ClassicRockPhotos for some great ones.
(Thanks Peter)

Alice Cooper Special 18 Jul 2005

There will be a two hour Alice Cooper special on 24 July at 16.00 (UK time) on ARfm
You can listen on Sky Channel 913 in the UK, on the Eurobird1 satellite across Europe and online at

Also: Check out some cool photos from the Portugal show here.
(thanks Marcelo)

Alice on Kerrang 105.2 17 Jul 2005

As prevously forewarned Alice presented three hours of songs on RadioKerrang 105.2 this morning on a show called 'Legends' although he himself was only on for about 15 minutes in total!! The show will be archived at the Kerrang site some time soon (they have the previous shows archived) so keep an eye out there for sundays show to be updated.

Also: Yet another review online, this time at Metalexpressradio.

More Pics and Reviews (Updated) 16 Jul 2005 has posted some great pics of the show the other night.
(thanks Tim)

Update: More reviews can be found at Gigwise, Melodicrock and AORDreamzone.

New Audio 15 Jul 2005

Here's a couple of Audio things that I didn't get the chance to put up earlier. The first is another clip from the Ken Bruce Show, this time with Alice talking about 'Steal That Car' and the second is the X-FM interview from July 5th.

Next Week On Nights... 15 Jul 2005

Coming up on Nights with Alice Cooper
Monday 18th - Def Leppard
Wednesday 20th - Jerry Springer
Friday 22nd - Mark Stein (Vanilla Fudge)

B.D.S Tour USA 14 Jul 2005

BOUCHARD, DUNAWAY AND SMITH, featuring former BLUE OYSTER CULT bassist Joe Bouchard and original ALICE COOPER members Dennis Dunaway and Neal Smith, have lined up a string of U.S. dates for later this summer.

Dates announced so far:
Sept 2nd at B.B. Kings in New York City, NY
Sept 24th at The Rain Desert in Danielson, CT
Oct 1st at The Baker Theatre in Dover, NJ (with MASTERBURNER, THE DEAD ELVIS)
Oct 29th at Chiller Theatre in East Rutherford, NJ
(Thanks Ken)

Singer in Nottingham 14 Jul 2005

Alice drummer Eric Singer will be the guest at the Kiss Expo II on November 19th 2005 at Nottingham Rock City. U.K. He will be there for a 'Q & A' session and everyone who attends is guaranteed an autograph and photo. More info from here.
(Thanks Dan)

Alice On Rockline 14 Jul 2005

ALICE COOPER is scheduled to guest on Rockline on Wednesday, August 17th. The nationally syndicated radio program airs live at 8:30 PM (PT)/11:30 PM (ET).
(Thanks Melody Black, Suna)

Razor Cuts Online (Updated) 14 Jul 2005

An official version of the Alice Cooper interview from Virgin Radio 'Razor Cuts' show is now online here. You need to sign up to get to the files but its free.

Also: Hunter has posted some cool shots of the Melbourne show by Dwight. You can see them at the Sickthings2 Site.

Paris Pics and Stuff (Updated) 13 Jul 2005

Everyone is back from Paris safe and sound and it appears its been pretty quiet while I've been away. I'll add news items here as I come across them but first up the every reliable Mr Crowe has already added some pics of the Paris show to
The Paris show was the same as the Australian shows as far as I could tell. Same setlist etc. Still only two 'Dirty Diamonds' tracks in the show which is very dissapointing to say the least, especially as the two songs that were played got a great reaction. Highlights were Alice, in fantastic voice this year. Roxie being Roxie, the perfect guitar god. The 'Welcome To My Nightmare' section of the show and 'I wish I was Born in Beverly Hills' which sounded great.

Also: More pics, this time of the Montreux show, can be found here.

A few articles have appeared while I was away so he's a quick rundown of what I've seen so far:
Live Daily has a short US tour announcement.
There's a fantastic new Neal Smith interview over at Rock N Roll Universe. Lots of history there.

Reviews (some may have been mentioned before): Loud Planet, RoomThirteen,, Birmingham101.

Announcement 10 Jul 2005

This news page won't be updated for a couple of days as I'm heading off to see Alice!! WickedYoungMan will post any news that comes through direct to the message board so check there for updates and if YOU have any news then post it through there as well. When I get back I'll summerise everything here.
I doubt I'll have any access to email while away either so if you send something in I will deal with it when I return.

More Friday stuff 08 Jul 2005

The Roxie "Big Rock Show" Podcast is up and running and great fun it is too. A couple of DPM tracks included which sound as good today as when they were recorded. More info below or hear directly here. This is a LARGE file so be prepared for a long download if on dialup.

More tour photos have appeared at
(Thanks Motorhead)

There's a review is up at AOR DreamZone. Scroll down a little. And another one at
Also watch out for review in the following publications:
Uncut (August issue)/Terrorizer/Fireworks (August issue)/Record Collector/Mojo (July 4th issue)/Bizarre Magazine/Metal Hammer/Daily Mirror/Loaded/Total Guitar/Classic Rock Society/Observer Music Monthly/Guitar/Rock Sound/What's On in London/ Devolution/Birmingham Evening Mail/Nottingham Evening Post/Sunday Post Scotland)/Westmoreland Gazette & Citizen/Southport Reporter/Southern Daily Echo (Southampton)/Western Daily Press (Bristol)/Hartlepool Mail/Sunday Mail/Portsmouth and District Post/The Sentinel (Stoke on Trent)/ The Weekly News (Manchester) w/competition/Leicester Mercury/Croydon Advertiser/The Selby Times w/competition/Oxford Mail/The Journal (Newcastle)/Free Press & Times Group (High Wycombe) w/competition/Guardian Series (Croydon)/The Herald & Post/Wharfe Valley & Pudsey Times (Leeds)/Western Gazette and Weekly News/V Magazine (Manchester Evening News)/The Star (Sheffield)/Plug Magazine/Que and Review/Blah Blah (Reading)/Zero Tolerance/Trashpit
Phew!! No way I'll spot all of those so feel free to send text or scans to usual address if you find one.
(thanks Andy)

New West Promo Page 08 Jul 2005

Alice's new record company have finally added a page about the album here. It features the press release posted some weeks ago here, plus a new pic and AIM buddy Icons. This is in addition to the Ecard mentioned yesterday.

Powerplay (updated) 07 Jul 2005

Powerplay magazine is now out and you can see the cover on the left. It includes a free CD with Alice Cooper on the front.

Watch out for a lot more press in the next week or so. Details as and when it appears.

Also: Check out some cool pics at Undercover and Photobucket.

New Dirty Diamonds Ecard 07 Jul 2005

New West Records have released an Alice Cooper ECard that is now available and can be sent to friends. The ECard is flash based and features the track the ywant to use as the lead track from the alum, "Sunset Babies (All Got Rabies)". It's large so dialups will have to be patient while it loads.

Also: Another review at

New US Shows 06 Jul 2005

Now listed on
Wed 07th Sept Topeka, KS Landon Arena
Tue 27th Sept - Hollywood, FL Hard Rock Hotel & Casino
Wed 28th Sept - Orlando, FL Hard Rock Live
Thu 29th Sept - Clearwater, FL Ruth Eckerd Hall
Fri 30th Sept - Naples, FL Philharmonic Center
Sun 2nd Oct - Biloxi, MS Hard Rock Hotel / Casino
Tue 4th Oct - South Bend, IN Morris Performing Arts Center
Thu 5th Oct - Mount Pleasant, MI Soaring Eagle Casino
Fri 7th Oct - Cleveland, OH Tower City Amphitheater
Sat 29th Oct - Tacoma, WA Emerald Queen Casino

"Roxie's Big Rawk Show!" (Updated) 06 Jul 2005

From the Roxieblog:
"Coming to you somewhere between Stockholm and Los Angeles, It's ROXIE'S BIG ROCK SHOW.....'cause wherever you are is the place to be...." 07/07/05 is the "BIG RAWK SHOW" debut!
Now the details on how to get in on this. If yer 12 years old or own a MAC leave the room because this will be boring for you. For the rest of you 13+ yrs & on WINDOWS try using Doppler to "tune-in" to download the client. It's really easy to setup & add feeds.
BTW... the url for my feed is
Tune in on 07/07/05 for the official launch of the show!

Also: More reviews: RoomThirteen, Bravewords has a few words with Alice himself about the new album.
(Thanks Andy, Tim)

Additional Reviews: The Scottsman

Also: This mornings dose of Alice commentary from the Ken Bruce show again comes courtesy of Mr JollyJon. This time its the brilliant here and shows the AFOA cover. No track list yet so no clue if it has any extra tracks.

Interview Posted 06 Jul 2005 has posted Alice's interview with Andy Frazer of Free that was aired on the "nights..." radio show last week.

Cleveland Show 05 Jul 2005

7th October - Tower City Ampitheatre, Cleveland OH. On sale now. $17.50 - $29.50.

Also: Apparently 'Dirty Diamonds' is the album of the week on the Janice Long Show on BBC Radio 2, and they are playing clips from the album, which, as of writing, is the 29th best selling album on AmazonUK!! In view of the G8 artists selling by the truckload at the moment that's damn good!
(Thanks Keith, Devon)

Review and Competition 05 Jul 2005 has a cool review of the new album and a competition to win a copy.
(Thanks Des)

Slippery Alice 05 Jul 2005

Totalrock are reporting that "Alice Cooper is to have a live album released through EMI on August 15. To be called 'Live 'N' Slippery' it was recorded in San Lucas, Mexico on June 2, 1996 at Sammy Hagar's Cabo Wabo Cantina." As this is the same show 'A Fistful Of Alice', and that was released by Guardian who were owned by EMI, I guess it's safe to say it's another reissue under a new title. However there were various bonus tracks on different versions, plus I believe a couple of songs were cut, so maybe there will be more to it then that. Time will tell.

Also: The second track played on the Ken Bruce 'Album of the week" slot this morning was "Sunset Babies" and you can here what Alice had to say about it here.
(Thanks JollyJon)

Monday Morning 04 Jul 2005

Happy 4th July to all our US readers. Hope you have a great day!!
ICWales have a new interview up with Alice today. Lots of talk about the Cooper Kids in this one.

Alice features on the cover of 'The Big Issue' this week. There is an two page article in it. This is the magazine that supports the homeless, so a bargain at £1.20. When the next authorised seller asks you if you want a copy say yes!

'Alice Cooper/Dirty Diamonds' as album of the week started on the Ken Bruce show this morning. Listen here to see what Alice had to say about the song 'Perfect'.
(thanks Jollyjon)

As previously reported Alice was co-presenter the drive time slot on Western Australia's 96fm this morning. Unfortunatly their netfeed wasn't working (at least for me) so I haven't heard it yet.

Dirty Diamonds Is Here!!! 04 Jul 2005

The long awaited new Alice Cooper album is officially released in Europe (sorry everyone else) TODAY! So get down to your local shop and pick up a copy, or you can order using the link below (Amazon have apparently shipped their first copies)!! The album is fantastic (see review in the review section) and chock full of great new songs and great playing by Ryan, Chuck, Damon and Tommy. A latter-day classic. Go Get It!!
US fans CAN buy the album on import through AmazonUS as well, although how much before the US release date (August 2nd) you would get it I wouldn't like to guess.

Virgin Razor Cuts 03 Jul 2005

As previously forewarned Alice was on Virgin Radio "Razor Cuts" this evening. Nice long interview and they played 'School's Out', 'Dirty Diamonds', 'Hello Hurray', 'Six Hours' and 'Poison'. This is the first playing of 'Six Hours' if I recall correctly. You can listen to the interview by clicking here.

More UK Radio and Reviews 03 Jul 2005 reports that XFM (UK) will feature an Alice Cooper Interview on 'The Rock Show' on Friday 10th July between 10pm and 1.00am. However the 10th is a Sunday, not a Friday.. and the XFM Rock Show airs Friday and Saturday night so I guess they mean Friday 8th July.

Runaway Phoenix (featuring Dash Cooper) will be playing tonight at Four White Walls which is located at 1023 Grand Ave on the corner of Grand and Fillmore in downtown Phoenix. Show starts at 7pm, RP go on at 9pm. $5 Cover. Other bands include, Old Fashion Assassin, Note to Self, and 32 Leaves.

More 'Dirty Diamonds' reviews can be found at Loudplanet, MetalUK and Getreadytorock.

Alice On Australian Radio 02 Jul 2005

Alice will be co-hosting the drive time slot on Western Australia's 96fm on Monday afternoon 4pm to 5pm WA time (Monday 8am to 9am UK time).
They have live streaming on their site at under the 'What's on Air' heading.
(thanks Jim)

T4: Pure 02 Jul 2005

As forewarned Alice was on 'T4:Pure' this morning on Channel 4. This was a recorded interview of just under 4 minutes. You can see it here.

Friday News (updated) 01 Jul 2005

The Mercury has a short article about the Tasmania show. have a review of 'Dirty Diamonds'. Not a great one though. It seems this album is as expected (by me at least) splitting reviewers and fans. has some cool pics up from yesterdays show. Click on "gallery" at the top of the page. You will need flashplayer installed to see them.

The Examiner in Australia has a short article about fans attending the Tasmanian show. have a review of the Melbourne show with a pic. Another good one with setlist so beware of spoilers.

UK Press: Look out for possible Alice Cooper content in the following:
Daily Mirror - possibly today
The Times Play Magazine - 16th July in digital music supplement
Daily Express - 2nd July
The Telegraph - 2nd July
Mail On Sunday - 3rd July
The Sun - today
The Guardian - Today - Review of "Nights With Alice Cooper" in "G2" supplement
"Q" magazine - Poor review.. but then this is Q after all

Another Review 01 Jul 2005

The Herald-Sun in Australia has a review of the new show including a new pic.

Penrith Review and More UK Radio 30 Jun 2005

Pyromusic have posted a review of the Penrith show which includes a few photos of the show.

"Dirty Diamonds" will be the 'Album Of The Week' from 4 July on BBC Radio Two on "The Ken Bruce Show".

UPDATE: Tomorrow's edition of The Sun UK newspaper (Friday, 29 June) will carry a 4/5 review for the new album 'Dirty Dlamonds'.

UPDATE: The June issue of "Now" magazine in the UK apparantly has 2 pages on Alice, one being a photo.

UPDATE: Alice will be interviewed on Channel 4's T4 at 12.30pm on Saturday, July 2nd

Dirty Diamonds DVD? 30 Jun 2005

Damon Johnson, currently on tour with Alice in Australia, has updated his page with news of the Eric Singer and Friends show.. and the BIG news that they will be filming the Swiss show for a possible DVD later this year! No official confirmation as yet and it's probably a ways off but still something to look forward to!

Virgin Classic 30 Jun 2005

More info on Virgin Radio Classic Rock, the station that began to broadcast the 'Nights With Alice Cooper' radio show in the UK this week. The station is available on DAB (digital radio) in London, on SkyTV and Online throughout the rest of the UK. The station will be available on DAB in other parts of the UK as new digital multiplexes become available.

Florida Show Added 29 Jun 2005

September 29th - Clearwater, Ruth Eckerd Hall
Price: $37.50/42.50

Small Items 29 Jun 2005

There's a small Alice article and pic in the radio section of the new Radio Times (UK) in relation to the upcoming Razor Cuts radio show airing on Virgin Radio on the 3rd July. reports that The Stooges first two studio albums, 1969's 'The Stooges' and 1970's 'Fun House', will be reissued in special expanded editions with an introduction on 'The Stooges' penned by shock-rocker Alice Cooper. These are set for August 16th release through Rhino.

Albuquerque Tickets 29 Jun 2005

Albuquerque tickets for the show on Sept 10th go on sale at 9 a.m. Mountain Standard time on Saturday, July 9 at ticketmaster, but ticket packages go on sale, June 29 at 10 a.m. via Fanfire.
(Thanks Brett)

Tuesday Roundup 28 Jun 2005

A cool new article has appeared at the The American Chronicle that covers Alice's career with words from the man himself.

Ryan Roxie has submitted a song called 'Psycho Fighter' that will be included in the Horror anthology 'Scarlet Fry's Junkfood Horrorfest', starring Calico Cooper. "The song will fit perfect in our movie" says the producers and will feature Chuck Garric & Tommy Clufetos from the Alice cooper band, as well as John Corabi (Motley Crue) on guitar. 'Junkfood Horrorfest' will be available on DVD later this year. Stay tuned for further info on this film as it happens. The premeire is scheduled for Oct 2005 In the Dungeon at Cooperstown in Phoenix! More info at but beware as it contains explicit gore!

KissKollector has a review of the Eric Singer and Friends show the other night. Calico joined the band to sing a few songs!! Also check out the Roxie77 Yahoo Group for another review and some pics.

There will be an Alice Cooper radio special on Kerrang! Radio from 9.00am to 12noon UK time on Sunday 17th July.

Swedish Golf Interview 27 Jun 2005

Thanks to Maria for sending in a translation of the long Sweden Golf interview mentioned a couple of times below.

Sweden Golf - July 2005
Alice in Golfland

When Alice Cooper threw up blood in the morning he would rinse his mouth with whiskey. But the heavymetal-icon realized his lifestyle was leading him towards an early death and decided to go from drinks to golf. This summer he plays in Sweden.

Text: Carl Magnus Hellsten
Photos: Harry How/public press

Alice Cooper is the terrifying shockrocker who chops the heads of chickens in his shows and brings poisonus snakes on stage. In the beginning it was called shockrock and was judged by both parents and teachers claiming the music scared their children. There was a time when Alice Cooper rather hung out with Jack Daniel's than spending time with his family and when he woke up after rough partynights he would vomit blood. Still he reached for the whiskeybottle and rinsed his mouth with whiskey.
The lifestyle was on its way to become Alice Cooper's death. That was 23 years ago. Today 57-year-old Alice Cooper is on first tee at seven o'clock in the morning.

That's his schedule, six days a week. At least.

- My wife thinks I went from one bad habit to another.

I hope she's joking.......Alice Cooper is in California to play a pro-am before a competition on the LPGA-tour and we meet the rocklegend in the lounge at a luxury hotel in Palm Springs.

How would you describe yourself, who is......"The man behind the mask"?

- I'm two persons. Not on stage I'm always like this, calm, nice, pretty anonymus and an ordinary person. On stage I'm Alice Cooper and that role isn't close to how I really am as a person. I think it's about the same for Anthony Hopkins and his character Hannibal Lecter in the movie "Silence of The Lambs". How can that sympathic, English gentleman be such a terrible angry, aggressive and arrogant maniac who eats people? It's the same for Alice Cooper. I know Anthony and we have talked about it.

So why did you create Alice Cooper?

- I wanted to be the Captain Hook of rock 'n' roll. There were so many Peter Pan's out there and there was needed a Captain Hook and I was happy to take on that role.

You were born as Vincent Furnier but Alice Cooper is now your real name, what do I call you?

- Everyone says Coop. I used to call Gary Cooper Coop, so I like that.

Right before your two shows in Stockholm and Gothenburg are two Europetourcompetitions in Sweden. Would you like to join their pro-am?

- If it fits my schedule - sure. Tell those responsible for Scandinavian Masters and Scandinavian TPC, hosted by Annika, to send me invitations and we'll see if a solution can be worked out. It would be a lot of fun.

Have you booked any times to play in Sweden?

- No. Callaway always sets everything up and directly when I land I get information on where and when I'll play. I have played five, six courses in the Stockholm area and around 10 golf courses on other places in Swedes and have got good impressions from all golf courses.

Do you map out the golf courses?

- No. For me a golf course is a golf course. Too many golfers think too much about the esthetic around the golf course. I have played many golf courses which were not so beautiful but a very tough challenge. Then I have played beautiful, but simple golf courses. The only thing I care about is to get from tee to green on as few hits as possible and then to get the putts in.

Do you plan your tours after how good the local golf courses are?

- No, even though I play six days/week golf is still at the second place. It's the music I make a living of.

The pro at the local club in small Karlshamn gets a call in his shop an early Saturday. The person calling wants to book a time. The pro hangs up, and walks, a bit confused to the reception which handles the bookings and says "Someone called and said Alice Cooper would like to play here today. They wondered if we could come and pick him up at the hotel in town.
- Alice Cooper! The hardrocker!? Sure, we believe that.....
Answers the skeptical person working in the reception. After another hour the phone rings again. It's the staff at the hotel on Varvsgatan saying there are two gentlemen in the foyer waiting for the ordered limousine to take them to the golf course. It's Alice Cooper and his caddie.....

The golf club in Blekinge sends for a taxi and then gives Alice Cooper a free greenfee as compensation.

- How I ended up at Karlshamn Golf Club?
I had played a rockfestival nearby and went a golf round there after performing. Now Fanny Sunesson, Nick Faldo's ex-caddie, wants me to come to her homeclub so we can play together.

Do you meet fans out on the golf course?

- It happens and what I really like with golf in Sweden is that it's not a snobbish sport but something anyone can do. In countries such as England, French, and Germany golf is still so big deal and you almost have to belong to the right social circles in order for it to be accepted.

Are the fans shocked that Alice Cooper plays golf?

- Not after 23 years.....but they were in the beginning.
What maybe surprised them most was that I actually played well and won a couple of competitions. I mean, it's like if Marilyn Manson turned out to be a pretty good tennisplayer. How strange wouldn't that be? It's the same with Alice Cooper, but I have always liked that dynamic in my life - I can be the most shocking rocker on the planet and still go out and play golf with Jesper Parnevik and Annika S'renstam - without losing too big.

What do you think about our Swedish worldnumberone?

- I know Annika, we are both Callawayplayers. S'renstam is the national treasure of Sweden - and I think she is the world's best golfer - regardless of gender. Annika has been more consistent in winning than Tiger and her results for this year is amazing. She is the one who really attracts the audience to the competitions.

Are you going to visit Annika Academy which opens in Orlando next year?

- I didn't know she is going to start a school, but it will surely be successful because there are so many men who want her swing. It is not only girls who should try to take after her swing and I tell male golfers who want to be better to look at how the proladies play - they have better rhytm and balance.

And Jesper Parnevik?

- He is "great" and the one who brought style to the tour. More of the young players start to dress better and more modern but who started it? Parnevik. He came out there with tight trousers, in sharp colours and with the right belts. Jesper is the best dressed golfer, next are Aaron Baddeley and Ian Poulter.

Who dresses the worst?

- Duffy Waldorf, without doubt.

You have called Parnevik "the Swedish pimp"!

- What I meant is that he dresses like one, but he plays better than a "pimp".

Would you consider playing in pink trousers?

- Oh yes, that would be no problem. I like strong colours and actually own several pink pants but tell Jesper I want a pair of J Lindeberg, because their model is really cool.

When you visited the conservative Los Angeles Country Club the first time you wore cut-off jeans and a t-shirt.....How do you dress today?

- A bit more adapted golfclothes....from Izod. The colours are often black and white, this week I have a light pink shirt and a pair of dark trousers.

What is your handicap?

- Right now, 5. But I'm going down towards 3-4.

When was the last time you drank alcohol?

- 23 years ago - when I started playing golf. My wife's and my dad's different parishes prayed for my life at the same time when I was in a hospital and when I came out from it I was cured. And I have never had a relapse. When I see a drink it's like putting a loaded gun against my forehead, and if I drink - it goes off!

Golf was a way to get away from the booze?

- Exactly. As an artist you have a lot of spare time and for me I had to fill that void with something good. I have always been an athlete, played a lot of baseball when I grew up, and actually had a record in track in Phoenix.
Golf was perfect, a lot thanks to the baseball as the coordination was in my body. When I swung a golfclub it felt as natural as swinging a bat.

Had you survived without golf?

- Only if I found something else to fill my time with....but I'm really glad it was golf. I have played five, six days/week for 23 years and never felt I did not want to play. That's amazing.

Do you think golf had been able to save the lives of other rocklegends?

- No, at least not my old friends Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Keith Moon and Janis Joplin. I can't imagine anyone of them would play golf! They were all my partyfriends, I grew up with them and was sort of the little guy in the gang - they were my older brothers and sister.

Who all died young.

- Yes, but none of them really had to die. The only problem was they lived up to their images. When Jim Morrison got off the stage he still tried to be Jim Morrison - he was Jim Morrison 22 hours/day and that kills you rather fast.


- You never get a break. Look at Keith Moon - he lived 100 years during his 27 years short life. He was always Keith Moon, always high. I could sit at a table where there were a candybowl filled with different pills, when Jim Morrison came in he got a handful and rinsed them down with a bottle of booze.
It was never about if they would die, but when. I miss them all, but am not surprised they died. Therefore I'm glad I'm only the rocker Alice Cooper when I'm on the stage.

What does the rocker Alice think about you playing golf?

- He hates golf! Give him a golfclub on stage and he will use it as a weapon. He sees the golfclub as a tool to kill someone with.

What is the most shameful you have done at the course?

- Remember I'm not the rocker Alice when I play golf....I have never thrown the golfclub in frustration over a bad hit, I just say - "so what". Sometimes you need a bad score in order to appreciate the good scores. I have had 67 one day and 87 the next day.

What are you best at - "singing or swinging"?

- Singing is the easiest thing in the world for me. When I'm on the stage with my band I feel completly secure and comfortable. Because I play so much golf I have the same feeling when I come to the first tee - it does not scare me at all. I normally participate in the pro-am-competition for the Phoenix Open which is watched by 100 000 people. Then I play my best, last year I had six birdies and finished the TPC Scottsdale on a score of 71.

Phoenix Open is a kind of Party Open. Is there enough rock 'n' roll in golf?

- Good question....There are at least very many heavymetalbands who play golf and many of the guys who have their bodies covered with tattoos play. All in my band play, all in Iron Maiden too, just as Iggy Pop, Lou Reed and the guys in Judas Priest.

Which is your favourite golf course to play?

- If I had to select one golf course to play every day for the rest of my life it would be Muirfield Village in Columbus, Ohio.

You turned 57 in February and are old enough for the Champions Tour.... - I have already played with some of the "old men", amongst others Tom Watson, and do good for a while but eventually they will win with a few points. If I took two years off and worked intense with David Leadbetter I might have a small, small chance to be on the tour.
Have you come up with songs during a round?

- No, never.

In "The Man of The Year" you play golf with the President. Which one?

- That song is not about me but about a made-up character. A guy who has everything in life - the most beautiful wife, the best family, the finest clothes, the best job, and even gets to play golf with the Preisdent. Despite that he sits with a gun in his mouth, ready to pull the trigger and kill himself. Why? Obviously there is something missing in the guy's life, not materialistic, but rather spiritually.

Have you played with any President?

- Yes, Gerald Ford. And I have partipicated in the same competitions as George Bush the older. For his son, the current President, I have given him a Callawaydriver. I was visiting in the White House and there was recently a new driver released which I brought as a gift. I asked a friend who works for the CIA to go and put it on the table in the Oval Office. Later I saw a photo from when the President played golf - and used my golf club.

What do you think about George W Bush?

- I'm really not politically interested but I have no problems with him and he got my vote in the latest election. Our nation is at war and then we need a "bulldog" as President, not a pacifist. In peacetime maybe he would not fit but Bush is the John Wayne of the White House and right now, right guy at the right place.

How is it going for your charity competition?

- Good. It's called "Solid Rock Foundation" and during eight years we have raised more than $1 000 000 and I personally make sure that each penny goes to children in need. The fond has for example been able to build a recreationcenter for an Indian tribe in a innertownarea where they earlier had big problems with gangviolence, criminality and drugs. Now our center is a meetingplace for all, they come to hang out, surf on the net in the computerroom or maybe play some basketball.

You also own a restaurant in Phoneix?

- Yes, Cooperstown. It's a kind of a sportsbar where on the walls also hangs guitars from Eric Clapton, the Rolling Stones, Black Sabbath, Fleetwood Mac and Motely Crue. They are all my friends who have been in town and visited. Otherwise there are most things from local sportstars and I like the concept sport and rock 'n' roll.

What do you recommend from the menu?

- Our BBQ has for several years been chosen to the very best in Arizona. As first course I think you take a crab dip and then our "Tony La Russa's St. Louis Ribs". For dessert it's a brownie with vanilla ice cream which is big enough for four people. It is normally served in a big bowl where everyone gets a spoon and eats from different directions.

And then "Poison Pale Ale" to drink......?

- That's a tequiladrink.....I don't drink alcohol anymore, but you go ahead and have one!


Radio Alert 27 Jun 2005

Late notice but Alice Cooper will be on the Steve Wright radio show on Radio 2 sometime in the next few hours. We only just found out so sorry for late notice. Steve Wright is the guy Alice presented that life time award to at the Sony awards a few weeks ago.

UPDATE: You can now listen to the interview here.

Another Review 27 Jun 2005

Thanks to Monika at for pointing me to this review of the Enmore Theater show. A good one to counteract some of the rather confusing ones we've seen so far! No doubts that this reviewer enjoyed the show!

Show Review 26 Jun 2005

The Australian have posted a show review.

Alice Special on French Radio 25 Jun 2005

On Air NOW on French radio channel RTL is a two hour programme from 11pm-1am called "Saga" which is basically two hours of Alice Cooper!! You can listen online and the link above by selecting "Emissions" from the menu and the first option. They are playng 'Dirty Diamonds' tracks as well, but as my French is non-existant I couldn't tell you much about what the DJ's actually saying, but they are interviewing Alice with dubbed French voiceover!! The site also has a lengthy article in French.
(thanks Patrick)

New Interview 25 Jun 2005

FasterLouder in Australia have a new long interview up today with Alice.
(Thanks Des)

The new issue of 'Classic Rock Magazine' (UK) has a fullpage advert for 'Dirty Diamonds' on it's back page and a 7/10 review inside.
(Thanks Brian, Baz)

UK Radio: Stuart Maconie's Critical List on Radio 2, Saturday 9th July 2005 at 20:30 to 21:30. This is a series in which Stuart Maconie suggests albums that should be in the collection of every popular music aficionado. This week the spotlight is on Alice Cooper's album 'Billion Dollar Babies'.
(thanks Steve)

A New station, 100.5 Max-FM, have just picked up the 'Nights With Alice Cooper' radio show and are airing it from 7pm-midnight local time.
(thanks WickedLittleLady)

Next week on 'Nights with Alice Cooper' Alice continues to broardcast from Australia. On Wednesday he chats to Roger Glover (of Deep Purple) and on Thursday to Dan Ackroyd (repeat?)

Alice In Norway And Press Reports 24 Jun 2005 have just listed a show in Oslo for August 4th at the Sentrum Scene. Tickets are on sale July 1st.
(thanks Terje)

As reported yesterday Alice's radio show is coming to the UK on Virgin Classic Rock, which seems to be a digital and internet station. The show starts on June 27th and runs week nights from 6pm-10pm.

The Sydney Morning Herald has a review of the Elmore Theater show including a cool pic of Alice onstage. Kind of a mixed review, with a few of the normal lazy journalistic errors ('Be My Frankenstein'??).

There is now a review, by me for what its worth, of the new 'Dirty Diamonds' album up in the reviews section. Lots of spoilers so don't read if you don't wanna know.

Gettyimage have some great photos up now from the Sydney show. You can see large versions by clicking on the thumbnails but they are watermarked. Just do a search for "Alice Cooper" and they'll come up.

Lastly: Alice's interview with Brian May on last nights radio show is now online at

Samples Online 24 Jun 2005

Melodic have posted 1 minute samples of the first five tracks from 'Dirty Diamonds' the new Alice Cooper album due 4th July in UK/Europe and August 2nd in North America.
(thanks Vain)

More Alice press in Australia. Both "The Age" and The Mercury" newspapers included coverage with photos on their front pages. The Mercury included a one page story.
(Thanks Martin)

Short Press Item 23 Jun 2005

The Examiner in Tasmania has a short story relating to Alice's show there on July 1st. It's about a couple of fans who are hosting a look-a-like competition! have an interview with Eric Singer today, based around the shows He and the band are doing without Alice. Mainly they ask about Kiss unfortuantly but it has a cool pic of Eric at the top of the page.

Setlist for last nights show was the same as Newcastle. See the forum for reports and the first report of a VIP package and what happens.

Update: The "Sweden Golf" magazine interview mentioned a while back is now online here. It's in a .PDF file so you'll need to have the software to read it, and in Swedish obviously, but there are a few cool pics.
(thanks Maria)

Tuesday News 22 Jun 2005

Big news today is that Virgin Radio in the UK have just announced that the "Nights With Alice Cooper" radio show will begin airing in the UK. No date has been announced yet for the first show but I'll post an update if I find out more. Read the short announcement here.
In addition to that Alice to appear on Virgin radio at 8.00pm on 3rd July in a Razor Cuts special.

Also.. The transcript of the "Enough Rope" Australian TV show is now up on the show website for all to read. I'm hoping to get video of this one soon and will try and post it here.
(Thanks to Stefan, Desley)

More Australian TV 22 Jun 2005

Alice was on Australian TV this morning on Channel 9 early morning News show "Today". He gave a brief interview, which included a clip of Alice on stage.
(thanks Motorhead & Desley)

First Tour Review 21 Jun 2005

The first tour review is up on the Forum. Thanks Chris! Don't look if you want to avoid spoilers, its packed with them!! Note: I kinda have a feeling that when the show hits Europe it will be slightly different. Hopefully more new tracks and I *believe* a couple of extra theatrics, but I'm only guessing so don't hang me!

Also: Small story at Entertainment about Alice's shopping trip the other day in Australia. Quote:
"Those who refer to Alice Cooper as a rock dinosaur would have had a chuckle had they seen him doing a spot of shopping at the weekend. When the 57-year-old rocker visited the Diesel store in Sydney's Paddington on Saturday with his 24-year-old daughter Calico, he was busily munching on a dinosaur-shaped donut the shop was giving away to customers during its "prehistoric sale". Alice was apparently about as far removed as could be from his trademark song No More Mr Nice Guy, one of the store's staff told Confidential yesterday. "You could tell he was a rocker," the salesgirl said. "But he was lovely ... a really nice guy."

Also: STUK is having a GARAGE SALE!! Yup, I'm having a clean out here and there's now a page in the store (link on left) with some stuff. 99% is NOT Alice Cooper related but as we have such a diverse crowd of fans coming here there maybe something of interest. LOTS more will be added. Money is going to the "Get STUK to Paris" Fund!!!

Quick Roundup 20 Jun 2005

A few things are coming through today now that Alice is downunder and of course tonight is the first show of the tour!!

Firstly, Alice was on "Enough Rope" last night, the Australian TV show. Thanks to Nick for his timely report we know that he was on for about 30 minutes and it went very well! Keep an eye This site for a possible transcript of the show appearing in the near future.

Entertainment News (AUS) have a short news story and interview. Unfortunatly the call the album "Diamond Dogs"... Oh dear. We're trying to get them to correct it. (Thanks Des)

Also last night Alice was on "The Great Outdoors", a travel show which this week featured Phoenix, AZ. Thanks to Murray for reporting "They showed a few short clips from Brutal Planet (Schools Out and Poison) and a short clip from WTMN (Department of Youth). The part of the story involving Alice was mainly filmed at Cooperstown and Bank One BallPark. The presenter referred to Alice as the godfather of Shock Rock and mentioned the fact that Alice has outlived a great many other artists. I felt for those people watching that only know the rumours about Alice would have enjoyed the segment.
They ended the segment by advertising Alice's Australian tour dates"

Ross has spotted a story in todays australian press that Alice will be appearing and possibly performing at the 'Golden Stave Awards' in Sydney , this Friday . (after the show presumably). This appears to be an industry function. More info if I get it.

Think that's it for now. More later when I have time to go through all the emails pouring in!! And hopefully tomorrow or soon after... the first setlist and review of the 2005 World Tour!!

Extra: XM radio are re-airing the 'Then...Again...Live! Alice Cooper's Greatest Hits' show tonight at 6pm ET. Check it out at It will air on the XM Live, Deep Tracks, Top Tracks, and Boneyard channels.

Also: More Australian press. This time The Australian has a short interview.

Turkey In August 17 Jun 2005

GRJ is showing Alice cooper performing in Istanbul, Turkey on August 3rd.

Also: Next Week on 'Nights With Alice Cooper'
Wednesday: Free Bassist Andy Fraser
Thursday: Brian May

Morning Roundup 16 Jun 2005

Quick round up of a few things I didn't have time to add yesterday:
First up, everyone in Melbourne, Australia should head down to the shops and buy yourself a copy of the Herald-Sun for TWO pieces on Alice. One small piece with a pic which promotes his upcoming appearance on the 'Great Outdoors' TV show on the 20th, and another larger piece in the Entertainment section. For those outside Oz I should think this is one of the articles.
(thanks Nick)

There's a small quote from Alice here taken from "the Great Outdoors" show.

Also: Its now confirmed the Alice will be on "The Enough Rope" show, reported last week, in Australia on Monday night 20th June 2005 at 9.30 on ABC TV.

There's a radio interview turned up here at Metal express. It's from June 2004 but still cool.
(Thanks Patrick)

New West Street Team 14 Jun 2005

From Devon:
I'm happy to announce the formation of the brand new Alice Cooper Street Team Mailing List on Yahoo. This group is designed to work with New West to help communicate promotional ideas for Alice Cooper's upcoming releases and tours. A majority of the list will be New West's Street Team members but all Alice fans are wlecome to join up, no matter where in the world you are. We have had a nice response so far but would like as many people to join and add ideas to help promote the new album. New West has been very open to ideas so far which is what inspired the creation of this group. Lets make our voice heard! Sign up here.

Dirty Diamonds now preorder on Amazon US 14 Jun 2005

Dirty Diamonds has finally appeared on AmazonUS for preorder. Click here to order through STUK. Thanks! It appears the US version is coming in some sort of digipack but no more details.

Australian TV Alert 13 Jun 2005

Alice Cooper will be on "The Great Outdoors" on June 20th at 7:30pm on Channel 7 in Australia.
(Thanks Shaun)

This week on Nights.. 13 Jun 2005

Thursday: George Thorogood plays some live acoustic songs
Friday: First show from Australia!

Also: Check out Creem Magazine who have posted a page of old letters about Alice.

Phoenix Show Last Night 12 Jun 2005

Alice played a short show at Cooperstown last night. Setlist ran: Be My Lover / Lost In America / Woman Of Mass Destraction / No More Mr. Nice Guy / Brown Sugar / Unfinished Sweet / I'm 18 / Under My Wheels / Is It My Body / Back In The USSR / Poison / I Never Cry / Billion Dollar Babies / School's Out.
Could this give hints to a couple of songs that may return for the tour setlist?
(Thanks Pat)

Dickinson Previews 11 Jun 2005

As pre-warned Alice was on the Bruce Dickenson show just now. Nice interview and two more previews, 'Perfect' and 'Dirty Diamonds' itself (well the beginning of it anyway) plus 'Steal That Car' again. The show will be archived at the Radio 6 site by tomorrow.

Radio Article 11 Jun 2005

AZCentral has a nice little article about Alice, the radio show, and the state of US radio in general up on their site including a few Alice quotes.

Alice Weekend in Canada 10 Jun 2005

There is a 'Alice Cooper Weekend' running this weekend on a Southern Ontario radio station at 94.9 The Rockfm. You can telephone them toll free at 1-866-799-ROCK. If you're anywhere but North America try 011-1-866-799-ROCK or the request line at
(Thanks Sharon)

Also: Don't forget Alice will be on The Bruce Dickinson Show on BBC Radio 6 tomorrow night from 9pm to midnight. Listen live here.

Live in Phoenix This Saturday 10 Jun 2005

Alice and the band will play a short show THIS saturday at Cooperstown in Phoenix right after the Diamondbacks game. It'll be a short show (30 mins plus) but unmissable if you're in the area. Possible signing session afterwards.

Also: According to various sources The film 'Rock School' has been pulled from theater release after just one weekend. Sources suggest that after a very light box office, Newmarket Films opted to cancel the remaining nationwide openings with no word about whether they'll be rescheduled. "Rock School" is about the Paul Green 'School of Rock' in Philadelphia, where students high school-aged and younger learn to play rock music in a structured setting. Alice Cooper makes a cameo appearance, performing his hit "School's Out" with some of the students as the end credits roll. A DVD release will still presumably appear in the future.

Phoenix Show 09 Jun 2005

September 17th '05 Dodge Theater, Phoenix, AZ.

UPDATE: Apparently this was listed at by mistake. Venue and Date likely to be wrong. Sorry.

Good To See You Again, Alice Cooper 08 Jun 2005

"Good to see you again, Alice Cooper", the MOVIE of the Billion Dollar Babies tour in 1973 is tentatively scheduled for September 12th in the UK, presumably also thereabouts for USA. It's the real thing this time, not a mistake on Netflicks as before, although as always the date may change. More details as I get them.

Also: Small news article about the forthcoming US tour can be found at

Another Preview 07 Jun 2005

Hot on the trail of Friday nights preview, tonight we heard "Run Down The Devil" from "Dirty Diamonds". This is the track Ryan refered to a few weeks back as being kinda Brutal Planet-ish I think. Heavier then much of what we've heard so far from the album.

See Alice on Oz TV 06 Jun 2005

Alice Cooper will appear on an ABC TV talk show in Australia called "Enough Rope" (surely a perfect title for Alice!) next week or the week after. Fans who live in the Sydney area can get tickets by ringing the show tommorow on 02 9217 2222. Seats are free if you get in fast enough.
The show appears to air at 9.30 on Mondays and has a website here.
(Thanks Flushthefashion)

Uncut Magazine 06 Jun 2005

As mentioned briefly the other day Uncut Magazine (UK) has an interview with Alice in the new issue. In it he talks about the chicken incident again, being Vincent Furnier and carrying a boa constrictor through customs. Worth checking out! It's the July issue you want.

Small items 06 Jun 2005 have a short quote from Alice about the new album. He says "I wanted the sound of a classic Stones album. When I listen to the Stones or the Yardbirds, there are occasional mistakes going on. Not major mistakes, but you just can't beat the feel of those records. I believe you can cook all the juice right out of a song by recording it too much." They also have a small pic of the cover.

Also: UK newspaper the Daily Express has a short Alice mention today. It goes like this:
"ALICE COOPER has a macabre new act up his spandex sleeve for his world tour this summer. In the past, the climax of the 57-year-old rocker's show has been to impale the plastic babies on cutlasses while chopping off the head of a lifesize model of pop princess Britney Spears with a 30ft-hight guillotine. Now, the perma-kohled singer, whose hits include Schools Out and No More Mister Nice Guy, has a new victim in mind. "This year, I'm thinking of cutting Paris Hilton's head off. That'll be fun," he beams, "or maybe I'll take all of the American Idol contestants, kill them off one by one and mount their heads on sticks." Simon Cowell, you've been warned.'"
There's also a small pic.
(Thanks Tim)

Sunday Times 05 Jun 2005

There is apparently some Alice Cooper content in todays Sunday Times magazine in an article about Marvel Comics. I haven't seen it yet so can't be more specific, but I figured it better to mention it so people still have time to check it out before it's too late.

Magazine Interview 04 Jun 2005

There's an interview with Alice and full page photo in the latest (July) edition of UK magazine 'Uncut'.
(thanks Pete)

Sunset Babies 04 Jun 2005

Alice debuted another track off 'Dirty Diamonds' on last nights "Nights With Alice Cooper' radio show. 'Sunset Babies (All Got Rabies)' is a swaggering Stones-like rocker.

New Mini-Compilation 02 Jun 2005

Rhino appear to have released five songs as part of a digital download of old material on May 25th in the USA. Called 'Rhino: Hi Five', the five tracks are 'School's Out', No More Mr Nice Guy'. 'Elected', 'Billion Dollar Babies' and 'Under My Wheels'. Thanks to Dave who has sent me the following info on this:
"The music on Hi-Five are five songs that are digital downloads at various sites that feature that sort of thing including Yahoo. They sell at around $3.61 for all the songs. Rhino is bundling a lot of different artists and is releasing them in batches on a monthly basis since March."
So basically the "Take Five" banner is a banner under which these digital downloads are being promoted.

New Australian Interviews 02 Jun 2005

Two new Alice interviews promoting the forthcoming Australian dates can be found here and here at the Sydney Herald.

Rock School Article 02 Jun 2005

There's a few Alice Cooper quotes in this article about the 'Rock School' album and film.

Also: This months Mojo magazine apparently has a small pic of Alice at the Sony Radio awards last month where he presented an award to DJ Steve Wright.

Holland Venue Change 02 Jun 2005

Thanks to Vincent for spotting that the venue for the Holland show on July 18th appears to have changed. It was at Martini Plaza in Groningen but it now appears to be in Tilburg at the 013. Tickets for the orginal venue are apparently still valid or can be returned up to July 1st.

Eric Singer and Friends 01 Jun 2005 is reporting that Eric Singer and the rest of the AC band will be performing two exclusive shows in Australia on their days off in Sydney and Melbourne. The show will feature covers including Kiss, Bowie, Sweet, T-Rex, Cheap Trick and others kinda like the old Glamnation shows from a few years ago. The band will feature Eric, Ryan, Chuck, and Damon.
After the show, the band will be hanging around for a signing session to meet and greet the fans and will be making available some exclusive merchandise. Support for both shows will come from Melbourne act STAND.
The dates to know are June 25th in Sydney at the Annandale Hotel and June 29th in Melbourne at the Corner Hotel.

XM Greatest Hits Repeat 30 May 2005

Thanks to Ryan for the following:
XM Radio will be replaying Alice Cooper's 'Then Again Live' show from back in November on XM Ch 200 at 2 AM Eastern Standard Time tonight (technically Tuesday morning). For anyone not familiar with this performance, it is Alice and his current band playing the entire Greatest Hits album in front of a live audience at XM studios.

Holiday Treats 30 May 2005

A little bonus today as there doesn't seem to be a lot of news so far. My good friend Pete (Dean of Men) brought over a copy of the Zane Lowe Gonzo MTV2 appearance last night which I couldn't watch when it aired. So I've put it up now for all to see. Some nice album mentions in there. Click here to watch or download on dialups.

Next Week On Nights... 28 May 2005

Wednesday: David Coverdale
Thursday: Dr Lynn Kitei (UFO Film Maker)

The Kumars 27 May 2005

As forewarned Alice appeared on "The Kumars At No. 42" this evening on BBC1 in an appearance filmed in London a couple of weeks ago. Also on the show was comedy legend Ronnie Corbett who overseas fans may recall from the SkyPlus advert the pair did together last year.
The show is a weird sort of sitcom crossed with an interview show and something of an aquired taste, but Alice came off well despite having to tell the chicken story yet again.
For the benefit of overseas fans you can watch the Alice segment of the show, available for a short time only, by clicking here. Dial-up users would be advised to right click and "save as" but be warned it's a 10meg file this time as the clip is about 13 minutes in total.

Classic Rock 27 May 2005

The new edition of Classic Rock has a short piece on Alice under the title "Alice In Warning Land: Cooper Employs Shock Tactics." Below is a quote about the new show:
Alice Cooper has a word of warning for anyone attending his November UK shows. "If I were in the first 20 rows, I wouldn't wear my best clothes," he told Classic Rock recently. "The show does have a tendency to spill into the audience a bit..."
Cooper, who releases a new album 'Dirty Diamonds' in July will be supported by Twisted Sister, and he promises "a lot of fun" as well as a production that will keep changing - the staging, the costumes, the lights, the attitude, the mood - it gradually travels into "the bigger theatrical world of Alice - the psychodrama".

Ticket Tidbits and Sweden Golf 27 May 2005

It seems the confusion over where Alice will be playing on September 2nd has resolved itself. Fanfire are now also listing the Madison, WI show with packages going on sale later today.

The Las Vegas show on the 17th of October will go on sale this saturday at 12pm from Ticketmaster. No mention of Cheap Trick on this one so far.

Also: Maria emails to say that Swedish Golfing magazine 'Svensk Golf' is advertising an article on Alice in their next issue. The advert features a photo of Alice and the text: "There was a time when hardrocker Alice Cooper rather hung out with "Jack Daniels" than his family. When he woke up after hard partynights he threw up blood and cleaned his mout with whiskey. The lifestyle was almost killing him. Today Cooper plays golf six days/week. This summer also in Sweden."

Also: New West Want You
I should have maybe included this a few days ago but New West Records, Alice's new North American label are looking for people to join their 'Street Team'. They want YOU to help promote the new album and be part of making it a success. All the details are at the New West Street Team Site. Benefits seem to include special merchandise and possibly even show tickets. Many people complained that Spitfire didn't do enough. Now US fans can help in making 'Dirty Diamonds' a success!
There is already a forum open on the New West site for fans to chat and street team members have a special area as well accessable once you join up.

Also don't forget Alice's appearance on 'The Kumars" tonight on BBC1 at 9.30pm (check for regional variations).

All Good Publicity 26 May 2005

Thanks to Maggie for spotting that Alice performed at a special party for the Los Angeles Premier of 'Rock School' on the 24th. Also in attendance were Jon Anderson of Yes and Ex-Police drummer Stuart Copeland. Alice appears to have performed 'School's Out' at the party with the Rock School students. Photos of the event are available both at Wireimage and GettyImage.
The album is now available through Amazon. It features Alice and the Students performing a new version of 'School's Out' as well as appearances by Ian Gillan (Deep Purple), Ann Wilson (Heart), Jon Anderson (Yes), Dave Mustaine(Megadeth) and Billy Idol. It can be bought from AmazonUS or AmazonUK now.

Also: Another minor story doing the round today. This one comes from something said on the Late Late Show a couple of nights ago (video below) and refers to the Keith Richards Blood storey. Contact Music have it as follows: ALICE COOPER has an idea for a great horror movie - about what happens with rock peer KEITH RICHARDS' used blood.

The Detroit, Michigan rock icon says he's amazed the likes of Richards and IGGY POP are still alive after years spent abusing their bodies, and suggests filmmakers should work on a concept about how they preserve their bodies.
Cooper, real name VINCE FURNIER, says, "Iggy shouldn't be alive at all... He's like an old baseball glove... and Keith Richards should have been dead years ago. Nobody can live through that.
"Of course, he gets new blood every year; he has a 15-year-old Swedish girl's blood in him right now. But there's a great horror movie there somewhere because where does his old blood go...? They have to drain it and dump it somewhere. I love that idea."

Dirty Diamonds (For Real) 25 May 2005

The image above is confirmed as the REAL cover for 'Dirty Diamonds'. (Thanks Andrew, Timur)
The full track list appears to be:

  1. Woman Of Mass Distraction
  2. You Make Me Wanna
  3. Perfect
  4. Dirty Diamonds
  5. Pretty Ballerina
  6. Sunset Babies (All Have Rabies)
  7. Zombie Dance
  8. The Saga Of Jesse Jane
  9. Six Hour
  10. Steal That Car
  11. Run Down The Devil
  12. Your Own Worst Enemy

In addition there appear to be two bonus tracks, 'The Sharpest Pain' and 'Stand', although where they will appear is unconfirmed. 'Stand' is the title of the track previously released on the 'Unity' Olympics album earlier this year which featured rapper Xhibit. It's listed on the UK promo that has appeared.
Currently release dates are set as July 4th for Europe and August 2nd for North America although of course this could change.

The Late Late Show 25 May 2005

As previously reported Alice appeared on the 'The Late Late Show with Craig Fergusson' last night. It was an interview, not a performance, and he was on for 8-10 minutes. I haven't seen it yet, being in the UK, but it appears to have gone well although the host asked some of the same old questions yet again. No sign of 'Rock School' as predicted on the shows site and only passing reference to 'Dirty Diamonds'.
(thanks damiennalice and Devon)
Update: Watch here. Dial up users are recommended to right click and "save as" rather then watching online.
(thanks Jeff)

New Finland Show 24 May 2005

August 5th 2005 -Oulu, Finland, Club Teatria

Dirty Diamonds 23 May 2005

Note: Not final cover design, this is a "rough mock up" using old photo of Alice that has appeared on apparently by mistake. Actual cover will have new Alice Cooper pic on it. Apologies for any confusion yesterday.

More Small Bits 21 May 2005

Blue22pr have a mp3 format interview clip relating to the current charity auctions.

Radio 6 The Bruce Dickinson Show
Saturday - June 11th

USA: CBS - The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson (with 'Rock School')
Tuesday - May 24, 2005 (but after midnight)

Dirty Diamonds is Coming! 21 May 2005

Last night Alice previewed another new track from the forthcoming album 'Dirty Diamonds' on 'Nights With Alice Cooper'. The track is called 'Pretty Ballerina' and is in fact a cover of a Left Banke track from 1967. As usual a poll has been set up on the forum for you to say what you think of it if you heard it.
The US release of 'Dirty Diamonds' has been confirmed as August 2nd on New West Records. A Press release has been issued with lots of details about the album.

Alice Cooper
Dirty Diamonds
Release date: August 2, 2005

After 30 albums and some of the most famous rock songs ever recorded, you'd think Alice Cooper's demons would've been conquered by now, or maybe locked in a cage and fed undercooked meat. But the man who changed the course of rock music in the '70s with bloody guillotines, sparking electric chairs, slimy boa constrictors, and a little blood and eyeliner still has more to slay in 2005. Alice Cooper is master at re-inventing himself, shedding his skin like one of his snakes to become everything from a mascara'd grave robber to a leather-wrapped street hooligan, a film noir detective, insane asylum honor student, and nihilistic dada-ist. 2003's Eyes of Alice Cooper saw another of these shape-shifts, grinding musical gears with back-to-basics garage rock. Wrapping his famous sneer/snarl around a fistful of power chords, Alice 'lean and mean' pumped the adrenaline to toxic levels. With the release of Dirty Diamonds, Coop is back in even finer form, promising more thrills, chills and doctor bills.

"Dirty Diamonds sounds like Eyes of Alice Cooper with more polish on it," says Alice. "On Eyes I wouldn't allow the band to do overdubs. We did everything in the studio: write, record it and put it to bed. I don't want a Queen album or a Def Leppard album that's perfectly recorded. They're terrific, you can't knock those albums, but that's not the sound I'm looking for. I'd much rather have the sound of an early Stones album." And that's exactly what Dirty Diamonds is "a nod to the British Invasion past while acknowledging the Nu-rock White Stripes/Jet present. Guitars and solos are strip-searched of effects, giving sharp bite to songs like 'Woman of Mass Distraction,' a smoker's cough sheen to 'Your Own Worst Enemy' and testosterone feistiness of 'Steal That Car.' "This whole album takes you in a lot of different directions," he says, "yet it still really sounds like an Alice album." His roadmap this time takes you through glam-trash ['Dirty Diamonds'], last call blues ['Six Hours'], all-purpose punk ['Steal That Car'], country & western ['Saga of Jesse Jane'], New Orleans, swampy mugginess ['Zombie Dance'], and undiluted south-of-the-belt-buckle, Stones hard rock ['Sunset Babies (All Got Rabies')].

And there's no shortage of razor-tongued, phrase twisting-like his famous black eyes, another Alice plot device. In 'Run Down The Devil,' when he catches Satan ('the ultimate road kill') in his headlights, he promises to 'take him to the Mercury grill' and 'kick his future up his past.' He even punk's Chihuahua-toting Paris Hilton types in 'Sunset Babies' with the line, 'I'd buy her a diamond collar, if she'd only throw me a bone.' "The art of the lyric is something I spend all my time on," says Alice. "I love the idea that a song will throw a lyrical curve at you or at least make you go, that's an Alice lyric. I learned to write lyrics from listening to Chuck Berry who is maybe the best rock lyricist. I always said an Alice lyric should always be a cut above everyone else when it comes to clever. If I can make myself laugh, then I know it's a good lyric." A prime example comes in the form of a country western ballad, 'The Saga of Jesse Jane,' whose cross-dressing main character finds himself jailed in a Texas town "in my sister's wedding gown." The song asks, "Are you just a normal guy who dresses like a butterfly?" "I say we should release that to country & western radio and not tell anybody who it's from. I tried to make it sound like Johnny Cash. I can hear this playing in a truck stop jukebox. The idea that it has clever lyrics shouldn't take away from the fact that the song is actually a catchy number."

Of the many standout tracks, Alice professes fondness for the song, 'Perfect.' While its middle-finger guitar riff and lyrical swagger points a straight line back to 'Love It To Death' and 'Be My Lover,' Alice says it has more in common with Meet The Beatles. "I just absolutely pride myself on that song. Wouldn't it be great to be able to write 'I Saw Her Standing There' or 'You're Gonna Lose That Girl'? Any three-minute Beatles song. I finally wrote something I feel could've been a Beatles song at one point, even if it was a Beatles song they would've thrown away.

One of the album's more deceptive tracks is 'Pretty Ballerina,' a dark ballad imbued with Alice's eerie softer voice, veiled in classic Cooper unease. "That was originally written by a band called The Left Banke who had a hit with 'Walk Away Renee,'" says Alice. "'Pretty Ballerina' was their second hit. I heard it when I was a kid in 1965-66. It's just such a great curveball; it sounds a little bit like 'Only Women Bleed.' It has that delicacy and darkness, even though when you listen to it it's just a love song. The way it was written really appeals to that darker romantic side of me."

Writing and recording Dirty Diamonds with Alice is his band, long-time guitarist Ryan Roxie, recent addition guitarist Damon Johnson (best known for his band Brother Cane), bassist Chuck Garric and drummer Tommy Clufetos. Unlike Alice's 2003 album The Eyes of Alice Cooper, which featured the band and only the band with virtually no overdubs, Dirty Diamonds has a more arranged and produced feel to it, and features additional contributions by a host of highly regarded LA musicians and writers, including guitarist Rick Boston (Rickie Lee Jones), bassist Mike Elizondo (Eminem, 50 Cent) and keyboardist Teddy Zigzag (who has worked with everyone from Guns N Roses to Carole King).

"I really look at Dirty Diamonds as an Alice gem. There are no fillers. Pick any song you think might be a single and I'm happy with that song representing the album. That to me is quality. Every track has got to be a great song, which is something I learned from Bob Ezrin." (producer of the Alice Cooper platinum classics Love It To Death , School's Out, Billion-Dollar Babies, and Welcome To My Nightmare, as well as Pink Floyd and Kiss). Co-produced by Steve Lindsey (who has worked with everyone from Leonard Cohen to Elton John) and Rick Boston, the minimalist 'set it and forget it' approach captures Alice Cooper in all his timeless black humor and raw wound glory. "With Steve we were able to write it, record it and move on to the next song," says Alice. "He's one of those guys who has the same kind of music pedigree as Ezrin. We were on the same page as far as the kind of music we were talking about." The only song that indulges mapped-out production is the title track, with a movie soundtrack horn section that recalls the West Side Story spin of 'Gutter Cats Vs. The Jets'. "Almost everything through Alice Cooper has had a cinematic sound to it. Think of 'Dirty Diamonds' as being a James Bond movie. That's something that Alice does that nobody else does," he says.

'Dirty Diamonds' is pure Alice Cooper. He's still and forever rock's reigning shock rock icon. "I always treated Alice as a dignified criminal, like Hannibal Lecter," he says. "Lecter would never lower himself to use bad language. Alice was always too much of an elegant gentleman; He wouldn't swear, but he'd slit your throat."

More Ticket Packages 20 May 2005

Available today at 10amPT/1pmET from Fanfire:
August 23 - Toronto, ON - Docks Concert Theatre - Second Toronto Show
August 28 - Farmingville, NY - Brookhaven Amphitheatre
August 30 - Syracuse, NY - NY State Fair
October 17 - Las Vegas - The Joint

Next Week On Nights... 20 May 2005

Tuesday: Comedian Richard Belzer
Wednesday: Actor Bill Pullman
Thursday: Write/Director Paul Schrader
Friday: Tesla on Offbeat News

More Shows and Ticket Packages 18 May 2005

New Shows:
August 23rd - second night in Toronto at The Docks
October 24th - Lethbridge AB, at Enmax Centre ( lists Emax Arena but that doesn't seem to exist).
October 16th - Las Vegas at The Joint.

Also, just to add to the confusion this year, as of writing have shows in both Loveland. CO AND Huron, SD listed for September 4th on the main page. One is listed announcing the package deal, and one in the "new dates".

Fanfire have also announced more ticket packages for the rich people out there. Packages for Cincinnatti, Loveland, Vancouver, Edmonton, Red Deer and Lethbridge and Calgary go on sale May 19th.

Vancouver 18 May 2005

Classic 101 are showing a date for Vancouver on October 19 at the Orpheum Theatre. Tickets's on sale this Thursday.

Canadian Shows 17 May 2005

New Show Dates:
October 21st '05 Calgary, AB, Canada - Southern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium. Presale begin 18th May at 10am
October 22nd '05 Edmonton AB, Canada - The Winspear. On sale Friday.
October 23rd '05 Red Deer, AB, Canada - Enmax Centrium. On sale 19th May at 10am.
(thanks Steve, Essay)

UPDATE: The Edmonton Sun has confirmation of the Edmonton show in a short article today.

Also: Thanks to 'Mister Shivers' for this report on todays Alice Appearance on Phoenix TV.

Alice appeared on local NBC channel 12 in Phoenix on the Arizona midday program. This was broke into various segments with Alice over the course of the show. Kind of like he was guest host, but kept disappearing for some segments. He did a brief sit down interview (nothing of major interest really). The second segment was a cooking segment with Alice and and supposedly Sheryl. My guy at the news station said they both were appearing, but Sheryl wasn't on camera that I saw. The segment was called "cookin' with kids". They served cottage cheese with gravy, pancakes and sauerkraut, Ice cream with BBQ CHIPS and bologna with vinegar. Alice served up his recommended favorite, peanut butter with Dill pickles. There were some strange combinations that were borderline weird. Short segments really, Alice did make a fat kid eat something gross at the end.

Next segment was with Alice and Sheryl doing some cooking. Actually all Alice did was pour some Almonds in a pan and crack jokes. Sheryl had kids dressed as bumble bees bring out the ingredients for the segment. Alice just kind of hung out and talked about how they met and how he is a romantic and likes shopping for Sheryl and taking her out on dates. He then gave relationship advice. Alice said Calico just finished a movie and was going out on tour with him. He also mentioned he likes to run around the house dressed as Zorro while Sheryl wears dance outfits. The bumble bees sang going into commercial break.

Next up was Sheryls Destiny Dancers doing a routine to the Eurythmics "Sweet Dreams". Interesting program which was really the local Alice more so than the entertainer. I will check with my guy at the station and see if he will send the segments over via computer.

Mister Shivers

Chicken Feed 17 May 2005

In what seems to be a very quiet day news-wise there's little to report. As expected several more sources have taken up both the "Alice Begs for Bond Role" and "Michael Jackson" non-stories from yesterday. About the only thing I've seen of any note is a story in the Arizona Central, which is actually just a recipe for 'Chicken Salad with Grapes and Carmelized Almonds'.

Today's Tidbits 16 May 2005

A few sources are running a story about Alice wanting to be the next James Bond adversary. Nothing new really as he's been saying similar things for about 20 years, but it was deemed interesting enough to get mentions in The Daily Mail newspaper today and online at ContactMusic. Others will probably follow.
Another story doing the rounds today is related to Alice's comments on Michael Jackson. Basically the quote goes "He can't possibly go to any jail that exists right now. My idea was that they build him a fantasy jail like Captain Hook's ship because he's so into this Peter Pan thing." Again it seems that's interesting enough to be reported in several places including The Times and the New York Times!

Also: Marketwire are running a press release from EagleRock announcing that EagleRock will be releasing titles on "the hot new Universal Media Disc (UMD) format, and release selected catalog titles worldwide on UMD for play on the Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP) game device." None of that means much to me but you can check the link for more info. It also appears that their site has some 1 minute mp4 samples from their old Alice Cooper releases. I couldn't find them but JollyJon found 'School's Out' from 'Brutally Live' on there for anyone that hasn't heard it. However apparently this one is the full song and 28meg so dialup beware!

Short Items 15 May 2005 have a short item from the Soap Awards interview.

Also: I'm working on the RSS newsfeeds at the moment. I've added easy links above so that those who use myYahoo or myMSN can add the feed to their page, but the MSN one seems a little flaky at the moment. Hopefully will be fixed in a few hours.

UK Radio 15 May 2005

At the end of his show this week Bruce Dickinson announced that he had a "Alice Cooper Special" coming up in early June. This would presumably include an interview done while Alice was in the UK last week. No exact date yet.
(Thanks Jollyjon)

Congratulations Roxie!!! 14 May 2005

The big news today is that Mr and Mrs Ryan Roxie have brough a new Roxie Jr into the world. The bouncing baby girl, named 'Natashia Grace', came into our world on May 9th in Stockholm, Sweden (the Roxie's new home base). Mother and daughter are doing fine! Congratulations!!!

BBC Radio 1's Rock Show have started airing a series of 10 short soundbites featuring 'Alice Cooper's Ten Commandments'. The first two were aired on last weeks show and it appears there will be two more each show for the next four weeks. You can here the whole show here.

The Kumars At No 42 featuring Alice Cooper will air at 9.30 on Friday May 27th on BBC1. Also on the show is Alice's SkyPlus advert partner Ronnie Corbett.

Newbury Comics in the Northwest (US) are carrying a free 'Concrete Corner' monthly sampler that this month includes 'School's Out' by The Paul Green School of Rock Music & Alice Cooper.
(thanks Jollyjon, Keith, Dave)

Lastly There's yet another new interview with Ryan Roxie up at This one has a few more hints on what to expect from the new Alice Cooper album 'Dirty Diamonds'.

Phoenix TV 13 May 2005

Alice will appear on The CNBC cable television program "Power Lunch" will be broadcast from The Phoenician Resort & Spa Tuesday, May 17, from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. local time. The show will be carried live in the Phoenix area on CNBC, Channel 64 on Cox digital cable.

More packages 13 May 2005

Fanfire have just put up more pocket emptying ticket packages for North America. Shows featured this time are Toronto, Pueblo, Co, Grand Juction, Co. and Alpine, Ca for $200 and $400.

This week on 'Nights...' 13 May 2005

This week on the 'Nights With Alice Cooper' radio show Alice will be chatting with:
Tuesday: Huey Lewis
Wednesday: Tommy Shaw of Styx
Thursday: John Kay of Steppenwolf
No sign of any new 'Dirty Diamonds' previews though.

It's New West Records 12 May 2005

Classicsdujour are reporting that the new Alice Cooper album, 'Dirty Diamonds' will be released on New West Records on August 9th in the USA. While the date is officially unconfirmed, this is a month AFTER the previously quoted German release date. New West Records have a website here and appear to be predominatly a small country label so it does seem an odd match for Alice. Time will tell what they can do for him that Spitfire couldn't.
(Thanks Des)

Joe Bouchard Interview 12 May 2005

Click here to check out a new interview with BDSs Joe Bouchard including a few BDS related comments.

Villain Of The Year 11 May 2005

For those of you outside the UK, or who just couldn't face hours of faceless soap stars, here's Alice's appearance on 'The British Soap Awards 2005'. Slow connections might want to save the file before playing (right click and "save target as").
Watch for the possibility of a bit more later this evening from the post show party.

Update: ...and here's the aftershow party interview.

MTV Have Shock Revelation. 11 May 2005

Yes, MTV have broken a story that NO ONE has ever heard before. No, really. In a current news story they are claiming Alice Cooper never killed a chicken!! This shock revelation came about during the TRL interview on Monday. MTV it seems haven't a clue that Alice has had to wheel out the same revelation in pretty much every interview for the last 30 years, including many MTV interviews. They also manage to miss quote him from their own show!!
In a slightly more serious article ITV have a new interview with Alice from the Soap Awards. The show will be transmitted over ITV1 and ITV2 starting at 6pm tonight.

Toronto Date 10 May 2005

Alice Cooper and Cheap Trick
Dock's Nightclub and Concert Theatre
August 22, 2005 7:00 PM

Alice Cooper on TRL 10 May 2005

You can now watch low resolution WMF versions of Alice's short appearance on MTV's TRL today here in which Alice asks Kelly Osbourne a question (via tape) and she doesn't understand it!! I tried to do yesterdays much longer appearance but seem to have a glitch and it isn't working. Sorry.

Alice Cooper Presents Award 10 May 2005

Alice was at the "Sony Radio Academy Awards" last night and presented a lifetime achievement award to DJ Steve Wright at the end of the show. News report can be seen here with some pics.

BDS on Compilation 09 May 2005

Bouchard, Dunaway and Smith will be featured on a new compilation album called 'Classic Rock Revisted Vol. 1 The New Road Ahead' that will be available from iTunes soon. Also included will be tracks from Foghat, Rik Emmett (Truimph), Walter Rossi, Joe Lynn Turner, Bill Ward (Black Sabbath), Shooting Star, and Living Loud (featuring Bob Daisley, Steve Morse & Lee Kerslake). You can see the album cover here.

Also: If anyone can help fill in any venue or ticket links, especially for some of the European shows, for the tour dates list it would be appriciated. I've searched and searched and still can't find anything solid on some dates, possibly due to the language barrier. Especially need details of the Spain and Monaco shows. Thanks.

More on Scarlet Fry 08 May 2005

More info on the new Movie featuring Calico Cooper!

Scarlet fry's junkfood horrorfest promises to deliver on summer film festival tour!

The producers of Scarlet fry's junkfood horrorfest, Plan on doing a Horror film festival tour.
Chained to the wall productions has announced they will take their Movie on the road this summer & enter in several Genre festivels, Producers Walter ruether & Brian crow Promise that their film will deliver. "The beauty of this movie is that its a fast paced Horror anthology, Each story is Has a gruesome ending to it, There's no time sit around & get bored with this film your always wondering whats going to happen next, You will have the creepiest host of them all scarlet fry Taking you through all six of these twisted Blood drenched tales. This movie is very influenced by Herchall gordon lewis (Blood feast) As far as the special effects with a lot of the troama (Toxic avenger ect..) humor, We got a lot of twisted characters in this film such as Fetish perverts, Demented nurses, Cannibal butchers, satanic zombies & not to mention calico cooper herself as the junkie killler! Scarlet fry also starred in several genre films such as (sa tans storybook, Scarlet fry's horrorama, Grossout, & glitter goddess of the 70's, Calico cooper is up & coming she will also appear in another horror film coming out soon called the curse of el charro & is rumored there will be even more on the way from calico soon, Who knows she may be the next scream screen queen & junkfood horrfest is a cult classic in the making! See trailer at

Rock School 08 May 2005

Those of you that have been paying attention will remember that Alice has recorded a version of 'School's Out' with 'Rock School', a bunch of kids who are seen in a film of the same name (NOT 'School of Rock') learning how to be in a band. Well, the album is due May 31st and you can hear their version of 'School's Out' over at the Calvin Records site.
(Thanks JoeCat)

BDS at Chiller 07 May 2005

The one and only Dennis Dunaway kindly sent his report about the recent Chiller convention show by BDS.

Greetings to all you sick things out there!
Here's a flash news update on Bouchard, Dunaway & Smith.
Chiller Theater Expo, New Jersey, April 29-30, May 1, 2005.

Over the years, the Halloween Chiller Theater Expo has built such a massive following of Sci-Fi and Monster-movie lovers that more Chiller shows had to be added. Their parties are haunted by Dead Elvi, scream queens, hunchbacks, goblins and gore. Not to mention the grand master, Zacherly. The ideal audience for Bouchard, Dunaway & Smith (BDS).

Neal, Joe, and I took the stage around midnight. Joe adjusted his effects peddles while Neal fired off a round of snare shots (inciting a wave of applause from the ghouls).After I plugged my bass in with a loud "chunk", Neal clicked his sticks and Joe's guitar rocked the intro for a BDS original called "I Want 2" (girls at once). Neal and I joined in and the stage floor began to rumble. (Since we had prepared to go on two hours earlier, the band's energy level kicked-in at full-tilt.) And since The Dead Elvi had played (with a special guest appearance by Peter Tork), the P.A. was already tweaked and sounding gigantic (a mark of a great sound-man).

Next came an explosive rendition of "School's Out". A boy wearing an Alice Cooper T-shirt smiled as he sang along, "No more pencils, no more books, no more teacher's dirty looks".
We weren't in Kansas anymore. This crowd had a warm heart. Blood dripping from their mouths, but warm hearts.

Directly after the school bell ending, the boys yelling yea! came "Vampire Night" (another BDS original). Thanks to the great stage mix, the harmonies were tight, "and you're filled with fright, it's a Vampire Night" we sang. I was impressed that some people were singing along.

Neal's bass drum kicked in with a steady beat. "This is a brand new BDS original," Joe announced. Simultaneously, the guitar and bass came in, and we sang, "We're gonna' "Rattle Your Bones" tonight/ We're Gonna' "Rattle Your Bones" tonight/ Take all the pretty girls home tonight."

My fuzz-bass then growled into "Sick Things". BOOM-BOOM, Neal pounded...BOOM-BOOM. I sang the lyrics and the audience joined in. After all, they were the subject of the song. Joe's guitar lifted the chorus, built the second verse, and then lifted the song to a more frenzied level for a chilling guitar break into the ending
A spanish mood filled the room as Joe began playing a familiar forelorn melody. Neal and I watched as Joe sang, "I'm a gambler/ and I'm a runner/ but you knew that when you laid down". I came in with some ripping slides and the song painted the picture of ugly stories known as "Desperado".

The final chord of "Desperado" evolved into an eerie drumbeat, underneath an improvised intro reminiscent of "Halo of Flies". But it was actually "Black Juju" coming to a bubbly boil.

"Bodies" I sang with the same conviction I had imagined when I wrote the song in a dark dusty attic in Cincinnati. The tiring day at the Expo gave the line "Bodies need rest" a powerfully hypnotic effect over the audience (which came to a screaching end when I sang, "Wake up, wake up, wake up, wake up". The bass and drums roared as Joe's guitar climbed to the song's volcanic conclusion. "Black Juuu Juuuuu" I sang.

Joe then called up one of his fellow band mates from the "X Brother's", Andy Hilfiger, for our version of that loveable monster song that Blue Oyster Cult recorded about "Godzilla". Andy added solid support on the backing vocals, and it quickly became clear that his talent as a bassist translates to guitar. A fun song and a super cool guy.

Next we did a love song about a pretty girl who once found herself under the wheels of my car. As I see it, playing a rock n' roll song demands full focus, otherwise you don't deserve to play it. So full focus it got. And as always, my partners in crime locked in as well. Joe and I jumped around the stage like loonies (but Neal and I always nail every subtle nuance).

"Thanks for coming," Joe said as he waved to the crowd and BDS walked off stage knowing full well that we would be right back, encore or not. We had more surprises up our sleeve.

Thanks to a Saturday Night Live skit featuring Christopher Walken as the record producer of "Don't Fear the Reaper" (insisting the song needed more cowbell), special guest appearances have become a staple of our stage-version. And who would be more qualified than Corky Laing from Mountain?

Joe started the riff and a monstrous rendition began, cowbell clanking in steady unison with Neal's drums to drive home the chest-pounding feel of a locomotive. Faces lit up like it was a
fireworks finale. (Mine included.)

And then a fond farewell to Corky and back to business as usual? Nope. "Ladies and gentlemen, you're about to be "Scarletized," I announced. "Let's hear it for the great Richie Scarlet!" Volume on double eleven, Richie strolled out unleashing soaring riffs that threatened to lift the roof off the enormous tent. Smooth as silk but nasty as a night with a saloon girl, Richie took control of every creature with ears in the Meadowlands. I wouldn't bet the walls weren't shakin' all the way to the casinos in Atlantic City. Stoically standing on a table in front of the stage, Richie appeared to be in a trance. A trance that fixed all eyes on him as if he were the only thing in the universe. Lightning fast lines flew up and out of the room and bounced away as if they would become part of the aurora borealis.

After a hefty portion of that euphoric offering, Richie turned to Neal and counted down "I'm Eighteen", and his lightening riffs resumed. (When music reaches that plateau, I'm so thankful that I'm a musician. It's not my magic, it's the power of creative energy-which also comes from the audience. I just work diligently to get back to that place as often as I can).

With the E chord still ringing on the end of "T'm Eighteen", Neal relinquished his throne to Corky (they each claim the other is their second favorite drummer in the world) for a smokin' blow out on "Goin' Down" with Richie doing the vocal honors. Wow.

The set has to be over, right? Nope.

Fire up that cowbell again. (Pinch me, am I really playing "Mississippi Queen" with Corky Laing? Not to mention Joe Bouchard and Richie Scarlet. I guess you don't have to die to get to Rock n' roll heaven.) Drumsticks ricochet off the cymbals and flew every which way. They flew behind the stage and targeted people with amazing accuracy. And the song remained as solid as the rock of Gibraltar.Pats on backs, hand shakes, smiles and the show was over.

Genuinely, a night to remember.

Thanks to Kevin Clement for organizing the event (as well as the other members of the Dead Elvi). Thanks to Masterburner for all their good natured assistance (as well as their killer version of "Ballad of Dwight Fry"). Thanks to all the Chiller Theater staff.
And a very special tip of the top-hat to all the ghouls, goblins, witches, and vampires that continue to support us.

Dennis Dunaway
Founding member of the group known as Alice Cooper.

UK TV and Radio 07 May 2005

Alice made a last minute appearance on the XFM morning radio show Friday morning. You can hear it here.
On top of that Alice mentioned on the radio show last night that he is recording an episode of "The Kumars and No. 42" while here, and he will be presenting an award at the "British Soap Awards 2005" which will be shown on ITV1 on Wednesday at 8pm.

Also: Alice Cooper will appear on MTV on TRL, Monday 9 May between 6pm - 7pm - live

Also: This mornings Jonathon Ross show is available at the show website. The interview included the UK premier of "Steal That Car" from "Dirty Diamonds".

Next Week On Nights 07 May 2005

Next week on Nights With Alice Cooper Alice is still in London and meets up with:
Monday: Nick Mason (Pink Floyd)
Tuesday: Bill Wyman (Ex-Rolling Stones)
Wednesday: Roger Daltrey (The Who)

Alice Designed IPod Belt 07 May 2005

Yet another Alice charity auction, but this one is slightly different. Alice designed this oddity himself. It's a belt and IPod holder. Proceeds as usual go to the Solid Rock Foundation.

Talk Sport 06 May 2005

Thanks to Barder for the following:
"Listening to Talk Sport today (Mike Parry & Ian Collins show) they advertised that Alice will be interviewed on The Golf Show with Ray Houghton and Andy Brooks between 8.00pm & 10.00pm on Sunday 8th May 2005."
Also: Don't forget the Jonathon Ross radio show tomorrow morning.

More on the Cooper Clearout 06 May 2005

As reported a few days ago, Alice seems to be having a closet clearout over at Loads of items are up for grabs including stage cloths. Marketwire have a new press release about the auction, proceeds of which go to Alice's Sold Rock Foundation, that has a cool new pic of Alice and Passitonline President Stefanie Beeth. What makes the photo particularly interesting is that it's taken outside Alice's own front door, with its snake door handles. Nice.

UK TV Alert 05 May 2005

Alice Cooper appears tonight at 9pm on MTV2 on "ZANE LOWE'S GONZO".

Also: 'OneMusic with Huw Stephens' on May 17th will have an ALice Cooper interview. The show is on BBC Radio 1 from 11pm-1am.

Also: Shaun Cahill has set up a new Roxie77 yahoo mailing list so all fans of Ryan Roxie should head over here and sign up!

US Tour Dates 05 May 2005 have just announced dates with Alice Cooper. His a full list of what they have. Some we already knew, others are new:
Aug 20th Cincinnati, OH US Bank Arena
Aug 21st Detroit, MI State Fair
Aug 25th Vienna, VA Wolf Trap
Aug 26th Atlanta, GA Chastain Park
Aug 28th Brookhaven, NY Brookhaven Amphitheater
Aug 29th Holmdel, NJ PNC Bank Arts Center
Aug 30th Syracuse, NY NY State Fair
Sept 1st Rockford, IL On the Waterfront
Sept 2nd Grand Rapids, MI Van Andel Arena
Sept 4th Loveland, CO Harley Rally/Bud Events Center
Sept 5th Pueblo, CO Colorado State Fair
Sept 9th Grand Junction, CO Rock Jam
Sept 10th Albuquerque, NM New Mexico State Fair
Sept 14th El Cajon, CA Concerts in the Park
Sept 16th Los Angeles, CA Greek Theatre

Other News 04 May 2005

Ryan Roxie guested with Eric Singer, Chuck Garric and ESP on on April 27th in Stockholm, Sweden.

NJ Show 04 May 2005

Saw this a couple days ago but thought I already had it listed, sorry.
August 29th '05 - Homedel, NJ PNC Arts Centre (w/ Cheap Trick)

Nights Alive With Music... 04 May 2005

As promised Alice previewed 'Zombie Dance' last night, and what a difference to the previous two tracks!! More of this please Dr Cooper! There's no more previews scheduled in the playlists up until next Monday, but there's sure to be more to come.

Pretties And Easy Reissues 03 May 2005

Thanks To Dan for spotting that Restless Records have reissued both "Pretties For You" and "Easy Action" on CD. Here's the important links:
Pretties For You
Easy Action
Order using these links and help support SickthingsUK!
On a related note, due to the problems some people have had with the current site design, we're heading for another change which will also add some new areas to the site including a SickthingsUK store to help people locate that album/DVD/book they've never got round to buying but want. And for the first time USA people will be able to buy from AmazonUS via this site as well. Anything Amazon lists will be available via either direct links for Alice Cooper related products, or a search box for anything else. I'm also planning to add reviews for items so if you are interested in submitting a review of something Alice related, get in touch at the normal address. It would be boring if they were all my reviews!!
Now if I could just get a sneak peek at the "Dirty Diamonds" cover....

Alice Cooper's Coaster Go 'Til You Blow 03 May 2005

The Denver Channel are reporting about the "Alice Cooper's Coaster Go 'Til You Blow" competition that is apparently currently running at Six Flags Elitch Gardens in Denver and involves riding on a rollercoaster as long as possible.

BDS on DVD 03 May 2005
Just a quick update on the "To Helen With Love" DVD that was reported last month. The DVD, which features amongst others Dennis Dunaway and Neal Smith, will be released on May 15th and available also direct from theCellsum Site. The live DVD is taken from the tribute show to Blue Oyster Cult collaborator Helen Wheels, and features live and backstage footage. There is a trailer linked at the Cellsum site.
Been Caught Stealing 30 Apr 2005

Alice premiered 'Steal That Car' last night on 'Nights with Alice Cooper'. Another uptempo track. You can post your opinions on the message board.

New Dennis Dunaway Interview 30 Apr 2005

Thanks to Melody Black for spotting this long Dennis Dunaway Interview over at Classic Rock Revisted. Lots of cool stuff included.

Small Items 29 Apr 2005

1. The BBC are using 'Elected' to advertise their forthcoming UK election coverage.

2. Spitfire Records is to get a relaunch in the US which will include cutting the prices of their back catalogue, which includes 'Brutal Planet', 'Dragontown' and 'The Eyes Of Alice Cooper'.

More nights guests. 29 Apr 2005

Upcoming on "Nights With Alice Cooper":
Tuesday 3rd - Along with new track "Zombie Dance" Alice will be chatting with David Duchovney
Wednesday 4th - Alice is in London for the Cream shows and talks to Tony Iommi of Black Sabbath
Friday 5th - Alice chats to Ted Nugent!

Also: According to a email from Fanfire this morning they are stopping the UK tour package sales as of May 4th, some months before originally stated. At that point any unsold tickets put aside for the packages will assumably become available via venues and ticket agencies.

And more Australia! 28 Apr 2005

Another Australian show has turned up for June 27th '05 in Gold Coast, Australia at the Twin Towns Showroom.
(Thanks Tomasz)

Zombie Dance and Detroit Nights 28 Apr 2005

Detroit News has a new interview and photo about the launch of the 'Nights with Alice Cooper' radio show in the Detroit area on WCSX-FM. The station is only airing three hours of the show though from 10pm to 1am Detroit time.

Also: 'Zombie Dance', from the forthcoming 'Dirty Diamonds' album, will be the preview track on Tuesday 3rd May's show according to United Stations, although the shows full playlist is yet to be confirmed.

Also: For the more technically minded Blabbermouth are reporting that 'HipTunes' will be auctioning off an Alice Cooper "HipTunes wallet/case belt". This seems to be some sort of belt that houses an IPod. Quote: "Each creation for this project is a one-of-a-kind piece of wearable art that will be auctioned off on eBay starting Friday, April 29, and will run through May 28. On Thursday, April 28, Genre Collection will be unveiling these celebrity designed HipTunes belts at an exclusive event at The Spider Club in Los Angeles. MAC Cosmetics will be creating artistic designs on the bodies of the models wearing the belts. Proceeds from the auction will be donated to VH1 Save the Music, The Lancelot H. Owens Scholarship Foundation, St. Jude's Research Hospital, Hollygrove Children and Family Services, Sabrina Love Foundation and the Wes Wehmiller Scholarship."
Going by a similar item for Steven Tyler, it does appear that the winning bidder will get a bit more then just an IPod pouch but I haven't located anything to say what will be in the Alice Cooper package.

And lastly: Eric Dover and Sextus will be playing two shows at the Cat Club in North Hollywood on May 4th and 18th. More shows to follow.

German Release 28 Apr 2005

Thanks to Jan Coop who reports he's been told by a German promotor that the new 'Dirty Diamonds' album is due to be released in Germany on July 4th through Eagle/Edel. This seems to comfirm that while Alice has left Spitfire/EagleRock in the USA, the new album will still be released by them in Europe. While this is just the German release date, it's probably a resonable guess that the the UK would be the same day, with the US maybe the following day (as US new releases come out on a Tuesday there, not Monday) but this is yet to be confirmed and only speculation at this point.

Another Roxie Interview 27 Apr 2005

Ryan seems to be a busy boy at the moment. Following on from our own interview with him a few days ago, check out The Rock and Roll Geek Show for an audio interview. It's available in MP3 format but beware as it's about 28 meg so will take a while to download on a slow connection.

Steal That Car! 27 Apr 2005

According to United Stations (who produce the show) the next new 'Dirty Diamonds' song to be premiered on 'Nights With Alice Cooper' will be 'Steal That Car' which will be played this coming Friday. Still no news on what label the album will come out on or an exact release date.

Also coming up this week: Television and film star Dennis Miller Tonight and NBC TV show executive David Selltzer tomorrow.

Peace, Love and Ryan Roxie 25 Apr 2005

Alice Cooper guitarist/songwriter Ryan Roxie talks Eyes, Roxie77, poker, golf carts AND answers some questions asked by members of the message board in a great new interview exclusively for SickthingsUK. Check it out in the interviews section.

Also: KSHE95 have a short quote drom Alice about the new Album, 'Dirty Diamonds'.

Sunday Times 24 Apr 2005

There is a minor mention on The Sunday Times site in an article about the top 10 sporting rockstars.

Woman of Mass Distraction 23 Apr 2005

Yup, despite endless netfeed problems Alice played a track from "Dirty Diamonds" tonight on his radio show. 'Woman Of Mass Distraction' was, as he promised, a slice of AC/DC-like rock and roll, but he also said that there is lots of diversity on the album this time, with some songs not sounding like anything you would expect from Alice Cooper. He also promised to play more tracks in the run up to the album release.

AC in Long Island 22 Apr 2005

Alice Cooper and Cheap Trick will be playing on August 28th '05 in Long Island, NY at Brookhaven Amphitheater. See here
(thanks Steve)

Alice on Detroit TV 22 Apr 2005

Alice Cooper turned up of a Detroit TV channel this morning to advertise the new Detroit affliate for the "Nights..." radio show. As the weather guys on the channel are fans he ended up doing the weather with them with what looks like amusing results.
You can watch a short clip from another channel reporting his appearance here (righthand click and "save as").
(Thanks to Essay)

UPDATE: It appears you can see the original footage now here.
(Thaks Dannorama)

Colorado Show 22 Apr 2005

September 5th '05 - Pueble, Colorado, Colorado State Fair Grandstand (w/ Cheap Trick)
(thanks Marjie)

AC+CT in NY 21 Apr 2005

Alice will play August 30th '05 in Syracuse, NY at the State Fair Grandstand with Cheap Trick.
(Thanks Hunter)

Radio Show Arrives In Detroit 20 Apr 2005

According to Detroit News The 'Nights With Alice Cooper' radio finally gets an afliate in Detroit at WCSX from Thursday 28th April. Says Alice "This is where I want to be -- on the air at WCSX in Detroit, my hometown! I grew up on the great free-form FM rock and roll stations of the past, so I'm bringing a little bit of that excitement back to radio. I know you're ready for this kind of rock and roll, and in fact, if anybody gets this show, it'll be Detroit."
Note: The station will be airing three hours of the five hour show only.
Upcoming guests on the show include the band 'Heaven And Earth' tonight, (consisting of ex-members of Deep Purple, Heart, Black Sabbath) and Kelly Hansen, who is the new lead singer of Foreigner. Then tomorrow (thursday) it's Steve Vai!
UPDATE: And on friday, the moment we've been waiting for! Quote: Alice gives an exclusive sneak peak at HIS new album "Dirty Diamonds" which doesn't come out until June!

Hammersmith? 19 Apr 2005

X-FM radio in London are currently running a story about Alice Cooper playing a one off show at Hammersmith Odeon on June 27th. They even have it on their website here.
This is a press release for LAST YEARS SHOW. Alice will be in Australia on that date so it looks like this is a mistake on the part of X-FM. More info if I get it.

Another Australian Show 19 Apr 2005

After the addition of a second Perth show a few days ago we now have a third Sydney area show on June 26th at the Evan Theatre at Penrith.
(Thanks Rossi)

B.D.S. On Video 17 Apr 2005

Bouchard, Dunaway and Smith, featuring Dennis Dunaway and Neal Smith along with Joe Bouchard (Blue Oyster Cult), will be featured on a new DVD recorded at the Helen Wheels tribute show in New York back in December 2001. The DVD will also feature performances by Buck Dharma (BOC), Manitoba's Wild Kingdom, the Brain Surgeons (Al Bouchard), Static Cling, Tish and Snooky, Crispin Cioe and many of these musicians playing together. It also features interviews with performers and audience members and backstage footage. You can get 'To Helen With Love' here.

Richie is Back! 16 Apr 2005 is back and new and improved!! Check it out!

No More Spitfire? 16 Apr 2005

Rumours abound that Alice Cooper has left Spitfire Records/Eagle Rock, at least in the USA. This is based on information from a source at Eagle Rock posted to the ST mailing list. Contrary to something said on another board he was NOT dropped by Spitfire, but has simply moved on to pastures new. No news about where he's moved to, or how this effects other territories, but the album, which is complete (according to Alice), is still on schedule to be released on time this summer (June has long been suggested in interviews/press).

Nights News: Last weeks interview with Aerosmith's Joe Perry is now up on the

Eric Singer: Contrary to a previous report, it now appears Eric Singer may be on the November UK tour. No more info at this time.

New German Date 15 Apr 2005

July 24th '05 - Bremerhaven, Germany, Stadhalle
(Thanks Tomasz)

More Scarlet News 13 Apr 2005

Fangoria have posted more details on the Scarlet Fry movie, featuring Calico Cooper. Info of interest to us is that Calico plays "a junkie serial killer who is fed up with getting ripped off by her drug dealer. The vicious little alley cat decides that killing is the best way to get a quick fix" in a story called "Dope".
The 70-minute anthology movie was directed, written and produced by Brian Crow and Walter Ruether, who also created the special FX with Lyle Snodgrass, and is described as a cross between 'Tales From The Crypt' and 'The Toxic Avenger'.

Tasmania and Calico Trailer 13 Apr 2005

Tasmania: is reporting that Alice Cooper will be making his first ever stop off in Tasmania on this tour. The show is at Launceston's Silverdome venue on July 1, with announcements due this week and ticket sales to commence next week. They also report that Alice interviewed Melodic Rock band 'Heaven And Earth' to be aired on April 20th on the 'Nights with Alice Cooper' radio show.
(Thanks Dan)

Calico Trailer: The first trailer 'Scarlet Fry's Junkfood Horrorfest' is online at Warning: Extreme content! The finished movie will premiere in the Dungeon at Cooperstown, Phoenix in October.

Nights.. Interviews Online 12 Apr 2005

The Nights with Alice Cooper site has been updated to add last weeks interviews with Brian Johnson of AC/DC and Ozzy in MP3 format.
Also on the schedule for this week on the radio show are:
Apr 12 Neil Schon of Journey
Apr 13 James Labrie of Dream Theater
Apr 14 Universal Music Group Digital's Jay Gilbert talks to Alice on 'the future of music'
Apr 15 Tax-Day Special!

Dash News 12 Apr 2005

Thanks to PsychoPat for pointing out that Runaway Phoenix, Dash Cooper's band, now have an official website at and it's looking pretty promising. Pat also has a pic of Coopers' senior and junior performing together over at his site.

In other news it appears the 'School Of Rock' album (not related to the recent film of the same name) that Alice appears on will be released on May 31st in the US. The album features Alice Cooper performing 'School's Out' with the students of the school, along with appearances by Ann Wilson of Heart, Billy Idol and others.

No Singer For UK? 09 Apr 2005 have a report that suggests Eric Singer will not be avaliable for the November UK dates. No reason is given though so we'll have to wait and see.
(Thanks Hunter)

Alice At Rock Jam 08 Apr 2005 has announced Alice will headline the RockJam festival in Grand Junction, Colorado on September 9th, with Cheap Trick and Loverboy supporting.

Baseball and more packages 07 Apr 2005

Alice mentioned last night that he would be throwing out the first pitch at the Diamondbacks Baseball game on the 10th April, so anyone in the area get those VHS's set in case it gets shown on TV. He was also at the game yesterday and was picked out on the TV broadcast. has announced the ever popular (sarcasm off) packages for some of the European dates on sale as usual through Fanfire in the USA.

The new issue of 'The Wire' magazine in the UK has a short article about the 'Muscle Of Love' album cover in a section called the "Inner Sleeve" and it's written by JG Thirlwell of 'Foetus'.

New Sextus Tracks to Download 05 Apr 2005

Check out to download 12 cool tracks from the forthcoming album by Sextus featuring "Eyes.. " guitarist/songwriter Eric Dover. The album will be called 'Stranger Than Fiction'.
The downloads are LEGAL and authorised by Eric. You can listen to a song 3 times before you have to buy it (to hear it again), and that's only $1.25. All of the Sextus songs you see there have been mastered. Once you have paid for the songs, they are yours to burn onto CDs for your listening pleasure.

And There's More 05 Apr 2005

12th July - Montreux, Switzerland
1st August - Monte Carlo
7th August - Haapsalu Castle, Estonia

Italy, Spain and Portugal Shows 04 Apr 2005

July 9th '05 - Lisbon, Portugal Freeport de Alcochete
July 21st '05 - Borgaro (Torino), Italy Parco Chico Mendes Chicobum Festival (w/ Glam Attackk)
July 27th '05 - Valencia, Spain Jardines de Viveros
July 28th '05 - Ciudad Real
July 29th '05 - Barcelona, Spain Razzmatazz
July 30th '05 - Pamplona, Spain Anaitasuna

Calico Movie Update/Ryan Blog Update 04 Apr 2005

'Scarlet Fry's Junkfood Horrorfest' (featuring Calico Cooper) is a series if six demented tales, that will be brought to you by your ghoulish host Scarlet Fry. Calico's role in the upcoming film is that of a junkie killer. Directed by Brian Crow & Walter Ruether, all scenes were shot in Phoenix last week. Word has it that an official website which will include a trailer featuring Calico will be up shortly at Danger junkfood horrorfest contains explicit gore!

Also: Ryan Roxie has a new Blog entry up at Roxie77 although it doesn't feature any Alice, OR Roxie77 info this time!
In other Roxie news the 'Internet Musicians Group' have announced that again this year fans have the chance to get a guitar lession from either Ryan Roxie OR Chuck Garic on the forthcoming tour. All the info can be found at From what I've heard from people who have taken up the offer it's a lot of fun!

Another Free CD 03 Apr 2005

Probably way to late now for anyone to grab a copy, but the 'News Of The World' newspaper today had a free CD with it that featured 'Poison', plus a small pic of Alice on the cover of the newspaper. (thanks Tim)

Also: Neal Smith, Dennis Dunaway and Joe Bouchard will be at the Chiller Theater again this year. No word on if BDS will be performing yet though. (thanks Bryan)

Also: In a complete non-story, many places are reporting that Alice Cooper likes Kylie due to a short comment he seems to have made. Why this is such a story I've no idea, especially after the near identical one last year with Celine Dion as the singer that time. The quote goes "If a Kylie song comes on with a catchy beat, I'll sit and rock my head to it like anyone else. I think she's great."

European Dates Confirmed 01 Apr 2005

No dates we didn't already know about, but five European shows have now been confirmed on together with the extortionate package deals that appear to be becoming the norm now. Packages are on sale now.

Alice Speaks about New Album/Tour 31 Mar 2005

Rolling Stone has a new interview with Alice talking about the forthcoming album and tour which is SO mouthwatering I'll reprint some highlights here:
'Cooper describes the title track of 'Dirty Diamonds' as an "epic", similar to his multilayered 1971 song "Halo of Flies." "I tried to make it as cinematic as possible -- so it's definitely got a little bit of a John Barry-ish, James Bond-ish thing," he says. "I think if this song had come out five months earlier, it would've been in the movie Sin City, because it has that kind of mentality to it."'
Another new tune is "The Saga of Jesse Jane," the tale of a cross-dressing truck driver. "There's always three or four pretty funny songs," Cooper says, "and a couple of great ballads. But we pride ourselves on the rock & roll."
Cooper is preparing to debut his new live show, the 'Dirty Diamonds Revue', in Australia and Europe this summer, with Kiss drummer Eric Singer part of the band once again. According to Cooper, the tour -- which will feature "a lot of classic hits, a couple of pretty good stage tricks and a full-out production" -- should make it's way to the U.S. by September.

Holland Date 31 Mar 2005

Thanks to Vlad for spotting this article at The Telegraaf site relating to yesterdays Dutch date release (see right). It's in Dutch of course but there is a pic..

Also: The KFIX feed last night had serious connection problems for some, due to so many people trying to connect (no surprise there). They are aware and will hopefully do something to help fix the problem. (Thanks WeirdKat)

UK Tour Advert On TV 30 Mar 2005

Thanks to Carol for spotting that Kerrang TV in the UK is currently running an advert for the UK tour and the forthcoming new album.

Another Nights Netfeed 30 Mar 2005

Just like London buses, after a year with no netfeeds at all, now two come along at almost the same time. First there was The Giant in Thunder Bay, and now there's KFIX who have started netcasting the show and this time it runs LIVE from 7pm-midnight local time (Midnight-5am UK).

New Calico Movie 27 Mar 2005

According to Walter Ruether (via IRECOND4U) Calico Cooper has just signed on to play a small part in his upcoming horror movie called "Scarlet Fry's Junkfood Horrorfest" which is scheduled for DVD release in October 2005.
He says "Calico's scene will be very similar to Alice's role in John Carpentars 'Prince of Darkness' and will be filmed in Phoenix, Arizona sometime this month. Unlike 'The Curse of El Charro', Calico will have lines in this movie, which is a series of short films, hosted by Scarlet Fry."

Producer Named, Album Finished 24 Mar 2005

On last nights 'Nights With Alice Cooper' Alice confirmed that the new album is complete, and was produced by Steve Lindsey (who co-produced 'Stand' for Alice on the 'Unity' album, plus Leonard Cohen, Elton John amd Aaron Neville). Also, Ryan Roxie has confirmed that Teddy Zigzag also performs on the album.
NOTE: Tommy Clufetos has recorded the album. Eric Singer will presumably be on the tour.

New US Show 23 Mar 2005

August 26th - Atlanta, GA - Chastain Park

Eric is Back! 23 Mar 2005

Well it's been confirmed, thanks to an email from Ryan Roxie sent to board member 'from_the_inside'. Eric Singer is back with Alice at the moment. Somewhat of a surprise as last we heard from departing drummer Tommy he was looking forward to playing on the new album!!
This now places the current band personal at Ryan Roxie and Damon Johnson on guitar, Chuck Garric on bass and the returning Eric Singer on drums.
The album is still said to be due in June or thereabouts, and is also said to be a continuation of the "Eyes.." style with a few twists including the title track, "Dirty Diamonds", that Alice has discribed as "an epic". Sounds good!
Check out for a few pics of Alice at the charity basketball patch last week (thanks WeirdKat).

Something Fishy About New Book 21 Mar 2005

According to The Press Telegram there's a new book, apparently with Alice content, released in the US on May 15th called "Celebrity Fish Talk: Tales of Fishing from an All-Star Cast," (Sports Publishing LLC, $19.95) by sportswriter Dave Strege. It also includes stories about Kevin Costner, Charlton Heston, Greg Norman, Dan Rather, Clint Black and Sports Illustrated model Kathy Ireland.
AmazonUK have it now for advance order and appears to feature Alice Cooper on the cover.

More Golf 21 Mar 2005

Alice is listed as competing at the Toyota Kraft Nabisco hole-in-one contest at College Golf Center in Palm Desert, CA at 4pm today, March 21st. He's at the main competition tomorrow at Mission Hills Country Club in Rancho Mirage, California.

New Interview 20 Mar 2005

The Navajo Times has an interesting article based around the recent charity basketball game Alice took part in. It includes some background about the event and a few words from Alice.

Tour News 20 Mar 2005

According to Brave Words and Bloody Knuckles, ALICE COOPER will be touring heavily around the world in support of his upcoming album, 'Dirty Diamonds', due out through Spitfire later this year. The tour is tentatively scheduled to hit Australia (already confirmed here for June/July), Japan, Europe, North America, South America then back to Europe. Joining Cooper on the road once again will be KISS drummer Eric Singer. Shows will include such opening acts as CHEAP TRICK (North America), BILLY THORPE (Australia) and TWISTED SISTER (Europe). Sources say that "this is going to be one of Alice's biggest shows yet with many of the classic gimmicks returning as will as some new dirty diamond surprises."

ALSO: A Los Angles Show at the Greek Theater has appeared for September 16th.

Alice Cooper on Free CD 19 Mar 2005

Tomorrows issue of 'The News Of The World' will feature a free CD (possibly only in certain areas) which has an Alice track on it. It's being advertised on UK TV today, but there's no Alice content in the advert other then his name.

Tribute Reissue 19 Mar 2005

CDUniverse is listing an album called "Welcome To My Nightmare: An All-Star Salute To Alice Cooper" which is in fact a reissue of the "Hunamary Stew" tribute album from a few years ago, with three more recent bonus tracks by Children Of Bordom ('Bed Of Nails'), Iced Earth ('Dead Babies') and Icarus Witch ('Roses On White Ace'). It's out on March 29th in the USA on the Cleopatra label.

Alice Cooper in WWE Top 50 16 Mar 2005

Alice's appearance on Wrestlemania III seems to have been placed in the 'Top 50 Moments In Wrestlemania History' at
(thanks Brad)

First US Date Appears 15 Mar 2005

Alice Cooper + Cheap Trick
Where: Wolftrap Farm, Vienna, VA
When: Thursday, August 25, 2005 @ 8:00 PM

Also, Alice has been anounced as taking part in the Kraft Nabisco Golf Championship at Mission Hills Country Club in Rancho Mirage, California on March 22nd-23rd.

Alice In New Book 15 Mar 2005

Alice Cooper, along with Grace Slick, Richard Pryor and others, is featured in a new book by Gary Stromberg and Jane Merrill called 'The Harder They Fall'. The book "shows the extreme highs and the deep lows that each of the celebrities experienced and how they were all able to find a way out to a better and even more successful life, free of drugs and alcohol." The book claims to include a "lengthy" interview with 21 stars including Alice.
You can pre-order it now from Amazon. It's due April 15th. The book has its own website at

More Basketball 15 Mar 2005

The Gallup Independent has a follow-up story to their news about the Basketball game on Saturday, which features short interviews with both Alice Cooper and Sheryl Cooper.

Paris 13 Mar 2005

The Paris Olympia site shows Alice Cooper playing there on July 11th. Tickets are on sale now.

Classic Rock Free DVD 12 Mar 2005

Forgot to mention this earlier this week. The new issue of Classic Rock magazine comes with a free DVD which features 'School's Out' from 'Brutally Live' as the first track.

Glasgow Update 12 Mar 2005

Derek emails to say:
"Quick update for you. The Glasgow gig is now in hall 4 of the SECC and is ALL SEATED. Plenty of seats have been reserved for existing ticket holders but you must swap what you already have. It's on a first come first served basis so don't hang about. I've managed to move forward to the 8th row so I can't complain"

Alice in Dilkon Today 12 Mar 2005

According to the Gallup Independent Alice will be taking part in a basketball event at the Navajo Christian Foundation's Gym/Recreation Center, right behind the Dilkon Police Department. Dashiel's band Runaway Phoenix will be playing at the event, and Alice is said to be joining them for the last two songs. More info on the link.

Triple-J Interview Online 11 Mar 2005

Space Pirate has emailed to let us know that the Australian interview from yesterday is now online at the Triple-J website.

Swedish Dates 11 Mar 2005

August 9th '05 - Stockholm, Sweden, Fryshuset
August 10th '05 - Gothenburg, Sweden, Lisebergshallen
(thanks Alexander)

Australian Ticket Packages 11 Mar 2005

Fanfire have announced the extortionate ticket packages for the Australian shows, which will be on sale in 4 days. There are two. US$400 and US$118. Basically they are the same as the UK ones other then that.
Remember, in the UK you did NOT have to buy into these deals to get good tickets. Front tickets were available from the other agencies as normal so, *assuming* it will be the same in Oz, don't go for a package unless you really want the extra stuff.
UPDATE: Info is now on as well so read both and make sure you know what you are buying if you go for a package.

Cheap ESP 10 Mar 2005

The ESP show in Germany has had ticket prices reduced to just 23 Euro in advance or 26 Euro at the door! ESP feature Eric Singer and Chuck Garric of Alice's band and the show is in Babenhausen (near to Frankfurt) on April 30th, and will apparently include some surprises!
For more Information about the show see or email

Alice on the Radio 10 Mar 2005

Alice Cooper was interviewed on Australian radio channel Triple-J this morning. During the chat he confirmed that the album was still currently called 'Dirty Diamonds' and that the forthcoming Aussie tour will have all the normal theatrics (but then he always says that).

Glasgow Venue Change 09 Mar 2005

As rather expected, the Clyde Auditorium show has sold out and so they've moved it to the UNSEATED S.E.C.C. building next door, which has a far larger capacity. Tickets will be valid but any seat allocation you had will probably be out the window, as last time this happened the SECC was unseated.

Australia 07 Mar 2005

The details of the Australian dates have been announced (see right). Tickets are on sale March 21st except Brisbane which is March 23rd. Watch out on for more high priced packages which should be announced in the next couple of days.

Tommy Vance RIP 06 Mar 2005

I woke up this morning and turned on the TV to the sad news that UK DJ and personality Tommy Vance sadly passed away this morning from a stroke at the Durrant Valley Hospital, in Kent. He was 63. The DJ who was best known for hosting VH1's Friday Rock Show was rushed into hospital three days ago after suffering his first stroke at home in Kent.
His agent Jon Roseman said Mr Vance would leave "an enormous void". "I had known Tommy for 35 years. He certainly had one of the most recognisable voices on radio. He was a great bloke and he was held in very high regard for his knowledge of rock which was unsurpassed. Without Tommy there will be a hole that is not going to be filled" he said.
I don't normally list news that isn't Alice related here but I've made an exception this time as Tommy was one of the biggest influences on my life ever. His "Friday Rock Show" on Radio 1 (later on VH-1) introduced my generation to so many bands, old and new, that it's simply impossible to count them. He gave airplay to bands no other show or station in the country would played, from Venom to Kansas, Slayer to The Enid. If he thought it was good he'd play it, and often get the band into the studio to record special sessions for the show. He also used to play live shows from some of the great British festivals like Reading (when it was good) and the Castle Donington 'Monsters Of Rock' as well as anything else he could get his hands on.
Tommy was also a big Alice Cooper fan and interviewed Alice many times. The TV version of the "Friday Rock Show" was the show that aired the "A Fistful Of Alice" TV Special. He helped create the countries first and only Rock radio station TotalRock because while he did non-rock shows for the BBC, his heart always remained in our world.
With his death UK radio and the UK rock community has lost one of its most loved members. A sad day. Rock on Tommy!

UPDATE: There is now a forum open on Total Rock for people to leave messages. Totalrock will be spending a day later this week remembering TV and reading out as many messages as they can get in.

Australia and Germany 05 Mar 2005

Just in case anyone misses them, look to the tour dates on the right as a few German shows started appearing a couple of days ago and today we have the first show of an Australian tour!

Chuck Garric Exclusive! 04 Mar 2005

In another of our exclusive chats with Alice Cooper band musicians past and present SickthingsUK talks to current Alice Cooper, Druts and ESP bassist Chuck Garric about working with Alice on the road and in the studio. Check it out in the interviews section.

Runaway Phoenix Live 02 Mar 2005

Runaway Phoenix, featuring Dashiel Cooper, are performing 2 shows in Phoenix this weekend! The first is this Friday at Alice Cooperstown where they will be on at 5pm Sharp. This show is not your normal rock performance but in fact a Fashion Show benefiting the victims of the Tsunami. Then on Sunday Runaway Phoenix will play again at Alice Cooperstown going on at 3pm, this will be a more normal rock n'roll show and a surprise is promised at the latter show as well!
(thanks psychopat)

BDS Interview 27 Feb 2005

Worldly Remains has a short new interview with Joe Bouchard of 'Bouchard, Dunaway and Smith' in which he talks about Blue Oyster Cult, BDS and his other musical projects.

Singer/Garric in Europe 24 Feb 2005

E.S.P. -  the Eric Singer Project, will be in Europe for a few shows in April/May and on this tour will feature current Alice Cooper Bassist Chuck Garric in their ranks making two ex-Cooper men. The band is completed by John Corabi (Motley Crue) and Ex-Kiss axeman Bruce Kulick, and together they will play a selection of Kiss, Crue and Cooper songs.
Dates so far are:
April 28th - The Rock - Copenhagen, Denmark
April 29th - Plato - Helmond, The Netherlands
April 30th - Stadthalle - Babenhausen (bei Frankfurt), Germany
May 2nd - Bikini - Barcelona, Spain
(more dates to follow)

Ryan Roxie News 23 Feb 2005

Ryan has just mailed out his latest Newsletter and you can read it below. Included is a little news on the new Alice Cooper Album!

Greetings to The R77 Street Teamers and AC Camp Worldwide,

I am the Mole!

"Life has a way of changing Life the way you planned it...." Isn't that a quote from Forest Gump or the last fortune cookie you opened up?'s a line taken from a new Roxie77 song and couldn't be more apropos to what's going on in my world at the moment....and possible yours too.

I sit here writing to you all from Orlando, Florida....days before me and the family embark on one of the most unconventional "experiments" in my life. Yes, "The Move" that I spoke of in the last installment of the Mole Reports is about ready to take place, and I couldn't be more terrifyingly excited about the outcome. But maybe it's not so much about the final result as it is more about enjoying the moments that lead up to the outcome, let me explain.....

Since the last time we've met on the 'ol computer screen the top 5 things that have taken place in my small rectangle of a world. We have:

1. Witnessed one of the most devastating natural disasters in recorded history with the Indian Ocean Tsunami tragedy. Blink, and a quarter-million peoples lives are lost and countless others forever changed. One of the best suggestions that I have heard is to mark your calendars one year or even two years from now because that's when the people of these affected countries are really gonna need our financial help. There are many good organizations doing great things to help the situation and if you search them out on the Internet and are able to contribute even just a little, the right organization doing the right thing will find you.

2. Lost lord knows how many more men and women fighting in a war that was once based on W.M.D's and now seemingly more about someone else's democracy. I'm not gonna sit here and spew my political views, you know me better then that. But I can only hope that the troops now serving overseas can come back to their own lives in the U.S. as soon as possible. There is this misconception that if you are not backing this war in Iraq, you are not backing the troops. Simply not true. In-fact, it's the contrary. I know how brave, courageous, and dedicated our troops our to this country (a hell of a lot braver then my generation that was lucky enough never to have been sent to war) because I've talked to them and heard their stories. I can only hope you can do the same and seek out a solider and hear their take. Their words paint a different landscape (both better and worse) of what's really going on there rather then what we are spoon fed daily through the media. And I'm not suggesting a cut and run policy, rather a realistic time line to send our armed forces home that will show the world that our country doesn't want to be the "occupiers" we have been labeled....whoops, there I go spewing my political views.... sorry, damn, move on.... to lighter things.....

3. Seen the New England Patriots legitimately become the "dynasty" team they rightfully deserve to be called.....For those of you outside the U.S., I'm talkin' football.....the one NOT played with the round ball kind of football....And for all the face painting chowder head R77'ers up in the North East still walking around shirtless and drunk in sub-degree weather, just remember who you have to thank for starting your cute little "dynasty"....That's right, the beloved Oakland Raiders and a little 'ol play a couple of years back called the "tuck rule snowball miracle"...... but I'm not bitter....I'm not bitter.......yes, I'm BITTER!!

4. Started to record the new Alice Cooper record!! Yes, and as usual, you can count on the Mole to bring you the inside scoop on the making of Alice's 408th record (has there really been that many?)..... So, ya liked the "band" concept of the Eyes?? Sure ya did, we'll this new record is taking the band sound to a new level (high or low depends on your musical tastes I guess)..... I'm really excited about the songs on this one because I feel they represent the whole spectrum of all the different styles Alice has shown through his career. There are songs on this one that recall the early psychedelic side, the straight ahead theatrical classic AC rock demigod sound, and even some that even dance around with (or sound I say mosh) the newer, heavier, dare I say it eightiesh facet of the man you have come to love as the Coop.....Only thing missing?.... No songs about golf....not just yet, I should say!

5. "__________________" Fill in the blank to what's been going on in your world as well, cause what's going on in your life is just as important as the Moles, because the Mole cares, he really cares.....(and you thought the Mole never brown-nosed! Ha! How do ya think we got such a big emailing list?!?)

With all that's happening on the front side of 2005, isn't the later half of the year gonna be boring and mundane.......what the heck ya mean?! what the heck ya mean?!....Come summertime, it's time to tour, tour, tour.......and don't think that I haven't been keeping an eye out on some new countries and cities that we haven't played yet (can you say Iceland?? Bjork, we come!...and there she goes...) well as all the "usual suspect" places that never disappoint......So keep an Eye out for the AC summer camp tour as it rolls on into your head-space and plays music from the future....!! Soooo Pauly Shore just now...who??

For all of you " R77 street teamers" out there that have ordered the Roxie 77 debut CD" Peace, Love & Armageddon" on the website or where ever else fine music is sold, we thank you from the bottom of our empty pockets...! ha! Seriously, you guys have been such a great source of inspiration that we might have to start recording another album as soon as this next AC tour wraps up....As soon as I can figure out the rehearsal schedule (the guys live in L.A., I'll be living in Sweden....maybe we'll have to call rehearsals in N.Y.C!!).....Because of your kind adoration of the 'ol R77 at the past Coop shows (i.e.. all the "wonka shirts" and Mole signs), there are some promoters out there that would like to see Roxie77 come around and play a mini big rock soon as we get stuffed finalized, you KNOW I'll be typing away begging and graveling for your street team support....

So away we go......Thank you L.A. for being a constant reminder that anything is possible in this life.....where else can a middle class kid who comes from the suburbs, meet the girl of his dreams who comes from half way around the world, then lands a job playing guitar for one of his rock n' roll idols, which then affords him the opportunity to move to Europe and raise his family the best way he can .....?? Only in Los Angeles, baby....I might have cursed you once or twice (depending on just how much attitude or traffic you threw my way) but guess what? You treated me right L.A.....and I will forever be grateful to you....You turned "the boy into the man" but because of the good times and "second chances" you've given me, I've still remained the boy to much of the extent....Ahhhh....gettin' all sappy are ya?...Don't say it, Don't say it!....Damn, I'm gonna say it....Damn you Randy Newman!!! "I Love L.A!!!............

But I think I'm gonna love Stockholm too....

Until we meet again, on the road or in the wonderful world of cyberspace....

Peace, Love and The SI Swimsuit Issue.....

- the Mole a.k.a. Roxie

Site Maintenaince 20 Feb 2005

Over the next few days you may notice certain changes or broken links on this site. Yes, it's that time again. I'm bored with the design so I'm re-doing it! Please bare with me, the basic work will be over pretty quickly, followed by a period of tweaking anything that doesn't work. The message board will be the last thing to change once everything else is done. Visitors are invited to let me know if something isn't working in case I miss it. Cheers.

New Dover CD 20 Feb 2005

Eric Dover's band Sextus have a new Promo CD out immeniently, featuring four tracks from the forthcoming full album (now due at the end of March). It's available to pre-order by emailing for just $6 plus $4 s/h for US orders, $7 for all international orders. Quantities are limited. More info will appear on

Alice in Gaiman Book 17 Feb 2005

This one I almost missed, but thanks to here it is. 'Hanging Out with the Dream King: Conversations with Neil Gaiman and His Collaborators' by Joseph McCabe is a book about comics legend and Alice Cooper collaborator Neil Gaimen and apparently features an interview with Alice (plus presumably some background info) about "The Last Temptation" comic book.
It's out now and available from I've not seen a copy yet so can't varify how much Alice content there may be.

No More Dirty Diamonds? 16 Feb 2005

According to Alice on his radio show the album is now NOT called 'Dirty Diamonds.' That will be the album after this one. As of now, the new album is untitled. Also Alice is still in LA recording.
(Thanks Psychopat)

Classic Rock 14 Feb 2005

This months Classic Rock magazine has a small pic of Alice and a tour dates listing, plus the first advert I've seen for the tour taking up half a page. Unfortunatly it doesn't give many clues as to what sort of show we'll be getting, although it still features the 'Eyes..' logo.

Dali in Philly 11 Feb 2005 report that a Dali exibition will be opening at the Philadelphia Museum of Art this Wednesday and one of the featured exhibits will be the 'First Cylindric Chronohologram Portrait of Alice Cooper's Brain', The hologram Dali created featuring Alice.
Well worth a visit if you are in the area.
More info here.

US Tour 11 Feb 2005

No specific show dates I'm afraid however Celebrity Access has a small item advertising the availability of a touring package featuring Alice Cooper and Cheap Trick between Aug. 19th and Oct. 1st.
Alice Cooper: Packaged with Cheap Trick. The show will feature full sets from both artists and a special mini set with Cheap Trick backing Alice. The fee for the package is a minimum of $100,000 inclusive of production. We are open to playing arenas, sheds, theaters, minor league ballparks, fairs, festivals and private events within this time period.
Sounds like a great bill to me!!

Alice Cancels Appearance 09 Feb 2005

A few weeks ago it was reported that Alice Cooper and his wife Sheryl would be appearing as guest this month at a "Power Couples" luncheon organised by Pro Choice group WISH. This has been canceled after they were informed of the groups agenda, which doesn't agree with the Coopers views.
You can read a little about it here.

Dutch Magazine 05 Feb 2005

Thanks To Steef for spotting that there's a page on Alice in Dutch magazine "Hebbez!". Alice is mentioned on the cover (with pic) and has a one page article with a couple of 'Eyes' promo pics. It's the February 2005 issue you want.

Alice's Driving Tips 05 Feb 2005

AZCentral has an article about how Alice spent part of his birthday on Friday, promoting online vehicle registration and urging drivers not to run red lights. He filmed a TV spot to be aired on local TV.

Short Alice Mention 02 Feb 2005

Pioneer Press has a short piece in which Alice confirms the title of the new album and appears to suggest it will be out in June.
They mention the info in part of another article at the Miami Herald but actually simply quote most of it. Also they mention Jon Bon Jovi being there but I think this is in error as it was actually Bon Jovi drummer Tico Torres that organised the event.

Tommy Clufetos Exclusive! 01 Feb 2005

In the latest of our occasional interviews with Alice Cooper musicians, SickthingsUK (Devon and I) have been granted an email chat with current Alice Cooper Drummer and all round cool guy Tommy Clufetos, and you can read the results in the interviews section. It's a very cool chat in which Tommy comments on working with Alice, working with Ted Nugent, and why he's called 'Tommy The Torso!!'
Hopefully more exclusive chats are on the way!

Dirty Diamonds?? 01 Feb 2005

Last night on his radio show Alice announced the the title for the new album would be "Dirty Diamonds". Of course he could change his mind before it's actually released so I'd suggest considering this a 'working title' for the moment.
He also mentioned that the forthcoming tour would take in Australia, New Zealand, Europe, North America, possibly South America, Iceland and even Monte Carlo at some posh casino with a dress code!!
(thanks Psychopat)

Alice Guests and Short Review 31 Jan 2005

Alice guested onstage with an all-star band in Boca Raton, Palm Beach FL. last night. The band and show was put together by Bon Jovi drummer Tico Torres and also featured Steven Van Zandt and Bobby Dall. The show was the launch party for the Celebrity Golf Tournament the following day in aid of "Children's Safe at Home".

ALSO: has a short mention of the show Alice did a few days ago. Full 90 minute set it appears. Not many details though.

And Finally...
This years Annual Alice Cooper Golf Tournament has been confirmed for May 1st-3rd this year. It will be the ninth year of the tournament. Check out for past details and meet Cap'n Cooper!!

Short Interview 30 Jan 2005

There's a few words from Alice appeared at Detroit News, again related to the PGA Golf Merchandise show.

Could it be True??? 28 Jan 2005

After a year of the "Nights With Alice Coooper" radio show being on the air but not on the net, is it possible we poor souls outside of transmission areas will be able to hear the show online? Well, I could be speaking too soon but it appears so. A report in the Chronicle Journal indicates that the show will be aired from this Monday on Hot105: The Giant in Thunder Bay, which has just changed it format to Classic Rock and is to air the show every weekday evening!! What's even better is that after a bit of searching it appears the station has a new website and, low and behold, they have an online feed!! Now it could be wishful thinking, but this could be the news many have been waiting for! We'll know when the station goes fully to its new format on Monday.

New Interview 28 Jan 2005

There's a new golf related interview appeared at the Ottawa Sun conducted at the PGA Merchandise Show.

European Tour Dates 27 Jan 2005

The first couple of Mainland Europe shows have appeared for Finland and Denmark in August with many more to follow I'm sure. All dates will be added to the tour dates area (look right) as soon as I hear about them. If you find any dates in your area/country please let me know as it's impossible for me to watch every possible festival and venue site in Europe so may miss things appearing.

'Rock School' 26 Jan 2005

A couple of reports have appeared about Alice's appearance at the Sundance Film Festival at the 'Rock School' Launch party. He performed 'School's Out' of course. The one with the most AC content is

Unoffical Sickthings Meetup 21 Jan 2005

There is already talk about where to meet up before the shows on the new UK tour, including the suggestion of one big meet up, so how would you like a (dis)organised UNOFFICIAL Sickthings meetup at a private function room on the afternoon of the show? There would be food, drink, music, possibly film, kareoke, a quiz and maybe even a surprise or two (NOT Alice). It would involve a small cover charge to help pay for the room hire but if enough people are interested this would hopefully be kept to a few pounds (no prices or quotes are available yet).
At the moment we are looking at ONLY Wembley (6th Nov.) OR Birmingham (9th Nov.) as these are the shows that logistically would be the easiest to do for the organisers.
If this type of informal event would interest you then send an email to simply stating your prefered venue, Wembley or Birmingham. You will be under no obligation by replying. This is simply a fact finding thing to see whether there is enough interest to make it work. (NOTE: You will not get a reply as we are simply collecting numbers for the moment, however if the plan goes further you will be contacted at a later date. Emails come directly to me so you will NOT get spam or added to any mailing lists.) Please only email if you are genuinely interested in such an event and would be able to attend.
Can I repeat this is just an idea at present (may never happen) and a private unofficial fan gathering. Alice Cooper, the band, management and promotors are NOT involved.

Prince Of Darkness on TV 20 Jan 2005

'Prince of Darkness' is on Movie Central's 'Shadow Lane' tommorow at 10:30 am and 10:15 pm.
'Shadow Lane' is one of the "extra" paid package channels here, but it's not "Pay per view". The times are Pacific. It's also on a few times more in January and February according to the Movie Central site.
(thanks Zoogirl)

Cardiff Press 19 Jan 2005

Very short announcement of the Cardiff show has appeared at ICWales site. No new info but thought I'd mention it as it's the first general press for the tour I've seen.

Fanfire Speak 19 Jan 2005

This is a statement direct from Fanfire who are running the ticket packages.
"Update Information : January 19, 2005"
A VERY LIMITED PORTION of all tickets in the front 20 rows (only approximately 200 tickets) are available through
No entire row has been reserved for the package opportunities, ensuring that tickets in all rows be available not only through, but also through other ticket outlets and without the premium add-ons.
Premium tickets have NOT taken the entire first two rows for the Platinum packages.Many other tickets are available without paying a premium. Effort has been taken to put together a special evening including awesome seats, exclusive merchandise, autographs, a meet and greet, and a photo. More than just a ticket -- a night that will never be forgotten.

UK Tickets: A Statement 19 Jan 2005

Since yesterday morning there has been an incredible amount of ill feeling towards the organisers of the forthcoming UK (and by extention Australian, European and North American) tour from the online Alice Cooper community on the mailing list, the message board and also through private emails we have recieved here.
In response to this the owner and contributers to this site have felt the need to issue the following statement on our position in this matter. We do not expect that the promotors will take any notice of it, however we believe something has to be said.
Read it here

Monster Dog DVD 18 Jan 2005

As reported earlier 'Monster Dog', staring Alice Cooper, is to finally see a DVD release in the US on Feb. 15th through Video Music Distribution. Click the link to get it direct from the distributers and see a pic of the new cover design.

Newcastle appears on Ticketmaster 17 Jan 2005

Ticketmaster seems to be having some strange problems. The Newcastle show mentioned below IS up there but you won't find it using a search for either "Alice Cooper" or anything else at thier site. Instead, go to, then click "rock & pop", and look a little way down the list. You'll find all three shows we've reported listed, including Newcastle on 13th November with an 'on sale' date of 21st January.

UK Tour!! 15 Jan 2005

Ticketmaster are listing UK shows at Brighton Center on November 5th and Cardiff CIA on the 7th November with support from Twisted Sister. No confirmation if this is correct yet, but it does fit in with the info I've been told previously. Tickets aren't on sale yet (Jan 19th).
For some reason a search on ticketmaster doesn't show the Brighton gig, but you can use this link, not that there's much extra info there.
UPDATE: Newcastle Arena said to be 13th November.

New Alice Cooper Book!! 14 Jan 2005

Thanks to Steef for spotting this one. Schwarzkopf Publishing in Germany have a new Alice photo book on it's way for May this year and it looks AMAZING! Photos from concerts and backstage. The samples on this page are enough to wet any fan's appitite. Unfortunatly the site text is in German but you should be able to get the idea. It does look like there will be an English distributor here but they don't have info on the Alice book yet.

New Neal Smith Interview 13 Jan 2005

Check out SleezeRoxx for a great new interview with Neal Smith about his ACG years and current projects. Well worth a read.

Alice to perform with the kids... 13 Jan 2005

According to Alice will be performing at the Sundance Film Festival later this month in relation to the film about the Rock school mentioned a further down this page. The festival runs between January 20th-30th in Park City, Utah. I can't find a specific date for Alice's appearance so if anyone finds anything give me a shout. As he's scheduled to be at the Bob Hope Classic for the first part of this period, and then at the PGA Show on the 29th (likely date) that really only leaves a few days between the two for this to happen.
More info on the real "School Of Rock" can be found here.

Greatest UK No. 1 11 Jan 2005

Ripped from the pages of here's your chance to vote for the greatest No. 1 single ever at the BBC website. The choice I think is pretty obvious. I mean, how many good number ones have there been??

Canadian TV 06 Jan 2005

Alice appears to be the subject of a show called "Star! Close-up" this coming Saturday in Canada, although I'm not quite sure what channel it might be on. "E" possibly or maybe "CityTV" if that's a channel. It'll be on at 7am anyway and repeated at 2.30pm. It's listed here.

School Of Rock? 03 Jan 2005

Various sources including Daily Local are running a story about a real life "School Of Rock" who are producing a documentary which may have some original Alice content.

Alice in Hawaii 02 Jan 2005

Alice is scheduled to appear at the 2005 Mercedes Championships at the Kapalua Golf Club in Maui, Hawaii between the 3rd and 5th January (or thereabouts). Some of the tournament is being shown on ESPN (USA) and Sky Sports 2 (UK) but it doesn't look like the ProAm is.