Below are the complete SickthingsUK news archives going back to 2004 when I first added news to the front page.
NOTE: The further back you go, the less likely it is that links and images will work, because the original sites no longer have the articles.

Merry Christmas 25 Dec 2007

This will probably be the last update of the year as I'm heading Stateside for the new year so I'll take the opportunity to wish everyone a happy christmas and give thanks to all those who helped out or sent in information this year. Without you this site couldn`t continue. Now it's time to look forward to a new album and tour next year but before that here's a few last minute news items that could be of interest.

The DVD of Rob Zombie's 'Halloween' is now out in the USA and as promised features Calico Cooper's cameo that was cut from the final movie.
(Thanks Sharon)

There's another new promo from the Avantasia album featuring Eric Singer here.  The album is due on January 28th and also features Alice. A deluxe edition has a DVD with interviews and other features.

Alice is a contributor (with a quote much like the other artists did in the Life and Crimes booklet) in the new book, 'Van Halen: A Visual History: 1978-1984'. 

There's some great photos from the Dennis Dunaway Project New York show last week up now here.

Small Stuff 20 Dec 2007

PsychoPat has posed some photos from this fears "Feed The Children" event at Cooperstown.

Alice has been confirmed as appearing at the Bob Hope Chrysler Classic again this year which takes place in Palm Springs on January 17th-21st.

Excellent Icelandic band Dimma will be playing in New York City this evening at the Knitting Factory, 19 West 24th Street between Broadway and 6th Avenue. Tickets are just $10 and they'll have a extra special guest joining them for a Alice Cooper classic.

The official Eric Singer site has posted some cool photos from the recent ESP show in Mexico which included Chuck as well.

The Llanelli Star has a short piece about Keri Kelli and his appearance at the Coleg Sir Gar school during the UK tour.

New Roxie Song 17 Dec 2007

Today sees the (official) release date of the first single by Ryan Roxie's new band 'happypill', and the best bit is you can download it NOW for free. Check out this page for all the info about the 'Conscience Free Download' of "This Year".

AZCentral has a review of the Pudding show.

MusicBoxOnline has a new interview with Dennis Dunaway Project guitarist Rick Tedesco discussing the bands forthcoming cover of Bowie's 'Moonage Daydream'. has a couple of Alice articles in Danish.

Today's Dedication Ceremony 15 Dec 2007

Thanks to Blacklace for this quick report of the dedication ceremony which took place a couple of hours ago:
" arrived driving a JCB and wearing his Doctoral robes, mortar board and sunglasses!  They were only on stage for a few minutes, to accept a banner from local children (pics later) and then the Chaplain said a prayer and they were off for (Xmas Pudding) sound checks."
She also sent through some pics which you can see here.



Alice Dedicates The Rock 15 Dec 2007

According to PR Newswire Alice Cooper and Jordin Sparks will help dedicate 'The Rock' Teen Center on Grand Canyon University's campus, 3300 W. Camelback Road. The event, with music, is 1:30 p.m. Saturday.

Alice will again be attending the Scottsdale Annual Collector Car Event which happens between Jan. 12-20th, 2008. This year he'll be selling a "1955 Mercedes Benz 300 SL Gullwing custom re-creation" which will be auctioned with profits going to "The Rock" kids center project. Check it out here.

On December 21st, the Dennis Dunaway Project will be performing at the Knitting Factory, NYC. Also on the bill will be  'Forever In Terror', 'Magnesia', and Iceland's most powerful band, 'Dimma'. The lovely Blanca will dance to "Kandahar" and Steve Conte of the NewYork Dolls will sit in with the band.

There's a new audio interview with Eric Singer up over at Metal Express Radio.

The Tahoe Daily Tribune has a couple of articles on Chuck Garric which we missed when they came out. The first is here and the second here.

Roxie is Back!! 12 Dec 2007

Hello there Ladies & Gentleman...Hello there Ladies Gents...

Your humble host Ryan Roxie here...

I wish I could start EVERY letter I wrote out with a Cheap Trick quote! But alas, we are not here to discuss the legendary status of "Trick", but to kick start the debut release single of the band I have been working on for the greater part of 2007 and heading into 2008, Happypill.

I'm very proud of the music and the sound that we have been able to put together as a band, and I'm very excited for you to listen to it... so much in fact, that I'm giving it to you.

I have come up with some unconventional means of promoting the music with the concepts of the Conscience Free Download (C.F.D.) and Splitting The Profits (S.T.P.). But with a little help from my friends (this being you) and a bit of good ol' fashioned luck, I'm hoping that the Happypill debut single "This Year" will reach each and every ipod, cell phone, and boom box within the continental universe in the coming year.....aim high, right!?!

Sooooo....if you haven't been by the Happypill myspace site lately, please drop on by so you can see and hear what I'm talking about.

My "official" launch date is set for December 17, 2007 (you know me and the "77" by now, don't cha!)....but your involvement can start any day you would like to. Just shoot me an email at and tell me you are ready to help start working "on the pill" and I'll send ya some info on ways that would really help us out.

Simple stuff really, but just things like featuring our song "This Year" as your site's theme song and making "Happypill" your "top friends" on sites like myspace and facebook...... plus, stopping people randomly in the street and scream "Happypill" repeatedly in their face until you drop from exhaustion....see, simple stuff!

I just wanted to sincerely thank you beforehand, because I truly appreciate everything that you have done for me in the past, which has helped me create what is now in the present, and now gives me great hope of what we will be able to accomplish in the future....

Remember....if YOU believe in UNICORNS....UNICORNS will believe in YOU.....wait, that wasn't what I wanted to say....that sounds crazy, no?...........or is it?

Peace, Love, and Happypill


New Zealand Show 12 Dec 2007

According to the New Zealand Herald Alice will be playing in Wellington at the Westpac Stadium for the upcoming Rock2Wgtn music festival, which is scheduled to take place March 22-23. Tickets go on sale December 17th.

There's a couple of pics and a few words from Alice in the new issue of Classic Rock Magazine, and also a very short review of the Bournemouth show.

Alice was on GMAZ channel 3  in Phoenix on Tuesday to give a
rundown on what to expect at this year's Christmas Pudding and AZCentral has an article..
(Thanks PsychoPat)

There's a new promo clip for the forthcoming Avantasia album "The Scarecrow" available here. Eric Singer is in a few clips and Alice is mentioned.
(Thanks Kev)

The Amazing Randi has been talking about his time working with Alice Cooper and you can check it out here.

Hit Parader magazine (US) has a 'Salute The 70's' magazine out now with 2 pages of Alice in it. It can be obtained through branches of borders in the UK.
(Thanks Robert)

Small Stuff 05 Dec 2007

The January 2008 issue of the U.S. Guitar Player Magazine has a four page feature on Keri Kelli with photos. Keri has also updated his website with more photos from the tour. There's also a Keri feature over at the Gibson guitars site (they also have a Ryan Roxie article).

There are photos from the Scandinavian shows up here.
(Thanks Niclas)

ShowbizSpy have a short article with quotes from Alice and Sheryl Cooper.

Show Reviews 01 Dec 2007

Kerrang have a short review of the wembley show in this weeks issue with a photo.
(Thanks charlie2times)

Aftonbladet have a review of the Lund show with photo as does Sydsvenskan. Both are in Swedish of course.

Alice's interview with Scorpions singer Klaus Meine has been posted over at Nights With Alice Cooper.

Declare Yourself 28 Nov 2007

According to an article at eonline it seems the 'Declare Yourself' organisation, which tries to get young Americans to register to vote when they reach 18, is planning a promotion involving various artists recording versions of "I'm Eighteen".

Mike Monroe of Hanoi Rocks joined Alice and the band for 'School's Out' at the show in Helsinki. There's some photos from the show online here.

DaveyRocks has a new interview with Keri Kelli online here.

Eric Singer can be seen in the new promo video for "Lost In Space" by Avantasia. The single is a prelude to the forthcoming album which features Eric throughout and Alice on one track.

American Way magazine have an article on Alice. Swedish newspaper Sydsvenskan have an article about tonights show (in Swedish).

Finally I've added tons of photos to the photo section, mostly from the recent UK shows.

More Russian Press 22 Nov 2007

The Russian News Agency has a short piece on Alice's press conference in Moscow. have provided some photos of the event here. There's also small pieces at Russia-ic and Russia Today. ContactMusic have discovered Alice will be shopping in Russia.

This Is London have a review of the Wembley show.

Entertainment Now have an interesting article about the lighting on the current UK tour.

Ex-Alice drummer Jimmy Degrasso will be player with Ministry on their forthcoming tour.

Catching Up 20 Nov 2007

We're finally back home from the UK tour so it's time to try and catch up on all the stuff that's come through in the last week or so. But before that I'd like to thank everyone including the band, crew,  backstage team and all the Sickthings we encountered or spent time with for making this years tour so much fun. We had a blast this last week and can't wait to do it all again next year!

Anyway... onto the important stuff.

Blabbermouth have posted a short video with highlights from the Classic Rock awards on November 5th and it includes a little of Alice's speech.

ICWales have a short article previewing the Cardiff show and a review. Newcastle Journal have show review. Manchester Evening News has an interview and a review. The Guardian have a review of Brighton while Gigwise have photos from the show. BlackVelvet have some photos from the Wembley show and a review will appear in issue 55 of the magazine. The Mirror has a small mention of that Alice was suffering from a cold on the recent dates. Blacklace has posted some photos from the Nottingham show here. Tim has posted some of his pics from the tour here, and there are many many more to come from various Sickthings to keep your eyes on the STUK photo section and Bill Crowe's

Kyler Clarke, who is Jason Hook's guitar tech on the current tour, has posted links to a couple of rare photos over on the message board. One is of Eric at the Halloween show when the band all wore Alice makeup, and the other is of Kyler himself checking out Lemmy's bass rig at a recent UK show. Check out his site for more stuff about the tour.

Moscow News has a short Alice article and have photos of Alice arriving in Moscow yesterday here, here, here and here..

GuitarJamDaily have a new interview with Keri Kelli.

150DB have a long article about Glen Buxton in French.

PsychoPat has posted his photos from the Michael Bruce show at Cooperstown here and there are more photos of the show here.

The "Movies Bloody Rock" suppliment of the December issue of Vanity Fair (USA) lists their 50 greatest sountracks ever. Number 18 is 'Dazed and Confused' of which they site the signature track as being "School's Out."

The Dennis Dunaway Project will be playing at the Knitting Factory NYC on December 21st (with the excellent 'Dimma' from Iceland flying over to support, as well as Magnesia) and New London Bank Street Cafe on December 29th.

Neal Smith has got the Ebay bug and is auctioning some stuff, including rare Alice Cooper items.

YouTube has a clip of Ryan Roxie performing '20th Century Boy' at a Gibson guitar clinic recently.

Eric Dover's Sextus album 'Stranger Than Fiction' has finally been released... on vinyl! The CD is due february but you can grab a limited edition vinyl version now, and when you do you will also get access to MP3 versions of all the songs just in case you no longer have a record player! Grab it here. You can listen to smaples from the album at their MySpace site.

Alice for Doctor Who? 09 Nov 2007

According to today's Daily Star newspaper Alice is in talks with BBC TV show Doctor Who's producer Russell T Davies to appear in the top rated BBC show. Of course this IS the Daily Star so take this info with a pinch of salt, but according to their source Alice is a big fan of the show and wants to "live out a boyhood dream by staring along side the timelord". Click here to see the article in full.

Glasgow Evening Times and the Herald have reviews and/or photos of the Glasgow show.

American Idol winner Jordon Sparks has been added to the Xmas Pudding show bill, tickets for which go on sale today.

More Press and Radio 08 Nov 2007

PlanetRock have an audio interview with Alice online and you can listen to the BBC's interview from 'The Steve Wright Show' Monday at their site here. It's about 90 minutes into the show.

EGigs have a review of the Sheffield show including some photos here.

In a follow up to the CFOU Glen Buxton radio show last month Patrick has posted a GB article here. It's in French but an English translation is forthcoming.

PR-Inside have a shot quote from Alice taken presumably from another interview. ContactMusic has discovered Alice plays Golf and has a short quote from the Classic Rock Awards.

Classic Rock Awards and Radio 07 Nov 2007

On Monday night Alice appeared at the Classic Rock Awards at the Café Royale in London and collected a prize for Frank Zappa. A small interview appeared in 'The London Paper' yesterday along with a photo of Alice and Steven Tyler of Aerosmith. There's also a photo at the Classic Rock website and the BBC have a report. ITN had a news report last night featuring Alice which you can see on YouTube.

I've posted some photos from the Borders Signing in the photo section courtesy of Pete Trustrum. There's also photos at FilmMagic and London Features. GettyImages and wireimage also have photos from Mondays events.
(Thanks Pete, Matt)

UK Radio station Gold are running a competition to win Alice tickets every day on the Drivetime show which is on Monday to Friday from 4-8pm. Alice will be Mike Sweeney's guest on the Gold Rock Show this Saturday between 12 and 2pm.

Newcastle Journal-Live has a interview with Alice. The Glasgow Evening Times have a photo.

Pudding News 06 Nov 2007

This years Xmas Pudding show bill will feature California Transit Authority, Damon Johnson and Whiskey Falls, Jordin Sparks, Flo and Eddie, Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels, Mike Black, Jack Wilson, Rock Demarco (Fast hand painter), Roger Cline and The Peacemakers, Destiny Dancers (Sheryl Cooper's dancers) and of course Alice with more acts to be added.
(Thanks PsychoPat)

A few news sites including and, of course, ContactMusic, seem to have picked up on the fact Alice will use the gallows on the forthcoming UK dates stating that it's the first time since 1988 that the stunt has been performed. Obviously they didn't bother to research and discover that he's been using it since the tour started back in June.
In fact ContactMusic have surpassed themselves in another story. Having reported a couple of days ago that Alice called Ozzy Osbourne "a joke" (he didn't say anything of the sort) they are now running a story saying he's slammed Sharon Osbourne using exactly the same quote, which doesn't even mention Sharon! 

You can check out Ju Juwsters photos from the Houston show here.

Well known rock journalist Martin Popoff has a new book out. Entitled "Ye Olde Metal 1972-1974" it features chapters on "Billion Dollar Babies" and "Welcome To My Nightmare" with quotes from Alice, Dennis Dunaway, Neal Smith and Dick Wagner amongst others. It's a limited edition of 1000 and can be obtained from

To support Alice Cooper's Solid Rock Foundation, Sonja, who's pen name Cecille Ravencraft was made up by Alice on his radio show "Nights With Alice Cooper", signed a copy of her horror novel "The Center of the Spiral" to auction it on Ebay, and to make this item a little more special she signed it with her own blood!
(Thanks Steef)

Anti-music has an article about Alice here.

UK Sightings 02 Nov 2007

Alice will appear at Borders, Oxford Circus, London, W1, from 12.30 to 1.30pm on Monday 5th November signing copies of his book "Golf Monster". Also on 5th November, he will appear on BBC Radio Two on "The Steve Wright Show" (available online). On November 10th he will host "The Capital Gold Rock Show" (available online) and he will also be featured on Planet Rock Radio on Nicky Horne's Show probably next week.

MetroTimes has Alice listing his top 5 horror movies for Halloween. Wolfgangs Vault have added an classic 1970 Alice Cooper interview to their site.
(Thanks Clint)

Metal Hammer have a competition to win tickets for the upcoming tour. The Sun and have interviews with Alice as well.

Contact Music are up to their tricks again. This time they've taken a Alice quote and twisted it to claim Alice called Ozzy Osbourne "a joke". He didn't of course (read what he said), but other sources have picked up on the non-story.

PsychoPat has posted some photos of the Halloween Phoenix show at his site.

There is now an official "Guitar Hero III" Alice Cooper faceplate for you games' guitar controller.

See Alice On TV 30 Oct 2007

Alice will be appearing on the Paul O'Grady show on Monday 5th November and are offering SickthingsUK fans the chance to be at the show in person. The show is filmed at the London Studios on the South Bank, London, and the nearest tube is Waterloo. You will have to be at the studio by 4pm to check in.
To get free tickets to this event just email and quote "SickthingsUK". Tickets I'm sure are limited so be quick.

KRock 97.3 have an audio interview with Alice from a couple of days ago. The Arizona Republic has a short interview with Alice.
Daily Desert News have a short review and pics from the Fantasy Springs show.

Fans going to the Birmingham NEC show in a couple of weeks might want to check out this article, as apparently the venue is confiscating certain more "metal" items of clothing at the door.

YouTube has a promo clip for the upcoming Avantasia album which features Alice and Eric Singer. Alice is menioned in the video and Eric appears all through as he plays on all tracks on the album. The album is due in January.
(Thanks Andrew)

Click here to check out the poster for the forthcoming BB Kings (New York) show on November 9th featuring DDP, Mountain's Corky Laing (with Richie Scarlett) and an opening band called "The Nazz"!

Rare Spiders Audio 26 Oct 2007

Check out this new MySpace page which features some very rare early Spiders pics and audio.

The current (in the UK) issue of 'Classic Rock Magazine' has Alice featured as a guest reviewer. He reviews two albums by The Yardbirds. The band are also mentioned in an article on glam rock. (Thanks Sparky)

Dick Wagner and his new project 'Wensday' have been placed on the official ballot for the 2008 Grammy Awards by the National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences Committee in nine categories.

It seems the case of mistaken identity story mentioned a couple of days ago is still going with another article about it!

The Press-Enterprise has a short interview with Alice as does while Desert Morning News has a slightly longer Q & A.

Click here to check out the poster for the DDP halloween extravaganza at the Fairfield Theater.

XM radio channel the Boneyard will be repeating the Alice Cooper Halloween Takeover on halloween night at midnight ET.
(Thanks teenagefrankenstein666)

The Eric Singer Project (with Chuck Garric, Bruce Kulick and John Corabi) will be playing live in Mexico City at the Vive Cuervo Salon on Friday, December 14.

Small Stuff 24 Oct 2007

The Birmingham News have a short apology over miss-identifying Jason Hook as Damon Johnson in their recent review of the show.

TV Guide has a few words from Alice about the SpikeTV awards. have a photo from the show and a few words. has a short interview with Alice as he arrived at the ceremony. For those who can't see the show on TV there is a full clip of Alice's performance up on YouTube, although the video quality is pretty poor. Ifilm have a better quality clip but it's only a couple of minutes.
For UK fans the show is scheduled to be shown on MTV One, 31st October at 9pm.

The Michael Bruce Group have a new drummer. He is Robin Horn who replaces Bob Allen. The band will be playing Cooperstown, Phoenix on November 10th.

Alice will be featured in "The Sun" UK Newspaper on 2nd November in the "Something For The Weekend" section.

Youtube has a short clip of Alice meeting fans backstage at the 'Count Jackula Ball'.

SpikeTV Video 22 Oct 2007

Check out this cool little video from the SpikeTV awards show. Alice appears towards the end and it includes a short clip of him onstage as well. Shocktilyoudrop have some pics fro mthe even as do Wireimage and GettyImage.
(Thanks Katrina)

Ian Hunter's 'Shrunken Heads' has been nominated for best new album at the British Music Awards. The album of course features Dennis Dunaway on "hand claps" which is obviously why its up for an award! Last night, Dennis attended a Birthday bash for Andy and Bobby Hilfiger at the Hard Rock Cafe in Times Square. Mountain played a set and then the X-Brothers played with Dennis sitting in for a rendition of "I'm Eighteen". has two show review, the first here and the second here.

Scream Awards 20 Oct 2007

The SpikeTV Scream awards seem to have been very successful this hear with appearances by Harrison Ford, Hayden Panettiere ('Heroes'), Neil Gaiman ('Stardust', 'The Last Temptation') and of course Alice Cooper, who closed the show with all star performance of 'I Love The Dead' and 'School's Out' featuring well known Cooper fans Slash and Rob Zombie.  Recorded at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles, 'Scream 2007' will premiere Tuesday, October 23 (10:00 PM - Midnight, ET/PT). CNN have a report and have pics.

The Farmington Daily Times have a new interview with Alice as does the Birmingham News.

Neal Sells Drums 18 Oct 2007

Neal Smith is selling his historic Mirrored Premier Drum Set. This is the very first set ever of completely mirrored drums. The set includes four bass drums: The two originals from the financial-record setting 1973 'Billion Dollar Babies' tour, and the two bass drums from Alice Cooper's 1974 Brazilian tour, for which the band held the Guinness World Records for over twenty years for the indoor concert attendance record of 125,000 people. A picture of the kit from 1973 can now be found in the pictures section of Neal's Myspace.  The kit includes 19 drums total. No cymbals will be included, but all Premier stands and hardware, including extra parts, will be included. Drums are being sold "as is." Photos to clarify their condition wil be available shortly. The buyer will pay for all shipping, or can pick them up in Connecticut. Serious inquiries only can be sent to Neal via his Myspace page. Please include your email address.

A few new DDP shows in case I haven't mentioned them already. Oct 31 2007 at the Fairfield Theater, Fairfield, CT
Nov 9 2007 at BB Kings, New York
Dec 21 2007 at the Knitting Factory, New York

CNN has a story about the upcoming Scream awards on October 23rd where Alice will apparently appear receiving the second annual Spike TV Scream “Rock Immortal Award.” also has some info.

Brent Fitz will be playing drums with Alice Cooper on October 26th in Indio, California (Palm Springs) as Kiss has a private event during that time which will involve Eric Singer. You can check out Brent at his MySpace.
(Thanks Mitch)

Alice is featured in the Channel 4 list of '100 Scary Moments'. He's at number 73.
(Thanks Clint)

Alice guitarist Jason Hooks' site has been given a face lift. Check it out!

The Houston Chronicle has a short interview with Alice. The Alabama Press-Register have a preview of the Saenger show.

Small Stuff 15 Oct 2007

Nights With Alice Cooper are running a competition in the run up to Halloween where you can win all sorts of things including a signed Gibson SG guitar. have a review from the Heaven And Hell tour here.

The Independent have an off the wall Alice mention involving a proposed advert featuring Alice with British MP Anne Widdecombe.

There's three new Michael Bruce Group clips online now at the official Michael Bruce Myspace page.The songs are: 'Good Love' (w/Bob Russell on vocals), 'I Miss You' and 'I'm Eighteen'.
(Thanks Rik)

RS Dates and DDP news 11 Oct 2007

The 2007 'Proof Is In The Pudding' competition has been launched to find an unsigned band to open this years Christmas Pudding show. In related news the date had been set for next years Alice Cooper golf tournement. It will take place at Talking Stick Golf Club in Scottsdale, AZ on May 3rd.
(Thanks Steef)

You can check out clips of the Dennis Dunaway Project playing live at the Rain Desert here. DDP will be opening for Corky Laing (legendary drummer with Mountain) at BB Kings in NYC on November 9th. An added bonus Mountain bassist and all round great guy Richie Scarlet will playing with Corky.

Serge Nadeau from CFOU 89.1FM ( emails to mention two radioshows that are coming up soon:
The first is on October 16th at 07:15 pm (Québec, Canada, eastern time): 'The Glen Buxton Special'. A memorial show dedicated to the "blond bomber" with special guests : Dennis Dunaway, Jeff Jatras and Mick Mashbir. Also, Serge will read a thought written by Janice Buxton as an introduction.
The second is on October 23rd at 07:30 pm (Québec, Canada, eastern time) entitled 'Keepin' the vibe alive with Mick Mashbir'. A special interview about Mick's latest (and very good) album.

The OCRegister has a good Alice show review.

The Hangout Is Back 06 Oct 2007

Finally, after a week of hard work and lack of sleep, the SickthingsUK Forums are back online. If you are already a forum member please make sure you read the opening message which contains important info on how to sign back into your account. Click here to check it out.

Alice Wants Your Help 06 Oct 2007

A Message from Alice (via The Solid Rock Foundation)
"Hello Solid Rockers, I have some great news. On November 3, 2007 I will be participating in a 100 Hole Golf Marathon (Scramble) but I need your help. Will you solid rockers out there sponsor me in my effort to raise money for Solid Rock and The Rock teen center. Solid Rock is the 501(c)3 non profit organization that Chuck Savale and I started in 1995. Remember that your sponsorship is tax deductable. Will you please help me....For more details contact Marsha Petterson at the Solid Rock office at 602-522-9200 or 888-97-ALICE (972-5423). Thanks and we will see you out there... Alice" has a few words about the Reno show. There's also a Alice-related article over at the Riverfront Times.

PsychoPat has posted some photos of Alice and Heaven And Hell from the Tuscon show.

The Sun has an interview with Bruce Forsyth (never thought I'd be mentioning him on this page!) that mentions Alice, in reference to some nice things Ronnie Corbett told him about the advert Corbett did with Alice for Sky a few years ago.

Shows and Press 01 Oct 2007

The Greeley Tribune is saying Alice will be appearing in Greeley on October 17th at the 'Scare Fair' taking place in St. Michael's Pavilion. An all events pass is $18, while VIP Admission to meet Alice and have an item signed is $65. For more information, go to or call (970) 336-1000.

Check out this video at AZNightBuzz to see a clip of the new Michael Bruce Group and some words from Michael himself.
(Thanks Rik)

Calico Cooper stars in a new music video from Rayen Belchere called "When" which is directed by Rob Zombie bassist Piggy D. You can see the video here, and also read a little bit about the making of the video here.
(Thanks Heather)

Inside Bay Area has a short interview with Alice. The San Jose Mercury has the same article.

'Greenwich Magazine', that I mentioned a few days ago, has put it's feature article on the music of Renee and Dennis Dunaway online here.

A Glen Buxton Radio Special will be available on the net at Listen live October 16th at 07:15 pm, Quebec, Canada, eastern time. The show is hosted hosted by fan Serge Nadeau.
(Thanks Steef)

Johnson's and Whiskey Falls' will apparently be be appearing at this years Alice Coopers' Christmas Pudding show in Phoenix this December.
(Thanks NotSoPerfect)

The CNN show 'Quest for Rock And Roll' is now online to watch here.

Lastly, to update everyone on the message board situation. We're working on it, and it should be back pretty soon. All the old messages have survived but there are still a few things that have to be set up before we re-open it to the public so please be patient and it will all be back to normal as soon as possible.

Message Board Down 28 Sep 2007

The STUK  message board is currently down after what appears to be an attempt to hack the board and website causing 100% CPU usage on the server which promptly crashed. I'm working on a solution now but can't give a timescale for the forums to be back. Hopefully everything else is back up and running though. I will update when I know more.

Press and Photos 27 Sep 2007

Gabrielle has posted some excellent photos of Alice and the band from the NYC and Connecticut shows on Flickr. She also has a short review here. has posted a short video featuring footage from the Alice photo shoot (although there seems to be a fault in the file and it only plays the first 15 seconds or so for most people). There's also a short article at the Telegraph.

'Billion Dollar Babies' is featured on a new compilation set from Rhino Records. The 4 CD set entitled "The Heavy Metal Box"comes in special packaging and contains a book.

The Pocono Record has an article about "Golf Monster". The Contra Costa Times has an article as well.

Ventura Show And Press 23 Sep 2007

Keri Kelli  has updated his site with the new tourdates and includes one we haven't seen yet, in Ventura, CA on October 27th at the Ventura Theatre. There's also a couple of new Keri interviews to check out at and has a short piece about the forthcoming Mobile show. The LA Times has a short piece about the recent Varvatos advert campaign. has an interview with DDP guitarist Rick Tedesco. DDP are recording a version of David Bowie's 'Moonage Daydream' for a forthcoming tribute album, and Rick will be recording it with the original guitar that Mick Ronson used to record the original.

Blabbermouth have a short piece from Eric Singer, talking about the current tour including a short video clip of the show. They also have a video of Alice on "The Harvest Show" talking about the Solid Rock Foundation.

Dave Rattenbury has an interview with Ryan Roxie up over at his blog page.

More Shows 21 Sep 2007

Two more shows have turned up on Pollstar. Indio, CA on October 26th at the Fantasy Springs Resort Casino. Tickets for this one are on sale now. Also Alice is playing in Albuqerque, NM on October 30th at the KIVA Auditorium.

Metal Epicenter has an interview with Dennis Dunaway.

The Times-Leader has a review of the Wilkes-Barre show with a follow on blog here. The Buffalo News also has a review, this time of the Darien Lake show, but it concentrates on Heaven And Hell with only a few lines about Alice.
(Thanks Bob)

Tim has posted a few photos from the Orlando show over at Flickr.
(Thanks Tim)

Alabama Shows 19 Sep 2007

More new shows have appeared for Mobile, AL on Sunday 21st October at the Saenger Theatre and Birmingham, AL at the Alabama Theatre on October 20th. Tickets go on sale 10am on Saturday.

WRAL have a review of the Myrtle Beach show. (Thanks Petra)

The Tampa Tribune have posted a couple of photos from the Tampa show. (thanks Tim)

Houston Show 18 Sep 2007

According to LiveNation Alice will be playing the Verizon Wireless Theater in Houston on October 22nd.
UPDATE: There also appears to be a Dallas date at The Majestic on October 23rd. Tickets on sale september 22nd.

You can check out Damon Johnson's 'Whiskey Falls' album at here. 

Press 15 Sep 2007

YouTube has an interview with Alice at the recent fashion show from 'MarketWatch'.

The Scranton Times-Tribune has a short interview with Alice as does the Palm Beach New Times, and the Daytona Beach News-Journal. MusicLivewire has a photo and review of the Mytle Beach show.

CNN appears to have a show called "Quest" which will feature Alice in the next edition which seems to be on September 22nd and 23rd.

Alice and some of the band visted the Kiss Coffee shop in Myrtle Beach on Wednesday. They greeted the staff, posed for photos and signed items for surprised Coffeehouse customers. Both Eric and Alice also autographed the Coffeehouse itself! KissOnline has some pics.

Serge Nadeau, the presenter of the show "Rock Révélé" ( will air four live tracks from a summer Dennis Dunaway Project show recorded the 27th of July in Milford, Connecticut on Tuesday, the 18th of September, 8:30 pm (eastern time).

The Dennis Dunaway Project will be playing at the Rain Desert on October 6th and host a Halloween Extravaganza at the Fairfield Theatre on October 31st.

Michael Bruce's MySpace has been revamped and now has new photos of his band and a selection of old MB songs to listen to.

Congratulations to Joe Bouchard who has become a grandparent!

Fashion 12 Sep 2007

As mentioned a few days ago, Alice appeared at the John Varvatos Fashion Show last night and has been getting some of the press coverage today. New York Entertainment has a short interview and photo. MSN Entertainment also have a photo, and Getty Images have a selection of photos from the event.
(Thanks Petra)

Press 11 Sep 2007

The Times-Leader has a preview Interview of the Wilkes-Barre show.

There's Mansfield reviews at the Telegraph and the Boston Herald.

KDKB have a Alice related competition running this week where you can win cash if you are signed up here and they call out your name.

Mitch Lafon has posted some photos from the Uncasville show here.

There a little news about Alice's appearance on the Avantasia album. The song he's on is called "The Toy Master" and is supposedly 'the heaviest song Alice Cooper has ever done' according to Carl Begai, who did the report on the album. The album, called "The Scarecrow", is due out in January 2008.
(Thanks Kev)

Downtime 09 Sep 2007

As most you you would have notice we had some downtime over the last few days. This was a server issue which is hopefully now resolved. Apologies for any inconvienence.

Two new shows have been listed at Pollstar. They are 20th and 21st of November in Moscow, Russia at the 'B- Maximum'.

The Dennis Dunaway Project will be opening for Alice in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, on September 18th.

"Billion Dollar Babies" was the featured album on the "Jack Daniels Legendary Albums" show on Planet Rock last week and you can listen via the "Listen Again" link here. Alice also appeared daily on the Ken Bruce show on BBC Radio 2 which is also available here if you are quick. It's a two and a half hour show and Alice is featured for a few minutes each day in a segment called "tracks of my years" during the last 30 minutes.

The Oaklands Press has a review of the Michigan State Fair show. has a review as well.
The Citizens Voice has a short interview with Alice.
The New Haven Advocate has an article promoting the Uncasville show.
PressConnects have a review of the Broome County show.
The Worcester Telegraph has an article about the Mansfield show.

A new audio interview with Alice Cooper conducted by Chuck Nowlin of Boston's WZLX 100.7 FM has been posted here.

Remarkably Insincere has sent in some excellent photos from the Saginaw show which are now online in the photo section.

The October issue of Guitar Player  magazine has a 2-page feature on the ACG including a rundown (with ratings) of all their non-compilation albums (except "Easy Action").

According to Yahoo the Scream 2007 awards will be honouring Alice with the "Rock Immortal" award at the Greek Theater in Los Angeles on October 19th. The show will air on SpikeTV on October 23rd.

Press 04 Sep 2007 has a short piece on Alice's appearance at the Homer Mill Haunted House, as does YahooNews (an AP article which is duplicated on various other sites).

More photos from the Knoxville show can be seen here.

'Golf Monster' appears to have a second edition with a new cover, at least in the UK. You can see the new cover at the Waterstones site.

You can check out some photos of a bearded Damon Johnson performing with Whiskey Falls here.
(Thanks NotSoPerfect)

More European Shows 01 Sep 2007

More European show dates have turned up. No official confirmation as yet.
24th November Alahärmä, Finland, Power Park (w/ Uriah Heep)
25th November Helsinki, Jäähalli, Finland, Ice Hall (w/ Uriah Heep)
26th November Oulu, Finland, Teatria (w/ Uriah Heep)
29th November Ballerup, Denmark, Ballerup Super Arena
(Thanks Petri)

New Show, Press and Damon Johnson 01 Sep 2007

Tickets have just gone on sale for an extra US date in San Diego, CA at Spreckels Theatre on October 5th.
(Thanks Dane)

Apparently Calico Cooper's cameo part in the new Rob Zombie version of 'Halloween' has hit the cutting room floor, apparently for timing reasons. It's said it will be included as a deleted scene on the forthcoming DVD.

Damon Johnson jumped up and joined Alice and the band last night for 'School's Out' in Marshfield, WI. Check out pics here and here.
(Thanks NotSoPerfect)

The South Bend Tribune has a very good review of the Morris Performing Arts Center show, while has a review of the Grand Rapids show. has a short interview. The Marshfield News Herald has a short article. has a golfing article as does the Arizona Republic.

Roane County News has a story of a fan who got hold of one of Alice's sweaters in 1975, and has returned it in exchange for tickets and passes to a show.

The one and only Michael Bruce will be performing at O' Malleys, 247 N 4th Ave, Tucson, AZ on Spetember 29th. His new band features Bobby Allen, Bob Russell and Tommy Dominick.

Press and stuff 30 Aug 2007

A reminder that Alice will be making his second appearance in a year at a Homer Haunted House and restaurant this Saturday. He will sign autographs from 6 to 9 p.m. at the Homer Mill, 109 N. Byron St. Homer, MI.

Check out Alice doing a public Information advert on YouTube.

Alice Cooper appears on "The Ken Bruce Show" on BBC Radio 2 from 3 September in the "Tracks Of My Years" segment. You can hear it online here.

Kristen has posted some cool photos from the Merriville show here. There are some photos from the Knoxville show here as well. has a show review. The Daily India has a story about Alice's friendship with Peter Sellers. The Hub has a short interview.

The new September issue of 'Greenwich' magazine has an article about Renee and Dennis Dunaway written by Chris Hodenfield, who in 1972, wrote an ACG article for Rolling Stone. It's possible the article will appear online at a later date here. are auctioning off radios siged by celebrities in aid of Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy. There is of course an Alice signed one (or why would I mention it!) and you can bid online.

There's a short article about "The Ballad Of Alice Cooper" song, written by Jon Bon Jovi but never released, over at Chronological Snobbery.

New Show In Sweden 29 Aug 2007

There are tickets on sale for a show at Olympen Arena in Lund, Sweden at Wednesday 28th of November. The price is SEK420, and the concert starts at 7.30pm, and the doors are open at 6'oclock.
(Thanks Michael)

New Press 28 Aug 2007 has a new interview with Alice. Knoxville News has an interview as well.
(thanks Allen)

The Southern has an article about Du Quoin State Fair show.

The Telegraph (UK) has an article about Alice and 'Golf Monster'.

Odds and Ends 26 Aug 2007

Alice is now being shown as performing in Riga, Latvia and the Legends Of Rock festival on December 2nd as well as the 1st.

According to Kiss will be playing a show in Canada on September 15th in Whistler, which will presumably mean Eric Singer will have to skip a couple of Alice shows. has a short live review.

More photos have turned up from the São Paulo show here.
(Thanks Marcelo)

Quad-Cities online has an article about Alice and the Hall Of Fame. They also have a live review here.

Alice was on the BBC radio 2 show "Seven More Days That  Rocked The World" and you can listen to it now at the site.

Goldmine has an article about the forthcoming Cooperstown auction. More info here.

Catching Up 22 Aug 2007

Adweek has a short pice about a new advert for John Varvatos designer clothes that features Alice. Click here to see the advert full size (thanks Brett).

Apparently Alice will be performing in Riga, Latvia and the Legends Of Rock festival on December 1st. Foreigner also play. No official confirmation yet but there's an advert up on YouTube and more ticket info here.
(Thanks Devon)

Reuters (and others) are running a story on "The Rock" kids center that Alice is behind and it includes quotes from Alice. has a review of the Sault Ste. Marie show with photos.
(Thanks Steef)

A Chuck Garric fan page has posted professionally shot video of the bands performance with Marilyn Manson in Bucharest on MySpace.
(Thanks Steef)

The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel has a new interview with Alice. The also has a short piece. The Louisville Courier-Journal has a show review.

Kristen has posted some cool photos from the recent Beaver Dam and Sault St. Marie shows. You can also see them at her MySpace page or at the "Department Of Youth" MySpace group.

The book about the history of the Reading festival (seme may remember we mentioned it an eon ago) will finally be published on August 28th and includes Alice Cooper content. You can pre-order it from AmazonUK here.

The Whiskey Falls debut album featuring Damon Johnson is now available to pre-order at AmazonUS.

Cooperstown in Phoenix now has a Webcam where you can see what's going on at the bar!

Small Stuff 15 Aug 2007

The Louisville Courier-Journal has some photos of Alice at the Wolf Challenge celebrity golf event here. While the News Tribune has a short Alice article with some photos.
(Thanks Brad)

Bill Peters has posted some cool photos of the Dennis Dunaway Project playing in Cleveland here (you may have to register).

Alice's 'Waynes World' jacket and other memorablilia are up for auction at

There's a short review of 'Golf Monster' at Metro Times.

Small Stuff 13 Aug 2007

The Des Moines Register has a couple of articles. The first is a short interview with Alice here, and the second a review of the first show on the US tour.

PopMatters have an article about the 'Love It To Death' album.

For those is the US, according to Ticket Master Damon Johnson and 'Whiskey Falls' has a show scheduled for Friday, September 7, in Indianapolis, Indiana at the 'Eight Seconds Saloon'. Tickets on sale now.

New Show and Other stuff 08 Aug 2007

Alice Cooper will apparently be playing Tuesday September 18th at the FM Kirby Center in Wilkes-Barre, PA.  Tickets go on sale this Friday at 10 am at the Kirby Center Box Office 570-826-1100. Ticketmaster outlets, Gallery of Sound or
(Thanks Bob)

Alice will be taking part on monday at the Wolf Challenge golf Tournament at Covered Bridge Golf Club in Sellersburg, Ind. More info here.

Alice will apparently hold a meet and greet at the Home Mill in Homer, Michigan on September 1st for the grand opening of the annual haunted house. For more information you can call the Homer Mill on 517-568-7295
(Thanks Susan)

Tickets have gone on sale for the Detroit State Fair show on September 3rd. These are VIP tickets seated in front of the stage and can be obtained from
(Thanks Thomas)

The three Solid Rock Foundation sites seem to have been combined. You can now access, The Xmas Pudding site and the Solid Rock Foundation site all via one address.

Yesterday Ed Burns of the Dennis Dunaway Project had surgery to re-attatch a shoulder ligament that he tore when saving his Harley from toppling over.The band will be recording during his re-cooper-ation. Well wishes may be sent to or the DDP Myspace Page.
On Sunday August 5th, the Dennis Dunaway Project did a surprise performance at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland. Dennis described the shows as follows: "the band were in top form, which made the Beachland and the Rock Hall our strongest sets to date."

Eric Dovers' Sextus have recorded a cover of Jellyfish's "That Is Why" for a forthcoming Jellyfish tribute album. You can get more info here or here, and you can check out a short video of Eric talking about the song at YouTube

New Show 06 Aug 2007

According to Ticketmaster Alice will be playing at the House Of Blues in Myrtle Beach, SC on Spetember 13th. Tickets are on sale now.

Small Stuff 05 Aug 2007

On Friday evening the Dennis Dunaway Project were live on the "Bill Peters show" at WJCU in Cleveland, to promote the band's Beachland Ballroom show yesterday. During the afternoon they did a A & Q session in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Auditorium.
Malice Cooper's Interview with Dennis has been poscasted and you can find it here.
Also now available are Patricks photos of DDP at the Daniel Street show on the 27th July. You can find them in the photos section.

Alice Cooper is featured in the next issue of Classic Rock Magazine due out on August 22nd.

The CanadianChristianity website has a long article on Alice.

James Randi, who worked with Alice Cooper on the Billion Dollar Babies tour, has joined the forums at to answer questions about his life and career from anyone who cares to ask.
(Thanks Tim) 

A little more info on the Avantasia project has surfaced via this quote on the official site. "And what can I say about Alice Cooper? He is a unique American legend! Everybody knows him and all I can say is: I ain't worthy, I ain't worthy! The role he's sung suits him perfectly! Both Rudolf and Alice - did great performances and I am truely blessed to have won them as special guests for my album!"
(Thanks Kev)

Dennis Dunaway Interviews 01 Aug 2007

Dennis Dunaway will be talking to Malice Cooper today at 3pm CST on CrushRadio, and repeated at 10pm CST on WFLM, CAYA Radio, and K94.
Cleveland Scene also have a new interview with Dennis online as does the Ohio Free Times.

DB Magazine have a live review of the Sydney show online here.
(Thanks Noods)

Keri News and Dennis Interview 28 Jul 2007

Keri Kelli Shirt has been updated with new photos from the tour (and Keri has kindly sent me some to post up which will be in the photo section shortly). He also has a cool new shirt available (pictured left) to buy via the site.
During the break before the US leg of the tour Keri will be out and about with Skid Row playing a few shows. They are:
Saturday 28th July (tonight) in West Bend, WI at Washington County Fair.
Monday 30th July in Ocean City, MD at Seacrets
Friday 3rd August in Clearfield, PA at Clearfield County Fair.

Dennis Dunaway was interviewed on WJCD last night and you can hear what he had to say here. They were also giving away tickets to the next DDP show on August 4th at the Beachland Ballroom 15711 Waterloo Road, Cleveland Ohio.

Tulsa World has a new interview with Alice online.

New Shows 27 Jul 2007

Two new shows have turned up. They are:
Devos Performance Hall in Grand Rapids on August 30th. Tickets on sale July 30th at 10am and are $39.50 and $29.50. LAV-FM are running a promotion to get tickets earlier this weekend.
Dow Event Center Theater, Saginaw, MI on September 2nd. On sale now.
(Thanks Marty, Loomis, Lobsterrok)

"Decrepit Crypt Of Nightmares" is a 50 film horror anthology DVD set just released worldwide and it includes Calico Cooper in "Scarlet Fry's Junkfood Horrorfest'. This version also includes two new trailers featuring Calico.

Wagner update 25 Jul 2007

The following message has been posted on Dick Wagners official site:
"I have on occasion been able to reach the bottom of my heart for an emotion to define the character of a song. I have been able to feel deep love for certain people and to share the fruits of that love. I've led an extraordinary/ordinary life. By most standards, I've "made it" in the music business. I will always be deeply grateful for those years of music and madness.
Today I sit in intensive Care at Scottsdale Healthcare, a state of the art hospital facility where the combined skills, compassion and technologies and prayers of thousands of people from around the world were converged on me as I lay dying from a massive heart attack. My kidneys had failed, the prognosis was not good, and I was in a world of hurt. I believe that my current state of recovery can be laid at the feet of every one of you people out there, who showed the tremendous outpouring of love for me and to me in a time of deepest need. My left arm and hand are completely useless, but doctors tell me that with occupational therapy, I should be able to be back playing guitar again.
As much as you've loved me and cared for me, I love and care for you right back, from the bottom of my heart."
Dick Wagner
Summer of 2007

Damon Johnson and Whiskey Falls' video for "Last Train Running" has finally been up on rotation on GAC TV, which means fans can now vote for the video to be played on the Top 20 Countdown!
You can vote once per day by clicking here.
(Thanks Tabitha)

The date for the 2007 Alice Cooper Christmas Pudding show has been set for December 15th.

Small Stuff 21 Jul 2007

The Sun has a new "Classic Rock" podcast online including an interview with Alice.

According to the New York Post, the E! Entertainment Television cable channel (USA) will air a 90-minute program today (Saturday, July 21) called "Rock Star Wives: The E! True Hollywood Story", which follows the everyday lives of several rock stars and their wives and includes Sheryl Cooper.
Also tonight 'Rave HD' is showing the 'Live At Montreux' show.
Calico Cooper's appearance on 'The Dr. Keith Ablow Show' will be repeated Tuesday on the 'SYN' channel.
You can keep up to date with most AC related TV shows in the UK or USA using the TV links on the right.

HappyPil, featuring Ryan Roxie, will be playing a charity show at Kungstradgarden in Stockholm on July 22nd at 8:30pm. The show is in aid of The Children's Cancer Foundation and is free. In other Roxie news Ryan will be back on the airwaves on 'Rocket.FM' from next wednesday.

Phoenix Cooperstown will be sponsoring the #40 Chevrolet Silverado for the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series event at the Phoenix International Raceway in November. More info here.

The new issue of Classic Rock Magazine comes with a free CD which includes Tesla covering 'Is It My Body?'

Avantasia 19 Jul 2007

According to Eric Singer, in a new interview over at MetalSludge (warning: adult content), both he and Alice himself will be guesting on a new project called 'Avantasia' put together by Tobias Sammet of the German metal band 'Edguy'. More info on the project can be found here.

There's some new photos from the Perth show over at PerthNow.

Alice's first appearance as the Radio One Rock Show 'Dream Doctor' can be heard online here. He appears about an hour into the show. Apparently this will be a recurring feature for a few weeks.

Press and DD News 18 Jul 2007

Norwegian site has an article and pics about Alice.

The has a new article on Alice as well.

Last night, Tuesday the 17th, Dennis Dunaway sat in with Steve Conte of the New York Dolls at the Hilfiger Sessions in New York City. The other musicians in the band were Charley Drayton (Kieth Richards, Iggy Pop), John Conte (David Bowie, Company of Wolves), Chris Palmaro (SNL Band, Joan Osborn) and Andy
Hilfiger (X-Bros). The X-Bros (featureing Joe Bouchard of BDS) will soon begin a tour of Ireland and also Joe will be sitting in with the Dennis Dunaway Project at the Beachland Ballroom in Cleveland, Ohio, on August 4th.

Check out the cool new Ryan Roxie pics over at

Damon Johnson's band 'Whiskey Falls' have had video for their first single, "Last Train Running" premiere on the GAC channel. The single can be downloaded on iTunes now.

Yet More US Shows 14 Jul 2007

August 21st Milwaukee, WI Riverside Theatre
August 28th Knoxville, TN Tennessee Theatre
September 3rd Detroit, MI Michigan State Fair
September 5th Binghamton, NY Broome County Arena (with Heaven And Hell)
Also all the shows already listed are now officially confirmed.

Damon Johnson's new band 'Whiskey Falls' is up for the Country Award for 'Best New Group'. Support Damon and vote here. You can check out Whiskey Falls here.
(Thanks Hunter)

PerthNow has a show review with major spoilers if you don't want to know the details.

More Shows 12 Jul 2007

Ticketmaster is now listing:
23rd August - Davenport, IA, Adler Theater
26th August - Kansas City, MO, Uptown Theater

WolfgangsVault have posted the 1975 King Biscuit Flower Hour show online to listen to. They already have the 1978 show online.

New Shows 11 Jul 2007

According to the venue site Alice Cooper will be playing in Tulsa, OK on August 14th at the Brady Theater. Tickets go on sale Friday. (Thanks James). Also Pollstar is now listing Alice playing many of the Heaven And Hell shows mentioned last week so I've added them to the tour listing on the right.

Alice is appearing in a Canadian advert for a TV show called "Rockstar Fantasy". You can check it out on YouTube now.

Pubs and Clubs Australia has a show review online with photo.

Wagner Update 10 Jul 2007

Suzy Michelson, Dick Wagner's business partner, has issued the following update on Dicks condition after his heart attack last week: "I just saw Dick at the hospital and he is now entirely alert, his great mind is intact, his humor is intact. His heart and body are recovering, and he will soon be back to 100%. He is entirely off all life support systems, and his prognosis is excellent. WOW!!!!!! Dick is one of my dearest friends in the entire world, and I am so relieved to share this great news with you."
(Thanks Bravewords)

Alice appears in the new issue of Mojo magazine (UK) in an article about the recent mojo awards.

There's another Swedish show review turned up at Gefle Dagblad. have an article with a few lines about Alice and a photo while the Chicago Tribune has a golf based interview.

There's some new photos up in the photo section. Some new ones from Romania last week and some archive shots from 2005.

Johnny Walker Show 09 Jul 2007

As mentioned a few days ago, Alice was interviews in BBC Radio 2's Johnny Walker Show yesterday. The interview was about 30 minutes (plus three songs) and you can still hear it on the Radio 2 website.

Sickthing Rich has posted his photos from the Sydney Australia show for everyone to check out here.
(Thanks Rich) have a short promo for the St Kilda show with a cool Coop photo.

Dick Wagner News 08 Jul 2007

From Suzy Michelson, Dick Wagners business partner:
"Dick Wagner had a very serious heart attack. He has been in ICU all week on life support, but I am very relieved to tell you he is finally coming back to us! As of today, we expect Dick to fully recover. Dick is not only a brilliant songwriter and phenomenal guitar player, but also a very special and beautiful man"
Of course all our best wishes go out to Dick for a speedy recovery and we'll try and keep you updated on condition as we hear more information.. I'm sure if you want to send Dick a message you can do it via his website or MySpace page and they will be passed on.

In other Wagner news when Dick is fit again he will be recording some new music with Steve Hunter and Fred Mandel (of the WTMN band) for the upcoming Wagner/Hunter documentary, which also features Alice. A one minute trailer is featured here

In other news the Australian leg of the tour has started, and reports indicate just one setlist change. There is some press appearing in Oz now. The Sun Herald has an interview with audio and AdalaideNow and PerthNow both have interviews.

Some "new" old photos from Germany 2005 have turned up here and here.
(Thanks Tomasz)

Small Stuff 06 Jul 2007

Detroit News have a new interview with Alice about "Golf Monster". have an interview with the Cooper band members (Chuck, Eric, Keri and Jason) which were conducted in Athens a couple of weeks ago.

"Only Women Bleed" is featured in the forthcoming remake of "Halloween", directed by Rob Zombie.

Further to Ryan Roxie appearing onstage in Sweden with Alice, news reaches us he also jumped onstage with U.D.O. to perform Accept classic "Balls To The Wall".
(Thanks Niklas)

Blabbermouth have an interview with Geoff Tate of Queensryche (Openers on the US leg of the tour) who has some nice things to say about Alice and his influence on his band. These are echoed in a yet unpublished interview conducted by STUK's own Mitch Lafon:
"It’s great and I can’t wait for it. Alice Cooper was the first rock concert I ever saw when I was a kid. I saw the Billion Dollar Babies tour and I guess I subconsciously was inspired by that. I thought, at the time, this is what a rock concert is. It defined my vision of what rock music is and I carried that with me. I like a theatrical production when I see a band and playing with him is going to be fantastic."

UK Radio 04 Jul 2007

Alice Cooper wil be on the 'Johnny Walker Show' on BBC Radio 2 this coming Sunday, July 8th, starting at 16:30. He will also apparently be on the BBC Radio 1 Rock Show on the 16th July (and for the following three weeks) and on 20th July 'The Sun' features Alice on their podcast.
(Thanks Leighton)

More photos from the Romanian show can be seen at along with a video clip.
(Thanks James)

More Heaven And Hell Dates 03 Jul 2007 is listing more dates for the Heaven and Hell tour saying these dates will also include Alice Cooper:
September 5th - Binghamton, NY, Broom County Arena
September 11th - Reading, PA,  Sovereign Center
September 19th - Darien, NY, Darien Center
September 20th - Hamilton, ON, Canada, Copps Coliseum
September 22nd - Chicago, IL,
September 23rd - St Louis, MO, Family Arena
October 4th - Tuscon, AZ, Anselmo Amphitheatre
October 6th - Irvine, CA,  Verizon Amphitheatre
There is no official announcement from the Cooper camp on these yet. has posted lots of photos from the Swedish show.
(Thanks Anders) has an audio interview with Alice we may have missed previously.

Alice Cooper And Marilyn Manson Together! 02 Jul 2007

As was rumoured before the show, Alice and Marilyn Manson performed together, not once but twice, at the B'estival festival in Bucharest last night. First Manson joined Alice onstage for 'Eighteen', and later Alice returned the favour and joined Manson for 'Sweet Dreams'. Video of 'Sweet Dreams' is currently up on YouTube so catch it while you can. There's also a clip here. has photos of Manson doing 'Eighteen' with Alice here.
I'm told Alice's whole show was recorded by Romanian National Television (TVR).
(Thanks Tim, Horia)

Also on Youtube is a new interview with Alice from Brazillian TV. Alice's bit is in English.
(Thanks Devon, Neimar)

Another review of the Swedish show is up over at Dalarnas Tidningar and there's more photo at and Also check out this photo to see Ryan Roxie in action with Alice on Friday performing 'Elected'.

More Press 01 Jul 2007

Ryan Roxie made a surprise appearance onstage with Alice at Friday nights show in Sweden. He joined the band for 'Elected'. Both and have put up reviews of the show with photos. have a new interview today with Alice. have posted their review of the Athens show (in English) while also have a review (in Greek).

New Show 30 Jun 2007

According to their site Alice will be playing at the Star Plaza Theatre in Merrillville, IN on August 25th. Tickets go on sale June 30th.
(Thanks Mike)

More Press has turned up for the European shows (Thanks Petra). Two German articles about the Swiss show, the first at and the second at You can also check out more photos of the new show here, here, here and here!

Anyone interested in more details about the new show can check out Jaded's report of our trip to Italy in the "Psychodrama" forum. Warning, there's major spoilers included.

Catch Up Time 29 Jun 2007

STUK is now back home from a great show in Florence, Italy so time to catch up on what's been happening.

The gallows didn't make an appearance at the Buenos Aires show reportedly because of problems in the argentinian customs. It's now back in the show.
(Thanks Leandro) has post some photos from the Athens show last week. have photos from the Swiss show. has a review of 'Golf Monster'. have an interview with Alice online in .pdf format. have an audio interview as well, in .mp3 format. has an article in the run up to todays show in Sweden. have a nice article about Glen Buxton.

The Dennis Dunaway Project will be playing Daniel Street, 21 Daniel Street, Milford, CT on July 27th.

Neal Smith has his new solo album on the way. He says:
“I have been working on a solo project for at least three years, and hopefully midsummer I will release that. I wrote everything, played guitar, played drums, sang everything. I have a bass player I worked with, Peter Catucci; we recorded it in his studio, and he’s a great singer. I just developed a really crazy character for the music, for the vocals, and I think it’s a little more contemporary than anything I’ve done in a long time. I mean, there are 11 songs on it. There may be some things on it that someone might think sound like classic rock, but for me though, it’s more industrial, more heavy metal, more Euro. There’s a little bit of rap hip-hop in there, and like a said before, there’s a little bit of Euro sort of high-tech metal. But it’s just because I experimented with a lot of different things percussion-wise. So I’m pretty happy with it. I just did the photo session for the CD, and the mixes are almost finished, and hopefully it will go into production and then take about three weeks after that and hopefully release it midsummer. I was inspired by bands like Thrill Kill Kult, King's X, a band out of New York called Shirley Temple Of Doom, a band out of Philadelphia called Tapping The Vein, and Pigface, some really heavy metal, the younger, fresher bands. So I was inspired to do something. People that are familiar with my music think it’s the most contemporary music they’ve heard any of the Alice Cooper band members do. I don’t know if the fans will like it as much as things we’ve done in the past, but again, it’s almost like Alice Cooper fans aren’t really my target audience this time. And I keep telling everybody, this stuff is pretty heavy. It would probably even make Alice blush. I mean, I’ve got to tell you, it’s really X-rated and it’s a lot of fun, and it’s just something really sick I’ve wanted to do for a long, long time. And I just haven’t had the opportunity to do it. And so now I had the time, and just the inspiration to do it…"
Also Gibson guitars has an interview with Neal that I may have missed when it came out. Check it out here.

XFM has a short article about rock bands and the forthcoming UK Smoking ban with a couple of comments from Alice.

Reviews and Kansas cancelled 23 Jun 2007 has a review and photos from the Athens show yesterday as has Kostas has posted some more photos of the show here.

As expected the Kansas State Fair show is canceled in light of the Heaven And Hell tourdates. You can read about it here.

There will be a special Mojo winners show on Mojo Radio today at 6.00pm and it's repeated on Sunday June 24 at 3.00pm.

There won't be any more news updates for a few days as we're heading to Italy to see the new show. I'll catch up on all the news and emails when I return at the end of the week. As always any news you have can be posted through to the forums.

Yet More Mojo 22 Jun 2007

Alice appears on "Mojo Rocks" tonight at 9pm on Mojo Radio available on Freeview Channel 721, Sky Channel 0182 and online. You can also now see Alice receiving his Mojo award over on YouTube.

Last night's Graham Norton Show will be shown on Portugal on VH-1 at some point. You can also check out the official Podcast with additional footage not featured in the show here.

Two reviews of the South American shows have surfaced here and here (note they aren't in english).

Wireimage and Gettyimage both have a selection of photos from the Mojo awards.

The Cooperstown site has had a make over.

The Alice Cooper Greek Fanclub organised an Alice Cooper night in Club Texas, Athens the other night and who should turn up but Chuck, Eric, Keri and Jason! You can check out their pics here.

More Mojo 20 Jun 2007

More coverage today of the Mojo Awards. You can see Alice at the awards over on Youtube, and Slash, who presented Alice with his "Hero" award, had some nice things to say as well over at VirginMedia. Idolator have a pic of Alice with Ike Turner at the ceremony while Sky have a pic of Alice with the Osbournes.

More Show News 19 Jun 2007

In an update to the story posted a couple of hours ago, a Rhino Entertainment press release now suggests that Alice will be playing with Heaven and Hell at all the following shows:

September 7th - Uncasville, CT - Mohegan Sun Arena
September 8th - Long Island, NY - Jones Beach Amphitheatre
September 9th - Mansfield, MA - Tweeter Center
September 14th - Tampa, FL - St. Petersburg Times Forum
September 15th - Sunrise, FL - Bank Atlantic Center
September 16th - Orlando, FL - Amway Arena
September 25th - Denver, CO - Coors Amphitheatre
September 28th - Reno, NV - Reno Events Center
September 29th - Kelseyville, CA - Konocti Harbor
September 30th - Concord, CA - Sleep Train Amphitheatre
October 2nd - Fresno, CA - Selland Arena
Keep an eye out on as pre-sale tickets will be available for these shows via this site.
More news as I get it.

Mojo and New Shows 19 Jun 2007

Alice Cooper was at the Mojo Awards at The Brewery in London on Monday night where he received the 'Mojo Hero' award. have a photo.

LiveNation are listing two new shows with Alice as special guest to Heaven And Hell (aka Black Sabbath). They are September 8th at Nikon at Jones Beach Theater in Wantage, NY and 25th September at Coors Amphitheatre in Englewood, CO. Tickets go on sale 22nd June at 10am. Queensryche open the shows.
Pollstar is listing Alice also playing with Heaven And Hell at BankAtlantic Center in Sunrise, FL on September 15th, and the Worcester Telegram is reporting Alice and Heaven And Hell will be at the Locobazooka festival taking place at Tweeters Center in Mansfield, MA on September 9th. Tickets for this one go on sale on Friday at 10am.

The Dennis Dunaway Project will be playing Saturday June 23rd at The Chance in Poughkeepsie, NY. Support comes from tribute band 'Alice's Nightmare' and special guest Joe Bouchard.

'5th Sonic Brigade' is a new Sweden-based band featuring the one and only Ryan Roxie. The band is currently working on material for its debut album, tentatively due next year. A new single will precede the full-length CD and you can hear the song entitled "If You Could Only See" (originally written and recorded by Tonic) on the band's MySpace page. 5th Sonic Brigade's lineup is completed by Marcus Öhrn (vocals), Peter Samuelsson (Bass) and Anton Körberg on drums.
(Thanks Blabbermouth)

Daniel has posted some photos from the South American shows over at his MSN site.

New Show 16 Jun 2007

Ticketmaster says that Alice Cooper will be performing at the Duquoin State Fair in Illinois on August 25th. Tickets go on sale 27th June at 10am.
(Thanks Jeff)

'Nights With Alice Cooper' is now being carried in Southern Ontario on 103.8 The Hawk.
(Thanks Robert)

Little Rock Show 15 Jun 2007

According to Magic105 Alice Cooper will be playing their "birthday bash" show on August 12th in North Shore Riverwalk Park, North Little Rock, AR.

TV, Press and other stuff 14 Jun 2007

Alice Cooper is listed as appearing on The Graham Norton Show next Thursday June 21st at 10 pm on BBC2 (UK).
(Thanks Mike)

YouTube has a short but amusing interview with Alice from a show entitled "This Hour Has 22 Minutes".
(Thanks Des)

On Monday 9th July Eric Singer will be hosting an event at The Gershwin Room at the Espy in Melbourne, Australia. Eric will conduct a Q&A with the fans, sign autographs and be available for photos as well as jamming on a set of 70’s rock classics with the help of some local musician friends and some of his Alice Cooper band mates including Calico Cooper. Tickets are on sale from The Gershwin Room at the Faster Louder website online at or at the door if available.

Noble Savage Productions are working on a documentary about the classic Dick Wagner/Steve Hunter guitar team and you can see a trailer, featuring Alice, here.

The Clinton County Express has a short piece related to Alice and golf with a photo. There is a related peice in the San Francisco Chronicle.

Phoenix New Times has a short quote from Alice on the origin of 'School's Out'.

The Guardian has a short review of the 'Breakfast With Alice' (the UK version of NWAC) radio show. 

This Friday night, the Dennis Dunaway Project will perform at historic
Kenny's Castaways (157 Bleeker Street) in Greenwich Village in Manhattan. Show starts at 10p.m. with a $10 admission. The club features a catwalk balcony for those that want an aerial view. Cheap Purfume will do a special performance and the Satan's Sister Cigarette Girl will be on the premises.

Just as the new tour kicks off (setlist info is in the forums and on the setlists page), we have a few new pics from the last tour's stop in Knoxville here.
(Thanks Lynn)

New Show 10 Jun 2007

Alice has been announced as playing at the Kewadin Casino, Sault Ste. Marie, MI, in the Dream Makers Theatre, on August 18th. Tickets go on sale 26th June.

More Small Stuff 08 Jun 2007

Both Calico Cooper and Tommy Clufetos make guest appearances on the new album by Rob Zombie sideman Piggy D entitled 'Mr. Anxiety'.

The Dennis Dunaway Project have added another date in august. It is Aug 4 2007 at Beachland Ballroom, Cleveland, Ohio.

Edinburgh Zoo has a couple of new additions to their collection. They are Visayan warty pigs called 'Alice' and 'Cooper'!
(Thanks Maurice)

Poison (who just recorded a cover of 'I Never Cry') have a few nice things to say at VH-1.
(Thanks Mitch)

AZCentral have a short report of the recent book signing in Phoenix. Footage from the booksigning also appeared on local TV Channel 3.
(Thanks Des, PsychoPat)

Small Stuff 05 Jun 2007 have a new audio interview with Alice online now.

Alice appeared, and did voiceovers, for Sheryl's Coopers 'Off Broadway' production on June 2nd at the Orpheum in downtown Phoenix, Az.
(Thanks PsychoPat)

BBC4 (UK) will be showing "Alice Cooper: Welcome To My Nightmare" on Saturday at 22:10. Despite the rather inaccurate show description on some sites the general opinion is that this will just be the concert film that's been available for years, and not a documentary narrated by Vincent Price!

Phoenix For Halloween 01 Jun 2007

AZCentral have confirmed the rumours that Alice will be playing in Phoenix for this years Halloween show on October 31st. It's all part of the Arizonia State Fair and the show will be at Veterans Memorial Coliseum at the State Fairgrounds in Phoenix. General admission to  is free with paid fair admission. Reserved seating for the show will go on sale in September through Ticketmaster.

According to this Portugese site Rolling Stone have an advert for the Mini Cooper car, which is using a rather familiar paint job as part of the promotion.
(Thanks Marcelo)

The Dennis Dunaway Project have some more dates booked. They are:
15th June 2007 at  Kennys Castaways, New York, New York
23rd June 2007 at The Chance, Poughkeepsie, New York
27th July 2007 at Daniel Street, Milford, Connecticut
25th August 2007 at The Knitting Factory, New York, New York have a very short piece about Alice.

Small Stuff 30 May 2007

The 9th Annual Michael Douglas & Friends golf tournament will be shown on US TV Sunday June 10th at 2:00PM ET on NBC. Alice of course was there and so should appear on the show.

'Montreux Jazz Festival: 2005 ' will be shown Tuesday May 29th at  9:00 AM ET On RAVE HD. This should include clips of Alice from the 'Live At Montreux' DVD.
(Thanks Heather)

There's a good review of Dennis Dunaway's 'Bones From The Yard' album in the new issue of French magazine 'Rock And Folk'.

This month's (June) issue of Blender magazine has 'School's Out' as their pick for "The Greatest Songs Ever". It's got a nice and surprisingly accurate story and the infamous snake picture.
(Thanks Spice)

Book Signing 26 May 2007

Alice Cooper will be signing his new book on June 5th at CHB (Changing Hands Bookstore) in Tempe, AZ. The event starts at 6pm and you only need to buy a book from that bookstore. No charge for the meet & greet. The store is located at the intersection of Guadaloupe Rd. and McClintock. You can reserve your copy of the book and automatically enter the list of people that will get their copy handsigned by calling 480-730-0205.

Charity Folks Online Auctions are offering the chance to play golf with Alice and have dinner at Cooperstown in Phoenix, AZ. Current bid is $1,600. 

Missouri State Fair 25 May 2007

According to the official Missouri State Fair site Alice is confirmed to be playing there on August 11th. Tickets are on sale June 9th.

Small Stuff 24 May 2007

A third Alice Cooper show has been announced for South America in Curitiba, Brazil on June 10th.

The 'Guitar Hero III' game which is on it's way will allow you to play along to 'School's Out'

The new issue of Classic Rock Magazine (July issue) has an "interesting" overview of Alice's best and worst albums.

Alice's 'Nights With Alice Cooper' interview with Ozzy Osbourne is now online at the NWAC site.

The Make-A-Wish Foundation is running a charity auction which includes the chance to play golf with Alice.

No Mexico, South America Changes 22 May 2007

According to a post at the official Alice Cooper MySpace: "The Alice Cooper 2007 Tour is set to go. Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond anyone's control, the tour will not be able to go to Mexico. Because of this, the South American tour has been forced to change. The new dates for South. America are:
June 12 Sao Paolo, Brazil Credicard Hall
June 14 Buenos Aires, Argentina

Eric Singer will be appearing at the Nashville Kiss Expo on July 29th at the The Holiday Inn Select Opryland/Airport, 2200 ELM HILL PIKE, Nashville , TN. More info here.

Small Stuff 19 May 2007 interviewed Alice yesterday and you can hear it here or download it here.
(Thanks Daniel, Jon, Hunter, Richard and everyone else who sent this one in!)

Houston Press has a short article on 'Golf Monster'. The Regina Leader-Post in Canada has an article welcoming 'Nights With Alice Cooper' to local station 94.5 JACK FM.
(Thanks Clint)

According to Ticketmaster in Brazil the Sao Paulo show has been changed from June 3rd to June 12th. There have been a couple of other date changes as well with the South American dates although no official confirmation yet. See the dates on the right of the news page for updates.
(Thanks Neimar)

Thorne Winter has posted a cool, if slightly psychotic, animated video for 'Wind Up Toy' here which is worth checking it. The animation is simple but it definitly has a certain demented edge!
(Thanks James) has had a very cool makeover which is well worth checking out.

Eric Update 16 May 2007

Further to our report that Eric Singer will miss a few shows in Australia, we can now confirm those shows will be the last three of the tour in Wollongong, Canberra and Launceston between July 18th and 21st. He WILL be with the band for the other Australian shows.
(Thanks Mitch, Trevor)

'Then, Again, Live' will be repeated on XM Radio Wednesday 23rd May at 9PM ET on Boneyard (XM 41). This of course is a repeat of the show Alice and the band recorded a couple of years back and features them performing the entire original 'Greatest Hits' album from start to finish, in order, live in the XM studio.
(Thanks Woody)

The Melbourne Herald-Sun has an interview with Alice today. have have an article about the Chris Cornell reward show with a photo of Alice and Cornell. also have an article with a quote from Alice. have posted Alice's interview with Rush on their site here.

YouTube have a clip of Alice at the Fashion show reported last month.
(Thanks Brett)

The RememberTheCoop page has posted some photos of Damon Johnson onstage in Nashville with Whiskey Falls the other day.
(Thanks Tabitha)

Eric Misses Oz? 13 May 2007

Rumours are circulating that Eric Singer will not be with Alice when the tour hits Australia in July. We can confirm that this is correct. Eric has prior commitments to work with Kiss at that point and so will have to miss a few shows. Standing in for him again will be Brent Fitz. Suggestions that Chuck Garric will miss the shows are untrue.

Courtesy of Mitch Lafon you can now read a short interview with Mick Mashbir in the interviews section here. Mick chatsabout his new album 'Keepin' The Vibe Alive' and working with Alice Cooper.
(Thanks Mitch)

A little more info about the happenings at this years Alice Cooper Golf Tournament. Alice performed five songs at end of the event with with Dash Cooper and Runaway Phoenix including a fun version of 'Lost in America' with Alice and Dash sharing the vocals. He bid for and won a white pearl necklace which he presented to his mom as an early mothers day gift. Lastly the merchandise included new "biometric" guitar picks with Alice finger-print embedded!
(Thanks Dave)

As previously reported Alice presented the 'Stevie Ray Vaughan Award' to former Audioslave/Soundgarden singer Chris Cornell for Cornell's "dedication an support of the MusiCares MAP Fund and his devotion to helping other addicts with the recovery process" at the third-annual MusiCares Map Fund Benefit concert, which took place this past Friday (May 11) at the Henry Fonda Music Box Theatre in Hollywood, CA. Photos can be seen at WireImage and FilmMagic.
(Thanks Blabbermouth)

The 'Remember The Coop' site has posted some photos of Eric Singer at the Kiss convention in New Jersey on May 5th here.

Press and Stuff 08 May 2007

Click here to check out the first poster I've seen advertising the 'Psych-drama' tour.
(Thanks sm98) have a report about The Rock teen center Alice is funding in Phoenix. The article seems to be echoed on quite a few other sites as well. have a video of Alice appearing on Fox Sports the other day. You have to search through their clips list though to find it.
(Thanks Steven)

Alice turned up on radio MMM Sydney this morning promoting the book and tour.
(Thanks NurseRozetta)

There's a new article in LA Weekly online about the "Inmate Idle Singing Con-Test" There are photos of Alice, and embedded videos. This one appears more detailed than previous stories.
(Thanks Brenda)

On May 10, at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood they are showing two films by director Frank Perry that are not on DVD as part of "The Seventies" film series. Of interest to us is "Diary of a Mad Housewife" which features very early footage of the band.
(Thanks Brenda)

Ryan Roxie has posted a new song to his HappyPill Myspace page.

ClassicRockRevisted have reviewed the new Jetsetter album (featuring Renee Ciarra,  daughter of Dennis Dunaway).

Radio and Press 05 May 2007

Alice has turned up on two radio shows in the last couple of days. The first was KTRH in Houston which you can hear here (Thanks Katman), and the second was the Dennis Miller Show which you can hear here (it's in the second hour so fast forward about 47 minutes). (Thanks JumpingJack)

The Montreal Gazette has an article about 'Golf Monster' here.

Serge's Dennis Dunaway Interview for CFOU has now been transcribed and is posted at the Dennis Dunaway Project site here.

Press 04 May 2007

The East Valley Tribune has an article about this years Alice Cooper Golf Tournament with photo. This years even takes place on Monday at the Talking Stick Golf Club, 9998 E. Indian Bend Road in Scottsdale.

Billboard have an article about the just released 'Golf Monster' book.

Alice Presents Award 02 May 2007

According to LiveDaily Alice will be presenting an award to Chris Cornell (Soundgarden/Audioslave and of course The Last Temptation) on May 11th at the third annual Musicares Map Fund Benefit Concert in Hollywood, CA. It's the 'Stevie Ray Vaughan Award' for Cornell's "dedication and support of the MusiCares MAP Fund and his devotion to helping other addicts with the recovery process." The MusiCares MAP fund "provides members of the music community access to addiction recovery treatment regardless of their financial situation,"
(Thanks Tabitha)

The 'Pick Up The Bones' compilation album mentioned a couple of days ago appears to simply be a reissue of the 'Brutal Planet' album.

Tickets for some of the Australian shows go on public sale on Friday May 11th at 9am. However there are various pre-sales starting up to 5 days before this including a "visa prefered" presale starting Monday 7th. Ticketek say this covers the shows in Sydney, Brisbane, Burswood, Wollongong, and Canberra.

Sickbus 2007 01 May 2007

Some of you may remember that a few years back a group of fine upstanding Sickthings hired a tour bus and followed the complete UK tour seeing every show and having a blast doing it. Well, we're looking to do it again this November and there are still a few spaces on the bus for anyone interested in joining the adventure. It will be 14 nights on a state-of-the-art 14 berth tour bus so your bed will be parked outside the venue, and the next morning you will wake up in the next city, refreshed and ready to do it all again. For full details email Bill Crowe at

Also, hot on the heels of Sony's latest 'Best of..." we also have 'Pick Up The Bones - His Latter Recordings', another compilation album, this time from more recent years. This one is out May 7th and you can grab it from AmazonUK or AmazonUS.
(Thanks to lots of people who emailed me this one)

Record collector (UK) has a shport review of the 'Brutal Planet'/'Dragontown' reissue that came out a few weeks ago.
(Thanks Robert)

New Guitarist Announced 30 Apr 2007

Jason HookWe can finally confirm the new Alice Cooper guitarist is Jason Hook (pictured left). Jason has worked with many acts over the years including Lee Aaron, Rhino Party, Vince Neil, Stephen Pearcy (Ratt), and Bulletboys. He also has a solo album out, called 'Safety Dunce' which recently won the LA Music Award for best independent instrumental album. You can check out his MySpace page and listen to him in action. Welcome aboard the nightmare express Jason!
Damon Johnson has left the band to concentrate on his new band 'Whiskey Falls' who will be touring much of this year. Check out their Myspace page to hear the band. Naturally we all wish Damon all the best with his new band.

In other news, as mentioned previously Calico Cooper has filmed an episode of the Dr Keith Ablow Show and according to the show site the episode will air this coming Wednesday and is entitled 'Rock Star Daughters'. There is a brief promo clip on the site as well which features Calico.
(Thanks Sandy) is saying BOC will be playing with Alice at the Missouri State Fair on August 11th in Sedalia, MO.
There are also rumours that he will be playing the Detroit State Fair again this year, and that the Halloween show will be in Phoenix, but nothing solid to back these up as yet.

According to the Carson Daly website Alice will be on his show on May 2nd (actually May 3rd in many areas as it's after midnight) and not tonight as previously announced.

The new issue of Classic Rock Magazine has a brief Alice mention in an article about famous groupie and GTO Pamela Des Barres. There is also a photo of the two together.

Brain Damage Films have reissued 'Scarlet fry's Junkfood Horrorfest', which features Calico Cooper. This new version includes 20 minutes of extra footage and a Calico blooper reel!  You can order a copy to download here

'The Barrett-Jackson Experience' magazine has Alice featured on page 54, with 2 pictures and a caption about the auctioning of his Lincoln Zephyr Billion Dollar Babies car.
(Thanks Brett)

Gettyimages has new photos from today's Michael Douglas and Friends Celebrity Golf Tournament.  Just enter a search for "Alice Cooper" under the editorial photos section.
(Thanks Brett)

More Tour Dates 28 Apr 2007

The following shows have been officially announced:

South America
May 29 Santiago Teatro Caopoican
May 31 Cordoba, Argentina Estadio Juniors
June 1 Buenos Aires Estadio Luna Park
June 3 Sao Paolo Venue To Be Announced
June 5 Belo Horizonte Chevrolet Hall
June 6 Rio de Janeiro Venue To Be Announced
June 8 Curitiba Master Hall

June 13 Mexico City Plaza de Toros
June 14 Guadalajara Plaza Nuevo Progreso
June 15 Monterrey Arena

June 21 Athens, Greece Lycabettus Theatre
June 23 Huttwil, Switzerland Rock Sound Festival
June 25 Florence, Italy Venue To Be Announced
June 29 Borlange, Sweden Peace & Love Festival
July 1 Bucharest, Romania B'estival

July 6 Sydney Enmore Theatre
July 7 Sydney Enmore Theatre
July 8 Brisbane Convention Centre
July 11 Adelaide Thebarton Theatre
July 13 Perth Burswood Theatre
July 14 Perth Burswood Theatre
July 18 Wollongong WIN Ent Centre
July 19 Canberra AIS Arena
July 21 Launceston Silverdome

United States
August 10th Des Moines, IA Iowa State Fair
August 17th Beaver Dam, WI Dodge County Fair
August 19th 2007 Green Bay, WI Radisson Three Clans Ballroom
August 31st Central Wisconsin, WI Central Wisconsin State Fair
September 14th Hutchinson, KS Kansas State Fair

WCSX have a new interview up with Alice which you can hear here.

Also: Alex and Geddy of Rush will be Alice's guests on 'Nights With Alice Cooper' on May 3rd.

Psycho-Drama Tour 26 Apr 2007

An official announcement from the Alice Cooper MySpace:
Alice will be appearing on "Last Call with Carson Daly" on evening of April 30th on NBC (U.S.). Alice will be appearing on "The Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson" on the evening of May 4 on CBS (U.S). Check your local listings for time and channel.
The "PSYCHO-DRAMA" tour will be starting off in South America in May and will continue to Mexico, Australia, Europe, N. America and wrapping up in November in the UK. Stay tuned for tour dates.
Alice will continue to work with the band on the newest album during the tour and it should come out later this year.

New Keri Kelli Interview plus Iowa Show 25 Apr 2007

Keri KelliThere's a new exclusive STUK interview with Keri Kelli up now in the 'Interviews' section. Keri talks about his past, playing with Alice, and his new project Saints Of The Underground. Check it out here.

Alice has been announced as headlining the Iowa State Fair on August 10th. Tickets on sale July 5th with special guests being Blue Oyster Cult.
Also according to a radio interview Alice is playing Perth, Australia on July 13th.

Sky One (UK) are airing 'Rock Star Families' starting: 01:50 on Thursday 3rd May. It's a 50 minute show and has Alice content. 

Dennis Dunaway's dog (yes.. you read that right) plugs the DDP album "Bones From The Yard" in the latest issue of K-9 Magazine, a UK publication that just happens to be run by Alice Cooper fans.

Melbourne and Athens Shows 23 Apr 2007

Another Australian show has surfaced today. According to The Sun (Australian edition obviously) Alice will be at the at the Palais Theatre in Melbourne on July 10th. Tickets go on sale on May 7th. Ticketmaster have the date as "To Be Announced" and the venue in St. Kilda which is a suburb of Melbourne.
(Thanks Nick and SM)

Also announced is Athens, Greece on Thursday June 21st at Lycabettus Theatre. Tickets go on sale this week and cost 40 euros.
(Thanks Konstantinos)

Small Stuff 21 Apr 2007

The Battle Creek Enquirer has a story about Alice visiting the W.K. Kellogg Foundation on Thursday. His Battle Creek trip was a fact-finding mission on behalf of his Solid Rock Foundation.

Dennis Dunaway will be Alice's guest on 'Nights With Alice Cooper' on May 1st. Also, on the 25th of April Dennis will be attending Ian Hunter's 'Shrunken Heads' release party in NYC. Designer John Varvados is hosting and Ian is scheduled to play an acoustic set. Dennis of course appears on the album.

Mick Mashbir's album "Keepin' The Vibe Alive is now available from iTunes using this iTunes link.

Tesla will be covering "Is It My Body" on their upcoming 2-disc "Real to Reel" covers album, apparently to be available only at their shows.
(Thanks Joe)

Best Of.. Album and Radio 18 Apr 2007

Just when you thought it was safe to go back to the record store, May 7th sees the release of yet another Sony "best of" album, this one with the imaginative title "The Best Of Alice Cooper". Few details are available but it seems to be a collection of newer tracks including 'Poison', 'Bed Of Nails' and 'Feed My Frankenstein'. You can pre-order from AmazonUK now.
(Thanks Dave)

Alice will be on KDKB's new morning show this Friday to talk about the new 'Golf Monster' book, which appears to have been delayed for a week and is now listed for May 7th.
(Thanks Pat)

Ryan Roxie is in Los Angeles right now for a flying visit, and while there he will be playing a show at the Cat Klub tomorrow night, Thursday, with a reformed Glamnation! This could be your last ever chance to see Glamnation rocking out!

Alice Cooper Front of House soundman Randy Meullier (see interviews section) has popped the question to his girlfriend Lori and they are to be married on January 1st in Maui, Hawaii. Many congratulations and best wishes to you both from everyone here at STUK!

New Swiss Show and TV 15 Apr 2007

Alice Cooper has been announced as headlining the Rock Sound Festival in Huttwil, Switzerland on 22nd or 23rd of June.  Tickets are available now through the festival website.
(Thanks Tomasz)

Alice will apparently be appearing on 'The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson' again on CBS the 3th May (technically the 4th as it's actually just after midnight in some timezones).
(Thanks Rob)

Book News and Audio Clip 14 Apr 2007

As previously reported there is to be an audio version of the forthcoming 'Alice Cooper, Golf Monster' biography and we can now confirm it will be read by Alice himself. In fact you can hear a clip of the recording here. All formats of the book are due May 1st and you can pre-order now from AmazonUK and AmazonUS with the audiobook only listed on AmazonUS so far.
(Thanks Steef)

The Crowne Plaza advert mentioned a couple of days ago can now be seen on YouTube here. Adweek also have a piece about it and a link to video although it wouldn't work for me.

A DVD documenting the recording of Frank Zappa's classic albums 'Over-Nite Sensation' and 'Apostrophe' is set to be released on May 1st. Going behind-the-scenes at each album's recording session, the 98-minute documentary also features interviews including one with Alice. You can pre-order now from AmazonUK and AmazonUS.

DDP shows and Wagner/Hunter Documentary 13 Apr 2007

The Dennis Dunaway Project are to play the Webster Theater in Hartford, CT on April 20th and May 9th. You have to order tickets from them direct at either or their MySpace page.  Just click on the paypal links and put in the quantity you want. The price on the 20th is a just $10.00 but for the May 9th show the band are opening for 'Jet' so the tickets are $22.50.

Jeremy Dylan Lanni is putting together a documetary on the Dick Wagner/Steve Hunter guitar partnership and is looking for still photos and/or film of Steve and Dick playing with Alice or Lou Reed. You can contact him at Jeremy has the approval and participation of all involved and has already completed interviews with Steve, Dick and Fred Mandel with more to come.

Catching Up 11 Apr 2007

Billion Dolllar Baby Mick Mashbir has released a new album entitled 'Keepin the Vibe Alive' which is available to buy at CDbaby or download at Digistation. The album features 10 tracks: 'American Weirdo', 'Gods Gotta Gun', 'Keepin' The Vibe Alive', 'Golden Touch', 'Hell Of A Man', 'Mirror Image', 'Same', 'Workin' For My Wings', 'Heartache Train', and 'Hold On'. Check out for more info.

According to Alice Cooper will be playing there on August 19th. Tickets go on sale July 2nd.

Alice is one of several celebrities taking part in 'Crowne Plaza Hotels & Resorts' first national television advertising campaign. Slated to debut April 12 in the USA, the multi-million dollar TV and online campaign features national golf commentator/journalist David Feherty attempting to moderate an entirely unscripted conversation amongst TV personality and golf fanatic George Lopez, shock-rocker and avid golfer Alice Cooper, golf-great Lee Trevino, LPGA star Natalie Gulbis, and outspoken golf scribe Dan Jenkins. More info.

The BBC is reporting that new book should be out in August chronicling the history of the Reading Festival and includes quotes from Alice.
(Thanks Pete) have a new interview with Dennis Dunaway and Neal Smith online.

The last of the CFOU Dennis Dunaway Specials, this one highlighting Dennis' daughters band Jetsetter, will be aired on Tuesday April 17, at 7.30pm, instead of April 10.

In more DD news Dennis guests on the new Ian Hunter album entitled 'Shrunken Heads' which is released on May 15th. Dennis does backing vocals on a track called 'Brainwashed'.

Dennis has also written a review of the DDP Cutting Room show for Classic Rock Revisted.

Classic Rock Revisted also have a new interview with Dick Wagner online.

New Album News 08 Apr 2007

Alice Cooper first indicated on his radio show last week that the new album had only been written but not recorded.  It has been confirmed that the new album has been delayed until further notice as they are working around the producer's schedule.  No word on a recording schedule as of yet. are reporting a show billed with Alice Cooper at the Iowa State Fair on August 10.  There is no information at the Iowa State Fair's website as of yet so no ticket info available. 

The official site for the Wollongong WIN show in Australia are reporting that tickets for the AC show on July 18 go on sale May 11. Ticket Prices have not been announced.

AmazonUS have published the first official description and reviews for Alice's new book 'Golf Monster' which is due next month. has posted some E.S.P. photos and videos from their recent European shows. E.S.P. of course feature Eric Singer and Chuck Garric.
(News Update courtesy of WickedYoungMan)

Alice Goes South 03 Apr 2007

According to Pollstar Alice will be going south in May for shows in South America. The dates are:
Monday May 28th - Santiago, Chile, Teatro Caupolican  
Wednesday May 30th - Cordoba, Argentina, Estadio Juniors 
Friday June 1st - Buenos Aires, Argentina, Estadio Pepsi Music 
Saturday June 2nd - Sao Paulo, Brazil, CrediCard Hall 
Monday June 4th - Belo Horizonte, Brazil, Chevrolet Hall 
Tueday June 5th - Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, Citibank Hall 
Wednesday June 6th - Curitiba, Brazil, Master Hall 
Thuday June 7th - Porto Alegre, Brazil, Bourbon Hall 

USP-FM in brazil ran an hour long Alice special a few days ago and it's archived on their site here.

The Rock and Roll Geek Show have a new interview with Dick Wagner online.

According to the Cleveland Plain Dealer the Cooperstown in Cleveland has now changed hands and is no longer Cooperstown.

Poison have covered 'I Never Cry' on their forthcoming covers album.

Keri Kelli's site now has full versions of various tunes to listen to while surfing. On the front page, just click the "Launch KK Media Player" button and you will be up and running. Tracks include rare and unreleased songs by Slashs Snakepit, U.S. Crush, and his band from the 90's, "Rubber". Also, a few new items have been listed in the merchandise section.

STUK could be a little quite for the next week as we're heading Stateside for Easter. Keep an eye on the message board for any important news updates.

Small Stuff 02 Apr 2007

The new issue of Classic Rock Magazine has a full page advert for the november UK shows. Check it out here.
(Thanks Baz)

Alice has written an appreciation piece for THE STOOGES 1969 debut album in the latest MOJO magazine (Iggy Pop cover issue #161) April 2007). Beneath the piece is a vintage 70s era photo of Iggy and Alice together.
(Thanks Randy)

A last minute gig came up for Dennis Dunaway. The X Brothers are booked to play two sets from 5:30 to 7:30 in Union Square Park in New York City on April 10th. Andy Hillfiger will be in California so Dennis will be sitting in for him.

Electric Ballroom Show Online 29 Mar 2007

Courtesy of Keith Roth at WRAT you can now hear Dennis Dunaway and Joe Bouchard's appearance last week on 'Electric Ballroom' by clicking the links below. The show is in 4 parts and amongst many other things the guys talk about tomorrows extravaganza show at the Cutting Room in NYC which features both the Dennis Dunaway Project and Joe playing with his band the X-Brothers. D.D.P. have worked up "Hard Hearted Alice" for the show, the Satan's Sister Cigarette Girl will be selling copies of  "Bones From The Yard", and Blanca the Gypsy Bellydancer will do a sensuous interpretation of "Kandahar." Richie Scarlet will also be in attendance and there may even be an extra special guest appearance by a certain gentlemen who appears on the DDP album!
Anyway, here's the links to the audio files:
Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4

Alice In Oz 29 Mar 2007

According to information displayed at the venue Alice Cooper will be playing at Wollongong Entertainment Centre, New South Wales, Australia on Wednesday July 18 2007. No other confirmation yet.
(Thanks Mac)

News and DDP Show In NYC 27 Mar 2007

More mentions of 'Inmate Idle'. You can see the CNN news report here.

CBS have a report on Alice's appearance at the Fashion show the other night. You can see it here.
(Thanks Laszlo)

Friday sees The Dennis Dunaway Project and Joe Bouchard (B.D.S.) with the X Brothers performing at the Cutting Room in New York. Both bands will perform original songs as well as their BOC and Cooper Classics. The shows monster finale promises to make this a must-see event. For more info check out In related news Renee Dunaway's project Jetsetter have released their first album entitled 'VasoVerga'. Find out all about it at at MySpace. The CD will be available at the Cutting Room show as well.

You can check out some pics from the most excellent Eric Singer Project show at Camden Underworld last Sunday in the STUK photos section. It was a great night in front of a packed crowd. Highly recommended if you get the chance to see them. Eric's Site has some video from the tour online now as well.

Tony Iommi of Black Sabbath/Heaven And Hell will be Alice's guest tonight on 'Nights With Alice Cooper'.

American Idle 25 Mar 2007

There's been a fair amount of coverage over the 'American Idle' prisoner competition. CNN and NBC ('Today Show') both ran short pieces with Alice appearances. AZCentral also have an article and video. He was also on 'Good Morning Arizona'.

Alice appeared on runway at the Junker Fall 2007 Fashion Show in Hollywood on March 22nd. The L.A.-based clothing design house produces fashions with a rock n' roll edge. Check out pics here and here.
(Thanks NotSoPerfect, Petra and Clint)

Neal Smith And Steve Hunter Interviews 23 Mar 2007

The JoeTV interview with Neal Smith is now online to check out here. It is in the menu on the left, but the shows aren't in date order. You want the one from March 15th.

The Decatur, IL Herald-Review has a new interview with Steve Hunter that includes some Alice mentions.

My Chemical Romance 22 Mar 2007

According to Blabbermouth the singer of current hit band 'My Chemical Romance' Gerrard Way has been saying some nice things about Alice. "In elementary school, I had this friend who has this cooler older sister, and she loved Alice Cooper and stuff like that. She had these videos, and when I would sleep over his house she would show us all these amazing bootleg videos of live performances of Alice Cooper. I just remember being like, 'Wow, this is nuts. Like, I'd never seen any - it was, like, disturbing and really good at the same time." Many have mentioned they can hear an Alice Cooper influence on the bands latest album.

KPHO in Phoenix have a 25 minute interview with Alice online that seems to have been filmed just before the Stones show on AZ.
(Thanks Danno)

Sweden Rock Online 18 Mar 2007

As forewarned, last night Swedish Radio P4 live transmitted 48 minutes from Alice's show at the Sweden Rock Festival last year. Tracks aired were Department of Youth, No More Mr. Nice Guy, Dirty Diamonds, Be My Lover ,I Never Cry, Welcome To My Nightmare, The Piece, School's Out, Wish I were born in Beverly Hills and Under My Wheels. The show is archived here.

Ronnie James Dio will be Alice's guest on 'Nights With Alice Cooper' on Wednesday March 21st.

The Alice Cooper Golf Tournament this year will be slightly different from previous years. It's one day only on Monday May 7th at the Mcormick Golf course In Scottsdale, Az. Tickets are $1,000.00 per person and admission includes Golfing, local celebs, awards lunch, silent auction, live auction and live Alice entertainment (possibly backed by Runaway Phoenix). More info at
(Thanks Pat)

Radio and "American Idle" 17 Mar 2007

Contrary to what was reported earlier this week the 'Electric Ballroom' radio show Dennis Dunaway and Joe Bouchard did this week will actually air this Sunday at 10pm EST. The guys thought it was a live transmission but it was actually prerecorded so check it out here.

According to KPHO TV, Alice will be a celebrity judge next week of a "American Idle" (yes, that's how they spell it) competition which features prison inmates showing off their "talents". The lnked article doesn't mention Alice but apparently they have mentioned him on air.
(Thanks Dan)

Duncan has posted some cool photos of his daughter with Alice as well as show pics from the last tour and the Xmas Pudding. Check them out here.
(Thanks Duncan)

UK TOUR DATES! 14 Mar 2007

6th November Sheffield Hallam Arena
7th November Glasgow SECC
9th November Newcastle Metro Arena
10th November Birmingham NEC
11th November Nottingham Arena
13th November Brighton Centre
14th November Bournemouth BIC
16th November Cardiff Arena
17th November Wembley
18th November Manchester MEN

Opening bands appear to be Motorhead and Joan Jett and The Blackhearts. No tickets appear to be on sale yet. Some go on sale 9am Friday.
UPDATE: All tickets are on sale NOW using various presales

Also added to the list is the Peace and Love festival in Borlänge, Sweden between 28th and 30th June.
(Thanks Jimmie)

This Thursday, 15th of March, Dennis Dunaway and Joe Bouchard will co-guest on a BOC and Alice Cooper dedicated radio show on The Electric Ballroom on WRAT 95.9 in New Jersey.
The hour-long show will begin at Noon.

News Roundup 12 Mar 2007

You can hear a short clip on YouTube during which Alice talks about the new album "Along Came A Spider", The clip is taken from the 'Nights With Alice Cooper' radio show.

KWCH have a short video report about the announcement that Alice will be playing the Kansas state fair. Check it out here.
(Thanks Cam)

Dick Wagner's new project featuring singer Wensday now has a website at where you can take a listen to samples of songs from the album. He describes the record, "Torch Rock", as "a return to real music, real songs sung by a real singer. Trust me you will love this CD and will want to recommend it to your friends. The CD has been a labor of love and is my best work yet in my career." The album is written and produced by Dick, includes a new version of 'Only Women Bleed'. It's available now through AmazonUS. The record also features an appearance by another ex-Alice Cooper musician Fred Mandel.

USAToday have an article about the Rock and Roll Hall of Shame inductions and make mention of a few obvious artists missing from the Hall, including Alice.
(Thanks WeirdKat)

On Thursday March 15th at 3:00pm EDT, Neal Smith will appear live on the web TV interview program "Joe Live" with host Joe Grushkin. "Joe Live" is The First Online Live Daily Talk Show. Neal will talk about his days touring with the band Alice Cooper, upcoming projects and the local Connecticut real-estate business. Tune into the program at The show will also be archived so you can watch it whenever you want.

September 17th in the USA sees the release on DVD of "Halloween.. The Happy Haunting Of America" which is a documentary about haunted houses and the Halloween season. It features an appearance by Alice amongst many others.

Kansas Show 08 Mar 2007

Alice Cooper will play the Kansas State Fair on September 14th. Tickets are $25, plus the price of gate admission and go on sale May 12th.

Eric And Dennis Interviews 05 Mar 2007 has posted an hour long mp3 interview with Eric from the 'Glenn Klausner Hour' radio show during which they chat about Alice, Kiss, and a host of other stuff. Eric even mentions STUK. (Thanks Eric!)

Sleezeroxx have a new interview with dennis Dunaway online.
(Thanks Skid)

Calico News 04 Mar 2007

Calico Cooper just finished filming a cameo in Rob Zombies new 'Halloween' movie. On her website she says "It was so much fun. I'm here to tell you that Rob is as cool of a director as he is a performer. The film is going to be amazing, so make sure to check it out when it hits the big screen!" In early February, She filmed an episode of 'The Dr. Keith Ablow Show' which has yet to be scheduled.
(Thanks Mike)

After a few delays the Sweden Rock Festival show is scheduled to air 17th March on Sverige Radio P4.

The New Haven Avocate has a short piece on the Dennis Dunaway Project which I think I missed when it came out.
(Thanks Jim)

Finally a reminder that the STUK caption competition closes in the next couple of days. We had a couple of technical problems with the  last four photos (the captions weren't turning up this end) so feel free to resubmit your captions to those pics, the bottom four on the page, if you submitted them in the first week or so.
Thanks to everyone who has entered so far. Jaded and I have been in stitches reading them. Results will appear on the competition page later in the week.

Small Stuff 03 Mar 2007

A reminder that the CFOU Dennis Dunaway Radio Special will begin next week on Tuesday 6th March, 7.30pm EST (12.30am UK) and it can be heard at If you want to ask the producer, Serge, anything you can reach him at

The Arizonia Republic has a short piece suggesting Alice for the next Super Bowl, which will be in Glendale, AZ.

If you check out the '69 Eyes' MySpace and their video for Never Say Die' you may, if you look real close, spot Calico Cooper in the crowd scenes.

Along Came A Spider 01 Mar 2007

According to a brief interview posted to YouTube the new Alice Cooper album is to be called "Along Came A Spider' (which was originally a working title for 'The Last Temptation') and is due in May when the new world tour will also begin.
(Thanks Tim and everyone else who sent the link)

The Dennis Dunaway Project and The X-Brothers (featuring Joe Bouchard) will be playing at the Cutting Room in New York on March 30th starting at 10pm. The Cutting Room is located at 19 West 24th Street.

US Show 27 Feb 2007

According to the Waterdown Daily Times Alice Cooper will be playing at the 2007 Dodge County Fair at Beaver Dam, WI on Friday August 17th. Daily tickets for the fair are $6 before 2 p.m on the day of the show. No official confirmation of this yet.

According to PR-Inside 'School's Out' has been voted third most popular teenage anthem of all time in a recent poll. Top was The Who's 'My Generation' and second was Cyndi Lauper's 'Girls Just Want To Have Fun' (?!?!).

The New York Post has a small mention that Alice turned up at the Los Angeles Confidential magazine pre-Oscar party for Forest Whitaker at the Mondrian Hotel in LA.

Nights Interviews and Rolling 25 Feb 2007

This Wednesday on 'Nights With Alice Cooper' Alice will be interviewing ex-band members Reb Beach and Kip Winger, who work together in the reformed Winger.

'Rolling', the new movie featuring Calico Cooper, won the 'audience award for best feature' award at the San Francisco Independent
Film Festival. It also won 'The trailer award'. The movie has a myspace page here.

DDP Show 21 Feb 2007

On Friday, February 23rd  the Dennis Dunaway Project will be performing at Daniel Street in Milford, CT. with special guests the Doug Wahlberg Band.

'Nights With Alice Cooper' arrives in Australia on Vega 95.3fm from 10pm next Monday 26th February.
(Thanks Dwight)

Romania Show and Competition 20 Feb 2007

According to Alice Cooper will be performing  at the B'estival which takes place on June 29th and July 1st at the Romexpo centre in Bucharest, Romania. Tickets are already on sale at but there's no official confirmation as yet.

It's competition time. After a delay caused by work etc STUK can finally announce the "Where the hell is Si?" competition. There's even "cash" prizes! Check it out here.

Here's something I thought I'd mentioned earlier but I can't find it now. Alice is featured in a documentary included on the 'Groovie Groovie Ghoulies' DVD set. This is a DVD set featuring all the episodes from the cult 70s cartoon series plus the documentary and is available now from AmazonUS.

BP/DT Reissue 18 Feb 2007

Brutal Planet / DragontownAccording to Amazon, Recall records are reissuing a double CD comprising of 'Brutal Planet' and 'Dragontown' on March 19th in a new sleeve design. Unfortunatly they don't seem to have added any bonus tracks. It's available for pre-order now from AmazonUS and AmazonUK.

The Chronicle-Herald in Halifax has a short article about Bob Ezrin which includes some Alice references.

Alice Cooper drummer Eric Singer has been voted #8 in Hit Paraders 'All time top ten drummers of the 80s' poll. More here at

Small Stuff 16 Feb 2007

'All You Need Is Love: The Story Of Popular Music' is coming soon to DVD. This 70s TV show features a ton of classic material but of interest to us is show 16 entitled ' Whatever gets you through the night (Glitter Rock)' which features some classic Alice Cooper live footage and commentary. More info at
(Thanks Des)

I mentioned a few weeks back that 'Billion Dollar Babies' was featured as a bonus track on the "Guitar Hero II" game on the Xbox360. Well some kind soul has posted that part of the game to YouTube for us to see without buying the game (and console).
(Thanks Des)

Keri Kelli has produced and engineered the new album by 'Shameless' called 'Famous 4 Madness'. Apart from eri the disc also features Jani Lane (x-Warrant), Phil Lewis (LA Guns), John Corabi (Union/ESP/Ex-Motley Crue), Steve Summers (Pretty Boy Floyd), Tuff and more.
(Thanks Debby)

AZCentral has an article about the Phoenix Cooperstown bar.

Sirius Satellite Radio will be celebrating the music of "The Howard Stern Show" by opening up the archives and highlighting the most memorable musical performances from the past 25 years. Starting Friday, February 16 at 3:00 p.m. ET and running all weekend. Alice will be included at some point.
(Thanks Devon)

More Nights Chat 09 Feb 2007

Alice played the second part of his 'chat' with Dennis Dunaway, Neal Smith and Michael Bruce on 'Nights With Alice Cooper' on Wednesday and you can hear it here.

Billion Dollar Babies guitarist Mick Mashbir now has a MySpace page where you can take a listen to a few of his own songs.

The Cleveland Plain Dealer has a short interview with Eric Singer during which he mentions he's begun work on the new Alice Cooper album.

Happy Birthday Alice 04 Feb 2007

It's February 4th so it's Alice's birthday today. 'Happy Birthday Alice' from everyone here at STUK. Hope you have a good one.

The second part of Alice's interview with Neal Smith, Dennis Dunaway and Michael Bruce will air on Wednesday 7th February on 'Nights With Alice Cooper'.

ESP DVD Released 02 Feb 2007

ESP - Live At The MarqueeAccording to the long awaited ESP DVD 'Live At The Marquee' is finally available. Featuring Eric along with Chuck Garric, Bruce Kulick and John Corabi the track listing is as follows: Do Your Own Thing / Watchin’ You / Unholy / Love (I Don’t Need It Anymore) / Four Day Creep / Jungle / Nothin’ To Lose / War Machine / Jump The Shark / Born To Raise Hell / Free Ride / Power To The Music / Black Diamond / We’re An American Band / I Love It Loud / Domino / Smokin’ In The Boys Room.
A live album from the same tour was released late last year.



DDP in NYC 01 Feb 2007

The Dennis Dunaway Project will be appearing in New York City at 'The Cutting Room' on February 3rd at 7.30pm.

From the people who brought you 'Scarlet Fry's Junkfood Horrorfest' (which featured Calico Cooper) comes a new anthology in terror 'Nightmare Alley', slated to play a cowboy who later turns into a zombie is Tyler Bruce, son of Michael Bruce. 'Nightmare Alley' is slated to be released in the Fall of 2007.

Alice is listed to appear on 'Top Of The Pops 2' this saturday on BBC2. This is likely a repeat.
(Thanks Leighton).

A Note From Kelli 29 Jan 2007

From Keri Kelli:
The big NAMM show was just 2 weekends ago here in Orange County. Chuck, Damon, Eric and I all hung out was a blast.
There was a big Tribute to Dimebag Darrell put on by Coffin Case as well as Diamond Amps and Monster energy drink. The Hilton Ballroom was roaring when Damon and I played a half dozen tunes with the legend Lemmy! It was really awesome... Please also check for all the NAMM event photos!
All last week, as well as this week we have all been together writing, re-writing and fine tuning the tunes for the Coop CD. Everybodys really diggin it!! I will give you another little update ASAP before we actually enter the studio in Feb.
Talk to ya soon....

Interviews 28 Jan 2007

Alice did an interview with an Edmonton Radio station on January 23rd. He talks about golf, his radio show and sellouts. It can be listened to at under the interaktive tab.
(Thanks Dean) have a new interview with Ryan Roxie that took place just before his storming Athens show in December. Ryan talks about Alice, family, and life after Alice. Rockpages have also aranged a tribute party to Alice at the biggest Rock club in town (called Texas Club) for the 20th of February.
(Thanks Sakis)

Keri Kelli's new band 'Saints Of The Underground' have added three songs ("Serial Killer", "Good Times" and "Dead Man Shoes") to their MySpace page all taken from their debut album "Love the Sin, Hate the Sinner" which should be released later this year.
(Thanks Blabbermouth)

More DD And Other Stuff 26 Jan 2007

The Dennis Dunaway Special mentioned a couple of days ago will begin on Tuesday 6 March, 19.30 (eastern time), at The programme is in French but Dennis' quotes will be given in English and then translated into French.

Shaun (who runs the official Ryan Roxie mailing list) has set up a new Roxie site over at

'Puppy', the new movie with Calico Cooper goes on sale at the website on Jan 29th and it will also have a premier at the DNA Lounge on Jan 28th with an aftershowing party.
(Thanks PsychoPat)

AOLNews has a article that mentions the famous night in LA when Alice's snake misbehaved.
(Thanks Mike)

DDP Update 23 Jan 2007

Dennis Dunaway will be the subject of a upcoming six part series on French Canadian radio station CFOU. The six one-hour shows about the musical history of Dennis Dunaway are being put together by Serge Nadeau and part six will feature Dennis' daughter Renee and her music. More details on exactly when it will air shortly. In the meantime, on February 23rd, The Dennis Dunaway Project, along with the Doug Wahlberg Band, will be playing at Danielle Street in Milford, Ct. And lastly on the DDP front (for now) the excellent 'Bones From  The Yard' is now available via iTunes.

Cars and DVD's 22 Jan 2007

As previously mentioned Alice had a car up for auction at the Barrett-Jackson event in Scottsdale at the weekend. This years car was a 1939 Lincoln Zephyr Custom painted up in teh style of the 'Billion Dollar Babies' album cover and complete with ATM machine in the boot that gave out Alice Cooper dollars. It sold for about $250,000. You can see pics of the car here. Next year Alice promises a Bus painted up in 'School's Out' style!

Eagle Vision's upcoming HD DVD release of 'Live at Montreux 2005' is coming out on the 22nd January in the UK and the 23rd in the USA. The HD DVD features a DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 audio track as one of its sound options. This is apparently big news because DTS-HD Master Audio is a 100% identical representation of the
original master recording. So this sound option sounds as good as can possibly be achieved. The first time ever a 100% lossless sound option has been available on a Alice home video release. The DVD and Blu-ray both only feature standard "lossy" DTS 5.1 audio options.
You can pre-order this version of 'Live At Montreux' from AmazonUK and AmazonUSA now.
(Thanks Jayson) have a small story about a young lad who became a big Alice fan without hearing a note of music.

Small Stuff 18 Jan 2007

Alice Cooper is currently in Palm Springs taking part in the Bob Hope Chrysler Classic goilf tournament and his name has been popping up in the press here and there. KESQ have a short quote from the man.

Eric Singer and Keli Keri are both taking part in all-star jam to honor of the late Pantera/Damage Plan guitarist "Dimebag" Darrel Abbott. It Happens on Saturday, January 20th at the Hilton Hotel in the Pacific Ballroom in Anaheim, California.

A Dogs Life 13 Jan 2007

Calico Cooper is featured in the upcoming February issue of 'K9 Magazine', the most read dog magazine in the UK. Says editor Ryan O'Meara "As soon as we found out she had a dog we jumped at the opportunity to do the interview. Most of our staff are huge Alice fans!" The mag also has a MySpace page here.
Here's an exclusive sneak preview of the interview:
Tell us about your dog.
Captain Jak is a rescue dog. He is the classic rags to riches story. He was found on the Pasadena Freeway, scared to death with one eye, a broken tail, and a wicked under-bite. Now he lives in a cushy 5 bedroom house in Los Angeles, has gained almost 4 pounds, and pretty much rules the place!
When did you get your first dog and can you remember what the feeling was like, early days, initial problems, fun etc? My very first dog's name was Lestat. She was our family dog. She was a beautiful German Shepard, and was very maternal. I used to sleep under the Grand piano with her, and she treated me like her puppy. If i would wander too close to the pool, she would grab my dress with her teeth and gently tug me back toward the house! Once, while we were out of town, someone broke into our house in Los Angeles. Lestat, who was a gentle giant, had to attack the burglar to protect the place. The robber stabbed her in the shoulder with a screwdriver, and without batting an eyelash, she chased him out the front door and down Mullholand drive!
What are your current top 5 most listened to tracks on your iPod? 
Let me check, well, my i tunes SAYS my top tracks are...
Wake me Gently- Alice Cooper
I Want You- Fiona Apple Featuring Elvis Costello
Kiss Yourself Goodbye- Still Standing
Born To Raise Hell- Motorhead
Home Sweet Homicide- Wednesday 13
Tell us a secret from the Alice Cooper tour bus.
After all the blood and glitter on stage... we eat pizza and play poker all night, all while wearing funny hats/costumes, (i.e.. viking helmets and Graduation caps) and listening to the most obscure mix of music we can find. The soundtrack to West side story, various underground garage rock, old banjo country, and Bee Gee's lost tracks. We giggle and carry on like teenagers. Its kind of like a highschool sleepover... for 6 months straight.
(Thanks Ryan)


ESP In Europe 11 Jan 2007

ESP (The Eric Singer Project), which features Alice Cooper band members Eric Singer and Chuck Garric along with Bruce Kulick (Kiss, Grand Funk Railroad) and John Corabi (Motley Crue), have the following European tour dates coming up:
March 15th - Bergen, Norway - Garage Club
March 16th - Copenhagen, Denmark - The Rock Club
March 17th - Helmond, Holland - Plato (Part of Kiss convention)
March 18th - Bochum, Germany - Zeche Bochum
March 21st - Budapest, Hungary - Wigwam Club
March 22nd - Madrid, Spain - Heineken
March 23rd - La-chaux-de-fonds, Switzerland - La croix-bleue
March 24th - Cerminate, Italy - Black Horse Club
March 25th - London, UK - The Underworld Camden (Part of Kiss convention)
The band recently released the "Live in Japan" CD. A DVD set filmed in Sydney, Australia, entitled "Live at the Marquee", will be available soon.

For anyone who may have missed Alice's interview with Dennis Dunaway, Neal Smith and Michael Bruce last night on 'Nights With Alice Cooper' you can check it out for a limited time here. Apparently this was only part of the chat with more to air sometime in the future. have a new interview up with Dennis Dunaway.

Small Stuff 09 Jan 2007

The Dennis Dunaway Project album 'Bones From The Yard' is now available to buy through CDBaby (where you can hear the songs) and shortly it will be available through iTunes as well.

PsychoPat has posted a scan from the January issue of Arizona magazine '944' which has a few pics from the Xmas Pudding show.
(Thanks Pat)

One for all you guitarists. GameSpy mention that a new version of 'Guitar Heroes II', an Xbox game, includes 10 exclusive new tracks to play along to one of which is 'Billion Dollar Babies'.

Interviews 07 Jan 2007

On 'Nights With Alice Cooper' this wednesday Alice will be playing his interview with Dennis Dunaway, Neal Smith and Michael Bruce which took place at the Pudding show last month. The official announcement goes like this: "Alice Cooper has a REALLY cool program for you tonight - no, really! He’ll be playing you the interview with the original Alice Cooper Band done backstage at the band’s reunion show in Arizona last month! Believe me, hearing these stories from Neal, Michael, Dennis and of course, Coop, is worth the price of admission - which of course, is free!"

Club Kingsnake have a podcast interview with Alice online at their site.
(Thanks Steef)

More Small Stuff 06 Jan 2007

Damon Johnson plays an acoustic show on January, 14 2007 at the Iron Horse Cafe in Birmingham, Alabama. It appears to be free entry!
(Thanks Tabitha)

Blabbermouth report that Eric Singer will appear on the new 'Avantasia' album, a project by Edguy vocalist Tobias Sammet. For more info check out
(Thanks Devon)

There's some cool photos from Alice's Harris Park show here.

Small Stuff 05 Jan 2007

North Valley Magazine has a new interview with Alice about his car collecting as well as a few more musical references. You can read page one here and page two here.
(Thanks NotSoPerfect)

HDnet ch 814 on Bell Expressvu Satellite in Canada is showing 'Sound Off With Matt Pinfield' on January 16th at 12pm ET. This could be a repeat of an older show.
(Thanks Mitch)

Alice has been in Hawaii for Christmas and is currently at the Plantation Course in Kapalua taking part in the golf tournament there. A couple of pics have surfaced at and Yahoo.
(Thanks Steef)

Guitar Player magazine presents it's "101 Forgotten Greats & Unsung Heroes" feature in the February '07 issue. Michael Bruce and Glen Buxton are included.
(Thanks Gary)

Happy New Year 02 Jan 2007

A new year dawns with the promise of a new Alice album, book and tour in a few months via a statement on the new updated
"Thanks to everyone that made it out to the Alice Cooper shows this past year. Alice will start working full steam ahead on a brand new album later in January and it should be out by this summer. Summer 2007 is also when Alice will hit the road yet again for another world tour that will continue through October. Stay tuned here or at the other usual suspects and sites for tour date info later in the year. Alice's new book "Golf Monster" will be coming out this year too. We'll see what other surprises pop up. Have a great new year from Alice Cooper!"

In a new exclusive interview Alice Cooper sound engineer Randy Meullier takes time out to chat about life on the road with Alice and what it takes to put on the show you see up on stage each night. Many people forget that without the road crew there would be no show and these guys work incredibly hard each day to make sure you get the best performance possible.

ClassicRockRevisted have a new interview with Dennis Dunaway. have an interview with ex-Alice guitarist Reb Beach about his current activities with Whitesnake and Winger.

One I somehow missed over the Xmas period, MyFoxPhoenix have an interview online with Alice previewing the Pudding show.
(Thanks Steef)