Below are the complete SickthingsUK news archives going back to 2004 when I first added news to the front page.
NOTE: The further back you go, the less likely it is that links and images will work, because the original sites no longer have the articles.

New Roxie Interview 29 Dec 2009

Good Time Metal Oldies have posted a new interview with Ryan Roxie which you can check out here.

Small Stuff 22 Dec 2009

Firstly one I may have missed. The Scottish Sun has an interview with Alice preceeding the Glasgow show.

Phoenix New Times has some photos fro this years Pudding show.

Alice For Wacken 20 Dec 2009

According to Blabbermouth Alice Cooper has been confirmed as appearing at next year's Wacken Open Air festival, set to take place August 5-7th, 2010 in Wacken, Germany. Wacken is possibly the biggest heavy metal festival in the world with hundreds of bands performing over the weekend.

Black Art Images have posted a report from the Xmas Pudding show on friday including photos. AZCentral also have a review.

Small Stuff 18 Dec 2009

Kaleva has an interview with Alice from Finland, and you can listen to the full interview here. They also have a review of the show here.
(Thanks Virpi) have a review of the Hammersmith show with some photos.

Michael Monroe has some nice things to say about Alice and his guest appearance in Finland over at Blabbermouth.

Stuck In The Mud 16 Dec 2009

There's a few more Swedish articles this morning including a photo of Alice's bus stuck in the mud on the way to the last show here. Span have a review, while VLT have a report on the signing session which took place in the afternoon featuring Roxie 77, Electric Boys with Chuck and Keri representing the Cooper band.

Yet more photos have been added to the photo section. Thanks to all the Sickthings who are sedning them in!

Alice Rocks Sweden 15 Dec 2009

Various Swedish press has appeared while we were out of town, mostly in Swedish obviously. Check out Aftonbladet, Goteborg-Posten and Webfinanser who have a story about Alice locking three people in a "cage" at Avenyn, in Gothenburg, all in aid of Malaria research! There's even some video about it here (which is in English). They had a big video screen up at the site and it was also transmitted on TV.
Goteborgs-Posten also has a review of last nights show, and in the print edition Alice was on the front page of their arts section today with the printed version of the review. The same page also links to more footage from the Malaria thing mentioned above.
VLT has an article and NOJE has a very short review with photo.

The ever wonderful Ryan Roxie, who's band Roxie77 is of course opening the Swedish shows (Get their early and make sure you check them out!) joined Alice and the band on 'School's Out' last night in Gothenburg. Michael Munroe of Hanoi Rocks jumped up with them in Helsinki over the weekend as well.

The Sun ran a small review of the Brighton show a couple of days ago, unfortunatly not available online.
(Thanks Matt)

Phoenix New Times has a short article about this years 'Proof is in the Pudding' local band contest and a compilation CD also featuring local Phoenix bands including Dash Cooper's Runaway Phoenix.

More Photos And Radio 11 Dec 2009

The SickthingsUK photos from the UK tour are now up in the photo gallery for your entertainment.

Chuck and Keri plus Ryan and Anton from Roxie 77 were on SBS Web Radio this morning and you can listen to it here. Select the 8AM show and go to around 24 minutes.
(Thanks Dragonlady)

Schwerin Pics 11 Dec 2009

I'l still working on getting the STUK photos from the UK tour online, but you can check out photos from the Schwerin show, courtesy of Lukas B. Killed & Helena, here and here. Zeit Online has a review (In German of course)

Alice is interviewed on "Johnnie Walker's Sounds Of The 70s", 13th December on BBC Radio Two at 15:00 (GMT).

More Sonisphere 10 Dec 2009

Alice has now been announced as performing at the Sweden and Finland Sonisphere festivals in August 2010. These happen on the 7th and 8th of August with many of the bands playing one country the first day and the other the next.

More Press 10 Dec 2009

Griffin Integrated Communications have a new interview with Alice's Front Of House sound man Randy Meullier.

Hi-Def-Geek has a review of the Glasgow show with photos. Ostsee-Zeitung and "Greenpeace Magazin" have reviews of the Schwerin show in German while Junge Welt have an interview also in German..

Collectors Choice will be reissuing "Special Forces", "Zipper Catches Skin" and Dada"on January 12th with new liner notes.

Solid Rock have posted some photos from this years Alice Cooper Golf event.

Alice For Sonicsphere 09 Dec 2009

Alice has been announced as headlining the Saturn stage at next years Sonicsphere festival, due to take place at Knebworth on Friday July 30th 2010. You can get more info here. Also confirmed as playing various stages throughout the weekend are Iron Maiden, Rammstein, Motley Crue, Iggy and The Stooges, Slayer, Anthrax and The Cult.

Kerkrade 09 Dec 2009

The Kerkrade show is now available as a USB or MP3 download at Concert Online. The show has also produced quite a bit of press, mostly in Dutch obviously. Check out Limburger with pics, BN Destem, and Headmusic.

The latest 'Powerplay' in the UK has a small review of the Las Vegas 23rd September show.

Music Skins has launched a range of 'Brutaly Live' skins for various phones, laptops and other electronic gear.

As mentioned previously Dick Wagner has a new CD out and you can listen to it here. What's more there's a free song to download as well!

Yet More stuff 08 Dec 2009

Just when you thought it was safe, here's yet more small news items that may be of interest.

Resurgence have posted a video of evangalist RC Sproul talking about his relationship, or rather lack of relationship, with Alice.

Anyone who bought a USB stick at the Hammersmith show may find they have half of the Nottingham show on there instead. Don't worry, when you download the second part of the show using you code, you will actually get the whole Hammersmith show in the download. All credit to Concert Online for getting this fixed so quickly after the problem was spotted.

Ragnarock Radio have a review of the Glasgow show.

Drowned In Sound have some photos from the Brighton show. Sickthings Lukas B. Killed has posted his photos from the Plzen show on Myspace here.

Alice is amongst the names announced as appearing in next years Bob Hope Classic Pro-Am Golf Tournament which takes place January 18th-24th at the Palmer Private Course at PGA West and other locations in La Quinta, CA.

Keri Kelli will be back in Europe early next year performing with Ex-AC/DC drummer Chris Slade in 'Chris Slade Steel Circle', an AC/DC tribute band.. The only date I have so far is February 5th at Z7 in Pratteln, Switzerland but more will appear shortly.

Backstage Auctions have some more interesting Alice related items up for grabs. Rare unpublished photos from the early 70s.

Friday Music will apparently be following up their recent vinyl reissue of 'School's Out' with 'Welcome To My Nightmare' early next year. In related news there also seems to be a vinyl reissue of 'Easy Action' available from Rhino records, however their site doesn`t seem to mention it!
(Thanks Andy)

New Roxie 77 Song For Free 08 Dec 2009

Roxie 77 have posted another brand new song for free entitled 'Takin' A Holiday' which you can download here.

Catching Up 07 Dec 2009

The BIG news over the last two weeks was the announcement that all the UK performances would be available to buy, both at the show on Alice Cooper USB sticks, or online as 320 kbit MP3's. On top of this the London show was filmed for a forthcoming DVD release.

Just as we were leaving for the UK tour Contact Music broke the "news" that Alice Cooper got their name after a ouija board session. How this is news is beyond us but the story was picked up in many places so I thought I should mention it.

American Idol's Scott MacIntyre will join Alice Cooper's Christmas Pudding at the Dodge Theater in Phoenix, Arizona on Friday, December 18th. Also appearing will be Dee Snider, Warrant, Lita Ford, Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers, Gary Mule Deer, Runaway Phoenix, River of Life Choir, ventriliquist Ronn Lucas and world champion magician Murry Sawchuk. Brad Perry will be the MC for evening and will perform with his band, Acoustic Fingerprints.

Keri Kelli wil be travelling to Russia in January to perform with Pushking. This special show will take place Thursday, January 28th at Jagger Club. Also in January Keri will be playing two shows in Tokyo, Japan with Phil Lewis from L.A. Guns They take place on January 23rd & 24th. The 23rd show will be a special intimate acoustic show at Shibuya Craw, and the 24th will be full blown electric show at Koenji High. Doors open for Both shows at 6:00PM. More info can be found here.

The Herald Scotland, The Sun Scotland, 3News, Miami Herald, and OneNewsNow, all have interviews with Alice. Alice also make a comment on the ITN News about writing a song for 'Britain's Got Talent' personality Susan Boyle, which has been quoted all over the place.

There will be lots of photos from the UK dates going up in the photo section over the next week or so, but in the meantime Gigwise has pics from Manchester, Flickr has Plymouth pics with a few more here.

Show reviews, many with photos, include The Scotsman, RushOnRock, Swindon Advertiser, LAist, The Star, Shropshire Star, Birmingham Mail, Idio, Black Velvet, Plymouth Herald, Bacon Music, Express and Star, and This Is Nottingham

ThisIsWiltshire has a short article. The Plymouth Herald has an article about a fan dressing as Alice for the show with a follow up here. The Guardian has Alice listing his top UK shopping haunts. World First has a short quote.

The new (December 4) issue of Entertainment Weekly includes a brief tribute to Soupy Sales written by Alice.

Erik Scott's excellent solo album "Other Planets" is up for an award at, website for a radio show that is syndicated to around 100 stations in the USA. Erik, of course, was bassist and producer for Alice in the early eighties, and is an all round good guy. We ask all Sickthings to go here, and vote for Erik's album. It only takes a minute and the only personal info they seem to actually require is your email. You may even win a prize just by voting! You're voting for: Erik Scott - "Other Planets" in the dropdown list. Show the power of the Sick Things and support the musicians who helped create the Cooper legacy!

Going Home 07 Dec 2009

We're finally home from the UK tour so will try and catch up on some of the news that has appeared over the last two weeks, but first I would just like to say a few words to express our gratitude to Toby, Andy and Jamie, who between them have worked tirelessly this last two weeks to help fans who had problems during the tour. I honestly don't think that any other artists backstage team could care so much about the fans welfare and enjoyment then these guys do. They have done an amazing job and are a credit to Alice. Thank you.

Secondly, we have to thank Pat, Randy, Cesare and all the crew, who night after night make sure the show runs smoothly and on time. We've said it before, but without these guys there would BE no show and they are so under appriciated. Thank you.

Of course we also have to mention the BEST band in rock 'n' roll, who tear the roof off every night and make sure the Alice Cooper show continues to be the greatest show on earth. Damon Johnson, Chuck Garric, Keri Kelli, Jimmy DeGrasso, as well as the beautiful Tiffiny, provide the perfect backdrop for Alice to work his magic, and a nicer bunch of people you couldn't wish to meet. Thanks guys!

Lastly, we have, of course, to thank the man himself, the legend who is Alice Cooper. STILL the greatest showman in rock. No competition.

It's been a rough couple of weeks out there on the road. Pouring rain, and freezing temperatures, long hours queuing and useless, incompetent venue staff (Plymouth Pavillion being the notable exception), but at the end of the day it's not just those ninety minutes on stage that make it all worthwhile, it's also all the people you meet from all over the world, and the comradery of the queue. So to all the people who came by and said "hi" over the last two weeks I apologise for never having enough time to chat as much as I would like. I hope everyone had a blast at the shows and enjoyed them as much as we did.

Signings in Sweden 23 Nov 2009

From Ryan Roxie:
Through cooperation with the Musik Borsen music store chain, 'meet and greet' signing sessions will take place with members of ALL 3 bands (Roxie 77, Electric Boys, and of course The Alice Cooper band) the afternoons before the Swedish shows on December 14th and 15th.
Confirmed band members so far include Ryan Roxie & Anton Korberg from Roxie 77, Conny Bloom & Andy Christell from Electric Boys, and Keri Kelli & Chuck Garric from the AC band.
A great chance to start the 'Big Rock Show' a bit early and meet some of the 'rock'n'rollas' from your favorite bands!
Stay tuned for further details and exact time and location info....

As many of you will know the STUK crew will be out on the UK tour for the next couple of weeks, so news updates will unfortunatly not always be as frequent as I generally like. Keep an eye on the forums where news will likely be posted before you see it here, and as usual I'll catch up with everything when we get back.

"Let the show begin....."

UK Media 22 Nov 2009

Keep your eyes open for the follow Alice appearances in the UK:

Monday 23rd. November:
- BBC Breakfast (BBC One and BBC News Channel)
- London Tonight, ITV1
- BBC Radio 5 live Simon Mayo (14:00)

Tuesday 24th. November:
- BBC Radio 2 - Steve Wright Show

Sunday 29th. November:
- "The Observer" - in the "Travel" section

The Times 20 Nov 2009

Alice is featured in The Times (UK) today, including a full colour cover photo from the current show, and the feature is available online here.

The Radio Times says that Alice will be on the Johnny Walker BBC Radio 2 show on Sunday 22nd November at 15:00 to 17:00.
(Thanks Leighton)

The Express And Star also has a new interview with Alice.

There's over 100 photos from the Slovakia show up now in the STUK photo gallery courtesy of Maťo. Thanks!

Kane Roberts Interview 19 Nov 2009

Kane Roberts has posted a very interesting article about his time with Alice at his site which you can read here

The Telegraph has a short interview with Alice.

This years Alice Cooper Golf Tournament, which took place on November 7th, raised $35,000 for the Solid Rock Foundation.

Nights With Alice Cooper have posted the winners from the 'Keeping Halloween Alice' video competition.

UK Radio 14 Nov 2009

Alice will be a guest on the 'The Radcliffe and Maconie Show' on Radio 2, 8-10pm, on Monday 30th November.

There's a new blog on, this time written by Damon Johnson.

Chuck Garric has added 10 brand new songs by his band 'The Barons' to his MySpace page which are DEFINITLY worth checking out. An album with be forthcoming soon!
You can also follow what Chuck's up to now on Twitter.

Dick Wagner has a new CD out entitled 'Full Meltdown'. It's a collection of "some lost songs from Dick's rockin' past. These are kick ass rockers that were lost and not released". It includes Dick's version of "Might As Well Be On Mars". Youcan take a listen and get all the details here.

The Quietus has an interview and pics with Alice.

Female First have a short write up about the forthcoming UK tour.

Small Stuff 05 Nov 2009

Hi-Desert Star has a report about the karaoke contest Alice appeared at in the Fantasy Springs casino last week.

The excellent DDP album 'Bones From The Yard' is now available to listen to on

US TV 02 Nov 2009

Alice will be a guest on 'Last Call with Carson Daly' on November 4th at 1:35am in the USA.

Alice also turns up on the latest episode of "That Metal Show' in the US which features a look behind of the 'Theatre of Death' tour.

Planet Rock and The Mirror are running competitions to win tickets for the UK tour.

Interviews 31 Oct 2009

Crawdaddy has a new interview with Alice. The Independent Online also has a short Q&A with Alice. Not sure if that one is in the printed version as well.

The New York Post has an article highlighting Alice and the ongoing farce that is the so called 'Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame'

The Aquarian has a review of the Atlantic City show.

Small Stuff 30 Oct 2009

According to Alice was due to make an appearance at the Rock Yard outdoor party last night after the show in Indio. He was due to announce the winner of the "Rockaoke" competition finale.

LAist has a story about the LA show while the Hollywood Reporter has a review.

The new Metal Hammer podcast apparently has an interviw with Alice.

The Desert Sun has a short interview.

The Montgomery Advertiser has a story by a reporter who almost got to be a zombie on stage with Alice.

Slash With Alice 29 Oct 2009

Slash joined Alice onstage last night in Los Angeles. There's a pic here. Alice is of course featured on Slash's forthcoming solo album.
(Thanks Tim)

Las Vegas Weekly and the LA Times have reports on the Varvatos appearance.

San Diego Union-Tribune has an interview with Alice.

Rock 'n' Roll Graffiti has an article on Dick Wagner's career.

Alice Performs at Aces And Ales 27 Oct 2009

Alice performed with the band at Keri Kelli's 'Aces and Ales' bar Saturday night in Las Vegas. You can see a clip on Youtube.
They performed a short set including 'No More Mr. Nice Guy' '18' 'Under My Wheels' and 'Schools Out'.

VegasNews has some nice pics from the John Varvatos appearance at the weekend and a review. Living Las Vegas also has a report.

Fresnobee and the San Diego Entertainer have short interviews with Alice.

On Friday October 30th, Blue Coupe will perform two sets at the Infinity Music Hall, 20 Greenwoods Rd W, Norfolk, Connecticut 06058 sharing the bill will be Joe Bouchard's Acoustic Jukebox.

Saturn Advert Online 25 Oct 2009
There's a new website at for the Saturn TV Advert featuring Alice, which began airing in Germany yesterday. They have the adverts, production footage and all sorts of stuff. Unfortunatly it doesn`t seem to work with Firefox for some people!

107.7 The Bone have posted a four part interview with Alice. Easiest way to find it is via this Blabbermouth report.

Vegas Deluxe has a report, with video and pics, from the John Varvatos min-show at the Hard Rock Hotel the other night.

The 5th Avenue Vampires will do a radio interview and debut new tunes November 1st on 'Electric Ballroom' which airs on at 10 PM eastern. Rob Zombie will also be on the show.

Dennis Dunaway and Dimma have recorded a version of Queens 'We Will Rock You' for tribute album 'A Night In Brighton' which is available on ITunes, Amazon etc in digital form, and as a proper CD at from December 22nd.

Las Vegas Review Journal has a short Q&A with Alice.

World Mag has a show review and photo. have an article about Chuck's recent appearance at the Hard Rock.

Saturn Advert Pics 22 Oct 2009

Saturn have released a couple of Alice photos from their forcoming adverts which are due to start showing on German TV this Saturday.
(Thanks Gerhard)

Dee Snider, Warrent, Roger Clyne And The Peacemakers, Gary Mule Deer and Scott MacIntyre from American Idol have been announced for this years Xmas Pudding show.

Alice will apparently be performing at a party for designer John Varvatos this evening in Las Vegas at the Hard Rock Hotel.

WGN America will be repeating last years "The Monstrous Munster Mash Marathon" again this year, which features sixteen back-to-back classic episodes of 'The Munsters' on WGN America. Alice is featured introducing each episode, and during the advert breaks. WGN America then air the broadcast debut of Alice Cooper's new video "Keepin' Halloween Alive" immediately following the marathon, The whole things runs from 4pm ET/1pm PT until 12am ET/9pm PT on October 30th. They also have last years Alice Zombie flash game back online at the link above.

Las Vegas After Show 20 Oct 2009

Keri Kelli's Bar in Las Vegas, Aces & Ales, will be hosting official post-show parties after the Alice shows while the band are in town between October 23rd and 25th. There will also be live music from '86 Octane' with an "all star jam", so I'm guessing it's likely you may see some of the band down there!

The Alice Cooper themed loft development mentioned a while back is moving forward and now includes authentic props provided by Calico Cooper. The big opening party is on October 29th and you can get more info here.

Alice and Halo Of Flies 17 Oct 2009

The 13th Annual Alice Cooper Pro-Am Golf Tournament, hosted by Alice Cooper’s Solid Rock Organization, will be held on Saturday, Nov. 7th at the Los Caballeros Golf Club in Wickenburg and as a special finale to the day, a musical performance will be held at the Del E. Webb Center for the Performing Arts beginning at 8:30 p.m. featuring Halo of Flies, an Alice Cooper tribute band comprised of Fender employees, with a special guest appearance by Alice himself.
Tickets to the concert at the Webb Center are available to the general public and are on sale now; to reserve seats go on-line or call the Box Office 928-684-6624. Tickets range in price from $30 to $50.

Alice is taking part in the 'Justin Timberlake Shriners Hospital for Children' Open at the TPC Summerlin course in Las Vegas, parts of which are being shown on the Golf Channel in the USA. It runs until Sunday. has had a facelife with various new features.

Roxie 77 Open In Sweden 14 Oct 2009

Roxie 77, featuring ex-Alice guitarist/songwriter Ryan Roxie, will be opening the two Alice Cooper shows in Sweden at Goteborg and Vasteras on December 14th and 15th. This will mark the first time that Roxie's band has been on the same bill as Alice.
Roxie says "To be able to play on the same bill with the guy that has taught and influenced me so much with my own career really is something special. The entire band is looking forward to rockin' and rollin' to as many Cooper and Roxie 77 fans as possible...take a plane, grab a train, steal that car! C'mon out to the Big Rock Show!"
You can hear the amazing new Roxie 77 album "Two Sides To Every Story" now at

Pudding Date Changed 14 Oct 2009

This year's Xmas Pudding date has been changed from Saturday 19th December to Friday 18th.

Metromix In Reno have a new interview with Alice. has an interview with Chuck Garric.

Dallas News has a short show review.

Alice has written the foreword to the new authroised Stooges biography entitled “The Stooges: The Authorized and Illustrated Story”

King Biscuit, which features Ex-Alice guitarist Pete Friesen, are playing Farnham Maltings this Thursday 15th October. You can find out more about the band here.

Strange Duet 13 Oct 2009

According to Classic Rock Magazine Alice has been confirmed as appearing on the forthcoming Slash solo album. In addition to this, rather bizzarely, AceShowBiz is reporting Alice has also recorded a duet with Nicole Scherzinger, a singer with girl band 'Pussycat Dolls'.

The Sacramento Bee has a short interview with Alice and RealRockNews has a few quotes as well..

Houston Press has a slideshow of photos from the Houston show while the Orange Leader has a review.

Limited Edition CD single on sale at the shows! 12 Oct 2009

Alice's new single "Keepin' Halloween Alive" is on sale at all the October shows. This is a limited edition, vintage halloween pressing, and after October it goes away until next year, so get yours now! The art work will change every year, so be sure and collect them all. You can either buy the new Glow in the Dark Halloween Shirt separately, or buy the shirt and an Alice Signed CD together!
Starting this week, the same deal will be available on the Official Theatre of Death Online Store!

Chuck Garric receives Rock and Roll Honors 10 Oct 2009

South Lake Tahoe native Chuck Garric, most notably known for his contributions as Alice Cooper's bass player, will be recognized at the Hard Rock Cafe in South Lake Tahoe, California on October 16th at 5:00 p.m to 6:00 p.m.

Chuck Garric's Black Vintage 4 ESP bass guitar used on the Alice Cooper's Psycho Drama tour will be donated to the Hard Rock to be framed and displayed in the restaurant.

VIP meet and greet tickets will be available for $20. Just visit click on the link search for Artist. Type in Alice Cooper and pre order your VIP tickets.

A $5 donation is suggested at the door. All proceeds will go to the South Tahoe High School music program.

Chuck will be joined on stage by Damon Johnson and Keri Kelli to pump out a few songs.

So if your looking for a pre Alice Cooper concert celebration come down to the Hard Rock Cafe in Lake Tahoe Oct 16th right before the Alice Cooper concert and support Chuck Garric.

If you don't come Alice will find you and place your head in the guillotine.

Alice In New Comic Book 09 Oct 2009

Alice's likeness is to appear in a new comic book due early next year. Here's the full press release:

Alice Cooper (Theatre of Death), Nestor Carbonell (Lost), John Dolmayan (System of a Down), Jesse James (Jesse James Is a Dead Man), Michael Kelly (The Changeling), Marc Macaulay (Burn Notice), Danny Trejo (Machete), and Robin Williams (World's Greatest Dad) lend their likeness to upcoming action / horror comic book, THE RUFNEX. The announcement was made today by Miguel A. Insignares, the writer and artist of the project. Miguel A. Insignares' previous credits include the official comic book adaptation for the 2004 film, Dawn of the Dead.

Mr. Insignares said, "I am honored to have such an incredible roster of talent which have agreed to lend their likeness to this project and I am thrilled at the potential of THE RUFNEX brand across various entertainment media." Mr. Insignares and his staff will have a booth at the upcoming Spooky Empire's Ultimate Horror Weekend on October 9-11 in Orlando, FL. He continued, "We foresee this comic book selling out fast and are therefore giving the horror fans a chance to pre-order the first issue for a special price at the event or at In addition, we will be running several on-line auctions to give readers an opportunity to be illustrated in the comic book as a zombie." (Proceeds to benefit the Hero Initiative Charity)

Synopsis: A group of merciless prisoners agree to a near suicide mission on a remote island in exchange for their freedom. Their mission soon takes a horrific turn as they discover the island is crawling with hordes of ravenous zombies. When the carnage begins, they must overcome their differences if they are to escape from the island of the dead.

Release Date: January 29th, 2010

Show Reviews 08 Oct 2009

The Releigh Telegram has a show review and photos. The Miami Herald and the Broward New Times have reviews of the Pompano Beach show. The Bullet has a review of the Richmond show. The New Britain Herald has a review of the Foxwoods show.

Uncut Magazine has a short piece about the new single.

Risen magazine has an interview with Alice.

Envy has a short story about a golfing incident while at Palm Springs.

Radio station KDKB in Phoenix appears to have dropped 'Nights With Alice Cooper' according to a report sent to us. KDKB was the "home" station for the show, where Alice was originally recording his parts. As the show is still going strong this presumably isn't having a huge impact outside the Phoenix area.
(Thanks Adam)

Keri Kelli still has a few of his guitar lesson spots open for forthcoming shows. Details below.

Daily one-on-one guitar lessons with Keri Kelli.
* A 1-hour guitar lesson with Keri!
* Demonstrations how to play the different parts of S.O.T.U and Alice Cooper songs (please send your requests).
* Learn scales, Blues licks, Arpeggios and more.
Only 3 VIP lessons will be offered for each day, so reserve yours soon!
Lessons will usually be given at your city's hotel between the hours of noon and 4 PM. Exceptions would be non-show days, whereas different times can be arranged.
The VIP lesson price is $100 USD or equivalent.
Reserve yours now by writing to:
Please include:
* Your name
* Your contact e-mail address
* The city and date you are interested in
* You will be sent a money request in the amount of $100 USD for each VIP lesson through PayPal (you do NOT have to have a PayPal account to pay through PayPal).
Shep Speaks 06 Oct 2009 has a new blog post up about the Australian show written by none other then Shep Gordon himself!

Ron Volz has posted dome very cool photos from the set of the recent commercial shoot he directed. Very Star Wars. Not sure if this link will work for everyone but try it anyway.

Jim Warren, the artist who painted the 'Raise Your Fist And Yell' album cover met up with Alice at a recent show and has posted about it here.

Go386 has a short interview with Alice.
(Thanks Dan)

CreativeLoafing has a show review with some nice pics. There are also some great new photos in the STUK gallery courtesy of Benjamin Petrik and Michael Robert McCann. Thanks Guys!

BeatCrave has a Alice article about the new single and contest.

Small Stuff 02 Oct 2009

The Miami Herald has a Q&A with Alice. has a report about the new single.

K9 magazine have an article on Alice.

Halloween Cooper-oke Competition 01 Oct 2009

From NWAC:
Get ready to celebrate Halloween the right way! Beginning tonight, we've got a brand new contest on Nights called Alice Cooper's "Keepin' Halloween Alive' Cooper-oke Video Contest!"

Alice Cooper, the King of Halloween, has a brand-new single celebrating his eternal love for the infernal holiday: "Keepin’ Halloween Alive."

Alice Cooper’s "Keepin' Halloween Alive" is available for purchase exclusively on iTunes, along with bonus digital booklet and "Cooperoke" vocal-free version. Alice Cooper’s "Keepin' Halloween Alive" is available for purchase exclusively on iTunes, as a single, or as a Digital 45 with the "Cooperoke" vocal-free version and a bonus digital booklet.

Join in on the fun by entering the Cooper-oke Video Contest! Three winners, chosen by Alice Cooper, will have their videos posted on and elsewhere, and will be awarded one of three cash prizes: First Place: $1,000, Second Place: $500, and Third Place: $250. All videos must be submitted no later than midnight PDT, October 31st, 2009.

The contest doesn't go live until later tonight but we wanted to give our loyal minions a little head-start! Who loves ya, baby? We do!

For details on how to enter, click here!

More Halloween Fun 01 Oct 2009

You can now hear 'Keepin' Halloween Alive' on the official Alice Cooper MySpace page.

Dennis Dunaway joined Alice at the Durham show last night during the 'School's Out' Finale. Dennis and the 5th Avenue Vampires have of course been opening some of the recent shows. You can check out some pics here.
(Thanks Jim, John)

There's a new blog up on written by original Sickthing Hunter Goatley! Check it out here.

Uber Rock have a review of the Halloween single.

Miami New Times and News-press have short interviews with Alice as does Naples News who also have a rather odd looking 'Dirty Diamonds' photo. The Montgomery Advertiser has a slightly longer article. has an interesting story about meeting Alice Cooper in the early 70s including a pic.

The Wickenburg Sun has a story about the forthcoming Alice Cooper Golf Tournament.

Style Weekly and Richmond Times-Despatch have reviews of the Richmond show. Electric City have a review of the Scranton show.

Having remastered 'Killer' and 'School's Out' Steve Hoffman is now looking towards remastering 'Love It To Death' for release next year. This time he's giving four lucky people the chance to listen in on the original master tapes, as well as getting a tour of the factory. More details here.
(Thanks Dave)

Halloween Single Out Now 29 Sep 2009

'Keepin' Halloween Alive' is now available via iTunes. It comes with a 'cover' booklet in pdf format.

The Hartford Courant has a short review of the Torrington show.

Vegas News has an article advertising the Las Vegas shows.

Keepin' Halloween Alice 28 Sep 2009

Los Angeles, CA - Shout! Factory and Alice Cooper announced an exclusive alliance to bring Alice Cooper’s brand-new Halloween single, “Keepin’ Halloween Alive,” to the digital music entertainment marketplace. The announcement was made today by Shout! Factory founding partner and COO Bob Emmer.

Under its agreement with Cooper, Shout! Factory will be the exclusive digital media distributor for Alice Cooper’s new single, “Keepin’ Halloween Alive,” as well as the track’s bonus Karaoke (aka “Cooperoke”) version for digital music downloads.

Alice delivers the song with the garage-punk snarl he is best known for, ensuring that it will soon be a Halloween classic. “At home my family all gathers around an old spooky tree decorated with skulls and bones in the living room, and we exchange gifts,” says Cooper. “It’s our holiday. We even all have matching black-and-orange Halloween sweaters! I wanted a theme song for people like me, and for us Halloween never ends. In the chorus I say, ‘I’m keepin’ Halloween alive, baby, 3,6,5’... and I mean it!”

“Keepin’ Halloween Alive,” was co-written and co-produced by Cooper with Piggy D. (a member of Rob Zombie’s band), who played rhythm guitar/backup vocals. Dave Pino (Powerman 5000) is featured on lead guitar, and David Spreng (Bob Dylan, The Bravery) on drums. Of the recording, Cooper says, “We played it live as a band to capture the vibe. It was the easiest work I think any of us have ever done, not to mention a blast!”

“We are thrilled to be working closely again with the legendary Alice Cooper on his new Halloween-themed single and adding to Shout! Factory’s expansive digital audio library,” said Bob Emmer, Shout! Factory founding partner and COO. “Throughout his long and storied career, Cooper has always been a master entertainer and a consummate showman. His connection to the dark and spooky holiday is definitive. It’s great to be working with him as he is crowned the King of Halloween.”

In addition to releasing the new single, Cooper is busy hosting his “Nights with Alice Cooper” radio program, now syndicated on more than 100 stations worldwide and staying on the road with his Theatre of Death world tour.

Shout! Factory is a diversified entertainment company devoted to producing, uncovering and revitalizing the very best of pop culture. Founders Richard Foos, Bob Emmer and Garson Foos have spent their careers sharing their music, television and film faves with discerning consumers the world over. Shout! Factory’s DVD offerings serve up classic, contemporary and cult TV series, riveting sports programs, live music, animation and documentaries in lavish packages crammed with extras. The company’s audio catalogue boasts GRAMMY®-nominated boxed sets, new releases from storied artists, lovingly assembled album reissues and indispensable “best of” compilations. These riches are the result of a creative acquisitions mandate that has established the company as a hotbed of cultural preservation and commercial reinvention. For more on Shout! Factory, visit

Small Stuff 27 Sep 2009

The Hartford Courant has a few words with Alice.

MassLive has a review of the Foxwoods show.

Alice Adds Fresno 25 Sep 2009

Alice has added the William Saroyan Theatre in Fresno, CA on October 27th to the October show schedule. This show, and the LA show on the 28th, go on sale at tomorrow morning.

Small Stuff 25 Sep 2009

It's that time of the year again. I'm not even going to bother with the Rock and Roll Hall Of Shame nomination announcement. You know the score. No Alice Cooper again, but they remembered Kiss (who happen to have a new album out...).

The Richmond Times-Dispatch has a short interview with Alice.

Weekender has a review of the Scranton show.

Alice will be golfing at the Justin Timberlake Shriners Hospitals for Children Open Championship Pro-Am, set for Oct. 14 at TPC Summerlin in Las Vegas.

US Radio And Roxie 77 22 Sep 2009

Alice will be on 94WYSP between 6pm and 7pm tomorrow. You can listen online.

Roxie 77 have just released the final tracks to the brilliant 'Two Sides To Every Story' album. You can listen or get the whole album here.

More Vampire News 22 Sep 2009

5th Avenue Vampires (feat. Dennis Dunaway and Richie Scarlet) open for Alice in Scranton, PA tonight and will feature a set of new material presumably from their forthcoming album, set to be released on October 31st. Titles scheduled to be played are 'She'll Lie', 'Hell-O-Insanity', 'Light Bulb In My Head', 'Psycho Sexual', 'Cravin' A Drink', 'Dream Police', and 'Fear Me'.
(Thanks George)

The Aquarian has an interview with Alice. Australian mag Slaughterama also has an interview in it's free magazine, which can be downloaded as a pdf here.

LiveDaily has a short article and some photos, which I think are the same as ones I posted in the last few days already.

Photos and Interviews 21 Sep 2009

Times-Leader has a short interview with Alice. The Defamer has an audio interview in four parts.

There's some new show photos in the photo section courtesy of of Glenn and Dan. You can also check out Freedomhill and Motor City Blog for more.

Mountainside Fitness Magazine has an interviw with Alice in their winter addition which is online as a pdf here.

Ace Opening 19 Sep 2009

Ace Frehley will apparently be opening for Alice at the Nokia Theatre in LA on Oct 28th.

'Lillian Axe' will be opening the following shows:
Oct. 02 - Clearwater, FL - Ruth Eckerd Hall
Oct. 03 - Pompano Beach, FL - Amphitheatre
Oct. 04 - Fort Meyers, FL - Mann Performing Arts Center
Oct. 11 - Houston, TX - Verizon Wireless Theatre
Oct. 12 - Dallas, TX - Palladium

The York Dispatch has a show review.

Small Stuff 18 Sep 2009

GoErie has a new interview with Alice.

The York Daily Record has a show review with pics and an interview with Alice. is asking for photos of fans made up as Alice for an undisclosed future project. You can send your pics to

'Suck: The Movie' has been getting more press including Jam!, ABC News, and 3AM.

The Sony advert currently running on UK TV has won the 'UTalkMarketing People’s Choice' award for this week.

San Francisco Show 17 Sep 2009

Alice will be returning to San Francisco on October 21st. Tickets go on sale at today.

The Weekender has an interview with Alice.

Associated Press seems to have jumped on the (very) old story of Alice's lost snake, which now seems to be turning up repeated on other sites.

5th Avenue Vampires are now confirmed as opening for Alice in Richmond VA on September 29th. In addition to this there has been a change in Dennis Dunaway's schedule. The Blue Coupe show at the Danny Federici Festival has had a date change. It's now happening on the 17th October and will feature Dennis, Joe Bouchard and drummer Simon Kirke.
This might be too late, but Dennis will also be sitting in with 'Bashers' at the Bowery Electric in New York on Sept 16th. The band features Earl Slick (Bowie), Sam Yaffa (Hanoi Rocks), Frank Ferrer and Richard Fortus (both Guns n Roses).

The 5th Ave Vampires 13 Sep 2009

A few days ago we mentioned Dennis Dunaway and Richie Scarlet have a new band, The 5th Avenue Vampires. The complete line up for the band is Richie Scarlet (guitar & vocals), Russ Wilson (DDP - drums), Joe Von T (Vocals), DD (Bass & Vocals). Both the new band and Blue Coupe have dates coming up, including shows with Alice himself. They are:

Saturday, Sept. 19, Blue Coupe will be playing at the Danny Federici (E-Street Band) Festival in Virginia.
Tuesday, Sept. 22, The 5th Avenue Vampires will be opening for Alice Cooper in Scranton, PA.
Wednesday, Sept. 23, The 5th Ave Vampires will be opening for Alice Cooper in Englewood, NJ.
Friday, Sept. 25, The 5th Avenue Vampires will be opening for Alice Cooper in Atlantic City, NJ.
Sunday, Sept. 27th, Blue Coupe will be opening for Alice Cooper at the Warner Theater in Torrington, CT.
Tuesday Sept. 29, The 5th Avenue Vampires will be opening for Alice Cooper in Richmond, VA. (Unconfirmed)
Wednesday, Sept. 30, The 5th Avenue Vampires will be opening for Alice Cooper in Durham, NC.
If you're going to any of those Coop shows make sure you get there in time to check out Dennis and the guys. You won't be disappointed.

Suck Premiere 13 Sep 2009

There's been quite a lot of publicity for the premiere of the 'Suck' movie which happened in Toronto this weekend. Calico was there, but Alice was otherwise engaged. Most of the reports don't really include anything new, but there are a couple worth checking out including CBCNews, and The Star which has an interview with Calico.

Alice is currently filming adverts for Germany company Saturn, directed by Ron Voltz whose association with Alice goes back some years. Check out this short video interview from 1994 on his site.

You can listen to Alice's appearance on the Paul and Young Tom radio show here.

Alice Dines Out 11 Sep 2009

Alice was at Cooperstown yesterday to help launch the 'Dine 4 AZ' campaign which aims to promote restaurants in Arizona. AZCentral has the story and a photo.

Alice was apparently on the 'Paul and Young Ron' morning show in the US this morning.

VH-1's 'That Classic Metal Show' is back for a third season and according to FrantikMag Alice will be a guest at some point.

Billboard has a few words with Alice about the new 'Theater Of Death' show.

Toronto Life has a small Alice related piece.

New Show - Idaho Falls 09 Sep 2009

According to 78Productions Alice will be playing in Idaho Falls, ID on October 19th at the Civic Auditorium. Tickets go on sale Friday.

Alice's appearance on TVNZ is now online here, although Firefox seems to have a problem showing it.

Alice On Oz TV 07 Sep 2009

Alice will be interviewed on the TVNZ Breakfast show on 8th September. The show starts at 6.30am and Alice will reportedly be on around 8.20. They do seem to have video clips on their site so possibly the rest of us will be able to see it later.
(Thanks Tim)

Faster Louder has a review of the Perth Show.

In a follow up to the story at the weekend about the fan who fell from the balcony at the Auckland show, below is an eye witness account of what really happened.
"Alice started singing and every now and then would haul a set of five or six strings of what seemed to be pearls off the cart and would then throw them into the crowd who were fairly near to him. At this point and into about the third set of necklace giveaways, fan in front of us lurches to his feet and proceeds down the steps, arms outstretched wanting a necklace for himself (or maybe for his wife). I genuinely think he forgot that he was one story up and proceed up to the railing and continued walking, and it is a low railing (maybe 2’6” or possibly 3’) and needless to say, the rest is what has been reported, other than that, after disappearing, I think his wife may have noticed he was missing (at least a minute later, maybe two) and so, she then went and peered over the railing, together with another 10 -15 people who had seen what had happened and then, she came back up the steps, called to two boys and all three left the auditorium, never to be seen again."

Balcony Jumper 06 Sep 2009

There's been quite a few sources reporting that a fan took a nose dive from the balcony at the New Zealand show on Friday. The New Zealand Herald was the first, with others basically repeating the same minimal info. They also have a show review. The jumper also made the evening news which you can see here courtesy of Ziggz who reports the guy simply jumped.

The Slovakia and Czech Republic shows are now on sale at

The Kiss Mask have a short chat with Richie Scarlet during which he spills the beans on his new project with Dennis Dunaway. "I am also working on a CD project with Dennis Dunaway, legendary bass player for Alice Cooper, who when I was in junior high school, was my favorite band. The original band - Michael Bruce, Glen Buxton, Dennis Dunaway, Neal Smith and of course, Alice Cooper. So to be working with Dennis on this record, along with Russ Wilson and a crazy lead singer named Joey T. The project is called the Sth Avenue Vampires. We're about 70% done with the CD. Dennis and I wrote all the music, Joe T. wrote all the lyrics. It's a kick ass horror-based vampire themed record. I'm doing all of the guitars on it. And it's another thrill because Dennis is one of my heroes."

The next issue of 'Black Velvet' magazine fetures an interview with Keri Kelli. You can order a copy here.
(Thanks Jen)

More Press 03 Sep 2009

NoiseCreep have a new interview with Alice.

AdalaideNow and TheWest have reviews of the recent shows.

TheWest also has a short golf related story including a video. TMZ also has a couple of pics.
(Thanks Wayne)

The episode of Monk with Alice Cooper guesting is repeated on BBC2 on the 9th Sept 2009.
(Thanks Nigel)

New US Shows On Sale Today 01 Sep 2009 has announced three new shows in October which all go on pre-sale today. They are:
12th October - Dallas, TX - Palladium Ballroom
16th October - Lake Tahoe, NV - Harrah's South Shore Room
30th October - Indio, CA - Fantasy Springs Resort

You can check out some cool photos from the Brisbane show here.

Miami New Times has a short announcement piece about the Pompano Beach show.

AdelaideNow has a short article about Alice going out shopping. WAToday has a similarly themed article.

Shows Confirmed 30 Aug 2009

The Czech and Slovakia shows mentioned a few days ago are now officially confirmed.

There's a new blog posted to, this time by drum tech Lorne Wheaton who give some insight into the backstage crew.

Undercover has a review of the Melbourne show.

Hellbound have a review and pics from the recent Blue Coupe show in Hamilton, ONT.

Behind The Scenes 27 Aug 2009

Sony have added a video of 'behind the scenes' footage shot during the making of their new advert.

Alice appeared at the 'Aria Hall Of Fame' event in Melbourne last night and Live News has a report on Alice's comments.

The Canberra Times has a show review in their latest, with a short version online.

Bird Talk 26 Aug 2009

A few days ago I posted a link to a silly story about a baby kestral who's markings look vaguely like Alice's make up. Well, appears Alice has seen the story as well and has commented on it: "First 'The Crow' stole my makeup, and now this kestrel has done it. This madness has got to stop, or I'm going to send my army of lawyers with everything they've got to go up against this bird. The bird has been trying to get a part in the show and will try anything to generate attention and get into our production.... the only one who wants him in the show is the snake."

TheAge has a short interview with Alice.

This weeks Roxie 77 song is entitled 'Way To Nowhere' and you can grab it now by going to and following the link. While you're listing, you could also check out part two of the Greek Alice fan clubs interview with Roxie himself.

Brisbane Pics 24 Aug 2009

New photos have appeared from the Australian shows at LifeMusicMedia, Zinbino (keep clicking next and they have loads of AC pics from various events) and PicApp.

Alice And Slash 23 Aug 2009

While we knew that it was likely Alice would appear on the forthcoming Slash solo album, Undercover report that he has also co-written a couple of songs for the project as well.

Alice was on Rove Daily in Australia and a couple of segments are available to watch online at YouTube.

Small Press 22 Aug 2009

New articles today include Australian Stage,, Undercover, 3News, and The Herald, although none really say anything we haven't seen already in the last couple of days.

More Shows 21 Aug 2009 is listing the following dates in Europe.
November 18th - Kocise, Slovakia - Cassosport Hall
November 19th - Bratislava, Slovakia - Pasiersky Sports Hall
November 20th - Plzen, Czech Republic - CEZ Arena

Sony Ad Online 21 Aug 2009

You can now check out the new Sony advert, featuring Alice, online here. There's also a small article about it at

You can see video of Alice on "Today" in Australia here.

More press about the banned Finnish show can be seen at Undercover, TicketNews.

There's a short artcle on Alice at the Reaganite Republican.

Aussie Press 20 Aug 2009

Sorry that this is a little late but Alice appeared on the 7PM Project, a light-hearted news and current affairs show, today in Australia. Luckily you can see it online here.
(Thanks to numerous people who sent this one in!)

Australian Stage has a show review.

Keri Kelli is offering the chance to get one-on-one guitar lessons throughout the current tour. You can get all the details at Keri fans should also check out the new album by 'Penny Lane' which Keri played on, produced and mixed.

More Media 19 Aug 2009

More coverage of the banned Finnish show today, although obviously most say the same thing. You can check out the New York Post, 3News, Christian Pop Culture Examiner, and We Will Rock You.

Alice has been turning up in the Australian media. He was on 'Today Tonight' (watch here) yesterday and WSFM this morning.
(Thanks Ross)
Alice will be appearing at Rove (Australian talk show) this sunday 23rd August at 8.30pm.
(Thanks Wei)

The Pinellas County Examiner has a short AC article about the Clearwater show.

Marketing News has a little more info about the Sony advert Alice recently filmed, which starts airing in the UK this Friday. Quote: "Cooper is shown in the ad explaining why trading in a TV is preferable to throwing it out of a window, a practice traditionally associated with rock stars." Sky News also has the news with a different pic.

LiveGuide has some photos from the Wollongong show, more will appear on soon.

Banned Show Relocated 18 Aug 2009

The banned December 11th show in Tampere, Finland has now been relocated to the Barona Arena, in Espoo, a suburb of Helsinki. As this is around 110 miles from the original venue residents of Tampere will be offered a discount on tickets "in recognition of the great distance they must travel to catch the show."

From the official press release:
"While critics and fans, clearly, have no problem with Alice’s over-the-top spectacle, a venue operator in Tampere, Finland has put the kibosh on Alice’s scheduled performance at Tampere Arena originally set for December 11. After a legal contract was consummated with Kalle Keskinen of Speed Promotion, a local concert promoter, Alice’s management were informed that the organization that owns and operates the facility, which typically hosts hockey games, is based on “Christian values” and will not permit performances which may be construed as insulting to Christianity, spelled out as follows: “Performances including representation of false gods, demons, evilness and forces of darkness and all these kind of symbols, words or markings are highly prohibited. These rules are valid also in all of the advertisement and material related to the concert. Breaking this rule causes immediate cancellation of the contract, and a 100,000 € penalty fee.”

Harri Wiherkoski, managing director of Tampere Areena Oy (Tampere Arena Limited) noted, "Artists who express suspicious values from Christianity's point of view cannot be allowed to perform at the venue." He told a Finnish reporter "We don't arrange concerts where Satanism or non-god-worshipping occurs."

Cooper’s management and the concert’s promoters have been forced to relocate the show to Barona Arena in Espoo, a western suburb of Helsinki, 110 miles south of Tampere. Residents of Tampere will be offered a discount on tickets in recognition of the great distance they must travel to catch the show. Management for Alice issued the following statement:

“We hope fans from Tampere denied access to these ‘suspicious values’ can come to Helsinki and make their own judgment. What’s really ‘suspicious’ to us is the act of judging something that one has never seen, heard or, otherwise, experienced. There’s nothing like an open mind and, clearly, Mr. Wiherkoski has nothing like one.”
When he was asked to comment on the Tampere imbroglio, Alice Cooper turned the other cheek."

There's been a few articles about the banned Finnish show. YLE, Digital Spy, Star Pulse, Metal Underground all have short stories.

In Other News:

The New Zealand Herald has a short interview with Alice. Yahoo in New Zealand also have a version.

The Greek Alice Cooper Fan Club have posted the first part of a new interview with Ryan Roxie. Part two should follow at the end of the week.

Dick Wagner's official site has had a face lift with some new stuff to check out.

The Illawarra Mercury has a small story about a fan going to the Australian shows.

Tampa Bay Newspapers has a short piece about the Clearwater show.

The New York Post has a story entitled "Cute Chick Saved From Gang Attack", and it is kinda Alice related!

New US Shows On Sale Today 18 Aug 2009

September 30th - Durham Performing Arts Center, Durham, NC
2nd October - Ruth Eckerd Hall, Clearwater, FL
3rd October - Pompano Beach Amphitheatre, Pompano Beach, FL
4th October - Barbara B. Mann Performing Arts Hall, Fort Meyers, FL
5th October - Peabody Auditorium, Daytona Beach, FL
7th October - Montgomery Performing Arts Center, Montgomery, AL
11th October - Verizon Wireless Theater, Houston, TX
All the above go on sale at 10AM today on

New Show - Durham, NC 15 Aug 2009

Alice will be playing at the Durham, NC, Performing Arts Center on September 30th.

Tempere Canceled? 14 Aug 2009

Reports are coming in that the 11th December show in Tempare, Finland has been cancelled on, wait for it, religious grounds! This is confirmed by Alice's management.
As I don't speak Finnish I'll share Sickthing Jari's email report:
"Just thought you wanted to know that today we are havin' a small "scandal" here in Finland about Alice's gig in Tampere. There has been speculation why the show is cancelled but the latest (and probably correct) news says that the president of Tampere Areena (gig venue) has cancelled the rent deal of the place appealing to "christian values" of the company (who rent the place). So they're saying Alice's show includes things that represent suspicious values in comparison to their christian values...
The promotor is trying to find a new place for the show... maybe in Espoo."
(Thanks Jari)

Suck The MovieYou can check out the trailer for "Suck: The Movie" which features Alice and Calico at the movie's official site.

According to VIP ticket holders for each show will be entered into a lottery and the winner gets to join Alice on stage at the end of the show.

MyNC has a short Alice article.

'Nights With Alice Cooper' now has a Twitter page. This one is genuine.

There's a small golf story at the Argus Leader.

Small Stuff 13 Aug 2009

There's a new Blog posted at talking about preparations for the new tour.

More show reviews have appeared at MLive and Bradosphere, both with a pic.

NotSoPerfect's posted some pics from the shows in Wausau and South Bend.

New European And US Shows 11 Aug 2009

October 17th - Peppermill Concert Hall in West Wendover, NV

December 11th - Tampere Arena in Tampere, Finland
December 12th - Club Teatria in Oulu, Finland
December 14th - Lisebergshallen in Gothenburg, Sweden
December 15th - Bombardier Arena in Vesteros, Sweden
Tickets On Sale now at

New Show - Montgomery, AL 11 Aug 2009

Alice will be playing Montgomery, AL at the Montgomery Performing Arts Centre on October 7th. Tickets go on sale Friday.
(Thanks Jumping Jack)

According to MLive, while in Jackson, Alice apparently taped a commercial for Sony, which will be aired in the UK.

FearNet and AZCentral and AllAccessMusic all have short articles about the new tour.

Nutwood Junction has a review from the Morris Center show including pics.

TravellersInTime have a new interview with Joe Bouchard of BDS/Blue Coupe/BOC.

More Press 09 Aug 2009

The Progress has a cute story about a local lady who was called in to fix Alice's pants last week.

Quad City Times has a excellent review of the Mississippi Valley Fair show yesterday. Back To Rockville, KC Confidential also have reviews.

Dennis Dunaway will be sitting in with Frankenstein 3000 for the Love & Rockets release party at Ben Sherman's in SOHO, NYC on August 18th. He then follows this up by appearing with Jimmy Kunes in New Jersey on August 29th followed by Manchester, CT on September 5th and Stamford, CT on September 6th.

New Show - Daytona Beach 08 Aug 2009

Alice will be playing the Peabody Auditorium in Daytona Beach on October 5th.

Yet More Press 08 Aug 2009 has a rave review of Friday's show. has a short interview and cool photo.

Wausau Daily Herald has posted some pics from the Wisconsin show.

According to MetalUnderground Alice has announced they'll be filming one of the 'Theatre Of Death' shows for a DVD release.

New US Shows 08 Aug 2009

Ticketmaster has two new shows up. They are:
October 9th 2009 - Marksville, LA - Paragon Casino Resort
October 31st 2009 - Valley Center, CA - Harrah's Rincon Casino - Open Sky Theater
Tickets go on sale 14th August at 10am for CA and 15th for LA. Watch for their pre-sale announcement.

New Press 07 Aug 2009

New interviews with Alice have appeared at The, South Bend Tribune, Quad City Times, and Kansas City Star.

Wausau Daily Herald has a short review of the Wisconsin show.
(Thanks DA)

The Progress has a review of the Clearfield show.

TerryNYC has sent in some excellent pics from the Ohio shows which you can find now in the STUK photo section.
(Thanks Terry)

Alice is listed as attending the Wendy's Charity Classic pro-am in Jackson, MI on monday, playing golf at the 'Country Club of Jackson'.

This week's new Roxie77 song is 'Gimme Some Groove' and you can listen below or go to and follow the link from there to the rest of the new Roxie album 'Two Sides To Every Story'. Roxie also now has a Twitter feed which can be found at

<a href="">Gimme Some Groove (Song of the Week!) by Roxie 77</a>
Richmond, VA 05 Aug 2009

According to Alice will be at The National in Richmond, VA on September 29th. Tickets on sale now at

More Small Stuff 05 Aug 2009

SuckTwitchFilm has some new info about the forthcoming horror comedy 'Suck' which features Alice and Calico. They also have a photo of the Coopers on the film set. The film will have its World Premiere as part of the 2009 Toronto International Film Festival.

Gant Daily has a report on the Clearfield show with pics. has a short article about Alice.

The 13th Annual Alice Cooper Pro AM Golf Tournament is on schedule for Saturday, November 7th. This years event will be held at Los Caballeros Golf Club in Wickenburg, Arizona.

Small Stuff 03 Aug 2009 has a cool photo of Alice, Damon and Keri from a recent show.

Jordan's Croft has a brief review of the Horseshoe show.

Keri Kelli guests on the new album by christian rockers Liberty n' Justice's entitled "Light It Up".

The Lippard Blog has an article about the Amazing Randi, and it includes some Alice references.

New Tour Begins 01 Aug 2009

The Theatre Of Death tour has now officially started (after a invitation only dress rehearsal on Thursday) and you can see the setlist in the setlists section if you want to know.
Hunter has posted some great photos here.

The Toledo Blade has a short Alice article here. Paramus Post has one as well. Adalaide Now has an interview with Alice, and Radio New Zealand has an audio Interview with Alice here.

Blue Coupe (feat. Dennis Dunaway) now have a MySpace page which lists the following shows:
21st August - Clayton Opera House, Clayton, NY
22nd August - This Ain't Hollywood, Hamilton, Ontario
23rd August - The Emdale, Ottawa, Ontario
25th August - The Cadillac Ranch, Toronto, Ontario
30th October - Infinity Hall, Norfolk, CT

Atlantic City 29 Jul 2009

Apologies that this is a little late. The main server went down last night and is only now restored.

Alice and the band will be playing the House Of Blues in Atlantic City on September 25th. VIP and presale tickets went on sale today at 10am at

Small Stuff 28 Jul 2009

If you go to there's a new blog post by Calico which features the story with pics behind the band dressing up in drag and going on stage with Scorpions in Russia.

According to Solid Rock the date for the 1st Annual Rock Ball has
been changed to January 29th instead of February 5th as previously announced. And in case I didn`t mention it previously the Christmas Pudding show will be held on December 19th at the Dodge Theatre in Phoenix.

Rockpages in Greece have a review of the Cyprus show.

Published on October 1st, "The Stooges: The Authorized and Illustrated Story" is a biography of the Detroit band fronted by Iggy Pop and features an introduction by Alice. You can pre-order now at AmazonUS and AmazonUK.
(Thanks DA)

Alice On The Radio 22 Jul 2009

Alice Cooper will be interviewed on the "Ben Jones Show" at 21:00 GMT on 23rd July on Absolute Radio.

Tourism Radio in New Zealand has a small Alice article.

In what is hopefully the end of the sad case about the one legged man who attacked a fan at the Southhampton show, the protagonist has now been sentenced and you can read about it here. Amusingly they title the article "Alice Copper fan spared jail over attack".

Sextus, featuring Eric Dover, play at Spaceland, 1717 Silverlake Blvd, Los Angeles, CA on August 4th. They also have new music up on their MySpace page.

Alice Video Clips 20 Jul 2009

ITN News have a video clip with Alice talking about the new show and Marilyn Manson.

The Belgium 'De Rode Loper' video clip can now be seen outside Belgium here.

Small Stuff 17 Jul 2009 has a new blog entry by Alice talking about the recent Russian dates, and the passing of Brian Nelson.

The Henry Ford Museum in Detroit is currently hosting a "Rock Stars Cars and Guitars" which features the 'Billion Dollar Babies' Lincoln, a guillotine, and one of Dennis Dunaway's bass guitars. Their site has more info and pics.
(Thanks Dave)

If you check out the "In The Studio" site you can listen to their 'Love It To Death' 35th aniversary show which is streaming at the moment. 'In The Studio' is a US radio show which interviews artists about a specific album. In the past they have also had shows on 'Billion Dollar Babies', 'Killer' and more.
(Thanks Tim)

There's a new interview with Ryan Roxie up over at Callesrockcorner promoting the new Roxie 77 album, which you should all be listening to by now!

More US Dates 16 Jul 2009 has announced more US shows with presales starting today at 10AM. They are:
September 27th - Torrington, CT, Warner Theater
October 10th - Biloxi, MS, Beau Rivage Theatre
October 23rd, 24th and 25th - Las Vegas, NV, Orleans Hotel and Casino Showroom
The December 9th date in Schwerin, Germany also goes on sale today at 10am. have posted a review and pics of the Cyprus show. There are also some cool pics from the show up at "The Greek Nightmare".

Alice on European TV 14 Jul 2009

There was an Alice interview and clips of Zottegem show on Belgium TV show 'De Rode Loper' on VRT yesterday with part 2 showing today, 18.40 till 19.00
(Thanks Luc, Jos)

Alice will also be on 'Montreux Jazz Festival 2009 - Spezial 80s' on 'Arte' at 10.15 PM. I'm assuming this is in Switzerland. The Station's website has a cool Alice banner advertising the show here.

There's a short Alice/Golf article at Wooden Spears.

New Audio Interview 13 Jul 2009

Alice appeared on WCSX radio's 'Deminski and Doyle show' a few days ago and you can hear the interview here. At first it sounds like an old interview, as the presenters go on about Alice's new album, 'Along Came A Spider', being released on July 28th and how they have an advance copy. However if you continue listening they talk about the recent events in Russia!!

Lake Times in Australia has a new print interview with Alice.

According to Nouveau Riche, Alice will be making an appearance at a Glendale college event taking place in the Renaissance Glendale Convention Center on July 16th.

More Belgium press. Het Nieuwsblad have another article about the recent show and more pics can be seen at Cutting Edge.
(Thanks Guy)

Ken Barr, who roadied for Alice for about 10 years, has written a book about his experiences on the road with Alice, Kiss and others. You can get a copy here.
(Thanks Matt)

European Shows 11 Jul 2009

There's a short interview with Alice from the Montreux show available here. The show appears to have been filmed (as most Montreux Jazz Festival shows are) but no news yet whether the footage will appear anywhere. ConcertsLive have some photos from the show. have posted a podcast featuring Alice, taken from 'This is who we are" show which will air tomorrow at 4pm UK time. They also have an interview to read.

Alice turned up on French news channel "BFM TV" yesterday morning in an interview recorded at Montreux
(Thanks Francois)

Het Nieuwsblad has a short article and some pics of the Belgium show last night.
(Thanks Guy)

Electric City has a short article on Alice.

"It's a Saturday Night Special!"-ALL currently available tracks from Roxie 77's "Two Sides To Every Story" are conscience-FREE...Tonight only!!!

Alice In Kerkrade 08 Jul 2009

According to Alice will be playing in the Netherlands on December 8th at the Rodahallen in Kerkrade.
(Thanks Ripzaad)

The correct date for the Foxwoods show is in fact September 26th. The venue had the wrong date on their site which they have now corrected.
(Thanks Tony)

The Blacktown Sun in Australia has an interview with Alice.

Germany Date 07 Jul 2009

According to German promotor KBK, Alice will be in Germany after the UK dates. The first show listed is at the Sport & Kongresshalle in Schwerin on December 9th. More dates are likely to follow.
(Thanks Jorg)

Alice At Foxwoods 07 Jul 2009

Alice will be at Foxwoods Casino in CT on Spetember 26th.

In case you've missed it, today sees the launch of the new Roxie 77 album entitled "Two Sides To Every Story". The first four tracks are available now via (in both electric and acoustic versions) with more to be released over the next few weeks. It goes without saying that it's brilliant stuff so go check it out!

A few Norwegian articles have surfaced. NRK have a cool pic and an article as well as more photos here. They also have a radio show here.

Arby's (a US resturant chain) is currrently using 'School's Out' in their advert. You can see the ad here.

Roxie's back! 07 Jul 2009

<a href="">The Question (Song of the Week!) by Roxie 77</a>

Scranton, PA 06 Jul 2009

Alice will be playing the Scranton Cultural Center in Scranton, PA on September 22nd. Tickets go on sale July 11th at 10AM.

The Independent 05 Jul 2009

Today's article in the Independent newspaper can be read online here. A rather strange interview, with various errors, by a guy who seems to dislike pretty much everything Alice has done, and entitled "Is it time for rock's oldest shocker to give up the gore?" has an article about the New Zealand show in September.

The Otago Daily Times has a short golf article which is also in the New Zealand Herald.

There's a new official advert for the Theater Of Death tour up on Myspace.

More UK Press 03 Jul 2009

Alice Cooper will be featured in "The Independent" on Sunday, 5th July, and will also be on "This Is Who I Am" on "Kerrang!" Radio, Sunday, 12th July at 16:00.

Dennis Dunaway and Blue Coupe will be playing at Infinitly Hall, Norfolk, CT on August 8th. Tickets are on sale now.

The opening of Keri Kelli's new bar has been postponed due to delay's in getting some permits. It's now schedueled for the 15th July assuming all goes through by then.

Teddy Zig Zag was part of Slash's solo band who played the Quart Festival on June 30th in Kristiansand, Norway. The band were joined by both Ozzy Osbourne and Ronnie Wood of the Rolling Stones amongst others during the show.

New US Show 02 Jul 2009

September 21st - Turning Stone Casino, Verona, NY - On sale Friday July 3rd at 10AM

Alice In Drag 01 Jul 2009

It seems the bands got up to some tricks on the last night of the Russian tour. Alice and the AC band joined Scorpions for 'Rock Me Like A Hurricane', and the Scorps joined Alice for 'School's Out', Not only that, but if a post by Scorpions drummer James Kottak is true (and we see no reason it wouldn`t be) Alice and crew turned up on stage in DRAG when Scorpions played 'Tease Me, Please Me'!!
Keri Kelli has kindly sent through some photos from the last show which you can see in the photo section now (unfortunatly none of the drag band).

According to Alice will taking part in the ninth annual Wendy's Charity Classic LPGA Legends Tour pro-am at the Country Club of Jackson on Aug. 10, the day before he plays Jackson County Fair.

Kiev Canceled 28 Jun 2009

It appears the July 2nd show in Kiev, Ukraine has been canceled. No reason has surfaced yet that I've seen, although it's has been suggested it will be rescheduled for November.

Alice released the following statement on the Death of pop star Michael Jackson: "Michael Jackson was easily as influential as James Brown and that's saying a lot. He was the Fred Astaire of his time. We had Vincent Price in common -- I used him first on "Welcome to My Nightmare" in 1975 and he (Jackson) later used him on "Thriller." Nobody moved like Michael, he was truly the King of Pop."

The Morung Express has an interview with Alice about religion. While they say this is the first time Alice has spoken in detail on the subject (not true) they also say it was taken from a "Christian Magazine' and mention HM magazine March/April edition. This is the same magazine/issue date that ran a large AC feature way in back in 2002, so it looks like they are maybe quoting a very old article as if it's news.

If you check out Sweden Rock Magazine and watch the video on the front page, you will spot a certain Mr Roxie around 3.48 into it. Don`t forget the new Roxie 77 album is almost here!

Dale Sherman will be signing copies of his books, which include 'The Collectors Guide To Alice Cooper' at Ear-Xtacy, 1534 Bardstown Road in Louisville, Kentucky as part of 'Indie Day' which starts around noon on July 4th. Dale will be appearing at the Carmichael's Bookstore booth.

Richie Scarlet, STUK friend, ACG, Mountain and Ace Frehley collaborator and all round great guy, has been up and about recently. He's on the cover of 'More Sugar' magazine's June 2009 issue, and will be playing in Philidelphia at the Whiskey Tango, 14000 Bustleton Ave, on August 8th. Russ Wilson from the Dennis Dunaway Project will also be there along with other guests.

New US Show 25 Jun 2009

Alice will be playing the Freedom Hills Amphitheater in Sterling Heights, MI on 19th September. The presale begins today.

Without wanting to dwell on the events of last week too much, there are a couple of worthwhile articles about Brian Nelson's untimely passing that I feel should be passed on (Thanks Susie). The first is his appearance on 'Rock Collectors' on VH1 a few years ago which can be seen on YouTube. The second is a rare interview with Brian which tells the 'Renfield' story and illustrates how big a fan Brian always was. Lastly a short article in the MetroTimes from this week.

Eric Singer is interviewed in the current issue of Sweden Rock magazine.

The Gauntlet has an article with YouTube vids from 10 Alice Cooper commercials.

New US Show 23 Jun 2009

According to the York Daily Record Alice will be playing the Toyota Grandstand at the York County Fair in York, PA on September 17th.

You can watch Alice's recent appearance on SkyTV's Alex Zane Guest List online here. Alice picks a few favourite movies from this weeks Sky schedule.

Novosibirsk Stage Collapse 20 Jun 2009

According to this news report from tonights show in has been canceled after the stage collapsed early this morning under the weight of equipment placed on it. The show was sold out and all tickets will be refunded.

Roxie 77 Are Back! 20 Jun 2009

Ryan Roxie, as Roxie 77, finally releases the follow up to the classic 'Peace Love And Armageddon' album on July 7th. Entitled 'Two Sides To Every Story' each song on the album will be available to download in both an electric and acoustic arrangement. For all the details check out You can also check up on some Roxie/Happypill videos here.

Alice will appear on the Sky Movies channels in the UK on "Alex Zane's Guest List". The programme will be broadcast during the week commencing 19th June for one week at least twenty times on Sky Movies etc. It may have been trailed this week already on Sky Movies.

CBS News have a interview with Alice about the Cooper kids (and get Dash's name wrong...).

Blabbermouth have a father's day Alice article.

Tiscali have a video of Alice talking about 'Along Came A Spider'.

Slam Sports have a few words from Alice recalling the Westlemania III show.

New US Date 18 Jun 2009

18th September - Warner Theatre, Erie, PA
Presale begins Thursday 18th at 10am.

Catching Up 17 Jun 2009

After the dreadful news on Sunday I have been very reluctant to update the news page, but as has been pointed out to me, the show must go on. So... have another video of Alice, during which he talks about the upcoming new stageshow.
(Thanks Tony)

The Press Association have a few words from Alice.

Some people may recall a story a while back regarding a fight at the show at Southampton Guildhall during which a one legged man reputably removed his false leg and attacked the guy next to him (you can`t make this up folks). Well, it's taken a while but it finally went to court this week, and has been receiving publicity. Check out the Telegraph for the background to the story and the Portsmouth News for the verdict.

Ryan Roxie's Happypill are confirmed for the 2009 Peace & Love Festival, scheduled for June 22nd - 27th in Borlange, Sweden.
HappyPill will perform on Thursday, June 25th.

Check out Renee Dunaway (with familiar face on bass) performing 'Save You' last week at the Rack 'n' Roll in Stamford, CT.

The Mirror (UK) has a short Alice piece on make-up tips.

UK Comedian Dom Joly (of 'Trigger Happy TV' fame) mentions Alice in his Column for the Independent newspaper which you can read here.

'Aces and Ales' is a brand new nightclub venture by Keri Kelli and friend Ryan in Las Vegas, Nevada, featuring "poker, pints, and pizza!!" More details available on the here. The grand opening is on July 1st, 2009!

Brian "Renfield" Nelson 14 Jun 2009

"It is with extreme sadness that we need to inform the community of Alice Cooper fans of the passing of Brian "Renfield" Nelson, Alice's long-time archivist and personal assistant. It was a sudden, completely unexpected, and untimely passing. We would appreciate it if you would keep him in your thoughts, appreciate his many contributions to Alice's life and career over the years, and respect Brian's privacy and the privacy of Alice and his extended family (at home and on tour) at this time.

Alice is currently on tour in Russia, because the show must go on, which is as Brian would have wanted it.

More UK Press 13 Jun 2009

The story of Alice's luggage seems to have hot most of the UK newspapers yesterday and today including The Guardian, The Sun and The Express. Nothing new in them, but all good publicity. have a short video of Alice talking about 'Guitar Hero' games.

LBC have a short video from the Samual L Jackson Charity event a few days ago. It includes a brief appearance from Alice. There's photos of Alice at the tournament here.

Alice will be on the XFM "Rock Show" on 27th June. This is likely to be a longer version of the interview the station aired on Thursday.

Alice appears on "My Planet Rocks" on Planet Rock (available online) Saturday at 18:00 GMT (and repeated 16 June at 18:00 GMT). We think this is likely to be a repeat of his original appearance on the show a couple of years ago.

'I Like Music' have a short piece about the UK tour.

Alice's '1st annual Rock Ball' will be taking place on February 5th at the Ritz Carlton in Phoenix. has a short piece on Alice under the heading '5 of The Most Controversial Artists of All-Time'.

It's Coming....

Alice Gets His Bag Back 11 Jun 2009

According to The Independent Alice has his travel bag back!
"Shock rocker Alice Cooper was being reunited with his beloved collection of more than 300 horror movies after his bag went missing at an airport. Cooper, 61, was said to be "gutted" after losing the piece of luggage crammed with obscure films, some described as irreplaceable. Cooper carried the bag on a flight which landed at Heathrow airport on Tuesday. He had it with him while he was at Heathrow but it somehow got lost. The dark grey Oakley bag contained a collection of obscure horror DVDs and a laptop, a statement on his behalf said. He was so desperate to get the bag back that he issued an appeal, saying anyone able to return his bag with the contents intact would receive two tickets and backstage passes to meet him at any show on his Theatre of Death tour. A spokesman for British Airways said that the airline had found Cooper's bag. As soon as the statement from Cooper was forwarded to them, which had contact details for his representatives, the airline got straight in touch to arrange its return. "The bag is on its way," the spokesman said. "

Alice Bag Lost 11 Jun 2009

Alice Cooper arrived at London’s Heathrow Airport Terminal 5 on Tuesday afternoon 9th June, where one of his bags went astray. The shock rocker’s 22-inch dark grey Oakley rollerbag (with a black military faux buckles) has gone missing. It may have a ‘Trash Tours’ tag on it with a US phone number. The bag contains hundreds of obscure horror movies on DVD and a laptop on which to watch them. While of no significant monetary value, Alice is understandably keen to recover his extensive horror collection. An extensive search of both Terminal 5 and Heathrow's lost luggage facilities has not turned up the bag.
Anyone able to return Alice’s bag - with the contents intact - will receive 2 tickets and backstage passes to meet Alice at any one of the shows on Alice Cooper’s Theatre of Death tour, which comes to the UK in November/December.
Anyone with any information, please contact:

More UK Appearances:
Alice should turn up on "This Morning" (ITV) tomorrow 12th June around 10:30 , "Five News", tomorrow 12th June at 19:00 and also various ITN news ­programmes also tomorrow.

VIP Packages have gone on sale for the US tour dates via Alice Cooper

Alice On UK Radio 10 Jun 2009

Alice Cooper will be on:
- Planet Rock tonight (around 10.30pm) on the Nicky Horne show (available online)
- Ian Camfield show on Xfm tomorrow between 7am - 11am (available online)
- Jonathon Ross Radio Show on BBC Radio 2 10-13.30 Saturday (available online)
(Thanks Andy. Pete)

The forthcoming Hoffman Audio Fidelity remaster of 'Killer' is now up for preorder at AmazonUK and AmazonUS.

Alice In Indiana 07 Jun 2009

According to Ticketmaster Alice will be playing the Horseshoe Casino and Hotel in Elizabeth, IN on July 31st. Tickets go on sale Monday.
(Thanks NSP)

In the July 2009 issue of 'Hit Parader' magazine they have 2 Alice Cooper pin ups and two smaller pics. They also talk about 'Billion Dollar Babies', 'Love It To Death' and 'Pretties For You'.
(Thanks Yadira)

The Courier Mail in Australia has a short interview with Alice.

Bob Ezrin Talks Alice 04 Jun 2009

Bob Ezrin talks about his work with Alice in a new interview posted on

Renee Dunaway will be performing Saturday June 6th at Rack n' Roll, 268 Atlantic St, Stamford, CT . Also on the bill will be Jimmy Kunes (singer of Cactus.) Both will be backed by Dennis Dunaway on bass.

'Nights With Alice Cooper' is running a competition (US only) to win download codes for the recent 'Rock Band' Alice Cooper 6 song game pack.

Alice comes tops in a list of songs suggested to be used at US graduation ceremonies, put together by the 'Christian Science Monitor'.

The audio from the 'Nightmare Returns' concert film is now available to download as MP3's via AmazonUS here.

Keri Kelli is amongst the guests appearing on Christian rockers Liberty N' Justice's ninth studio album entitled "Light It Up".

Small Stuff 01 Jun 2009

Alice is mentioned as attending the Rainbow Trust Children's Charity 'Shooting Stars In Desert Nights' benefit at London's Hurlingham Club on June 11th.

A date has been set for this years Alice Cooper's Xmas Pudding show. It will be on December 19th.

There's a few pics of Dennis Dunaway performing at the Iggy Pop movie show at the weekend. Dennis performed on Down On The Street" and "I Wanna Be Your Dog."

PopMatters have a review of Dale Sherman's revised "Illustrated Collector's Guide to Alice Cooper" have a short piece recounting the old 'Man With The Golden Gun' story.

Second Show In St. Kilda 26 May 2009

Alice has added a second show in St. Kilda, Australia on August 27th. Tickets go on sale May 28th.
(Thanks Richard)

This Is Nottingham have a short piece on the UK dates with words from Alice.

Gold Coast Canceled 25 May 2009

Alice's show in Gold Coast, Australia on August 19th appears to have been canceled. No reason has been given.
The has a interview with Alice promoting the Australian dates.

Dennis Dunaway and Neal Smith along with assorted friends will be out and about in the next couple of weeks.
First off this Thursday May 28th Dennis will be playing some Stooges songs at a benefit for the 'Urban Zen Foundation' where they will debut an Iggy Pop Rockumentary. Fashion designer, Donna Karan is also involved and it happens 6:30pm - 10:30pm at Le Poisson Rouge, 138 Bleecker Street @ Sullivan Street, New York, NY.
Then on Friday May 29th Dennis and Neal appear at Ethanfest which happens at the Ridgefield Playhouse, 80 E Ridge Rd, Ridgefield, CT. Also appearing are Joe Bouchard and Albert Bouchard From Blue Oyster Cult/Blue Coupe, Rick Tedesco and Ed Burns From the Dennis Dunaway Project, Whitewood and The Doug Wahlburg band. The i95 Morning Rock show will be giving away tickets all week.
Finally, on June 6th, Dennis will be playing a set with Jimmy Kunes of 'Cactus' at the Rack'n'Roll, 268 Atlantic Street, Stamford, CT.

UK Tickets On Sale 22 May 2009

With very little warning the official Alice Cooper Store started selling tickets and VIP packages at 12pm today for all the UK shows. Check out all the details here.

New Vinyl 21 May 2009

'School's Out' is being re-issued again, this time on 180 gram audiophile vinyl with fold out sleeve. It's due on June 2nd and you can pre-order from AmazonUK and AmazonUS now.

A couple of short articles have appeared related to the UK dates, including This Is Plymouth, and Express and Star.

Chuck Garric will be performing with Billy Bob Thornton and the Boxmasters on Sunday May 23rd at 6pm PT as part of MusicRise: a "music festival in a virtual world' at Videoranch3d and as the name implies, the show will be transmitted live on the net. Check out for all the details. is a new site mixing rock and roll and... poker! Keri Kelli is involved in the project and to launch they have created a series of tournaments in which the winner will receive signed band goodies. The first tournament in this series boasts a guitar signed by Alice Cooper and the band specifically for RNR poker to give away. They also have a cool Alice/Keri pic on the front page.

There's some photos of Dennis Dunaway guesting with the Sic F*cks last week up at ManicPanic.

Damon Johnson has yet another new band, this one called 'The Black Jacket Symphony'. "The BJS got it's start after a phone call with longtime Birmingham friend, artist, and musician Jay Willoughby. The idea was to start a "more sophisticated musical venture" and create an opportunity to pay respect to some of the greatest classic rock albums of all time by performing them in their complete entirety. The first album the BJS decided to tackle is Abbey Road by The Beatles. After recruiting an impressive array of additional local talent, rehearsals began immediately. The debut performance by The Black Jacket Symphony will be at WorkPlay Theatre in Birmingham, AL on Thursday night, May 28. Damon and Jay plan to take this classic album presentation on the road as schedules allow, and are discussing tackling other timeless recordings such as 'The Wall' and 'Dark Side Of The Moon' by Pink Floyd, 'Hotel California' by The Eagles, and 'Damn The Torpedoes' by Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers."

More UK Dates 20 May 2009

27th November - Newcastle City Hall
28th November - Sheffield City Hall
29th November - Swindon Oasis
Opening band appears to be 'Manraze' featuring Phil Collen of Def Leppard and Paul Cook of the Sex Pistols.

UK Dates 20 May 2009

The long wait is over. UK dates have started to be announced. Here's what I have so far:
24th November - Manchester Apollo
25th November - Glasgow Clyde Auditorium
1st December - Wolverhampton Civic Hall
2nd December - Plymouth Pavillions
4th December - Nottingham Royal Center
5th December - Brighton Center
6th December - Hammersmith Apollo
It appears tickets start going on sale May 29th.

Alice In Spain 17 May 2009

Alice hit Spain last night for the Azkena Rock Festival and it turns out the whole show was transmitted live on the net via Unfortuntaly I didn't know in advance so couldn`t let everyone know.
As expected it's the Psychodrama show again (and will be until the US tour starts) so the setlist as before with just a couple of songs dropped, probably due to it being a festival with limited playing time. The radio station site has a short video interview with Alice here.

MTV have a news report with video about Alice's Phoenix appearance at the weekend here. Unfortunatly it seems you can't watch the video outside the US.

Alice Joins Rockband 16 May 2009

Next week sees the release of six Alice Cooper songs for the 'Rock Band' game. The tracks are 'Billion Dollar Babies (Live)', 'I'm Eighteen (Live)', 'Poison', 'School's Out (Live)' 'Under My Wheels (Live)', 'Vengeance Is Mine'. Release dates are Tuesday, May 19th on Xbox Live and Thursday, May 21st on the PlayStation.

Neal Smith and Michael Bruce will be appearing at the upcoming Monstermania in Connecticut on June 12th-14th at the Crowne Plaza hotel.

Alice At ASU 14 May 2009

Unsurprisingly Alice's appearence yesterday at the Arizona State University Commencement has produced a fair number of press items so check out the following: CBS News, ABC News, LA Times, Arizona Daily Star, Blabbermouth(With TV Interview), .

More From Phoenix 12 May 2009

Alan Gibson kindly sends in the following report on the show last Saturday in Phoenix:
"I was at the event this past Saturday in Phoenix and got pictures (Now up in the photo section) and autographs. Alice and Sheryl were so nice and personable. Not a big turnout I must admit, but it was outdoors and it was over 100 degrees. The band Alice performed with, 'Halo of Flies', were incredible. They played the old songs note for note like they were lifted off the records themselves. Here is the set list: Under My Wheels/Is It My Body/No More Mr. Nice Guy/Muscle of Love/Long Way To Go/Be My Lover/Halo of Flies/Billion Dollar Babies/LUNEY TUNE!!!/I’m Eighteen/School’s Out.
Alice said that was the first time he’s ever played 'Luney Tune' live! He needed a little help from the band at first, but it sounded awesome! On 'School’s Out' he picked a few kids out of the crowd to sing back up - my son included."
(Thanks Alan)
There are also a few pics on facebook here.

Alice And The President 11 May 2009

Alice will be appearing at the Arizona State University commencement ceremony which is taking place at Sun Devil Stadium in Phoenix this Wednesday, before an estimated crowd of 63,000. He will perform 'School's Out' backed by Dash Cooper and Runaway Phoenix. Top of the bill for the event is US president Barack Obama who will be giving the ASU's 2009 commencement address!
Says Alice: ""Of all the people I've ever shared a stage with, Obama is the biggest rock star," He went on to remark, "And I'd like to thank him, in advance, for changing the national anthem to 'School's Out'."
(Thanks Blabbermouth)
The ceremony will apparently also be transmitted live over the net courtesy of ASU Media Networks.

Cindy Dunaway has her work featured this month at Greenwich Art Council's 'Art To The Avenue' festival in Greenwich, CT. The official launch was on Thursday at Bruckner's Good To Go and both Cindy and Dennis were in attendence. For more info about 'Moon Hollow', their art and gift company, check out

More Idol 07 May 2009

As hoped for, Slash, Keri and Tommy performed 'School's Out' on last nights 'American Idol' with the four contestants singing.

Gabrielle Geiselman, who created the cool promo images for 'Along Came A Spider' and co-directed the promo film, has a book of her work coming out soon entitled "Between The Shutter And The Light' which will include some of her Cooper pics. More info can be found here.

Alice At Frightmare 06 May 2009

Blabbermouth have a short mention of Alice at the Texas Frightmare Weekend last weekend where he recieved a 'Lifetime achievement' award. They also have video (courtesy of of Alice's Q&A.

Blabbermouth also have some footage of Alice on stage in Boston with Ace Frehley.

Last nights American Idol show showed short clips of Slash, Keri, along with another ex-Alice face Tommy Clufetos, in rehearsals including a clip of them blasting out 'School's Out'. Tonight's show will see them performing in the studio.

Blue Coupe Interview 01 May 2009

Steel City Music have posted a long (73 minutes!) audio interview with Dennis Dunaway and Albert Bouchard recorded during the recent Blue Coupe Canadian dates.

Alice was at the premier of 'X-Men Origins: Wolverine' in Tempe, AZ this past Monday.

More Shows Announced 30 Apr 2009

More new shows:
June 30th - Minsk, Belerus - Dvorets Sporta
July 2nd - Kiev, Ukraine - Dvortets Sporta
July 12th - Limassol, Cyprus - Palais de Sports
September 4th - Auckland, New Zealand - ASB Theatre
There also appears to be a slight change in the Russian dates which I will check out and update when it's confirmed.
UPDATE: It's confirmed there are a couple of minor date changes to the Russian shows. See right for updated details.

Trivia Time: This week's episode of US show 'The Amazing Race' is entitled "He Made Me Look Like Alice Cooper"

Alice In Belgium 29 Apr 2009

According to "Het Nieuwsblad", a Belgian newspaper, Alice is officially confirmed for the 'Rock Zottegem" festival (Belgium) on July 10th.
(Thanks Andres)

Ace Frehley joined Alice at the end of the Boston charity show at the weekend to perform 'Rock And Roll All Night'. Wicked Local have a review.

Undercover and Faster, Louder have articles about the Australian tour. Undercover also have short articles about 'Billion Dollar Babies' 'School's Out' and 'Trash'.

Never too young to rock and roll. Seacoast Online have an article about young Sickthing Alyssa Herries who had a personal meet and greet with Alice in Boston during rehearsals, dressed in full AC costume.

Theatre Of Death 23 Apr 2009

More Australian dates have appeared. This looks like the full tour, which is going under the title 'Alice Cooper's Theatre Of Death Tour'. Full list is as follows:
August 18th - Wollongong, Win Entertainment Center
August 19th - Gold Coast - Convention And Exhibition Center
August 21st - Newcastle - Newcastle Entertainment Center
August 22nd - Brisbane - Brisbane Convention Center
August 24th - Sydney - Sydney Entertainment Center
August 26th - Canberra - Royal Theater
August 28th - Melbourne, Palais Theater
August 29th - Adelaide - Thebarton Theater
September 1st - Perth, Challenge Stadium
UPDATE: will be running a pre-sale for all the Australian shows starting at midnight Monday 27th April.

Golf Digest has a short interview with Alice. Also in golf news Alice will be appearing April 30th at the '1st annual Jack Open Golf Tournament & Party' to be held at the Oak Creek Golf Club in Irvine, CA. More info here.
(Thanks Drew)

More Blue Coupe 22 Apr 2009

Blue Coupe will be playing at the Orange County Choppers 10th Anniversary Bash on April 26th in Newburgh, NY. While we're talking Blue Coupe, there's some photos from the recent Canadian tour up here, and there will be more in the STUK photo section shortly.

Dennis Dunaway has again teamed up with Icelandic band Dimma. This time they have recorded a cover of the AC/DC classic 'It's A Long Way To The Top (If You Wanna Rock And Roll)' as a bonus track for a new AC/DC tribute album. More details can be found on MySpace.

The latest edition (#90) of Scottish golf magazine 'Bunkered' has 6 pages of Alice content.
(Thanks Robert)

The Boston Herald has a short interview with Alice.

Love Bang, who feature ex-Alice guitarist Eric Dover, have released an album of archive material recorded at Ardent in 1992-93. It is currently available on iTunes, Amazon, Broadjam, etc.
(Thanks Tony)

Alice In Oz 18 Apr 2009

Ticketmaster are listing a show in St Kilda, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia at the Palais Theater on August 28th. Tickets go on sale Monday 27th April at 9am.

Alice's appearance on 'Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations' is due out on DVD in the USA on July 14th as part of volume four in the DVD series.

Alice In Norway 16 Apr 2009

Alice figureAccording to Alice Cooper will be in Norway on July 4th to play the Skaanevik Blues festival.
(Thanks Terje)

It appears a new Alice Cooper action figure is on it's way. Several sites are listing 'Music Superstars', a series of 3.5 inch "non-articulated, highly detailed figures representing some of the music World's most famous superstars" and Alice is included. The figure is due August 31st.
(Thanks Rob)

New US Shows 09 Apr 2009

More US shows have been announced (and the ones we knew are confirmed). New shows are:
August 2nd - Toledo, OH - Centennial Terrace
August 4th - Clearfield, PA - County Fair
August 7th - Kansas City, MO - Ameristar Casino

CalendarAccording to SolidRock Alice will be appearing at the "Taste of the Coming Alice Cooper - Solid Rock 'THE ROCK' Teen Center" festival on Saturday, May 9th, at Grand Canyon University's amphitheater behind Ethington Hall. Entry is free, including food, beverages, contests, and games.
The event will be from 11:00AM - 7:00PM. The festival will also feature Halo of Flies, Runaway Phoenix, Justin Unger, Atlas, Desinee Quinn, No Longer Together and comedy from Mike "Blackjack" Wilson.

Amazon are taking pre-orders for a 2010 Alice Cooper calendar, which they list as due August 1st and includes a few of the excellent 'Along Came A Spider' promo shots. You can pre-order from AmazonUS or AmazonUK.

Damon Johnson Interview 06 Apr 2009

With the news that Damon Johnson has rejoined the Alice band for this year's tour, we caught up with him to find out why his back, and what else is happing in his world at the moment. You can check it out here.

'Drummer magazin' in Germany has a new interview with Eric Singer, but it's in German. Some cool photos as well.

The Sioux Falls show mentioned a few days ago is now listed on the Fair site as August 13th.

More Shows 03 Apr 2009

Alice has been announced as returning to the Montreux Jazz festival, where the last DVD was filmed, on July 8th. Tickets are on sale now.

Alice has also been announced as playing the Sioux Empire Fair, at the WH Lyon Fairgrounds, Sioux Falls, South Dakota between the 11th and 16th of August, although I haven`t found anything confirming which day Alice will be there.

Alice was at the 38th annual Kraft Nabisco Championship Celebrity Pro-Am, Tuesday, March 31, and Wednesday, April 1 at Dinah Shore Tournament Course, Mission Hills Country Club, Rancho Mirage in Palm Springs. Parts of it were apparently televised.

Slam Sports has a few words from Alice about his appearance on Wrestlemania III.

Star of TV show 'Will and Grace' Eric McCormack has come out of the closet and admitted to being a big Alice Cooper fan! He told "Fans will come up to me and I'll think, 'Here comes a 'Will and Grace' question.' But, no, they want to talk about 'The Outer Limits'. I've been a huge fan of Alice Cooper and I finally met him the other day. He said, 'I just saw you on 'The Outer Limits' last night.' So there I was talking about my one episode appearance with Alice Cooper." In fact Eric was so impressed at meeting Alice he also mentions it in another article at Metro (in the side box).

Kerri Kelli and the 'Big Ball Stars' had a surprise guest at their recent show in LA at Club Vodka. Billy Idol jumped on stage and sang with them on songs including Van Halen's 'Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love' and his own 'Rebel Yell'. You can see some footage on Youtube.

Alice In Indiana 29 Mar 2009

According to the official Blue Oyster Cult site, Alice Cooper will be playing the Morris Performing Arts Center in South Bend, IN on August 9th.
(Thanks NotSoPerfrect)

Alice is listed as featuring on a new DVD of performances from Sweden's Rockweekend 2008. Info on how to get it can be found here but they don't seem to mention how much Alice is on the release.

Dick Wagner is a guest on 'Metal Lessons Radio' this week. Where to hear it and times can be found on Blabbermouth.

The James Randi talks about his time touring with Alice in 1973 around 6 minutes into this video at YouTube.
(Thanks Adam)

The latest issue of '22nd Century' Rock Magazine features a 3 page article about the history of Dash Cooper's band 'Runaway Phoenix' written by former bassist and founding member Jimmy Baldwin. You can purchase the magazine from their website. There's also a quick recap of the 2008 Pudding near the end of the magazine.

Out On The Town 24 Mar 2009

While we all wait for more Alice Cooper tour dates to appear, here's some news on the band:

Chuck Garric is out and about with Billy Bob Thornton and The Boxmasters. They have the following shows booked opening for the legendary Willie Nelson:
5th April - Kingston, ON - Kingston Memorial Arena
7th April - Ottawa, ON - Civic Center Theatre
8th April - Toronto, ON - Massey Hall
9th April - Toronto, ON - Massey Hall
10th April - Montreal, QC - Palace de Arts
11th April - London, ON - John Labatt Centre
14th April - Stamford, CT - Palace Theatre
15th April - Torrington, CT - Warner Theatre
16th April - New Bedford. MA - Zeiterion Theatre
17th April - Amhurst, MA - Mullins Center (U Mass at Amhurst)
The Boxmasters will also perform two songs from their album 'Modbilly' on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!', Tuesday, April 21st on ABC.

As well as all the Damon Johnson stuff I covered below, he's also out on the road and has the following shows coming up:
Damon will perform with Whiskey Falls at the Sticks Country Festival in Auburn, Alabama on April 17th at 5pm AND with his band The Welfare at the War Eagle Supper Club at 11.30 the SAME NIGHT!
The following day, April 18th, The Welfare play the Iron Horse Cafe in Birmingham, Alabama, and lastly (for now) Whiskey Falls play at Camp Del Corazon, in Los Angeles, CA on April 25th for the annual fundraising event for Camp Del Corazon and the Kid’s Heart Association.

Returning drummer Jimmy Degrasso will be in Europe with 'Hail!', an all-star covers band also featuring guitarist Andreas Kisser (Sepultura), vocalist Tim "Ripper" Owens (Judas Priest, Iced Earth), and bassist David Ellefson (F5, Megadeth). Dates are:
April 26th - Athens, Greece - Kytarro
April 28th - Budapest, Hungary -Venue TBA
April 29th - Zagreb, Croatia - Boogaloo
April 30th - Innsbruck, Austria - Hafen
May 1st - Vienna, Austria - Maifet
Blabbermouth have more info and videos.

Joe Bouchard has posted three videos from the Blue Coupe show in NYC last November. Check them out here.

Ryan Roxie performs a guest guitar solo on "Only The Best Die Young" by Swedish band Bai Bang. The track is on their new album "Are You Ready" which is out April 24th.

James Hetfield of Metallica mentioned Alice Cooper in an MTV interview recently when asked about his bands induction into the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame, including Alice in his list of bands he thinks should already be in the Hall.

And finally something ACTUALLY about Alice himself!! Check out this video of a Disco Alice!

Alice in Jackson 19 Mar 2009

Alice has been announced as headlining the Jackson County Fair, Jackson, MI on August 11th. Tickets go on sale Tuesday at 10AM.

Alice In Spain 17 Mar 2009

Alice will apparently be headlining the final day of the Azkena Rock Festival in Recinto Mendizabala (Vitoria-Gasteiz) in Spain in May 16th. Also on the bill are Molly Hatchet, Fun Lovin’ Criminals, The Toy Dolls, The Soundtrack of our Lives, Mike Farris & the Roseland Rhythm Revue, Woven Hand, Jonny Kaplan & The Lazy Stars, The New Christs, Dan Auerbach, and Reverendo Parker.
Tickets are on sale now for 45 Euros.
(Thanks Manuel).

Check out a cool little interview with Alice at last weekends Monstermania, courtesy of Chris and YouTube, during which Alice comments on the new show.

Alice In Wisconsin 17 Mar 2009

Alice has been announced as headlining the Wisconsin Valley Fair at Marathon Park, Wausau, WI on August 6th.

He's Back! 16 Mar 2009

It's now confirmed that Damon Johnson will be returning as the "new" Alice Cooper guitarist, replacing Jason Hook who has moved on to play with 'Five Finger Death Punch'. Damon says "The country boy is comin' home! (And Whiskey Falls is alive and well)." And if Alice and Whiskey Falls isn't enough, Damon also has another new project about to release an EP of new material soon. The band is called 'Motorbelly', and you can check them out at their MySpace page.

Alice will be part of the '2nd Annual Rock & Roll Supergroup Benefit Concert' taking place on April 26th at the Berklee Performance Centre in Boston, MA. He replaces a previously announced Ronnie Wood (Rolling Stones) who can't make it. The show also features Chad Smith (The Red Hot Chili Peppers), Simon Kirke (Bad Company), Ace Frehley, Teddy "Zig Zag" Andreadis (Alice / Guns 'n Roses), Barry Goudreau (formerly of Boston), Ricky Byrd (formerly of Joan Jett and the Blackhearts), Damon Johnson (Alice etc), James Montgomery, and many others. Tickets go on sale March 21st via Ticketmaster and the venue box office.

Mick Mashbir was interviewed by Guitar World, for their retrospective article on the 'Billion Dollar Babies' album. In the final article they didn`t actually use very much of Mick's input but you can read the whole interview at his Myspace page.

Alice Heading To Mississippi 11 Mar 2009

According to the QC Times Alice will be headlining the Mississippi Valley Fair in Davenport, Iowa on August 8th.

There's a new interview with Mick Mashbir up at Rik Rilee Myspace site.

Alice spent last Sunday at the John Vervados/Converse "Bring Your Heart to Our House" Stuart House Benefit in Los Angeles. There are pics at GettyImages.

US Date 08 Mar 2009

According to, the official BOC site, they will be performing with Alice Cooper at the Ohio State Fair on August 1st. This is so far officially unconfirmed, but the official fair site does have this date free in their schedule.
(Thanks Jerry)

A few more details about the upcoming Monstermania convention, which features Alice, Dennis, Neal and Michael. Alice's Q&A will be at 5pm on the Saturday (in ballroom C) while The Michael Bruce Group WILL be performing at 10.30 the same evening (also in ballroom C).
(Thanks Chas)

Ryan Roxie has a new site going online at At the moment it's mainly under construction but watch for more content soon.

FuryRocks has a new interview with Eric Singer in two parts. Check it out here.

DD In Canada 01 Mar 2009

Blue Coupe, featuring Dennis Dunaway and Al and Joe Bouchard, will be playing three dates in Canada during April. The dates are:
Thursday April 16th - The Silver Dollar - Toronto, Ontario
Friday April 17th - Chicago's - Oshawa, Ontario
Saturday April 18th - The Pepper Jack Cafe - Hamilton, Ontario

The April issue of 'Modern Drummer' magazine has a tribute to Mitch Mitchell of the Jimi Hendrix Experience and features a contribution from Neal Smith on page 48.

New Magazines 24 Feb 2009

Fireworks Magazine Mar/Apr (issue 35 ) has a 2 page interview with Alice.
(Thanks Robert)

Shindig! Vol 2 No.9 (March-April 2009 issue) has a long interview with Neal Smith.
(Thanks Tim)

There's a new Damon Johnson interview at in which Damon talks about the possibility of touring with Alice again this year.

Alice Golf Tournament Canceled 21 Feb 2009

According to "Due to the economic situation that our country is in, we have had to temporarily cancel our golf tournament for this year. We are however looking into other golf possibilities in the near future."
(Thanks Dave)

Check out some pics from the Eric Singer Project show in Switzerland last week here courtesy of Dragonlady.

'Brave Words And Bloody Knuckles' magazine has a one page Alice article in issue 113.
(Thanks Peggy)

Renee Dunaway Live In NYC 19 Feb 2009

Renee Dunaway and her band (Steve DeTroy, Mike Tepper and Kenny Owens) will be playing first NYC show as part of the Vagabond Theater Ensemble's Cabin Fever Festival, Friday, Feb. 20th at the Medicine Show Theatre, 549 W 52nd St, New York. They will perform fresh songs and Jetsetter tunes. You can also catch a Jetsetter song in the Thursday, Feb 19th episode of US TV show Burn Notice.

Vue Weekly takes a retrospective look at the 1978 album 'From The Inside' here. has had a brand new facelift with lots of new stuff about your favourite Bass player.

Catching Up 12 Feb 2009

The Blue Scarlet Coupe show mentioned before we left for the USA has had a date change. They will now play at the Stone Pony on Feb. 20th instead of the 21st. has a short quote from Alice regarding last weeks Superbowl and another one about 'Guitar Hero'. 411mania has a small Alice mention and a promo pic for 'Golf Monster'.

The Times, of all people, show an unbelievable lack of research in this article about the success of radio station Planet Rock. Feel free to add a response correcting their stoopidity. has a long bio on Alice, but unfortunatly there seems to be something wrong with the page at the moment as the text is the same colour as the background, and doesn`t appear to be the complete article. You can read what's there by highlighting the text. Click and hold at the top of the page and pull your mouse down to the bottom and the text should appear.

Blabbermouth have posted some YouTube videos of Alice and the band performing at the NAMM show a couple of weeks back.

The Guardian (UK) has a look back at SkyTV adverts on the 20th aniversary of the broadcaster and includes the famous SkyPlus advert featuring Alice and Ronnie Corbett which you can watch again.

'Elected' can be heard during the new Walkers Crisps (chips for you Americans) advert on UK TV. You can see the advert here.
(Thanks Kent)

Keri Kelli and the 'Big Ball Stars' (who ROCKED in Boston last weekend) are playing The Knitting Factory in Hollywood on February 28th. You can grab free tickets (while they last) over at RememberTheCoop who also have some pics. STUK's pics from Boston will be in the photo section in a few days.
(Thanks Barbara)

KUAR has a short review of the new Erik Scott solo album 'Other Planets'.

Russian Dates 11 Feb 2009

We're back from the USA (where we saw Keri Kelli and friends play a kick ass show in Boston) and will do a proper update as soon as I can, but for the moment we have new tour dates (Thanks Kostas) for a Russian tour in June with Scorpions, The Rasmus and Kingdom Come. They are:
June 14 - St. Petersburg - SCC Arena
June 16 - Rostov (Don) - Airfield
June 18 - Jekaterinburg - Sports Palace
June 20 - Novosibirsk - Hippodrome
June 22 - Krasnojarsk - Venue TBA
June 24 - Murmansk - Venue TBA
June 26 - Volgogard - Venue TBA
June 28 - Moscow - Sportcomplex Olympisky

Blue Scarlet Coupe 29 Jan 2009

Blue Scarlet Coupe, featuring Dennis Dunaway, Richie Scarlet and Al Bouchard, will be playing the recently reopened 'Stone Pony' in Asbury Park, NJ on February 21st, opening for The New York Dolls. More info can be found at the DDP Myspace page (scroll down a bit).

As mentioned previously Damon Johnson and Whiskey Falls have scored the theme song "One Tough Cowboy", all other music, and will appear on camera for the 8-episode "Toughest Cowboy" series which premieres this Thursday, January 29, 11 p.m. ET/PT on Spike TV. In addition to creating and singing the theme song and other music for the show, Whiskey Falls will also perform at the arenas as part of the Toughest Cowboy live tour. You can now download the theme song FREE at the 'Toughest Cowboy' site if you sign up.

Following on from the news of his new album, former Alice bassist/producer Erik Scott makes three appearances on 'Echoes', a nightly music show heard on 130 public US radio stations.They are:
Wednesday, January 28th & On-Line here.
Monday, February 2nd - 'Echoes February CD of the month'
Tuesday, February 24 'An Interview With Erik Scott'

The Ventura County Star has a new golf related interview with Alice. here. Yahoo has a short video of Alice at the Bob Hope press conference talking about.. Bob Hope!

There's an official press release about the previously mentioned Pushkings CD, which will feature Alice, here.

Alice And Dash 27 Jan 2009

Alice and Dash Cooper appeared together at a star-studded event to benefit the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children which took place at the Bellagio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas on January 9, 2009. Photos can be seen here and here.
(Thanks Glam)

Nights With Alice Cooper have an audio interview with Neal Smith online, and the chance to win the KillSmith CD.

As has been mentioned before, there's an updated edition of Dale Sherman's 'Illustrated Collectors Guide To Alice Cooper' on it's way in March. Dale has now finished his updates and you can pre-order at AmazonUS and AmazonUK now.

The latest Spin Magazine (Feb. 2009-Lily Allen cover) has a cool Alice encore feature on page 96. It's about the Dali hologram and includes a pic and commentary from Alice and Bob Gruen.
(Thanks Dave)

Spanish magazine 'Ruta66' has another Alice article, featuring some STUK pics! You can order a copy by sending an email to for details.

There's a new interview with Keri Kelli from NAMM at YouTube.

Having played at the Bob Hope Classic Alice is at another golf event at the moment, The FBR Open, so there's more golf coverage at, The Desert Sun, Youtube, and an interview at ESPN Weekly 18.

Alice At The Bob Hope Classic 22 Jan 2009

Quite a bit of golf coverage as Alice is appearing at the annual Bob Hope Classic again this year. There's an interview at, a small piece with pic at the LA Times, another small mention at GolfOnline, and another at (scroll down).

It has now been confirmed that Jason Hook has joined 'Five Finger Death Punch' as their new guitarist. The full press release can be read at Blabbermouth.

Erik Scott (from 'Special Forces' etc period Alice) has a new CD out called 'Other Planets' It's a spacey, atmospheric type thing with Erik playing some amazing bass throughout. Well worth checking out at his site where there are samples of all the tracks.

Jason Leaving? 18 Jan 2009

According to Metal Sludge Jason Hook may be joining metal band 'Five Finger Death Punch'. Presumably this would mean he won't be touring with Alice his year. More info when I get it.

You can find out how Alice spent New Years Eve with a couple of pics at the NWAC site.

Acoording to the Toronto Star, Bob Ezrin's son, David sadly died on December 4th, just a day after his 42nd birthday. David appeared on 'Welcome To My Nightmare' as well as other projects produced by his father, and was a musician in his own right. Our sympathies go to his family.
(Thanks Brenda)

Dash and Runaway Phoenix will be playing the Hardrock Cafe on Washington St in Downtown Phoenix on Friday January 30th with 'No Longer Together'. Tickets are currently $20.00. They also play Cooperstown the next night Saturday January 31st at 9:00PM. Tickets are $5.00-$10.00.
(Thanks PsychoPat)

Cardinals Show Cancelled 15 Jan 2009

Alice will now NOT be playing half-time during the Arizona Cardinals game Sunday. No reason as to why, but saves non-football fans watching and being disappointed.

While the Stooges, like Alice, have again not been inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Shame, an interesting piece of news has come up. Apparently, had the Stooges been inducted, they wanted Alice to induct them!

John Tatum Interview 14 Jan 2009

John Tatum Last year I heard from original Earwigs guitarist John Tatum who agreed to do a STUK interview, giving his insights into the beginnings of the group we know as Alice Cooper. For anyone interested in the early years John's memories are fascinating, as he was there at the very beginning, at that first Letterman's show at Cortez, in a Beatles wig! Check it out here.

Alice will apparently be playing half-time during the Arizona Cardinals game at the Univ. Of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale AZ this Sunday January 18th. Kick off is at 1pm.
(Thanks PsychoPat)

The new issue of 'Popular 1' has Alice on the cover and a 20 page article, with interviews with Alice and Neal Smith and rare photos.
(Thanks Sergio)

Dennis Guests 13 Jan 2009

Dennis Dunaway will be joining the 'Emperor of Rock' Richie Scarlet when he plays at The Chance in Poughkeepsie this Friday night, January 16th.

More Coopers At Monstermania 11 Jan 2009

Further to the announcement that Alice will be appearing at the Monstermania horror convention between March 13th and 15th at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Cherry Hill, NJ, it has been confirmed that Michael Bruce, Dennis Dunaway and Neal Smith will also be in attendence. Whether this suggests they could perform together is so far unconfirmed.

More NAMM news. Keri Kelli and Chuck Garric, along with Rob Zombie guitarist John 5, will be doing a signing session Saturday, January 17th at 3:30 at the Coffin Case booth #4130.

The Big Balls All-Star band fearuring Keri Kelli along with Robbie Crane (Ratt), Brian Tichy (Billy Idol), Robin McAuley (MSG), and Brent Woods (Vince Neil) will be performing at the North East Motorcycle Expo, February 7th and 8th at the Boston Bay-Side Expo Center.There will also be appearances by Jani Lane (Warrant), Dizzy Reed (GNR), and Chris Holmes (WASP).

Hook and Johnson 08 Jan 2009

As well as performing with Alice at this years NAMM event, Jason Hook will also be appearing twice more. He can be seen at the ZOOM Booth signing autograph between 12 - 2:30 on the thursday before performing at 3PM. Then on Friday he will be on the Marshall stand performing at 4.30pm.
Crusher magazine also has a new interview with Jason.

Damon Johnson and Whiskey Falls will be a part of a new reality TV show, "The Toughest Cowboy". It debuts on January 29 on Spike TV in the U.S. (
You can also catch Damon and WF on the 'Toughest Cowboy 2009 Live Tour' on the following dates:
10th January - Indianapolis, IN - Conseco Fieldhouse
17th January - Columbus, OH - Nationwide Arena
24th January - Atlanta, GA - Gwinett Center
30th January - St. Paul, MN - Xcel Center
31st January - St. Paul, MN - Xcel Center
7th February - Charlotte, NC - Bobcats Arena
14th February - East Lansing, MI - Breslin Center
21st February - Chicago, IL - United Center

Alice at NAMM 06 Jan 2009

Alice and the band will be doing a short set at the forthcoming NAMM music show on January 17th at the Anaheim Covention center, Anaheim, CA.

New School's Out Remaster 01 Jan 2009

Amazon are now listing the forthcoming Audio Fidelity remaster of 'School's Out' for preorder with a release date of February 10th. Audio Fidelity remasters are high quality gold editions which are much sort after by collectors. Pre order from AmazonUS here and AmazonUK here.