Below are the complete SickthingsUK news archives going back to 2004 when I first added news to the front page.
NOTE: The further back you go, the less likely it is that links and images will work, because the original sites no longer have the articles.

Rounding Up 31 Dec 2010

You can see Alice's brief appearence on the 'Rob Brydon Show' yesterday over at the BBC site.

There's a video diary from the pudding shown up on YouTube featuring Alice and various other performers that appeared at the show.

ClashMusic has a short interview with Alice on how he would spend his final day!

AccessAtlanta has a short story about the Atlanta Dali exhibition which is currently running and features an audio commentary from Alice. The show ends on January 8th at the High Museum of Art.

Breakfast At Night 23 Dec 2010

Planet Rock is moving 'Breakfast With Alice Cooper' to a new evening slot from January 17th and renaming it... "Nights With Alice Cooper!" which will run between 9pm and 1am weeknights.

Speaking of 'NWAC', Alice has recorded an edition with Neal, Dennis and Michael all taking part for future broadcast.

WEGE's 'Wrecker in the Morning' spoke to Alice a couple of days ago about the Hall Of Fame and the pudding, and you can listen here.

Alice and family again took part in the now traditional Salvation Army event for underprivileged kids at Cooperstown in Phoenix a few days ago. There's reports at KPHO Phoenix and Fox News.

This years 'Proof Is In The Pudding CD is now out in the Phoenix area. This normally features the best bands from the annual competition which allows the best local band to play at the pudding show. This years the CD is a triple disc set which also features the best tracks from previous editions and includes Dash Cooper and Runaway Phoenix performing Ride On Down'.

Soundspike has a review of the Pudding show.

Various musicians including Keri Kelli and Ryan Roxie appear in 'Mosh Potatoes', a new cook book featuring recipies from all sorts of musicians.

Dennis Dunaway and family now have a new Facebook page to help you keep up with all the shows and events they are involved in. Check it out here.

On December 18th Damon Johnson performed with Black Jacket Symphony in Birmingham, AL performing AC/DC classic including 'For Those About To Rock' which they have posted to YouTube.

Alice In Europe 20 Dec 2010

Alice Cooper has been announced as playing the Swiss Sonisphere festival next year with Iron Maiden and Slipknot. This takes place June 24th in Basel, St Jakob.

Pudding Time 19 Dec 2010

Alice was on Fox Phoenix News a couple of days ago talking about the Pudding show and the Hall Of Fame. You can watch it online now.

Phoenix New Times has a review of the Pudding, and a great pic of Alice and Steve Hunter (with Dennis in the background) on stage.

Small Stuff 19 Dec 2010

The Gauntlet have posted the first in a series of interviews with the Alice Cooper group members beginning with Neal Smith.

Jimmy DeGrasso will be playing at a new years even benefit show at Avalon in Santa Clara, CA. The show is a benefit for Y & T bassist Phil Kennemore who is suffering from Lung Cancer.

There's an Itallian review of the Hammersmith CD/DVD here.

The Band Speak... 15 Dec 2010


With their upcoming induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Alice Cooper, is acknowledged as one of the most influential bands in rock history. At inception forty years ago, the group shocked the world so fundamentally that it seems to have taken a preternaturally long time for their incredible talent to be recognized.

In 1970, Alice Cooper flipped hippie ideals on their head and astonished the world, “driving a stake through the heart of the Love Generation,” as the group’s namesake put it.

It’s arguable that without Alice Cooper, there might never have been KISS, Marilyn Manson, Nine Inch Nails, Motley Crue, Slipknot or Rob Zombie... maybe not even David Bowie, or at least not Ziggy Stardust. Heavy Metal took the imagery, punk took the tunes, rock and pop took the showmanship and fans the world over fell in love with the macabre sense of humor. Amazingly, those fans have included legends as diverse as Peter Sellers, Groucho Marx, Salvador Dali and Bob Dylan who proclaimed Alice as an “overlooked songwriter.”

These days, artists as diverse as Metallica and Lady GaGa proclaim Alice Cooper's enduring influence on them.

True originals, Alice Cooper invented the concept of the rock concert as theatre with truly trailblazing stagecraft and showmanship in the early 1970's, with Alice himself continuing as a solo artist since 1975, remaining one of rock’s global megastars with well over 50 million record sales to prove it.

The surviving band members (guitarist Glen Buxton died in 1997) upon hearing the induction news provided the following comments:

"This proves that Glen, Neal, Alice, Michael and I (and all of our fans) weren't so crazy after all. I'm absolutely thrilled because, let's face it, this great honor is about as good as it gets." Dennis Dunaway

"Sometimes, aswe were blazing a new theatrical trail in rock, there were moments in the career ofour band that overwhelmingly exceeded even our monstrous expectations. Being inducted into "The Rockn' Roll Hall Of Fame, Class Of 2011,"with my four best friends Michael, the late Glen Buxton, Alice and Dennis, is one of those incredible moments for our one of a kind rock band." Neal Smith

“Take one part Yardbirds, one part West Side Story, starring Bela Lugosi and Bette Davis, and you have Hellzapoppin! and then POOF !! -- and you have Alice Cooper. Now if you can digest that, and the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame can digest that, we will happily be the Hall's arch villains. We are grateful from the bottom of our black little hearts." Alice Cooper

“The band that couldn't shoot straight strikes again, from having all our hits to being in so many Top 100 all-time polls -- be careful what you wish for because with hard work and perseverance and a good group of people like Neal, Dennis, Alice and Glen, you just might get it. It's just a shame that Glen couldn't be here with us to share in it, but we do also share this with (producer) Bob Ezrin and (manager) Shep Gordon, without whom..." Michael Bruce

More Rock and Roll 15 Dec 2010

Rolling Stone have a short interview with Alice about the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame induction which will be confirmed at 3.30pm London time. Billboard also have an interview.

About Time 15 Dec 2010

At the time of writing there still appears to be no official announcement up on confirming the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame inductees for 2011. Despite this, many sources are now confirming that Alice Cooper WILL be inducted. Alice himself has also confirmed this during an interview with AZCentral. Congratulations to Alice, Dennis, Neal, Michael and the Buxton family. The ceremony on March 14th will be aired on the Fuse channel in the USA, and it is likely the band will perform at the event as is traditional.

Hall Of Fame 13 Dec 2010

The official announcement isn't until Wednesday, but according to Industry website HITS Daily Double Alice Cooper, along with Neil Diamond, Tom Waits, Dr John and Darlene Love, will be the artists inducted in 2011. This is NOT official however, and it won't be until Wednesday before we know for sure.

It is my sad duty to report that Glen Buxton's mother, Jerri Buxton, passed away a couple of days ago. Many fans met Mrs Buxton at the now legendary GB Memorial Weekends, where she and her husband Tom were happy to chat to fans paying in tribute to their legendary son. Our thoughts to go out to the Buxton family.

Alice will turn up, along with Joey Kramer of Aerosmith on SpeedTV's Barrett-Jackson Edition Celebrity Cars starting on Monday December 20th at 9.PM in the US.

Alice as Scrooge 09 Dec 2010

Check out the new advert for the Xmas Pudding show featuring Alice and Sheryl above.

Dennis Dunaway is interviewed by Hit Channel in Greece here.

There's some nice photos from the Marseille show to see here and at La Provence.
(Thanks Laurent)

The Daily Express has a short story about Alice and Christmas.

Alice Has been named as appearing as usual at next month's Bob Hope Classic golf tournament which takes place January 19th-23rd at the Palmer Private Course at PGA WEST in La Quinta.

A new double vinyl version of 'Dirty Diamonds' appears to have been released, which is a gatefold cover with a pop-up Alice in the center. It's on 'Night Of The Vinyl Dead' records but hasn 't shown up on Amazon etc yet.

The Rock And Roll Hall of Fame results should appear on the rock hall website on December 15th around 10.30 EST.

Coop and Maiden 03 Dec 2010

According to Alice Cooper will be Maiden's special guest at two shows in Scandinavia next July. The shows are:
6th July 2011 - Telenor, Oslo, Norway
8th July 2011 - Olympic Stadium, Helsinki, Finland
Tickets for both shows appear to have been on sale for some time.
(Thanks Terje)

Blue Coupe will be playing a New Years Eve (Dec 31st) show at Seany B's Pub in Millbrook, NY.

Alice picks his favourite Who songs in the current issue of Rolling Stone magazine.

Pacific Eye and Ear, who were responsible for many of the classic Alice Cooper covers, have opened up their archives and made limited edition prints available to buy including the 'Greatest Hits' cover and artwork for the abandoned 'Alice at the Palace' project.

Catching Up 01 Dec 2010

Alice Cooper will make an appearance on the BBC during the 'Rob Brydon Chistmas Show', a photo of which can be seen here.

Some people may remember that a while back we made mention of Russian band Pushking, whose new album was to feature Alice. Well it appears the album is finaly being released through Eagle Rock Entertainment on February 1st. Entitled 'The World As We Love It', the record features Alice himself as well as Keri Kelli and some other big names including Paul Stanley (Kiss) , Billy Gibbons (ZZ Top), Steve Vai, and Glenn Hughes.

L&S Online has a short article about Alice Cooper concert lighting firm Bandit with a pic.

Rockademy has a video interview with Alice.

Hollyhellraiser has a review of the Bacelona show.

Retro Kimmer has an article and interview with Dick Wagner and Steve Hunter.

Planet Rock has a competition to win signed Alice swag.

Desert Island Alice 22 Nov 2010

You can now listen to Alice on Desert Island Discs over at the BBC.

Rockpages in Greece have a review and photos from the Roundhouse.

ABC in Australia recently did a show about drummers with a surprise appearance by Neal Smith. You can listen here.

Note: I'll be away for the next week so there won 't be any more updates this week. I'll catch up with everything once I get home.

Google Alice 20 Nov 2010

While in Zurich Alice visited the Google headquarters and had a guided tour from Google boss Eric Schmidt who is apparently a big fan. Eric got all his staff to take part in an Alice Idol competition and Alice apparently arrived to find the staff all dressed up as him in full Alice make up.

Starpulse has photos from the Roundhouse shows.

GolfVideo has a clip of Alice playing Wii Golf!

MTV Alice 17 Nov 2010

Alice Cooper will host "Top Fifty Rock Monsters" on MTV Classic Channel on 20 November and this will be repeated on 25 November at 19:00 and 29 November at 21:00 (this may be repeated yet again, also). This will air on VH-1 also. Those outside of Britain and Ireland should check their local listings.

The Independent reviews the second Roundhouse show while Entertainment Focus has some good photos and a review.. has a short interview with Alice in German.

Radio Times featres a small charicature of Alice advertising his appearance on 'Desert Island Discs' which you can see here.

Swedish show "Rundgong" have released a book entitled "Mer Hardrock" which features an interview with Alice as well as a photo on the cover.

Lisbon Canceled 15 Nov 2010

According to a report here the promotor of the Lisbon show has issued a statement saying the Lisbon show has also been canceled, again for logistical reasons.

The Guardian had a short article on Alice yesterday.

'Along Came A Spider' is being reissued on Bigger Picture on December 14th and this new edition includes the songs that were original iTunes exlusives: 'Shadow Of Yourself', 'I’ll Still Be There' and 'Salvation (Acoustic Unplugged)'.

Robert Langdon has a few photos of Dennis Dunaway at the release party for the Main Man Alice Cooper Tribute album "Remember the Coop! A Tribute to Alice Cooper's Killer Classics". The album features Dennis as well as Michael Bruce and Renee and Chelsea Dunaway.

Media Update 12 Nov 2010

Alice was back in London a couple of days ago to co-host the Classic Rock Awards. There's been a little other coverage of the event with minor mentions of Alice. The Sun, Billboard, The Express, and The Daily Star (who quote Alice as saying he was in the pub!) with some pics at Zimbio.

Alice Cooper will appear on "Desert Island Discs" on BBC Radio Four at 11:15 (UK time) on 21st November.

You can check out a short Q&A with Alice in this weeks NME at AC.Com.

Alice was on New Zealand TV3 tonight on a program called "Wanna-Ben" with NZ comedian Ben Boyce. You can watch it online here if you live in New Zealand.

RafaBasa have a video interview with Alice.

Another Keri Kelli Interview today, this one "Heavy Metal With Jeff Olsen" which can be heard via Blabbermouth.

Durango Canceled 10 Nov 2010

The November 22nd show in Durango, Spain has apparently been canceled due to the logistical problems. The other Spanish shows will go ahead as planned.

The new issue of Mojo Magazine has a 5 page interview with Alice.

Guitar International has a new interview with Keri Kelli.

LouciferSpeaks has a long interview with Ryan Roxie.

A new (October) interview with Dick Wagner has appeared on Comunity Audio which you can download here.

More Press 07 Nov 2010

Reuters have a short video clip from the Roundhouse.

'The Stage' magazine (UK) has an interview in this weeks issue which is online here. The new Mojo Special (UK) about Frank Zappa also has some Alice content. This weeks Kerrang Magazine also has a few Alice Cooper references.

Wendnesday and Thursday on Planet Rock they have various coverage from the Classic Rock Awards which Alice is hosting with Thursday night featuring coverage and interviews from the previous nights awards ceremony which will surely feature Alice.

Ken has posted some great photos from the Halloween shows at

You can now listen to clips from all the tracks from the forthcoming Blue Coupe album at CDBaby.

Interviews 03 Nov 2010

DJ Zed interviewed Alice Cooper at the Roundhouse shows and the results will be aired on his TotalRock show on friday 5th November between 9pm and midnight.

Goldmine have been talking to Dennis Dunaway about the "10 albums that changed my life".

More Catching Up 02 Nov 2010

The UK and Europe can now order the limited edition 'Keepin' Halloween Alice' 7" single via

The Richard Bacon interview is available via a podcast which you can grab at The BBC have also posted a short video from the interview in which Alice tells the Chicken story to the Goodies! has also posted some cool pics from backstage at the Roundhouse.

The Alice hosted Halloween special is up now on

The Aftermath 02 Nov 2010

Just back from the awesome Halloween shows at the Roundhouse. Alice and the band did London proud with a breathtaking display that will surely be talked about for many years to come. Yes.. it was that good. Thank you to Alice, the band and everyone behind the scenes, under some very difficult circumstances for some, for working so hard to make the weekend such a huge success. Same again next year guys? :)

Anyway, now to try and catch up on all the main appearances and news from over the weekend (there will be quite a bit more showing up over the next few days or weeks). More will surely follow later today or tomorrow.

The Andrew Marr Show appearance is up now on BBC iPlayer for those who can access it. 'Strictly Come Dancing' is currently available to watch on YouTube.

Alice interviews and reviews of various length: Daily Star, The Sun (with some new pics and Alice's commenting on Lady Gaga, which seems to have been repeated all over the UK press), The Express, Metro, This Is London, and Daily Star (who seem to think Alice was electricuted at some point)
Photos can be see at Gigwise.

Alice went to Champneys Kriotherapy Chamber at Chapneys Heath Spa last week for some rather strange photos you can see here.

Alice was on BBC London on 'The Robert Elms Show' on Monday (1st) which is available here at around 1:32 into the show. He was also on the Richard Bacon show on BBC Five Live which you can hear here around 56 minutes into the show.

Keri Kelli is interviewed over at Brave Words.

More to follow.

New Media Appearances 29 Oct 2010

Alice Cooper is keeping busy while in London this week. He will apparently be hosting a couple of hours on Planet Rock on Sunday night featuring halloween type songs. He will also appear on "The Andrew Marr Show" on BBC One at 09:00 on Sunday.
Then on Tuesday 2nd November Alice will turn up on 'Daybreak', ITV1's morning show.
If all that isn 't enough there is also a chance he will also turn up on Radio Two's 'Electric Proms' tomorrow at

The Mirror has a short interview with Alice today. He's also featured in this weeks 'Metro' magazine which is available in the greater London area.

Lugage Nightmares 28 Oct 2010

Various sources are reporting that again Alice has had his luggage go missing when arriving in the UK, this time a bag containing props for the show! Check out the story at the Express, and AceShow Biz.

Alice will be broadcasting his 'Nights With Alice Cooper' radio show live from London (at 06:00 GMT until 09:00 GMT) on 29 October, on Planet Rock.

Also look out for mentions of Alice in the "The Times", "The Sun" and the December issue of "Mojo".

Time Out magazine in London features a two page spread on Alice and the Roundhouse shows which you can see at

Alice Cooper turned up briefly on 'Later... With Jools Holland on Tuesday night with the promise of more on the Friday show. He also apparently turned up on 'Dancing with the Stars' in the USA a few days ago along with Brett Michaels and Dee Snider!

Chuck Garric, bass player for Alice Cooper, still has a few places for Bass guitar lessons during the Theatre of Death Tour this November.
Learn your favorite Alice Cooper songs and get a chance to learn them with Alice Coopers Bass player Chuck Garric.
During your One hour lesson you'll get A ONE and ONE instruction going over the basics of learning to play the Bass. Chuck will also go over learning songs, jamming with your own band and how to prepare for auditions.
Price for the 1 hr lesson is $125 US. Your lesson also includes a Chuck Garric Pick Pack set ( 3 - 4x6 photos and 3 -Guitar Picks) And a personal photo with you and Chuck after your lesson (please bring your own Camera).
You can sign up for your lesson by checking tour dates. If we're in a town near you. Please e mail Chuck at

The Examiner has an article about the original 'Greatest Hits' album while Blog Critics takes a look at 'Love It To Death'.

Backstage Auctions have some more rare Alice memorablia up for grabs.

1995 show "The History Of Rock And Roll' will re-air on True Entertainment Sky Ch 188 with the 1970s episode tonight at 7pm.

Blue Coupe Get Grammy Nomination 26 Oct 2010

Congratulations to Dennis Dunaway and Blue Coupe! Their new single "You (Like Vampires)", written by John Elwood Cook, is nominated for the Best Rock Song Grammy. The song can be heard on ITunes or Pledgemusic.

The Official AC YouTube channel have posted a video showing them making of the new 7" single version of 'Keepin' Halloween Alice'.

Alice and Rob Zombie were interviewed by 97.1 The Eagle on saturday and you can see the video on YouTube.

Planet Rock are offering the chance to win a signed copy of the new 'Theatre Of Death DVD.

Kick Acts has a review and photos of the Nashville show.

Ruta66 magazine in Spain has Alice on the front cover and a interview with the man talking about his famous friends and the forthcoming album. To order a copy email

Alice Cooper's appearance on the legendary Johnny Carson 'Tonight Show' is coming out on DVD as part of a 15 disc set. Alice is on episode 18.

Guests Appear In Nashville 23 Oct 2010

Steve Hunter was amongst the guests at the Nashville show the other night and joined the band for 'Eighteen' and the 'School's Out' finale. Pop star Ke$ha threw out a balloon and also in attendence were Tom Petersson of Cheap Trick and Kip Winger!

This years Xmas Pudding lineup has been announced (and I don 't think I mentioned it yet). It includes Alice Cooper and his original band, Rob Zombie, Don Felder of The Eagles, Night Ranger, Cheech Marin, Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers, and Glen Campbell. Tickets go on sale October 29th.

Alice features in a new Saturn advert in Germany which you can check out here. There are some promo stills here.
(thanks Pitta)

Post And Courier has a short interview with Alice.

Alice can be see in the trailer for 'Mother Of Rock: Lillian Roxon" which is a documentary about Max's Kansas City, the famous New York club.

New live reviews can be seen at the Baltimore Sun, Heavy Metal Addiction, and the Roanoak Times.

New show pics are at CTNow, Fangoria, and Flickr (with more pics of Steve Hunter on stage),

Caller has an article about the Corpus Christie show.

New Single 19 Oct 2010

Limited Edition VinylFrom
"We are pleased to announce that we are going to be releasing a limited edition 7" single of Alice's song, "Keepin' Halloween Alive!" We will only be pressing 2,300 units on special Glow In The Dark Vinyl! Of those 2,300 only 1,450 will be available for sale, in the U.S. ONLY! The remaining copies will be used for promotional materials and pre-orders in the U.K and the U.S. to promote the release of Alice's new DVD, "Theatre Of Death." in the U.K.
The limited edition vinyl will be available direct from for US fans starting Thursday (10/21) evening at 5:00pm CST. UK & International links coming soon, We will only be able to ship to the U.S. Sorry, no international orders will be accepted from"
Side A: 'Keepin' Halloween Alive'
Side C: I Love The Dead (Live) from 'Theatre Of Death' DVD/CD.

Damon Johnson will be taking part in a performance by 'Black Jacket Symphony' on December 17th at the Workplay Theatre in Birmingham, AL. 'Black Jacket Symphony' recreate classic albums live, in this case AC/DC's 'Back In Black'.

The uncensored video for 'Poison' is still causing problems, this time down in Australia where it was aired in a McDonalds.

Charleston Daily Mail has a short interview with Alice.

Baltimore Sun, Worcester News Telegram, and Classic Six have show reviews while the Boston Phoenix and Soundspike have photos.

Press Update 17 Oct 2010

Boston Herald, Baltimore Sun, Tulsa World, Washington Post, all have short interviews with Alice.

CTNow have photos from the Mohegan Sun show while the Hartford Courant has a review.

Apparently the 'Theater Of Death' DVD hit the US Billboard music video charts at number 9.

Music Cycle have a report about the forthcoming album 'Welcome 2 My Nightmare'.

According to Music News Peter Frampton will guest host 'Nights With Alice Cooper' this week.

Ryan Roxie is releasing a new acoustic recording of the brilliant 'When I See God' and you can catch the new video on his YouTube page and download the song here.

STV have a cool video report about Peter McLean of Scots Tribute band Gallus Cooper.

Strictly Alice Dancing 14 Oct 2010

According to DigitalSpy Alice Cooper will appear on the halloween edition of 'Strictly Come Dancing' on BBC1. 'The rock and roll icon will sing a "classic bloodcurdling track" on the Sunday night results show on October 31 (at 6pm). Cooper will be joined on the dancefloor for his performance by the Strictly pros.' Luckily most of us in the UK will probably be at the Roundhouse when it's airing, so make sure you set your recorder!

The Baltimore Sun has a short interview with Alice.

New Michael Bruce Anthology 14 Oct 2010

There appears to be a new Michael Bruce 2 CD compilation album just released on 'Great American Music' entitled 'Be My Lover: The Michael Bruce Anthology'. It features a variety of songs from Michael's solo releases both studio and live. You can order from AmazonUS and AmazonUK who also have a full track list.

WGN America seem to be repeating there 'Monsterous Munster Mash' on Halloween. This is a marathon of Munsters episodes with links by Alice. Presumably this is a repeat from last year with the same Cooper links. It runs from 10am to 7pm ET. has some cool photos from a recent show.

St Louis Examiner has a show review with photos with another one here.

DD on the Radio 10 Oct 2010

Dennis Dunaway will guest on the Lou Molinaro Indi C101.5 Radio Show at 1 p.m. on Wednesday October 13th You can listen in here. has a few celebrities paying tribute to Alice Cooper.

Gail Worley has a little extra info about the original band playing on the forthcoming album.

BackToRockville and the Kansas City Star review the Kansas show. Riverfront Times reviews the St. Charles show, while the Trib-Today cover the Youngstown show.

Pentagraph catches Alice and Damon playing golf.

New Press 07 Oct 2010

Billboard has a few words with Alice about the Hall Of Fame nomination.

The Aquarian has a short article about Hall of Fame and Alice's overdue nomination (warning strong language on this one) has a short interview with Alice as well as an article about an Alice Cooper fan and his collection.

Pantagraph have an interview with Rob Zombie, in which he continues his praise for Alice and his influence, as well as a comparison between the two artists.

Further to yesterday's mention of the new Blue Coupe digital single, 'You (Like Vampires)', you can now download the track from Amazon for just 99 cents.

TV, Music and Baseball 06 Oct 2010

Each day will be airing a different track from the new DVD 'Theatre Of Death: Live At Hammersmith 2009' starting today with 'School's Out'.

According to Alice is taking part in something called 'Post Season Survivor' in an attempt to win $10,000 for charity.
The contest begins Thursday, October 7th and continues until all contestants are eliminated or through the end of the baseball postseason.

According to Antimusic VH-1 are to update some of their classic 'Behind The Music' shows, re-titled 'Behind The Music: Remastered' and Alice Cooper's episode is one of the ones listed for transmission on October 30th.

Blue Coupe (featuring Dennis Dunaway) are releasing a digital single entitled 'You (Like Vampires)' which is taken from their forthcoming album 'Tornado On The Tracks'. You can see the video to the song here and buy the single here. The band of course also features Joe and Albert Bouchard, most famously from Blue Oyster Cult. You can get all the info at

Another of Dennis' band, The 5th Avenue Vampires, are featured on CFOU 89.1 show 'Rock Revele' on October 26th at 7.30pm EST. You can listen in to the show in their website. The show will be in French and English.

The October issue of Lufthansa magazine (the airlines inflight magazine) has a Alice Cooper front cover and 12 pages inside, some of which you can see here. Not sure if there's any way to get a copy other then to fly with them though!

NoiseCreep has a review of the LA show. Salt Lake City Tribune has some words about that show. has a short Alice quote.

Band Interviews 04 Oct 2010

Mitch Lafon's new interview with Neal Smith following the Hall of Fame nomination is up now on Brave Words. In it he mentions the original band have been working on tracks for the new Alice Cooper album ('Welcome 2 My Nightmare"), as well as the likeyhood of them playing both the Hall of Fame ceremony if they are inducted, as well this years Xmas pudding show in Phoenix.

Classic Rock Revisted meanwhile have been chatting to Dennis Dunaway about the Hall of Fame with some interesting answers.

LAist have a show review with photos. Orange County Register also have a show review.

More HoF 01 Oct 2010

As is to be expected there has been a ton of press mentioning the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame nomination, but most of it simply repeats the announcement and/or Alice's statement so I won't try and list it all. Of more interest is some words from Neal Smith at Brave Words (with full interview to follow), in which he also mentions that the original band will be playing at this years Xmas pudding show, and Dennis Dunaway appearing on WJCU tonight at 8.30 EST on their 'Metal On Metal' show.

The Wall Street Journal also has a brief quote from Neal about the genesis of 'Black Juju'.

Alice will be doing a signing session when he's in Germany in November at the Saturn Markt. No date seems to be listed on the website but there is a video.

Calico Cooper was apparently at this years Eyegore awards in LA and is quoted at the Daily Titan.

Alice has donated an autographed guitar to the Arizona Farm Bureau charity auction.

The Fremont Street Experience in Las Vegas has an 'Alice and Ozzy" show running as part of their October Frightfest. The show runs three times a night from Tuesday to Saturday on the Main Street Stage and features the "music and stage antics of Alice Cooper And Ozzy Osbourne in a rocking tribute show"..

For anyone interested there is a STUK review of the new 'Theatre Of Death: Live At Hammersmith 2009' DVD/CD now up in the reviews section. It was well worth the wait (the DVD, not the review!).

More Rock Hall 28 Sep 2010

Alice Cooper has released the following statement on their nomination to the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame:

"On behalf of Dennis (Dunaway), Neal (Smith), Michael (Bruce) and the late great Glen (Buxton), we are honored to be nominated for induction in to the Hall. Anytime you are nominated in your chosen profession, it's definitely a compliment to be recognized.

It's hard to fathom possibly being in the same club as artists who inspired us originally, like the Beatles, the Stones, the Beach Boys, the Who, the Yardbirds, and Chuck Berry, and to be nominated the same year as legendary artists like my personal favorite songwriter of all time, Laura Nyro, as well as Donovan, who sang on our "Billion Dollar Babies" record, and our good friends in Bon Jovi, is a great feeling.

Five guys starting a band, just hoping to meet girls and drink free beer, rehearsing and playing local bars five hours a night for the first few years -- that was us. We came up with the theatrics and made every effort not to sacrifice the music one bit; we thought it was like our job to bring theatrics to rock 'n' roll. And then, amazingly enough, we were having a bunch of massive hit records which was proof that theatricality and rock 'n' roll could, in fact, be joined successfully. We've been told that we revolutionized the live concert experience and if that's truly the case and it's led to this nomination for induction into the Hall of Fame, the only thing to say is, of course, "There's no business like show business!" - Alice Cooper

Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame 28 Sep 2010

It's my duty to confirm that the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame has finally included Alice Cooper (the band) in their nominees for induction in 2011. Alice Cooper, who were first eligible for the Hall Of Fame back in 1994, have long been held as one of the most glaring omissions to the Hall which is also still missing many of the most influential artists in rock including Deep Purple, Yes and Rush to name just a few. Of course nomination doesn't mean he will be admitted, so look at the list he's up against and make up your own minds which five will get in: Bon Jovi, Tom Waits, Donovan and Neil Diamond, plus previously nominated acts LL Cool J, J. Geils Band, Beastie Boys, Donna Summer, Chic, Dr. John, Laura Nyro, Joe Tex, Darlene Love and Chuck Willis.
Last year, nominating comittee head Jan Wenner was said to be considering reducing the length of time needed to be elligible from 25 years to 20 as he believed there weren't enough worthy acts left, yet it has taken this long for them to acknowledge the legend and influence of Alice Cooper which has been obvious to everyone else for decades. Even Alice himself has frequently made jokes about the place when asked, especially on 'Nights With Alice Cooper' and has been baffled but their annual snub.
Of course Alice is too gracious not to accept should he get voted in, and it's excellent that it is the whole band being nominated, but at the end of the day it is way too late for this to have much real meaning to most when so many artists heavily influenced by Alice Cooper have already been inducted, some many years ago.

Catching Up 24 Sep 2010

AmazonUK have finally posted links for the new 'Theatre Of Death' DVD /CD and BlueRay which will be released over here on October 25th. You can pre-order the various versions by clicking here. Be aware that anything they list as being released on September 28th will be a *US version* of the release, not the European PAL version, and as such could be a problem for a few people over here.

According to WLQV Alice Cooper will be on the 'Paul Edwards Show' today between 4pm and 6pm ET. Be aware that this is a religious station.

The new Metal Hammer (UK) has a double page spread, featuring a photo from the freak auditions a few weeks back. This issue should be on the news stands in a few days if not already.

Alice is also featured in the new (November) issue of 'Bizarre' magazine, again in relation to the freak auditions.
(Thanks Anthony)

Wednesday night the Quebec TV program "VOIR" they had a segment about heavy metal in Quebec and it featured a bit with Alice Cooper. It can be seen on in the orange "Reportage" section (it is in french).
(Thanks Elise)

I don 't usually cover Kiss news, as so many other places cover every move Eric Singer makes, but thought you may find his brief appearance with the band in ths Swedish Lottery advert amusing.

70s Alice Cooper alumni Fred Mandel has recorded a short comedy song for a short film called "A Reuben By Any Other Name". The song is a hard rock version of 'Hava Nagila' and you can find more info here.

AC On The Radio 23 Sep 2010

Alice Cooper will be featured on "Tim Rice's American Pie" tonight at 23:00 on BBC Radio Two, which is available online also.

Chuck Garric, Bass Lessions 23 Sep 2010

Chuck Garric, bass player for Alice Cooper, is now offering Bass guitar lessons during the Gruesome Twosome tour featuring Rob Zombie and Alice Cooper.
Learn your favorite Alice Cooper or Rob Zombie songs, and get a chance to learn them with Alice Coopers Bass player Chuck Garric.
During your One hour lesson you'll get ONE on ONE instruction going over the basics of learning to play the Bass. Chuck will also go over learning songs, jamming with your own band and how to prepare for auditions.
The Price for the 1 hr lesson is $125 US. Your lesson also includes a Chuck Garric Pick Pack set ( 3 - 4x6 photos and 3 -Guitar Picks) And a personal photo with you and Chuck after your lesson (please bring your own Camera).
You can sign up for your lesson by checking tour dates. If Chuck is in a town near you. Please emailChuck at and a date and time will be set up.

There seems to be some confusion about the 'Theatre Of Death' DVD preorder packages at, which is trying to correct:
- the current preorder is only available for the US and Canada
- the European release date is still 25th October with a seperate preorder for that to be made avalable
- discs are region 0
- site will reflect all this at some point.

Paolo “kappe” Capitani has posted some great photos from the Italy show on the 12th August which you can see here.

The Aquarian has a review from the Atlantic City show.

Roxie And Kelli in Moscow 21 Sep 2010

Ryan Roxie and Keri Kelli will be in Russia in a few days. Ryan is going to play a solo acoustic gig on 24th of September at Jimi's in Moscow, performing songs from different periods of his career, and then on the 25th of September both Ryan & Keri are going to headline the 'Moto-Invasion' bike-fest, which is located 20 km. from Moscow in Fryazino. They will be playing program of Alice Cooper classicks together with the local cover-act Moscowtown.

New Interview and DVD News 20 Sep 2010

Alice Cooper appeared on WZLX a couple of days ago and the interview has been posted online here.

We mentioned this when the site was looking for questions a while ago but maybe didn 't mention when the interviews went up. Fret12 asked for questions for Keri Kelli and Damon Johnson and the results are online in the form of videos. Check them out here.

The US BlueRay edition of the new 'Theatre Of Death" DVD has been delayed until October 19th. So far it seems the normal DVD is still slated for September 28th. They also have MP3 samples of the songs up here. Still no solid news on the UK release but AmazonUK do have a US version available for pre-order.

It appears 'The Snoop Sisters' is finally making it's way to DVD early next year. Alice appeared in the short lived show in 1973 performing 'Sick Things'.

Another TX show 16 Sep 2010

Alice will be playing in Grand Prairie, TX and Verizon Theatre on October 23rd. Tickets are already on sale.

Varvatos Party 14 Sep 2010

Alice Cooper was amongst the performers at the John Varvatos 10th Aniversary Party on Saturday 10th September at his store in the old CBGB's in NYC. There's some video footage here which includes clips of Alice performing 'Eighteen' and 'School's Out' with the house band,and photos here, and here,

DVDTalk have a review of the new 'Good To See You Again, Alice Cooper' BlueRay release.

More GQ 09 Sep 2010

The BBC have a brief interview with Alice on the GQ red carpet which you can watch here. The Sun have managed to make another story out of AC quotes from the GQ awards, this time about Wayne Rooney?!?! ContactMusicalso has the story, this time concentrating on Tiger Woods (which seems more likely the Rooney!) with more pics, and Zimbio has a couple of pics of Alice leaving the awards.

Universal Studios and Live Nation have teamed up to offer a "combo ticket" for the forthcoming LA show on September 30th, which also includes admission to Universal Studios 'Halloween Horror Nights' which run during October and include "Rob Zombie's House Of 1000 Corpses: In 3D Zombievision".

Alice At GQ Awards 08 Sep 2010

Alice Cooper turned up at the 'GQ Man Of The Year 2010' awards last night (7th) in London at the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden. There was coverage on "Live From Studio Five" on Channel Five last night which including a brief appearance by Alice as he arrived. The Sun also has a very brief mention and photo, with another pic here. ContactMusic have a few photos.

Sky Arts 1 and Sky Arts HD in the UK will be showing three songs filmed at this years Sonisphere festival Saturday at 9pm and repeated Sunday at 12.30am, 8am and 1.30pm. The songs will apparently be 'School's Out', 'Ballad Of Dwight Fry' and 'Eighteen'.
(Thanks Pete) has some new shirts up for grabs.

Lancaster Online have a show review

Apparently news sources in Finland are reporting that Alice has signed a record deal with Universal Music and that the new dvd and next CD ('Welcome 2 My Nightmare') will be released by Spinefarm UK, a daughter company of Finnish label Spinefarm (Nightwish, Children of Bodom etc.). More when I get it.
(Thanks Jan)

There is a new Alice Cooper tribute album coming out on Main Man records in the U.S. around Halloween. It's called "Remember The Coop - A Tribute To Alice Cooper" and it's a 2 CD set.
The first CD features 20 versions of Cooper classics from "Don't Blow Your Mind" to "You and Me", while the second disc is a tribute to the 'Killer' album.
The pre-order price for the double CD set is only $10.00 U.S. (plus shipping), and you can pre-order here.
What is especially noteworthy about this set is that two of the original Alice Cooper members are featured on this tribute.
Michael Bruce (backed by 'Dimma') is featured on "Under My Wheels" and "My Stars", which are remastered versions from "Alive & Re-Cooperated" recorded live in Iceland in 2002. Dennis Dunaway also appears with 'Dimma' on a brand new studio recording of "Halo of Flies".
On top of that Dennis' daughters Che Monet and Renee Dunaway each do their own tribute version on the 'Killer' disc, with Che doing "Dead Babies" and Renee performing "Killer.

New Show - Portugal 03 Sep 2010

Alice will being performing in Lisbon, Portugal on November 29th at the Campo Pequeno. Tickets are available now at

Lancaster Online has a short interview with Alice.

Pabst Theater has an online gallery of photos from the Milwaukee show.

New Show - Columbia 02 Sep 2010

Alice Cooper plays the Merriweather Post Pavillion in Columbia, MD on October 17th on a bill that includes Rob Zombie, Black Label Society, Clutch, Children Of Bodom, Murderdolls and 2Cents. Tickets are on sale now.

JSOnline have a review of the Milwaukee show while Sweden Rock have a review of Sonisphere here. have a great interview with Dennis Dunaway talking about the early days of Alice Cooper. Blue Coupe have posted a new teaser video for the new video for 'You Like Vampires' which you can see here.

There's a new Cooperstown opening in West Mesa, AZ, but strangely this one doesn 't seem to have much to do with Alice! For a start it will be in a country music venue and have a sports and country music theme?!?! No wonder Alice is apparently not involved in this one, which makes it all the more odd that it's still going to be named after him, although they seem to be dropping the "Alice" part of the original name.

New US Show 24 Aug 2010

Alice Cooper and Rob Zombie will be playing Verizon Arena in North Little Rock, AR for the "Monster Ball" on October 21st. Tickets, which go on-sale August 28th are $39.75 and $49.75.

Rock And Roll Animals 22 Aug 2010

A while ago I mentioned a forthcoming documentary about legendary guitarists Dick Wagner and Steve Hunter entitled 'Rock and Roll Animals'. It appears the documentary has now been put up on YouTube for all to see! Part one begins with an Alice intro and the film is split up into 11 parts.
(Thanks Hunter)

'Bubblegum Slut' is a magazine that has a bumper 10th birthday issue out now which includes a 5 page feature on this summer's Alice Cooper / Rob Zombie headlined 'Gruesome Twosome' tour. Presented as a view from 'the men behind the monsters', the article includes new interviews with Alice Cooper band members Keri Kelli and Chuck Garric, and Rob Zombie bassist / 'Coop collaborator Piggy D. As a finishing touch it's all illustrated with some gorey exclusive images created by Detroit-based horror artist 'Shagrat'.
You can order a copy from their MySpace page by using the paypal widget.

New Stuff 18 Aug 2010

'Good To See You Again, Alice Cooper' is making it's way to Blue Ray restored and remastered for 1080p and 5.1 DTS. It's due to be released on September 15th and can be pre-ordered via AmazonUS with AmazonUK coming soon.

Friday Music's new gatefold double vinyl reissue of 'A Fistful of Alice' is now shipping from AmazonUS and AmazonUK.

Also don 't forget to pre-order the new 'Theatre Of Death: Live At Hammersmith' DVD/BlueRay while you're there. Pre-order at AmazonUS (CD/DVD or BlueRay) with UK links to STILL to follow.

Blue Coupe's debut album is getting closer now and you can join in the fun at Pledgemusic. The idea is to sponcer the band to help get the album produced (with a percentage of all pledges going to charity), and in return you can get all sorts of cool packages including signed CD's, photos, hand-written lyric sheets, personal letters and other cool items. Click the box below and you can get all the details as well as hear a track from the album entitled 'You (Like Vampires)'.


Two More US Shows 17 Aug 2010 have announced two more shows in October with Rob Zombie. Tickets go on sale this morning at 10am. They also comfirm the Corpus Christie show on October 24th. The new shows are:
October 9th - Youngstown, OH - Covelli Center
October 10th - Johnstown, PA - Cambria County War Memorial Arena

Classic Rock 14 Aug 2010

Alice Cooper will be hosting this years Classic Rock Awards, which will take place at the Roundhouse on November 10th. The new issue of Classic Rock announces this with a full page Alice pic.

Keri Kelli's Aces & Ales pub in Las Vegas are hosting an online auction, with 100% of all proceeds going to the Ronnie James Dio “Stand Up & Shout” cancer fund. There are many great, R'n'R and beer related items from Alice Cooper and KISS to Dogfish Head and Sierra Nevada! PLEASE visit the link below to view the catalog and bid on items. The auction will run through Monday August 16th at 6PM PST. This is such a great cause, in the name of a great rock icon, we hope you will participate!

Alice in Texas 13 Aug 2010

According to the venue Alice and Rob Zombie will be playing the Concrete Street Amphitheater in Corpus Christi, TX on October 24th.

Tweed Daily News, has coverage of the Freak Auditions. is now taking pre-orders for his new solo album, which features Alice on a re-make of 'Generation Landslide'.

LA Weekly has a short article about the Dali hologram which is currently on display in Atlanta.

'Royal Flush' magazine has a long Alice Cooper article in it's current issue. It appears to be issue #6 you want.

Yet More Freak Sightings 11 Aug 2010

More Freak Audition coverage can be seen at Londonist,,, Evening Standard, The Sun, Brisbane Times, Belfast Telegraph, and the Globe and Mail.
Please be aware that some of these reports contain footage of the freaks in action and may not be suitable for children..

TMZ have a photo of Alice and long time Alice fan Sylvester Stallone at the UK premier of 'The Expendables on Monday in London.

Music Room has a short interview (actually things he said on the BBC) with Alice. The Mirror also pulls quotes form other interviews for a short Alice mention. has a new Blog up about the UK Sonisphere.

More Freaks 10 Aug 2010

Part of this mornings BBC appearance is now online at BBC News. As you can see if you watch the clip Alice is suffering badly after losing his voice last night! The ITV appearance is also online at and Sky News has a short video and report.
The Evening Standard has photos and a report.

FEARnet has a short article about the Halloween shows.

Alice's interview with TVoost promoting the Lokeren show has been posted to YouTube.

Dungeon Fever 10 Aug 2010

According to reports the 'Freak Auditions' yesterday at the London Dungeon were a huge success with all sorts of acts doing all sorts of unmentionable things for the panel of judges and a huge number of representatives of the press. So much press in fact that it looks like there could be coverage of the event all over the place in the next few days both on TV, online and in the printed media including "Metal Hammer", "The Evening Standard", "Kerrang!", "The Sun", "Bizarre Magazine", "Classic Rock", "The Today Show" (NBC), various TV news and online news programmes (such as Sky News), Planet Rock, Xfm, and Smooth Radio.
The winners, who will join Alice on stage at the halloween Roundhouse shows, included a ballet dancer, Syban, who accompanied her classical moves by sticking feathers with pins in into her arms and ended her show by piercing her cheeks with two roses, and Damien S Fear and Raye-Gun, a couple, from Harrogate, who performed a blood-curdling show which saw Damien lift up beer barrels attached to safety pins stuck in his arms.
You can read a report at the Sussex Express, with lots more sure to follow.

Tickets for the US shows announced yesterday go on sale at this morning at 10AM local time.

A Night To Remember 09 Aug 2010

Press Release:

Sonisphere Finland Hit By Storm Causing Extensive Damage, But The Show Must Go On

We all survived Sonisphere Finland. An amazing experience for all of us who were there -- bands, crews, and fans alike.

At around 3:45 PM, during the set change on the main stage after Slayer and before Alice, with Alice's crew setting up the gear, and Maiden's crew beginning to set up THEIR gear behind Alice, a tornado-like "weather event" hit the festival site, with the two stages right in the bullseye.

At the second stage, Iggy & The Stooges were about to go on, and Motley's crew were setting up their gear to follow the Stooges.

Both stages got hit hard, with the second stage rendered useless when part of the ground support (which holds up the lighting, sound and roof) collapsed. On the main stage, the huge Sonisphere backdrop was ripped off the back of the stage, and crashed down onto Alice's equipment truck.

Thankfully, nobody on either stage was seriously injured, though there were a lot of cuts, scrapes, abrasions, headaches, and frayed nerves.

What had been a warm sunny but muggy day turned ugly within minutes, as the storm rolled in with high winds, dark clouds, and violently intense rain and, suddenly, hail, as the wind swirled, the trees swayed, and it became dark as night.

Everyone was yelling to get off the stages NOW, forget trying to save the gear, run for safety.

Within minutes, the skies cleared and everyone raced back onto the stages to make sure everyone was OK, and to begin checking gear. Luckily, no band members or crew were seriously hurt, some crew suffering scrapes, cuts, bruises, abrasions and a lot of frayed nerves.

Unfortunately as many as forty of the fans at the festival were injured during the storm, a few of them seriously, and everyone is hoping that they recover.

The second stage was declared closed and unsafe, which meant that the Stooges and Motley's performances had to be cancelled. Alice's and Maiden's crews were working feverishly to see what, if anything, still worked, and what they could possibly do, because the Main Stage seemed mostly OK, though soaking wet and without a backdrop.

While they, and the local stage crew, were working to dry everything out and try to put their shows back together, Slayer offered their gear, which had been loaded safely into their truck just before the storm hit, and Alice ended up using some of their band gear and their monitor rig.

Gear belonging to Alice, Maiden, Motley and the Stooges was seriously damaged, some ruined beyond repair.

Meanwhile, Iggy came over to the Main Stage and performed a short and very special "acoustic" set with just guitarist James Williamson and sax player Steve Mackay, which the crowd loved. The rainsoaked crowd waited calmly after being informed that Alice and his band and the Maiden guys, and especially their crews, were doing everything possible, and were determined to perform.

The long wait paid off after three more hours, when Bruce Dickinson walked onto the front of the Main Stage and thanked the fans for their patience and then introduced Alice, to a huge roar, as the band launched into "School's Out" and Alice took command.

Afterwards, Alice's crew took well-deserved and hard-earned showers and had some dinner, and off we went to Helsinki to move on to the next show, with the sound and fury of Iron Maiden's show fading into the distance of the night.

The fans who waited got the show of a lifetime. One that nobody who was there will ever forget.


In addition the band and management would like to thank everyone for all the kind messages they have received through various avenues checking if everyone is okay and well. You guys are the best!

US Shows and Finland Storm 09 Aug 2010

More USA Shows have appeared for the 'Halloween Hootenanny Tour' with Rob Zombie and are as follows:
October 6th - Kansas City, MO Independence Event Center
October 7th - St. Charles, MO The Family Arena
October 8th - Bloomington, IL U.S. Cellular Coliseum
October 12th - Binghamton, NY Broome County Arena
October 14th - Portland, ME Cumberland County Civic Center
October 15th - Uncasville, CT Mohegan Sun
October 16th - Worcester, MA DCU Center
October 19th - Roanoke, VA Roanoke Performing Arts Theater
October 20th - Nashville, TN Nashville Municipal Auditorium

Sunday's Sonisphere show in Finland was disrupted by a severe thunderstorm which resulted in parts of the festival being canceled due to equipment and stage damage. Alice Cooper performed a shortened set, thanks to borrowed gear from Slayer, after some of the own equipment was damaged. Another report here.

AmazonUS now has the new 'Theater Of Death' DVD up for pre-order. There is a DVD/CD package here and a Blueray version here.
AmazonUK links will probably be available shortly.
If you want to support STUK please remember to use these links! Thanks.

You can see Alice on Swedish Morning TV here.
(Thanks Jonas)

Rock Bjornen have a short review and photo from the Sweden Sonisphere.

UK Television And More 08 Aug 2010

Scuzz TV (UK) will be showing some footage from Sonisphere starting August 7th but repeated on August 9th and 11pm and August 11th at 2am and 11PM. Sky Arts HD are also advertising a new show highlighting UK festival appearances, which mentions Alice Cooper. Their programme airs Saturday evenings for the next few weeks.

Also look out for Alice Cooper on "BBC Breakfast", "This Morning", "London Tonight" (all on 10 August) and on 5 Live (BBC Radio) on "The Richard Bacon Show" (11 August).

There's audio of Alice on Absolute radio here.

Barefoot Fotoblog has some nice Alice pics from Sonisphere.

The Express had a short Alice mention a couple of days ago.

Alice has taken the "Kerrang! Quiz" which should appear in a forthcoming issue of the magazine.

'Dali: The Late Work" is an exhibition of the great artists work which is opening at Atlanta's High Museum Of Art. The exhibition will feature the Dali hologram "First Cylindric Chromo-Hologram Portrait of Alice Cooper's Brain" which he created in 1973. What makes this appearance special is that Alice has narrated audio describing recollections and observations of the event.

Alice 04 Aug 2010

Due to the large amount of traffic generated by the Halloween ticket sales this morning is experiencing technical problems preventing people reaching the site. Please be patient while they work to to increase capacity. In the meantime you could try which appears to be working.

Davenport Show Canceled 04 Aug 2010

The September 2nd show in Davenport, IA has been canceled according to Quad City Times. Scheduling conflicts are the reason stated.

According to the Salt Lake Tribune Alice Cooper and Rob Zombie will be playing at the Usana Amphitheatre in West Valley City, Utah on October 4th.

Tickets for the Halloween shows in London go on pre-sale through this morning at 9am.

Metal Hammer has some photos from Sonisphere. Virtual Festivals reports the festival was a sell out with 55,000 watching Alice perform at his first UK festival in 30 years (which it isn't of course, as he played Milton Keynes Monsters of Rock a few years ago).

There's two reviews for the Lokerse festival here and here. There's also photos here.

Musician Photo Journal have a video interview with Keri Kelli.

Halloween Info 02 Aug 2010

BBC online has a short video interview with Alice announcing the Halloween shows which you can watch here. Tickets for the shows go on sale August 13th (August 12th for presales).

Alice's appearance on 'Alan Carr- Chatty Man' is available now and for the next 6 days on 4OD.

The Sun online has a short piece on Alice today including long video interview with clips from the Hammersmith DVD.

Look out for an interview with Alice today in "The Standard", available in the London area only

You can see a short video of Alice at the 'Rock The Park' festival, during which the Stanley Cup was brought on stage, at

Times24 has a review of the Knebworth show with photos.

Dennis Dunaway guests on a new recording of 'Shoo Be Doo' by The Cars, which will appear on a Cars tribute album 'JustWhat We Needed... A Tribute To The Cars' released on Main Man records. the 'Car Crash' version is by Punk songbirds, Tish & Snooky and The Drivers Ed Dropouts (Dennis and Russ Wilson from 5th Avenue Vampires) who also produced it.

Fans in Sweden can now watch the 'Seventies' show, which aired over the weekend, online. Unfortunatly it doesn 't seem to be available elsewhere.

Dayton Daily News has a report about Alice playing golf.

CinemaDave interviewed Alice last year and the results are up on his blog across various pages: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5 with photos here.

Alice At the Roundhouse on Halloween 31 Jul 2010

Metal Hammer have broken the news publically that Alice Cooper will be playing two extra special Halloween shows at the London Roundhouse on October 31st and November 1st. "For these performances, Alice will be joined by world-renowned alternative performer Jim Rose (of the infamous Jim Rose Circus) as well as Zodiac Mindwarp and The Love Reaction ('Feed My Frankenstein')."
There will also be a video competition running on looking for ‘sideshow and freak acts’ to appear at the show. "The best will be invited to a live audition on 9th August at The London Dungeon in London at 7pm where they will ‘perform’ in front of a panel of judges consisting of Alice himself, along with Nicky Horne (Planet Rock) and others to be announced. The freakiest and most outrageous sideshows will then become part of Alice Cooper’s Halloween Night of Fear at The Roundhouse on 31st October and 1st November."

New DVD Date Announced 31 Jul 2010

The long awaited official release of the Hammersmith 2009 show has now been announced for September 28th. A clip from 'Alice Cooper: Theater of Death. Live at Hammermith 2009' was aired during 'The One Show' on BBC 1 on Thursday and there are also short clips in an Associated Press interview promoting last nights Sonisphere show at Knebworth.

Talking of Sonisphere, the first photos from the show are up already at Jack-FM.

You can check out a large cersion of the poster advertising the forthcoming US 'Halloween Hootenanny' show in LA here.

Keep your eyes open for Alice content on the following sources:Look out for interview footage coming up on: ITN on YouTube, Yahoo, Orange, MSN, "Celebs 24/7" on Living TV and "The Sun" (online) although what form these may take is unknown at the moment. has posted some photos from the New York shows with more to come.

BBC6 Interview 28 Jul 2010

You can now listen to Alice on BBC Radio 6 Music this morning at the BBC6 site. Alice is on around 2 hours 10 minutes into the show.

New US Shows 27 Jul 2010 have confirmed/announced three more shows under the 'Halloween Hootnanny' banner, all three of which will also feature Rob Zombie. All go on sale 27th July (today) at 10AM. They are:
September 30th - Gibson Amphitheatre, Los Angeles, CA
October 1st - Harrah's Rincon, San Diego, CA
October 2nd - Anselmo Valencia Amphitheater, Tucson, AZ

More UK Press.
Alice will be on Planet Rock's "The Nicky Horne Show" on 28th July at 18:00. Also on 28th July is BBC Six Music, live on Shaun Keaveny's show with Danny Wallace at approximately 09:10, and then on 3rd August, Absolute Classic Rock Radio, on Leona Graham's show at 18:00.

Blabbermouth has quotes and video from Alice about the recent re-recording of classic songs for the Guitar Hero games.

According to NoiseCreep a new special edition of Rob Zombie's 'Hellbilly Deluxe II' album is forthcoming and will include a version of 'School's Out' featuring Alice himself. This appears to be on the bonus DVD, so whether it will be audio only or in fact video (live?) is to be seen.

Suite101 has a review and pics from the 'Rock The Park' show.

UK Press 25 Jul 2010

Watch out for Alice turning up on the following UK shows:
27th July - Kerrang! Radio (more information when available)
28th July - "Steve Wright Show" with Chris Tarrant, BBC Radio Two - approximately 15:30pm,
28th July - "The One Show", BBC One 19:00 and
1st August - "Alan Carr: Chatty Man", Channel Four.

There's a short video interview with Alice about being green while playing golf at Green Living Explained.

More Twosome? 24 Jul 2010

According to Joey Jordison (Rob Zombie/Slipknot/Murderdolls) Alice Cooper and Rob Zombie will be performing more shows together later this year under the title 'Halloween Hogmanny'. The dates will feature Murderdolls opening. Blabbermouth list two shows so far, but neither is confirmed.
September 30th - Gibson Amphitheatre - Universal City, CA
October 2nd - AVA Amphitheater - Tucson, AZ

Alice Cooper songwriter and friend Rockin' Reggie makes an appearance at the 20th Annual L.A. Music Awards Thursday, July 29th at the world-famous Whisky A Go-Go.

A little more info has been released about the 'Silas Gore' movie, which now appears to feature a cameo by Alice as well as possible new music by Alice and Dick Wagner.

'Hard Rock' magazine in France have a special Hellfest issue with a double page spread of Alice on stage, a report of his show and some stories from the organisator relating to.
(Thanks Francois)

IFP have a review of the 'Rock The Park' show.

Blue Coupe have the following dates booked in the next few weeks, including the two previously announced French dates:
August 12th - Cadillac Lounge-Toronto, Ontario Canada
August 13th - Simcoe Jazz and Blues Bar-Oshawa, Ontario Canada
August 14th - This Ain't Hollywood-Hamilton, Ontario Canada
August 15th - The Sportsmans Tavern-Buffalo NY
August 21st - Rocknight Festival-Larzac France
August 27th - Tribal Rock Festival-Peymenade France has a short interview with Ryan Roxie about 'Casablanca'.

The Lunatics Take Over 21 Jul 2010

'Nights With Alice Cooper' came with a twist last night as the AC band (Chuck, Keri, Damon, Jimmy and Tiffiny) took over and presented in Alice's place. Unfortunatly it appears Planet Rock played an old show instead.

Keri Kelli has added some new merchandise to his site, where you can still get the info to book a private guitar lesson for the current tour. Spaces are now very limited so book now if you wanna hang with Keri.

Alice Cooper will be featured in "The Story Behind The Song" in the new issue (30 July) of "Metal Hammer" in the UK. There is also a short interview with Alice in the new 'Classic Rock', both tying in with the headline appearance at Sonisphere next week.

The Belleville Intelligencer has a new interview with Alice, part of which has also been posted to

Check out for a short video of Alice leaving a message for Dee Snider.

5th Avenue Vampires will be playing Don Hill's in New York City on August 7th.

'The Seventies' is a new Swedish show which will be airing on Saturdays between 9pm and 9.30. Programme three (Political songs) will feature four Alice songs, and presumable commentary and you can get more info here.

Catching Up 17 Jul 2010

Firstly thanks for all the good wishes and thoughts while I've been away. The worst is over now, just the re-Cooper-ation to go which will take a while but such is life. Everything went as expected so far, but all your comments and wishes were lovely to see. Thank you.

So, catching up of things of interest this week with appologies if they've already been listed.

According to JSOnline Alice will be visiting Milwaukee, On August 31st to play at the Riverside. Tickets go on sale July 23rd (maybe before on

The Oshkosh show on July 14th was forced to be canceled after the opening band had only played a few songs. This was due to flash flooding in the area

My Fox has posted a short video aricle about Sheryl Cooper's Dance Studio in Phoenix which features our favourite couple.

Noise Blog have a podcast featuring an interview with Alice on the way to the Common Ground show. They also have some text, presumably from the same interview, here.

The Post Crescent, The Intelligencer, and the Dayton Daily News have short interviews with Alice.

Rock and Roll Graffiti has a review and photos from the July 9th Harris show.

July 29th seems to be the airdate of the 'Celebrity Ghost Stories' episode that will featire Alice. This airs on the Biography Channel in the USA.

Absolute Radio are running a competition to meet Alice at Sonisphere by answering a simple question here.

John Corabi (Motley Crue, Union. Eric Singer Project) will be performing at Keri Kelli's 'Aces And Ales' tomorrow night.

Switzerland 14 Jul 2010

There's been a show added to Alice's busy schedule in November, this time its Zurich, Switzerland on November 17th. Presale is on now!

Big Rock Show 12 Jul 2010

Veranda Film have posted a short promo for the upcoming 'Big Rock Show' hosted by Ryan Roxie. have posted a short interview with Alice.

Small Stuff 11 Jul 2010

NWI has a new interview with Alice promoting the Indiana show.

Friday Music will be releasing a limited edition double vinyl edition of 'A Fistful Of Alice' in August 17th. You can pre-order it from AmazonUS and AmazonUK also has a page ready for it.

Brave Words have posted a review of the 5th Avenue Vampires CD. You can grab a copy by simply clicking the link above.

Planet Rock has a competition to win tickets for Sonisphere.

Lastly just to let everyone know, I will be away for the next week or so, so there probably won't be any updates unless it's something really important. I'll try and catch up with everything else as soon as I'm back.

New Show - Lancaster 08 Jul 2010 is listing a new show in Lancaster, PA on September 4th at the American Music Theater. Tickets go on sale July 13th.

Damon Johnson has posted a short sample clip of his new version of 'Generation Landslade' on his MySpace page. The song features a guest appearance by Alice both singing and playing harmonica, and we have to say sounds fantastic!!

Emails have been sent out to fans who have bought tickets to the Eastlake, OH show, telling them that BuckCherry will no longer be playing that show. Partial refunds are being instigated automatically, and the say the new support for the show is "the lead singers of classic rock’s Rare Earth, Sugarloaf, Blues Image and Iron Butterfly". This sounds like it will be "The Classic Rock All Stars" which feature former 'Special Forces' guitarist Mike Pinera (Blues Image/Iron Butterfly), Rare Earth original lead singer Peter Rivera and Sugarloaf original lead singer Jerry Corbetta but this is yet to be confirmed.
(Thanks Remarkably Insincere)

Catching Up 06 Jul 2010

Dick Wagner has written a foreword to a new book by Justin Rhodes entitled "King of a Sovereign Nation" which you can get via AmazonUS. Justin is a big Alice fan and became friends with Dick while writing the book. Check out this PDF file for more info and a quote from Dick.

Rhino appear to have released another vinyl edition of 'Easy Action' on 180mg vinyl which is being distributed by Scorpio in the USA. There's no info on their site but it's out. Same serial number as before but no gatefold sleeve.
(Thanks Serge)

New Interviews 01 Jul 2010

Radio Metal were at the recent Hellfest press conferance and have a long report during which Alice talks about all sorts of interesting stuff including 'Welcome To My Nightmare 2".

The new issue of Metal Hammer (UK) has a three page interview with Alice about 'Welcome To My Nightmare'.

There will apparently be an Alice related competition in 'The Sun' newspaper tomorrow (Friday).

Hammerheart fanzine in Germany has an interview with Alice in their new issue. Check out there MySpace for info.

The Pit has a review and pics from the Bonn show (in German).

'Suck: The Movie' now has a US release date of September 28th.

Ryan Roxie and Casablanca will be playing the following dates in Sweden:
July 22nd - Trestocksfestivalen, Skellefte
July 30th - Folkets Park Malmo
August 6th - Kungstrodgorden Stockholm
August 7th - Sundsporlan, Folkets Park Helsingborg
August 12th - Folkets Park Gamleby
August 13th - Kulturkalaset Goteborg
August 14th - Folkets Park Vosteros
August 20th - Folkets Park Linkoping
August 21st - Orrskogens, Folkets Park Malung
August 28th - Skogsrojet Rejmyre

Two New Shows 29 Jun 2010 has announced two more shows. The first is at Atlantic City, NJ House Of Blues on September 5th, and the second is in Marseilles, France at Le Dome on November 20th. Tickets go on sale tomorrow morning at

Small Stuff 27 Jun 2010

Dick Wagner has been posting on Tweeter that he and Alice will be writing material in Detroit in August for a forthcoming movie called 'Silas Gore'. Check out the make up worn by the main character in the promo clip (Over 18s only).Whether anything will come of this time will tell.

Alice Cooper is listed as appearing in the new series of 'Celebrity Ghost Stories' which airs on the Bio Channel in the US beginning in July.
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Small Stuff 24 Jun 2010

There's a short review of Hellfest at Rocker Paris, with some photos.

Sick Thing Lisa de Jong has posted some photos from the Bonn show at facebook. She also has pics from the Kerkrade show back in December here.

The 'Alice Does Alice' version of 'School's Out' appears in the new trailer for "Grown Ups".

The episode of 'Man vs Food' recorded at Alice Cooperstown is now scheduled to air Wednesday July 14th on the travel Channel in the USA.

Alice And Slash In Paris 21 Jun 2010

Alice Cooper joined Slash at the latters show at the Bataclan in Paris last night to perform 'School's Out' (Video can be found on Youtube at the time of writing). Alice of course was in France performing at Hellfest the previous night. You can see a short review of Hellfest with photos here. According to Radio Metal while in France Alice appeared at a press conference with a CD he said featured the first three songs from the "Welcome To My Nightmare II" project. Of the album Alice said "This album is more bloody and more accomplished than the first, It sounds like the early years"
(Thanks Francois, Hugo)

Eric Dover appeared on Maximum Threshold to talk about Alice, Slash and his new Sextus album. Listen in here.

"Suck: The Movie" featuring Alice and Calico Cooper will be one of the movies shown at this years Sonisphere festival (they ahve a movie tent). Alice, of course, plays the UK Sonisphere on July 30th.

Question Time 20 Jun 2010

Ever wanted to ask a question to Keri or Damon? Well now apparently you can courtesy of The idea appears to be that you submit a question via their site, and Keri or Damon will record a short video answering it and other questions people submit, which gets posted to the site. The deadline for questions appears to be July 13th so get going!
(Thanks Marijke)

Dennis Dunaway will be interviewed live on Radio station WJCU on Friday July 2nd at 6.30-7.30 EST. You can listen online at their site.

It appears the venue for the Danish show on June 23rd has apparently been changed. The show will now take place at Elro Arena, and not Justesens Plene as originally reported.

Metal Show Video 18 Jun 2010

If you missed Alice on 'That Metal Show' a couple of days ago, and if you're in the USA, you can watch the show now at VH-1 Classic.

According to VooDoo Rock And Roll Alice has been talking about wanting to work with Sir Christopher Lee, since the latter released his "metal" album 'Charlemagne'.

Ryan Roxie interviews Glen Danzig for in this video on Youtube.

More Alice In Spain 16 Jun 2010

The other two Spanish dates have now turned out to be Valladolid, Spain on November 26th and Santiago de Compostela (Galicia), Spain at Multiusos Fontes do Sar on November 27th.
(Thanks Sergio, Petri)

Alice will be doing a signing session at Saturn Store in Downtown Hamburg, Germany on Tuesday June 22nd at 5PM. Alice of course stared in the Saturn adverts in Germany last year.

Chuck Garric appeared on AOL's "Creep Show" the other day and you can see it courtesy of 'Nights With Alice Cooper'. Chuck's new CD with his band 'The Barons' is due soon. Watch out for more details soon.

'Sea Of Tranquility' has a new interview with Dick Wagner here.

Alice In Italy 12 Jun 2010

According to Alice Cooper will be perform at Alcatraz in Milan, Italy on November 18th.

Alice In Spain? 09 Jun 2010

Rumours are reaching us that Alice Cooper will be playing 5 shows in Spain at the end of November (22nd-27th) including Durango, Barcelona and Madrid. More info when we have it.
UPDATE: is now listing the following dates:
22nd Nov - Durango, Feria de Muestras (Landako Gunea)
23rd Nov - Barcelona St. Jordi Club
24th Nov - Madrid Palacio Vistalegre

5th Avenue Vampires are in the running for a support slot with Kiss at the Kiss show in Scranton but need YOUR help. You need to go to and vote for them! It only takes a couple of minutes and I'm sure Dennis and the guys would appriciate everyone helping out. Obviously playing on such a bill can help them get the exposure they deserve so please take a minute and vote for them! Click here, then scroll down and choose Scranton Metro Area. From there scroll down a little and you'll find 5th Avenue Vampres listed (currently at #20). Click "Demand It" and then fill in a couple mopre boxes and you're all done. Thanks!

I may have posted this already, but NWAC have posted an interview with Alice from 'Trip Advisor' here.

Charity Buzz are auctioning an afternoon golfing with Alice in Phoenix/Scottsdale. Proceeds from the auction will go to the True Colors Fund. They ask that only experienced golfers bid on the auction please.

Keri Kelli is currently in Russia with ex-Wasp guitarist Chris Holmes. The pair will be playing a show with 'Moscow Town' on June 11th at 'Jimi's Club' in Moscow and have special Meet and Greet packages available for fans before the show.

New Shows with Buckcherry 06 Jun 2010

According to Alice Cooper will be teaming up with Buckcherry for three shows in the US. They play the Rock Jam festival in Grand Junction, CO on August 28th followed by Modern Woodmen Park in Davenport, IA on September 2nd and Classic Park, Eastlake, OH on September 3rd.

Fangoria, the horror movie magazine, review the Gruesome Twosome show here.

Michael Schultz has blogged about meeting Alice in Kennewick, with show photos.

There's an interview with the 5th Avenue Vampires filmed at the Chiller convention up on YouTube here, and another interview with Dennis, also from Chiller, here. The Aquarian also has a new interview with band which is now posted online here.

Chuck Garric speaks about his memories of Ronnie James Dio to "Hard Rock Nights" in a special show which you can listen too courtesy of Blabbermouth.

News From 5th Avenue 02 Jun 2010

5th Avenue Vampire's guitarist Richie Scarlet was will be interviewed on Indi 100 radio in Canada TODAY at 2pm EST. You can listen in online at their site.
In other DD news check out his YouTube vid of Dennis Dunaway guesting with Kore to play "White Rabbit" at the Mamapalooza's Summer on the Hudson Music Festival at Riverside Park.

Suck DVD 01 Jun 2010

'Suck: The Movie' which features Alice and Calico Cooper amongst various other stars will be released on DVD on August 30th. You can pre-order now at AmazonUK.

Nightmare 2 29 May 2010

Desmond Child (Producer of 'Trash') posted the following message on Twitter yesterday: "Hey everybody... sorry for my absence... I'm writing with Alice Cooper and Bob Ezrin tomorrow for 'Welcome To My Nightmare 2!"

More video is available from the 'Good Morning America' appearance here. Make sure you click the other two links on the page for two more short videos.

Star 100 have a short clip of Alice arriving at the American Idol recording session.

Idol Chatter 27 May 2010

As everyone probably knows by now Alice and Keri appeared on 'American Idol' last night performing 'School's Out'. I'd link to YouTube but chances are any vids are being removed as fast as they go up so just do a search and you'll find it.
There's been lots of mentions about it in the press today but most are of little interest to us. Beatweek has a quote from Orianthi, who is apparently the female guitarist who also appeared during the Alice segment. Blabbermouth have a very short video interview with Alice backstage at the show, taken from Fox News.

June 15th sees the release of an Alice Cooper "Track Pack" for Guitar Hero 5. The tracks include "I'm Eighteen", "Welcome To My Nightmare" and "School's Out".

Alice will be presenting BBC Radio 2's "The British Invasion" which airs on Monday May 31st at 10pm. Quote: "Three bands influenced rock legend Alice Cooper more than any other: The Yardbirds, The Kinks, and The Who. All of them British. In this documentary, Alice tells the story of how The Beatles' triumphant arrival in New York City on 7 February 1964, opened the doors to the British Invasion and changed American music forever."

There's a video of the pastor who won the 'Good Morning America' competition meeting Alice backstage, as well as another article at the Post-tribune,

Good Morning America 25 May 2010

Alice Cooper will be featured on 'Good Morning America' on ABC-TV in the USA on Thursday morning, May 27th. This is the feature about the Pastor who's dream of a chance to appear on stage with Alice was fulfilled last week in Charlotte, NC.

Also check out for a new Alice Cooper EP which features new recordings of five AC classic. 'School's Out', 'No More Mr Nice Guy'. 'Eighteen', 'Elected' and 'Welcome To My Nightmare' are the songs and you can download 'Elected' for free.

Finally, everyone would be advised to check out the 'American Idol' finale that airs in the USA tomorrow night at 8PM. You may see something worthwhile....

Day Tickets For Sonisphere 25 May 2010

One day tickets for the Sonisphere festival went on sale this morning so you can now buy a day ticket for Alice's headline appearance on July 30th for £40 plus fees.

Alice And Bob Ezrin 24 May 2010

Posted to Blabbermouth:
Alice Cooper has begun work on a new album, to be produced by Bob Ezrin as part of a new joint venture with Bigger Picture Group.

Ezrin has a rich history of hugely successful collaborations with Alice, including such groundbreaking albums as "Billion Dollar Babies", "Welcome To My Nightmare", "School's Out" and "Love It To Death" and has, in the past, been described by Alice as "our George Martin."

Ezrin is a partner in Bigger Picture Group, a Nashville-based company that has been instrumental in contributing to the success of numerous artists, including country music sensation ZAC BROWN BAND. He remarked, "I am delighted to be back in business with Alice Cooper and Shep Gordon's Alive Enterprises and our whole company is over the moon about this collaboration. This is not a record deal but rather a partnership that involves virtually all aspects of Alice's ever-expanding universe. And it's a reunion with the first artist I ever produced and the first great manager I ever worked with. I couldn't be happier."

Bigger Picture will contribute to strategy, staging, special products, theatrical projects as well as the production, promotion and distribution of future Alice Cooper releases. The company will utilize its distribution agreement with Warner Music Group when the new Alice Cooper album, projected for release early next year, and other recorded product launches. A tour themed to tie in with the album, the concept of which is being kept under wraps for the moment, is being planned in support of the release.

Ezrin's career has seen him work with some of the most enduring names in music including PINK FLOYD, KISS, PETER GABRIEL, JANE'S ADDICTION, LOU REED, DEFTONES and scores of others but traces its earliest successes to his association with Alice Cooper, the band and the man.

Alice Cooper remarked, "It feels great to be working with Bob again and the entire Bigger Picture team have been tremendously supportive. Lightning has struck more than once in the past with Bob's involvement so we feel great that we're onto something really electrifying now that we're together again. The album we're crafting is, in some ways, a 'shriekquel' to what's gone before and there's no better guy to oversee things than Bob."

Shep Gordon, whose Alive Enterprises has managed Alice Cooper since his professional debut called the deal with Bigger Picture "a paradigm for the modern music business." He commented, "We're working with Bob not just on a brilliant new Alice Cooper album but in building upon the great strides Alice's career has taken recently." He cited "Nights With Alice Cooper", the internationally syndicated daily radio show that Alice hosts over a network syndicated through United Stations, the "Gruesome Twosome" tour that has seen Alice Cooper and acolyte Rob Zombie share bills throughout North America as well as an upcoming Alice Cooper arena tour. He also noted that "The Coop" would be headlining a string of festival dates this summer in France, Germany, Belgium, the U.K., and Scandinavia. "Awareness and appreciation for Alice is at an all-time high these days," he remarked. "Bigger Picture is getting in not on the ground floor but as the elevator is zooming to the top and they're efforts will, doubtless make this a much faster ride."

In a recent interview with, Alice Cooper was asked if there are any plans for a new album. Alice replied, "Ten songs are written already. It's going to be called 'The Night Shift'. The concept is, it's a really dark radio show where I'm the disc jockey, and every song I play will be by a different fictitious band. At some point, you'll realize this disc jockey is a little bit more than that. And I'm sure there will be some kind of a twist ending."


Alice joined Rob Zombie at the end of Rob's set in Toronto this weekend. Rob said some nice things about Alice before encouraging the audience to call "the Coop" back for one last song. The Song? 'School's Out' of course. There's a review of the show at the Toronto Sun.

There's a review of the Lewiston Show at the Buffalo News.

The 5th Avenue Vampires will be playing at Maxwells on Washington Street in Hoboken, NJ on Fri 28th May. This is part of the album launch event for the Main Main Queen tribute album that features Dennis Dunaway and Dimma performing "We Will Rock You".

Small Stuff 21 May 2010

The Tahoe Daily Tribune has some quotes from Chuck and Alice on the passing of Ronnie James Dio.

Calgary Metro News has a short interview with Alice.

Creative Loafing has a review and photos from the Charlotte show.

Dennis Dunaway will be appearing at the "American Rock Celebration" at Bobby Q's in Westport, CT on June 25th. Also appearing are Russ Wilson (5th Avenue Vampires/DDP), Jimmy Kunes, and Ratso.

Catching Up Again 18 May 2010

From Billboard:
At the show Sunday night at Lazerfest near Des Moines, Iowa, Alice Cooper and his band inserted a bit of Sabbath's "Heaven and Hell" into their final song, "Under My Wheel," dedicating it to Dio. Bassist Chuck Garric played with Dio prior to joining Cooper's band, and both Cooper and Garric taped a special segment for the syndicated "Nights With Alice Cooper" radio program talking about their late friend.
"We used to have a lot of fun with Dio on the road," Cooper recalled. "(Drummer) Eric Singer could not help going 'Holy Diver!' as loud as he could to the point where the manager finally says, 'Could you stop doing that? It's starting to annoy Ronnie.' And of course you don't say that to Eric Singer, because that just means he's going to double the efforts."
Garric added that Dio was "such a genuinely nice guy and welcomed me with open arms. From the moment I walked into the rehearsal rooms to audition, I felt at home...It was one of the greatest moments of my life, and it had changed my life. I owe him everything."

US show "Good Morning America" is currently running a 'Living The Dream' contest and one of the entrants is Pastor Mark Wilkins (age 49 of Indiana) whose dream is to be on stage with Alice Cooper! Mark has beaten out thousands of entries and will be joining Alice on stage at the Charlotte, NC show tomorrow. More info can be found here. The Post Tribune has an interview with Pastor Mark.
(Thanks Brenda)

Show reviews can be seen at Duluth News Tribune,
DeMoines Register, Globe And Mail, and Kearney Hub have short interviews. Lazer 1033 has an audio interview.
(Thanks Jeff)

Dennis Dunaway will be appearing at the 10th Annual Joey Ramone Birthday Bash at The Filmore in New York City tomorrow night and will be playing Dee Dee Ramones. For more info go here.

Eric Dover's band Sextus have almost completed work on their new album entitled 'Devil Angel" and are looking for support to get it released on CD and Vinyl. The release date is scheduled for August but by signing up you can get the album via download a month before, with you CD shipped when it's ready. Varous packages are available. Check it out here.

Ronnie James Dio 17 May 2010

From the 'Nights With Alice Cooper' Twitter Feed: "Alice and bassist Chuck Garric (RJ Dio alum) pay tribute to Dio with songs/rememberances in tonights show."

Here are some other Cooper related tributes to the legendary Ronnie James Dio, who sadly passed away yesterday. I'll add more as and when I see them.

Chuck Garric:
"I had the privilege to play Bass for Ronnie James Dio. He is going to be missed.. R.I.P my friend"

Damon Johnson:
"Sing me a song, you're a singer
Do me a wrong, you're a bringer of evil
The devil is never a maker
The less that you give, you're a taker
R.I.P. Ronnie James Dio"

Randy Meullier (Front Of House Sound):
"I remember in 2002 when I was mixing Ratt and we were opening for Dio and Alice Cooper in Scandinavia. sitting in Ronnie's dressing room sharing a funny story about a certain guitar player and us both laughing our asses off. He had a funnier one. me, the opening act sound guy sitting with a legend. He always remembered me by name every time we crossed paths. it was an honor to have spent some time with him."

Joe Bouchard (BDS/Blue Coupe):
"That's very sad. I've known him forever it seems. I used to follow Ronnie Dio and the Prophets back in the early 60s. The Electric Elves, precursor to Elf, were always playing my college in Ithaca NY. We actually gigged for the first time together on a double bill with my college jazz band at a saloon called the North Forty in Ithaca.
I thought it was real cool he landed his gig with Rainbow, and I was blown away when he took over for Ozzy. Heaven and Hell and Mob Rules are fantastic recordings on every level. We spent most of 1980 together on the Black and Blue Tour. We had many nice talks about the old days on that tour. Very sad indeed. RIP Ronnie."

Catching Up 14 May 2010

The Des Moines Register has a short interview with Alice. The Kearney Hub also has a short interview, and the text suggests there's a longer version in their printed edition.

Classic Rock Revisited has a review of the Kansas show. The MTS Center in Winnipeg have posted a review and photos from the Show there.

The latest issue of Metal Hammer in the UK has a short article by Alice in which he picks his top ten 'albums you should hear before you die'. There's a few surprising choices in there.

"That Metal Show” featuring Alice Cooper will air on Saturday June 12 on VH1 in the USA.

Video Interview And Vamps News 08 May 2010

Radio Station WZLX have posted a three part video interview with Alice which you can find here.

5th Avenue Vampires will be playing at The Brighton Bar, in Long Branch, New Jersey on tonight! The band "will debut three new songs. And, for the first time ever, Doctor Dreary (Dennis Dunaway) will perform "Serenade For Termites" on the saw! Plus, 'The Dead Elvi' will debut a Dunaway original song called "The King Is Still The King Of Rock 'n' Roll. and rock masters, Frankenstein 3000 will also be shaking the rafters."
Don't forget to click the banner above and check out the new album, 'Drawing Blood', which is available now.

Small Stuff 06 May 2010

Duluth News Tribune has a short interview with Alice.

New show reviews today at RockStarWeekly, and the Casper Star Tribune.

Return Of The Roxie Rock Show 03 May 2010

Ryan Roxie's 'Big Rock Show' looks like it's returning, and this time it will be visual as well as audio!
Roxie Speaks:
"The 'new' Big Rock Show will be filmed and broadcast in unadulterated & super revealing Hi-Def, which means you won't miss a single drop of drool that comes out of your humble hosts mouth....ewww.......that sounded bizarrely sexual, no??
Just like before, the viewer (you) will be able to experience a molotov coctkail blend of 'ol-school rock, first hand anecdotes, plus insightful and intriguing interviews with your (and my) favorite rock stars.....BUT, you will ALSO be able to 'demand' what you want to see....
At this stage of the game, INPUT and IDEAS from you guys is KEY to what is ultimately going to make up the content of what soon will become the 'new' Big Rock Show....
After all, this is a show that is made for Rock n Rollas, by Rock n Rollas who are all 'carrying the torch' guessed it.....ROCK!!!
A particular Artist you feel would be the perfect interview for the Big Rock Show? How about a 'ol school video that you'd like to see broadcast? Or maybe a brand NEW band that is carrying on in the true spirit of rock n roll? These are all things we want YOUR take you (this could go on forever you know!)....
The FIRST thing you can do as an avid Big Rock Show fan (or just a concerned citizen) is sign into the OFFICIAL BIG ROCK SHOW info site: and start submitting your suggestions, hopes, and dreams for the BRS.Stay tuned for more details.....and if the Big Rock Show is something you are just hearing about now, check this link for a quick little history."

More show reviews today at Straight, The Province, Music Vice, and Concert Addicts.

Reviews 30 Apr 2010

Show reviews can be found at the Edmonton Sun, Jam Showbiz, Blog Critics, Edmonton Journal, and SeattlePI.

The Vancouver Sun has a few photos from the Saskatoon show.

Ryan Roxie and Casablanca have some new songs up at their MySpace page. The songs will featureon their forthcoming debut album due soon. The band will be openning for Kiss on June 13th in Malmo, Sweden.

Small Stuff 28 Apr 2010

Games Meet Metal have posted a nice review of the opening night of the tour. The Star Phoenix also have a review.

Alice was interviewed on Canadas CBC radio on Friday during the show 'Q'. They have a podcast up including Alice's bit here.
(Thanks Clint)

Also a reminder that Keri Kelli still has a few places left for private guitar lessons on the current tour. Lessons are available the afternoon of the show in your chosen town and you get to hang out with Keri while he shows you some professional guitar tips, or teaches you how to play your favourite Cooper tune. You can get all the info at

German Tour 27 Apr 2010

German booking agency KBK has announced a German Alice Cooper tour for November 2010. The dates are:
November 4th Stuttgart, Porsche Arena
November 5th Kempten, Bigbox
November 6th Munchen, Zenith
November 8th Berlin, Max Schmeling Halle
November 9th Leipzig, Arena
November 11th Frankfurt, Jahrhunderthalle
November 12th Dortmund, Westfalenhalle
November 13th Braunschweig, VW Halle
November 15th Bamberg, Jako Arena
Support on all dates with be Ex-Nighwish singer Tarja Turunen, who covered 'Poison' on her last solo album.

In addition to these, Metal Underground is reporting three additional dates to the current tour which haven 't shown up elsewhere yet. They are:
July 20th Verona, NY, Turning Stone Casino Resort
July 25th Schenectady, NY, Proctor's Theatre
August 14th Colmar, France, Foire Aux Vins Festival

Winnipeg Free Press has a review of the opening date on the Alice Cooper/Rob Zombie tour.

The Toronto Sun has a short interview with Alice during which he discusses his ideas for the next album, currently entitled 'The Night Shift' "Ten songs are written already. It’s going to be called 'The Night Shift'. The concept is, it’s a really dark radio show where I’m the disc jockey, and every song I play will be by a different fictitious band. At some point, you’ll realize this disc jockey is a little bit more than that. And I’m sure there will be some kind of a twist ending."

The Standard Freeholder also has a few words with Alice.

Star Press mentions Alice as scheduled to attend the golf fundraiser for 'Big Brothers Big Sisters of Delaware County' at the Delaware Country Club, Muncie on May 17th.

Small Stuff 24 Apr 2010

Alice will apparently feature in a show called "I'm In A Rock'n'Roll Band" on BBC2 next saturday at 9.40pm.

The 2010 Christmas Pudding show will take place on December 18th at the Dodge Theatre in Phoenix, AZ. Tickets are expected to go on sale around Nov. 1st.

VueWeekly has a few words with Alice and Rob Zombie about the upcoming tour.

Drummer Jimmy DeGrasso is interviewed by 'Metal Assault' and chats about his work with Alice.

According to Amazon the Slash solo album will be released on vinyl on May 4th and this edition will include 'Baby Can't Drive' featuring Alice. You can pre-order it at AmazonUK and AmazonUS.

Planet Rock are airing a cool promo for the 'Nights With Alice Cooper' show. It features a Vincent Price soundalike revisting the 'Devil's Food' speech while changing some of the words to talk about the show. Sounds very authentic.

New Date - Lansing 21 Apr 2010

According to the festival site Alice Cooper will be playing at the Lansing, MI, Common Ground Festival on July 16th with Tesla opening.

More New Shows 16 Apr 2010

Alice Cooper has added a third night in Harris, MI on July 11th, as well as a show in Vienna, Austria on August 11th at the Open Air Arena. The Merrillville, IN show is also officially confirmed and all three go on sale today from

Damon News 15 Apr 2010

More details on Damon Johnsons appearances at the Dallas International Guitar Festival. Damon will be appearing at the Guilford Guitars booth on the 16th April at 3:00 pm and on the 17th April at 12:00 pm, as well as the previously mentiosn all star jam sessions.

In related news Damon also posted the following update on his forthcoming solo album:
"Generation Landslide" is my favorite Alice Cooper song of his entire career. It was a good day when I came up with the idea to cut my own version of it, more than anything as a tip of the hat to Coop in gratitude for all he's done for me. And it was an even better day with I called to ask him if he'd play harmonica on my track and he quickly said, "of course". Meredith and I flew to Phoenix and tracked Alice in his studio in his house, and he totally blew our minds by performing the harmonica part, literally, note-for-note the way he did on the 'Billion Dollar Babies' album in 1973. And to top it off, he graciously sang the 2nd chorus with me. As my buddy Audley says, "That's hot!"
You can see the full post here under 'news'.

No Poland 15 Apr 2010

According to GetMeIn Alice Cooper was added to the bill at Sonisphere in Warsaw, Poland on June 16th. NOTE: This is an ERROR on their site. Alice will NOT be playing Sonisphere in Poland.

New Show - Italy 13 Apr 2010 have announced another show, this time in Italy on August 12th in Majano-Udine at the Sports Arena. Tickets are on sale now.

Small Stuff 13 Apr 2010

The Fifth Avenue Vampires debut album "Drawing Blood" is now available to pre-order, in both standard and autographed editions, at the bands website.

The Globe and Mail has a very short one question "interview" with Alice about Tiger Woods.

According to Blabbermouth Damon Johnson will be appearing at the Dallas International Guitar Festival at Dallas Market Hall between April 16th-18th including performing in an all-star jam with Ty Tabor of King's X, Neal Schon of Journey, George Lynch of Lynch Mob, Rick Derringer, Derek St.Holmes (ex-Ted Nugent), Paul Reed Smith and many more.

Jason Saulnier has a short audio interview with Dick Wagner up on his site.

Golden Gods 09 Apr 2010

Alice and Calico turned up at the 'Golden Gods' awards show last night in Los Angeles and presented an award with Rob Zombie. VH-1 Classic (USA) will be airing highlights from the show on May 22nd.
Here's a bit of press covering the event:
AP have a video including a short interview with Alice up at YouTube.
Gigwise have some pics and a list of winners, and Getty Images have loads of pics.

Rolling Stone have a video of Alice and guitar legend Jeff Beck chatting.

The 5th Avenue Vampires will have their debut album available at the upcoming Chiller Expo (April 17th) where the band will be performing and signing. Details on how the rest of us can get hold of it will follow shortly.

New Show - Merrillville, IN 08 Apr 2010

According to the venue website Alice Cooper will be playing at the Star Plaza Theatre in Merrillville, IN on July 13th. Ticket go on sale tomorrow at noon.
(Thanks Janet)

New Show - Oshkosh, WI 07 Apr 2010

According to The Alice Cooper will be performing at Waterfest 2010 in Oshkosh, WI on July 14th.

KK Update 06 Apr 2010

Keri Kelli posted out the following update a couple of days ago regarding his on tour guitar lessons and new KK swag:

"Greeting to you all! The Alice Cooper 'Theatre Of Death' production is about to hit the road again, kicking off in Canada with Rob Zombie for the 'Gruesome Twosome' tour extravaganza. Alot of great European festivals are on the books as well. Current countries include UK, Germany, Belgium, France, Spain, Norway, Sweden, and Finland!
I will be offering 1 hour, one-on-one, guitar lessons daily on the tour. These lessons will now include 'Play-Along' CD's with Various tunes and all the exercises/theory we covered in the lessons. if interested please check for more info.

Keri Kelli Skate decks are here! Orange County has been synonymous for Skateboarding so KK decks were in order. Zip-up hoodies are also new in the store as well as 'Saints Of The Underground' autographed Cd's. Please stop by the KK merch area to see whats new.

Please be sure to stop by the Photo section of the site as I've updated it with the latest pics from Russia, Japan and Europe!!

Hope to see you ALL at the upcoming shows and events."

Alice On CBS 01 Apr 2010

Alice appeared on CBS' 'The Early Show' this morning and you can see video from it here.

New Album News 29 Mar 2010

Planet Rock are reporting comments made by Alice on 'Nights With Alice Cooper' regarding the next Alice Cooper record. On the show Alice mentions that he has started work on the new studio album saying “(It) hasn’t been recorded yet but we’ve got ten demos done already on it. I think it’s gonna be called 'The Night Shift'.”

Small Stuff 28 Mar 2010

You can hear a short 90 second clip of 'Baby Can't Drive', the Alice song from the new Slash album, over at Blabbermouth here.
(Thanks Hugo)

Alice Cooper and Rob Zombie will be on VH-1 Classic's 'That Metal Show' on April 13th.
(Thanks Emily)

Gibson's 'Classic Album Of The Month' this month is 'Billion Dollar Babies'.

Classic Rock 91.5fm (formely VegaFM) in Melbourne, Australia are once again playing 'Nights With Alice Cooper' week nights from 7pm.
(Thanks Marni)

New Show - Lewiston 25 Mar 2010

According to the Niagara Gazette Alice and Rob Zombie will be playing at the Lewiston, NY Artpark on May 22.

MLive have a new interview with Dick Wagner talking about his currrent album, 'Full Meltdown'.

More New Shows 23 Mar 2010

New shows going on sale at today.
May 18 Knoxville Civic Coliseum Knoxville, TN
May 21 Molson Canadian Amphitheatre, Toronto, ON
June 23 Justesens Plane, Randers, Denmark

Also one not on yet:
May 19th The Uptown Amphitheatre at The Music Factory,
Charlotte NC

Alice Guests On Damon CD 17 Mar 2010

From Damon Johnson:
Damon Johnson is in the final stages of recording a new solo acoustic album, tentatively titled, "Release". This will be his first solo release since his debut, "Dust", in 2000. "There was a stack of songs sitting around that I felt I'd be proud to have a recorded version of me singing them," Damon says. "For all the different projects I've been involved in, the one thing they all have in common is great songs. It's been amazing to be able to collaborate and learn from all these great musicians and songwriters."

"Release" is being recorded at Kensington Road Studios in Birmingham, Alabama and will showcase a diverse array of material. There are a couple of songs that have been staples of Damon's live acoustic shows in recent years, like "Leave It All Behind" and "Everyday", which Stevie Nicks recorded a version of in 2002. Several songs will feature a full rhythm section accompaniment, and Damon's daughter Sarah duets with him on "Better Days Will Come At Last" and a cover of Shelby Lynne's "Where I'm From". "I've lived in Birmingham since 1987," Damon says. "As I'm getting ready to move my family and start our new life in Nashville, this album is sort of a love letter to Alabama."

The new album will also contain a cover of Damon's favorite Alice Cooper song, "Generation Landslide", featuring Alice himself on harmonica. "I've wanted Coop to add this song to the live set ever since I joined the band. The original version from "Billion Dollar Babies" is centered around the acoustic guitar, and we've stayed true to that arrangement. We had a blast recording it."

The album will be mixed by Damon's longtime collaborator Kelly Gray, and should be completed by June 1. "Release" will be available for purchase at iTunes, CD Baby, and at

New Show - Iowa 17 Mar 2010

According to the Festival site, Alice will be playing at Lazerfest 2010 in Indianola, Iowa on May 16th.
(Thanks Jeff)

More New Shows 16 Mar 2010 has confirmed the following shows, all of which go on pre-sale through them today:
May 07 Shrine Mosque Springfield, MO
May 08 Ameristar Casino Star Pavilion Kansas City, MO
May 09 Hartman Arena Wichita, KS
May 11 Mayo Civic Center Arena Rochester, MN
May 12 DECC Arena Duluth, MN
May 14 Viaero Events Center Kearney, NE
July 18 Fraze Pavilion Dayton, OH

NOTE: The May 14th show clashes with the already announced (not by show in Council Bluffs which has been on sale at Ticketmaster since February and lists both Alice and Rob Zombie playing there that night.
UPDATE: According to the venue website the Kearney show is in fact the 15th, not the 14th as listed on

New Show - Kettering 15 Mar 2010

According to the Dayton Daily News Alice will be playing at the Fraze Pavilion in Kettering on Sunday, July 18th. Tickets are on sale Saturday.

New Casablanca 15 Mar 2010

Ryan Roxie and Casablanca performed on the Melodifestivalen 2010 TV show in Sweden a couple of days ago and you can check it out on YouTube. The song they performed, "La Voix" is out now as a single on iTunes.

Alice is featured on the cover of Elmore magazine this month. You can see it and read the article (about rock musicians as DJ's) on their website here.

Blue Coupe will be playing The Record Collector Store, Bordentown, NJ. on Saturday April 3ed at 7:30pm.

Finally, in the "it's not Alice, but still interesting" department check out this clip from German talk show "Harald Schmidt", which appears to be kinda like a German version of Letterman. The house band play 'No More Mr Nice Guy' while a couple do a version of the guillotine trick.
(Thanks Jorg)

More For Chiller 11 Mar 2010

Neal Smith and Michael Bruce have been added to the rollcall for this years Chiller expo, which already includes Alice and Dennis (playing with 5th Avenue Vampires).

New Show - Wichita 10 Mar 2010

Alice Cooper and Rob Zombie will be playing Hartman Arena in Wichita, KS on May 9th. Tickets go on sale Saturday.

New Shows In Council Bluffs and Rochester 09 Mar 2010

Alice Cooper and Rob Zombie have been announced as playing the Westfair Amphitheater in Council Bluffs, IA on May 14th as part of Rockfest 2010. Ticketmaster also lists a show in Rochester, MN at the Mayo Civic Center Arena on May 11th which goes on sale March 16th.
(Thanks Eric)

Chuck Garric has new T-shirts on sale via Ebay and you can grab yours here.

New Show - Germany 05 Mar 2010

According to the venue website Alice Cooper will be performing in Bonn, Germany at the Museumsplatz on June 21st. Tickets appear to be available now.

Alice In Belgium 05 Mar 2010

Alice Cooper will be playing the Lokerse Feesten in Belgium on 1st August.

Norway Changes and New Show 04 Mar 2010

The Steinkjer concert in Norway has been moved from the 25th June to the 26th June. Alice Cooper will now be in Hamar, Norway on the 25th at the Hamar Music Festival.

More New Dates 02 Mar 2010

The 'Rock The Park' festival is now officially confirmed as happening on the 23rd July. Tickets are on sale now.

New shows announced:
17th July 2010 - Tall Ships Festival, Bay City, MI
24th July 2010 - Heavy MTL 2010 festival, Parc Jean-Drapeau, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Lastly something I missed earlier. Blue Coupe are working on an album at the moment, and Dennis has posted on his blog that legendary Doors guitarist Robby Krieger will be writing and recording with them for the project!

Another Canadian Date 02 Mar 2010

According to the Belleville Intelligencer Alice Cooper will headline the Empire Rockfest in Empire Square, Downtown Belleville, ONT, Canada on July 22nd. Tickets go on sale Saturday.

Further to the news that Alice will be at the Chiller Expo again this year, it's been announced that the 5th Avenue Vampires will also be there signing copies of their new CD. The event happens 16th-18th April and you can get all the info here.
In related news Dennis will also be performing at BB Kings in New York with 'Whiskey Rocks' on March 30th along with a host of other stars.

New Date 02 Mar 2010

According to the Billings Gazette Alice Cooper and Rob Zombie will be playing the Rimrock Auto Arena on May 4th in Billings, MT.

Alice In Germany 01 Mar 2010

Tickets have just gone on sale for a show at the Kunst-und Ausstellungshalle in Bonn, Germany on June 21st.

Chuck Garric will be joiing Batusis at the SXSW show in Austin Texas on Thursday March 18th at the Prague stand at 10pm, and at Cheapo Music on the 19th at 5pm. The band also features Cheetah Chrome (Dead Boys), Sylvain Sylvain ( New York Dolls), and Lez Warner ( The Cult).
Chuck's also cleaning out his closet and you can grab some of his Alice Cooper old stage gear over at ebay.

The Movie Morgue has a short article about Calico Cooper.

Sickthing Nick Woodburn has made the news in his local paper. Check it out here.

Alice At Chiller 27 Feb 2010

Alice will be signing stuff all three days at this years Chiller Theatre Expo which takes place April 16th-18th in Hilton Parsippany, Parsippany, N.J.

The Casper, WY show has been changed to May 5th from May 4th.

DavesOnTour have a new interview with Motorbelly, featuring Damon Johnson.

Unfortunatly the 5th Avenue Vampires show last night had to be posponed due to the extreme weather. More dates will be announced soon.

Small Stuff 26 Feb 2010

Planet Radio City has a short interview with Alice.

Bravewords has a report from the Waste Management Phoenix Open, where Alice won a "closest shot" competition and netted $40,000 for his chosen charity (presumably 'The Solid Rock Foundation').

The Star-Telegram has five questions with Rob Zombie, the last of which is about the upcoming co-headline tour with Alice. has a few words with Dennis Dunaway about the new Queen tribute album "Horse Feathers & Animal Crackers" on Main Man records, which features Dennis and Dimma performing a version of "We Will Rock You". The album launch is tonight in Hoboken, NJ and 5th Avenue Vampires will perform.

Alice For Hellfest 25 Feb 2010

Alice Cooper has been announced as headlining Hellfest in France on June 19th. Check out the site for all details.

The Gruesome Twosome 23 Feb 2010

There is now a website for the Alice Cooper/Rob Zombie tour which features a short 30 second advert. Check it out here.

The promotor of the London, ONT 'Rock The Park' event has confirmed that Alice Cooper will be performing there on July 23rd. Tickets go on sale March 1st and are only sold through the Centennial Hall box office in London ONT. This has yet to be officially comfirmed by though so this isn 't really officially confirmed until it is.

Another show not officially confirmed yet, is in Norway at the Steinkjer-Festival on 25th June. This one is announced in the Norwegian press and on the festival website.
(Thanks Joar)

Premier Guitar Magazine has a very interesting article in which someone has taken the original master tape of "I'm Eighteen" and studied how the song was recorded.

The New York Times has an article about the Saturn Advert Alice did last year with a quote from Alice.

The 5th Avenue Vampires debut album is now due out on April 20th. Entitled 'Drawing Blood', the band of course features Dennis Dunaway and Richie Scarlet. They play Maxwell's in Hoboken, NJ this Friday, Feb 26th, at midnight. Not to be missed if you can get there.

Still Standing are a band who have opened for Alice in the past, and they have a new promotion film advertising their new album which features Alice talking about them. Check it out here.

BestWeekEver have a couple of photos from the Guvera launch last week.

Alice Does The Zombie Dance 22 Feb 2010

From Rob Zombie's MySpace page:
WELCOME TO THE GHOUL SHOW: HORROR ROCK....ICONS ROB ZOMBIE AND ALICE COOPER TO SHARE....STAGE FOR THE GRUESOME TWOSOME TOUR....(New York, NY) - It’s a bill that fans of horror and hard rock could only dream of until now: For the first time ever, the “gruesome twosome” will play an exclusive limited run of North American tour dates beginning April 26th at the MTS Center in Winnipeg, MB. Rob Zombie commented, “The dream or nightmare comes true! Me and The Coop have been talking about touring together for about 15 years and finally the moment is here. This will be without a doubt a Rock ‘N’ Roll Spooktacular for all the Cool Ghouls”. Alice Cooper added, “I'm looking forward to these concerts with Rob. It's sort of like Dracula vs. Frankenstein, we're like this generation’s classic monsters. When we're not onstage frightening audiences, we'll be backstage trying to scare each other.”
Dates that have appeared on Blabbermouth so far are as follows and go on pre-sale tomorrow:
April 26th Winnipeg, MB Canada, MTS Centre
April 27th Saskatoon, SK, Canada, Credit Union
April 28th Edmonton AB, Canada, Rexall Place
April 29th Calgary, AB - Corral
May 1st Vancouver, BC - Pacific Coliseum
May 2nd Kennewick, WA - Toyota Center
May 4th Casper, WY - Casper Events Center

Nightmare On Broadway 20 Feb 2010

Rolling Stone has a short interview with Alice, in which he again mentions the idea of making the 'Welcome To My Nightmare' show into a Broadway musical.

Alice was in New York on Thursday night attending the launch of Guvera, a new free download service supported by advertising, which launches in the U.S. on March 30th. You can read about the service here.

Rumour has it that Alice, and Cheap Trick, will be playing this years 'Rock the Park VII' in London, ONT, Canada on July 23th. This fits with what we've heard about dates in Canada around that time.

Ex-Alice Cooper and current Five Finger Death Punch guitarist Jason Hook has a new solo album on the way which will feature an Alice guest appearance. "American Justice" is due to be released in the next few months.

John Lydon (Sex Pistols/PIL) spoke about passing up the chance to appear with Alice at Hammersmith to The Guardian. " wanted me to do School's Out with him," he said. "A sweet gesture but it's 'AHHHHHH!' y'know? As a young concert-going person I was never enamoured with celebrities who would walk out to feature in certain songs and then walk off. It struck me as being like Come Dancing. A little pony. And a little old. What old people do."

Small Stuff 18 Feb 2010

The Brisbane Times has a short interview with Alice.

Alice will be appearing at the Waste Management Phoenix Open FBR/Xerox Pro-Am in Scottsdale, AZ on February 24th.

Pop Matters has an article about Alice Cooper in the early eighties coinciding with the recent reissue of those albums.

Ryan Roxie and Casablanca will be opening for Kiss on the 13th June in Malmo, Sweden. There's also an article on the band in the latest issue of Sweden Rock Magazine which you can see on MySpace.

I've posted some photos from Tuesday's Keri Kelli - Chris Steel Steel Circle show at the Camden Underworld in the photo section. Due to lack of light in the venue they aren 't great but maybe of interest to some. They played a great show, well worth checking out on the remaining dates of the tour.

Now Playing 15 Feb 2010

Gunther has posted some great shots of Keri Kelli with the Chris Slade Steel Circle playing in Belguim, which you can check out here. The band arrive in the UK today for a series of shows including London tomorrow night at the Underworld.

Roxie 77 play at Heaven's Gate in Stockholm next Friday 19th Febuary. Click here for details. Rocket.FM have an interview with Roxie which you can listen to here.

Vega 91.5fm in Australia have apparently been celebrating the 35th Aniversary of 'Welcome To My Nightmare' by playing interview clips with Alice and songs from the album.
(Thanks Brent)

US Dates 12 Feb 2010

Sorry for the delay in getting these up but my internet connection has been down since last night. have announced two new shows for the USA. They are for
9th and 10th of July at Island Resort & Casino Harris, MI. VIP tickets went on sale today at

Blue Coupe In France 08 Feb 2010

Blue Coupe, featuring Dennis Dunaway, Joe Bouchard and Albert Bouchard will be playing in France in August. The dates are:
21st August 2010 Rocknight Festival - Larzac, France
28th August 2010 Tribal Rock, Peymenade, France

Small Press 08 Feb 2010

According to Dee Snider (via Twitter) he and Alice will be duetting on an as yet unnamed cover song. More info when I get it.

The February issue (117) of Powerplay Magazine has a full page photo and review of the Manchester show from last year. It's the issue with Rob Zombie on the cover.
(Thanks Robert)

Ekostil has a new interview with Ryan Roxie.

Slash Album News 03 Feb 2010

It was slightly worrying yesterday to read the tracklisting for the upcoming Slash solo album, and see it didn 't mention Alice. However it appears the song, co-written by Alice and Dash Cooper, is going to be a bonus track on a limited edition version of the album being released by Classic Rock Magazine. Entitled 'Classic Rock Presents Slash' AKA "The Slash Pack", the bundle includes the new Slash solo album, a 132 page magazine with interviews and photos from the sessions, poster, and includes two bonus tracks, one of which is 'Baby Can't Drive' featuring Alice. On top of that this version of the album will actually be released on April 7th before the normal version and will be available in places like WH Smiths in the magazine racks, as well as music stores who normally stock the magazine. You can pre-order a copy of the limited edition pack here.

CBS have posted a short interview with Alice on the Grammy's red carpet Sunday which you can watch here.
(Thanks Taz)

The Grammy's 01 Feb 2010

There are a lots of short mentions about Alice at last nights Grammy Awards, most not saying much if anything of interest. but here's a few that are a little more interesting.
Noise Creep have a short interview. uZood have a video interview with Alice and Sheryl. USAToday has a short article with Alice's comments of Lady Gaga. CNN has a few words and the BBC has a short quote. GettyImage have pics.
He also attended the pre-show Clive Davis annual pre-Grammy party on Saturday night along with a host of other stars.

Ru.Tube has a long interview with Keri Kelli in Russia here.

Alice At The Grammys 29 Jan 2010

Alice will be appearing at the Grammy awards this sunday, presenting the award for best rock album with Katy Perry. In related news Lady Gaga will be appearing at the show, and this article has a quote from Alice about her.

Further to the news about and Alice Guitar Hero game/download yesterday Reb Beach mentioned on "Eddie Trunk Live" that he also is working on tracks for the project.

More Slash Info 28 Jan 2010

Noise Creep have a short interview with Alice about his involvement on the new Slash solo album which is due out April 6th. Alice, along with son Dash Cooper, co-wrote a song entitled 'Baby Can't Drive' for the album and the track also features Nicole Scherzinger of The Pussycat Dolls.

Forgot to mention this one earlier but the latest issue of 'Digital Camera' in the UK has about 6 pages of Alice photos from the Plymouth show illistrating and article about concert photography. It's still on the newstands now.
(Thanks Dave N)

Ex-Alice bassist Greg Smith mentioned on Facebook that he was flying to Nashville this week to record Alice Cooper tracks for the 'Guitar Hero' game. Whether this is a dedicated Alice Cooper Guitar Hero game (surely unlikely) or re-recorded tracks for an add-on pack hasn 't been announced yet.

Interviews 25 Jan 2010

The Dennis Dunaway interview on "Long Live Rock" is now available to listen to here. Sterling says "This is an hour-long show and we talked about a lot of early Alice Cooper stuff, as well as his upcoming projects. Fans will be particularly interested in this because he allowed us to debut two unreleased tracks from his new band 5th Avenue Vampires, "Fear Me" and "She'll Lie". "

AudioBoo have a short interview with Alice at the Bob Hope classic.

Metal-Rules have a cool interview with current AC drummer Jimmy DeGrasso.

Casablanca Video 21 Jan 2010

Above is the new video from Ryan Roxie's new band Casablanca entitled "Downtown". Here's the press release with all the info you need to know.

Casablanca Days Are Here Again-

2009 was a busy year for Ryan Roxie as he recorded not 1, but 2 guitar-driven albums to add to his ever growing catalog of work. Now 2010 seems to be another year of grit, determination, and potential reward.
With his own band, Roxie 77's 'Two Sides To Every Story' continues to gain momentum and credibility with it's unique album concept and marketing strategies. And in regards to the second album, Roxie has collaborated with 4 other prominent Swedish artists and personalities to form 'Casablanca'.....a Swedish 'super-group' if you will. The other members of Casablanca all come from other successful Swedish bands such as Sahara Hotnights, Melody Club, and Space-Age Baby Jane. The first single, 'Downtown', has just been released and is currently positioned in the Scandinavian Top 5 iTunes Download Charts. The upcoming album, produced by Chris Laney, will be released in the coming months.
You are invited to drop by the bands official website to check out all the info regarding Casablanca, including their premier video for 'Downtown' and more info on how to purchase their debut single on iTunes.
2010 hopes to bring a new decade of rock music to the people. Casablanca is looking to be at the forefront of that movement.....Casablanca days are here again!

Casablanca is-
Anders Ljung - Vocals
Ryan Roxie - Guitar
Erik Stenemo - Guitar
Mats Rubarth - Bass
Josephine Forsman - Drums

Official Casablanca site:
iTunes link:
Official Roxie 77 site:

DD On The Radio 20 Jan 2010

Dennis Dunaway will be interviewed for 'Long Live Rock' either tonight or tomorrow night and according to their site the interview will be available to hear on January 24th. They will be playing new songs as well as chatting to Dennis.

Keri Kelli will follow his Japanese appearances with shows in Europe in a few weeks, playing with Chris Slade's (Ex-AC/DC, The Firm, Uriah Heep etc) Steel Circle, The "All-Star AC/DC Tribute Band" play the following dates:

5th February Z/7 - Pratteln - Switzerland
6th February The Untouchables - Jevnaker - Norway
7th February Spirit 66 - Verviers - Belgium
9th February Gozo - Malta
11th Februay Koma - Worgl- Austria
12th February F-Haus - Jena- Germany
13th February Logo- Ahaus - Germany
16th February The Underworld - London - UK
18th February Blue Rooms - Hereford - UK
19th February Queens Hall - Nuneaton - UK
20th February Muni Art Center - Pontypridd - Wales

Small Stuff 19 Jan 2010

Electric Eyes Photography has a few photos of Dennis performing at Billy Blues in New York last week. Dennis also now has a blog here.

Neal Smith is working on recordings for a new solo album.

Barrett-Johnson, the Scottsdale car auction company, are auctioning another Alice Cooper car the details of which you can see here. Alice himself will be at the Bob Hope Classic golf tournament this week.

Ryan Roxie is back in Sweden and his new band 'Casablanca' will be playing in Gothenburg tonight at the P3 Guld in the Scandinavium, Gothenburg.

More NAMM 14 Jan 2010

Chuck Garric's NAMM appearance is confirmed for Saturday on the Coffin Case booth. This will happen at 2pm. Also at 2pm on Saturday drummer Tommy Clufetos will be on the Regal Tip Drumsticks booth, so you'll have to run between the two!

As mentioned previously Keri Kelli will be playing in Russia in a few weeks. On the 28th of January he will perform in Saint Petersburgh with 'Pushking' (see news about their album featuring Keri and Alice below) and on the January 30th he'll be in Moscow to perform some Alice Cooper's classicks with the only Russian Alice Cooper cover-project named 'Moscowtown'. Click here to see the poster.

More Glam 12 Jan 2010

Glamnation will now be playing a Pre-NAMM show at the "Howl At The Moon" in Universal City Walk tomorrow night (Wednesday) at 11pm. Before they play, Ryan Roxie will be performing an acoustic set at 9.30. Going by the advert it seems safe to say AT LEAST Roxie, Eric Dover and Teddy Zig Zag will be on stage from the Cooper band family.

In other NAMM news Chuck Garric has confirmed he'll be there at will at the very least be appearing Saturday 6th, signing at the Coffin
Case booth.

If you're New York way Dennis Dunaway will be sitting in for a song tomorrow night at the Jimmy Kunes show at BB Kings. Dennis will debut a newly recorded original blues called "Now She's Gone."

NAMM 09 Jan 2010

It's NAMM time again in Anaheim, California, the big music industry show and once again a couple of AC guys will be here. Damon Johnson will be there on Saturday 16th making appearances on the following stands: Guilford Guitars, Wizard Amps, ESP Guitars, Dunlop Accessories, andS.I.T. Strings.
His predecessor Jason Hook is also there and will be doing the following personal appearances:
Thursday Jan. 14th - 4:30pm signing at EMG Booth
Friday Jan 15th - 3:15pm signing at TC Electronic
Saturday Jan 16th - 4:30pm live performance at the Marshall Amplifiers Booth
Keep your eyes open if you go as I'm sure other Alice alumni will be around.

In LA at the Viper Room on Friday January 15th will be a rare appearance by Glamnation, the band that normally features various Alice musicians playing 70s glam rock covers. In the past Ryan Roxie, Eric Dover, Eric Singer, Tommy Clufetos, Teddy Zig Zag, and Calico have all put in appearances so there's a fair chance some of the above will be there again (Roxie is in LA at the moment).

Ultimate Guitar has a new interview with Dick Wagner talking about the 'Welcome To My Nightmare' album. Dick has a new album out entitled 'Full Meltdown' and you can read my review here.

Alice was in Maui again over new year and The Maui News has an interview. He will reportedly be playing golf in Nevada this weekend for the 10th Canon U.S.A. Inc. and National Center for Missing & Exploited Children event at Bellagio. has posted a new blog, this time about the recent UK tour and written by STUK's own Andy Michael.

Pushking 05 Jan 2010

A while ago I mentioned a forthcoming album by Russian band Pushking. According to Blabbermouth it's almost done with Alice and Kerri definitly confirmed as playing on one track along with an impressive list of other guest artists including Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top, Paul Stanley of Kiss and a host of others. Alice recorded his vocal on 'Trouble Love' back on the 30th November 2008 so this one has been a while in coming!

Ryan Roxie has yet another project (We think Ryan and Damon are competing to have the most bands on the go at once!) called 'Casablanca' and you can check out their first song on MySpace, as well as follow the band on Facebook.

Alice In Art Book 02 Jan 2010

"The Art of Classic Rock: Rock Memorabilia, Tour Posters and Merchandise from the 70s and 80s" is the rather long title of a new book out now from Goodman Books. Put together by Rob Roth (who is also the 'Alice Cooper's Theater Of Death' show producer) and Paul Grushkin, it's a large format coffee table book featuring six different artists and the posters, promos etc that they've released over the years. Of interest to us is the fact that one of the artists is, of course, Alice Cooper, and there's over 25 pages of AC related content, as well as a short introduction by Alice. Current available at the bargain price of just £12 from AmazonUK but is also listed on AmazonUS.

VH-1 show "100 Most Shocking Music Moments" features Alice making comments on various events. I didn 't list this before as VH-1 already did a show like this, with almost the exact same name some years ago and I assumed it was a repeat. Apparently it isn 't, even though Alice is apparently talking about Jim Morrison again and it features the Chicken Incident at #17. It ran in five one hour shows before Xmas but presumably will be repeated.

Radio station KOZZ has some pics of the Alice show in Reno, and if you check out the photos of LA Guns you'll find some pics of Chuck Garric at the show as well.