Below are the complete SickthingsUK news archives going back to 2004 when I first added news to the front page.
NOTE: The further back you go, the less likely it is that links and images will work, because the original sites no longer have the articles.

R.I.P. Lemmy 29 Dec 2015

As I'm sure everybody has already heard our world suffered a huge loss yesterday when Lemmy passed away. He is simply irreplaceable. I saw Motorhead many times over the years, and also was lucky enough to see him guest with Hawkwind a few of times as well, not to mention meeting him off stage at the Marquee, or after waiting at the backstage door at a show.  The last time I think was backstage at one of the Alice/Motorhead shows some years back. The man was never less then friendly and polite, happy to chat to fans and hang out, sign stuff etc. A true legend who will be sorely missed.
(Photo by Kyler Clark)

Alice posted the following message:
"Lemmy was truly a one-of-a-kind in rock 'n' roll. He was innovative, true to his art and continually relevant even though he never cared about being relevant. He was always creating and redefining hard rock and the role of bass within it. Off stage he was a gem. I can't think of anyone who didn't adore Lemmy. He was such an original character in Rock, and I will truly miss seeing him out on the road. My condolences to his family, his band mates and rock fans everywhere. This loss is great."

Chuck Garric, well known as a HUGE fan, also posted: "RIP Lemmy Kilmister, today is a very sad day for us rock'n'roll people, keep on rockin', you will be missed!." and "Such an honor to tour with you. What a privilege to know you. RIP my friend!"

Tommy Talks 23 Dec 2015

Metal Rules have an excellent new interview with Tommy Henriksen during which Tommy talks about Alice, his solo work and the next Alice Cooper album!

AZCentral have a report from the Arizona show after which Alice and the band headed down to Cooperstown to play a second show, opening with 'Under My Wheels' followed by a selection of covers from the 'Raise The Dead' show. After the closing 'School's Out' the band continued without Alice  with Motorhead's "Ace Of Spades," the Ramones' Blitzkrieg Bop" and Cheap Trick's "Surrrender." Dash Cooper and CO-OP opened both shows with Dash joining his dad for 'School's Out'.

With the Motley Crue tour dates finally over Chuck Garric and Beasto Blanco are already looking forward to the new year which will start with a performance at the NAMMJAMM in Anaheim, CA on January 22nd and feature a 'Very Special Guest!' John 5 (Rob Zombie) and LA Guns are also on the bill. There should be more Beasto news soon including shows and a new album!

As reported at the time Alice was at the Classic Rock Awards earlier this year to collect an award for 'Welcome To My Nightmare'. You can now watch the whole awards show courtesy of Classic Rock Magazine.

Small Stuff 15 Dec 2015

Alice Cooper will be a guest on the first episode of Sammy Hagar's new TV show 'Rock & Roll Road Trip' which premiere's on AXS in the US on January 24th. It's a six part series so it's always possible Alice will turn up on later episodes as well.

Nita Strauss will be co-hosting the 2016 'She Rocks Awards' at next years NAMM show in Anaheim, CA on January 22nd. The awards "honor women who stand out as role models in the music industry".

I haven't been posting every single review of the current tour, they all say basically the same thing, but the Calgary Sun has one that's quite amusing.

Kadzoo Magazine has a review of Dennis Dunaways 'Snakes, Guillotines, Electric Chairs'. The link takes you to the full magazine so just fast forward to page 27.

New Show - Carolina 08 Dec 2015

Alice Cooper has been announced as performing at the Carolina Rebellion Festival at Rock City Campgrounds, Charlotte Motor Speedway on May 8th. Also on the bill are Rob Zombie, Deftones and Disturbed. Presale tickets are already on sale.

Congratulations to Michael Bruce and his bride Lynette who were married a few of days ago in Paradise Valley, Phoenix!

Alice has been announced as appearing at the 2016 Patrick Warburton Celebrity Golf Tournament which takes place between March 6th and 13th at 'The Classic Club' in Palm Desert, CA.

Glen Sobel has a few words with the Lincoln Journal Star.




New Roxie Limited 'Full Print' Shirts 26 Nov 2015

Introducing the NEW Ryan Roxie Full Print T-shirt!....Available NOW!   This is a limited run of high-quality full color sublimation print Roxie T's featuring Ryan playing his fav SG Guitar fully 'in the moment'. Order yours TODAY to ensure delivery by Christmas. The perfect gift for anyone that needs a little more 'Roxie' in their life ;) Order now and receive a FREE digital download of 'The Roxie Box' as a bonus ;) Click on this link to Order and get more info:



New Vampires Show 21 Nov 2015

Alice himself has announced that the Hollywood Vampires, including Johnny Depp and Joe Perry, will perform at the Rock In Rio in Lisbon, Portugal on May 27th 2016.

Beasto On Sixx Sense and On Tour 20 Nov 2015

Chuck Garric will be on Nikki Sixx's radio show 'Sixx Sense' this coming Monday (23rd) chatting about Alice Cooper, touring, and Beasto Blanco who start a short run of European shows this week. Check out the dates here. Also check out the cool tour promo posted by Tim Husung!
Calico Cooper was in town ahead of the Beasto dates and joined her mum and dad on stage in Helsinki for the last European Alice Cooper show.

Morgan Cooper, wife of Dash Cooper, has started her own clothing line for kids called 'Scoop By Morgan'. Since presenting Grandpa Alice with twins recently Morgan found that there was a lack of "twin clothes" around so decided to start her own line! Check out this report from 12News.

Ultimate Classic Rock have more video from the surprise show in Stockholm earlier this week.

There's a new "Ask Alice"  up on YouTube, this time Alice is talking about 'Errol Flynn vs Basil Rathbone'.




Surprise Show In Stockholm 16 Nov 2015

Okay, so I suppose it shouldn`t really be that big a surprise. As previously reported The Alice Cooper band (Chuck, Nita, Ryan, Glen and Tommy) played their own show at the Hard Rock Cafe in Stockholm last night ahead of the big Motley Crue show tonight and who should show up for a few songs but the boss himself! Together they performed 'Be My Lover', 'Lost In America' and School's Out'. You can currently see footage from the show on Periscope (24 hours only) with more footage is turning up on YouTube including Chuck singing 'Ace Of Spades', Tommy singing 'I Wanna Be Sedated', and Roxie '20th Century Boy'.
(Photo by Erik Holmstrom)



Alice for Copenhell 15 Nov 2015

Alice Cooper has been announced to play the Copenhell Festival in Copenhagen, Denmark. The festival runs between the 23rd and 25th of June next year with the band apparently playing on the 23rd.

Rolling Stone in Italy has photos from the Milan show.

Vive la France 14 Nov 2015

Alice At Stone Free Reporting Error 12 Nov 2015

There are a couple of online news sources reporting that Alice Cooper will be appearing WITH Rick Wakeman as part of Wakeman's performance at the Stone Free Festival in London next June. This is NOT correct. As correctly announced yesterday Alice will be headlining the night before Wakeman plays with his own band and show. The reports are simply a result of a journalist not being able to read the press release correctly.

Alice was at the Classic Rock Awards in Camden, London last night and received the 'Classic Album' award for 'Welcome To My Nightmare'. You can see some red carpet footage at GettyImage and there are many photos appearing online showing Alice with other guests including Brian May, and Jimmy Page.

Ken Bloor has posted his photos from Swindon and London over at STUK's photos from the UK shows are also up in the photos section.



Tons Of Rock Festival, Norway 11 Nov 2015

Hot on the heels of this morning's UK show announcement the 'Tons Of Rock' festival in Halden, Norway has announced that Alice Cooper will headline their festival on Friday 24th June. Amongst the other bands playing the same day is Nikki Sixx's 'Sixx:AM'. Tickets to the festival are on sale now.

Alice is also listed as playing at the Nova Rock Festival which takes place in Nicklesdorf, Austria between June 9th and 12th 2016. Tickets also available now.



Alice Cooper Headlines New Stone Free Festival 11 Nov 2015

It's not even a week since the last UK show at Wembley but Classic Rock has announced that Alice Cooper will headline a new festival at the O2 in London on June 18th 2016. The two day event also features Marillion, Rock Wakeman, Blackberry Smoke and others. “Coming to the UK is always like coming home for us. Fans in the UK are always high energy, always there," says Cooper. "Headlining the very first Stone Free Festival at London’s The O2 in June next year is an example of why we feel so welcome. It will be my only performance in the UK next year, so that makes it even more special. And, as always with my show, you can expect the unexpected!"
Tickets go on sale November 20th.

Billboard have an article about the 'Peter and the Wolf in Hollywood' album.

Small Stuff 09 Nov 2015

Nita Strauss is interviewed by 'That Metal Show' host Jim Florentine for his podcast taling about playing with Alice and the treatment of ladies in the Rock business.

The Times apparently has a review of the Wembley show but it's unfortunatly hidden behind a paywall. You can see a few lines of the article including "It didn’t help that the support act was better than the main attraction".

Pretties In New York Press 05 Nov 2015

One more UK show to go tomorrow but back home to recover and catch up on some news. STUK Photos should go up at the weekend. There are a couple of reviews with pics from the UK shows at Chronicle Live, and This Is Wiltshire while the Guardian has Alice chatting about the 'Peter and the Wolf' album that is out on November 13th.
UPDATE: News Guardian also has a glowing review of the Newcastle show.

Ryan Roxie has just posted that the band will be doing a 'pre-show jam' at the Hard Rock Cafe in Stockholm on Nov 15th ahead of the show there. Tickets are available now.

Village Voice has an interview with Neal Smith and Dennis Dunaway talking about 'Pretties For You' ahead of Nick Didkovsky's recreation of the album live on stage in New York on November 8th. It looks like both Neal and Dennis will be at the show and I'm told there *could* be a 'special encore' after the main album performance. Village Voice also have an interesting interview with Nick which gives you some background on the man and his music. This promises to be a unique night if you can make it.

Mitch Lafon also has a new interview with Neal Smith chatting about his forthcoming movie 'Desolation Angels: Rise Of The Boas', his current band KillSmith, the recent reunion performances with Alice Cooper in Texas, working on the HOLLYWOOD VAMPIRES album, Glen Sobel, the current Alice Cooper band band, Bob Ezrin, and his favorite Alice Cooper album!
You can also hear Dennis in the latest episode of 'The Soundtrack Series' entitled 'In In The Band'.


Two Down, Four To Go 31 Oct 2015

Just a quick catchup while we all recover from the last couple of days. Most people probably know by now that Michael Monroe and his guitarist Steve Conte joined Alice and the gang last night for an extemely energetic 'School's Out'. Michael's opening sets were excellent, especially in Swindon, and a special round of applause for Michael's 'mic cord wrangler' who must have had the hardest job of all untangling the lead every 30 seconds!
The setlist for the UK shows was tweeked to include a couple of different covers from the Hollywood Vampires album namely 'Cold Turkey' and 'Manic Depression' with the 'Five To One' intro added to 'Break On Through' as well. At both shows everyone was on fire including great audience reactions. There's four more to go with Crue of course, but they won`t beat these two.
Oh, and welcome to the UK Miss Nita Strauss!! It's taken a while but I hope you found us worthy!

Anyway, onto some press: Today's Telegraph has a half page interview with Alice. The Western Morning News has a review of the Plymouth show. Flood Magazine has a short interview with Alice.

Beasto Blanco Tour Update 28 Oct 2015

A quick reminder before I leave for the UK shows. Beasto Blanco, featuring Chuck Garric and Calico Cooper, have lined up a series of European shows for November. The dates have changed slightly since I originally posted them so the new dates and advert are below. The current list is as follows:
Nov. 19th - Revolver Club, Oslo, Norway
Nov. 20h - Buenkulturhus. Mandal, Norway
Nov. 21st - Tribute Club, Sandnes, Norway
Nov. 24th - Fuorionda Club, Cura Carpignano, Italy
Nov. 25th - Bannermann's, Edinburgh, Scotland
Nov. 26th - Hall Of Fame, Wetikon, Switzerland
Nov. 27th - Manoir Pub, St Maurice, Switzerland
Nov. 28th - Societ Hall, Moutiers, Switzerland
Nov. 29th - Fabrick Club, Isle of Sardegnia, Italy

Nita Strauss was interviewed by Rolling Stone Magazine recently and you can read the article here.

Dennis Dunaway has two more appearances coming up. The first is on Halloween (Oct 31st) at the Louisiana Book Festival, followed by the Miami Book Fair on November 22nd.

Glen Sobel - Private 1-1 Drum Lessons in London 28 Oct 2015
Glen SobelHey SickThings!
Glen Sobel - Alice's drummer, is offering the rare opportunity to have a private 1-1 drum lesson with him whilst in London! 
He has been Alice's go to guy for almost five years now - he keeps the rest of the band in perfect time; but it's not only Alice he has worked with in his hugely successful career.
Glen has recently worked with big names such as Motley Crue, Steven Tyler and Joe Perry (both of Aerosmith), Jonny Depp, Jennifer Batten (Michael Jackson's guitarist), Sixx:AM, Tony MacAlpine and of course, The Hollywood Vampires.
So get in touch now for more information. There aren't many spots, there is a huge demand for these sessions. Don't miss out!
Contact for more information.
See you at the rock show!
Chiller 28 Oct 2015

Note: There was a server issue last yesterday that lost the most recent news update so this is a repost of that information.

As previously mentioned Dennis Dunaway, Neal Smith and Michael Bruce were at the Chiller Expo this weekend and you can check out footage from their performance here. The band were joined by Ingo Geirdal from Icelandic band Dimma (check them out, they're amazing) and Nick Divkovsky who is the brains behind the 'Pretties For You' show coming up in early November.
There's also been a press for Dennis's book and the Chiller show including and interviews at Gruemonkey and

Nita Strauss has booked a few guitar clinics in the UK while she's here, starting tonight in Romford, Essex at 'PMT'. She continues at 'Guitar Guitar' in Epsom, Surrey tomorrow (Oct 27th) with three more apearances at 'JG Windows' in Newcastle (Nov 2nd), 'PMT' in Manchester (Nov 3rd) and 'Guitar Guitar' in Birmingham (Nov 4th). These last three will be afternoon 2PM appearances, before the Alice Cooper shows in the evening.

Alice is also featured on this weeks cover of Kerrang! magazine being interviewed by Andy Biersack of American band 'Black Veil Brides'. The Plymouth Herald also has an interview with Alice. Meanwhile Glen Sobel been chatting to Thatsmygig about the importance of social media.

New Interviews 20 Oct 2015

Dennis Dunaway is still out and about promoting ''Snakes...' and you can check out his latest interviews at Q104.3 (video and audio) and WFMU (audio). Below you can see the new poster for Chiller Expo in New Jersey this weekend which will feature Dennis, Michael Bruce, and Neal Smith along with Richie Scarlet, Ace Frehley and a HUGE array of other musicians, actors, artists and just about everything you could want from such an event!

The Newcastle Chronicle has a new interview with Alice promoting the forthcoming UK shows.

Anyone who watched the footage from the 'Good Records' show should have seen the film cameras recording everything that happened. According to the Dallas Observer there is a good chance of a documentary about the event turning up soon.

Getintothis has a retrospective celebrating the 40th aniversary of 'Welcome To My Nightmare' which is well worth reading.

Today's Press 16 Oct 2015

Billboard has a report and photos from the TJ Martell Foundation's gala in New York City with a few words from Alice.

Nita Strauss has posted video from her recent guitar clinic in Bogita, Columbia over at YouTube. There's also short interview with Nita at MyRecordJournal

Ryan Roxie also has a new Vblog up from the Toledo show and is featured in an excellent new interview with Mitch Lafon with Ryan talking about everything from Candy to life with the Alice Cooper band and playing at the Dallas reunion.

Dennis Dunaway is still on the road promoting his 'Snakes...' book and you can read a new interview at Downtown. There's footage from his Nashville appearance here and here and Rolling Stone have posted a new article about the Dallas happening. Dennis will be on WFMU today at 1pm EST. Next up with be the Chiller Expo on October 23rd where Dennis will be displaying a collection of Alice Cooper treasures!

A reminder for anyone in the New York area that Nick Didkovsky is staging a special evening of entertainment on November 8th at The Stone in NYC. Nick and his fellow musicians will be performing 'Pretties For You' from start to finish. Months of practice have been going on to make this a special night, and who knows who might turn up at the show! Check out the link above for a rehearsal clip!

Glen Sobel Plays Show With Crue 15 Oct 2015

Tommy Lee of Motley Crue was unable to play at last nights show in Buffalo, NY due to the sudden onset of tendinitis. But the show must go on so the band called upon Alice Cooper drummer Glen Sobel to stand in. Glen posted the following to facebook:
"It's been an insane day of prep and making cheat sheets. I can't describe what an honor it's been to rock tonight with Vince , Mick , Nikki and Tommy, who was handling some of the electronics and cueing me through the in-ear monitors from side stage. No, I did not do the 'Cruecifly' drum solo. But I played with the guys for the finale of 'Home Sweet Home' on the hydraulic stage by front of house. It's one of those things… Had I known when I was a kid this would happen one day… You get the picture. Here's to hoping Tommy Lee's wrist heals up quickly. I'm familiar with the experience of playing though pain while being on tour. It isn't fun."
Today is a day off so hopefully Lee will recover in time for tomorrow's show in Bridgeport.

Nita Strauss is featured on a new 'No Guitar Is Safe' podcast talking about her career, playing with Alice and replacing Orianthi.

Catching Up 12 Oct 2015

Classic Rock magazine this month has the Hollywood Vampires on the front cover and a 8 page feature inside while Rock Cellar has an interview with Alice and Joe Perry.

Alice has been added to the bill for the 'T.J. Martell Foundation Honors Gala' on October 15th in New York City. The charity event also includes performances by Foreigner, REO Speedwagon and Train frontman Pat Monahan.

Consequence of Sound has an interview with Bob Ezrin talking about the first time he saw Alice Cooper amongst other things.

Tommy Henriksen has another new video from his 'Tommy Tommy Tommy' album. This time its for 'Ima Alien' and you can check it out below.

Original Band Join Current Band in Dallas! 08 Oct 2015

The title says it all. I suppose it shouldn`t be a complete surprise after the 'Good Records' show on Tuesday, but last night in Dallas, TX Dennis Dunaway, Neal Smith and Michael Bruce joined the current band on stage for 'School's Out' at the American Airlines Center. Glen stepped aside for Neal at the kit, while Chuck left bass duties to Dennis and instead sang backup and added some cool harp (as he had the previous night). And it sounded fantastic! Check it out below or for another view here.

The Original Alice Cooper Play Live! 07 Oct 2015

Well, last night in Dallas was truly a special night. If you hadn`t worked it out in advance Alice joined his old friends Dennis Dunaway, Neal Smith and Michael Bruce on stage at Good Records last night, helped out by Ryan Roxie, for set of Alice Cooper classics including 'Caught In A Dream' (before Alice and Ryan join them), 'Be My Lover', 'I'm Eighteen', 'Is It My Body', 'No More Mr Nice Guy', 'School's Out',  'Under My Wheels', and 'Elected'. As of writing you can check out footage of the event via Periscope (here, here, here and here) but these links don`t last long so be quick! I'm sure more footage will turn up during the rest of the day.
Well done to Christopher Todd and his staff for putting in so much effort to make this even special for everyone who could attend.
(Photo by Kendall Brenton)


Congratulations Calico and Jed 06 Oct 2015

Congratulations to Callico Cooper and her new hubby Jed Williams who were married just a few days ago in Hawaii. Natually the whole Cooper family were in attendance and you can check out photos from the happy event on facebook as well as video of Alice dancing with the beautiful bride.

The big event for today is Dennis Dunaway, Neal Smith and Michael Bruce appearing in Dallas at Good Records to promote the 'Snakes, Guillotines, Electric Chairs' book.  Reports are that store manager Christopher Penn and his staff have pulled out all the stops for this event and it promises to be a very special night. Don't miss this one if you are in the area.

Tommy Henriksen has released a new video from his excellent 'Tommy Tommy Tommy' album for the song 'We Let It Rock' which you can check out on YouTube.



Exclusive Ken Mary Interview 02 Oct 2015

Ken Mary was the powerhouse drummer behind 'The Nightmare Returns' tour, and the 'Raise Your Fist and Yell' album and tour in the late eighties. SickthingsUK had the opportunity to ask Ken a few questions about his time with Alice as well as his long career, his studio, and his latest project 'The Drumming Hall Of Fame', the results of which you can read now.






The Yorkshire Pudding 30 Sep 2015

Monday night saw Alice playing a special show in aid of SolidRock at the 'Tavern and Wine Store' in Phoenix, AZ and AZCentral have a report. The show featured 'British invasion' band covers that the original band (as the Earwigs/Spiders) used to play back in the 60s, along with a few of his own songs. The setlist was: All Day and All of the Night / Back in the USSR / Drive My Car / A Hard Day's Night / You Can’t Do That / The Last Time / It's All Over Now / No Particular Place to Go / Heart Full of Soul / Train Kept A-Rollin' / You Really Got Me / Hey Bulldog / Summertime Blues / Under My Wheels / I'm Eighteen / I Never Cry / School's Out/Another Brick in the Wall / Brown Sugar / Route 66. The show was a very exclusive one, dubbed 'The Yorkshire Pudding', with extemely expensive tickets and featured Nils Lofgren and Roger Cline joining Alice and local backing band 'The Saucy Jacks' for 'School's Out' and 'Route 66' respectively. All money raised goes to help SolidRock.

Dennis Dunaway is still out and about promoting his book with two special apperances coming up next week. On Oct 6th he will be joined Michael Bruce and Neal Smith in Dallas, at the Good Records (don`t miss this one if you are in the area!), and on Oct 8th he and Michael will be at The Academy of Contemporary Music at the University of Central Oklahoma to host a songwriting 'Masterclass' at 1pm. During these appearances Dennis tells stories, answers questions, and more often then not he and his guests play a few songs at the end. Most events are free. Check out for more upcoming appearances including the Chiller Theatre in New Jersey where Dennis will be raiding his vaults to mount a 'Snake! Museum', showing off incredible items from the history of Alice Cooper.

Alice will make an appearance at the FestForward conferance between November 22nd and 24th in Santa Barbara, CA to present an award to manager Shep Gordon. This is an industry event but tickets do seem to be available.

Rolling Stone and Vanity Fair have new articles about the Hollywood Vampires, and the album is 'album of the month' in French magazine 'Rock and Folk'. French magazine 'Hard Rock' also has a 4 page feature (not online) on early 80s albums including an interview with Dada drummer Richard Kolinka.

CNS News has a new interview with Alice talking about religion.

Glide Magazine has a new interview with Nita Strauss.

Vampires In Rio 2 25 Sep 2015

First of all an apology. The link I posted yesterday for the Rock In Rio live stream turned out to need a Brazillian location to watch, but all was not lost as AOL also broadcast the show worldwide an hour later. I updated the news story but it was maybe too late for some people. However even if you missed the show last night the kind people at Rock In Rio have posted the whole thing for you to watch now! Check out the video below! What a show it was. From the fireworks at the start to the closing 'Brown Sugar' the band were on fire! Lzzy Hale (Of Halestorm) joined the band for 'Whole Lotta Love',  Zak Starkey for 'I'm A Boy' and Andreas Kisser (From Brazillian band Sepultura) joined for 'School's Out'. Sure, there were mistakes but the energy was the thing and they had it in spades.
There's a couple of other Vampires related articles to mention as well. The Evening Standard has a sort piece on Depp the musician, while The Daily Mail have a lovely video of Alice, Johnny and Joe helping to hand ot hearing aids to people in Rio yesterday.

Away from the Vampires Nita Strauss has been performing guitar clinics in New Mexico and you can check out an interview with her at Blabbermouth.

Vampires In Rio 23 Sep 2015

The Hollywood Vampires perform at 'Rock In Rio' tomorrow night and there is a chance their performance will be webcast. AOL has been broadcasting performances from the festival including many of the big names. The Vampires are due on stage at around 9pm tomorrow evening Rio time.
Check out this VERY cool 3D video clip from the Roxy shows at, also Loudwire and OC Weekly have reviews of the second Roxy show.

The Sydney Morning Herald has an unusual marriage proposal which involves Alice, and he shares some golfing stories with CBS Sports.


Fake Pudding Tickets 21 Sep 2015

A message from Alice Cooper's SolidRock:
"Buyer Beware! We have announced several times there is NO Christmas Pudding this year due to Alice's tour schedule. Apparently someone has opted to sell fake tickets to this year's Pudding so please share this ticket link and let people know this is a SCAM."

Hollywood Vampires Second Night 18 Sep 2015

As expected there has been endless coverage of the Roxy shows over the last two days. The second show saw Marilyn Manson join the band for 'Eighteen' as well as the return of Tom Morello, Perry Farell and Kesha. You can check out some coverage of the shows at the following sites: Daily Mail, Entertainment Weekly, NME, Relix, Rapid News, and Bild (German),  as well as which has a ton of photos and links.
Now the shows are done it can`t hurt to list the setlist for the two nights which was as follows: Raise The Dead, My Generation, I Got A Line On You, Cold Turkey, 5 to 1/Break On Through, Manic Depression, One/Jump Into The Fire, Seven And Seven Is, Whole Lotta Love, Jeepster, I'm A Boy, School's Out/Another Brick In The Wall, and  My Dead Drunk Friends (partial)/Billion Dollar Babies/Train Kept A Rollin', with Brown Sugar/Honky Tonk Woman as the encore on the Wednesday show and Eighteen and Brown Sugar on Thursday. There's one more Vampires show scheduled for next week at 'Rock In Rio'.
In related news it looks like the 'Hollywood Vampires' album will chart well in both the US and UK. At the time of writing it's at #17 in the US and #23 in the UK!

Dennis Dunaway will be bringing 'Doctor Dreary's Snakes! Museum' to the annual Chiller Theatre Expo this year which takes place between October 23rd and 25th at Sheraton Parsippany Hotel in Parsippany, New Jersey. Dennnis is raiding his attic and cupboards for all sorts of cool Alice Cooper related memorabilia, much of which probably hasn`t been see in public for over 40 years! A few years ago I was luckly enough to get a glimpse of some of the things Dennis has, and can safely say this promises to be well worth checking out if you can get there. Also check out the very cool poster for the event.

Glen Sobel will be at Drummerfest 2015 at Milwaukee music superstore 'Cascio Interstate Music' on October 24th. 

Peter And The Wolf In Hollywood and Vampires Live 17 Sep 2015

Peter and the Wolf In HollywoodNovember 13th sees the release of a unusual Alice Cooper project which I doubt anyone could have foreseen. 'Peter and the Wolf in Hollywood' is a new version of Prokofiev's classic piece 'Peter and the Wolf' with narration by Alice Cooper himself! This new version of the classic tale has been updated to take place in modern day Los Angeles (the original story was set in Russia) and will be released as a download, CD and an iPad interactive childrens app.  Alice says "I first heard this back in Detroit, when I was six or seven years old. My mom put the record on and I was instantly transported to another world, and it has been huge fun for me to do something new after nearly 50 years in the business. I love the fact that it’s moved on, and that Peter has come to Los Angeles to meet his grandfather, who turns out to be an old hippie! That gives the story a fresh dynamic. And I like that he’s not in the least bit terrified by the wolf, when everybody else is freaking out.”
You can check out the trailer for the album below. More details can be found here.

Continuing on a classical note ClassicFM sat Alice down to listen to three clips from classical works and filmed his reactions. You can see the results here. Alice will be a guest on the station for 'Charlotte Green's Culture Club' this Sunday at 3pm.

Back to Rock and Roll, The Hollywood Vampires of course took the stage in Los Angeles last night for their first show. I haven`t seen too much about it yet (it's early here) but Orianthi posted a photo from the show which you can see here and there's much more on the Vampires Twitter feed. It appears that the band were joined by Perry Farrell, Geezer Butler, Tom Morello, and Ke$ha during the show. The setlist included most of the album plus 'Seven and Seven Is', 'Train Kept a Rollin', 'Brown Sugar' and Honky Tonk Woman'. The band play a second show tonight.
UPDATE: has a review with details and video.

Alice appeared on 'The Late Late Show with James Corden' on Tuesday night and you can catch a couple of clips from it now courtesy of BraveWords. You may be able to see the full show here depending on your location.

There's been quite a bit of Hollywood Vampires promotion in the last few days so here's some highlights: Interviews at WZLX (text), (video), WAAF (audio), WKLH (audio), Diamonds On The Avenue (video) and The Guardian (text).

Late Late Show 14 Sep 2015

US TV listings are showing Alice as a guest on 'The Late Late Show with James Corden' on Tuesday. The show airs just after midnight ET.

TripleM Sydney and NPR Music have short audio interviews with Alice promoting the 'Hollywood Vampires' album. The Daily Beast also has a new interview and Billboard has a few words as well. You can also check out Rolling Stone's' short review of the album.




The Vampires Are Here 11 Sep 2015

It's September 11th and the 'Hollywood Vampires' album is finally here. It's been a long time coming! The full album is now up on Spotify to hear, but remember that all proceeds from sales go to charity so go buy a copy! As a new teaser The Guardian has a clip of Johnny Depp laying down guitar for 'My Dear Drunk Friends'. Watch for more UK coverage coming up in the Telegraph and the Mail On Sunday.
Meanwhile stateside the band were spotted recording a performance for 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' on the roof top of the studio. Depp was on the show last night promoting his new movie 'Black Mass' and the album was mentioned, but it doesn`t appear the footage was shown. There is a suggestion it will be seen on tonights show.
Today's Vampires Q&A on Periscope/Twitter will apparently take place at 2.15 pacific time which appears to be 9.15 UK time.

There's a new(ish) Dennis Dunaway interview to listen to on Soundcloud taken from 'Radio Mark'.

Damon Johnson and Ricky Warwick brought their acoustic show to London last night bringing the house down with a mix of Thin Lizzy and Black Star Riders songs along with covers and even a couple of Alice Cooper classics. Last night they were also joined for three songs by Lizzy legend Scott Gorham! The duo have another 16 shows on this UK tour and you should definitly catch them if they are in your area. You can find the remaining dates below:


Hollywood Vampires Q & A Friday 09 Sep 2015

Alice Cooper, Johnny Depp and Joe Perry will be answering questions about the Hollywood Vampires via Twitter and Periscope this Friday. No specific time is given. You can leave questions now.

Vampires Interviews 07 Sep 2015

Pre-publicity for the 'Hollywood Vampires' album is hotting up with an article in the Independent (UK), and audio interviews at 'The Dinner Party' and Studio360. The album is released Friday worldwide.

There's a show review and photos over at

For those who haven`t noticed ex-Hanoi Rocks frontman Michael Monroe is to be the special guest at the Plymouth and Swindon headline shows. Monroe is an old friend who often guests with Alice in his native Finland.

BleedingCool has a preview of the forthcoming Dynamite comics series 'Alice Cooper vs Chaos!" with step-by-step cover art. The first issue comes with four different covers.

GuitCast has a new interview with Nita Strauss talking about her plans for a solo album and working with Alice Cooper. Nita appears around 47 minutes into the pocast.

Alice Cooper's SolidRock is hosting a cocktail party on September 28th at the 'Tavern and Wine Store' in Phoenix. Alice will be present and will perform an exclusive set of covers with local band 'The Saucy Jacks', but don`t expect to be snapping up tickets for this one (which range between $750 and a colossal $25,000) as it's a very exclusive benefit show raising funds for Solid Rock.

Beasto Blanco European Dates 03 Sep 2015

Beasto Blanco, featuring Chuck Garric and Calico Cooper, have lined up a series of European shows for November. The tour advert is below but there are more dates yet to be announced. The current list is as follows:
Nov. 19th - Revolver Club, Oslo, Norway
Nov. 20h - Buenkulturhus. Mandal, Norway
Nov. 21st - Tribute Club, Sandnes, Norway
Nov. 23rd - Bannermann's, Edinburgh, Scotland
Nov. 26th - Hall Of Fame, Wetikon, Switzerland
Nov. 27th - Manoir Pub, St Maurice, Switzerland
Nov. 28th - Societ Hall, Moutiers, Switzerland
Nov. 29th - Fabrick Club, Isle of Sardegnia, Italy
The band also have some new shirts available which you can check out here.

The Huffington Post has a video interview with Alice and Joe Perry talking 'Hollywood Vampires'.
The new issue of Goldmine Magazine (US) has a front cover featuring Alice and Joe Perry and a feature on the 'Hollywood Vampires' inside.
There's also a long article on the 'Hollywood Vampires' over at Rolling Stone.
Finally NME have posted audio of 'Whole Lotta Love' from the forthcoming album.

The Henley Times has an article by an unnamed writer wh mentions Alice has recorded two songs for a "rock symphonic remake of the Pink Floyd album 'Wish You Were Here'". One of the tracks is 'Welcome To The Machine'.

Dennis Dunaway was recently interviewed for 'The Strange Brew' and you can listen to the chat here, and also MetalHeadRadio which you can listen to here.

Steve Hunter has posted a video of him recording the amazing solo to Tommy Henrikson's 'Mr Finn', the closing track on his 'Tommy Tommy Tommy' solo album.

Dennis Dunaway in New Jersey 28 Aug 2015

Dennis Dunaway will be at 'Rock The Farm' in Farmington, NJ tomorrow (Saturday) signing books, and he will also be jumping up with Frankenstein 3000 for a few songs. The event is hosted by Don Jamieson and Jim Florentine of 'That Metal Show' and will also feature Carmine Appice and David Bryan of Bon Jovi amongst many other. All proceeds from the festival benefit CFC Loud n Clear Foundation, an organization that "promotes positive life choices by aiding drug recovery efforts and inspiring a healthy, positive lifestyle".

Nita Strauss has posted a new blog entry and video telling the story of her surprise meeting one of her guitar idols, Jason Becker. This is a must read/watch! If you don`t know who Jason Becker is you should watch 'Not Dead Yet - The Jason Becker Story' which I can`t recommend highly enough.

The Florida Times-Union has a short interview with Alice talking about the band and the 'Hollywood Vampires' album.

Chuck Garric was interviewed on Gator FM recently and you can hear his interview here.

Michigan Rock And Roll Legends has a long article about Steve Hunter's career to date.

SolidRock have announced this years 'Proof is in the Pudding' contest and signups are open until September 14th. The contest searches for talented young bands in the local area. 

New Vampires 26 Aug 2015

Rolling Stone have posted audio of  'My Generation' as played by the Hollywood Vampires. 'Nights With Alice Cooper' featured this song on Monday and so far the show has aired around half the forthcoming album. Other songs played so far have been 'School's Out', 'I Got A Line On You', 'My Dead Drunk Friends', 'Itchycoo Park' (all available on Spotify and iTunes),  'Whole Lotta Love', 'Cold Turkey' 'Jeepster'  and 'Raise The Dead' leaving only five songs yet to hear. 'Manic Depression' is the next one due to be played on the show.
Alice has been talking to Mojo Magazine about the album while Joe Perry has commented at WFJA.

Guitar International have an article and photos about the 'Fox and Friends' live show in New York last week. Also don`t forget to keep up with Ryan Roxie's Video Blog which also has an episode from the show.

The Cutting Room Floor have posted their audio interview with Kane Roberts from earlier this week, and have an interview with Ken Mary coming sometime soon.

Dennis Dunaway Joins Alice Cooper in Connecticut 18 Aug 2015

Dennis Dunaway joined Alice on stage on Sunday in Connecticut for 'School's Out' and posted a cool photo of the pair backstage. Dennis is still doing lots of press for his book including many interviews for the UK press to be published over the next couple of months. The latest interview is 'Movie Moments' which you can listen to here. Dennis appears around 1.12 into the recording.

Damon Johnson and Ricky Warwick return to the UK for a string of acoustic shows in September. The full tour is as follows:
Sept 9th - Sunderland, The Arizona
Sept 10th - London, The Underworld
Sept 11th - Cardiff, Fuel
Sept 12th - Sheffield, Local Authority
Sept 13th - Birmingham, The Oobleck
Sept 15th - York, The Duchess
Sept 16th - Edinburgh, Bannermans
Sept 17th - Glasgow, Audio
Sept 18th - Aberdeen, The Moorings
Sept 19th - Chester, The Live Room
Sept 20th - Bolton, The Railway
Sept 21st - Leicester, The Musician
Sept 22nd - Evesham, The Iron Road
Sept 23rd - Norwich, The Brickmakers
Sept 24th - Sutton In Asfield, The Diamonds
Sept 26th - Ballymena, The Diamond
Sept 27th - Dublin, On The Roxx

Steve Hunter has written article for Guitar Player magazine recalling recording with Alice Cooper on the 'Billion Dollar Babies' album in 1973 which you can check out here.

In the latest episode of 'One on One with Mitch Lafon' Mitch talks to guitarist Bob Kulick who briefly played with Alice. The co-host is Allan Schwartzberg who also talks about working with Alice Cooper, claiming to play on five tracks on 'Billion Dollar Babies' although he seems confused about what albums he plays on (he is credited on 'Lace and Whiskey' and 'Goes To Hell'.).

Fox and Friends 14 Aug 2015

Alice and the band performed live on 'Fox and Friends' this morning and you can already replay the whole thing at Fox News by clicking 'replay' and going to around 1 hour 10 mins into the stream. Songs performed were 'No More Mr Nice Guy', 'I'm Eighteen', 'Under My Wheels', 'Poison', 'School's Out' and 'Elected'.
UPDATE: They have now removed most of the show and only the after show section is still there.

In other news Alice is featured in the 'Family Guy: The Quest For Stuff' game which currently has a limited "event" going on until September 18th. Check out Gamespot for more info.

Hollywood Vampires Play Hollywood 12 Aug 2015

According to Associated Press the Hollywood Vampires will perform two shows at The Roxy in West Hollywood, CA on Sept 16th and 17th. The Roxy is very small, so this is sure to sell out almost instantly when tickets go on sale Friday.
UPDATE: Former Guns 'n' Roses rhythm section Duff McKagan and Matt Sorum as well as Tommy Henriksen and Bruce Witkin (Piano/Guitar) will join Alice, Johnny Depp and Joe Perry the band for these show, and presumably the Rio show as well.
Here's the full press release:
LOS ANGELES, CA: In 1972, on the Sunset Strip at a club called the Rainbow Bar & Grill, the Hollywood Vampires were born in the upstairs bar.  It was a gathering place for rock stars living in or passing through L.A.  “To join the club, one simply had to out drink all of the members,” says Alice Cooper, a founding member of the Vampires.  “I would walk in on a typical night,” Alice says, “and John Lennon, Harry Nilsson, Keith Moon—who would usually be in a costume like a maid or a chauffeur—Bernie Taupin, Jim Morrison and Mickey Dolenz would be there. The next week might be Bernie Taupin, Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison and Mickey Dolenz.”
Now, returning to where it once began, the Hollywood Vampires (Alice Cooper, Johnny Depp, and Joe Perry) have announced today two shows at the notorious Sunset Strip music venue, The Roxy.  This will mark the Hollywood Vampires only U.S. appearances on September 16 and 17, and will surely be the most sought after ticket in town. Joining the Hollywood Vampires live will be Matt Sorum on drums, Duff McKagan on bass, Tommy Henriksen on guitar, and Bruce Witkin on piano and guitar. Tickets are on sale on August 14 for the September 16th show at and September 17th show at
Additionally on September 24, in what will be their only international appearance, the band will head to Brazil for “Rock in Rio.” Before that show, the band will partner with Starkey Hearing Foundation, an organization that has provided more than 1.8 million free hearing aids to people in need in more than 100 countries, to offer and fit hearing aids to more than 150 people in need.   After the hearing aid fittings, the Hollywood Vampires and Starkey Hearing Foundation will bring a number of individuals to the show so they can hear music for the first time in their lives.
“Hearing connects us to life, our families and to the world around us,” said Bill Austin, founder of Starkey Hearing Foundation. “It’s a precious gift, and we are excited to work with the Hollywood Vampires to introduce so many to the world of sound and help them hear music for the first time.”
Three years ago, Alice and good friend Johnny Depp got together and decided the spirit of the Hollywood Vampires should live again (minus the drinking).  An environment for great artists to hang, laugh and play together. The Hollywood Vampires live again with the release of the Hollywood Vampires new album.  Alice and Johnny were joined by Joe Perry, who is an old friend of both of them, and with producer Bob Ezrin, the recording began: a tribute to the original Hollywood Vampires.  The new album is set to be released on September 11 and all artist proceeds will be donated to MusiCares.

Free Show In New York 12 Aug 2015

Alice Cooper will be performing live on Friday August 14th in New York City as part of 'Fox and Friends All-American Summer Concert' Series. The performance is free and will take place at 1211 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY between 6AM and 9AM ET. 'Fox and Friends' is a US breakfast TV show so parts of the performance will be aired live.

Also New York related Alice talks to the Village Voice about the 'Hollywood Vampires'.

New Show - Quebec 11 Aug 2015

Alice Cooper and Motley Crue will be playing Le Centre Videotron in Quebec, QC, Canada on October 20th. Tickets go on sale Thursday.

Digital Spy has a new interview with Alice talking about the forthcoming 'Hollywood Vampires' album.

Dennis Dunaway picks his top ten Alice Cooper songs for Classic Rock.

More Vampires News 06 Aug 2015

A little more 'Hollywood Vampires' news this morning.
Mitch Lafon reports that the Japanese version of the album will feature The Who's 'I'm A Boy' as a bonus track.
There is a new PledgeMusic campaign page that allows you to pre-order a copy of the album and get access to 'exclusive behind-the-scenes content'.  Unfortunately this currently only seems to be available to people in the US. The page also lists a vinyl version of the album coming on October 17th.
Last night on 'Nights With Alice Cooper' Alice suggested there may be a couple of 'intimate' 'Hollywood Vampires' shows in Los Angeles with an announcement August 12th.

Vampires Tracks Released 05 Aug 2015

Three songs from the forthcoming 'Hollywood Vampires' album have turned up on both Spotify and iTunes today. They are 'I Got A Line On You', 'School's Out/Another Brick In The Wall' and 'My Dead Drunk Friends'. Alice played 'School's Out/Another Brick In The Wall' on 'Nights With Alice Cooper' last night and the track features guest Brian Johnson from AC/DC as well as Johnnny Depp, Joe Perry, Dennis Dunaway and Neal Smith.
UPDATE: Rolling Stone have posted an article with the full musician listings and a short video of footage from the recording sessions. The album features Alice Cooper, Johnny Depp, and  Tommy Henriksen on every track, with appearances by Glen Sobel, Bob Ezrin, Joe Perry, Dennis Dunaway, Neal Smith, Zak Starkey, Kip Winger, Orianthi, Joe Walsh (Eagles), Perry Farrell (Jane's Adiction), Robby Kreiger (The Doors), Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters), Brian Johnson (AC/DC), Paul McCartney, Bruce Watkins, Abe Laboriel Jr and Slash.
All proceeds from the album will go to the MusiCares charity.

Vampires Track Listing 02 Aug 2015

Thanks to AlongCameASpider27 for posting what appears to be the track listing for the 'Hollywood Vampires' album. It goes as follows:
1. The Last Vampire (Original song)
2. Raise the Dead (Original Song)
3. My Generation (The Who)
4. Whole Lotta Love (Led Zeppelin)
5. I Got A Line On You (Spirit)
6. Five To One/Break On Through (The Doors)
7. One/Jump Into The Fire (Harry Nilsson)
8. Come And Get It (Paul McCartney)
9. Jeepster (T-Rex)
10. Cold Turkey (John Lennon)
11. Manic Depression (Jimi Hendrix)
12. Itchycoo Park (Small Faces)
13. School's Out/Another Brick In The Wall (Alice Cooper/Pink Floyd)
14. My Dead Drunk Friends (Original Song)

Also the Rapid City Journal has a few words with Alice.

Vampires Date Announced 01 Aug 2015

Hollywood Vampires

The long awaited 'Hollywood Vampires' album finally has a release date via Universal Music, and it's September 11th. The project has an official website at as well as a facebook page. The band, featuring Alice, Johnny Depp and Joe Perry, are currently scheduled to make their live debut at the Rock in Rio festival on September 24th with rumours of a few other shows around that time.
The album is available to pre-order now on AmazonUK and has been added to AmazonUS although be careful as there may be special editions announced that aren`t listed yet.

Another Show Delay 30 Jul 2015

After the transport problems to Pasa Robles on Saturday night delayed that show for three hours comes the news that the Salt Lake City show was also delayed. However it wasn`t a transport problem this time, but rather the venue, at least  according to Crue's Nikki Sixx who posted "Sorry the delay. This building did "NOT" have their act together today. We will have 100% of our show later."  The Salt Lake Tribune has a review.

Nita Strauss will be live on Twitter tonight at 5pm PST answering questions and you can read what happens here.

NME have another short interview with Alice, this time telling a story about Chuck and a band Kasabian getting into a bit of a disagreement in Romania.

Dennis Dunaway was interviewed on the Tony Basilo Show on WJBE the other day and you can listen to it here. DD is also featured on 'The Soundtrack Series', a podcast which is available to buy here.

Catching Up 27 Jul 2015

Ultimate Classic Rock have a new article about the 'Trash' album marking the 26th aniversary of it's release.

Glide Magazine have a chat with Albert Bouchard about Blue Coupe, BOC and touring with Alice Cooper in the 70s amongst other things.

The Pasa Robles show on Saturday night was delayed by around three hours due to flight problems travelling from the previous show in Eugene, OR.

'Pretties For You NYC' will be performing the entire 'Pretties For You' record live at a concert taking place on November 8th at The Stone in New York City. The special band for the event will feature: Nick Didkovsky - guitar (GB's parts)/some vocals,
Nick Oddy - guitar (MB's parts), Adam Minkhoff - vocals/keyboards/bass, Max Johnson - bass. Glenn Johnson - drums and
Paul Bertolino - vocals. You can find out more on Facebook, where you will also find some clips of Nick working on his Glen Buxton impressions to make the performance as acurate as possible.

New Interviews 23 Jul 2015

The San Luis Obispo Tribune has a new interview with Alice ahead of the Paso Robles show on Saturday while NME has a short video of Alice talking about Munford and sons, reflecting on commenst he made about them two years ago.

Classic Rock has a '10 things you might not know about the Alice Cooper Band' article based on things in Dennis Dunaway's new book. There's also a long two part interview with Dennis at Penny Black Music. Part one is here while part two is here.

More Snakes Coverage 19 Jul 2015

Dennis Dunaway has posted two new interviews with Playboy and Rock Revele on his site, as well as a good list of all the recent reviews. Check it out at There's also a new review at the Newcastle Herald, and a short interview at the CTPost.
On August 10th DD and Marky Ramone will be taking part in 'Books Beneath The Bridge' at Brooklyn Bridge Park in New York. Blue Coupe will also play a set.

There also a short review of the Oshkosh show in The Examiner.

Beasto Blanco In Scotland 16 Jul 2015

Bannermans Live in Edinburgh  have just anounced that Chuck Garric and Beasto Blanco will be returning to the venue on November 25th. Hopefully there will be a few more UK dates added later, but tickets for this show go on sale tomorrow morning.

Catching Up 16 Jul 2015

Alice was interviewed by AZ Central earlier this week about new computers being added to The Rock teen center in Phoenix, and he also talked a little more about the forthcoming Hollywood Vampires album.

More reviews/articles about Dennis Dunaway's 'Snakes, Guillotines, Electric Chairs' have appeared over the last few days including Glide Magazine, Rock Cellar Magazine, and Louder Than War
Dennis and co-author Chris Hoddenfield will be at Westport, CT's Barnes and Noble tonight with Blue Coupe and Neal Smith also in attendance.
Dennis will also appear on the Soundtrack Series podcast on August 1st live from Astoria, NY.

Scream Factory are releasing a Blu-Ray edition of Wes Craven's 80s horror 'Shocker' and bonus features include interviews with executive producer Shep Gordon and Kane Roberts. 'Shocker' of course included Alice on the soundtrack.

New Show In British Columbia 07 Jul 2015

According to the festival website Alice Cooper is a late addition to the Pemberton Music Festival in British Columbia, Canada, and will be playing on July 18th with Jane's Addiction and Weezer.

The new issue of Rolling Stone has a short piece on Dennis Dunaway's book 'Snakes, Guillotines, Electric Chairs'. It's out now. Also check out the Houston Press article about the book with a rather odd choice of photos!

Starting in September Steve Hunter will be writing a column in Guitar Player Magazine. Steve says "I will be talking mostly about the sessions I did in the good old days but there will be other cool stuff as well."

Demotix have some photos from the July 4th show at Furuvik Amusement Park.

SolidRock have announced that next years Alice Cooper Rock and Roll Golf Classic will take place on April 24th and they are accepting advance registrations now.

'Hybrid' By Nick Stead 01 Jul 2015

I don`t make a habit of putting things here that aren`t directly Alice Cooper related but I hope you don`t mind me breaking the rules a little to announce Sickthing and STUK forum moderator Nick Stead (forum users know him as Gorehound) is launching his debut novel, 'Hybrid' tomorrow July 2nd.
"Set in Yorkshire, 'Hybrid' follows the story of a teenage boy as he falls victim to the werewolf curse and is forced to transform during the full moon. But not only must he battle his own lupine instincts to keep himself from hurting the people he cares about, he must also hide his lycanthropy from a group of hunters known as the Demon Slayers, intent on wiping out his race.
In a time of tame werewolves and vampires that sparkle in the sunlight, 'Hybrid' takes the reader back to our most primal fears from a time when the predators lurking in the darkness were a very real threat. Chilling, gripping and dripping with blood, Nick's writing style has been likened to a werewolf by other writers - he likes to grab the reader by the throat from the very beginning and not let go until he drags them to its bloody conclusion."
Of special interest to Alice fans are a couple of Alice Cooper references and two nightmare scenes that fans will recognise as being inspired by Alice. For more information on 'Hybrid' visit and you can learn more about Nick and other works at Get the ebook now on Amazon:


Dennis Dunaway on Access Hollywood 30 Jun 2015

Dennis Dunaway will feature on NBC's Access Hollywood on Thursday July 2nd at 7PM EST talking about Alice Cooper and his book. As far as I know this is only available in the USA.
The book is actually going into a second printing already so thanks to everyone who bought a copy!
Dennis's interview on 'Nights with Alice Cooper' can be heard now on the radio show app which you can get from iTunes or Googleplay, and there is another short DD article at TribLive.

Dynamite Entertainment are releasing a new Alice Cooper comic book series which pairs Alice with another of their characters 'Evil Ernie'! Titled 'Alice Cooper vs. Chaos!' it's a five issue mini-series with the first issue due September by writers Tim Seeley and Jim Terry, with Terry also doing the art. Covers will be by Joyce Chin.

Michael Munroe of Hanoi Rocks again made a guest appearance with Alice at the Helsinki show (as he has done a few times now) and Blabbermouth have video. Hanoi guitarist Andy McCoy was also at the show.

Interviews 26 Jun 2015

Nita Strauss has been chatting to Cosmo Music and you can watch the short video here.

Mitch Lafon has a long new interview with 'Nightmare Returns' drummer Ken Mary which you can check out here.

The Edmonton Sun recall the 1975 'Welcome To My Nightmare' show which took place four days after Alice fell from the stage suffering a head injury and several broken ribs..

Concert Live are releasing a box set featuring three Alice Cooper live recordings from 2011 in a collectors box. The shows included are Lille - 03/11/2011, Birmingham NIA - 27/10/2011 and Weistadion, Welsman - 17/06/2011. Concert Live were the company that recorded most shows on the tour and made them available at the show as you left.
Be warned though that the company still hasn`t sent out the vinyl version of the Alexandra Palace show ('No More Mr Nice Guy Live') which they took orders (and money) for back in April. As with the vinyl this set is supposed to be on sale for just 24 hours.

Two UK Headline Shows 23 Jun 2015

Various sites are listing two Alice Cooper headline shows in the UK in October. They are:
October 29th - Plymouth Pavillion
October 30th - Swindon Oasis Lesure Center
Tickets go on sale to the public on Friday.

NME has a short video interview with Alice from the tour press conference.

Ex-Alice Cooper guitarist Jason Hook joined Alice and the band in Switzerland on Sunday. His band Five Finger Death Punch were also on the bill.

Dunaway Rock Hall Streaming Tonight 20 Jun 2015

Dennis Dunaway's appearance at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland this evening will be streamed live at the website starting at 7pm local time (11pm UK?). Dennis will be chatting about his book as well as performing with Blue Coupe and special guest Michael Bruce!
TribLive and also have articles about the book, which is a 'must read' for any Alice Cooper fan.

Ouest France has a report from Hellfest last night with some Alice Cooper content (in French).

'Get Reading' has a report that Alice won the Samual L Jackson charity golf event last weened (12th) which was held at Bearwood Lakes Golf Club in Wokingham, Surrey before he appeared at the 'One For The Boys' celebrity fashion show in London.

Ryan Roxie has started a tour video blog over on his YouTube channel. There are two videos up so far, the latest showing the band together fine tuning at the hotel before a show.

Alice Still In London 17 Jun 2015

Alice was on Planet Rock yesterday (16th) morning for a short interview and you can listen to it online here (Alice turns up around 30 minutes into the show). Afterwards he want out on the streets of Central London to hand out Planet Rock ice cream!

Thanks to Patrick for spotting that this year the Graspop festival will be streaming live via from the festival. No confirmation if they will stream Alice Cooper's set on Saturday but worth keeping an eye on it just in case.

Tommy Henriksen is releasing his excellent solo album 'Tommy Tommy Tommy' as a limited edition vinyl through Bellyache Records. There's only 300 copies so grab them while you can. The vinyl is officially released on July 7th but if you pre-order you get some extra goodies.

Pittsburgh City Paper has a chat with Dennis Dunaway ahead of his appearance at The Evaline Costume Cabal on Friday with Blue Coupe.

Warner Brothers and Rhino Records are releasing a box set featuring all the Alice Cooper (band and solo) albums recorded for the label (that's 'Pretties For You' through to 'Dada'). It appears it's just a repackaging of the catalogue with nothing new included in the set.

Interviews 15 Jun 2015

The Huffington Post has a new interview with Dennis Dunaway on the release of his book.

Nita Strauss is interviewed for Dean Delray's 'Let There Be Talk' podcast talking about her Cooper audition as well as other projects. Nita will also be performing a guitar clinic on the 17th June at Musikia in Paris ahead of the Hellfest show on the 19th.

And while we're in France there is a new French Alice Cooper biography released on June 18th called 'Remember The Coop' by journalist and fan Jean-Charles Desgroux. At the moment it only seems to be available through Amazon France.

Alice Collects Kerrang Legend Award 11 Jun 2015

Alice was still in London tonight at the Kerrang awards where he collected the 'Kerrang Legend' award for 2015. Other big winners included Marilyn Manson and Judas Priest.

The Evening Standard has an article today from Tuesday's tour press conference and there is a new interview in the Huffington Post as well.

The Guardian has an article about cancer charity fashion show this weekend at the London Roundhouse called 'One For The Boys' and mentions that Alice will be taking to the catwalk along with actors Samual L Jackson and Luke Wilson.

Original Alice Cooper co-manager Joe Greenberg and his talented actor/comedian son Adam Hunter are producing a new comedy feature film entitled 'Pinned - The Movie' which is "about a Junior High School Wrestling Team - think 'Bad News Bears' meets 'The Mighty Ducks' with a tad of 'Vision Quest' and 'Kingpin'" As with many independent films they are using an Indiegogo campaign to launch the project and you can find out all about it, and pledge your support with a wide variety of options, here.

Book Launch Reports 11 Jun 2015

By all reports the New York launch of 'Snakes, Guillotines, Electric Chairs' was a huge success with Dennis entertaining the packed room (including several guests from the early days of Alice Cooper) with stories from the book as well as a short accoustic set by Blue Coupe. The Village Voice has a new interview with Dennis and has a report. Also check out the official facebook page for more photos and video. The book is currently #1 in the AmazonUS Rock books section!

You can now watch video footage from Tuesday's Motley Crue/Alice Cooper London press conference that anounced the November shows over on YouTube.

The current Alice Cooper band (Roxie, Chuck, Tommy, Nita and Glen) will be appearing at a special aftershow party at the Hard Rock Cafe in Stockholm on July 3rd folllowing the Grona Lund Alice Cooper show. The band will be hanging out, signing stuff, and playing DJ for a few hours and it's free to get in!

Lastly, there is currenly a charity auction for a signed guitar taking place to raise funds for Bryan Clay, a fan and musician, who has a run of bad luck recently resulting in a mounting medical bill. The guitar is signed not only by Alice but also Zakk Wylde and the legendary Les Paul himself.

European Dates Announced 09 Jun 2015

Motley Crue and Alice Cooper held a press conference in London this morning to announce their joint European dates for this November. UK Tickets officially go on sale June 19th and the dates are:

Nov 02: Newcastle Metro Radio Arena, UK *
Nov 03: Manchester Arena, UK *
Nov 04: Birmingham Genting Arena, UK *
Nov 06: London SSE Arena Wembley, UK *

Nov 08: Stuttgart Schleyerhalle, Germany *
Nov 09: Basel St Jakobshalle, Switzerland
Nov 10: Milan Mediulanum Forum, Italy *
Nov 12: Monte Carlo Monaco Sporting Club, Monaco
Nov 13: Munich Zenith, Germany *
Nov 14: Dusseldorf ISS Dome, Germany *
Nov 16: Stockholm Ericcson Globe, Sweden
Nov 18: Helsinki Hartwall Arean, Finland
Nov 20: Abu Dhabi Arena, UEA
UPDATE: Apparently Alice will only be opening the shows marked with a *

The Time Is Getting Closer 07 Jun 2015

The AZ Republic has a new article promoting Dennis Dunaway's new book (out Tuesday) and his appearance at the Changing Hands book store in Phoenix, plus a reprint of a 2011 article about the Hall of Fame induction.
Also, the book launch at The Strand bookstore in New York on Tuesday will be filmed with excepts posted to the 'Snakes, Guillotines, Electric Chairs' facebook page.
Dennis was also on the 'Rock Revele' radio show on CFOU on Thursday night and a recording of the interview will appear shortly at Dennis where you can also find daughter Chelsea's review of her fathers book.
Copies of the book are already arriving in letter boxes so make sure you aren`t missing out and order your copy now!

Dennis On Tour 31 May 2015

With the release of Dennis Dunaway's book 'Snakes,Guillotines! Electric Chairs!: My Adventures in the Alice Cooper Group' fast approaching (June 9th), Metal Rules have a new interview with Dennis where he chats about the book, the band, and also reveals that he and Neal Smith appear on a track on the forthcoming 'Hollywood Vampires' album, dedicated to Glen Buxton.
Also check out the story of the baby 'Billion Dollar Bass' at
Dennis has a full schedule of personal appearances lined up for the next few months, both with Blue Coupe and promoting the book (sometimes both) so to avoid missing anything here's the full list as of today:

May 31st - The Fez, Stanford, CT (Blue Couple)
June 9th - Official Book Launch at Strand Books, New York, NY (w/ Blue Coupe)
June 12th - Changing Hands Bookstore, Phoenix, AZ (Talking to Dave Ellefson of Megadeth)
June 19th - Evaline's Bizzarre Costume Cabal and Freak Scene, Pittsburgh, PA (Blue Coupe)
June 20th - Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Cleveland, OH (w/ Blue Coupe and Michael Bruce)
June 21st - Beachland Ballroom, Cleveland, OH (Blue Coupe w/ Michael Bruce)
June 24th - Bookends, Ridgewood, NJ (Signing)
July 4th - Carver County Fairgrounds, Waconia, MN (Blue Coupe)
July 12th - Rough Trade, New York, NY (Q&A with co-author Chris Hodenfield)
Juily 14th - The Cutting Room, New York, New York (Blue Coupe)
July 16th - Barnes and Noble, Westport, CT (Q&A with Chris Hodenfield)
July 18th - MOOD Festival, Ogdensburg, NY (Blue Coupe)
Aug 8th - Brighton Bar, Long Branch, NJ (Blue Coupe)
Oct 23rd - Chiller Theater, Parsippany, NJ
Oct 31st - Louisanna Book Festival, Baton Rouge, LA (Dennis and Cindy Dunaway)
Nov 21st - Miami Book Fair International, Miami, FL (Dennis and Cindy Dunaway)

Motley Crue/Alice Cooper In Europe? 27 May 2015

Motley Crue have launched a vote to choose which cities in Europe they will play on their farewell tour and it looks like they will bring Alice Cooper with them. On the positive side this does mean the UK will finally get to see Alice and the band again, and we can only hope that there will be a few headline shows mixed in, as there have been in the US.

Roxie in Scotland 26 May 2015

Ryan Roxie will be in Scotland next week, June 2nd, for a Gibson Guitar Clinic at Kenny's Music in Glasgow. As always Ryan will be demonstrating Gibson guitars, telling stories and playing a few tunes. The evening kicks off at 7.30pm and is free.

Out and About In Oz 23 May 2015

Today is the last show of the Australian leg of the Motley Crue tour and as usual press reviews report Alice has been upstaging Crue every night. There's been a couple of interesting reports of how Alice has been spending his time off stage including a video of him visiting the Freemantle prison and another of him recieving a gold golf ball after a the ‘Rebel FM Alice Cooper Golf Day’.

More DD Appearances and Michael Bruce! 21 May 2015

More Dennis Dunaway book appearances: Dennis will be appearing at 'Changing Hands' book store in Phoenix on June 12th to promote 'Snakes! Guillotines! Electric Chairs! My Adventures in the Alice Cooper Group'. At this event he will be in conversation with Megadeth bassist Dave Ellefson, telling stories about the early days of Alice Cooper, and signing books of course. You can get more information here.
Then on June 20th Dennis will be at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame's Foster Theater in Cleveland promoting the book and this will also feature a super special performance by Dennis with Blue Coupe and none other then Michael Bruce joining them!! Tickets for this are free and can be obtained from the Hall of Fame website where you can find all the details.
'Snakes! Guillotines! Electric Chairs! My Adventures in the Alice Cooper Group' is officially released on June 9th.

The Concourse have a long article about 'School's Out' with comments from Alice and Dennis.

No Pudding For Christmas 16 May 2015

There will be no Christmas Pudding show this year due to Alice's shows on the Motley Crue tour. Instead when the tour hits Phoenix on December 19th $1 from every ticket will go to Solid Rock. Organisers are looking at other options for a Pudding-like show at some point next year to make up for cancelation.

AmazonUS now has a "look Inside' of 'Snakes! Guillotines! Electric Chairs!' by Dennis Dunaway where you can read sections of the book if you can't wait until it's released on June 9th. Just click on the cover image. The book gets it's official launch at The Strand book shop in New York City on June 9th with Dennis chattting and peforming with Blue Coupe with special guests Tish and Snooky from Manic Panic singing back-up.

Billboard have an interesting article about the 'Starship', the Boeing 720 plane used by bands in the 70s to transport themselves around on tour. The plane has become legendary and was used by Alice Cooper in 1973. 

New US Shows 13 May 2015

Two new US shows have just been announced. They are:
August 1st - Sturgis, SD - Buffalo Chip
October 22nd Moncton, NB, Canada - The Center at Casino New Brunswick.

Stuff in New Zealand ha a few words from Alice and Forbes Magazine has a new article recalling the famous Forbes cover story from April 1973.

Kane Roberts has been talking to Ric's Corner about his career an working with Alice.

New Roxie 77 Video 04 May 2015

Ryan and Roxie 77 have released a new animated video for 'Anna' from the 'Ameriswede' EP which you can check out below. have started a new series of videos called 'Ask Alice' and you can check out the first video here talking about the early 80s albums.

The New Zealand Herald has a new interview with Alice.

AZ Family have a video from the Alice Cooper Rock and Golf Classic  a few days ago.

Dennis Dunaway Book Launch 25 Apr 2015

Dennis Dunaway will be appearing at 'The Strand' book store in on Tuesday June 9th at 7pm for the official launch of his memoir, 'Snakes! Guillotines! Electric Chairs! - My Adventures in the Alice Cooper Group'  Dennis share stories from his life with Alice Cooper, and also give an exclusive live acoustic performance with Blue Coupe. Tickets can be obtained in advance by ordering the book from
There will also be an book related event at the Hotel Evaline in Pittsburgh on June 19th which will also involve Blue Coupe performing. Ticket details will follow soon.

Nita Strauss performed a guitar clinic a couple of days ago at Katacombes in Montreal, Quebec and you can check out a clip of her playing 'Poison' at Blabbermouth. She also talked about plans for her forthcoming solo album. She's also been talking to BackstageAxxess in a short video interview.

Alice and Tommy Lee chatted to Evansville 14News and WZZM promoting the current tour. They also called into WGRD for a audio interview. Alice recently  recorded a short promo clip for the Blondes vs Brunettes charity Alzheimer's Benefit Football Game in Phoenix which you can hear courtesy of

More Motley Shows 21 Apr 2015

Another batch of Motley Crue/Alice Cooper shows have been announced for October and December. The dates are as follows:
October 5 - Hidalgo, TX @ State Farm Arena
October 7 - Dallas, TX @ American Airlines Center
October 8 - Little Rock, AR @ Verizon Arena
October 10 - Evansville, IN @ The Ford Center
October 11 - Lexington, KY @ Rupp Arena
October 13 - Grand Rapids, MI @ Van Andel Arena
October 14 - Buffalo, NY @ First Niagra Center
October 16 - Bridgeport, CT @ Webster Bank Arena
October 17 - Manchester, NH @ Verizon Wireless Arena
October 18 - Bangor, ME @ Cross Insurance Center
December 4 - Lincoln, NE @ Pinnacle Bank Arena
December 7 - Sioux Falls, SD @ Denny Sanford Premier Center
December 8 - Grand Forks, ND @ Alerus Center
December 10 - Saskatoon, SA @ SaskTel Centre
December 12 - Edmonton, AB @ Rexall Place
December 13 - Calgary, AB @ ScotiaBank Saddledome
December 15 - Portland, OR @ Moda Center
December 19 - Phoenix, AZ @ U.S. Airways Center
December 20 - San Diego, CA @ Viejas Arena
December 22 - Anaheim, CA @ Honda Center
December 27 - Las Vegas, NV @ MGM Arena

New Nights With Alice Cooper App 20 Apr 2015

Alice has been chatting to Billboard about the forthcoming covers album, confirming a couple more guests on the album. We already knew about Johnny Depp, Joe Perry and Paul McCartney, and suspected Foo Fighters' Dave Grohl, but now AC/DC front man Brian Johnson, and Zack (son of Ringo Starr) Starkey are added to the mix. 'All My Dear Drunk Friends' is also confirmed as a song title, written with Depp and Bob Ezrin.

There's a new 'Nights with Alice Cooper' App now available from iTunes and the Googleplay store. Just search for "Alice Cooper" to download.

Alice on TV 19 Apr 2015

Lots more press today from the John Varvatos store opening. Alice played a 14 song setlist including most of the normal tour set but with 'Brown Sugar' replacing 'Revolution'. You can check out photos and video from the night here.
Alice and John were also on Detroit Fox News for a chat with extra footage here, and WXYZ for another video interview.

The following day Alice and Calico headed to the Cleveland Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for a VIP party ahead of the induction ceremony tomorrow, and there's video of that as well!

Alice In Detroit 17 Apr 2015

As mentioned a few days ago Alice and the band (without Tommy by the looks of it) played a private show at the opening of the new John Varvatos store in Detroit last night. CBS Detroit has a report and a short video including a short clip of the band playing "Be My Lover" at the end.

New Show - Florida 14 Apr 2015

Alice Cooper will be playing the Florida Theatre in Jacksonville, FL on Spetember 1st. Tickets went on sale today.

Blue Coupe in New York 14 Apr 2015

It's been pretty quiet the last couple of weeks but here's a couple of annnouncements:

Blue Coupe with Dennis Dunaway have three New York shows coming up in May and July. They play:
May 1st - Lucilles, BB Kings, New York, NY
May 19th -The Studio at Websters Hall - Joey Ramones Birthday Bash (tickets from
July 18th - Mood Festival, Ogdenburg, NY
Don't forget Dennis' book, "Snake! Guillotines! Electric Chairs!" is out in June!

An article about a new John Varvatos store in Detroit suggests Alice will perform at the the grand opening on April 16th. It could happen, Alice previously performed at Varvatos's New York store party and took part in a Varvatos add campaign.


Alice guests with Beasto Blanco 30 Mar 2015

Beasto Blanco and CO-OP played at Cooperstown in Phoenix a couple of nights ago and it should be no surprise that they had a special guest join them on stage for the big finish of 'School's Out' You can check out a video clip here.
Also Rock Axxess issue 24 has new interviews with Chuck Garric and Calico Cooper and you can check out the whole magazine here.

Vintage Rock have posted a video of the Alice Cooper/Paul Rodgers Q&A that took place during the recent cruise show. have a short interview with Alice.

Both Nita Strauss and Damon Johnson have been announced as guests on the new season of VH-1 Classic's 'That Metal Show'.

Tommy Henriksen has a new video up form his 'Tommy Tommy Tommy' album which you can check out below.

2 New Shows - Austria and Norway 26 Mar 2015

Tickets have gone on sale for two new European Shows. They are:
24th June - Open Air Arena, Vienna, Austria
1st July - Sentrum Scene, Oslo Norway

Shep Gordon will be inducted into the newly established Personal Managers Hall Of Fame on Thursday, April 23, 2015, at Morongo Casino Resort & Spa. in Palm Springs, CA.

Dennis Dunaway Book - Chapter One Online 22 Mar 2015

Head over to and you'll find a link to access the first chapter of Dennis Dunaway's eagerly awaited book "Snakes! Guillotines! Electric Chairs!: My Adventures in The Alice Cooper Group". The book will be released on June 9th and is available to preorder now at AmazonUS and AmazonUK.

New Show - Germany 21 Mar 2015

Alice Cooper and Status Quo will be playing KunstRasen Bonn/Gronau in Bonn Germany on June 25th. Tickets appear to be on sale now.

Sydney Morning Herald has a new interview with Alice talking about the forthcming Aussie shows and the Hollywood Vampires.

Alice is also featured on the new Eddie Trunk Podcast which you can listen to here. The Alice section starts about 20 mins into the podcast.

Chuck, Calico and the Beasto Blanco boys were on KTVA Daybreak a couple of days ago doing chatting about the tour and you can watch the interview here.

Beasto Blanco Tour Begins 19 Mar 2015

Chuck Garric is interviewed by Pennisula Clarion in advance of the Beasto Blanco show there this Saturday. The Beasto tour, with Chuck and Calico, starts tonight in Anchorage. Alaska and continues through the following dates:
19th March - Hard Rock Cafe, Anchorage, AK
20th March - Hard Rock Cafe, Anchorage, AK (Sold Out)
21st March - Holligans, Soldotna, AK
25th March - Slide Bar, Fullerton, CA
26th March - Schmidys Tavern, Palm Desert, CA
27th March - Cooperstown, Phoenix, AZ (with Dash and CO-OP)
28th March - Vamp'd, Las Vegas, NV (with Winger)
29th March - Viper Room, Hollywood, CA

Alice appeared on 'MMA Roasted' the other day, along with Adam Hunter (Joe Greenberg's son) and you can listen to the show now on Soundcloud.

Neal Smith's “KillSmith & the Greenfire Empire” is now out in physical form with a nice book format including the complete GreenFire story written by Neal. You can get a copy from

Glen Sobel is to be inducted into the 'RockGodz Hall of Fame' at Vamp'd in Las Vegas (yes the same place Beasto will be playing a few days later) on March 25th. See the full press release here.

Extra Show In Melbourne 13 Mar 2015

According to MusicFeeds Motley Crue have added an extra date to their Australian Tour in Melboune at the Rod Laver Arena on May 13th. Presumably Alice Cooper will also be special guest at this show.

Alice and CO-OP at Ostrich Festival. 12 Mar 2015

Alice Cooper will appear with son Dash Cooper and CO-OP at the Chandler 27th Annual Ostrich Festival tomorrow (Friday) at 7pm. Grand Funk Railroad also appear at the festival.

Music Feeds and Triple M also have a few words with Alice.

Joe Perry talks Vampires 05 Mar 2015

Joe Perry has been talking to Rolling Stone about the forthcoming 'Hollywood Vampires' covers album. He confirms Paul McCartney plays and also sings with Alice on the old Badfinger song 'Come And Get It' which he wrote. The song also features Macca drummer Abe Laboriel Jr. He also confirms that more shows are planned around the Rock in Rio appearance announced a couple of weeks ago.

Arizona Coyotes goalie Mike Smith has a familiar face painted on his new mask. Check it out here.

More American Rock Celebration 04 Mar 2015

Dennis Dunaways' American Rock Celebration have the next download single up now at CDBaby. which now makes six songs available. Check them out here. Don`t forget Dennis' long awaited book, 'SNAKES! GUILLOTINES! ELECTRIC CHAIRS! My Adventures in the Alice Cooper Group', will be released on June 9th and is available to preorder now at AmazonUS and AmazonUK.

Interviews with Rawkin' Rick have two short new Q&A's with Dennis and Michael Bruce.

Three More Crue Dates Confirmed 02 Mar 2015

Alice Cooper has been confirmed as the Special Guest on the following Motley Crue shows:
2nd Sept. Miami, FL, American Airlines Arena
5th Sept. Houston, TX, Toyota Center
6th Sept. San Antonio, TX, Alamodome

In addition to this Alice has also been announced as playing Rock USA Oshkosh  in Oshkosh, WI on July 15th.

News Australia has a new interview with Alice.

Jason Hook has some nice things to say about Alice in a recent interview courtesy of Blabbermouth.

'Super Duper Alice Cooper' was named 'Best Feature Documentary', and also took the 'Documentary Best Editing' prize, at the Canadian Screen Awards yesterday. Speaking of films, if you are in the UK Netflix has just added 'Supermensch: The Legend of Shep Gordon'  if you haven`t already seen it.

New Show - California 21 Feb 2015

According to the California Mid State Fair website Motley Crue and Alice Cooper have added a show at the Paso Robles Event California on July 25th with tickets on sale today.

More DD News 20 Feb 2015

The third single by Dennis Dunaway's American Rock Celebrationwill be up shortly at CDBaby. It's called 'Dead Dog's Eye'.
Dennis' book, 'SNAKES! GUILLOTINES! ELECTRIC CHAIRS! My Adventures in the Alice Cooper Group', will be released on June 9th and is available to preorder now at AmazonUS and AmazonUK.

Alice and Sheryl Cooper will host a charty dinner at the Las Sendas Golf Club in Mesa, AZ on April 26th in aid of Solid Rock and as part of Alice's annual Golf event. Billed as 'Alice's Tee Party' amongst the names announced as appearing is Neal Smith!

Miami Herald has a few short words with Alice. ABC7 in Florida has a short video report. Palm Beach New Times has a show review.

Cleveland Scene has an article about Alice Cooper tribute singer Michael Heggedus who performed with 'The Nightmare' in the the Midwest. Michael sadly passed away a couple of days ago and a memorial fund has been set up to help his wife Helen cover funeral costs. 

Australia and New Zealand Dates 18 Feb 2015

A few weeks back Alice mentioned he would be supporting Motley Crue on dates in Australia but up to now no dates have been announced. Well, they still haven't been officially announced but Motley Crue merchandise has appeared listing the dates so as a 'heads up' here they are:
9th May Vector Arena, Auckland, New Zealand
12th May Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne, AU
16th May Allphones Arena, Sydney, AU
19th May Brisbane Entertainment Centre, Brisbane, AU
21st May Adelaide Entertainment Centre, Adelaide, AU
23rd May Perth Arena, Perth, AU
UPDATE: These dates now seem to be confirmed by Motley Crue

Kyler Clark has posted some really cool photos and stories about playing the FrankenAlice in the current show.

Video has surfaced of Nita and Chuck performing 'Poison' At NAMM last month.

Houston Press has a review and photos from the Bayou Music Center.

Another New Dunaway Single! 16 Feb 2015

Dennis Dunaway's 'American Rock Celebration' have a second single, called 'Pacified Sin', released via CDBaby which you can grab now. Watch out for the full EP that's on the way.

Unsurprisingly the 'Hollywood Vampires' announcement has been covered but lots of media outlets. Amazing what happens when you have Johnny Depp on board! While they obviously say more or less the same thing reported yesterday you can check out Rolling Stone, Billboard, Forbes, UpRoxx, NME, and Music Times.

There's also a review of the Austin show at the Austin Chronicle.

Hollywood Vampires In Brazil? 14 Feb 2015

According to the official Rock In Rio website a new supergroup, "The Hollywood Vampires", featuring Alice Cooper, Johnny Depp, and Joe Perry will be performing at the festival which takes place between 18th and 27th of September at Rock City in Rio de Janeiro,  Brazil.
The text they use in their description translates as something like:
"Think of a group formed by legends of rock, at the peak of 1970, which had getting drunk as an initiation test. Alice Cooper, Keith Moon (drummer of The Who) and John Lennon (yes, that one) were among some of the members. In 2013, Cooper and Johnny Depp (yes, he) decided to do a tribute to the original vampires and recorded an album with Joe Perry of Aerosmith."
Obviously they are talking about the yet to be released covers album.
UPDATE: O Globo have a video of Alice confirming the show.

New Show Reviews 12 Feb 2015

There's a few new reviews  of this week's shows to check out today, the Dallas Observer, Tampa Tribune,  and MySA.

Kerrang! this week has a short piece with Alice answering Valetine questions from readers.

Lastly a reminder that tonight is the Pay Per View webcast from Austin, TX.

Alice on Eddie Trunk 11 Feb 2015

Alice appeared on Eddie Truck's radio show on Monday and you can listen to the interview on YouTube. Among the topics were the forthcoming covers album (September?) and working on the album that will follow it.

Nita Strauss was interviewed on the Blackstar Amps stand at NAMM.

More Austin Webcast Info 09 Feb 2015

As reported a few days ago the February 12th show in Austin, TX will be transmitted LIVE over the net as a 'pay per view' event. The broadcast will start at 9PM ET/8PM CST/6 PM PT which if I calculate it correctly will be 2AM in the UK, but don't panic. If you want to see the show, and buy a virtual ticket, the show will repeat for the following 24 hours, so you don't have to stay up all night to see it! Tickets to access the stream can be obtained from for $19.95.
The show is being transmitted by 'Live Alliance' in high definition, but be aware that the quality you will see will depend on your own internet connection with at least 1.5meg broadband suggested.
The Alice Cooper facebook page is running a competition to win 5 free webcast tickets.

Tulsa World has a review of yesterday's show, the first of this year, with the suggestion there has been at least one change to the normal 'Raise The Dead' setlist.

Weekend Roundup 07 Feb 2015

Alice and Sheryl Cooper were on Fox10 Phoenix a couple of days ago with their new grandchildren. Times Record News also have an interview with Alice.

Rolling Stone has an article about Alice and Johnny Depp related to the recent NAMM performance.

'Interviews with RAWkin' Rik' has a short Q & A with Dennis Dunaway.

Metal LIfe interviewed Nita Strauss at NAMM and you can listen to the interview courtesy of Blabbermouth.

Two New Swedish Shows 05 Feb 2015

According to Aftonbladet Alice Cooper will be playing two shows in Sweden at the beginning of July. They are:
3rd July - Grona Lund, Stockholm
4th July - Furuviksparken, Gavle

Beasto Blanco West Coast Tour 03 Feb 2015

Chuck Garric's Beasto Blanco have set up six US shows for March starting in Alaska and ending up in Hollywood, California all of which will include Calico Cooper guesting with the band. The dates are as follows:
20th March - Anchorage, AK - Hard Rock Cafe
21st March - Soldotna, AK - Hooligans
25th March - Fullerton, CA - Slide Bar
27th March - Phoenix, AZ - Cooperstown W/ CO-OP (Featuring Dash Cooper)
28th March - Las Vegas, NV - Vamp'd W/ WINGER
29th March - Hollywood, CA - Viper Room

New Dunaway Single Released 02 Feb 2015

About six years ago Dennis Dunaway put together 'American Rock Celebration' with DDP drummer Russ Wilson, Jimmy Kunes (Savoy Brown/Cactus) on vocals/guitar and John 'Ratso' Geraldi and after a long wait they have released a download single entitled 'Try Me' via CDBaby as a teaser for a forthcoming 6-track EP.

During a recent interview with Australia's Triple-M Alice suggested that he will be opening shows on Australian leg of the Motley Crue tour in May. There's no official confirmation of this yet but keep your eyes open just in case if you're down under.


Alice Cooper Pay Per View 29 Jan 2015

Alice Cooper fans who aren’t able to make it to any of his currently scheduled headline appearances are in for a treat come Feb, 12th. Alice’s full concert performance at Austin City Limits Live in Austin, TX will be available on Pay Per View thru Cable TV in the USA as well as online. No word on the price yet, but it should be available worldwide via web for those who don't have access to PPV TV and hope to have a player available on the official site as well. Check out the promotional vid below.

Alice and Motley Crue have been doing more press for the upcoming tour including interviews with WZLX, Fox and Friends, and ABC Radio.

Alice has also been out and about at Servite Catholic High School in Anaheim, California, for a charity fundraiser as part of  the Duesenberg Guitar company's NAMM party last Saturday where he was joined by Johnny Depp and played various classics including Brown Sugar, Revolution, I'm Eighteen, School's Out, Come Together and My Generation. The Daily Mail has a few photos and a report which seams more interested in Depp's girlfriend's dress then anything else....


New Press 23 Jan 2015

Rolling Stone interviewed Alice and Motley Crue together  about the second leg of their joint tour that was announced a couple of days ago.

TMZ caught Alice on Tuesday for a short video with Alice commenting on Tiger Woods.

Nita Strauss took part in a tribute show on Tuesday to Static X singer Wayne Static who died in November.

Those of you with big bucks may be interested in a Alice Cooper themed motorbike up for auction by Mecum Auctions with all profits going to Alice Cooper's Solid Rock. You don`t have to attend the auction to be able to bid. Auction ends tomorrow.

More Motley Crue Shows 20 Jan 2015

Motley Crue announced more shows as part of their "All Bad Things Must Come To An End" tour and Alice Cooper has again been confirmed as Special Guest on the majority of these shows. More shows are expected to follow. presales will start 22nd January with general sale between 23rd and 24th.

22nd July - Eugene, OR - Matthew Knight Arena
24th July - Tacoma, WA - Tacoma Dome
26th July - Billings, MT - Rimrock Auto Arena at MetraPark
28th July - Boise, ID - Taco Bell Arena
29th July - Salt Lake City, UT - Energy Solutions Arena
31st July - Denver, CO - Pepsi Center
3rd August - Winnipeg, MB - MTS Centre
5th August - St. Paul, MN - Xcel Energy Center
7th August - Milwaukee, WI - BMO Harris Bradley Center
8th August - Chicago, IL - Allstate Arena
9th August - Detroit, MI - The Palace of Auburn Hills
11th August - Hershey, PA - Giant Center
12th August - Brooklyn, NY - Barclay's Center
14th August - Philadelphia, PA - Wells Fargo Center
15th August - Worcester, MA - DCU Center
16th August - Uncasville, CT - Mohegan Sun Arena
18th August - Cleveland, OH - Quicken Loans Arena
19th August - Cincinnati, OH - U.S. Bank Arena
20th August - Indianapolis, IN - Bankers Life Fieldhouse
22nd August - Toronto, ON - Air Canada Centre
23rd August - Ottawa, ON - Canadian Tire Centre
24th August - Montreal, QC - Bell Centre
26th August - Baltimore, MD - Royal Farms Arena
28th August - Raleigh, NC - PNC Arena
29th August - Charlotte, NC - Time Warner Cable Arena
30th August - Atlanta, GA - Philips Arena
4th September - New Orleans, LA - Smoothie King Center
It is currenly unconfirmed if Alice Cooper will be playing the following shows with Crue:
2nd September in Miami, FL
5th September in Houston, TX
6th September in San Antonio, TX

Alice Cooper Rock And Golf Classic 20 Jan 2015

It's been a quiet week so just a couple of things to report:
The annual 'Alice Cooper Rock And Golf Classic' this year runs April 26th-27th at Las Sendas Golf Club and includes Sheryl Cooper's "Rock The Runway Fashion And Trunk Show". More info at

Steve Hunter will be interviewed on Formula Rock Radio tomorrow at 2 PM MST (which if I've calculated it correctly is 9pm UK time) Wednesday. You can listen online.

Nita Strauss shows you how to play her solo from 'I'm Eighteen' courtesy of Guitar World over on YouTube.

Alice Joins Foo Fighters In LA 11 Jan 2015

Alice Cooper joined The Foo Fighters last night at The Forum in Los Angeles to celebrate Dave Grohl's 46th birthday. They played 'School's Out' and 'I'm Eighteen' again as they did when Alice joined then in Milton Keynes a couple of years ago.
NME has video of the performance and a report.Other guests during the evening included Slash, Jack Black and Kyle Gass of Tenacious D, and David Lee Roth!

According to the Las Vegas Sun earlier this week (Wednesday) Alice was in Vegas attending the Canon USA event at Bellagio to benefit the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. Alice mentioned the chance of a week long Halloween residency in Vegas this year. There was also an auction for a signed guitar, and in another article Alice spoke more of his idea to stage 'Welcome To My Nightmare' in Vegas.

Alice is featured in the new issue of Metal Hammer talking about his knife throwing skills!

According to a report on Nita Strauss will be guesting on the forthcoming album by Hellion guitarist Maxxxwell Carlisle's forthcoming solo album 'Visions OF Speed And Thunder'. The album is set for release on February 13th.

Black Star Riders, featuring Damon Johnson and Jimmy DeGrasso, have their second album, 'The Killer Instinct', released on February 24th and they will be touring the UK in March next year including two nights at the Shepherds Bush Empire in London. If you haven`t caught up with the band yet do yourself a favour and check them out when they are in town. You won't be disappointed.

New Year Show 06 Jan 2015

A few days ago Glen Sobel posted a short facebook report of this years Hawaii New Years Eve show and I've been waiting for more coverage to appear, and it finally has so here we go:
Glen Sobel: "Big happy new years to everyone! Last night in Maui we had our most diverse line up yet- I was in the house band along w/ Chuck Garric, Damon Johnson & Nita Strauss for Shep Gordon's annual benefit. We backed up Steven Tyler, Nuno Bettancourt, Weird Al, Sarah Maclachlan, Dexter & Noodles from The Offspring, Pat Simmons/Michael McDonald from Doobie Bros, Ray Benson (Asleep At the Wheel), Bob Rock & of course the boss man Alice. We rocked many of their originals as well as covers. Another truly magical night in Maui, all benefiting the Maui Food Bank."
Blabbermouth now have some video of the show and a short report as well.

Congratulations to Nita Strauss who won the Total Guitar Reader Award for Best New Guitarist 2014. You can read the rest of the list here.

Drayton Valley Western Review have a story about a youngster who, thanks to the 'Make A Wish' foundation, got to meet up with Alice back on November 18th.