Below are the complete SickthingsUK news archives going back to 2004 when I first added news to the front page.
NOTE: The further back you go, the less likely it is that links and images will work, because the original sites no longer have the articles.

Dennis' Christmas Pudding 26 Dec 2006

Dennis Dunaway has posted a report, detailing his experiences at the Christmas Pudding show last weekend, over at ClassicRockRevisited.

The Chicago Sun-Times reports that Alice sent a Fender guitar to a young fan in Lake Villa who who had an "aggressive tumor in his mouth".

HardRockHeaven have a review of the last Atlantic City show which I may have missed previously.

Dennis' Big Bottom 24 Dec 2006

The Dennis Dunaway Project have recorded a cover of Spinal Tap's 'Big Bottom' for a new compilation album entitled 'This Ain't Spinal Tap' released on Mainman records. It's a limited edition of 150 so grab them now! has a short quote from Alice about Christmas in Detroit in the 50s.

Nights With Alice Cooper has been picked up by WFWI, 92.3 "The Fort" in Fort Wayne, Indiana. It has a webstream which can be found at here.

Xmas Pudding 20 Dec 2006

Thanks to Barbara Miller you can find some photos from the Xmas Pudding show in the photo section with more to come shortly. Phoenix Fox News have a short video interview with Alice talking about the Xmas Pudding show.
Damon Johnson, who played with Alice, Dennis, Neal and Michael at the show had the following to report: "The night was great and there was lots of love for the Coop Band. The other musicians on the bill even had much enthusiasm and curiosity to see the original lineup. As a player and a fan, I was knocked out at how great Neal, Dennis and Michael played. Mike saved us all with cues throughout the show (we changed the set order at the last minute), and I felt like Alice had a great time simply hanging with the guys during the night. Wish we could have played more songs (we had "Muscle of Love" and "Is It My Body" ready to go, but there was not enough time). Was very special and incredibly memorable for me...truly and honor to be a part of it."
(Thanks Barbara, Mitch)

Mitch's interview with Dennis Dunaway (which can be found in the interviews section) has been translated and published in 'Crossroads' magazine in France.

Pudding Time 18 Dec 2006

Alice Cooper (Alice, Neal Smith, Dennis Dunaway and Michael Bruce) played the annual Xmas Pudding show at the Dodge Theater on Saturday night. The show ran late and the band (augmented by Damon Johnson) didn't get onstage until around 1am but played a short set consisting of 'No More Mr. Nice Guy', 'Be My Lover', 'Under My Wheels', 'Billion Dollar Babies', 'Eigheen' and 'School's Out'. PsychoPat has some pics up here.  

Both Bob Ezrin and Steve Hunter put in appearances at the Lou Reed show in New York on the 14th December. The show recreated Reed's 1972 album 'Berlin' for the first time from start to finish including orchestration conducted by Ezrin. 

BraveWords have a short mention if Dick Wagners new album 'Rock Hitstory: Profile' which features Dick's versions of  'I Might As Well Be On Mars', 'How Ya Gonna See Me Now', 'You And Me', 'I Never Cry', and 'Only Women Bleed'.

Small Stuff 14 Dec 2006

The Phoenix New Times has a new interview with Alice promoting this weekends Xmas Pudding reunion.

Listen to radio station KDKB today starting at 11am for a chance to win tickets for teh Xmas pudding show in the first 5 rows.  You'll also have a chance at the Grand Prize of two passes to the Exclusive V.I.P. Party before the show. have a short interview with Neal Smith. has a short piece on Alice with pic.
(Thanks Baz)

According to Alice and Rob Zombie won a listeners award for 'Artist Collaborations We'd Like to See' in a recent online poll. XM will air a four-hour special focusing on the awards throughout New Year's Day, highlighting this year's nominees and winners, along with the best musical moments of 2006. The special will debut at midnight on January 1 on the XM Live channel (XM 200), with encores airing throughout the day.

Ryan Rocks Athens! 12 Dec 2006

Ryan Roxie destroyed the Underworld in Athens, Greece on Saturday and Jaded and I were there to witness it!! You can check out our review and photos now as well as a little background about our trip in the weblog section. Suffice to say both Roxie (with cool local band Gennesis backing him) and Star Star brought the roof down with an incredible show. Ryan played Roxie 77 songs and a few classic Alice Cooper tracks to a packed house of Greek rock fans who enjoyed every second of it. Make sure you check out the bands sites at and for more info and music.

Small Stuff 11 Dec 2006

According to Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles the long-awaited mega-box set, featuring remastered and expanded versions of the Warner Bros albums (Pretties - Dada) is now due late 2007-2008 thru Rhino.

Alice was at the Pebble Tec Charity Golf Tournament Friday at north Scottsdale's Grayhawk Golf Club this weekend for a charity event and the Scottsdale Republic has a report and photo.

In this months Classic Rock Magazine has a few pics from the Classic Rock awards last month, and a small quote from Alice. Also of interest is the 'Tour Bus Survival' section which this month features Eric Singer and he mentions Alice a couple of times and includes a gem when he talks about preperations for the Brutal Planet tour.

ESDMusic has a short article on Alice.

Media Stuff 08 Dec 2006

Alice was on Good Morning Arizona (channel 3) with chef Mark Tarbell December7th showing how they make traditional Christmas pudding.
(Thanks PsychoPat)

The latest edition of 'Uncut' magazine (UK) has half page question and answer with Alice this month. He is also on the cover of North Valley Magazine in Phoenix and you can see that cover over at PsychoPat's site here.

DDP and Pudding News 06 Dec 2006

George Orlay Reports from the DDP Don Hills show yesterday:
The Dennis Dunaway Project took the stage sometime after midnight and pulled out all the plugs for their performance last night.  Ed Burns, Dennis Dunaway, Rick Tedesco and Russ Wilson blew the place away as they played songs from their new CD 'Bones From The Yard.'  Yes folks, blistering licks, new songs in their set and special guests made this a memorable evening. 
The set list was something like this: Kandahar / Needle In The Red / Stalker / Fool For The City (Foghat classic with special guest Roger Earl on drums) / Me and My Boys / Be My Lover / The Red Room (complete with "moan track" in the background) / The Mountain / Billion Dollar Babies /  Little Kid (With A Big Big Gun) / I'm Eighteen / Is It My Body (sans Dennis with Keith Rock guesting on bass) / Big Apple Dreamin'.

Damon Johnson band The Welfare will be playing at "Off The Wagon" in Mongomery, Alabama on December 28th at 10pm. It has also been confirmed that Damon will being plaing with Alice, Neal, Dennis and Michael at the Xmas Pudding show reunion. Says Damon ""I'll be performing at the Christmas Pudding and playing Glen Buxton's parts with the original band members. A HUGE honor for me, obviously."
Journey's Jonathan Cain and F5 (featuring David Ellefson (ex-Megadeth) on bass) have also been added to the bill for the event.

The has a new interview with ex-Alice and current Rob Zombie drummer Tommy Clufetos with a couple of Alice mentions.

New Michael Bruce Interview 04 Dec 2006

Michael BruceMitch Lafon completes his set of interviews with the original Alice Cooper by chatting with self-proclaimed 'bad boy of the ACG' , the one and only Michael Bruce. After being very active in the early part of the century Michael has been off the radar for the last couple of years but kept himself busy and has news of a new CD of material, reunions, puddings and also his insights into the old days back in the seventies when he co-wrote some of the best know songs in rock. Check it out here.
I'd like to thank Mitch for all the work he's been putting into these interviews for us. Greatly appriciated.

More DD! 02 Dec 2006

More Dennis Dunaway news.
First check out a new interview with Dennis over at the Rock and Roll Geek Show site. Then on December 7th DDP will be playing live on the air on the I-95 Fox morning show, 5:30-10am, out of Brookfield, CT. Unfortunatly there doesn't seem to be a netfeed.
And lastly, Roger Earl of Foghat will be sitting in with DDP at the Don Hill's show mentioned yesterday for a rendition of Foghat's  "Fool for the City."

Alice appeared at the final of the 'Proof Is In The Pudding' competition at Coopers'town the other night (the winner gets to play the Pudding show) and you can check out some pics here courtesy of PsychoPat.

The Santa Cruz Sentinel has a new interview with ex-keyboard player Derek Sherinian whihc a few Alice Cooper mentions.

AmazonUS are now listing the audio version of Alice's new biography 'Golf Monster: My Twelve Steps to Becoming a Golf Addict' which is due out May 15th next year. Still no news if the book is being read by Alice himself but you can pre-order it here.

According to Dick Wagner he will be at the Pudding this year as well, along new act 'Wednesday' who he is producing and playing with at the moment. More info at his site.

DDP News 01 Dec 2006

Some news from Dennis Dunaway: Last Friday, the X-Bros (Joe Bouchard, Jimmy Cicalla, and Andy Hilfiger) played at a black tie bash at Cipriani's in Manhattan hosted by Tommy Hilfiger. Dennis sat in for "I'm Eighteen" and Tommy joined in. Plus as previously mentioned The Dennis Dunaway Project will play at Don Hill's in New York City on December 4th. The DDP track "Subway" is getting airplay in Austrailia and on "Nights with Alice Cooper" after which Alice made some nice comments about Dennis.
In related news, Dennis' daughter Renée Dunaway has a band called 'Jetsetter' and have their debut album out soon. You can check them out at their website or on myspace where you can here some of their songs.

Calico On The Streets 30 Nov 2006

Calico Cooper will be teaming up with on-line reality show winner Denton Rose to roam the streets of Hollywood on December 6th and 7th. They will be filming scenes for "Denton Rose's Haunted Christmas Special" which will be available on-line on Christmas Eve. More info over at

The Daily Mirror (UK) have put out an unofficial glam rock 2007 calendar featuring one page on Alice (good Muppet show pic).

Alice is listed as as appearing at the 48th annual Bob Hope Chrysler Classic hosted by George Lopez, to be played January 17th-21st at four desert courses in Palm Springs.

Hunky Alice 27 Nov 2006

Alice was briefly in a news segment on KABC TV Los Angeles on Friday during a segment on the 4pm news and replayed
it during the 6pm news.  A news crew was there doing a story
about the Beverly Center's mall's 7th annual "Hunky Santa" being driven around town.  Apparently about 300 men applied to be "Hunky Santa" and the lady doing the story said while she was there doing the story she ran into "one of her favorite rockers of all time, Alice Cooper!"  Then Alice joked about applying but maybe he would make it next year and he flexed his bicep.

Famous US celebrity Dick Clarke is auctioning off some of the stuff he's collected up over the years. Of interest to us is one of Alice's Canes and a sword with doll. A portion of the preceeds from the auctions will go to charity.
(Thanks Steef)

Dennis Dunaway in Stripshow 24 Nov 2006

Alice Cooper fans maybe aware that the Icelandic members of the Michael Bruce Group featured on 'Halo Of Ice' and 'The Second Coming' have released a CD of original material with their own band Dimma. Dimma opened for Alice last year in Iceland and Dennis Dunaway has played with the band both live and on an upcoming album to be released in the spring of 2007 (You can see a review of Dimma´s debut album in the "Reviews" section). Fewer may know that before Dimma and the Michael Bruce Group, Silli, Bjarki and Ingo were members of the Icelandic rock band 'Stripshow' and released one album 'Late Nite Cult Show' in 1996. The album featured an original rock opera telling the story of a Freakshow in which the deprived "freak" slaves ultimately conquer their dictator and master of ceremonies. The album was released in Japan and South Korea where it was subsequently banned from all radio and TV play for "immoral" lyrics!! Needless to say this brought 'Stripshow' a certain notoriety in the music magazines in South Korea.
Since the bands break up, 'Late Nite Cult Show' has long since sold out everywhere and the album´s been virtually impossible to find for years. Until now!
To celebrate the albums's 10th Anniversary, it has now been re-issued in a "Special Edition Xtravaganza" of only 999 copies. Completely re-mastered from the original master tapes the CD features the banned video to "Where Are We Now?" and bonus tracks including the new "Here Comes The Spider" which was recorded by the original members of Stripshow last September with none other than Dennis Dunaway on bass!
The special edition includes a 12 page full color booklet with all lyrics, band photo and liner notes (all in English) and comes in a jewel case with a special de-luxe slip case. It's now available to order directly from the band for $20.00 (including shipping).
They are also offering the following package deals:

2 CD Package:
Price: $35.00 (incl. Shipping).

4 CD Package:
DIMMA - DIMMA (Debut album - Now sold out in stores!)
Price $50.00 (incl. Shipping)
All orders Payable via Paypal to: where you can also get further info if needed.

Small Stuff 22 Nov 2006

Brave Words have a short interview up with Alice guitarist Keri Kelli by Mitch Lafon., home of Gibson guitars, have a photo of Alice up to promote their products. It was apparently taken backstage at one of the Stones shows.
(Thanks Dan)

Damon Johnson plays a solo acoustic show at the Iron Horse Cafe in Birmingham, Alabama on December 3rd.
(Thanks Tabitha)

DDP Dates and Ezrin Interview 20 Nov 2006

The Dennis Dunaway Project have added the following dates:
December 4th 2006 - Don Hills 511 Greenwich St NYC, NY 10013 9:00pm 212-219-2850
February 23rd 2007 - Daniel Street 21 Daniel Street, Milford, CT 06460

Producer Bob Ezrin is interviewed in a new podcast over at the Rock And Roll Geek Show site.

Christmas Pudding Tickets 19 Nov 2006

The official Xmas Pudding site now has info on this year's line-up for Christmas Pudding.
Performing will be Alice and the orginal Alice Cooper members Michael Bruce, Neil Smith, and Dennis Dunaway, Tommy Shaw and Jack Blade Band, Danny Seraphine of Chicago, Ace Young of American Idol, California Transit Authority (featuring Danny Seraphine and Mark Bonilla), Stephen Stills, Don Felder, Jeff Keith, Troy Luccetta, and Dave Rude of Tesla, and Brandon Reed.
Comedy will be performed by Les Stroud, star of Survivorman and KDKB's Ruby Cheeks.
Also performing with be Sheryl Cooper's Destiny Dancers, and the Proof is in the Pudding contest winners.
The event will be held on Dec. 16 at the Dodge Theatre in Phoenix. The VIP reception beings at 5:30 p.m., and the show starts at 7:30 p.m.
Tickets go on sale Thursday, Nov. 9. Tickets prices are $88 for floor seats, $53 for bottom bowl, and $33 for middle balcony.
Tickets for the VIP Reception are $103, and are only good for the VIP reception prior to the show, which includes hors d'oeurves and mingling with the celebrities.
For tickets, call the Dodge Theatre at 602-379-2888 or the Solid Rock Foundation at 602-522-9200.
As always, all proceeds go to the Solid Rock Foundation.

Kerrang TV 17 Nov 2006

Alice will host Kerrang! TV's "10 Commandments Of Rock" on 19th November at 6pm. The episode will be repeated on 24th November at 7pm.

Concert Blast have two Alice Cooper related files online. The first has conversations and the second a review both from the Nashville show. Check them out here.

Check out Stephen Jensens photos from the last tour at his MySpace blog.

Dick Wagner, Photos and Catching Up 16 Nov 2006

Today we present a new interview with the legendary Dick Wagner as Mitch Lafon continues his halloween quest to talk to the major players in Alice Cooper. They discusse Dick's work with Alice, Aerosmith, Kiss and his current Projects. Check it out in the STUK Interviews section. Coming up next should be a chat with the one and only Michael Bruce.

New photos up in the Photos section come from the 2006 Niagara Falls, Kingston and Foxwoods shows courtesy of Sue Hoover and Lee Steel.

Reuters have a short article about the book deal reported yesterday.

Backstreet Boys member A.J. McLean credits Alice and Steven Tyler as influences in a short article over at AOL music. Says McLean "They're icons of the music industry and yet they're still dads, they're normal guys outside of work, do the same stuff we all do. And they kind of took me under their wings, like father figures, at these awards-show type of events. We can sit and talk for hours."

There's a small mention of Alice in the latest issue of 'Sweden Rock Magazine'. It's about "10 worst intros on hard rock songs" and the intro to 'DaDa' (the song) is on the list. They also have a story on the history of Hard Rock which covers 1994 and mentions 'The Last Temptation'.

The Sweden Rock Kick Off Show in Nalen, Sweden on December 2nd will be broadcast live on the internet. The show features 'The Sweden Rock All Star Band' featuring Ryan Roxie. More info on how to access the webcast can be found at SwedenRock.

Catching up on press from the last couple of weeks while I was away:

The Boston Globe has a short article talking to Alice about the radio show.

The East Valley Tribune has an interview about opening for The Stones. AZcentral has an interview with Alice but the show.

According to Alice has been rated the top classic Rock golfer in a new list compiled by 'Golf Digest'. He's actually #11 in the list but the top rock star.

As previously reported Alice received the Classic rock Magazine 'Living Legend' award at the Langham Hotel in London on November 6th. The award was presented by Brian May of Queen and Alice also received a £50,000 painting of himself. The BBC have a short report of the event with a pic of Alice. There's another pic at The Sun.

Apparently the Blu-Ray edition of 'Live At Montreux' turned up in shops last tuesday in the USA via Eagle Rock

According to Blabbermouth Keri Kelli has a new band called 'Saints Of The Underground'. The band feature Keri along with Jani Lane (ex-Warrent) on vocals, Bobby Blotzer (Ratt) on drums and Robbie Crane (Vince Neil, Ratt ) on bass and there are audio samples of two songs "Good Times" and "Signs of Life" at the web site of Blotzer's Diamond recording facility in Houston, Texas. The tracks come off the group's debut album, "Love the Sin, Hate the Sinner", tentatively due early next year and was mixed by Andy Johns (Stones, Zeppelin, Van Halen).

Alice can be seen in press photos for a new DAB radio from Pure Digital. You can see the pic at their site.

Oh, and the Rock and Roll Hall Of Shame have again ignored Alice in their 2007 nominations... but that's hardly news any more.

Book and Band News 15 Nov 2006

More info has turned up about "Alice Cooper, Golf Monster: My 12 Steps to Becoming a Golf Addict," which is to be published next year (pre-order from AmazonUS or AmazonUK). According to the New York Post Alice signed a $500,000 deal with publisher Random House for the book. Quote: The book "is billed as a candid look at his 35-year career, his drinking and his recovery, which was helped along by a new addiction to golf." It appears there will also be an abridged audio version of the book as well although no news whether Alice himself will be narrating it.

Upstage Magazine have a review of the Dennis Dunaway Project album 'Bones From The Yard' by Sickthing Matt Parish. If you haven't grabbed a copy of this album yet it's highly recommended.

Keri Kelli has updated his site with some behind the scenes pics from the halloween tour. Check them out at

Chuck has emailed me to point fans to an Ebay auction for a necklace with one of his guitar pics on it. It's not Chuck's auction but he thought it was cool. NOTE: Jaded is bidding on this so forum membrs beware haha.

Alice has apparently donated something to a new line of watch straps coming from Nixon watchmakers sales of which will benefit he MusiCares MAP Fund, a pool of resources set aside to address addiction and recovery needs of members of the music community. Not much more info on this but you can check out the report at

Ryan Roxie now has not one but two spots on Swedish radio. The first, as previously, reported is his cool two hour show over at Rocket.FM (2pm Sweden, 1pm UK, 8am EST) which is well worth tuning in for. The second is the "Roxie Rock Report" on Thursday mornings 7:30 am Swedish Time (6.30am UK, 1.30am EST) at Rockklassiker 106.7 FM click on "lyssna live" on top right corner) and says "if ya wanna really go nuts, call the station and request some Roxie77 when I'm on at 011 468 661 1067 (from the states) or 00 468 661 1067 (from Europe)".

And to continue the band members news thanks to Tabitha for pointing out that Damon Johnson has yet another project on the go. This time it's a country band called 'Whiskey Falls'. They have a MySpace page with photos, music and their first video. They also have a NASCAR which will be at the HBO Comic Relief show this Saturday. Later that day they will perform at the SLEM Tailgate Party promoting their new CD released through the William Morris Agency.

Classicrockrevisited have an autographed photo of Alice up for auction taken at the Moondance Jam show.  Also included is an original 45 of "Schools Out" and an original and unused jukebox tag for "Schools Out."  There is a ticket from the Moondance Jam included.  Quote: "This is the very show Alice was playing at in the photo. The entire montage is permanently mounted and framed and is very attractive to the eye.  Alice signed the photos specifically for this auction.

Note: The new German version of 'Brutal Planet' mentioned yesterday that has appeared on Amazon could well be a bootleg so buyer beware.

Back Home 14 Nov 2006

STUK is back home in the UK now so while I start to work through the mountain of mail that's waiting here I'll add a quick update on the most obvious things, in no specific order:

Alice is mentioned on Decembers edition of Classic Rock magazine

Alice is selling his Mustang on Ebay. Check it out here. There's a few articles about the auction as well but KNAC seems to have the main information.

'Nights With Alice Cooper' is now offering some very basic merchandise at Cafe Press.

SleezeRock has a review of the Boston show. Also related to the Boston show, there was no intro tape that night because some over-enthusiastic fan managed to mess up something on the sound desk just before they were due to start, pulling a lead out and causing big problems for Randy, Alice's the sound guy. This screwed up the beginning of the show for everyone else in the audience. If you are going to shows you should remember that the crew are just as important to the show as the band you see onstage. While they are happy to chat to fans when they have time please always remember they are there to do a job and do NOT touch the equipment!!

Alice appeared on the 'Late Show with Craig Ferguson' on Halloween night. This was pre-recorded when he was there last. I haven't seen it yet.

Alice appears on "James Bond's Greatest Hits" on Channel Four (UK) on 18 November at 21:00.

'Brutal Planet' appears to have been reissued in Germany with a new cover. Check it out here.

Damon Johnson has added video of 'School's Out' recorded at the Sweden Rockfest to his MySpace page.

You can now purchase Richie Scarlett's new CD "Revelation Supreme" at for $15.00 plus $3.00 s&h. Highly recommended.

Backstage Auctions Inc. are auctioning a collection of memorabilia owned by Howard Kaylan AKA 'Eddie' of Flo and Eddie fame, who had many connections with Alice Cooper throughout the 70s and early 80s. The collection includes some Alice related items and you can find out more here.

The 'Welcome To My Nightmare' live film is being released on Blu-ray DVD according to the Eaglerock site.

Joel Samual Productions have posted an interesting performance by Alice impersonator Scott Rowe over on YouTube which is worth checking out. It includes a short appearance of Alice himself at the end.

Neal Smith And Alice Interviews 28 Oct 2006

A little halloween treat before STUK takes a trip across the pond to see Alice at Foxwoods on tuesday. Mitch Lafon has come up with the goods yet again. Firstly we present a new interview with the Platinum God, Neal Smith who chatted for nearly two hours about the past and present including the band split, The Billion Dollar Babies, and the Christmas pudding reunion show. Then just to add the icing to the pumpkin we also have Mitch's interview with Alice himself, which was previously posted on a week or so ago. Why? Because Mitch has also send through the original audio of the interview so you can listen to Alice as well. Thanks Mitch!

As I mentioned above, STUK will be heading Stateside on Monday to catch the Foxwoods halloween show on the 31st and take a little holiday in New Hampshire. While I will still have internet access, can receive mail, and update the news page occasionally, this will mean for the next couple of weeks I can't update other parts of the site. I will try and do news updates when I can but I suggest keeping an eye on either the STUK forums where news will be posted, or check out Hunter's Sickthings2 email list which is highly recommended. Normal service will return around 14th November.



Press, Book and Singer DVD 28 Oct 2006

The current issue of 'Steppin' Out' in New Jersey has a front cover and interview with Alice. You can see the whole magazine on their site here.
Also while in Atlantic City he will stop at a Glassboro, N.J,. house on Saturday to inspect the Halloween-decorated house of 102.9 WMGK-FM listener/contest winner, David Bragg.

Alice is apparently taking over XM radio channel The Boneyard on Tuesday at 6pm EST play pick his favorite Halloween themed tunes.
(Thanks Ryan)

The Boston Herald hosts a new interview with Alice.

French journalist Philippe Maneouvre (a kind of icon in rock journalism in France) has placed 'Killer' in his book about
the '101 greatest rock album of all time'. The book is in French and features one full page showing the cover and another one with text by Manoeuvre.
(Thanks Bibalice)

Music Star Productions will release Alice Cooper drummer Eric Singer's "All Access To Drumming" on DVD on November 21. This is a DVD reissue of an earlier VHS. The disc, which contains bonus rare footage, features easy-to-follow instructions helpful tips on warming up, utilizing triplets, gaining independence, playing double bass and enhancing your performance skills. In addition, Eric gives his own heartfelt advice on the "business" side of the music business.
You can pre-order it now at AmazonUS.
(Thanks Blabbermouth)

Alice On TV And Press 26 Oct 2006

Alice Appeared on Sirius Satellite Radio channel 19 - BuzzSaw on Wendesday which will be repeated 5:00EDT Today.
UPDATE: Missed it? You can listen to it here.

'Live At Montreux 2005' is airing on Muchmusic in Canada this evening at 8pm.

The Reading Eagle has a short interview with Alice.

The Canadian National Post has a short piece on Alice's shopping trip in Toronto a few days ago.

Sword Found 25 Oct 2006

The sword that Alice lost in Jim Thorpe, PA has been found and returned thanks to a cool fan and his daughter from Monroe County. The Sword's finder told WFMZ-TV that he wouldn't accept the reward money, however, he did indicate that he would like to go see the the show. Good man! WFMZ-TV have a short report to watch.
(Thanks Blabbermouth)

Alice Hour 24 Oct 2006

Alice's appearance on 'The Hour' in Canada is now online at the CBC site. It's only available for 24 hours so don't wait before checking it out.

More Photos 24 Oct 2006

More new photos are up in the photo section. This time from the Jim Thorpe show on October 20th courtesy of Bob Piavis. Hunter has also posted a ton of shots from the Nashville show over at the Sickthings2 site.

MuchMoreMusic Marquee are playing the 'Live At Montreux 2005' film on Thursday at  9pm.

Lots of places have been repeating the 'lost sword' story. WFMZ stands out as they have a little video on their site.

The Sword of Alice Cooper 21 Oct 2006

From the official Alice Cooper Myspace:
"Alice did a show last night at Penn's Peak in Pennsylvania. Great show, great audience. During the concert, Alice was doing his thing with one of his swords and it got caught up in the dancer's whip and it went into the audience. Luckily, no one was hurt. But, the sword did wind up in the audience and evidently someone has a great souvenir. Alice would love to get the sword back. He is personally offering a reward of $500 (cash) for its return. Now, there is not even a question of someone being worried about being accused of theft or anything because the sword was NOT stolen! It was lost. Alice lost it himself. If something goes into the is pretty much fair game. Also, if someone can return it and they would like to come to the show in Reading, PA (very close to Jim Thorpe), Alice will provide 2 free tickets for the show as well as backstage passes to meet Alice and take a picture together with the sword. If you can return the sword, please send an email to"

Eric Singer Interview 21 Oct 2006

There's is a short interview with Eric Singer added to the STUK interviews section courtesy, again, of Mitch Lafon. Eric comments on Kiss, working with Alice, the new album and the forthcoming ESP live album and video.
(Thanks Mitch)

Tickets for this years Christmas Pudding show, which will feature Alice performing with Dennis Dunaway, Neal Smith and Michael Bruce, apparently go on sale Saturday November 11th.
(Thanks Remarkably Insincere)

The Ocean County Observer has a new interview with Alice.

Sweden Rocks! 20 Oct 2006

According to Sweden Rock the 27th October sees the release of 'Sweden Rock Festival 2006' a DVD/CD package featuring footage and recordings from this years Sweden Rock Festival. The double set is due to include Alice playng 'School's Out' live. Alice is also pictured on the cover. In related news Ryan Roxie will be part of the 'Sweden Rock All Star Band' who will be playing the launch party for the Sweden Rock Festival 2007 in Nalen, Stockholm on December 8th.  The band will also feature Udo Dirkschneider of Accept/UDO as well as other Swedish metal stars.

An interview with Alice will be aired on CBC's The Hour this coming Monday, October 23rd in Canada. It *should* be on  CBC Newsworld at 8 pm and all the regular CBC channels at 11pm and again at 3 pm EST.
(Thanks Sharon)
UPDATE: There's a short clip from CBC here.

The Ryanfanclub (No, not THAT Ryan) have a review and some photos up. There are also around 200 excellent new pics in the updated STUK photo section from the Cleveland and Niagara shows courtesy of Remarkably Insincere.

Michael Bruce In Ohio 18 Oct 2006

Michael Bruce will be appearing on stage with 'The House Band' to play a couple of Alice Cooper classics on Saturday October 21st at Salty Grogs in Youngstown, Ohio.
(Thanks Mitch)

Books And Magazines 15 Oct 2006

According to Amazon Alice has a book out on May 15th 2007 called 'Alice Cooper, Golf Monster: My Twelve Steps to Becoming a Golf Addict' and you can pre-order it now fom AmazonUS or AmazonUK!

Alice is on the cover of the current “Freetime” Magazine in Western New York for Oct. 11 - 25. The magazine includes an editor’s note that members of the band will make a meet and greet appearance at the House of Guitars on October 25th around 5 PM. There is also a competition to win free tickets to the concert on their site.
(Thanks Kyle)

The New issue of Classic Rock (UK) as expected does have an AC cover plus 6 pages inside and 'Dirty Diamonds' is on the free DVD.

The Edmonton Sun appears to have an interview with Alice today but I can't get to their site at the moment.

Roxie Live 14 Oct 2006

Ryan Roxie will be playing a show in Athens, Greece at a club called 'Underworld' on Saturday December 9th. He'll be backed by Star Star who supported Alice Cooper in 2004. Check out the StarStar site for more info. There's even an aftershow party for anyone with a show ticket.

Spirit Of Radio 13 Oct 2006

Alice has joined the lineup of radio station WZLX and will debut his new show “Saturday Nights With Alice Cooper” from 7 to midnight Saturday. Presumably as in other markets this is a compilation of material from the weekly show.And speaking of the radio show Rob Zombie will be Alice's guest on October 17th.

Ryan Roxie apparently now has his own radio show on in Sweden on Wednesdays from 2 to 4pm  (Sweden Time). They have a netfeed. 
(Thanks Darren)

Richie Scarlet has a new album due out at the end of this month. Entitled 'Revelation Supreme' you can keep up to date with info over at

The Niagara Gazette has a short piece previewing the shows there on Friday and Saturday.

Small Stuff 12 Oct 2006

Grand Rapids Press have a few words from Alice today.

There's some cool photos from the Pikeville show over at Expo Centre site.
(Thanks Charles)

The Battle Creek Enquirer has a write up and some pics from the Haunted House appearance yesterday.

DD, AC and Photos 09 Oct 2006

Thanks to Mitch Lafon for sending in another Dennis Dunaway interview. This one includes some very interesting answers! Check it out here.

The Buffalo News has a short interview with Alice with a couple of pics and another one over at the Canton Repository.

Hunter has posted his pics from the Evanville show, over 100 of them! Check them out here. And if that isn't enough pics from one show, there's loads more over at the 'Remember The Coop' forum. The pics are scattered across the various sub-forums to take a look around.

Small Stuff 07 Oct 2006

Radio station WNNJ will be offering tickets and meet and greet passes for the Roselands show on their monday morning breakfast show.

The 'Nights With Alice Cooper' email address has changed. You can now write to Alice at

The Evansville Courier-Express has a show review.

More Press 06 Oct 2006

The Kalamazoo Gazette has a interview with Alice today. The Springfield Journal-Register has a review. CBNNews.Com has the news that Alice is opening a new childrens center (better late than never). The Cleveland Plain Dealer has Alice talking about the Rock And Roll Hall Of Shame, and HorrorWoodBabbleOn has a review of the St Louis show.

It seems Virgin Radio may be running an advertisment for Threshers sponsoring the Hells Kitchen USA TV show which has got "Your Own Worst Enemy" playing as a background.
(Thanks Barry)

Press 05 Oct 2006

New press today: The Evansville Courier-Press has a short Q&A with Alice and also has an interview.

Alice, Neal, Dennis And Michael - Together! 04 Oct 2006

This years Alice Cooper Christmas Pudding show is going to be a little special, especially for Sickthings. Alice has confirmed in an interview on that the star turn will be a performance by original Alice Cooper members Alice Cooper, Neal Smith, Dennis Dunaway and Michael Bruce who, along with the unforgettable Glen Buxton smashed records in the seventies, writing and recording many of the classic Alice songs. Says Alice:
"We’re actually doing a Christmas show in Phoenix (on December 16th). The Alice Cooper Christmas Pudding Show at The Dodge Theatre, and every year I get a bunch of guys together. Last year, it was Ted Nugent and Cheap Trick and the Tubes... It’s a five hour variety show and the money goes to the Solid Rock foundation - for inner city kids. This year I called Neal, Dennis and Mike and said ‘Why don’t you guys come in and we’ll do the original band for half an hour? We’ll do ‘Nice Guy’ and ‘Under My Wheels’ and ‘Eighteen’ and ‘School’s Out’ and all the hits and they said ‘Yeah sure.’ There never was any animosity between the band when the break-up happened. It was more like - everybody was just bushed. We were tired.”
The idea seems to have originated when Neal Smith guested on 'Nights With Alice Cooper' a few months ago. On the air Alice suggested getting Neal, Dennis and Michael to play at the Pudding show (The interview is available to hear on the NWAC website). After that there came the news that Neal, Dennis and Michael would be playing together at the Chiller convention in Secaucus, NJ at the end of this month and the scene was set.
Tickets for the show aren't on sale yet, but in past years have sold out very quickly. Normally they can be obtained via Ticketmaster or the Solid Rock Foundation directly (which aparently is the best bet).

Bart's Back 04 Oct 2006

Originally released in the USA last year, there is now a UK edition of 'Bart Simpson's Treehouse of Horror'. The comic features stories written by Alice Cooper, Rob Zombie and Gene Simmons with the UK edition in a larger format then it's US counterpart, and it comes with a free halloween gift.
(Thanks John, Rob)

There's a new interview with Alice up over at that actually asks some different questions for a change! Well worth checking out.
(Thanks Mitch)

More photos from the Nashville show can been seen online here.
(Thanks Rick)

According to TV schedules, Access is airing the Monk episode featuring Alice Cooper on Sunday, October 8th at 9pm local time. Access is an Edmonton (Alberta, Canada) station, but is also available on satellite.
(Thanks ConstrictorRules)

Nashville 02 Oct 2006

Hunter has posted some photos from the Nashville show over at his Sickthings2 site. The Tennessean also has a short interview based around the show.
(Thanks Hunter, Steve)

Wet Stones 30 Sep 2006


Alice And The Stones

It seems that Alice was rained on again when supporting The Stones last night in Louisville (at least it's unlikely to happen in the Phoenix heat!). The Lexington Herald has a short mention of Alice's performance in front of 50,000+ rock fans as does the Courier-Journal. has a couple of quotes from Alice about The Stones shows.


Press 29 Sep 2006

New press coverage this morning includes short interviews in the Belleville News-Democrat, Lexington Herald-Leader, Louisville Courier-Journal, and Chicago's Herald-News

ESP CD and DVD 28 Sep 2006

Bruce Kulick has posted some info about the forthcoming ESP live CD and DVD that are on their way next month. Entitled 'Live in Japan' the CD features Kulick on guitar, Eric Singer (Alice Cooper, Kiss) on drums, John Corabi (Motley Crue, Union) on guitar/vocals and Chuck Garric (Alice Cooper, Dio, Union) on bass). It will be available starting in October at A DVD version is on its way as well.
(Thanks Blabbermouth)

The Bolingbrook Sun has a short interview with Alice today.

Magic105 are running a competition to win tickets to see Alice in Nashville.

DDP On The Radio 26 Sep 2006

A few Cooper related gigs coming up:

The Dennis Dunaway Project will be on the WRKI 95.1 morning show (5:30am-10am) this Thursday 28th September. Unfortunatly there doesn't appear to be a netfeed so if anyone manages to tape this let me know.

Dash Cooper and Runaway Phoenix will be at the Stir Youth Center, 510 Main St.,Safford, AZ at 8 p.m.on October 5th.

Joe Bouchard (BOC/BDS) also has some shows lined up with his various projects. Dennis Dunaway has been known to turn up at Joe's shows as well.
27th September - Joe Bouchard & Patty G Acoustic Project play Molly Darcy's in Danbury Ct W/ I95 Radio Station
4th October - Joe Bouchard & Patty G Acoustic Project with guests Albert Bouchard and Andy Hillfiger play The Hiro Ballroom, 363 W 16th Street at the Maritime Hotel, NYC, NY (animal rescue benefit). Also appearing are Debbie Harry and The Beastie Boys!
7th October - Joe Bouchard And Patty G with members of 'Bone Dry' play The Fairfield Theatre, Fairfield, CT (Benefit for Habitat For Humanity)
18th November - Joe Bouchard And Friends (Dennis Dunaway, Dave Wonsey and Patty G) play Seany B'S in Millbrook, NY
25th November - Treetop Private Party at the Double Down Grill in Avon, CT (Also open to the Public)

Joe Kleon Interviews Neal Smith 25 Sep 2006

Check out and listen to a cool 2 hour interview with the one and only Neal Smith. The interview is in 11 parts and available as MP3's.
(Thanks Devon)

Halifax 24 Sep 2006

Various reviews have appeared of last nights show with the Rolling Stones in Halifax but unsurprisingly they concentrate on The Stones' performance and barely a mention the other bands (so no point listing them). It does appear Alice went on during the early evening before Kanye West which seems rather odd, but then I've never heard of Kanye West before this so haven't a clue how big he may or may not be in the US. It does seem that Alice and the band got completely soaked in the pouring rain but still went over okay. From what little I've read the snake was there and Calico did her bit but beyond that I've seen no clues as to the setlist so if anyone has the details send them through. Jagger thanked all the opening acts by name during the Stones' set.
UPDATE: Thanks to Chris for the following:
"It rained for the whole set but Alice sounded really good. The band was soaked but sounded as tight as ever. Eric Singer was the only dry band member because a small tent structure was put over his drums and the amps. Alice threw out dirty diamonds during that song, he had his sword and money for 'Billion Dollar Babies', he actually threw his crutch into the crowd during the song 'I'm 18' . The stage setup was pretty much the same except for the coffin. Alice's makeup stayed on pretty good even with the rain. The set ran from 5 - 6 pm. They played some of Alice's songs before he hit the stage. Calico Cooper came out during the song go to hell - Alice disappeared under the drums. Very good set from the legend himself."
Setlist is now in the setlists section.
(Thanks Chris)

Alice has been spotted during an advert for Omega Watches currently running on TV presumably in the UK. I've not seen it yet.
(Thanks HeadbangersBall)

Alice In Homer 22 Sep 2006

According to Alice will be making a personal appearance in The Homer Mill, 109 Byron St., Homer, MI on October 11th from 7pm-10pm. Homer Mill is a haunted house, restaurant and arcade.

RecordOnline has a short interview with Alice today as a preview of the Poughkeepsie show. has a couple of quotes from Alice about the forthcomong Stones support show. Apparently they will be bare bone shows with minimal theatrics. "You have to just play rock-and-roll, so we're playing, like, an hour of Alice Cooper rock-and-roll. Now, it'll be theatrical, 'cause Alice is gonna be theatrical no matter what -- it just won't be the normal flow of an Alice Cooper show. And it'll be just great."

According to Alice is interviewed during a documentary included on the forthcoming 'The Groovie Goolies - The Saturday Mourning Collection' which is released in the USA on October 24th.
(Thanks Jeff)

Butcher Cover 21 Sep 2006

A little more info has turned up regarding "Butchering The Beatles: A Headbashing Tribute", the Beatles tribute album featuring Alice singing a version of 'Hey Bulldog' that we first mentioned some months ago. AmazonUK are now listing it for preorder with a release date of October 23rd. They also have a cover scan (see left). No sign of it on AmazonUS yet though. KNAC have an early review of the album.

If anyone in the UK is thinking of seeing Wednesday 13 while he's touring over here (before supporting Alice in the USA) then make sure you arrive early enough to check out support band 'Sign'. They feature Silli Geirdal on bass and Egill "E" Rafnsson on drums who played on Michael Bruce's "Halo of Ice" album a couple of years ago. You can find out more at their MySpace page.

Dennis Dunaway Interview and Hungry Hamsters 21 Sep 2006

Dennis DunawayThanks To Matt Parish for a new interview with Alice Cooper legend Dennis Dunaway now available in the 'Interviews' section. Dennis talks about the early days of Alice Cooper, Deadringer, BDS, and of course the Dennis Dunaway Project. Thanks Matt!

According to Alice will be voicing a hamster in the new HD CGI sitcom animation 'Hungry Hamsters'. Alice joins a a cast which includes Brian Blessed, who will play the leading character Maclean, Jack Davenport and Harry Hill.
Quote: "Hungry Hamsters is a new comedy animation series of 26 x half hour programmes for television and multimedia distribution, which has been created by comedy producer, Nick Sercombe. Cooper will be voicing Psalmanazar, the bête-noir character who opposes the Hamsters during their adventures. Chosen specifically for his highly individual personality, Cooper is deemed to make the perfect villain in the programmes and he loves the role; the first he has undertaken in an animation series for television.
Hungry HamstersSercombe commented that Cooper was selected for his dry wit as well as his performing talent. “Alice has already made some amusing suggestions as to the visual design of his character, Psalmanazar, and he is really looking forward to getting into the studio next year to record his voice. All the Hungry Hamsters voices have been chosen carefully for their colourful characters and now we have added the enormous theatrical talent of Alice Cooper, which is a real bonus."
Hungry Hamsters is currently in advanced development at leading Danish studio, Krogh Mortensen Animation. The series is being produced using the most advanced CGI ever used in an animated television series.

In reference to the recent downtime of STUK, I'm afraid there isn't a whole lot I can do about it. The problem is with the URL referer (not the host this time) who's machines keeps failing. They keep sending me reports saying the problem is fixed, and then it goes down again. Please be patient as and eventually they'll get it fixed permanently. 

Eric Singer Interview 20 Sep 2006 has a new interview with Eric Singer with lots of Alice content.

TV And Press 17 Sep 2006

The Artsworld programmes, originally mentioned about a mouth ago seem to have been a bit early, as in the new issue of the Artsworld magazine they feature Alice as introducing "Alice Cooper's Rock Revolutionaries", a series of films about other artists. It appears Alice will introduce each film with various anecdotes and background info. The series unfortunatly started on 2nd September but runs through to 28th October every saturday.
(Thanks Robert)

Next months Classic Rock magazine (not the one about to hit the newsstands thois week but the following issue on October 18th) will apparently have substantial Cooper content in line with Alice visiting the UK to collect the 'Living Legend' award at the Classic Rock Awards. According to the advert "Alice looks back over four decades of shock rock, moral outrage, boa constrictors and perfectly played birdies."
(Thanks Baz)

Classic Rock And Calico Website 15 Sep 2006

Alice will be signing autographs tomorrow saturday September 16th at the "All Fords Car Show" at Cardinal Stadium in Glendale, AZ. He'll be at the Solid Rock Foundation booth from 10:00 am.
(Thanks PsychoPat)

This months issue of Classic Rock (UK) contains a free 'Live At Montreux' sampler DVD containing everything from Deep Purple to ELP and includes 'School's Out' by Alice Cooper.
(Thanks Baz)

Calico Cooper has launched her own official website over at It's still being put together but there are some cool photos to check out.
(Thanks Rob)

New York, New York 13 Sep 2006

After a few false starts the New York show was finally confirmed on a few days ago as October 21st at the Beacon Theater. However Ticketmaster now have it listed as happening at Roseland Ballroom, as does LiveNation, with tickets going on sale on friday at 9am.
Other on sale dates include Rochester, NY on thursday at 10am and Reading, PA on Wednesday at 10am.
Some support acts have also been confirmed. Crash Kelly will again support Alice from 27th September until 10th October. The Sins will be opening in Canada and Wednesday 13 will apparently be playing the later shows including Roselands. Some of the casino shows as usual likely won't have a support act.
(Thanks NotSoPerfect, Chas)

There's a small mention of Alice in the current issue of the National Examiner (Clinton cover).
(Thanks Heather)

Small Stuff 10 Sep 2006

The interview in the Times mentioned yesterday can now be read online at The Times website.

This month´s issue of the Brazilian magazine 'Roadie Crew' has a
two-page interview with Alice. The main topic is still the 'Dirty
Diamonds' album and he confirms that he´s probably coming to South America again in November.
(Thanks Neimar)

In more DDP news you can now check out the cover of 'Bones From The Yard' as well as some info on the songs and musicians (who include ex-Mott The Hoople leader Ian Hunter) in the albums section.

DDP Album Now Available 09 Sep 2006

The Dennis Dunaway ProjectIt's finally here. The debut album by the Dennis Dunaway Project entitled 'Bones From The Yard' is now available to order over at the DDP website. The album includes all new songs including 'Kandahar', 'Me And The Boys', 'Little Bitty Kid (With A Big Big Gun)', 'Me And The Boys', 'Man Is A Beast' and 'Needle In The Red'. It's available in two flavors, a normal edition and a special signed edition, and you can pay via paypal. Check out four songs from the album over at their MySpace page.
As previously reported DDP will be playing at The Norwalk Oyster Festival in Connecticut today at 3 p.m. They hope to have a limited number of advance copies of the album available at the show.

Also: In the London Times today is a color golf magazine which features a one page interview with Alice with three pics.
(Thanks Tony)

Small Stuff 08 Sep 2006

The Paramus Post News has a short interview with Alice today while the Orange County Register has an interview with guitarist Keri Kelli.

Also check out this cool little clip on YouTube from the Toronto Expo last week which shows Alice reuniting with Linda Blair (The Exorcist) for the first time in 30 years.

More New Shows 07 Sep 2006

New dates announced on
October 23rd - Washington, DC, Warner Theater
October 25th - Rochester, NY, Auditorium Theater
October 27th - Reading, PA, Sovereign Performing Arts Center
October 29th - Boston, MA, Orpheum Theatre
Also: The New York show is now on October 21st at the Beacon Theatre

DDP Reminder 07 Sep 2006

A quick reminder that The Dennis Dunaway Project will be playing at The Norwalk Oyster Festival in Connecticut on Saturday September 9th at 3 p.m. in the giant Budweiser Tent. are offering meet and greet packages for some US shows again this year. Details on their site.

Golf Photos 05 Sep 2006

Mr Crowe has posted his photos from last weeks All Star Cup golf tournament at

A new review of the 'Live At Montreux' DVD is up now at MusicLiveWire.
(Thanks Benji)

Small Stuff 04 Sep 2006

The Toronto Sun has a short article about the SciFi/Horror Expo which includes some quotes from Alice.
(Thanks Sue)

Small Stuff 01 Sep 2006

KerrangTV are apparently running an Alice Cooper's Top 10 show at the moment. It showed up a few days ago and is likely to be repeated.
(Thanks Mike)

Alice is confirmed to have been in the crowd at the Rolling Stones show in Cardiff the other night as mentioned here.
(Thanks JollyJon)

Press and Expo News 31 Aug 2006

The Eagle Online has a short article on Alice today and the Toronto Sun has an interview. The Sun also has times for the various events at the Toronto Fan Expo tomorrow which maybe of use to anyone going. They are:
- 6 p.m. Alice Cooper signing (autograph area E)
- 8 p.m. photo session (Room 718)
- 12 p.m. Alice Cooper signing (Autograph Area E)
- 2 p.m. Intimate and Interactive (Hall G)
- 4 p.m. Alice Cooper signing #2 (Autograph Area E)
- 5:30 p.m. photo session (Room 718)

Yet More Golf 29 Aug 2006

BBC Wales have posted a short interview clip with Alice form the All Star Golf Tournament here as well as an interview with Meatloaf from the same event, where he mentions Alice a few times, here.
(Thanks JollyJon)

More Golf and Billion Dollar Babies Return 28 Aug 2006

The All Star Cup is over and while Team USA didn't win Alice did pick up an award for 'Best Putt' and seemed enthusiastic about coming back next year. There was a fair amount of Alice footage over the two days (more yesterday then today) as well as a couple of Sickthings showing up in the crowd here and there so watch for photos to follow soon.

There's been quite a lot of small press coverage of the tournament in the UK although little of it says anything of interest, however an exception is BBC News which has an Alice pic and short quote.

Billion Dollar Babies Return
Michael Bruce has confirmed that the Billion Dollar Babies are reuniting for one show at the Chiller Convention this October. Neal Smith, Dennis Dunaway, and Michael Bruce will be at the Convention all weekend signing autographs. They will also be playing a short set on Saturday night. The Convention takes place at The Crowne Plaza in Seacacus, New Jersey from October 27th to 29th. (Thanks Steve)

New DVDALSO: There is apparently a reissue of 'Good To See You Again, Alice Cooper' coupled with  'Brutally Live' as a double pack coming on 11th September in the UK. There doesn't appear to be anything added to it from the original releases beyond a new cover (see pic) but you can pre-order a copy now from AmazonUK.
(Thanks Rob)

 Check out the STUK photo section for some truly excellent photos from the Los Angeles show courtesy of Andrew Clark, as well as some cool new shots of the BP and Bare Bones tours thanks to Carlos.


All Star Cup Update 27 Aug 2006

All Star GolfDay one of the All Star Golf tournament in Newport is over. The shows included a 'meet the teams' section, the announcements of the match pairings for tomorrow, and then a red carpet show with the guests arriving at the gala dinner this evening (watched closely by a certain Mr Crowe). Alice drew the first match tomorrow paired with William Baldwin. They go up against soap stars Bradley Walsh and Ross Kemp. Their game starts tomorrow morning at 11.30am and the broadcast starts at 11am on ITV2.
For the geographically challenged there's a low res video of Alice's appearances tonight here (dial-ups should probably download it).
Check out for more info about the event.

Golf Reminder 26 Aug 2006

A reminder that Alice Cooper arrives in the UK today to take part in the All Star Golf tournament in Newport, Wales. There is going to be a lot of television coverage of this over the next couple of days starting with a preview tonight, followed by several hours tomorrow and Monday on both ITV1 and ITV2.  Check local TV listings for precise times.

ALSO: TulsaWorld has a review and pic from the Tulsa show.
(Thanks James)

Eagle Vision will be releasing 'Live At Montreux' on two new formats on October 2nd, D-DVD, Blu-ray DVD.

And Another One... 24 Aug 2006

October 20th 2006 - Jim Thorpe Penns Peak. Tickets on sale 2nd September at 10am although apparently the venues club can buy them already.

More Shows Confirmed 24 Aug 2006

5th October 2006 Springfield, IL Sangamon Auditorium
7th October 2006 Pikeville, KY Eastern KY Expo Center
8th October 2006 Cleveland, OH Tower City Amphitheatre - Freaker's Ball
10th October 2006 Kalamazoo, MI State Theatre
12th October 2006 North Bay, ON Memorial Gardens

Also: KNAC have a new interview with Damon Johnson.

Retrolowfi has a new article about 'Dada'.

Butchering The Beatles & New Show 23 Aug 2006

New Show: Sunday 1st October at The Pageant, St Louis, MO on sale: Friday 25th Augist at 5:00pm.

As previously reported Alice Cooper features on  "Butchering The Beatles", an album of Beatles covers, on which he sings "Hey Bulldog". More details have now been released. It will be released on  October 24th (US) on Restless Records and "Hey Bulldog" also features Steve Vai, Duff McKegan (Velvet Revolver / Guns N Roses) and Mikkey Dee (Motorhead). Other musicians on the album include Alice Cooper alumni Eric Singer (On "Back In The USSR" with Lemmy singing) and Kip Winger (on "Drive My Car"), as well as a host of other famous names.

ALSO: has a new interview up today.

Press 22 Aug 2006

The El Paso Times has a show review including a photo.

The Illinois State Journal-Register has a preview show on Wednesday.

Small Stuff 21 Aug 2006

ClassicRockRevisited have a new interview with Tommy Clufetos which includes Tommy talking about his time with Alice.
(Thanks Alienspice, Devon)

Official: Alice Cooper Is A Legend 19 Aug 2006

The September issue of Classic Rock magazine has the following:


The 2006 ceremony is set to take place in early November at a still-secret - but incredibly prestigious - venue in central London.  The event is already guaranteed to be bigger, better and louder than before.  Because already confirmed to appear at this year's awards is the sultan of shock rock himself, Alice Cooper!

The Coop - plus assorted boa constrictors, no doubt - will be on hand to receive the Classic Rock Living Legend award, which recognises the enduring stature of a true rock icon.  He will be flying in from the States especially to attend the awards.
(Thanks SparkintheDark)

More New Shows 18 Aug 2006

More new shows announced:
September 26th - Verona, NY, Turning Stone Casino
September 27th - Ploughkeepsie, NY, Mid Hudson Civic Center
September 30th - Nashville, TN, Ryman Auditorum
October 6th - Evansville, IN, The Center

Shows, Press and DD in Iceland! 18 Aug 2006

A new show has been announced for the 3rd October 2006 at the Rialto Square Theatre, Joliet, IL. pre-sale tickets go on sale Thursday 24th August at 10:00am.
(Thanks RemarkablyInsincere)

The Rolling Stones support slot in Phoenix now seems to definitely be happening on for November 8th, It was announced on local radio this morning. Tickets go on sale August 28th at 10am.

Messages from the Strand box office are saying the October 21st show in Lakewood, NJ has been changed to October 24th. No reason has been given.
(Thanks Chas)

New press today includes interviews in the El Paso Times, and Tulsa World. has a short Alice quote about Groucho Marx.  

Dennis and Cindy Dunaway have been staying with the Geirdal brothers Ingo and Silli (Michael Bruce's band on 'Halo Of Ice') in Iceland for the last two weeks and Dennis has been playing and jamming on some new songs with their band Dimma (who supported Alice last year in Iceland) for the next Dimma album. He will also be playing with with them tonight (Friday August 18th) at a bar called "Amsterdam"  in  downtown Reykjavik, playing on "Halo Of Flies" as well as their own song "Dimma". To celebrate the occasion, Silli and Ingo will be wearing new stage outfits designed by Cindy. Dunaway, who of course designed the early Alice Cooper stage costumes.
(Thanks Ingo)

According to a press release from 'RealTV News' "rumors abound that Calico Cooper will star in a new reality comedy show being developed for one of the networks. Reportedly she will star opposite Denton Rose, a leading candidate on an on-line reality show called, 'America’s Dream Date'. No other details are available, but rumor has it this could be one of the biggest shows in decades".

US TV 17 Aug 2006

As previously forewarned Alice and the band appeared on 'The Late Late Show' last night. Alice was interviewed and they performed 'Dirty Diamonds' complete with Alice throwing out the necklaces. Alice also seemed to confirm a rumor that has been circulating fora few days. When he was asked about the forthcoming Rolling Stones shows he listed three shows, the two already announced and a Phoenix, AZ show (at Cardinals Stadium on November 8th). This was rumored after the promotor apparently mentioned it a few days ago, however it is officially unconfirmed at this time.

Archie's Ice Cream have posted some backstage pics of the band and their guests at the Anaheim show a couple of days ago.
(Thanks Devon)

The Arizona Star has a short interview with Alice today.

DDP New Date 16 Aug 2006

The Dennis Dunaway Project have announced a new show on September 9th 2006 at Norwalk Oysterfest, Norwalk CT. They're due on stage at 3:00pm in the big budweiser tent and more info can be found here.

Tickets went on sale this morning via Ticketmaster for the Niagra Falls shows despite the fact it's still not listed on their website.

New Photos 15 Aug 2006

Keri Kelli has updated his website with more cool photos from the US tour as well as making new autographed 'photos and guitar pick' packs available direct from the site. Check it out at

There are also a four amazing new photos from the Las Vegas show last weekend, taken by Andrew Clark, posted in the photos section here on STUK.
(Thanks Andrew)

More Stones And Atlantic City 15 Aug 2006 has confirmed two more shows including a second show opening for the Rolling Stones. The dates are September 29th 2006 in Louisville, KY at Churchill Downs Race Track (with The Rolling Stones) and October 28th 2006 in Atlantic City, NJ at the House of Blues. The Stones show is rumoured to already be sold out.

The Salt Lake Tribune have a good live review of the SaltAir show online.

There may be some Alice Cooper content (actually it could be Callico Cooper content) in the September issue of "Elle".

US TV 12 Aug 2006

Alice Cooper is the musical guest on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson on Wednesday night/Thursday morning at 00.35/11.35c AM. He will also be appearing on the Halloween show.
You can always check for forthcoming TV appearances and repeats in the USA and UK using the TV links on the right above the tourdates.
(Thanks NotSoPerfect)

Ticket Problems 11 Aug 2006

Tickets for the Alice Cooper show at The Strand Theatre in Lakewood, New Jersey went on sale at noon last Wednesday. In a matter of a few minutes, the ticket site apparently crashed. The site then posted a message stating:
Please Note: Ticket Sales have temporarily been suspended for this show due to heavy volume. Please check back later for date and time when we will continue sales. Two days later, it still has not been restored.
It could be worth calling the venue direct if you are looking for tickets for this show rather then waiting for the website to be fixed. The number is 732-367-7789.
(Thanks Chas)

Also: Press-Enterprise have a new interview with Alice today.

Various Press 11 Aug 2006

The News-Review has a review of the Douglas County Fair show including some quotes from Alice, as well as an addition short article here.

There is a feature on Alice in the latest issue of Metal Edge (US) about Alice Cooper Day and the Red Paperclip.  It includes two photos, one of Alice onstage with the paperclip and teh other of him signing his name in cement.
(Thanks Brett)

Orange County Weekly has a short article promoting the Anaheim show.

Indoor Putting has posted a short video from NBC10 featuring Alice putting on a toy putting green.
(Thanks Devon)

The Salt Lake Tribune has a new short interview with Alice.

Posters and Dvds 10 Aug 2006

Check out for a cool, exclusive, Matt Coddington shot Alice Cooper poster that is available either signed by Alice Cooper or unsigned.

Just released on DVD in the USA is 'Scarlet Moon', a movie featuring the one and only Michael Bruce. You can order it now from Amazon USA. Apparently the actual film is pretty awful (it's released by Troma...) but Michael appears a couple of times performing Alice Cooper songs.
(Thanks Bryan)

Small Stuff 07 Aug 2006

The new Rolling Stone magazine has an article about Syd Barret which includes a mention of the Floyd staying with the Coopers during the first Floyd tour of America.
(Thanks Dennis)

The Columbian has a new interview with Alice today in advance of the Clarke County Fair show.

'Rock Stars' Kids', the show featring Calico Cooper and footage of the band and Alice backstage and after the show, is repeated at 23:00 on Wednesday 16th August on Sky One HD.

Rapper Ice-T is Alice's guest on 'Nights With Alice Cooper' tomorrow.

Alice on CNN 03 Aug 2006

Alice Cooper was on CNN this morning talking about his new charity venture and other stuff. You can see video of it over at the CNN site. Just click on 'Rightious Rocker'.

There's a cool new interview with Alice Cooper bassist Chuck Garric about his love for the Stealers football team over at

DetroitNews has a brief mention of the upcoming Detroit Fair appearance including a live photo of Alice performing 'Dirty Diamonds'.

Some UK fans might know the name Chris Pavlou. Chris was the guy that appeared on 'Stars In Their Eyes' a few years ago as Alice Cooper, promoted Michael Bruce's last UK tour and he also sang in a band called Aunt May. Well Chris has reformed Aunt May to celebrate his 25th anniversary and they are playing a show at Putney Arts Theatre in London SW15 on Sat 12th August at 7.30pm. Tickets are £8.00 and the box office can be reached at 0208 788 6943.

Press Update 02 Aug 2006

There seems to be a fair bit of Alice content in the UK rock press this month. Thanks to robert for the following:
FIREWORKS issue24 has review of new dvd (with pic)
POWERPLAY August issue has review of the M.O.R. show (with pic)
RECORD COLLECTOR August issue  has reviews of dvd and M.O.R.
BURN issue10 has a review of M.O.R.full page with 2 pics
CLASSIC ROCK/METAL HAMMER special on DEVIL'S MUSIC VOL1 has small Alice content with pic from the Muppets.
DEVIL'S MUSIC VOL2 now out with very small Alice content and 1 pic

According to project producer Bob Kulick the Beatles tribute album that features Alice will be called 'Butchering The Beatles'. As previously reported Alice sings 'Hey Bulldog' on the album accompanied by Steve Vai and Duff from Guns'n'Roses/Vevet Revolver. The album is due to be released by Rykodisk.
(Thanks Rob)

The news world seems to have really latched onto the story reported yesterday about Alice's new Teen activity center. It seems pretty much everywhere is running variations of those reported yesterday so here's the full press release from Asociated Press to avoid listing all the versions individually:
Alice Cooper to Build Teen Center in Ariz.
The Associated Press

PHOENIX (AP) For all the envelope-pushing Alice Cooper has done as a shock rocker, he also knows the value of boundaries, especially for children.
"Kids love boundaries. We used to fight against them. But in all reality, what we really did want was to know where we could go. Of course, you always step over the line just a little bit to see what's going to happen," said the 58-year-old rocker, known for his ghoulish makeup and hits such as 1975's "Welcome to My Nightmare."
Cooper said his Christian, nonprofit Solid Rock Foundation has begun fundraising efforts for a 20,000-square-foot teen activity center to be called The Rock, to be built at Grand Canyon University in West Phoenix.
The $3 million center will feature a recording studio, indoor basketball courts, rock-climbing walls, coffeehouse, game room and concert hall. Construction is expected to begin next year.
"People don't lay in the sun in southwest Phoenix. There's lots of shootings going, there's lots of meth going on, there's lots of gangs," Cooper said. "In the middle of all that is a bunch of 12-, 13-, 14-year-old kids that can go one way or the other."
Officials for Grand Canyon University, a private college with a Christian focus, came to Cooper with the offer to build the youth center on the campus. Cooper has given scholarships to the school for more than five years.
"We're not going to beat them over the head with a Bible," Cooper said. "But we're certainly going to be available to tell them that that's available to them."
Cooper, who spends about seven months of the year at home in suburban Paradise Valley, said that when he walks off the stage, "I'm going back to Phoenix, play golf, work on Solid Rock, go shopping and do everything that a father and a husband's supposed to do."
"I watched all of my best friends - Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin, Keith Moon - every one of them, die trying to live their image," he said.
"The one thing that my generation learned was `be a rock star when it's time to be a rock star.'"
(Thanks Dan)

Alice's School Of Rock 01 Aug 2006

The Arizona Republic has a news story today about Alice teaming up with Grand Canyon University in Phoenix to establish a $3 million youth haven featuring a school of rock and roll, a concert hall and sporting attractions similar to a Boys Club. Reports also appear at KTVK, USAToday, AZ Daily Star, and Yahoo Newswire, .

The Black Hills Pioneer has a short interview with Alice today.

Entertainment Weekly has a short comment looking back on 'School's Out' with a photo.

The Halifax Daily News reports that 35,000 tickets were solid in one day for the forthcoming Rolling Stones/Alice Cooper show on September 23rd. Local band 'Sloan' will open the show.

Small Stuff 31 Jul 2006

Tickets went on sale for the Stones/Cooper show in Halifax this morning and the Halifax Daily News has a story about fans queuing for tickets that seems to spend as much time talking about Alice as the Stones!

There's a somewhat odd story reported in the Register-guard about Alice's family piano that he sold a while back, and that Sheryl bought back!

Just released in the USA is a third volume of 'Bevis And Butthead' cartoons, entitled 'Beavis & Butt-head - The Mike Judge Collection, Vol. 3'. Of interest to us is the fact that it includes 'Teenage Frankenstein'. You can order here.
(Thanks NotSoPerfect)

Alice Stoned Again 29 Jul 2006 have announced that Alice Cooper will be opening for The Rolling Stones in Halifax, NS on September 23rd at Halifax Common. Tickets go on sale to the public on July 31st at 10am. This show is obviously a kinda good will replacement for the canceled show in Germany earlier this year which was canceled after Keef Richards fell out of a tree. is also listing the NYC show again for October 22nd but with the venue now to be confirmed (previously Ticketmaster had it listed for the Nokia Theater for a few hours before changing it to canceled).

For a bit of fun check out the Great Star Wars Synchronicity Project where James has been playing various albums while watching Star Wars and looking for places the music and images match up. His latest experiment features Billion Dollar Babies.

Interview and TV 27 Jul 2006

Alice's appearance in the Bob And Tom Morning show a few weeks back has been made available online over at their website.
(Thanks Devon)

The UK Artsworld HD Channel has a programme called 'Alice Cooper's Rock Revolutionaries' scheduled for Saturday 5th August at 9pm. The show is 90 minutes long. However it should be noted that Artsworld's magazine (a .pdf on their site) has something about the programme that seems to suggest it's a series of programmes featuring often previously commercially available content by artists like T-Rex and The Who and it doesn't actually mention Alice anywhere.

Halloween, NYC and Cats 26 Jul 2006

The Halloween show (Oct. 31st) went on sale this morning for Foxwoods Casino in Marshantucket, CT.
The New York show at the Nokia Theatre in October 22nd goes on sale on 28th July at noon.
UPDATE: New York City show has been canceled since it appeared on Ticketmaster this morning.
Additional show announced in Lakewood, NJ at the Strand Theater for October 21st.

Check out this article in the Journal-Review proving Alice Cooper isn't really a 'Gutter Cat' after "rocking the Montgomery County Cat show".

Press and TV 24 Jul 2006

German Magazine 'Rock Hard' features a DVD with Alice Cooper interview. It's the August 2006 issue you want to find with Lemmy on the cover.
(Thanks Petra)

The Red Paper Clip story appeared on Australia's '60 Minutes'  TV show a coupole of nights ago. The story featured some live performance clips, inside Cooperstown, and a very short interview with Alice.
(Thanks Murray)

US support band Crash Kelly comment on touring with Alice over at 'The Gauntlet'. They'll be supporting in Stugis and Billings this week and covered 'Cold Ethyl' on their last album. And in an almost identical type story Fireball Ministry, who support at the Salt Lake City and Las Vegas shows, also pass comment on the influence of Alice Cooper on their band here.

Interview and Review 23 Jul 2006

The Fond Du Lac Reporter has a short interview with Alice. There's also some extra comments by the interviewer here.
(Thanks NotSoPerfect. JollyJon)

There's a new review of the 'Rock In The Park' show up at the London Free Press site.

Watch out for Alice turning up on VH-1's '40 freakiest concert moments' today in the USA (and probably repeated several times).

Small Stuff 21 Jul 2006

The Dayton Daily News has a short review of the Kettering show today.

The new revised version of 'Scarlet Fry's Junkfood Horrorfest', featuring Calico Cooper, will be premiering at 'The Rouge' club (on the corner of Scottsdale Blvd & Mckelleps)
 in Scottsdale, AZ sometime in October. No official date has been set yet. Scheduled to also appear will be Runaway Phoenix featuring Dash Cooper. You can still order the original version, signed by Scarlet Fry, by emailing him at for $25 dollars shipping inc.

There is a two page spread on Alice in the May/June issue of Uncut DVD (UK) Magazine (the one with the Al Pacino cover).

More shows confirmed 19 Jul 2006

August 17th - Ventura, CA, Majestic Ventura Theater
October 13th -  Niagara Falls, ON, Niagara Fallsview Casino
October 14th -  Niagara Falls, ON Niagara Fallsview Casino
October 16th - Montreal, QC Canada St. Denis Theatre
October 17th -  Cornwall, ON Canada Cornwall Civic Center
October 18th - Kingston, ON Canada Kingston Memorial Centre

Vote For Runaway Phoenix 19 Jul 2006

A message from Dash Cooper and Runaway Phoenix:
"Hey guys
My band (Runaway Phoenix) is in the contest for MTV2 and we need as many votes as possible. YOU CAN VOTE OVER AND OVER AGAIN AS MANY TIMES AS YOU LIKE. Click the link below, then enter the zip code 85018 and search for 'Runaway Phoenix'. Then simply vote over and over and over and over again. So gather your friends and your computers and lets watch those numbers climb. I've already voted over 100 times in like 5 min. so i know that we can do this. Thanks again."
To vote for Runaway Phoenix on MTV2 just go to the MTV2 site, put in the zip code 85018,  and then click on the 'On The Rise' image to open the pop-up. I found it easiest to click on the list of all bands, then 'R' to find the band. Then vote as many times as you can!

Alice was apparently on the 'Bob And Tom' show yesterday morning and you can see a small clip from his visit here (.mov format).

WishTV in Indiana also has a video clip to watch and a short interview with Alice from one of their news broadcasts..
(Thanks Devon)

The Dayton Daily News has a short article about a big Alice Cooper collector in their area.

Small Stuff (again) 18 Jul 2006

The Knoxville News has a show review online.
(Thanks Allen)

Small Stuff 15 Jul 2006

Iron Maiden bassist and founder Steve Harris will be Alice's guest on 'Nights With Alice Cooper next wednesday July 19th. have a report about Alice's comments during 'Nights With Alice Cooper' last week on the passing of Syd Barrett for anyone who missed them.

The Dennis Dunaway Project now have an official web site and a  MySpace page which includes four songs from the forthcoming album 'Bones From The Yard'.

Joe Bouchard, of B.D.S. has a new personal website online now which is well worth checking out.

DVD Update 14 Jul 2006

The Nightmare ReturnsA little more news on the forthcoming DVD of 'The Nightmare Returns' that is due on August 28th, although the distributors site lists it as August 1st (and includes the cover pic on the left). It seems the full title could be 'The Nightmare Returns - The Definitive Edition' and it has been "remastered in 5.1 surround". Bonus videos include 'Teenage Frankenstein' and 'Freedom'. All this is unofficial though so subject to change.
UPDATE: You can pre-order through AmazonUS now. AmazonUK link to follow when it appears.

Also: The Dayton Daily News has a short article with 'Alice Cooper Factoids' promoting the forthcoming Kettering show. has a short interview with Alice today.
(Thanks Psychopat)

Ex-Alice keyboard player Derek Sherinian is gearing up to release his new solo album, 'Blood Of The Snake', which is due at the end of the month. The album features guest appearences by Slash, John Petrucci  (Dream Theater), Zakk Wylde (Ozzy), Billy Idol and Yngwie Malmsteen among others, and features a cover of the old Mungo Jerry song 'In The Summertime' featuring Slash and Idol. Check out for links to all the info including interviews where he talks about his time with Alice.

Two New Shows 13 Jul 2006

August 12th 2006 - Salt Lake City, UT, The Great SaltAir
August 13th 2006 - Las Vegas, NV, House of Blues

The Springfield News-Sun has a short interview with Alice online.

TV and Snow Globes 12 Jul 2006

VH-1 are doing a new round of "I Love the 70s" called "I Love the 70s Volume 2" airing now (and in repeats) on VH1 (U.S.).  The show features Alice with various clips and interviews.
(Thanks Devon).

More red paper clip coverage today basically with minimal Alice mentions, but there is something new to read over at Mark is the guy who traded the Kiss snowglobe with Kyle for the afternoon with Alice Cooper, and he relates his experience on his blog site including a promise of photos from the show coming soon.
(Thanks Petra)

Venue Change 11 Jul 2006

The August 17th show appears to now be at the Ventura Theater in Ventura, CA. Tickets are on sale now at Ticketmaster.

BBC News + Neal Interview 11 Jul 2006

The BBC ran a short story on Kyle 'Red Paper Clip' Macdonald. this morning with Alice mention (and very short clip of 'Gimme'). You can see it at the BBC site. It's also still running on BBC News24 as I write.
(Thanks Pete), the guitar people, have a new interview with Neal Smith up on their site.
(Thanks Bonnie)

A die hard Oakland Raiders record label is going to be releasing
Ryan Roxie's "C'mon Raiders" song (official download) soon. As part of this Roxie has requested that if anyone has any pictures of him in his #77 Raiders jersey from the last tour could they please send them, in low resolution, to along with photo credit info.

Monk Preview 10 Jul 2006

As a preview to the upcoming Cooper-ized episode of 'Monk' the USANetwork site has added Alice to it's top banner and there is a brief video preview of the episode to watch as well.
(Thanks Devon)

I thought I'd listed this one already but there's a brief Alice interview over at the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinal.
(Thanks DamienAlice)

Also for amusement check out his report about Gwar's version of 'School's Out' being banned over at The Gauntlet.

Small Stuff 10 Jul 2006

Alice was featured in the Observer last week and they have the article online here.

According to Ryan Roxie is working at 'Mighty Mouse', a digital studio in Sweden, where he will be responsible for sound for the digital productions.

A Sweden Rock Festival review has turned up at (in Swedish).

DD on WPKN + Press 08 Jul 2006

Dennis Dunaway made a surprise visit to radio station WPKN this afternoon, along with local bluesman Ratso, and stayed on air for over three hours during which time he told stories about the early Alice Cooper days, signing with Zappa, and supporting The Yardbirds as well as discussing his early influences and other such things. Of course high on the agenda is the forthcoming Dennis Dunaway Project album, 'Bones From The Yard' and they premiered six cool songs from the CD on the show including 'Kandahar', 'Me And The Boys', 'Little Bitty Kid', 'Me And The Boys', 'Man Is A Beast' and 'Needle In The Red'. The whole thing was also to promote the forthcoming show at the Fairfield Theater, Fairfield, CT on July 21st where DDP play along side the 'Ratso Full Blown Blues Band'.
UPDATE: You can hear the interview (minus the songs for obvious reasons) here.
(Thanks Jim for the last minute heads up)

The Wabash Plain Dealer has a short interview with Alice today leading up to his show in July 11th.

The Columbus Despatch also has an Interview on Alice in todays issue.
(Thanks Maurice)

If you recall Kyle MacDonald, the 'Red Paper Clip Guy', then you may be interested to hear that it seems he has reached his goal of trading up to a house. Check out the story here (there's a new pic of Alice there as well).

DDP Surprise Show and Album Named 06 Jul 2006

From Dennis Dunaway:
"The Dennis Dunaway Project played a surprise performance at Mistress Kitty's (NWAC) Charity Bash last night. We played an all Coop set, which included 'Hello Hooray', 'Big Apple Dreamin' (Hippo)', 'Billion Dollar Babies', 'Muscle of Love', and 'School's Out'. We will debute songs from our new CD, 'Bones From The Yard', at our gig at 'The Blue' in Bridgeport this Friday."

Monk Show Scheduled 06 Jul 2006

As reported a few weeks back Alice Cooper recorded an appearance in the 'Monk' TV series a while back. The episode is due to air Friday July 14th at 9pm EST. There's a short writeup in the new US TV Guide which also features a pic of Alice with make up holding a pistol standing behind a dead body in a chair. No news on a UK airdate yet.
(Thanks Scott, Even Spot, NotSoPerfect, Devon, Jan and others) has a short interview with Alice online.

The Toledo Blade has an article advertising the forthcoming show there. The StarTribune also has a small pice on Alice.

You can check out new pics of Alice on stage in Muskegon and Milwaukee courtesy of the 'Department Of Youth' MySpace group.

The latest August issue of OKEJ (Sweden) has an Alice mention in their coverage of the Sweden Rock Festival) has a new interview with drummer Tommy Clufetos.

Neal Smith Pt 2 and Press 05 Jul 2006

The second part of Alice's interview with Neal Smith will apparently finally air tomorrow (Thursday) night on 'Nights With Alice Cooper'.
(Thanks Devon)

There is a very short review of the Milwaukee show over at the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel.
(Thanks DA)

A small update on the situation with the rumoured 'Nightmare Returns' DVD release. It appears it could be now be due on the 14th August in Europe, and that it may have three promo videos a bonus feature.
(Thanks Rob)

Mojo have two magazines out on the UK news stands at the moment. Their regular August issue has a short piece on Alice with a 'self-portrait' drawing, and they also have a mag called 'The Who and the story of the 70's' which features a foreword written by Alice, as well as a small review of 'Killer' in the 70 albums from the 70s section, which doesn't seem much for a band that was one of the biggest in the world in the mid 70s but better then nothing I suppose.
(Thanks Robert)

According to the Muskegon Chronicle Alice Cooper pulled 14,000 people to his show there last week.

There's a short interview with Rob Zombie over at Blabbermouth with a few Alice mentions.

Small Stuff 03 Jul 2006

The Meskegon Chronicle has a new interview with Alice online today.

StarTV from Victoria, BC will be repeating "The Story Of Alice Cooper" on July 16th at 11:00pm PST.
(Thanks Zoogirl)

Mistress Kitty and Press 01 Jul 2006

Mistress Kitty A.K.A. Kristine Rakowsky from 'Nights With Alice Cooper' will be hosting a charity bash on Wednesday, July 5, at City Ale House, in Danbury, CT. The night will include local bands and a charity auction including Alice Cooper stuff in aid of the American Stroke Association.  More info here.
Since recently leaving Alice’s show, Kitty has signed on to host the pilot for “Hidden Secrets.” The show will profile cities and towns across America, revealing their local history, urban legends and asking people to share their own personal secrets.

Phoenix New Times has a short quote from Alice in relation to  Independence Day.

Minneapolis Star Tribume has a short piece on Alice in relation to the upcoming show in Minnesota.

More photos (that I may have mentioned before) from the Europeon shows are up at and

DDP Update 30 Jun 2006

News just in from Mr Dennis Dunaway:
"We finished mixing (the DD solo album) on Monday so while the graphic art gets hashed out, we're on to live gigs. We will play at The Blue in Bridgeport on Friday, July 7th and at Stage One at the Fairfield Theater Company on Friday, July 21st."
Remember to check out for some cool DD stuff.
(Thanks George)

Photos And Interview 30 Jun 2006

Keri Kelli has updated his ultra-flash new website with loads of new pics from the recent tour including some cool backstage pics. Check it out at

There's a new Alice interview up at the Herald And News site.

The new issue of Classic Rock (UK) has some Alice content. There a news article about the Planet Rock breakfast show, 'No More Mr Nice Guy' (From 'A Fistful Of Alice') is on the free CD that comes with this issue, plus Sickthing Dave has his letter and photo printed on the letters page! It should be hitting the UK newsstands very soon.
(Thanks Dave)

New Neal Interview + Golf 28 Jun 2006

There's a new interview with Neal Smith from the business publication, Fairfield County Business Journal, where Neal talks about the early history of Alice Cooper and his transition into Real Estate after the band's break up.

According to Yahoo News Alice appeared at the Grand Opening of the Ely Callaway Performance Center at the Callaway Golf campus yesterday in Carlsbad, CA.

More information has been released about the UK Celebrity Golf tournament Alice has been announced as appearing at, at the Celtic Manor in Cardiff, in August. Tickets are available now from between £5 and £20. More info here (.pdf) or at
(Thanks JollyJon, Kevin)

An update on the shows at which Brent Fitz will be filling in for Eric singer now shows him playing all dates between July11th in Wabash and July 22nd in London, ON.
(Thanks Brad)

And speaking of Eric Singer there's a new Q&A up at

Sweden Rock Update and More 27 Jun 2006

In an extreme case of advanced notice, the webcast of the Swedish Rock Festival reported a couple of weeks ago will apparently be aired on Swedish radio on the 24th February 2007 at 20.03-21.00 Swedish time. It will be possible to listen to it via Internet and it will available for listening 30 days afterwards too.

It is possible Alice will show up on "My Planet Rocks" on Planet Rock this Saturday at 7pm presumably to advertise the fact he will be doing their breakfast show soon.

Calico Cooper is apparently set to appear in 'Denton Rose: Paranormal Investigator', a low budget comedy TV show based around investigating real haunted houses produced by Mindsplitter Films. According to their press release she will play a 'case worker'.

Elkhart Show 23 Jun 2006

Pollstar are now listing a show in Elkhart, IN for 19th July at the Elco Theatre. have an interview with Eric Singer in German.

Wagner Dates 21 Jun 2006

'Welcome To My Nightmare' legend Dick Wagner has the following dates lined up for July:
July 12th 2006 - Lenny Miller's Supper Club, Dryden, MI 
July 13th 2006 - Whites Bar, Saginaw, MI 
July 14th 2006 - Taste of Battle Creek Festival, Battle Creek, MI
Dick also has his own MySpace page now where you can keep up with his comings and goings. You can also hear a track from his recent album there plus older songs.

Some photos of the Augsburg show have turned up here.
(Thanks Petra)

Guest Appearances 19 Jun 2006

According to KDKB Phoenix Alice will be attending the 'Zappa Plays Zappa' show in Phoenix on June 21st. It's not known if he will actually appear on stage with the Zappas or is just attending to watch the show.
And in other special guest news Deep Purple guitarist Steve Morse guested with Alice at the last Euro-show a few days ago in Germany. He played on 'Under My Wheels'.

Radio Update 16 Jun 2006

Some of you may have noticed there was no Alice Cooper appearance on "The Rock Show" (Capital Gold) a couple of weeks or so ago as announced. According to Sickthing John Youngman, Alice appears tonight instead (and you can hear it online at
UPDATE: You can now listen to this short interview here.

The June issue of Guitar One magazine(US) has a card advert for Krankenstein amps. Titled 'Feed My Krankenstein' it features a pic of Alice live and one of Alice and Damon Johnson (who is endoressed by the company) posing by the guillotine. The issue you want is the Blues Special with BB King on the cover.
(Thanks Punkenstein)

More euro-photos have turned up at photobucket,, and
(Thanks Tom, Steef, Niclas)

The Toronto Star has a quote from Alice about the World Cup and how it's effecting shows: ""My shows are now battling the World Cup, so I imagine only the true fans will show up. I guess if it were my team playing, I'd probably go watch the game on TV somewhere too. This is bigger than the Super Bowl. It's not just one city, it seems like when the games come on, everything else in the entire country stops."

There's a German review over at RP-online.

Alice In Kerrang! 15 Jun 2006

The new June 17th issue of Kerrang, out now, has two pages on Alice. It's a shortened version of the 'essential guide to' that crops up in mags these days.
(Thanks Mike, Robert) have a review of the Sweden Rock Festival in Swedish.

Photos And Reviews 15 Jun 2006

Sweden Rock Festival have posted a few Alice photos and you can also see some fan pics here.
(Thanks Steef)

You can check out a scan of an article that appeared in a local German newspaper here
(Courtesy of Jan and Hunter) have posted photos and a review (in german) of the Grefrath show.
(Thanks Harald)

Alice Cooper joins Planet Rock 12 Jun 2006

Alice Cooper has signed up to host Planet Rock's breakfast show. Alice will do his show for the GCap Media digital station from Phoenix, Arizona. It will air from 6am to 9am on weekdays while a 'best of' will run from 10am to 1pm on Sundays.
Planet Rock recently won the gold 'Digital Terrestrial Station of the Year' award at the Sony Radio Academy Awards.
According to the latest Rajar release, Planet Rock attracted 461,000 listeners in the first quarter of 2006, an increase of 41.9% on the previous three-month period.
(Source: Intellagencia)

Swedish Reviews 12 Jun 2006

There's been some Swedish reviews from the Sweden Rock Festival in Sunday. All are good I'm told. Check them out at Aftonbladet, and Dagbladet.

The new issue of New York magazine "Guys" has an interview with Alice conducted in Sheffield last year. The issue you want is the June issue.

There's some new pics up in the photo section from the Dublin and Frederikshavn shows.

KissOnline have posted a short Q&A with Eric Singer that has a few Alice mentions.

The Wall Street Journel have an interview with Alice today, unfortunately only available to subscribers (so if anyone has access let us know!).

New Show Announced 10 Jun 2006

A show in Knoxville, TN at the Tennessee Theatre for July 16th went on sale yesterday.

ALSO: Alice was interviewed at the Sweden Rock Festival earlier this evening and you can listen to it here.

Another Netcast Tonight? 10 Jun 2006

It looks like the show at the Sweden Rock Festival tonight *may* be transmitted over the internet by Radio P4. Let's hope if it is this time they get it right!
(Thanks Steef)
UPDATE: It now appears that they are just recording the bands for later broadcast although it has been suggested they may air something late tonight.

Alice also popped up on the ITN news bulletin at 6.55pm yesterday for about 10 seconds wishing England well in the world cup!
(Thanks Queeny)

Radio, Reviews and Various Press 09 Jun 2006

Alice Cooper will apprently show up on 'Top 20 Rock Deaths' starting: 21:00 on Friday on the Kerrang! channel (this could be a repeat).

Isle Of Man Today have a good review of the show there last week.

TodayFM in Ireland have announce they will be running an Alice Cooper radio show starting Saturday June 10th. The show will be three hours long, 6-9pm, but no mention of whether this is clips taken from 'Nights With Alice Cooper', which is likely, or original content. They have a netfeed.
(Thanks Nea)

The Peru (IN) Tribune has a short piece in advance of the show in Wabash. have a rather odd review of the Monsters Of Rock festival. Not sure how anyone can suggest Journey should have been the headliner but each to their own.

Efestivals also have a Monsters review and photos although the photos don't seem to be showing up for me.
(Thanks Rich)

Calloway Golf have posted a short interview with Alice on their site.
(Thanks Randy)

The Mississippi Sun Herald has a short review of the Montreux DVD.

The Independent has an article about 'pop's 50 most liberal lyrics' which includes a quote from Alice: "My favourite protest/liberal pop song is 'The Times They Are A-Changin'' by Bob Dylan. Dylan had such authority that when he said something, he really made it stick and people listened. He's the true poet laureate of America. 'Eve of Destruction', recorded by Barry McGuire, is also a great song but I can never decide if it's meant to be a comedy or not, although now it sounds pretty humourous. I hate protest songs that are one-sided and shallow - in fact there's a couple out now, although I won't mention any names - that I loathe."

Small Stuff 08 Jun 2006

WireImage and GettyImage have posted photos from the Milton Keynes show.
(Thanks KatRina)

Gwar have recorded a version of 'School's Out' for their new album and you can take a listen here. The band's singer, Oderous Urungus, had this to say: "...for the first time in GWAR history, we have covered someone else's music! But not just anybody! Nobody less than Alice Cooper, who is rumored to be a Scumdog himself! Gwar pays homage to the original master of shock rock, with a bone-crushing version of his most famous song - that's right, Gwar has covered 'School's Out'."
(Thanks Blabbermouth)

A Norwegian article has appeared at with a review expected today.

No Singer In July 06 Jun 2006

According to a posting on drummer Brent Fitz's (ex-Union, Vince Neil) official web site, Fitz will be will be playing drums for Alice Cooper in July. Brent will be filling in for Eric Singer, who will be performing in Japan with Kiss. The dates that Brent will be with Alice are as follows:
July 13 - Walker, MN - Moondance Jam
July 14 - Waukegan, IL - Genessee Theatre
July 15 - Merriville, IN - Star Plaza Theatre
July 20 - Dayton, OH - Fraze Pavilion
July 21 - Fond du Lac, WI - County Fair
July 22 - London, ONT - Rock The Park
(Thanks Dwight Fry)

Tuesday News 06 Jun 2006

Some short video clips of the Dublin show have surfaced here courtesy of Gaving but dial-up beware, they're large files.
(Thanks Steve)

More Schwung photos can be found at
(Thanks Patrick)

Ex-Alice Cooper guitarist Pete Friesen will be back on tour with The Almighty in December. Check out the dates here.

Canadian fans should check at Dominion and A&P grocery stores for the newest addition to their line of "Chantilly Lace Teddy Bears".  It's called their Graduation Bear, simply looks like a regular teddy with a grad cap on his head and a 2006 sash across his body, but the magic comes when you push his paw when you will hear the original ACG recording of 'School's Out'.  And on the tag it simple says "School's Out  (Bruce, Cooper), 1972". There was a similar item a few years ago but it was a hamster!
(Thanks Liz)

Weekend Update 04 Jun 2006

A quick round up of press and stuff from the last couple of days in no particular order.

Alice was interviewed at the MOR show yesterday for PlanetRock and you can hear what he has to say, including a mention for the UK Sickthings, here.
(Thanks Pete)

The Birmingham, AL news has a short interview with Damon Johnson. now lists both Reno Nevada, Hilton AND Kelseyville CA Konocti Harbor for Aug.11. One one the front page, the other on the tour page. Time will tell which is correct.
(Thanks Ryan)

ITN News and Golf365 have a short mentions of the August charity golf thing in Wales.

Tim has posted some pics from the Sheffield show over at

There's some shots of the Dublin show up over at HairMetalIreland courtesy of Steve.

The Steve Wright Radio2 interview from Friday is now online at the BBC site. If you fast forward about 90 minutes (if I recall) you should find it. has the first 'review' I've seen of the awesome Milton Keynes show yesterday. Only a few lines but they seem to agree he was the star of the show!

Alice Golf In Wales 02 Jun 2006

The BBC and other sources are reporting that Alice Cooper is confirmed to take part in the 'All Star Cup', a celebrity golf event organised by TV stars 'Ant and Dec' at the Celtic Manor Resort in Newport, South Wales. The event pits Hollywood A-listers against a team of famous Europeans over the August bank holiday weekend. Apparently members of the royal family have been approached to appear as well. Quote: "Ant and Dec, who will be hosting live coverage of the tournament for ITV1, said they were still in the early stages of putting the teams together but that experienced golfer Alice Cooper was "very excited" about it."

Photos, Adverts and Chucks Studio! 01 Jun 2006

Alice can been seen in a new television commercial for the 'Hall of Frames' stores in Phoenix. Apparentlly it all came about through Cooper's friendship with Jay Kogan, president of the locally owned firm. Reports AZCentral: "They were talking at Alice Cooper'stown, the rocker's Phoenix restaurant, about television and Cooper volunteered to be in the commercial. But the trick was to get it all done that day because he was leaving town. Kogan called some friends in the industry and found some others in the Yellow Pages and put together a crew fast enough to do the commercial in one day. "We've gotten a lot of recognition with Alice Cooper being in these spots," Kogan said."

Bill Crowe has excelled himself again with about 200 amazing photos of the Sheffield gig online now at AliceCooperPics.

Check out to see some more unusual photos of the AC props at one of the recent shows.
(Thanks Steef)

More photos from the Schwung festival have appeared over at and
(Thanks Patrick)

The final band to be added to the 'Monsters Of Rock' Bill are UK band Roadstar.

Voicetrack WestThere's something a little different to check out as well today. Head on over to to see what Mr Chuck Garric gets up to when he's not out on the road with Alice! VoiceTrax West is a recording studio on Ventura Blvd in Studio City, California that specialises in voice overs, radio spots etc and is owned by Chuck and his Fiancee Lindsay Bern. Chuck, a qualified recording engineer, was head engineer at the studio when not on the road and recently had the chance to buy the studio which he did!! Past clients include such internationally famous names as the BBC, NBC, Coke, AT&T, McDonalds, MTV, Sony, Universal and Warner Bros. to name just a few. They also offer classes in voice over training from beginner to advanced levels. You can also check out their MySpace page.

Schwung Festival Coverage 30 May 2006

A quick catch up on news that came in while I was in Sheffield:

The Schwung festival site has a few photos to check out in Gallery 3.

Nieuwsblad has a review of the show (In Dutch). Thanks to Patrick the Alice part translates as: "The shock of the evening had to be Alice Cooper and so it was! The public even fell silent as it looked at the spectacle with growing amazement. Cooper himself was hardly to be heard through the guitar violence. Not everyone could appreciate the dark show ( huh ??) and some started to leave. By doing so they missed a brilliant Poison to end the Schwung 06." There's a small picture of Alice with a mention of “a breathtaking spectacle”. has some cool photos of the show as well. has a review if the show (again in Dutch) with photo.
(Thanks Patrick, Steef, Guy, Remi and several others who sent in the same links)

The Independent has a short mention of Alice online.

New Ecard 27 May 2006

EagleRock have posted a new flash 'Ecard' to advertise both the 'Live In Montreux' DVD (released next week) and the similar Deep Purple DVD. It includes a link to a low resolution clip of 'School's Out' from the Alice DVD.
(Thanks Gabor)

The April issue of Guitar Buyer magazine features article on Ryan Roxie and Damon Johnson, their guitars, and touring being on tour with Alice Cooper.
(Thanks Robbie)

Bizarre Magazine have posted a short Q&A with Alice on their site.
(Thanks David)

European Stuff 26 May 2006

Three different Swedish online stores (Ginza, Discshop and Megastore) have started listing 'The Nightmare Returns' as a DVD to be released in July. Whether this is accurate or not time will tell but they are quoting release dates at the end of July.
(Thanks Maria, Stefan)

DVDcritiques has a review in French of the forthcoming 'Live In Montreux' DVD.
(Thanks François)

According to a post at the 'Nights With Alice Cooper' forum Misstress Kitty is leaving the show as they are planning to take it in "a new direction".

A short article in Dutch has appeared in advance of the tour over at Nieuwsblad.
(Thanks Patrick, Guy)

Alice Not Stoned 25 May 2006

According to the June 6th Bergen, Norway show that Alice Cooper was scheduled to play with The Stones has been postponed due to Keith Richard's unfortunate tree falling incident, presumably meaning Alice won't be able to play any rescheduled show as chances are he won't be in Europe at that time. Rescheduled Stones dates are due in the next few days.

UK Radio 22 May 2006

Alice Cooper is scheduled to appear on the following UK radio show:
2nd June - BBC Radio 2 - Steve Wright Show 2-5pm
2nd June - Planet Rock - Nicky Horne Show  (also the following week) 8-11pm
9th June - Capital Gold - Mike Sweeney's Rock Show 10pm-1am

New Tulsa Show 21 May 2006

Alice Cooper plays in Tulsa, OK at the Brady Theater on August 22nd.
(Thanks James)

Blog Critics have posted what is probably the first review of the forthcoming 'Live In Montreux' DVD.

There's a new 'Monsters Of Rock' Special available from WHSmiths in the UK and it features a couple of pages on Alice. This is not the Classic Rock MOR special, but a different publication.
(Thanks Robert)

Live Webcast? 21 May 2006

The Schwung festival on May 27th is apparently going to be webcast LIVE on from 4pm until midnight (3pm-11pm UK time I think). Hard to tell exactly what they will be broadcasting, the full shows or clips and interviews etc from the site but it could include the full Alice Cooper set as well as all the main acts including Status Quo, Dio, Ted Nugent and Thunder.
(Thanks Patrick)

If you are a member of Emusic you can hear and download the soundtrack from the forthcoming 'Live At Montreux' DVD now on their site. The soundtrack CD of course comes with the DVD when it's released next week so probably not worth new people joining emusic just to download it but if you're a member you can hear it early!
(Thanks kkgalen)

The North West Indiana Times has a new interview with Alice today. guy Kyle MacDonald will be Alice Cooper's special guest on Cooper's radio show 'Nights with Alice Cooper' on Monday May 22nd.

Small Stuff (again) 20 May 2006

Slash (Gun's And Roses/Velvet Revolver) will be Alice Cooper's special guest on Cooper's radio show 'Nights with Alice Cooper' on Tuesday May 23.

More Fargo photos have been added to the photo section courtesy of Eric. Check them out here.

VH-1 (USA) are listing 'Heavy: The Story of Metal: Welcome To My Nightmare' airing on Monday, May 22 at 9:00 pm. The one hours show traces the roots of 'heavy metal' from the late-60's in the 'bombed-out industrial town of Birmingham England' to the spectacular rise of Kiss and "glam metal" in the early 70's and apparently has Alice content. It's the first show in a five part series and as reported earlier there could also be short Alice appearances in later shows.
(Thanks Heather)

Small Stuff 18 May 2006

GettyImage have added a few photos from the recent trip to ND including pics of Alice recording his interview with the OneRedPaperClip guy Kyle MacDonald .
(Thanks Katrina)

The Winnipeg Sun has a good live review and some cool photos.

The Newham Recorder is running a competition to win tickets to the Monsters Of Rock show on June 3rd.

Wagner On Nights 17 May 2006

On Tonights 'Nights With Alice Cooper' Alice will be interviewing 'Welcome To My Nightmare' legend Dick Wagner.

Also:  The Brandon Sun has a good show review.

That Paperclip Again 16 May 2006

Yet more coverage of the red paper clip guy over at including footage of last nights show, a news bulletin and some cool photos.
Also more press (basically the same again) at United Press International, .Ottawa Sun, Fox News, Kare11 and News Interactive.

A short interview has appeared over at the Winnipeg Sun leading up to the show there.

More Alice In Alice 15 May 2006

Alice In Alice, ND (c) Shaun CrowellThanks to Shaun Crowell for sending in some cool pics of Alice receiving his 'key to the city' of Alice, ND yesterday. Click here to see them.

There's still more coverage of Alice's trip to ND today including Okjendis in Norway (with great photo), Nieuwsblad in Belgium, Pioneer Press, Chicago Tribune,, Valley City, and Earvolution. is of course also following Alice's travels leading up to the meeting today.
(Thanks Shaun, E.T., Guy)

And just to be different The Brandon Sun has a completely none-key related short Alice article in the run up to the show there.

More Press Coverage 15 May 2006

More reports, well mostly the same syndicated report actually, on Alice's trip to Alice have appear at the Seattle Post Intellegencer, Yahoo NewsABC NewsPioneer Press, Bismark Tribune, Rapid City Journal, and probably many more. Even the good ol' BBC have covered it.
There's actually a short video of Alice receiving the key and making a few jokes over at YouTube.

Alice On Champaign 15 May 2006

Alice Cooper will be playing at the Virginia Theater in Champaign, Illinois on July 6th. Tickets are on sale now from the venue.
(Thanks Randy)

A Town Called Alice 15 May 2006

A couple more articles have appeared in relation to Alice's appearance in Alice, ND on Monday. Blabbermouth have a list of what Alice will be doing which runs as follows:
12 p.m. CST
Alice Cooper interviews Kyle MacDonald of for "Nights With Alice Cooper"
KKBX "The Box"
1020 25th Street South
Fargo, ND

3:30 p.m. CST
Alice Cooper puts handprints on "Walk of Fame"
Special announcement by Mayors
2001 44th Street SW

9:15 p.m. CST
Alice Cooper rocks Fargo in special concert

10:30 p.m. CST
Unveiling of the GIANT Red Paperclip
Civic Center Auditorium
207 4th Street North
Fargo, ND

The Grand Forks Herald also has another story on the trip with views from some of the locals.

Insight Cable on Demand is offering "School's Out" as a guitar lesson in it's "Mag Rack" selection. The show is about 30 minutes long and features someone teaching you how to play the song.
(Thanks Devon)

Nights In Oz 13 May 2006

Some good news for Australian fans. Radio station 96FM has started airing 'Nights with Alice Cooper' from 10PM to Midnight. Only 2 hours of a five hour show but better then nothing!
(Thanks Space Pirate)

The 1,000th issue of Rolling Stone Magazine has a small mention of Alice Cooper relating to classic Rolling Stone covers.

Small Stuff 12 May 2006 has a competition running to win copies of the forthcoming 'Live In Montreux' DVD over at their site.

Grand Forks Herald has a short, positive, mention today.

TotalRock reports that "'80s melodic hard rockers" Winger have re-formed, and are planning to release a new studio album in October, through Frontiers. Winger of course fature Ex-Alice Cooper bassist/vocalist Kip Winger and guitarist Reb Beach along with drummer Rod Morgenstein, guitarist/vocalist John Roth and keyboard player Cenk Eroglu. A full world tour is expected to coincide with the as yet untitled record's release.

Alice For Horrorfest 10 May 2006

Alice Cooper has been announced as the 'horror guest of honour' at 'Rue Morgue's Festival Of Fear', part of 'Fan Expo 2006' in Toronto Convention Center, Toronto, Canada on September 1st-3rd. Also appearing at the event are a host of horror stars including Guillermo Del Toro, Jeffrey Combs, Roddy Piper, and Michael Berryman. Tickets are available now.
(Thanks Horrorholic)

Also: The CNW Group site has a story about Alice's return to North Dakota, the town of Alice, and that one red paper clip trade off with quotes forom Alice..

Alice gets Stoned 08 May 2006

While there still doesn't seem to be any official confirmation in the form of adverts etc yet (at least that I've found) it appears the rumours that Alice Cooper is opening for The Rolling Stones are true. A member of the band mentioned it a few days ago and Alice reportedly confirmed it on tonights 'Nights With Alice Cooper' show. It's happening at  the Bergen Show in Norway on June 6th but the show is reportedly already sold out!

Also: The Record has a short interview with Alice today in which Alice comments on the Hall Of Shame among other things.

Blabbermouth reports that two videos from the Ottawa on Saturday, May 6 have been posted online at The clips are 'Dirty Diamonds' and 'The Awakening/Steven'.

Small Press 08 May 2006

A few press mentions today.
The Ottawa Sun has a positive show review describing Alice as being in "peak form".

The Toronto Star runs a story which recounts the chicken incident from an eyewitness.

The Record has an interview with Brian Vollmer, singer with Helix who are supporting Alice Cooper at some shows in Canada. The interview covers how big an Alice fan Vollmer is and how influential Alice was on him.

Damon Johnson News 06 May 2006

Slave to The System, featuring current Alice Cooper guitarist Damon Johnson, have issued the following press release:
            "A huge word of thanks to everyone that attended the shows in the month of April (as well as February). The band had a great time getting to talk to many of you in person and are continuing to put more show dates together for the summer, schedules permitting. As has been rumored, the band has 10 new songs already recorded and mixed for the follow-up to the debut album, and the band hopes to have a sophomore release out within the next 8 to 12 months. More news and updates coming, and be looking for a 'Slave to the System Store' at with good deals on t-shirts, pictures, CDs, and other paraphenalia. Finally, don't forget to continue to request STTS at rock radio. The band made a great impact with 'Stigmata' and want to build on that momentum as they continue forward."

CBC.Ca has a short news story about a guy who got to play golf with Alice in New Brunswick recently.

A new Ryan Roxie Interview can be found over at
(Thanks Kostas)

New Shows Announced 05 May 2006

June 6th - Bergan, Norway Koengen
July 1st - Cedar Rapids, IA, Paramount Theatre
July 8th - Columbus, OH, Lifestyle Communities Pavilion
July 11th - Wabash, IN, Honeywell Center
July 14th - Waujegan, IL, Genesee Theatre
July 15th - Merrillville, IN, Star Plaza Theatre
July 18th - Indianapolis, IN, Celebration Ampitheatre
July 20th - Dayton, OH, Fraze Pavillion
August 6th - Billings, MT, Grandstand at Metra Park
August 15th or 16th - Anaheim, CA, The Grove
August 17th - Cabazon, CA, Morongo Casino
August 18th - Yuma, AZ, Paradise Casino

Tentative Halloween Dates

October 13th - Oneida, WI, Casino
October 15th - Evansville, IN, Victory Theatre
October 20th - Atlantic City, NJ, House of Blues
October 21st  - Boston, MA, Orpheum
October 22nd - New York City, NY, Nokia Theatre
October 27-28th - Niagara Falls, ON, Fallsview Casino
October 29th - Montreal, QC,  Metropolis
October 31st - Mashantucket, CT,  Foxwoods

Reviews and Personal Appearance 04 May 2006

A couple of reviews from the Canadian tour have surfaced. One in the Halifax Daily News and another in the Halifax Chronicle Herald.

The Enderlin Independent reports that Alice will recieve the keys to the city of Alice in North Dakota on May 14th (Mothers Day in the USA). Alice (the man, not the City) will arrive in town between the hours of 2:00-6:00 p.m.
Call After U Bar, 689-6569 for more information on Alice’s trip to Alice.

Norway Show Added 03 May 2006

A new show has appeared for June 7th 2006 at the Tennishallen, Stavanger, Norway as part of the Folken Festival.

Also: On May 13th, Dennis Dunaway and Andy Hilfiger will be judging the Classic Battle of the Bands at Bendheim Performing Arts Center in Larchmont, N.Y.

Cooper, Wagner and Quatro?? 01 May 2006

Dick Wagner has added some interesting news to his site. As we already knew he's been writing some new material with Alice recently but while there he also recorded an interview for 'Nights with Alice Cooper' and is currently "in the process of scheduling sessions for my production of a recording of Alice Cooper and Suzi Quatro doing a duet. It’s a song Suzi and I wrote together. This could be a real blockbuster. I am excited...very excited."
(Thanks Devon)

Sunday News 30 Apr 2006

Rock Mountain News has a feature on rockstars on the radio which includes quotes from Alice Cooper.

The running order for the Milton Keynes Monsters Of Rock Festival has been announced so for anyone going here it is:
11.30am Doors open
1.00pm - 1.30pm Opening act
1.45pm - 2.30pm Ted Nugent
2.50pm - 3.40pm Queensryche
4.00pm - 5.00pm Thunder
5.25pm - 6.35pm Journey
7.00pm - 8.30pm Alice Cooper
9.00pm - 10.30pm Deep Purple
(Thanks Rob)

BBC News reports that tickets have gone on sale for the Isle of Man show next month, the first time Alice has ever played in the Isle Of Man.

The Swung Festival has put a new advert up on their site which features Alice and you can find here. They are also running a poll to see who people are going to the festival to see. Alice is currently in second place so get voting!
(Thanks Patrick, Luc)

An Edmonton, Canada newspaper today featured a political cartoon suggesting Alice should run for office. You can check it out here.
(Thanks Steve)

New German Show 29 Apr 2006

Alice Cooper will be playing in Augsburg, Germany on June 13th, 2006 as part of the Augsburg Megasommer festival. Tickets are on sale now.

Friday Press 28 Apr 2006

The East Valley Tribune has a short interview relating to the success of this years golf tournement which apparently brought the overall total raised by the annual event to $1.5 million!
(Thanks Maggie)

The new issue of Classic Rock Magazine (UK) has a Alice Cooper feature and photos. It shoudl hit the newstand i the next week or so.
(Thanks Brian)

Broadcast Newsroom has mention that Alice will appear on a new VH-1 show of greatest "metal" songs which is part of a "metal" week on the channel. The show premiers on Monday at 10PM with 'I'm Eighteen' at number 39 in the top 40.

The St Johns Telegram also has an interview with Alice promoting the show there.

Alice and son Dash were apparently on 'Good Morning Arizona this week to promote a mini-tour by Runaway Phoenix, Dash's band.
(Thanks PsychoPat)

Lastly (for the moment) new guitarist Kerri Kelli's Official Site has been completely revamped and is well worth checking out to find out more about the new guy who makes his debut with Alice Cooper on Monday.

New Show Announced 27 Apr 2006

Alice Cooper plays Stranahan Theatre, Toledo, OH on the 9th July. Tickets go on sale tomorrow at 10AM.

Also: The Halifax Chronicle has a new interview with Alice promoting the forthcoming show there.

Trading Up! 26 Apr 2006

In what we used to call a "only in America" story comes news today of a guy who has a scheme to get his own house, with a difference. Apparently he's trading up, starting from a paperclip, and has now reached "an afternoon with Alice Cooper"!! Rather then to go into detail here check out the story, and also the background to it at C-Net. Definitly one of the stranger stories STUK has reported on!

Elsewhere: have finally sorted out their "Live In Montreux" page by adding a pre-order link. Just click on the link (US or UK) in the banner above which also shows the cover of the new DVD that has been posted at EagleRock.

Also: Dublinks has a short article based around Alice's return to Dublin next month and Blabbermouth has a short article based around the Cooper Golf Tournament and Alice's dancing prowess - "I can dance better than Napoleon Dynamite, you know? I just never show it. To win my, my wife, I had to go to Fire Island (in New York) with a bunch of Italian guys and literally dress like they did in 'Saturday Night Fever', and disco, and hustle - learn to hustle. When she realized that I went to that extent to win her over, then she never made me dance again. But I can dance."

Small Stuff 25 Apr 2006

The Arizona Republic has a short story on Disco Alice and this years Golf Tournement. Also, Alice appeared on stage with Dash Cooper and Runaway Phoenix yesterday at the event at Cooperstown, singing backing vocals on 'Eighteen'.

There's a new 'Nights With Alice Cooper' demo MP3 up at United Stations.
(Thanks Steven)

Alice is also currently appearing in an advert for 'Longhorn Steakhouse' in the USA. Not seen it yet so can't really add anything!

DVD and Pudding News 24 Apr 2006

The forthcoming 'Live In Montreux' DVD is now listed on for pre-order. Click here to preorder, at least it SAYS you can pre-order, but they don't seem to have much info there yet! The DVD is released on May 30th in the USA.

Last night at this years Golf tournament launch Alice announced that this years Christmas Pudding show will be on December 16th. Also in attendence were Dick Wagner and Fee Waybill (The Tubes). whatsnewwithalicecooper has some pics from the event.
(Thanks PsychoPat) has a promo up for 'Ten Hottest in Phoenix' It's a video clip and the first fifteen seconds feature Alice.
(Thanks Zoogirl)

Small Stuff 23 Apr 2006

WorldNetDaily has a short interview with Alice about Religion..

MuchMoreMusic in Canada is repeating their Alice Cooper 'Story Of...' show at 10:00pm EST on April 28th and 2:00pm EST on April 29th for anyone who missed it before.
(Thanks Zoogirl)

Help Out Runaway Phoenix 20 Apr 2006

Runaway Phoenix, the band featuring Alice's son Dash Cooper, are asking for a little help from all the Cooper fans out there. Here's the deal:

"Hello Runaway Phoenix here, we are asking for your help.  We recently wrote a song for Samuel L Jackson's new movie "Snakes on a Plane" and we need people to vote to get our song in the movie.  Both Dash and his DAD Alice would love it if you could go to, sign up (it's free) and then vote for the song by going to and clicking where it says "vote for you favorite song".
Thanks for all the support youve giving Alice over the years and the support you will no doubtably give to his sons band Runaway Phoenix.
-Chiko and Dash"

I'm sure everyone can realise how important it could be for a young band to get a song on a movie soundtrack, it could be a huge break, so if everyone could take a couple of minutes to help them out it would be really appriciated. Once you click on the 'vote for you favorite song' button, select "rock" as the genre and keep clicking on "next" until you find 'Runaway Phoenix' to vote.

Press and Stuff 20 Apr 2006

The march issue of 'Total Guitar Magazine' (UK) features Alice on the cover and 'Poison' as a featured tutorial for all budding Ryan Roxies out there.
(Thanks Steef)

Sweden Rock Magazine has some Alice Cooper content including a 70s pic.
(Thanks Maria)

In slightly bizarre news reports that 'Indiepolitik', a Toronto-based group of indie musicians who raise money for charity, is planning to play 'School's Out' for six hours, non-stop, at a local nightclub on thursday. Participants can either pay a $5 entrance fee to hear the heavy metal loop in the club or collect pledges based on how long they endure the song. All the money raised will go to the Regent Park School of Music, which offers subsidized classes to children in a crime-ridden area of the city. More info at

New Shows Announced 18 Apr 2006

A few new shows have been announced for both Europe and the USA:
June 9th 2006  Fredrikshavn, Denmark Arena Nord
June 12th 2006 Grefrath, Germany, Sporthalle
June 17th 2006 Grafenhainichen, Germany, Ferropolis
Aug 11th 2006 Kelseyville CA Konocti Harbor
Aug 19th 2006 Tucson AZ KLPX Radio Event

Alice will make a brief appearance on "The Weather Channel" in the USA on a show called "Top 10" or something similar, about the most extreme cities when it comes to weather. The advert showed a brief clip of Alice giving an interview about weather conditions (presumably in Phoenix). The show will air in the U.S. next Monday at 9 P.M. EST.
(Thanks Devon)

Damon Johnson (who seems to be chatting to everybody at the moment!!) has a new interview over at including some Alice content. In it he confirms that Kerri Kelli will be playing guitar on the forthcoming Alice dates replacing Ryan Roxie.

TV and Goldmine 17 Apr 2006

Alice Cooper filmed a "very brief" cameo appearance on the TV detective show, "Monk".  No air date has been announced as of yet. You can find out more about "Monk" here.

Alice will also be on the cover of the next issue of Goldmine, #672, on sale April 28 which will include a new interview. Here's what they say in the previous issue's advert:
"Alice Cooper is, of course, the original shock rocker.  What people don't give him enough credit for is his David Bowie-like ability to bravely and provocatively re-create himself.  Even in the early days of wearing makeup, snake handling and the billion dollar babies, Cooper always had a deep understanding of entertainment that left his less cerebral competitors shaking their heads at his brilliant rock 'n' roll moves. This intelligence and good humor are evident in Goldmine's wide-ranging chat with Alice, aka Vincent Furnier. As a bonus, Cameron Strang, the boss of Cooper's label, New West Records, explains why Alice has found a home with a label best known for roots-rock."

Alice Cooper drummer Eric Singer can be heard playing drums on the song 'Sweet Victory' which was featured in the 'Sponge Bob Squarepants' episode 'Band Geeks'. The song, written by Bob Kulick and David Glen Eisley, also appears on the SpongeBob CD, 'The Yellow Album'. During the episode the character Patrick is seen playing the drums to Eric's track.

Also: Ex-Alice Cooper Songwriter/Producer/Bass player Erik Scott has just launched his new official site which is well worth checking out at

Nights With Neal Smith 14 Apr 2006

The one and only Neal Smith will be Alice's guest on 'Nights With Alice Cooper'. The interview, recorded last week, will air on Thursday April 27th.

Also: have a short interview with Damon Johnson about Slave To The System.

More Calico 12 Apr 2006

The film 'Scarlet Fry's Junkfood Horrorfest' featuring Calico Cooper, will be re-vamped & re-released this summer with more Calico footage & more music from Ryan Roxie. Calico's scene currently opens the film, but the producers have decided to extended it so have taken all the footage and have re-edited her scenes including additional footage of Calico (never before seen) which will be strung out throughout the film. That way Calico can be seen during the whole movie not just the begining, The new version of Junkfood Horrorfest will also feature more music from Ryan Roxie and will be available worlwide this summer. The new version will be distributed by Brain Damage Films this June.

Lestat 10 Apr 2006

I forgot to list this in a previous news update. Alice attended the new 'Lestat' stage play (with music by Elton John and Bernie Taupin and designs by TLT cover artist Dave McKean) a couple of weeks ago in New York and you can see a little bit of footage of him backstage with the stars at

Puppy 08 Apr 2006

As previously reported 'Puppy' is the new no-budget horror flick staringh Calico Cooper. The movie now has a MySpace page which includes a movie trailer (if you can get it to work) and a short interview with Calico.

New US Shows 08 Apr 2006

July 2nd Muskegon, MI Muskegon - Summer Celebration
July 13nd Walker, MN - Moondance Jam 15
August 24th Detroit, MI - Michigan State Fair

Small Stuff 06 Apr 2006

Joe Bouchard (B.D.S.) and Patti Gesmondi will be playing shows at the Eastside Tavern in Torrington, CT on May 19th, June 30th and August 4th.

Wireimage have posted some pics of Alice at the Celebrity Pro-Am at the Kraft Nabisco Championships.
(Thanks Katrina)

Rather surprisingly according to Empire Magazine the 'A Headbangers Journey' movie reported months ago seems to have managed to get a limited theatrical release in the UK so check local listings. Alice appears in the documentary.
(Thanks John)

Alice Goes Racing! 03 Apr 2006

According to the BBC Alice Cooper will be playing a show at The Villa, in Douglas, Isle Of Man on June 1st as part of this years TT Bike event. Lou Reed is also playing shows. Isle Of Man Tourism Minister David Cretney said "It's a lot of hard work behind the scenes, but we are absolutely delighted - I'm certainly very delighted - that we've got to this stage and it certainly enhances what is going on at TT time."
Tickets will go on sale in the next few weeks.

Classic Rock + Photos 03 Apr 2006

This months Classic Rock Magazine has a review of the Deep Purple / Alice Cooper gig from Munich, at which the reviewer says Alice walked away with the honours. It includes a couple of photos.
(Thanks Baz)

Also: has posted a few photos from the Mannheim show.
(Thanks Devon)

The Quiet Room 01 Apr 2006

It's been a quiet few days but here's a couple of small things of note.
Eugene Landy, the psychologist who gained notoriety for his controversial treatment of and control over Beach Boys legend Brian Wilson but who also treated Alice Cooper during his alcohol days died March 22 in Honolulu of respiratory complications of lung cancer. He was 71. Full info at the here.

There's a positive review of 'Pretties For You' on Romania's "Muzici si Faze" A magazine of musical culture and archaeology!

ContactMusic have a small item with an Alice quote about still dating Sheryl.

Live In Montreux Details 28 Mar 2006

Now Available for pre-order from AmazonUK is 'Alice Cooper - Live In Montreux 2005', the long awaited DVD from the 'Dirty Diamonds' tour. It's due 29th May in Europe while the US has to wait a whole extra day for their version which is due May 30th (but isn't listed on Amazon yet). Eagle Rock US have confirmed the tracklisting for both the DVD and the CD (which comes with the DVD) as follows:

DVD: 1. Department of Youth / 2. No More Mr. Nice Guy / 3. Dirty Diamonds / 4. Billion Dollar Babies / 5. Be My Lover / 6. Lost in America / 7. I Never Cry / 8. Woman of Mass Destruction / 9. I’m Eighteen / 10. Between High School and The Old School / 11. What Do You Want From Me? / 12. Is it My Body? / 13. Go to Hell / 14. The Black Widow / 15. Gimme / 16. Feed My Frankenstein / 17. Welcome To My Nightmare / 18. The Awakening / 19. Steven / 20. Only Women Bleed / 21. Ballad of Dwight Fry / 22. Killer / 23. I Love the Dead / 24. School’s Out / 25. Poison / 26. Wish I Were Born in Beverly Hills / 27. Under My Wheels

CD: 1. Department of Youth / 2. No More Mr. Nice Guy / 3. Dirty Diamonds / 4. Billion Dollar Babies / 5. Be My Lover / 6. Lost in America / 7. I Never Cry / 8. Woman of Mass Destruction / 9. I’m Eighteen / 10. Between High School and The Old School / 11. What Do You Want From Me? / 12. Is it My Body? / 13. Gimme / 14. Feed My Frankenstein / 15. Welcome To My Nightmare / 16. School’s Out / 17. Poison / 18. Wish I Were Born in Beverly Hills / 19. Under My Wheels

Also: PlanetRock aired an interview with Alice on Saturday. It was part of the Nicky Horne show and was actually a repeat if an interview he did with Alice in 1978!

STTS On The Road 27 Mar 2006

Alice Cooper guitarist Damon Johnson and Slave To The System have announced some more shows for April as follows:
April 7th - Big E's - Edgerton, WI
April 8th - Harpo's - Detroit MI (w/ BUCKCHERRY)
April 9th - The Intersection - Grand Rapids, MI
April 12th - The Temple Club - Lansing, MI
April 13th - Planet Rock - Battle Creek, MI
April 14th - Piere's - Fort Wayne, IN
April 15th - The Machine Shop - Flint, MI

Another UK Show 24 Mar 2006

Ticketmaster are now showing ANOTHER UK show for Sheffield City Hall on May 29th. Tickets went on sale this morning.

Also: There's a new Kane Roberts interview over at Rockeyez with Alice content.

Alice in Dublin 23 Mar 2006

It seems the rumoured Dublin show has now been confirmed as May 31st at Vicar Street, Dublin. Tickets on sale on March 30th. Full info here.

New German Dates 23 Mar 2006

Two new German dates have appeared:
15th June 2006 Bonn, Deutschland, Museumsplatz
16th June 2006 Dischingen, Deutschland, Rock am Härtsfeldsee
(Thanks Gerhard, Petra)

"The Unbelieveable Truth" 22 Mar 2006

(c) Bill CroweRumours have been circulating for a few days now that Ryan Roxie is leaving the Alice Cooper band but I wanted to wait for something official before posting the sad news. So here we go:

"After much thought and deliberation, guitarist Ryan Roxie has decided to forgo his six-string gunslinger duties for Alice Cooper to concentrate on becoming a Shoe Cobbler.....namely, Swedish Clogs. Although Mr. Roxie has no interest in shoes, his fasination with wood is unparalled...... But seriously, Roxie is taking time to be with his family and would really like to be able to play for the Godfather of Shock Rock again in the future. The Alice Cooper Rock Show will remain to be one of the most fun and entertaining shows out there mainly for one reason: ALICE COOPER! Roxie is just happy that he's had the opportunity to play for the Man in Black (black eye make-up that is) on and off for the past 10 years. He'd also like to wish Alice, the Band, and the die-hard fans good golf, great poker, and the best rock n roll tour imaginable in 2006......."
J.J. King-press secretary for Mr. Roxie

So there it is. This does NOT mean it's definitly the end for the Alice and Roxie show. My understanding is that after all these years it's just time for a father and husband to take a break and to spend some quality time with his family, something I'm sure fans can understand, and that next year Roxie will hopefully return to take his rightful place stage left. It certainly won't be the same without him.

Obviously STUK will continue to cover all Roxie related news and everyone here wishes him all the best, and we just hope this will allow him enough time to complete a new Roxie77 album!!

So who will replace the irreplacable? Current favourite for the job is Keri Kelli, who played with Ryan in Slash's Snakepit and Dad's Porno Mag and had stints with Ratt, Warrant, Skid Row, Adler's Appetite, Pretty Boy Floyd, and Tuff amongst others, as well as being a well known face on the L.A. scene. Check out Keri at
More when I get it.

Alice in Bulgaria? 21 Mar 2006

According to and a couple of other sites Alice Cooper will be performing in Kavarna, Bulgaria on June 30th with Dio. This clashes with an already announced US show in St. Pauls, MN so it looks unlikely this is correct. More if I get it.

Also: Queensryche have been officially added to the bill of the Monsters Of Rock festival in June at the Milton Keynes Bowl.

KNAC have a new interview with Damon Johnson with Alice content.

There's a new 'Nights With Alice Cooper' demo mp3 for March here.
(Thanks Steven)

New Golf Ad 15 Mar 2006

According to Alice Cooper has recorded a new radio spot with Golf star Annika Sorenstam. The advert has the couple "comparing notes on equipment, tours, fans and talents. The spot contrasting a rock tour and the LPGA Tour will first be used to promote the Kraft Nabisco Championship, which will be held March 30-April 2 in Rancho Mirage, Calif."
(Thanks StE)

Also: For anyone who missed the Neal Smith interview that is running on WPS1 this week, the station have posted the whole show in their archives here. Beware though if you have a slow connection. The file is 60meg and too fast for streaming.

Neal Smith and Eric Singer Interviews 13 Mar 2006

Neal Smith will be interviewed on's "Living History" this week. Dates and times are as follows:
Monday 3/13: Midnight and 12:00 PM (Noon)
Wednesday 3/15: 10:00 AM / 10:00 PM
Thursday 3/16: 3:00 AM / 3:00 PM
Friday 3/17: 8:00 AM/ 8:00 PM
Saturday 3/18: 1:00 AM / 1:00 PM
Sunday 3/19: 6:00 AM/ 6:00 PM
All times are EST. They have a netfeed.

Also: There's a short Eric Singer interview over at Rockpages with Alice content.

Singer/Garric in Oz 10 Mar 2006

E.S.P., The Eric Singer Project, will be out on the road in Australia in April. This time along with Eric the band will feature Alice Cooper bassist Chuck Garric along with former KISS guitarist Bruce Kulick and John Corabi on vocals. This reunites 3/4 of UNION who stormed the UK late last year with Singer himself being the only difference. The shows scheduled to date are:
April 19th - The Prince of Wales in Melbourne, Australia
April 21st - The Marquee in Sydney, Australia
April 22nd - The Marquee in Sydney, Australia (To Be Confirmed)
Also while I'm reporting on band members check out's news page for a couple of video clips of Union live in Germany, one featuring Mr Garric on vocals. Then skip over to Rockandrollallnite to see pics of ESP over in Japan last month for a Kiss Expo where they were joined onstage by Richie Scarlet and Bob Kulick.

Also: Alice himself will apparently show up during 'Best Ever Muppet Moments' on ITV1 (UK) tomorrow at 7pm. This appears to be a new show and not a repeat of the 'I Love The Muppets' show from a while back.
(Thanks Maggie)

Small Stuff 09 Mar 2006 has a mention of a new DVD called 'Radio Revolution: The Rise And Fall of the Big 8" which has some Alice content. The film is a documentary about a Ontario radio station and features short interview appearances by Alice. It's out now in the USA.

Also a quick reminder to check out Welcome To My Nightmare guitarist Steve Hunter's new site which can be found at

Alice for Belgium 09 Mar 2006

Alice Cooper has been announced as closing the Schwung 2006 festival at Expohallen Roeselare in Belgium on May 27th. Also on the bill are Status Quo, Ted Nugent, Dio, Thunder and others. Tickets appear to be on sale now.
(Thanks Steven)

Alice in Brazil? (UPDATED) 06 Mar 2006

According to Toni Productions Alice Cooper will be playing a show in Salvador da Bahia, Brazil on November 11th at Casa Espetaculo. Tickets seem on sale at the Toni site now. If this is correct it's unlikely there would be only one South American show.
(Thanks Sergio)

UPDATE: lists the above show and a second Brazillian show: "Proximas Giras, Brazil" for November 10th 2006.
(Thanks Steef)

New US Shows 06 Mar 2006

According to New West's website, the following U.S. dates have been announced:

June 30th - St. Paul, MN   
July 3rd - Milwaukee, WI   
July 7th - Ionia, MI   
July 21st - Fond du Lac, WI   
July 22nd - London, ON   
August 6th - Sturgis, SD   
August 8th - Ridgefield, WA   
August 9th - Roseburg, OR
(Thanks Devon)

Also: now have a review and pics from the Berlin show online.
(Thanks Kostas)

Greek Interview 04 Mar 2006

The March issue of 'Metal Hammer' in Greece has two pages on Alice Cooper, one is an interview and the other a pic. The text is in Greek but you can see it and the pics here. Also 'Rock Hard' magazine has a one page feature on Damon Johnson and Slave To The System.
(Thanks Kostas)
UPDATE: There'is and English version of the Alice interview here.

Photos 03 Mar 2006

Check out WMGK for some photos of Alice at the radio station yesterday and Philidelphia Daily has a short report of the meet and greet afterwards with a couple of Alice quotes. has photos from the Mannheim show.
(Thanks Steef)

The John Debello Show 02 Mar 2006

As mentioned yesterday Alice was on the John DeBella Show on WMGK this morning for over an hour in total in the run up to the NWAC radio show launching on the station tonight. DeBella does podcasts of his shows which are available at the WMGK site but in case he doesn't include all of Alice's bits click here to listen to an rough edited version.

Also:  Pollstar has a short announcement about the forthcoming Canadian tour that went on sale some weeks ago.

US Radio Tomorrow 02 Mar 2006

Alice will be the special guest on the 'John Debella Show' on WMGK tomorrow morning between 6-9am EST (11am-2pm UK). The station has a netfeed at their site.
(Thanks Steef)

The Canadian Jewish News has an article about Bob Ezrin's induction into the Canadian Music Hall Of Fame including some Alice Cooper content.

Press and Pics 01 Mar 2006

Blogcritics has a new article based around the success of the 'Nights With Alice Cooper' radio show.

Undercover has a short mention of the radio show's arrival at WMGK. has posted some pics of Damon and Ryan onstage with Deep Purple in Munich.
(Thanks Jollyjon) has posted some pics of Damon Johnson's band Slave To The System from the recent shows.
(Thanks Chas)

More Monsters 28 Feb 2006

Journey, Thunder and Ted Nugent have been officially announced as playing the Monsters Of Rock festival at Milton Keynes bowl in June which will be headlined by Deep Purple and Alice Cooper.

Personal Appearance in Philly 28 Feb 2006

Philidelphia station WMGK starts to air 'Nights With Alice Cooper beginning Thursday, March 2. To welcome him to Philadelphia Alice will be appearing this Thursday from 1:00pm to 3:00pm at Chickie's & Pete's, located at 1526 Packer Avenue in South Philadelphia.

SickthingsUK will be the subject of a new weekly feature called "Website's That Rock" on United Rock Radio at This is a new feature on the Double DJ (Devon/Wickedyoungman) show and will highlight various fan made/tribute rock websites that are worth talking about, along with the artists of whom they are dedicated to, including some background on the site and artists. Along with talking about the website, He'll be playing several more unusual Alice Cooper songs.
Devon would like to take requests from the visitors before Tuesday Night at and they should be played on the air. The show airs Wednesday Night at Midnight E.S.T. at

DDP Update 26 Feb 2006

Dennis Dunaway has sent through an album update to the BDS mailing list. The DDP album is heading towards completion. "Six songs are ready to mix. Five more are very close and one is
straggling. The new technology allows us to zero in on mixes as we go but Ingo and Silli Geirdal (from Iceland who worked on the more recent Michael Bruce CD's) are going to mix it as well and then we will choose the best."

Alice Cooper will appear on UK TV during 'Kings Of Glam', a documentary about Glam Rock. It airs on March 3rd at 10.35 on BBC1.
(Thanks Rob, Leighton)

Timar has posted 30 photos from the Mannheim, Germany show over at Mercury666.

More Damon News 24 Feb 2006

Damon Johnson's band Slave To The System will be appearing on Rockline on Monday March 20th. According to Blabbermouth the band will also be performing live in the studio! The live show begins at 8:30 p.m. PT / 11:30 p.m. ET, and fans are encouraged to call in with questions during the program at (800) 344-ROCK (7625). To find a station near you, check out
The band will also be playing the following live shows:
Saturday Feb. 25th at The Swamp in Fort Walton Beach, Florida
Monday Feb. 27th at the Ridgeport Pub in Naples, Florida
Wednesday March 1st at Sammy T's in Huntsville, Alabama.
Also check out this short Damon interview at the Mongomery Advertiser.

Also: There's a interview with Alice Cooper in this month´s issue of the Brazilian magazine 'Rock Brigade' in which he talks about the new album, rockstars as characters on stage, his first tour in Brazil in the 70´s plus some other stuff. The magazine has a website here.
(Thanks Neimar)

There's a review of the Mannheim show here.
(Thanks Steef)

Extra Date 23 Feb 2006

According to Ticketmaster Alice has added an extra show in Fargo, ND during the Canadian dates in May. The show is at the Civic Centre Memorial Auditorium and tickets go on sale March 10th.
(Thanks Mike)

Fresh home from Germany Bill Crowe has done it again with some amazing photos of the last two shows with Deep Purple. Check them out now over at AliceCooperPics. There's even a pic of Damon AND Ryan on stage with Deep Purple on the last night of the tour!

There's a new demo of the 'Nights With Alice Cooper' radio show up at United Stations.
(Thanks ikbenalicefan), the official site of the annual Alice Cooper Golf Tournament has been updated to show this years theme which has Alice as a Disco star!!!
(Thanks Pat)

New Roxie Podcast! 21 Feb 2006

Roxie's Big Rock Show #7 is now available to download. In this episode Roxie delves into the past and pontificates about the present and future state of the entire Alice Cooper touring guitarist arsenal. Plus special interview with current AC gunslinger Damon Johnson there's and also an exclusive unreleased track, 'Consquence of the City', from the Roxie Vault featuring Eric Dover on vocals.
You can download it here.

Also: has some pics online from the Mannheim show.

The Bigger Picture 21 Feb 2006

As forewarned Alice made an appearance on 'The Bigger Picture With Graham Norton' this evening on BBC1. The new 30 minute show is a satirical look at current news stories and Alice's main commentary was on Bird Flu, connecting it to the chicken incident. He was on the stage all through the show and made various other comments during the show. Click here to see edited highlights (slow connections should right-click and 'Save as'). Warning: some adult(ish) content.

Small Stuff 19 Feb 2006

Alice will be featured oon Norwegian show 'Lydverket' on NRK1, March 1st at 11.10pm. Also on the show are Bill Aucoin and Mortis. has posted a few pics of Eric on the current German dates here. Takt magazine also has some pics and has a review (in german) with pics.
(Thanks Devon, Jollyjon, Petra)

'Rock and Folk' magazine in France has a 1 page article and full page pic about the release of 'Good To See You Again, Alice Cooper' in the current issue.
(Thanks Patrick)

Small Stuff 17 Feb 2006

Today's London Metro newspaper has a review of 'Good To See You Again, Alice Cooper' including a pic.
(Thanks Des)

I may have mentioned this before but there's a new Damon Johnson interview (with Alice content) over at Rock Confidential.
(Thanks Devon)

Damon And Purple 16 Feb 2006

Alice Cooper guitarist Damon Johnson joined Deep Purple onstage at the Trier, Germany show on February 14th for 'Smoke On The Water'. You can see a photo at The Highway Star site.

A couple of German reviews have surfaced at and hr-online.
(Thanks Steef)

A review from 'Good To See You Again, Alice Cooper' can be found at
(Thanks Jan)

UK TV 16 Feb 2006

Alice Cooper will be appearing on "The Bigger Picture with Graham Norton". which airs in the UK on BBC One at 22.35 on 20th February.

Sweden Rock 15 Feb 2006

Alice Cooper has been added to the bill of the Sweden Rock festival which takes place June 8th-10th in Solvesborg, Sweden. It hasn't been confirmed which night he will be playing. Other bands on the bill include Deep Purple, Whitesnake, Journey, Molly Hatchet, WASP, Sensational Alex Harvey Band, and loads more. Check out the official festival site here.
(Thanks Bjorn)

Steve Hunter Online 15 Feb 2006 is finally online, the official site of the legendary 70's Alice Cooper guitar player.It's still pretty basic at the moment but certainly worth having a look at. has a review (in german) and photo of the Kiel show last week.
(Thanks Steef)

'Live In Montreux' DVD 11 Feb 2006

A little news on the forthcoming 'Live in Montreux' DVD. According to it is set to be a CD/DVD double release (i.e. the release will include the show on both DVD and CD like the reissue of 'Brutally Live') and is due for release on May 22nd in Europe (obviously subject to change and not officially confirmed). The show, recorded near the beginning of the 'Dirty Diamonds' tour at the Montreux Jazz festival on July 12th 2005, is expected to include the full show so the track list should look very like this:
Department Of Youth (part) / No More Mr Nice Guy / Dirty Diamonds / Billion Dollar Babies / Be My Lover / Lost In America / I Never Cry / Woman Of Mass Distraction / Eighteen / Between High School and Old School / What Do You Want From Me / Is It My Body / Go To Hell / Black Widow Jam (Inc. Drum solo) / Gimme / Feed My Frankenstein / Welcome To My Nightmare / "The Piece" (Includes The Awakening / Steven / Only Women Bleed / Steven / Ballad Of Dwight Fry / Killer) / I Love The Dead (Band vocal only) / School's Out / Poison / Wish I Were Born in Beverly Hills / Under My Wheels
Alice also recorded a special interview for the release. More info when I get it.

Also: Wireimage has a few small photos from the Katrina benefit in LA at the beginning of the month.
(Thanks NotSoPerfect)

I don't normally mention auctions but Neal Smith himself has an interesting item up on Ebay right now. It's one of the two original mirrorballs from the 1973 'Billion Dollar Babies' tour stage set. A real collectors item!
(Thanks Gail)

Site News: The site has had a few server problems over the last couple of weeks. I'm afraid this is related to updates at the site host and there isn't a whole lot I can do about it. Mostly it seems to be very temporary and the host are actively working on fixing the problem so hopefully everything will be back to normal soon.

Damon Johnson Interview 09 Feb 2006

Damon JohnsonIn the first of this years STUK interviews we chat to the newest member of the Alice Cooper band, guitarist & songwriter Damon Johnson, about Brother Cane, The Welfare, Sammy Hagar, Santana and loads more. Damon's new band Slave To The System have their new album is released this month (and highly recommended) which seemed the perfect time to find out all about the new guy who's making his mark onstage with Alice right now in Germany. Check it out here!

Also: There's a review of the 'Good To See You Again, Alice Cooper' DVD in the new March issue of 'Classic Rock' magazine which just hit the stands in the UK.
(Thanks Dave)

Swedish show 'Rundgång' which is showing on Wednesday 15th February features an interview with Alice subtitled 'the myths about him'. For more info check out this site. The good news for those outside Sweden is that ALL episodes of 'Rundgång' are viewable 30 days after the program is shown at the above site.
(Thanks Maria)

The Amazing Randi 08 Feb 2006

The Amazing RandiJames Randi, known to Alice Cooper fans as The Amazing Randi, creator of the guillotine and  who can be seen in the recently released 'Good To See You Again, Alice Cooper' movie, underwent bypass surgery last Thursday. He is currently in stable condition. Since working with Alice Cooper Randi has become a world reknowned 'debunker' of psychic phenomenon and instigator of the '$Million Dollar Paranormal Challenge'. You can read more about his career at his website. Anyone wishing to make a guesture should consider donating blood at your local Red Cross or Community Blood Center, or cards may be sent to Randi in care of  JREF, 201 SE 12 Street, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316. Obviously our best wishes go our to Randi for a speedy recovery.
(Thanks Dennis)

Also: The march issue of 'Total Guitar' features 'Poison' in their 'learning to play' section and Alice is pictured on the tutition CD cover as well.
(Thanks Dave)

Alice Rocks The Park 06 Feb 2006

Alice Cooper has been announced as headlining this years 'Rock The Park' festival at Harris Park in London, Onterio, Canada on July 22nd. Tickets appear to be on sale now and come in two flavours, a standard weekend pass at C$59.50 and a VIP weekend pass at C$175.00. Also playing over the weekend are Styx and Max Webster with more acts to be announced.

US Press 06 Feb 2006

A couple of US magazines to check out: The February issue of 'Metal Maniacs' has 2 pages on Alice including interview, discography and an 'In His Own Words' column and the January issue of 'Hit Parader' has 1 page with half page interview and a full page poster.
(Thanks Robert)

Ryan Roxie has posted a new blog entry to the Roxie77 myspace site.

The World Horror Network has posted a ton of Alice related video clips as part of their 'Sunday Matinee'.

Katrina Benefit 04 Feb 2006

Just a few small things for today,  Alice's birthday:

Tommy Shaw has posted a report of the Katrina Benefit that took place on February 1st. Alice performed 'No More Mr Nice Guy', 'I'm Eighteen' and 'School's Out' with Tommy on guitar! Check it out here.
(Thanks NotSoPerfect)

The February issue of Powerplay Magazine (UK) has a one page article written by Ryan Roxie.
(Thanks Robert)

Lastly there's a new Alice Cooper interview up at
(Thanks Neil)

More Small Stuff 03 Feb 2006

HDNet appears to be airing an Alice Cooper special on February 5th called 'Sound Off with Matt Pinfield'. Check the link for times.
(Thanks Devon)

Review: There's a old review we may have missed at Whiskey-Soda.
(Thanks Tomaz)

The Modern Drummer site has a little bit about eric Singer with some Alice related quotes.

Small Stuff 31 Jan 2006

A couple of small items. Akron Beacon Journal has a review of 'Good To See You Again, Alice Cooper' which is now finally in the shops in the UK, and for Tommy Clufetos fans he'll be out on tour with Rob Zombie again starting March 17th in Jacksonville, Florida and concluding five weeks later in Mesa, Arizona. Check out for full dates.

Roxie Radio Special 28 Jan 2006

United Rock Radio are having a Ryan Roxie/Roxie77 special courtesy of our friend Droid on February 4th at 7pm-Midnight EST. Along with spotlighting the brilliant Roxie77 album 'Peace Love and Armageddon' in it's entirety throughout the show, he'll also play some Electric Angels, Slash's Snakepit & anything else Roxie-related he can find. There's also a chatroom you can join during the show to make comments and join in the fun.
United Rock is an internet only rock station and you can listen online by clicking the link above, and while you're there you could do worse then check out the shows by STUK's own WickedYoungMan (Double DJ) and Robby at various times during the week. Plenty of Alice Cooper content is assured!

Alice For Reading/Leeds? 26 Jan 2006

Various sources are now suggesting Alice Cooper will be on the bill for the Reading And Leeds Festivals in the UK in August. It seems to have started out yesterday at VirtualFestivals who listed Alice as "rumoured", moved onto another site today who had it as "likely" and has now morphed into "expected" at most sites like Dotmusic and Launch. I've seen nothing actually confirming this yet though, but keep your eyes open if you are interested on going.

Robby posted that Ryan Roxie, Damon Johnson, and Chuck Garric were all at the NAMM Music show in California last week and performed a short acoustic set on one of the stands. The setlist was No More Mr. Nice Guy / Be My Lover / 18 / Unknown Song / Jailbreak (Thin Lizzy).
(Thanks Robby)

Travelvideo have news that the Greater Phoenix Convention & Visitors Bureau is helping to raise money for the hurricane victims of 2005 by donating a "Dream Golf Package" with rock star Alice Cooper to "Dream Auction 2006." Quote: "The winner of the "Dream Golf Package" will enjoy the luxuries of The Phoenician Resort and Spa, an unforgettable round of golf at Troon North Golf Club with Alice Cooper, two round-trip airline tickets, a three-day car rental and an additional round of golf at The Phoenician.". To bid on packages in "Dream Auction 2006" and help the hurricane victims of 2005, log on to dreamauction2006.

Round Up 25 Jan 2006

As mentioned last week (13th) Alice is reportedly appearing at a Katrina benefit show in Cerritos, CA on February 1st. Blabbermouth and CalanderLive are both now running short mentions of the event.

Swedish Magazine Expressen had a photo of Alice in it's 'Extras' magazine this weekend together with four trivia questions about the pic, including one that wasn't even about Alice! They were:
Who is it?
What's his hobby?
What was the name of the record that came in 1972 and looked like a school desk?
What's the name of another hardrocker who's married to someone named Sharon?
(Thanks Maria)

WireImage has posted a few photos from the Bob Hope Golf Tournament.
(Thanks NotSoPerfect)

VirtualFestival is listing Alice Cooper as rumoured to be appearing at Augusts Reading and Leeds festivals although this seems unlikely now he's confirmed for the Monsters Of Rock.
(Thanks JollyJon)

The BBC have posted an online version of the HardTalk interview from last November that I posted when it aired. You can watch it from their site here.
(Thanks Alan)

More Small Stuff 22 Jan 2006

Press: The Palm Springs Desert Sun has a new interview with Alice today.

Television: ABC have been showing brief clips of Alice at the Bob Hope golf tournament this week. The main one was an interview segment which also included Justin Timberlake and Darrius Rucker of Hootie & The Blowfish conducted by pro-golfer/announcer Nick Faldo. Faldo mentioning that he had Alice's 15th club on hand (only 14 allowed in golf) and he handed Alice a rather large knife. Alice poceeded to stalk the tee with the blade in clenched fist saying "Now I can really play this game!!". They didn't show him hitting the ball but as the network broke for commercial they did play a loop of the instrumental opening riff to Billion Dollar Babies.
(Thanks David)
There's also been a brief appearnce on TV from the Barret-Jackson auto auction mentioned a few days ago. Alice sold one of the three cars he was selling, a custom made silver and black 1939 Lincoln Zephyr Custom 2 Door Coupe with graphics based on the 'Dirty Diamonds' album. The hotrod had Alice's eyes and part of his face on the sides (like the album) with the dirty diamonds logo lettering in red on the trunk. He was also interviewed briefly on Speedvision.
(Thanks Mike, Bev)

Reviews: RocknRollUniverse has a couple of new reviews online. The first for the recent 'Michael Bruce Recooperated' CD from Iceland and the second for the 'Good To See You Again' DVD which is released in the UK on the 30th January (click the banner above to order)

Small Items 20 Jan 2006

February 7th sees the US release of 'Soupy Sales: The Whole Gang is Here'. A three DVD set from 'The Soupy Sales Show' which features Alice's appearance on the show circa 1979. You can order a copy here.

MusicLiveWire has a new review of the 'Good To See You Again, Alice Cooper' DVD which is finally released in the UK on January 30th.
(Thanks Benji)

Yahoo Photos has a few shots of Alice and Justin Timberlake taken at the Bob Hope Chrysler Classic golf tournament this week.
(Thanks Katrina).

And in other golf news there are short mentions of Alice at the tournament all over the place. Most aren't worth worryiing about but the North Country Times has something more then a namecheck with a couple of Alice quotes.
(Thanks Psychopat).

Damon Johnson New Album 19 Jan 2006

Slave To The SystemAlice Cooper guitarist Damon Johnson's other band 'Slave To The System' have their debut album released soon on Spitfire Records (Feb 6th in UK, Feb 21st in USA)and promotion for it is gearing up now. Check out the following links to hear tracks from the record and find out more info:
The Official Slave To The System site and message board
Slave To The System E-Card
- Help promote the record!
AOL Listening Party - Hear the album from January 20th
Slave To The System on MySpace (w/ 3 playable tracks from the album).
You can pre-order the album from AmazonUK or AmazonUS now.

Blabbermouth are reporting that the movie 'Metal: A Headbanger's Journey' that I mentioned a while back will get a Canadian release from February 25th in Canada. It also appears that it now has distribution deals set for US, UK and elsewhere as well so hopefully will turn up soon worldwide.

Alice for UK Monsters Of Rock!!!!!! 18 Jan 2006

Deep Purple and Alice Cooper have been announced as the headline acts for the revitalised "Monsters Of Rock" festival taking place at Milton Keynes Bowl on June 3rd. Tickets, priced £38.50, are on sale from January 20th from all usual agents, and via credit card on 0870 400 0688. You can read a longer report at Metal Hammer.

DDP Update 18 Jan 2006

Dennis Dunaway has posted through the following update on his activities:
"The Dennis Dunaway Project gig, that was scheduled for January, has been postponed until an unannounced date. Meanwhile, the group is emmersed in recording.
On May 13th, X-Brothers bassist extrordinaire, Andy Hilfiger, and I will be judging a Battle of the Bands in Westchester County. Entrants have to be at least 30 years old and must know "Smoke on the Water". Details will be posted as the event nears."

Also: Check out an Alice interview, that I think we missed when it turned up, here.
(Thanks Roberto)

Chalice Off German Tour 17 Jan 2006

Following the strange disappearance of Viking Skull from the UK tour, Blabbermouth are running a rather similar story about German band Chalice, who have apparently just discovered they are no longer on the Alice Cooper/Deep Purple tour in Germany next month.

Contra Costa Times have a short interview with ex-Alice Guitarist Stef Burns with a few Alice mentions.

UPDATE: For those who are geographically challenged, or just plain missed it, you can see Alice and Calico on last nights 'Rockstar Kids' show by clicking here. The file is about 6 meg so slow connections will need to download (right click and 'save as').

Alice on US TV 16 Jan 2006

Alice is featured in a new VH-1(USA) special called "The Greatest: 40 Freakiest Concert Moments". It is a two part show that is being rebroadcast, Wednesday, Jan 18th at 8:00 PM EST. He comes in at the beginning of the second hour, ironically, at number 18. This time, it is not the chicken incident, but another famous incident caught on tape at the Cincinatti Pop Festival in 1970. Well worth the watch. Alice can also be seen commenting throughout the show on other events as well. If you miss it on Wednesday it will be rebroadcast more times there after. Click on the "Alice Cooper on USA TV" link on the right for a rebroadcast schedule.
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There was a small mention in USA Weekend newspaper this weekend. Nothing new but it featured a small pic from the MTV TRL interview a few months back.

There is a short Alice mention during an interview with Sex Pistols manager Malcolm Mclaren over at the BBC site here. It's about 39 minutes into the show.
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KNAC have a new review of the 'Good To See You Again, Alice Cooper' DVD (out in the UK on January 30th).

Alice For PinkPop? 14 Jan 2006

Alice has apparently been announced as one of the acts performing at the PinkPop festival in Holland at Landgraaf-Megaland on 3rd-5th June 2006. The festival has a website here
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As usual Alice is playing golf at the Bob Hope Charity Classic this coming week, Wednesday January 18th through Saturday 21st.  It looks like he'll be on a team with Justin Timberlake and Darius Rucker (from "Hootie and the Blowfish").  The team will be matched up with a different pro golfer each day of the tournament and the show will air in the United States on the USA network (Wed, Thur, and Fri) and on ABC network (Saturday).
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Alice To Play Benefit? 13 Jan 2006

According to the OCRegister Alice will be apprearing on February 1st at the Cerritos Center, Cerritos, CA as part of a Hurricane Katrina Benefit show organised by Don Felder of The Eagles. The show will also feature Stephen Stills, Adrian Young, Tre Cool, David Foster, Tommy Shaw, Jack Blades, Gilby Clarke, comedian D.L. Hughley, and actor Dennis Quaid. Cheech Marin hosts. Tickets are $50-$200 and on sale at 10 a.m on Wednesday 18th of January.

But before that, according to the East Valley Tribune, Alice, and Sammy Hagar, will be making an appearance at the Barrett Jackson Collectors Car Auction at Westworld in Scottsdale, AZ on Sunday 15th. They are apparently "expected to drive their own vehicles onto the stage". Tickets are available from

Also: The new issue of Classic Rock has a couple of Alice Cooper mentions. In the piece about Max's Kansas City there is the story of the time when Iggy rolled in glass and was taken to hospital by the Coop, and also Wayne County says the Alice Cooper Group, pre LITD, were his fave band to play the venue. There's a small pic also. (Thanks Baz).

There is also a special '70s' issue of Classic Rock on the newsstands now and you would expect there to be a fair amount of Alice content in this considering how HUGE he was in the early 70s, however looking through it they seem to have pretty much ignored Alice with only a couple of brief mentions for 'Killer' and 'Billion Dollar Babies' included. Very odd.

Mankind Video Online 11 Jan 2006

Check out the Bloodrayne site and under the 'trailers' section you'll now find the full video for 'Mankind' including an special introduction by Alice. Slow connections (like me) will have problems though I'm afraid.
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There's a couple of photos of Alice in Hawaii at the recent golf tournament up at Yahoo.
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Chuck Garric In Tattoo 06 Jan 2006

Chuck Garric In Tattoo Magazine 'Tattoo' magazine this month features an interview and photos of Alice Cooper bassist Chuck Garric. They have a site here that has some ordering info and if you scroll down a few pics as well. It's the March issue you want. Chuck can be found at of course.

LAWeekly mentions Alice's show at the Greek Theater as one of it's 'concerts of the year' while MSNBC lists 'Dirty Diamonds' as one of it's 'overlooked albums of 2005' (plus there's a Alice pic at the head of the article on page one). features an indepth review of the 'Good To See You Again Alice Cooper' DVD with a few cool screen captures.
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New Runaway Phoenix Song 04 Jan 2006

Runaway Phoenix, featuring Dash Cooper, have a new song available on their Soundclick Page here called 'End Of Days'. There's a couple of other tracks up there as well so check them out as well while you're there!
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The new 'Sky' magazine (UK) has a small pic of Alice and Calico advertising 'Rock Star Kids' which is airing in the UK on Sky One on January 16th at 10pm.The could be the show that originally aired in the USA last year.
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'Dirty Diamonds' made #4 in SleezeRocks top 10 albums of 2005. Check out the list here.

Monster Dog On UK DVD 01 Jan 2006

That film masterpiece 'Monster Dog' finally gets a UK release on February 20th and AmazonUK now have it available to pre-order now. If this is the same version as was released in the USA a while back don`t expect any extras, or even Alice's voice (as he's dubbed throughout except for the two songs), but still it's nice to have this finally available here.

Also watch out for February's version of 'Today's Golfer' which is out now and has 6 pages on Alice.